Happy New Year’s Eve, Steve

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Happy New Year’s Eve, Steve

by avenger-nerd-mom

Steve Rogers and his girlfriend, Charlie Mayer, ring in the New Year right

Warnings: NSFW, oral sex, fingering

Word Count: 1830

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Charlie is curled up on the couch next to Steve.  It is nearing midnight, and she whispers in his ear that she wants to go back to his apartment and celebrate alone.  “But, honey, it’s tradition.   I know it’s silly, but watching the ball drop at midnight is something I did as a kid.  It amazes me this tradition still exists.  This year, I want to watch with you.”

“Alright fine,” she quietly huffs.

Steve kisses the top of her head, loving the smell of her apple shampoo.  He reaches across with his right hand and tugs on one of her curls.  “I promise, baby doll, I’ll be worth your wait,” he teases.

Charlie knows she’s had more than enough to drink, and feels bold.  She wants what she wants.  And she wants Steve.  Soon.  She twists her body on the couch and rises up on her knees to face him. She hovers above his beautiful face, putting her hands on the back of the couch on either side of his head.  He drops his head back to rest on the back of the leather seat and smiles up at the lovely vision. Her dark curls cascade down around them and he can see the defined muscles in her arms.  She moves her knee over his leg, straddling his thigh.

“Baby, we’re in public,” he breathes out with a hiss.

She looks up and sees Natasha at the bar, giving her a thumbs up, and Clint excuses himself awkwardly from the other end of the couch.  Tony’s annual New Year’s Eve party is in full swing, and the gang is all together, along with about a hundred other people they collectively know and trust.

She leans forward, dipping her arm so Steve can peer down her gold sequined dress.  She whispers with hot, wet breath into his ear, “How about instead of watching the ball drop, we find a quiet place where I can suck yours?”

Instinctively, Steve’s hand comes up and grabs the back of her thigh, no longer caring others are present. He snaps the top of the garter he feels with his thick fingers as she pushes away from him.

Across the room, Tony says to Rhodey, “Did you see that?!  Dear God, she was wearing garters.  No wonder Steve hides in his apartment all the time lately.  Who knew Cap could still get it up at his age?”

“I think this finally puts the whole virgin question to rest,” Rhodey replies as they watch Steve follow Charlie from the room.

“Damn, I need a cold shower.  Where’s Pepper?”  Tony says, as he excuses himself from his friend.


Charlie walks up the stairs, with Steve trailing behind her.  With each step, he grabs at her ass, making her laugh.  “Where are we going?” he asks, his voice dripping with hunger and need she created.

“I have no idea.  There has to be some place private with a view of the city.”

She stops on the landing, and looks down on all of the party goers. Some of them are watching them, knowingly, almost envious of the heat between them.  She pulls Steve to her and kisses him with desire.  “They say what you do in the first hour of the New Year, you will be doing all year long.  I want to be fucking you.”

She smiles as she feels Steve’s cock stirring against her thigh, and his hands slide in the cut out of her open back dress.  He kneads at her spine with his strong hands, and growls quietly with lust.

Noiselessly, Pepper walks past them and says, “Here, take this.  You’ll find what you’re looking for,” handing off a key card and post- it to Charlie before she descends the stairs.

As Steve pulls back on her hair, exposing her graceful neck and beginning to bite gently along her jaw, Charlie calls out her thanks to her friend, and takes a look at the note.

She hands it to Steve, and pulls away from him as they both share a laugh.

“No one uses the 46th floor. The room on the northeast corner of the building is available and all privacy blocks have already been set.  Have fun!   Love,Pepper.”

When the couple reach the space Pepper described to them, they find an unused room, glowing from a decorated Christmas tree still sitting in the corner.  Steve is astounded by the view.  Seeing his city from so high, covered in lights, is always such a breath taking experience.

Tonight this sensation is heightened by the view of his lovely lady leaning against the window, looking down on the revelers below.  He heatedly walks to her, pushing her against the glass, bringing her hands up above her head.  Charlie drops her head back to rest on his chest and his lips roughly find her neck.  He holds her hands together with one of his and uses the other to push her dark hair out of the way, over her other shoulder.  Then he begins to caress over her gold sequined dress.  He tells her, his voice full of lust and desire, “You smell so good; like apples and vanilla. Later, I’m gonna see if you taste as good as you smell.”

Charlie groans with delight.  Steve’s beautiful full lips on her, searching her core is a favorite.  Her body begins to respond warmly as his hand continues to run down her side, stopping to grip her waist.  His mouth works its magic along her neck and her knees begin to buckle.  She leans into the cold, hard glass, looking out on the city.  He kneads forcefully with his skillful fingers at her hip, gathering up her dress.  He reaches down between her thighs, and finds her wet and open.  “Oh, baby doll, that is a nice surprise!” he rumbles in her ear.  He is surprised to discover Charlie isn’t wearing panties.  “Have you been like this all night?”

She turns her mouth to him and stretches up to reach his neck.  She nips at him with her teeth before he pulls away.  “Only for about the last hour.  Thor fixed my last drink.  Bad, bad idea…”

Steve chuckles at this.  It’s a wonder the poor girl can still stand.  “I don’t know about that; it seems to be working out in my favor.”

“Are you going to keep holding me so tight, or can I touch you?” Charlie whines.

Steve ignores her and pushes her hands against the glass, silently signaling he wants her to leave them up, before letting go of her wrists.  The released hand slides down across her cheek, over her neck, gently grasping her jaw and turning her mouth to his.  He licks his lips before capturing her pretty mouth.

Charlie moans at his onslaught, loving the taste of the Asgardian mead that clings to his tongue.  She can feel his lips curve to a smug smile at her reaction.  She tries to catch his bottom lip, but he keeps pulling away from her, teasing her.  Instead, he captures hers, tugging and pulling it between his teeth, flicking his tongue across the tender flesh.

He smiles again, seeing the goosebumps form above the neckline of her dress.  He attacks her with his lips, teeth and tongue, using his hand to hold her sweet face in place.  Steve loves the little moans and whines she makes and his need grows from this.  As always, he knows he has to ready her completely with foreplay for her to be ready for his super serum stamina.  Steve is so pleased with how willingly she accepts his ministrations and prepares for him.  His heart aches from the love and joy she brings to his life.

While invading Charlie’s mouth, his other hand forges ahead, caressing over the top of her thigh, tugging on the garter belt.  He reaches between her thighs and she instinctively moves her legs apart for Steve to better reach her inner folds.  He drags his finger back and forth over her wet lower lips.  He can sense that the rough fabric of her dress is adding to her stimulation, and she pushes back against him.  She’s already dripping, and he roughly pushes into her sweet hole. He catches her with his legs when her knees collapse.  “Steve, please,” she moans.

He chuckles and whispers, “Not yet.”

“You’re so mean,” Charlie laughs at him.

She can see the lights of the city below them and watches their reflection in the glass.  She can see little marks forming along her neck, from the repeated bitings she’s received, and watches Steve’s hand disappear under the edge of her dress.  His eyes connect with hers in their reflection and she sees the look of triumph cross his face as he slips in another finger, sinking deep inside her. He pumps in and out slowly, then rough, then slow again, his mouth biting at the back of her neck now.  His other hand grasps her breast and pinches over her dress.

The super soldier feels the change start to pulse through her body and he pulls away from her.

“Steve!” she whimpers.  “Don’t stop!”

He yanks the dress over her head and drops to his knees, twirling her around and pushing her back against the window.   Steve burrows his tongue into the spot recently vacated by his fingers and rapidly laps up her juice, fucking her with his mouth. Her cries and mewling increases as she pulls at his hair.

She looks down to her favorite sight.  Captain America on his knees, just for her.  His hands grab her ass and guide her closer to him.   Just a few quick flicks with his skilled muscle and she breaks, coming on his tongue, filling his mouth. Steve moans against her, his vibrations completing her.  He slows, gently bathing her with his tongue now, as she slowly floats back to reality.

She yanks his hair and pulls him back, “Cap, you cheated.  I was going to take care of you.”

“Baby, look,” he gently pulls her down to the floor next to him and wraps his arms and legs around her as he can feel the chill of her skin, having been against the cold window for so long.  He toys with her hair as they watch the ball from Times Square start to fall.

“Happy New Year, doll.  You still have the hour you were talking about to take care of me.  I just knew I wanted to end the year with a bang, and start it with another.”

“Job well done then, Captain.”  Charlie turns in his lap and begins to unbutton his shirt.  Before her lips pounce on his again, she laughs, “Happy New Year, Steve!”

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Merry Christmas, Steve

Merry Christmas Steve

Merry Christmas, Steve

by avenger-nerd-mom

Steve Rogers enjoys unwrapping his Christmas gift.

Warning: NSFW, adult situations, multiple orgasms, oral

Word count 2150

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“Bring the can of whipped cream too,” Charlie shouts over the sound of Christmas music.

“And what, Miss Charlotte, do you plan to do with that?!” Steve asks as he balances the tray with mugs of hot cocoa and Christmas cookies they baked yesterday. He carries it into the living room and sets it on the coffee table, near where Charlie is sitting by the tree.

“Well, don’t you just have a dirty mind!  It’s for my cocoa!  What do YOU want to do with it?” the pretty brunette asks, her voice full of laughter.

“Oh, I can think of some fun things I’d like to try,” he cocks his eyebrow at her and smiles devilishly.

“Why, Captain Rogers, I do believe you are being awfully forward this evening!”

She laughs as he plows into her, pushing her onto the ground, quickly planting his lips on her neck.  He runs his tongue along the sweetheart neckline of her red party dress, dipping his tongue between the valley of her rounded breasts.  He’s been dying to do that all evening.  He smiles as her pulse quickens and she reaches between them to pull at the buttons of his shirt.  He lifts his weight off of her, rolling onto his back and lifting her on top of him.  The ornaments on the tree jingle as she bumps into the lowest branches.

Steve begins to paw at the back of her dress.  “Hey, Super Soldier, don’t rip the dress this time,” Charlie teases him.

“Oh, no,” he growls in her ear.  “Not this dress.  This dress is too perfect.  Really, doll, you looked so amazing tonight.”

For the annual Stark Christmas party, Charlotte Mayer looked like she stepped out of a wet dream Steve had as a younger man, over 70 years before.  The bright red ‘40s styled dress hugged every curve of his girlfriend’s luscious body, and she had curves in all the right places, just as a woman should.  Steve didn’t see the fascination modern society had with stick thin girls.  He wanted his girl round and stacked.

Steve had been delighted during the sit down dinner to discover that his dark haired beauty was wearing old fashioned stockings with a garter belt.  He had been even more pleased that she let him play with her wet folds under the table during dessert, tugging at the garters.  He loved the attention to detail she gave to her style of clothing and her wish to please his tastes.

As he looks up at his girl, lying on top of him, he smiles at the way she spills out of her dress, her breasts smashed against him.  God bless grandmas who saved their favorite fashions and the vintage stores in Greenwich Village that now sell them.

Charlie pushes up on Steve’s rock hard chest, effectively pushing her lower body against his and she smiles.  “Hold up, soldier, I’m not there yet.”

She winces as her head bumps the tree branch again.

“What’s wrong, doll face?” Steve asks with his voice full of concern.

“I now know why every woman in old movies looked bitchy.  These hair pins were created by Satan, and there must be like 50 stuck in my head,” Charlie complains.  “They’re giving me a headache.”

Steve swiftly sits up, pulling her to a kneeling position, facing the lights on the tree.  “Here, let me help,” he says, as he slowly unzips her dress, kissing her exposed flesh with each movement, down her spine as the zipper goes lower and lower.  He grins as she shivers at his touch and goose bumps cover her milky white skin.

“How does removing my dress help?” Charlie inquires.  Although Steve can’t see her face, he knows she is smiling.

“It doesn’t.  That part is just for me; it creates a lovely visual,” he explains as he taps her bottom.  She rises up on her knees so he can gently pull the dress over her head.

Steve lets out a low, appreciative whistle, “Baby, you look fantastic!”

In the light of the Christmas tree, on her knees with her back to him, Charlie is a vision straight from a WWII pin-up poster.  Steve uses his artist’s eye to quickly take in every detail so he can sketch it later.  The back of her bra strap; the garter belt low on her hips; the curve of her ass hidden under the black lace panties; her tight thighs sheathed in sheer nylon.  His dick twitches and strains against his pants and he rubs his hand over himself a few times to alleviate the pressure.

She sits back down on her heels and he moves closer to her, pulling off his own shirt. He picks her up, setting her between his legs and leaning her back against his chest.  She quietly hums her approval at feeling her skin finally touching his.  Charlie’s head falls back, exposing her long, graceful neck.  Steve begins planting kisses along her jaw line, remembering to be gentle so his bites don’t bruise her so badly this time, and he slowly starts pulling the pins from her hair.

With each gentle tug, a curl escapes, and he twists her beautiful locks in his fingers.  Charlie sighs contentedly and massages her finger tips into Steve’s thighs on either side of her, using more force than required for the average man.  She can feel Steve growing hard as his still-clothed cock pushes against her lower back.

The pile of hairpins continues to grow and Steve is lovingly removing each one.  When he was a young man, traveling with the show girls, touching their well-coifed hair was a no-no, because they’d spent so much time to painstakingly create their curls and pin them in place.  Playing with Charlie’s hair is one of his favorite intimacies they share.  The fall of each curl as he releases it from its hair pin trap adds to his excitement.

Steve reaches around to cup under one of Charlie’s large, perfectly round breasts.  His large hand slides under the lace and pulls and tugs at her hardened nipple.  He pinches it lightly and laughs when he hears her moan, “Fuck, that feels so good…”

With the last of the hair pins removed, Steve begins to run his fingers through her curls, gently shaking them out.  He gathers her hair in his hands and pulls it to his face, smelling the strong scent of apples from the shampoos she uses.  He inhales deeply and drops her hair, watching it fall around her shoulders and cascade down her back.

Steve pushes Charlie away from him. “Lie down on your stomach,” he gently commands.  While she moves into position he removes the last of his formal wear from the party, only keeping on his boxers.  He smiles down at the ones she gave him covered with Christmas bulbs.

He straddles her back, not putting pressure on her, and begins to massage her back and shoulders.  He can feel the tension leave her body as his strong hands work their magic.  His hands move up her back, forceful and steady, then across the tops of her shoulders, trailing back down her sides with light, feathery touches.  On his second pass over, he unhooks her bra, and smoothly pushes it to the side.

Steve moves down to rest on the back of her thighs, and advances to massage her lower back, pulling up on her hips.  He grins to himself as he hears her breathing get louder, signaling she’s ready.  His thick fingers slide over her wonderfully curved ass and dip under the fabric, reaching into her hot, wet center.  She bucks at his touch, and his ministrations progress, pushing in slowly and deeply, spreading her slick.

Steve lifts up and flips Charlie over onto her back.  Her eyes are filled with lust at the sight before her, Captain America in all his glory.  Broad shoulders, amazing abs, strapping arms… She moans delightfully at the view and strokes her fingers down his chest to his tapered waist, reaching for the band of his boxers.

He quickly pulls away from her reach and dives between her legs.  He finds the black lace covering her mound is already soaked from her wetness.  He places his mouth at her sweet box and pulls the wet material into his mouth, sucking and lapping his tongue over the dampened fibers.

Charlie grabs at his hair and whispers, “Stop teasing me, dammit.”

She can feel his hot breath as he chuckles against her thigh, slowly kissing down her leg to the clasp of the garter.  He tugs with his teeth and it pops loose.  He slowly unrolls the nylon from her leg, brushing his long eyelashes over her flesh as each new area of skin is exposed.  Her moans and writhing add fuel to his desire.

Once the hosiery is removed, he takes her foot into his hands and begins to maddeningly caress her tender skin.  “Oh, my god, yes,” she breathily sighs.

Steve repeats the process with her other leg.  He delights in driving her crazy, knowing he is already pushing her to the edge.  His extended and torturous foreplay better prepares her for his power and need, enhanced long ago by the serum.

Steve tugs at the garter and panties at her waist with more force than intended and the fabric rips.  She just laughs when he shrugs his shoulders.

He sits back to admire her naked form. Even without his artist’s eye, her beauty could not be denied by any man.  She belongs to him and he intends to remind her of that, by taking possession of her.  He quickly removes his boxers and positions himself above her.  She raises her legs and plants her feet firmly on the floor, tilting up to provide him easier entry.

Steve pushes into her, straight to her core and she cries out.  He thrusts into her again and again.  Right as he feels Charlie reaching her peak, he lifts her and casts them over again so she is on top.  With his hands guiding her hips, she continues to slide up and down, impaling herself on his stiff rod.

Charlie braces her hands on the corded muscles of his forearms and grinds down against him.  She knows she’ll feel sore tomorrow, but knows the pleasure tonight is worth the pain in the morning.

The handsome soldier can sense the change in her as she comes closer to her release, tightening around his shaft.  He looks down the length of his body and watches her slide up and down, hiding him inside her delicious, wet hole.  Her beautiful full breasts sway back and forth and drag across his chest, adding to his sensory pleasure.  He grabs one of her pink buds between his teeth and remembers to gently bite down.  Steve pulls it between his lips and reaches up to grasp her breast, kneading it between his fingers.  His sucking is exactly what she needs and she lets him know, “Oh, god, Steve, I’m coming. I’m coming.  Don’t stop. More.”

Steve loves this directive and pulls down on her ass to bring her in closer, biting even harder on her nipple as she grinds against him to her completion.

Before she can fully come down from her high, he flips them once again.  His arm hits the branches of the Christmas tree and they both chuckle at the sound of ornaments hitting against each other and crashing to the ground.

Steve’s eyes lock on to Charlie’s as he continues his rapturous assault, pounding into her, pausing every few strokes to grind against her already sensitive clit.  As she swells to her second orgasm, he follows hers with his own release.

Steve continues to pump as her muscles contract around him, pulling every drop from him before he collapses by her side in a spent heap.

Charlie snuggles against him and basks in the glow.  When her brain can finally form words again, she teases Steve, “We knocked over the Christmas tree…”

“Again,” he interrupts.

“How many ornaments do you think we broke this time?” she wonders aloud.

“At this rate, there won’t be any left when Pepper comes to put it away,” Steve responds unapologetically.

Charlie sits up to stretch out her sore muscles, and Steve silently cringes when he sees the small bruises already forming on her back.  “Maybe I should bring the mattress in here for Round Two?” he suggests, caressing her back as he moves to stand.

“Don’t forget the whipped cream!” she calls out as he exits the room.

“I like the way you think,” he laughs as he pauses in the doorway in all his naked splendor.

“Merry Christmas, Steve,” Charlie giggles.

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The Flight

the flight pap shot

The Flight

Actor Chris Evans shares a flight with an angry seat mate…

Chris Evans and OFC (Reader)

Warnings: NSFW, fingering, exhibitionism

Word Count: 2150

When I see my seat mate for the next several hours, I groan under my breath.  I ask him, “I thought you and Scott were switching seats?”

“No, he and Shanna started a new game on his tablet while we were waiting, and they decided to sit together,” he says.  “Are you okay with that?”

I shrugged my shoulders, trying to contain my frown.  “Just keep your big muscly arms off my arm rest, and don’t talk too much.  I’m tired.”  To accentuate my point, I yawn as I reach down to get gum and hand lotion out of my bag.  I offer him a piece, and he gladly accepts it.  He sees the small bottle of lotion in my lap and raises an eyebrow.  I ignore him.  I’m just not in the mood.  My bag doesn’t want to fit under the seat, so I give it a kick and I make it fit.

“Bad day?” he asks with a chuckle.

“My boyfriend and I had a fight this morning before saying goodbye,” I grumble.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asks, curiously.

“No, I don’t want to talk about it.  I’d rather be grumpy and wallow for a while.”  I pull my headphones out of my pocket, watching him place the gum slowly in his mouth.  He turns to smirk at me, and I know he caught me looking.

“Asshole,” I remark.

He chuckles.

I pull the current copy of Sky Mall catalog out of the seat pocket in front of me, and turn on my headset.  I can see him playing with his phone, and true to his word, he does his best to keep to his side of the arm rest.  He laughs that I actually pay attention to the announcements from the flight attendant right before take-off.

“You gonna be okay?” he asks, his voice full of concern.

“Yea, I just hate to fly,” I say.  I smile when I think back to my first plane ride as a little girl.  I remember sitting with my mom and nearly crushing her hand.  I can see him watching me out of the corner of my eye, and I wipe the smile from my face.  I turn my attention back to the magazine, and pray silently that this flight seems faster than it actually is.

As flights go, it isn’t too bad.  He falls asleep shortly after take- off, avoiding small talk with me, and for this I am grateful.  In sleep, I can admire his beauty.  There really is no other word for him.  His dark eyelashes grace his pale cheeks, and the stubble is starting to grow back in from a recent smooth shave.  His scent is intoxicating, and I hate that it makes me feel things I don’t want to feel right now.  I don’t want to think these things about him.  His strong arms are folded across his chest, and I can admire the veining in his arms, for reasons…  I chuckle to myself as the attendant bumps my elbow with the beverage cart.  “Son of a bitch,” I whisper under my breath as I rub my elbow.

He stirs and says, sleepily, “Can ya get me a rum and Coke?” and then has the nerve to drift back to sleep.

While the attendant takes care of the family seated across the aisle, I reach under the seat in front of me and pull out my portfolio.  I plan to use the time to try to get a little work done, but I can already start to feel the need for sleep to take over.  It’s been a long week of travel, and I just want to get back home to my own bed.  I pull out my blanket too.

He wakes again when I sit his drink on the tray in front of him and he sleepily pulls two candy bars out of his bag and offers me one.  “Thanks,” I say, not wanting to be rude.

“I hate your blanket,” he grumbles.

I knew he would. The giant yellow symbol in the middle of a black field annoys the hell out of him.  I can almost feel his irritation.  That’s why I brought it along for the flight.  “Ya know, there are other comics besides Marvel…”

“Not good ones,” he scowls.

I feel him watching me as I put the strawberry scented lotion on my hands.  I hate the dried out feeling I get from the pressurized air in the cabin.   I roll my eyes when I hear a small groan escape his lips.  Great.  I just need lotion for my dry skin, and he’s getting turned on, watching me massage my own hands.  I don’t want him to think those things about me, goddammit.   I put the lotion in the seat next to me, and turn my attention back to my club soda.

He asks me a few questions and we make small talk.  I try to ignore him, but this time, he isn’t so easy to get rid of.  “What are you working on?”

“Just some editing that came in the other day.  The company wants to look at the manuscript my friend wrote.  Since I talked it up so much, they want me to baby it and carry it along.”

He raises his eyebrow.  “Is it any good?”

I smile.  He knows I work as an editor at a publishing company, but I don’t think he really understands what I do.  I laugh.  “I wouldn’t try to build my name at work if I didn’t think she didn’t deserve to be published.  She’s worked and trained her craft for years, and has really proven herself worthy of a published work.  I’ve been reading her work since the beginning and I’d like to be there when she hits big.”

His hand shakes his glass of rum and Coke, hitting the ice against the sides, causing it to clink.  He sits the glass down and looks at me seductively.  “She’s lucky to have you for a friend.”

I can see his hands starting to move across his tray, inching closer to mine, and I move my hands away, opening the file and placing it in front of me to begin reading.  Again, not wanting to be rude, I quietly answer.  “Thanks, but I’m the lucky one.  She’s a great friend. And this writing is very… inspirational.”

He looks at my quizzically as I try to hide my laughter at my loaded comment.  I pretend I don’t see him, and I begin to lose myself in my work, editing for spelling, grammar and inconsistencies in the story.  I check my phone and realize we have barely made it half way through the flight, and I sigh deeply.  The cabin is cold and the air makes me congested.  I feel my eyes getting heavy, so I put my pen down and close the manuscript.  I shift in the seat, trying to get more comfortable.  I close my eyes…

I wake when I feel his hand on my waist.  His hands are warm and soft.  I can smell strawberries.  He put the lotion on his hands?  His strong fingers inch across my belly, and he whispers my name.  I try not to acknowledge him, but I’m sure my breathing gives me away.  Damn him.  He gently kneads the soft spot on my belly that won’t tighten no matter how many sit-ups I do.  “That was interesting reading,” he says quietly.  “I’m wondering if it had the same effect on you that it’s had on me.”

I sigh.  I should have put it back in my bag.  He knows I’m awake now.  I should stop him, but I don’t want to.  I wanna know just how far he is willing to go.   I feel his fingers dip down below the waist of my leggings, sliding along the top of my panties.  I bite my lip to hold back a smile.  I shouldn’t let him do this…  He continues to run his fingers slowly down to my silky covered mound.   I want to turn and watch him, but I keep my eyes closed.

“You’re so warm,” he growls quietly against my neck, his scruff tickling me.  I jump, not knowing he was so close and he chuckles.  “I bet you’re hot and wet.”  His fingers nimbly shove the fabric to the side, slowly dipping his longest finger inside, no pretense at being gentle.   He is met with an already pooling wetness, infuriatingly caused simply by being near him.  I can hear his sigh and a change in his breathing as well.  I try not to gasp and draw attention to us.  “So perfect,” he barely breathes out against my ear.

“Shh… Shut up,” I respond, shaking my head.

He chuckles again.  Insufferable asshole.  I should have made him trade seats with Scott.  This is not what I want but I can’t bring myself to stop him or the way my body betrays me.  He shifts in his seat so his arm can have more freedom to move under the blanket.  And he uses that to his advantage, slowly sliding deep in and out, avoiding my clit.  He pulls the wet up with a hooked finger and slides it over my outer lips, pushing against them, tugging at my skin.   The wide span of his large hand allows his other fingers to caress against my thighs at the same time.  A jolt washes through me, and I choke back a groan.  My head drops to the left, resting against his, and he breaths against my neck.

He varies the rhythm to which he enters and pulls out, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, sometimes gentle, sometimes rough.  He leans forward, as though he dropped something on the floor, changing his position to enter me even deeper as he slides in a second finger.  My breath catches as I am once again caught unaware by his movements.  His digits remain deep as they continue to penetrate me, and scissor back and forth.  I can sense a swelling and feel myself dripping around him, worrying the seat under me might be getting wet.  I squeeze my walls around him and he begins to grind his palm against me.  His arm across my chest holds me in place as I thrust up, aching to finish.  A small squeak escapes from my lips and he murmurs, “Come for me.”

His velveteen voice adds to my need to release.  A few more thrusts of his middle finger along with his other fingers squeezing my outer lips, and I rise up for one push against his palm.  My orgasm breaks and I squeeze his fingers tight as I come all over his hand.  He slows up his movements, matching my breathing as I come back down, slowly sliding his fingers out and repositioning my now dripping panties.  He gently rubs his palm over my covered mound.  He slides his hand up slowly, and I can tell he is wiping my juices off on the inside of my leggings. His hand slides back across my belly as he removes his hands from under my clothes and he pulls his hand out from under the blanket.

From the corner of my eye, I can see him raise his hand to his mouth, and as I bite my lip from his additional tease, I watch as he licks away the remaining drops of my sweet cream.  He steals the blanket and wipes his hands, and I pray my scent is not overpowering in the plane cabin.

I can’t bring myself to look at him.  I try to hide my smile and pretend nothing happened.  He goes back to his phone, and I go back to my manuscript.  It is now full of post-it notes where he made notations as he was reading.  Fucker, I quietly chuckle.

My phone buzzes and I read the message on the screen:


I grin when I see him watching me out of the corner of my eye.  I text back:



Notes: I hate the cover is a pap shot. But it was the only picture I could find that perfectly fit this story.  Please forgive me!  A special thanks to my best girl and beta  thewife101.  It seems like I wrote it for you, but I was needing some hand work at the time!   Thanks for your guidance!

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Unfinished Business

unfinished business.png

Unfinished Business

By avenger-nerd-mom

Boyfriend Chris Evans wakes you from a deep sleep…

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, Steamy Fluff

Word Count: 527

You slowly rise up from a deep sleep as you feel his fingers delicately roam across your back. When he tugs at the hem of your t-shirt you lift off the bed so he can pull it up, exposing your fair skin to the moonlight drifting in from the window. He continues his caresses and you begin to moan quietly in pleasure. You giggle stiffly, having been awoken from your slumber, realizing your vocal cords aren’t working yet.  You whisper, “Those are supposed to be happy a sounds.”

He chuckles quietly in your ear increasing the force of his touch across your back. This continues for some time, or not, you have no idea in your sleepy state. His body shifts on the bed and his agile fingers skim just under the waistband of your underwear. You warm at the wet beginning to pool between your legs and you anticipate more from him.

His hands smooth over the rounded curve of your ass and you slightly spread your legs to allow him more access. He ghosts his fingers across your covered slit, applying just enough pressure to know you are wet.

Your breath catches and you want more. You wiggle and writhe and tell him you want to roll over and remove your panties so he can take care of you. He ignores your words, giving your bum a slight tap and a gentle rub before running his hands back up your curved spine.

He leans across you and you feel his weight on you as his lips tenderly kiss and bite at your hip. He lightly adds a flick of his tongue, lapping like tiny flames, igniting you as more kisses are gifted across your silky skin, covering the whole of your back, slowly and precisely.

You whisper again, “Let me roll over and you can use your strong fingers… I want you to, I wanna feel you…”

The caresses from his soft full lips continue and he ignores you again.

“Honey, I wanna feel your hands inside me.  I want you to… finger fuck me.”

He chuckles against your neck, his warm breath causing goosebumps on your skin.  You know in the dark he is smiling at your word choice.  He thinks it’s funny when he drives you to talk dirty.  “Ugh, I don’t wanna do that. I’m tired now.”

He kisses your shoulder and turns over, taking the blankets away from you in his movements.  You lay in the dark, stunned.  Within five minutes, you can hear his quiet snores.  You quietly laugh and shake your head.  “Fucker,” you whisper into the dark.

He’s such an ass when he’s man sick.  You should have known his actions were the result of his increased sensitivities from the cold medicine he’s been taking.  It makes him all cuddly, even more so than usual, and he wants to be touched or be touching you.  His ability to fall back asleep so easily slightly annoys you, as you try to return to sleep yourself.  “I love you,” you whisper as you roll over to snuggle him and reclaim the blankets.

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Vacation Surprises

vacation surprises.png

Vacation Surprises

By avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans and his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, take a vacation get away for Spring Break

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count 3305

“Honey, you need to relax. This is my vacation. I refuse to get up at the crack of dawn each day.  Come on, you’re stressing me out,” Emery laughs, watching the numbers descend on the elevator panel, trying to hide a yawn.  “I need this break.  It’s supposed to help me get through state testing and all the end of the school year crap.  And you are supposed to relax before the publicity tour starts.”

“I know, I know!” He laughs.  “I’m just too excited!”  Chris tugs on her arm, pulling her out of the elevator, giving in to his inner seven-year old mentality.  “It’s Disney!”


Emery finally convinces Chris on the third day of their trip that everything doesn’t need to be so rushed.  He pouts about it, but allows her to sleep in while he finishes up phone calls for a new project.  As he is sitting at the desk in the suite, an idea pops into his head and he decides to run out for a bit, leaving a note on the pillow beside her.  He pauses to watch her sleep, saying a silent prayer, thankful he found her and that she has brought so much joy to his life.  He kisses her gently and leaves the room quietly.


Emery freezes momentarily when she steps out of the bedroom. Chris is reading at the table, his glasses perched on his nose, facing the window overlooking the lagoon.   The table is laid out with her breakfast favorites, waffles and fruit.  The bouquet of spring flowers in the center of the table fills the room with an earthy scent.  “What’s all this?” she asks, as she comes up beside him, tugging her fingers through the hair on his neck, kissing the top of his head, taking in his manly smell.

“I remembered you like a big breakfast and a later lunch when you’re on vacation; I thought I’d surprise you.” Chris lays his tablet down, pulling her into his lap.  “So, let’s see? Who are you today?”  His eyes sweep over her Disney inspired clothing choice; taking in her blue sundress with a white collar, yellow Converse sneakers, and the red bow in her hair.  Emery knows adults aren’t allowed to cosplay on the properties, so she takes her Disney inspired outfits very seriously. Chris chuckles at the telling piece.  “Snow White, are those apple earrings I see?”

Emery takes an apple from the fruit basket and hands it to her love.  “One bite and all your dreams will come true,” quoting one of her favorite Disney movies.

He takes the apple from her hand, biting the back of her neck instead.  Her laughter echoes in his ears and his heart soars.  “We’re in no hurry today,” he says as he picks her up, rising from the chair and carrying her back into the bedroom.  “What was that about dreams coming true?” he asks, closing the door behind him.


After emerging from their bedroom, the couple spends most of the afternoon at Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland.  Emery enjoys watching the child-like wonder in her boyfriend’s eyes. Due to the paparazzi style fan photos that surfaced at Christmas, she knew he was keeping a close watch on their surroundings.  A few fans had asked for photos with him, and he agreed, but asked them to wait a few days before posting them.  Emery watches on her social media sites, but had not seen any news of their whereabouts, so both were in a relaxed state, totally public, but feeling off the grid.  Sarah was the cast member that was assigned to work with them during their stay, and she and Emery hit it off really well, often joining forces against him, teasing him for his child-like behavior.

fantasy land.png

“Enough already!  Three times on Peter Pan today is all I can take!” Sarah chides him as the small group makes their way towards Liberty Square.  While Chris gets a funnel cake to share with Emery, Sarah is stopped by two cast members with their Photo Pass cameras, and the three park employees stand and chat.

“Hey… you two!” Sarah stops herself before calling out Chris’s name on the crowded sidewalk.  “These are my friends, Erin and Mark,” gesturing to the park employees.  “Erin is training Mark with some photography techniques, and they were wondering if you two might like to help for just a little bit?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Chris looks at Emery, and shaking Erin and Mark’s hands, he asks, “What do you need from us?”

The friendly cast member, Erin, smiles and laughs, “Well, Mr. Evans, you’re kinda like a Disney Prince, I mean Marvel is owned by Disney, and we need to work on some natural lighting and angles for getting Cinderella’s Castle in the shots.  So I thought who better to pose for us than you!  Do you mind?”

Emery smiles her approval at Chris, biting back a giggle at the “Disney prince” comment and the couple agree to help.  They follow the team down a path to a grassy area, Erin explaining this spot is sometimes used for special events and ceremonies and isn’t available often to the general public.  Chris and Emery follow the directions given to them by the photographers and Emery makes small talk while they work, asking about their job experiences at Disney.  Later, when the photographers are changing out lenses, Sarah walks towards the couple, sharing some history of the grounds and the Castle itself.

Extending her professional courtesies, Sarah asks, “Have you been to the Wishing Well on the other side of the Castle?”

Emery bubbles, “Oh my, yes! It’s one of my favorite spots, ever since I was a little girl!  We stopped their yesterday on our way to Tomorrowland, right before we met up with you!”

Sarah laughs at her enthusiasm.  “What about you, Chris? Did you make a wish?

“I did, although I’m still waiting to see if it comes true.”

“Sarah, he threw in a handful of coins.  He was such a little kid!”  Emery laughs.  “I think he wished for too many things!”

The photographer walks back over to the small group. Erin addresses the attractive couple.  “Okay, we’re almost done!  Can I get you two to stand over here for a few more minutes?”

“Of course,” Chris answers politely, “What do you need us to do?”  He places his hand on Emery’s lower back, guiding her to the location Erin has pointed them towards.

“Oh, you know, make our job easy!” She grins, “Talk, laugh, relax, imagine we aren’t here.  Oh! and pretend like you’re in love.”

“Ugh, Erin, have you met this guy?” Emery laughs, “That’s really hard work; I don’t think my acting skills are that good.”

“Shut up,” Chris says, playfully pulling her to the spot Erin pointed out to them.  “It’s not an act, you know.  I adore you.”

“I know you do, babe.  I just like to see the look on your face when I insult you.  It’s this hurt, little puppy dog look, and you scrunch up your nose, like Nick Vaughn, and it’s so damn cute.”

“Well, thanks.”  He rubs his lips together in a familiar gesture. “I’m glad you think my heart ache is adorable.”

Emery’s eyes glow and sparkle with love and adoration, and she enjoys their easy teasing.  “You know what else is cute?  THAT.  When you rub your lips together, and then kind of scratch your bottom lip with your moustache.”  He does it again and she quickly kisses him to prove her point.

Emery reaches up to push his hair back into place and she pauses to scratch at his beard, cleverly using the hand away from the camera.  He reaches for her hand, and kisses her palm before taking her hand in his.  Her hands feel so small and fragile inside his larger hand.  “You know, I was serious.  I did make a wish in the well yesterday.”

“I know!  You did!  You threw in like a million coins! Do I even want to know what all was on your list?”  She teases, winking at him.

“It was all the same wish.  I just wanted to do everything I could to make sure it comes true.”

She laughs at him, and he lifts a strand of hair that has blown out of place and places it back behind the red bow in her hair.  “Emery, you make me laugh.  Every day, even when we aren’t together, and you’re just a phone call away.  I love that about you.  From the first time I saw you dancing in your classroom, I knew you would change my life.”

“Evans? What are you doing?” Emery’s thoughts start to spin in her beautiful little brain.  Her stomach fills with butterflies; her heart pounds.

“Talking, telling you what I love about you.  Mark and Erin said to relax and be natural.  I’m the most relaxed when I am with you.”  Chris steps to Emery and puts his hand on her cheek, leaning down to softly kiss her rose red lips.  His lips linger there, pulling away slowly, causing her heart to race.  He presses his forehead to hers.  “I love that you anchor me, that you give me balance.”

Chris moves back, lifting under her chin to raise her green eyes to his.  She is mesmerized by the deep ocean blue of the eyes she loves to see every day. “I love that you care about your students, and your world revolves around West; I love that you’re close to your family, and you stepped right into mine.  I love that you give of yourself with your time and your heart.”  Emery’s heart flips feeling the slight tremor in his hand.  The catch in his voice causes her eyes to drop to his lips, watching the words form as he shakily breathes them out.   “All of it, all of it makes you special.  All of it makes you perfect for me.  That wish I made? I need you to help me make it come true…”

Chris steps back and gets down on one knee.  Emery’s left hand flies to cover her mouth, shaking nervously as her eyes fill with tears of joy.  As he pulls the little blue box from his pocket, she quietly whispers, “I love you.”

He smiles, his body visibly shaking from nerves and excitement.  “Emery Rose Thomas, will you make my wish come true?  Will you marry me and make me happy every day of my life?”

“Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!”  She quickly wipes away a tear that escaped it’s hold.  “You really have to ask?”  She pulls him up to standing, “Oh, my God! Yes!”  She throws her arms around his neck and he picks her up off the ground, her tiny feet swinging in the air.  He sets her back down and slips the ring on her finger.  A perfect fit.

As the couple kisses to seal their future together, a crowd in the distance cheers.  Chris wipes away his own tears and taps her on the shoulder, turning her to look behind where they’ve been standing.  On the bridge entering into Cinderella’s Castle, waving and cheering are all the members of both their families.  “Chris? Oh, my God, Chris? They’re all here too?  How? How did you do it?”

“I’ll explain it all later, I think Mark and Erin have a few more photos to take, right? Sarah?”

“Right here, Chris, exactly like you asked for,” she smiles, handing a giant box to each of them.

“What? Where did these come from?” Emery asks, not sure if her tender heart can take any more surprises.

“Disney.  It’s a magical place!  Don’t ask questions,” Chris says, winking at her, so pleased that he was able to pull off the biggest surprise of his life.  “Open yours first.”

“You planned this too?” she asks, taking a moment to admire her ring.

the ring.png

She opens the box, and pulls out a pair of mouse ears stitched with the words “Just Engaged” and the date.  “Wow!  This is too cute!  What does yours say?” She asks placing her ears on her head, as he pulls his out, embroidered with the phrase, “She said YES!”

“Oh, honey, you are just too adorable!”  She helps him adjust his ears, Erin capturing the special moments on film while Mark positions her to stand to Chris’s right with their backs to the camera.  Looking up at the Castle, Erin has Chris tilt his head so it’s resting against Emery’s and her mouse ears, the Castle and their families in the background of the photo, smiling and waving and holding a sign that says ‘Congratulations!’

“Let me just get a few more photos, and then we’ll get the rest of the family down here, okay? And here’s the best part!  You don’t even have to smile for these; it’s just the back of your heads and hats!”

“Oh, Erin! I don’t think I could stop smiling now if you paid me!” Emery laughs and Chris joins in.  He sees his mom watching from across the pond and gives her a thumbs up before blowing her a kiss.

“The photographers? That was staged?” she asks quietly.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replies.  “I thought you’d want it captured forever…  Were you surprised?”

Raising his hand to her lips, she kisses his thick fingers, the hands she knows as well as her own.  “Oh, honey, I had no idea!  I was NOT expecting this…  I love you so much.  That was an amazing wish…”  She chuckles.  “I still can’t catch my breath.  I’m a little speechless.”

Erin steps to the couple and asks Emery to turn in his arms, and to drape her hands around his neck so the ring shows, along with the message on the back of his hat.  Erin begins to step out of the frame and Chris stops her.  “Wait!  Can you take a few of these with my phone?”

Emery looks up and Chris gets lost in her eyes, so full of promise and love.  “I think they’ve take a million photos; you really need some on your phone too?”

“Close your eyes,” he quietly whispers in her ear, “Picture it.  Can you see it?  I think that is the perfect way to tell the world we’re engaged, don’t you?”

“NO! I mean, yes, but today?  NO!  Let’s keep this quiet for a few days.  If we post this today, we will have no peace for the rest of the week.  You’re right though, I can imagine this shot and it’s almost perfect.”

“Almost?” Chris asks.  She sees him smile upon hearing the playful tone in her voice, her Southern drawl prominent in her emotions and excitement of the moment.

She reaches up on her tiptoes to place a kiss on his lips, her hand with her new ring playing with his hair.  “Now, it’s perfect.”  She groans quietly and he deepens the kiss.

“Enough, enough!  Get a room!”  The couple pulls apart when Scott’s voice enters their bubble.

The park photographers continue to snap their photos as the parents and siblings greet the couple and share their congratulations and well wishes.  The younger children enjoy running around in the grassy area, while the women take a closer look at the ring.  “Oh, darlin’, it’s just beautiful,” her mother, Anita exclaims.

“Did he tell you about the ring yet?” Lisa Evans happily asks her future daughter in law, her arm wrapped around Emery’s waist in a warm hug.

Emery shakes her head no, and Lisa calls Chris to her side.  She hugs her son tightly.  “Well, son, you got me!  I had no idea a proposal and a new daughter was in store when you invited us all down for the weekend.”  She chuckles at the look of pride and love on her oldest boy’s face.  “You need to tell her about the ring.”

“Oh yea, here, babe, take it off for a minute and have a look.”  Chris helps her slide it off her finger, and explains to Emery it’s actually two pieces.  “The simple band of stones belonged to my grandmother, and this one I picked out just for you.”  He points to the inscription in the band with the raised stone.  ‘Till the end.’  The actual wedding band will have the rest of the phrase, babe.  You like them?”

“Oh, honey, your grandmother’s ring?” Tears return to her eyes, threatening to spill over.  “This is so beautiful.”  She turns to the other woman who also holds the title of “mom” in her heart, and says, “Momma Lisa, thank you so much!”

“Oh, sweetheart, if I didn’t think you deserved it, I wouldn’t have given it to him to offer it.  You are just what he needs in his life.  I couldn’t have picked a better match.  Welcome to the family,” she envelopes the young woman in another tight hug.  “Beautiful, just beautiful.”  Lisa turns to her oldest son.  “You did good, baby boy.  You treat her right, and you don’t let your fears or Hollywood get between you and you’ll be good.”

Chris’s father and stepmother step forward and greet the couple to share in their good news.  After a few minutes alone, Lisa gestures kindly to her ex-husband that Preston, Emery’s father is waiting patiently to talk to the couple, his own eyes brimming with tears.  Always “daddy’s little girl,” Emery falls into her father’s warm embrace.  “Congratulations, baby girl!  You picked a good one.  A real superhero to take care of you and protect you…”  the older gentleman whispers in her ear, his Southern lilt music to her ears.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she quietly responds.  “You gonna walk me down the aisle?”

“Aww, sweetheart, I wouldn’t miss that for the world,” he chuckles, catching Chris’s eye.  “Son, welcome to the family.  You pulled off quite the surprise here. Nicely done,” he drawls, shaking the man’s hand with a firm grip.

“Thank you, sir,” Chris replies.  “I told you once I’d be the happiest man on Earth if she said yes…”

The photographers begin to round up the family members for a more staged family photo to commemorate the day.  Emery and Chris take center stage and parents and siblings, nieces and nephews crowd around them.  Replaying the events in her mind, Emery asks, “Wait! What? What did that mean? What you just said to my dad?”

Kissing her on the check, Chris blushes.  “Well, Little Miss Independent Southern Belle, you promise not to kick my ass?”

Emery chuckles and pulls him in close for a kiss, while the family cheers again and more photos are taken.  “I make no such promises, sir.”

Chris chuckles, bowing his forehead to hers and shares with her that he actually asked her father for her hand in marriage months ago, on Christmas Day.  More tears threaten to run down her cheeks as the news sinks in that Chris has loved her so deeply for so long.

“Christopher Robert Evans, you amaze me every day. I will be so honored to be your wife…  This is more than I ever dreamed of; I love you so much,” she whispers.  “I promise you, I’ll only kick your ass when you need it, and I will love you more each day. Till the end of the line…”

“Forever? You promise?”  She nods her head yes in response as the photographers take the last photo. He whispers to her, nuzzling her ear with his nose, “Hey, a Disney prince deserves to live happily ever after…”

happily ever after.png

Author’s Note: All images were found on Pinterest.

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

All the Buzz

All the Buzz mar 11 2016

All the Buzz

By avenger-nerd-mom

Chris and Emery exchange texts during the day of the Buzzfeed press event

Warnings: Fluff, Language

Word Count: 300

E: How am I supposed to teach class now?! That damn trailer it killing me. I’m not going to survive.

C: Liked that, didjya? What about the surprise at the end?! So fuckin’ cool!


C: (((HUGS))) I shoulda warned you. This Buzzfeed thing looks like it’s gonna be fun…

E: Yea, I’ve seen some of the questions floating on tumblr… Don’t get yourself in trouble.

C: Me? In trouble?!


E: That’s it! I’m #TeamIronMan!

C: What? Traitor!!!

E: Robert promised me time at Disney with you if I choose his side…

C: I can give you that any time you want…

E:  That’s what you keep saying, but we haven’t

C:  Well, I promised your wildest dreams…

E: I already GOT you, didn’t I?

C: I’m all yours, babe


E: SERIOUSLY?!?! DAMN MAN, warn a girl!

C: WTF did I do now?!

E: I’m trying to teach and kids keep showing me shit on their phones.

C: That’s funny!

E: I’m trying to work! I have a REAL JOB too, ya know. And that fucking eyebrow… Shit

C: All hot and bothered now?

E: Damn straight. That eyebrow raise is MINE cuz I know what it means…

C: Why do you think I did it???!!!!

E: You are deliciously evil. When are you coming home?

C: Spring Break. I think I can’t make it till we get together on your break.

E: Well, then, get prepared…

C: What for?

E: I’m gonna send you some career ending photos to keep on your phone.

C: Good to know. RDJ figured out my passcode. I’ll change it.

E: Bell’s gonna ring…  I miss you…  Till the end?

C: Till the end…  Love you, sweetness. Call you after school.

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Fairy Tale Endings

Fairy Tale Endings

Fairy Tale Endings

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans and his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, enjoy their first night out publicly as a couple in LA, attending parties after the Oscars.

Warnings: NSFW, limo sex, oral sex, adult situations, language, fluff

Word Count: 4753

Click here for Part 1 “Oscar Sunday 2016”

“Just a little dessert?

Emery chuckles.  “You and your sweet tooth, no! Besides if you were really talking about sweets, you’d be all over that bowl of candy.”

“Nope, I’m not talking about candy,” Chris says as his hands roam under her dress, over her thighs. “Please…”

“Ugh, Evans, no,” she giggles, clamping her legs shut, caging his hands between them. “Do I need to spell it out for you?”

“Yes, I’m just a simple man.  Explain it to me.”

“You just wanna hear me talk dirty,” Emery laughs, blushing.

“Hell, yeah, I do!” His eyes flash, knowing she feels self-conscious, but he loves challenging her, pulling her to try new things; to step out of her comfort zone. The smirk on his face says it all, and he hopes she’s just tipsy enough from the last party to take the bait.

Blushing, she shakes her head at him, knowing exactly what he’s doing.  She falters for a moment and thinks about how to phrase her rejection of his wishes to sound promising and seductive for later in the evening.  Although it’s already near eleven and she’s damn exhausted, Emery pulls herself up to her full height, gathering her courage and her words.  Leaning into him seductively, she strums her fingertips along his strong thighs, teasing along the zipper of his tuxedo pants.  She moves into his space, bringing her lips to his, teasing him with kisses.  Catching and tugging his lips and pulling away as he tries to get more.

She shakes her head, no.  “Damn. It’s this beard, this fucking sexy beard.  You can’t have dessert yet, and it’s all your fault.”  She brings her fingers up his broad chest, running along the buttons of his crisp white dress shirt.  “I’m so wet just thinking about how wonderful your mouth would be, how you would lavish me with long strokes, just like I like,” she pauses and closes her eyes, lost in a thought, a low moan sounds, trapped in the back of her throat.  Chris feels a stirring in his pants, hoping to get her to make more sounds like that before the night is over.  “How I would drip onto this beautiful beard, and you would be covered in me, the scent trapped there… For the rest of the night, you’d know, you’d savor the smell, the taste…” She reaches down between them, palming his straining cock though his tuxedo pants. “You’d grow hard, searching the room for a quiet corner to whisk me away to…”

“Fuck, Em,” he groans, pulling her closer, “that doesn’t sound too bad…”

“Mmhmm, yea, it sounds like heaven,” she agrees, as she gives him a squeeze, “But anyone else you came into contact with would smell it too.”  Emery pulls back away from him, readjusting his tie.  Effectively cutting him off from any fun right now.

“Uff, shit… You’re such a tease.”

“You asked for it,” she giggles.

“You don’t want to be known as the slutty girl I took to the Oscars?”

“Hell, no, Evans,” she chuckles.  “Well, not this year anyway,” she says with a gleam in her eyes.

Chris pulls her back to him.  He holds her cheek with his strong head, and looks deep into her eyes, “I can’t change your mind?”  He begins to bite and tease along her jawline, tiny nibbles until he reaches her neck, where he sufficiently licks along her pulse, seeing the reaction he is having on her.

“NO,” Emery says, using her non-sexy teacher voice, her breath catching.  “I don’t care how sexy you look in that suit porn. You aren’t getting your way yet.”

“Damn,” he chuckles as the car comes to a stop. “Suit porn?”

“It’s a thing,” she laughs at him, pretending like he doesn’t know.

Smiling, he knows she’s interested in his game, but wants to make a good impression on his friends and associates. Chris can’t blame her for that. Frustrated, he adjusts himself in his pants as she reapplies her lip gloss.  Moments later, the car door opens and they gracefully exit the car to a round of flashing lights from photographers and press as they arrive at another Oscar after party.


“I’m starving,” Chris whispers in her ear.  How she managed to find another teacher to talk to in the room of directors, actors, and other Hollywood elite, he’ll never know.  “Let’s go get some real food?”

Emery says her goodbyes to the woman she was speaking with, the wife of a foreign film director, and she turns her attention to Chris. It’s written on his face that he’s tired and a little drunk.  Food would be good.  Her eyes sparkle as she tosses out an idea she’s actually had for weeks, “I read once it was kinda tradition to eat at In & Out after the Oscars.  Can we do that?”

Chuckling, he replies, “Honey, I said ‘real food’ but a burger and fries after midnight?  Sure Cinderella, whatever you want.”

“A milkshake too?”  She squeals with delight, obviously having found her second wind, when he nods his head yes.  “Hey, babe, can you put this in your pocket, it doesn’t fit in my little clutch?”

She hands him her panties and walks towards the door.  Chris stands frozen, and looks over to see Ruffalo watching their exchange and his dark-haired friend gives him a thumbs up.  She turns and pauses, waiting for him to catch up and they exit the party, arm and arm.


The couple spent more time at In & Out than planned, based on the number of business acquaintances Chris encountered inside, all celebrating or commiserating, depending on their awards night situation.  Once again, Emery made herself at home among his crowd, and fit right in.  As they walk to the car, she looks at her surroundings and realizes she knows where they were.  “Do I need to up my game? We’re not far from the house right?”

“You are correct,” he offers the answer, “but we can drive around for a while.  We have the car all night,” he says noticing her tired expression.  “Oh, baby, don’t be sleepy.  The night’s just starting,” he purrs into her ear, his voice dripping velvet.

Henry, Chris’s friend and driver, opens the door and Emery hands him a sack of food and a milkshake.  She kisses the older gentleman on the cheek and thanks him.  She crawls into the car, having lost some of her grace as the night wears on.  “Mr. Chris, that one’s a keeper.  Don’t let her get away.”

“Oh, no sir, I don’t plan to,” Chris smiles.  “We all set?”  He climbs in the car, waiting for the man’s answer to his query.

“Yes, sir.  Gassed up and ready to drive,” Henry responds, closing the door for Chris.

He slides in next to his beautiful girl and looks at her with hope and desire. Emery yawns and rubs her face, “Don’t you worry about me, I don’t make promises I can’t keep.”

She sees his backpack has been placed on to the side bench in the car, and eyes him questioningly.  “Just stuff I thought we might want,” he answers.

“Hmmm.  For someone who was never a boy scout, you sure are always prepared… How long of a drive?”

“All night… I plan to get you out of that dress too.  We have no place else we have to be.”

“Oh, really?” she smiles as she sinks down to the floor of the limo to remove his shoes and socks. “So I can have you totally naked, right here?” she asks, running her hands along his thighs, up to his waist.  A guttural growl releases from his lips in response to her question and actions.

She slowly unbuttons and unzips his suit pants.  Reaching inside, Emery caresses and teases along the seam of the colorful boxer briefs she’d asked him to wear.  She tugs his pants down and he lifts his hips, the garment catching under the curve of his ass as the limo hits a bump in the road.  She giggles, quickly sliding the expensive fabric off his body, pulling his underwear down too, gently dragging her manicured nails down the sides of his legs as she pulls his clothing off.  He groans again and removes his tie, beginning to unbutton his shirt. She reaches up and places her hands on his, stopping him, holding his hands in hers as she takes his beautiful cock in her mouth. Emery lavishes the tip, swirling her tongue around, before sliding down on his shaft.  Her lips ease into a smile as she slides back up, building in confidence at her oral skills when he whispers, “Fuck, yea, just like that.”

She pulls off with a pop, licking her lips, running her tongue along his veins before pulling him back into her hot, wet mouth.  Emery wraps her tiny fingers tight around his base, stroking up as she pulls him deeper into her mouth, eliciting moans of pleasure from deep inside his body.  Reaching his hands inside the back of her dress, he runs his fingers down the sides of her breasts, hearing her breath catch at his caress.

“Your ass looks so fucking sexy in that dress.” Chris says moving his hands low to start hiking and pulling her dress up to her hips.

She hums around him, pulling off and he curses. “Uh, uh, uh.  Not yet,” she says, gifting him with kisses up and down the length of his shaft, and gently pulling his sac between her teeth, sucking and pulling, massaging him gently with her other hand. His head falls back against the seat and he takes a deep, relaxing breath.  He spreads his legs wider, allowing her more space to move as she nuzzles him with her nose before returning her kisses back up the length of his dick, once again wrapping her mouth over his head, using her tongue to sample and savor his pre-cum.   She hums her appreciation as he digs his hands in her hair releasing a few curls from their hairpins, beginning to guide her gently up and down his slick stick, adjusting her tempo for his needs, lifting his hips to be closer to her.  “God, your mouth feels so good.”

She slides her mouth off, much to his frustration, whispering, “Something else feels better.”  She watches his eyes fill with lust as she unzips her dress and slides it down from her body, revealing her complete nakedness to him. She reaches to remove her shoes, but he shakes his head no. Emery smiles seductively as she nestles back down between his legs, pushing her breasts against his cock while she runs her hands over his solid chest, unbuttoning his shirt and delivering kisses to his torso as each inch of uncovered skin is revealed.  He groans and tightens his legs around her, holding her close, while she delivers hot breathy kisses along his treasure trail.  She flicks her tongue across his tip one last time before climbing up on to his lap.

She straddles him, her golden heels resting against his thighs, sliding onto his erect shaft, her walls wrapping around him.  She sinks into heaven and sighs, knowing she is home.  Chris is all she needs.  And she will be everything for him.  Her mind drifts as his hands grasp her hips, guiding her up and down.  When he needs sweet and respectable on the Red Carpet and with business associates, she can be that for him.  When he needs wild and horny in a limo she can be that too.  She moans and whispers her desire and approval as she rides him, feeling him reach deep inside her with each thrust. “I love the way you fuck me,” she whispers, pulling him away from the car seat, wrapping her arms around his back.  His low primal sounds touch her soul, opening her up for her release.  She catches his mouth, kissing hard and sloppy. He shifts his body, driving his cock even deeper inside.  Her cries signal he’s launched her over the edge, his fingertips digging into the soft flesh of her pretty round ass as she comes, spiraling out of control. She breaks the kiss, rising up on him so he can latch on to her breast, as he continues to pull her in, grinding her against him, hoping for a second release. He bucks into her, wild with his own need to come as she drags her fingernails across his shoulders, whispering words of encouragement, “Fuck me, babe, come for me, I’m almost there.”

His fist pounds her hip and he fulfills her request.  She comes a second time riding his climax out with him, pressed together, staring in his dark eyes, his pupils nearly shading out all the blue.  Chris whispers her name, pivoting his hips slowing until he stills, throbbing deep inside, wrapped in their lovemaking. He pulls her body tight to his, and stays trapped deep inside her sweet box.


Emery must have drifted off to sleep; she wakes when the car stops, to find herself wrapped in a blanket, with her head in Chris’s lap.  Staring out the window, he plays with her hair and smiles when he sees she’s awake.  He’s wearing his underwear again and there’s a half-drunk glass of scotch on the side tray.  She wonders how long she was asleep.  An intercom buzzes.  Chris pushes the button, and Emery hears the driver’s voice.  “Mr. Chris, we’ve reached our destination.”

“Thanks, Henry, just put the bags on the porch.”

“Bags? What bags?”

“You’ll see!”

Chris produces sweat pants and t-shirts from the back pack for both of them to dress before exiting the car. It’s a beautiful starry night, no city lights interfere with their view.  Emery can see they are standing in front of a cabin in the middle of nowhere. “Where are we?” she asks, excitedly.

“I just needed to get away, and since your flight back isn’t until Wednesday afternoon, we have two days here, totally away from the real world, just the two of us.  Our first real vacation together.”

Emery claps her hands together in glee and throws her arms around his neck, “Oh, God, I love you! You know that, right?”

Chris throws his head back with laughter, glad to see she is pleased with his surprise.

The driver, Henry, coughs to attain their attention.  “Pardon me?  Mr. Chris, the fridge is stocked, the grill has propane, and the firewood is cut.  Do you need me to carry in the bags?”

Chris shakes his head no. Henry continues, “The rental car arrives tomorrow around one in the afternoon.  Unless you need anything else, I’m going to head back to the city.”

“No, Henry, we’re good here.”  Emery walks around the driveway, looking out into the valley below the house.  She smiles when she sees Chris pull cash out of his wallet to give Henry a large tip for his assistance for the last several hours.  She blushes to think the gentleman knows about their backseat escapades.

“Good evening, Miss Thomas!” the gentleman calls out to her.  He prepares to climb back into the car, “You looked so lovely; I hope you enjoyed your night!”

“Oh, Henry, it was perfect!” She effervesces.  “It was so good to see you again! Thank you for taking good care of us tonight.”

She waves good-bye to the older man as he drives away, leaving her alone with her superhero for two whole days.  The morning is well past two, and she can’t move another step.  “Too tired, carry me,” she playfully whines to Chris.

“Climb up, monkey,” he teases as he bends down for her to jump on his back.  He carries her in the house and sets her on the stairs before going back to the porch to get their bags.

“You surprise me! This is beautiful,” she says between yawning.  “This looks like a place you’d live in!  But I’m too tired to look around.”

Chris leans against the wood railing, exhaustion on his face as well.  “Me too, babe.  Let’s explore in the morning.”

“You’ve never been here before?” Emery asks and he says no, talking quietly to her as he carries her upstairs, cradled in his strong arms. He tosses the little red-head on the bed, leaving her to prepare for sleep. While he is puttering downstairs checking things and locking the doors, she removes the last of the pins from her hair and washes her face.  She’s already naked and in bed when he returns and just like Colin Shea, he drops the dress and tux on the floor.  “See, honey, we were right! They do look good on the floor!”

Seeing her naked shoulders peeking out from the sheets, he quickly undresses and crawls into bed next to her.  He does a quick check of his personal phone.  He finds messages from both their mothers telling them how adorable they looked, and her mother finally sent the pageant photos he’d texted her about yesterday.  “Oh, my god! You DID have a giant bubble gum pink ball gown!  I knew it!”

They share a laugh and she vows to get even by asking his mother to watch all his old school plays on video the next time they are home in Boston.  Another text from her mother includes a link to a youtube clip of her performance talent.  Chris can’t contain his gut busting laugh of his girlfriend in her early teen years, baton twirling.  To shut him up she decides to show him her favorite new talent as she crawls on top of him, sliding her wet down over him, changing his laughter to moans of pleasure.


Emery awakes with sleepy eyes and a scratchy voice as the sun spills across the room of the cabin.  She has no idea what time they went to sleep or what time it is now.  She feels around in her mouth, along her teeth and it feels like fur is growing there.  She knows she drank too much last night.  She escapes the warmth of the bed to brush her teeth and crawls back into bed with her computer.  She’s surprised its nearly lunch time!

Chris says sleepily, “You’re thinking too loudly,” not rolling over to look at her, still hiding under his pillow.   “It woke me up,” he teases. “What’s wrong?”

“I wanna check my computer.  I’m dying to see pictures from last night!  If I was home, I’d be scouring the net, looking for any image of you-“

“You’re such a fangirl…” Chris rolls over to look at her.

Emery sticks her tongue out at him and giggles, cause it’s true.

“Babe, you know not to do that with your tongue unless you plan to use it.” She playfully taps his leg, flipping him off instead.  “I kinda like that invitation better…  So what’s the problem? The cabin has wi-fi.  The user code is right there on the dresser. I saw it last night.”

“I know.  I’m afraid to look.”

“Afraid to look?  Why?”

“Fangirls can be mean.  What if they tear me apart?  I’m not cut out for this, I’m just a math teacher from Georgia.  This wasn’t in my scope; it wasn’t my plan to fall in love with a famous actor.”

“Maybe that guy from your mom’s church is still available?”

She chuckles, pulling the blanket up around her, shaking her head in disgust.  “Nope, you’re pretty much stuck with me.  I just didn’t know the man of my dreams would actually BE the man of my dreams.”

Chris laughs but tries not to make her feel foolish.  It was too long of a night for him to think about what to say to make her feel better, and he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing.   “So don’t look. I’m sure my mom will send us the best pictures later anyway.  If it really bothers you, wait a few days, till things die back down.  Did you check your phone this morning?”

“Yea, but when do I have time to read 100+ text messages?”

“We’re stuck here till we get a car, we’ve got all morning.”

Emery begins to scroll through phone.  She sees that most are friends and students telling her how good she looked on television last night.  One of the messages is from her good friend, Jen.  “Oh, my word!  I can call Jen.  She’ll know what’s going on, she’s probably on top of it.”

“Can I go back to sleep then?” Chris asks tiredly.  She leans down to kiss his temple, as the phone begins to dial her friend at the push of a button.

“Hey woman,” Emery announces when her friend answers the phone.

With no pretense at formalities, Jen begins to gush before even returning the hello, “So beautiful!  OMG that dress!  I wanna steal it and have a character wear it in my next story!”  She laughs. “Hi!  How are you, girl? You are amazing!”

Emery laughs at her friend’s enthusiasm.  Jen is a writer friend she met online and although Emery doesn’t write herself, they became good friends about a year ago.  “So, am I hated?  Be brutal.  Let me guess, ‘ugh, she’s not pretty, she has a small ass and red hair, what does he see in her?’ That kind of shit, right?”

Jen laughs, her joy infectious and Emery begins to cheer up just talking to her friend.  “No, no I think the cute Southern accent and the fact he was sober and laughing on the Red Carpet killed it.  You could see he was having a good time, showing you off.  People love you!  I mean, there’s our usual negative nellys, trying to get the gossip- like who are, where did you come from, but everything else has been really positive.  Everyone is commenting about how happy he looked, how relaxed he was. They wanna know about YOU.  I mean, if you hadn’t told our group of friends, I’d be dying to know too.  All the fandom knows is what he said in NOLA and the little snippets from last night.”

“But, girl, enough about that!  How are you?  I mean, it’s gotta be weird right!  Talking to Reece and Leo.  What a head rush right?”

“Oh, my God!  It was so hard not to freak out.  I just kept thinking in my head- imagine Parent Conferences, imagine parent conferences.”

Jen laughs at her ridiculous friend.  “You’re an idiot!”

“Hey, it worked. You know I freak meeting new people. It helped to keep me calm.  If I just imagined they were new parents I was meeting, it kept me relaxed.”

“Whatever.  It must have worked… You looked like a natural, like you’d been doing it your whole life,” Jen says, offering support and praise.

“Oh, only if he was holding my hand or arm.  The minute he let go, I felt like a was drowning, like I’d get swept away in the craziness,” Emery admits for the first time.  Chris places his hand on her hip, giving a light squeeze, indicating he is listening to their conversation.  Their chatter is keeping him awake, and he rolls over onto his back, reaching for his cell phone to check his new messages.

Jen shouts into the phone.  “Yes, oh my God!  That’s the best photo! That’s the one everyone is talking about!  It’s so beautiful, really, Em, it’s so much love, I can’t even believe it! You are such a lucky girl…  I mean besides dating the whole movie star thing, he really loves you!  You can see it!  That’s luck!”

“What photo?”

“The kiss? It was perfect, like he didn’t even care every camera on the planet was aimed at him,” Jen says, assuming Emery knows what she’s talking about.

“What picture?  I haven’t turned on my computer yet.”

Jen sighs, exasperated with her friend.  “Log in, and look!  They’re all great.  But this one photo?  It looks like you two had stopped somewhere along the carpet and he’s standing behind you with his arms around you?  I don’t think it was really a scheduled photo stop?  There’s this great picture of him kissing your bare shoulder, your head is turned, like you were talking to him, and it is so fucking hot.  Like I want that from a man so bad, from your man, but you got to him first.”

Emery’s face lights up.  She squeals!  “There’s a picture of that? Holy fuck that was in, like, a quiet spot along the carpet. We did just stop to catch our breath.  I didn’t even know there were cameras around.”  She pauses, thinking about that moment when he was telling her he couldn’t control himself any longer, he had to kiss her freckles.  “That’s like my favorite memory of last night… Someone got that picture?”

Chris taps her leg and she looks down at his hand.  Holding his phone, she can see the photo her friend just described, happy tears brimming her eyes. “OMG.  That is my favorite fucking thing.!  And it’s captured forever.  Oh, bless them!”

Jen laughs at her enthusiasm, “Yea, I don’t think you’ll say that too much about the paps, but that’s a good one.  I fell asleep dreaming about it.  That, and the thought of a hot limo ride later? I plan to write all day.  Please, please tell me there was a hot limo ride later?”

Emery continues to stare at Chris’s phone, “What? Yea, no, don’t make me star in your fan fiction fantasies,” she giggles.  “I live it now.”

“Lucky bitch,” Jen giggles.  “If you weren’t my friend, I’d hate you.  But you’ve inspired my stories before and didn’t seem to mind?  Why is this any different?”

A pink blush creeps along Emery’s face, down into her t-shirt as she remembers the story she once inspired Jen to write.

Chris watches with curiosity, wondering what her friend said to make her react that way.  He catches her eye, raising his eyebrow and the shade grows darker.  He guffaws loudly at her embarrassment, shaking the bed with his laughter.

“Oh, god!” He hears her friend through the phone. “Is that him? Are you two in bed? I’m going to die, shit, Emery, warn a woman!”

“Good morning, friend Jen,” he shouts, his voice full of laughter.  “Yes, I ravaged her all night long.  Write about it!  It was amazing!”

Laughing at him and the fangirl noises Jen exaggeratedly makes, Emery pushes him off the bed with a thud.  She knows he played into it, because she doesn’t have the strength to move him.   “Yes, that would be my boyfriend, the comedian.  He’s an ass in the mornings.  But he’s mine.  Listen, babe, I gotta go.  You know I love you, right?”

Chris stays on the floor, his elbows propped up on the bed with his phone in his hands, scrolling through his trusted web sources, pleased with the things he sees.  Mostly press and paparazzi photos. The women chat a few more minutes as they say their good byes and make plans to talk together again soon. They talk about watching a movie, and Chris wonders how that works, since they live halfway across the country from one another.

She hangs up, and falls back on to the bed, happy.  She turns to his smiling face.  “What are we doing today? Can we just stay here in bed all day?”

He climbs back into the bed, covering them both with a blanket, and pulls her computer up on his chest.  “That sounds like a plan. I thought maybe later, we could go hiking? And since you can’t stay for the screening of Gifted later this week, Marc gave me a personal copy; he wants you to see it so we can watch it today.”

“Really, just us?  Oh, god!  That sounds perfect!”

Chris brushes her hair from her face and kisses her lips gently.  She rolls into him, and he wraps his arm around her.  “But right now I want you to log in, babe. Everything I see is amazing; really positive.  People love you.  But all that really matters is that I do.”

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Oscar Sunday


Oscar Sunday

Oscar Sunday

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans and his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, prepare for their first public appearance together at the Oscars.  Emery battles a case of the nerves and Chris finds a way to calm her

Warnings: None, FLUFF

Word Count: 2085

Part 1 of 2 “Oscar Sunday”

“Babe, what are you doing?”

“Grading papers,” she smiles shyly as she shuffles the papers spread across her lap.  Her pink and white polka dotted robe is wrapped tightly around her body and her tiny feet are up on the coffee table, her signature purple toenail polish sparkling on her toes.  “How was rehearsal?” She asked, hoping to change the subject.

Chris sits on the table, gently pulling the papers from her hands and setting them on the magazines stacked beside him.  He takes the foot closest to him and holds it tightly with his large, strong hands.  “Rehearsal was fine. It’ll be great…  You?  You’re supposed to be relaxing,” he sighs, tugging and pulling on her toes.  He smiles when a quiet moan escapes her lips and her head sinks into the pillow behind her head.  She growls when she can’t get comfortable because of the giant curlers covering her head.

“Grading papers IS relaxing,” she giggles.

“Woman, you are crazy! No, you are not supposed to do anything today.”  His teasing turns to concern quickly when Emery raises her hand up to pinch the bridge of her nose. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Sighing deeply, she says, “Small headache.  I don’t think I can do this.  Can you just hand me my damn papers and leave me alone for a bit so I can center?”

Chris continues massaging her feet. “Talk to me.  I know you think I can read your mind, but I really can’t.  I get that your stressed, but let’s talk about it.”

“What’s there to talk about? I’m dating a superhero movie star and tonight is the biggest night in Hollywood.  I have spent the last two days with your team, learning to walk and stand and exit the car gracefully. Good god! I was a debutante and a pageant princess, I know all that shit, but who the fuck actually thought I would need to remember it!  I just want to watch the Oscars at home in my sweats and pony tail like I do every year!” She pauses and glares at him. “But NOO. I have to put on a dress and heels and the crew downstairs is waiting to finish my hair and make-up later and there will be interviews and photographers, and if I keep talking I might hyperventilate.  How are you so damn calm, Mr. Anxiety?!”

“Easy.  I’ll have the most beautiful woman by my side, and I get to show you off to the world.”  He picks up the papers, handing them back to her and moves to sit beside her on the couch in the master suite of his LA home.  “You center me; I have nothing to be anxious about…  Wait, did you say ‘pageant princess?’”

“Evans,” she chuckled. “I grew up in the deep South.  I had a crown on my head before I had hair.”

“How did I not know this? Pictures. I need to see pictures! Oh, god, you had giant 90s hair and a crown didn’t you? Some giant pink bubblegum ball gown?  What was your talent? Quadratic equations?”

She giggles and wraps her arm around his, sighing contentedly.  “Thanks.  I feel better.”

“No, I’m serious.  I need to see these pictures.”

“I think my mother burned them,” Emery starts to squirm from embarrassment, and Chris watches the blush creep down her chest.

“She did not! I’m calling her later; telling her to text me some photos,” he leans to kiss the top of her head, forgetting about the giant curlers.  “Hey, what’s with the toes?  Why didn’t you get them done yesterday with your nails?

“You know I always wear purple, it was Nicole’s favorite color,” Emery reminds him. Nicole was a student in Emery’s class many years ago who passed away three years ago in a car accident less than a mile from her home.  The young girl always wore purple nail polish and this is Emery’s way of remembering her.  “Besides you can’t see my toes in my shoes anyway, and I just got them done last week.”

“So you didn’t get your toes done to save me money?” Chris shifts on the couch, looking irritated with her.

“Well, no, not really, it just seemed like a waste, and there were other clients waiting.  I didn’t need it so I skipped it.”

“Goddamn it, Emery,” Chris huffs, getting up off the couch.  “I get you want to keep your independence and be financially stable on your own, but when I send you to do somethin’ relaxin’, somethin’ you enjoy, don’t goddamn skimp.  Money is no fuckin’ object.  And if you’re freakin’ out over the price of the spa, don’t dare ask about the price of the damn earrings on loan to us.”

His rant loses steam when she starts to giggle.  “What? What the hell is so goddamn funny?!”

“Honey, your Boston is showing,” Emery falls over on her side, laughing hysterically, barely able to catch her breath.

“Shut the fuck up!” he hollers.  Feeling deflated he turns to leave the room.

“Aw, don’t go away mad! Come back!” she yells after him.

“I’m goin’ to get somethin,’” he calls back down the hallway.


Chris returns with a fishing tackle box, some towels and something that looks like a mop bucket about ten minutes later.  He rolls his eyes at her because she is still grading papers.  She watches him warily as he sits back down on the coffee table.  “Thanks for the laugh earlier.  I needed that.  I feel a little better now,” Emery says, apologetically.

“It wasn’t funny.  I was mad.  Still am.  God, woman, you drive me crazy.”  He pulls a water bottle out of one of the larger cargo pockets on his army green shorts, and two aspirin from a smaller pocket, handing them to her for her headache.

“I know, babe. I’m sorry.  I don’t do it on purpose.  That was just the way I was raised.  Ma didn’t want us girls to have to depend on a man.  I guess I’m kinda set in my ways, having been single for so long.”  She watches with interest as Chris folds one of the towels and places it in his lap.  He opens the tackle box and seeing what’s inside and she smiles warmly.  “Whatcha got there, Mister?”

“Your toes cannot be purple tonight.  Ilaria says one of these four will match your dress,” he reaches in another pocket, producing four small paint bottles.  Ilaria has helped him with his clothes for years, and the two women hit it off when Emery was in town for Valentine’s Day.  A small army was gathered downstairs to help the couple get ready later, steaming his suit and getting her dress ready for the big event.  Ilaria wanted to make sure everything was perfect for her favorite client, knowing that despite his calm, he was nervous about presenting Emery to the world on such a large scale.  “Pick one,” he says, handing them to her.  “Why can’t I see the dress?  It’s not like our wedding day or anything.”

Emery giggles and sighs.  “I just thought it would be fun to surprise you. You always know everything,” she hisses quietly when he places her right foot into the bucket of steaming water, “I wanted to see your face when you saw me in it for the first time.”

He picks up her left foot and begins to scrub off the offending purple polish.  “I’m sure it will look amazing…  It’ll look better on the floor, later tonight.”

She pulls her foot from his hand and gently digs her heel into his crotch.  “Mmhmm, it will.  I can’t wait for that… These curlers are killing me.  Will they get mad if I take them out?” Emery asks.

“Honey, I’m sorry if you felt like you were in training for Miss Congeniality.  It’s supposed to be a fun day.  Take out the damn curlers if you want. If you don’t like your hair when the team finishes, ask them to do it again or you can always do your quick Elsa braid and still look amazing.”

Removing the curlers, Emery relaxes back into the couch as Chris takes time to give her the full spa treatment at home, removing her polish, massaging her feet and calves, and preparing to paint her toes the color of her choice.  The couple spend the quiet time together talking and laughing as Emery shares tales of her youth in local pageants.  “Hmph… Chocolate brown?  Does this match or correspond with your dress?” Chris asks as he paints her toenails, resting her foot on his knee, which is propped up on the edge of the couch.

“You’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.  This is the full treatment, boy, where’d you learn all this?”

“Well, it may shock you, but I have spent time in a spa, getting mani-pedis sometimes too,” he pauses at her giggles and her fake shocked expression.  “And, well, girls find it hot. Not that I have a thing for feet, although yours are adorable, but girls like it. And it’s not that hard.”

“Well, Mr. Evans, as long as I am the LAST woman you do this for, I guess I will accept your answer,” she informs him, giving him a wink.  “And when your Marvel contract is up, you always have a skill to fall back on to provide for our family.”

“Ha- ha. Very funny,” he states dryly.


Hours later, as Emery gracefully exits the car, Chris is so proud to have her on his arm.  He remembers the night he took her to dinner in Savannah and first dreamed of bringing her to the Oscars.  She looks better than he even imaged.  Just over 5-foot-tall in her heels, she creates a graceful image, a throwback to old style Hollywood in a vintage gold sequined gown with cap sleeves and a high cut neckline.  The cut of the dress, backless with a draping shawl, exposes her shoulder blades and dips low across her back, showing her beautifully tanned skin.  Up close, Chris can admire the freckles scattered across her shoulder blades from summers growing up near the beach, and he aches to kiss them, to run his hand down her spine and watch her bend to his will.  Emery’s red hair shines in a low chignon bun, loosely off to the side, with wisps of curls gathered around her beautifully made up face.  Her eyes sparkle and dance, and the glow of the yellow gold earrings on loan from Harry Winston reflect back to the flashing cameras of the press and paparazzi.  “You look amazing, babe,” he whispers for the millionth time.  “You’re doing great!”

She reaches for his lapel and pulls him close, smiling at the lights flashing, and people yelling, “Chris! Mr. Evans! Mr. Evans! Look over here!”  She’s so happy to be by his side and doesn’t care that the whole world is watching.  He leans closer to hear her over the crowds.  “Remember what you said about the dress looking better on the floor?  I feel the same way about that tux!  But if you don’t mind, I don’t think I can wait till we get home.  I’m thinking the back of the limo later tonight, after all the parties?”

The cameras catch the gut busting laughter as he throws his head back to laugh and a blush creeps up from his collar, spreading across his face. He watches with awe as the lovely Miss Emery Thomas makes her way down the Red Carpet with him to enter the Dolby Theater, flawlessly answering questions and deflecting to him things she doesn’t want to discuss.  She shares little about herself, but just enough with her light Southern lilt, that anyone who meets her understands right away why Chris is so taken with her.

As they take their seats together and she rests her hand on his thigh, he considers their first public appearance a success.  He nuzzles his beard against the side of her neck, taking in her feminine scent, whispering “I’m gonna hold you to that thought about the limo.”

In her sweetest Southern drawl, she replies, “Oh, honey, it’s not just a thought.  It’s a promise.”

Click here for Part 2 “Fairy Tale Endings”

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

At Last

at Last feb 14 2016

At Last

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans plans a special Valentine’s Day surprise for his girlfriend, Emery Thomas

Part 2 “Valentine’s Day Weekend”

Click here for Part One: Home

Warnings: Adult Situations, Sexual Fantasies, Role Play, NSFW, Language

Word Count: 3726

C: Did you find stuff in the kitchen? Sorry I got called in. That wasn’t the plan. I want to kill a Russo brother today.  Sent at 9:18 am

E: Don’t worry. The boys are gone already. You said driver was coming to get me at 10:00?  He can take me for breakfast, right? Sent at 9:30

C: You just tell him what you want. Henry will take care of you.  But he also has some surprises for you. Sorry I can’t go along. Sent at 9:35 am

E: Are you sure sending Scott to babysit at Disneyworld with Parker and John was a good idea? Sent at 10:02 am

C: How much trouble can they all get into? Sent at 10:15 am

E: THAT’S what I’m wondering?! Sent at 10:18 am

C: Needed on set. Later. Love you.  Sent at 10:28 am

C: I can’t wait to see the dress for the Oscars. You’re gonna look awesome. Sorry I couldn’t be there. Sent at 1:13 am.

E: You haven’t seen it?! You will die!  I felt very Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts. Thank you. I MISS YOU. HURRY UP. Sent at 1:18 pm

C: Babe, I am so sorry. We’re trying to finish.  I can still make our dinner reservations. Sent at 2:30 pm

E: If you tell me ‘sorry’ one more time, I will hurt you. GO WORK CAPTAIN AMERICA. And tell the Russos not to let anything bad happen to you. My fangirl heart can’t take that. Sent at 2:36 pm

C: Reshoots running late. Changing dinner plans. Brunch tomorrow instead. Dinner delivered around 7:00.  Should be there by 8:00. Wear the dress anyway.  Sent at 3:54 pm

Emery stares at the box on the bed.  She doesn’t feel like getting dressed up just to eat in his kitchen.  His beautiful state of the art kitchen.  The kitchen that looks like it’s rarely used.  She’s been dying to cook all day, but he doesn’t even have cake mix in the pantry.  If she wasn’t going back to Savannah on Monday afternoon, she’d insist they go grocery shopping.  She looks at the clock and realizes she still has plenty of time to get ready.  Her afternoon at the spa means she won’t have to worry about doing her hair or make-up.  The only thing she needs to do is actually see the dress he’s picked out for tonight’s dinner.

After nearly ten minutes trying to figure out Chris’s complicated TV set up, Emery gives up the idea of watching Netflix and pulls up her book on her tablet reader.  She graded all the tests at the airport and on the plane, so she relishes having time to relax.  She doesn’t really know what to do, especially in a strange environment.

Her phone rings and she smiles at the silly contact photo of her youngest brother, Parker.  He was just calling to check in and let her know he and John were having a fun time with Scott.  They had met some cute girls to spend the afternoon with and planned to meet up with Chris’s brother again for dinner.  She laughed at the great picture he sent of Scott pretending to box against Donald Duck.  Bored, Emery makes a phone call to her mother before drifting off for a nap on the comfortable gray couch.

The doorbell rings and wakes her.  A small catering crew comes in with trays of food, placing items in the fridge and oven. The wonderful aromas tickle her nose and her mouth waters.  Emery makes small talk with the women and they tease her about her Southern accent, but she is jolted back to reality when she realizes the time.  She leaves them to continue their work and makes her way up the stairway to the large master bedroom to finish getting ready for the evening.  She tries to shake the strange feeling, knowing someone else is in the house preparing dinner, when she would have been happy to fix something. Such is the life of dating a famous actor, she guesses.

Giggling, Emery turns up her nose when she opens the large box on the bed, once again feeling like she’s stepped into a scene from a romantic comedy movie.  The dress is green.  She shakes her head thinking he obviously doesn’t pay close attention to her clothing choices.  This is one red-head who does not wear green!  She grumbles and complains under her breath about how the color will clash with her skin tone and look horrible.

“Miss Emery, everything is set for dinner!” The leader of the catering group yells up the stairs.  “We’re leaving now!  I’ll lock up on our way out!  Enjoy your meal!”

Emery returns her thank you and rushes to get ready, realizing Chris should be home from the set soon.  He hasn’t messaged her again, so she assumes he is on schedule.

Finally dressed, she takes stock in the full length mirror in the bedroom.  The sight before her takes her own breath away; she’s never felt so beautiful before.  The satin fabric reflects the light of the room back onto her red curls that lay loosely around her shoulders, hugging her curves in all the right places.  The sweetheart neckline accentuates her rounded breasts, pushed up higher by the new undergarments she purchased earlier in the day to surprise Chris, and the kick pleat in the front of the skirt shows just the right amount of leg.  Stunned by what she sees, Emery decides she looks like a beautiful, curvy 1940s pin up girl!  She has to admit the man has style…

Walking back downstairs, Emery carries her heels in one hand and her phone and earrings in the other, stopping to check on the table setting in the dining room. The doorbell rings again as she is putting her diamond stud earrings on, and she likes the way they catch the light of the chandelier, reflected in the mirror above the side buffet table.  She bends to put on her heels, ignoring the chime as she was not expecting anyone else to the home.  She walks to the kitchen and monitors the food in the oven, her mouth watering at the cheesecake on the counter.  Her phone buzzes pulling her attention away from her task at hand and she sees it is a message from Chris.

C: Please open the door.  My hands are full. Sent at 8:03 pm.

Emery laughs out loud, thinking, well, then asshole, how did you send the text? Walking to the door, she smooths her skirt and flounces her red curls one last time, licking her lips in anticipation of seeing her man at the end of a long work day.  The view that greets her when she opens the door stops her heart and she releases an audible gasp between her pink, moistened lips.

Steve Rogers, blonde, shaved, and gorgeous in his military uniform is standing on the front porch with a dozen long stem red roses in one hand and a giant heart shaped box of chocolates in the other.  His eyes travel over her from head to toe and he seems to falter at his own thoughts.  “Miss Thomas,” his voice low and husky greets her, his eyes sparkling, giving her a wink.  “You are as beautiful as the day I said goodbye to you in Central Park before leaving to meet Dr. Erskine.  These are for you.”

“Oh, Captain Rogers, they’re lovely!  Come inside, I can’t leave a war hero on the front porch,” Emery smiles, taking the roses from him as he crosses the threshold, pausing beside her to bestow an innocent touch of his lips against her cheek.  Chris smiles at the feel of her warm skin and admires her form in the green dress when she turns to place the bouquet on the table in the grand foyer.  The dress looks even better on her than he imagined, even though he knows she hates to wear green.  The emerald tone adds a spark of fire to her red hair and he aches to wrap his fingers in her curls.  Instead, he steps past her, gently brushing his arm against hers, placing the candy box on the table as well and raises his eyebrow at the catch in her breath from the light touch.

Trying to calm her racing heart, Emery takes a deep breath, but she gives in to the fact that it will be an impossible feat.  Years before, Steve Rogers in his dress browns had awakened in her a thirst and he stands before her now.  Her years in drama and ‘performing’ in front of students every day kicks in and she joins in the improvisational scene Chris is creating for her, based on his knowledge of her uniformed fantasy.

“I hope, ma’am, you don’t mind the intrusion.  I’m only in the states for a few days before going back to the war front, and I had to see you,” he smiles warmly stepping into a familiar role of the consummate gentleman and hero, “It smells heavenly.  I haven’t interrupted your dinner, have I?”

Emery giggles when she hears the super soldier’s stomach growl from hunger pains.  She rises to his challenge and plays along.  “Well, Steve, you and Bucky always knew how to show up just in time for dinner, even when we were kids.  My mother always planned to have a few extra helpings ready in case you rascals showed up!”

Chris laughs out loud, fighting the urge to grab his chest, pleased with Emery’s quick ability to create a story on the spot. “Your mom always had the best pot roast on the block!”

Smiling, Emery motions him into the dining room.  He shakes his head no and asks, “Can we just sit here and talk? Like old times on the front porch stoop?”

“Of course, Steve,” she says taking a seat on the stairs, as he has indicated.  He remains standing, leaning on the bannister.  She catches his admiring eye, following the curve of her leg from her ankle up to the hem of her skirt.  Emery giggles at a nervous Steve in front of her.  “Got something on your mind, soldier?” she inquires quietly.

Steve nervously clears his throat.  Emery is fascinated by watching Chris disappear inside this other character and she is somewhat shaken in the idea that right now, she doesn’t truly know the man with whom she tosses around banter.  Steve Rogers is a stranger to her.  She places her hand, warm and gentle on his, still resting on the stair railing.  Steve looks into her eyes and a warmth tugs at Chris, hidden behind the eyes of his alter ego.  Chris imagines what it would have been like for the men of the war to be able to come home and see their loves again, and his throat tightens, standing in front of the woman that owns his heart.  “Your letters mean the world to me.  Thank you for writing every week,” Steve responds quietly.  “I had to see you before going back to Europe.  Not every soldier gets that chance.”

Tears sting Emery’s eyes and she pauses, thinking of what to say.  She can’t respond, almost feeling like in that thought, Chris and Steve are one in the same.  Life is so fragile, even in the times they are apart now, without a war going on, everything could change in a moment.  She quickly says a silent prayer that Chris always stays safe.  She hastily wipes away a tear and Steve moves to sit on the steps below her, reaching up to place his hand on her cheek, leaning into kiss her softly with his full pink, pouty lips.

“Miss Thomas, I will always come home to you,” Steve whispers, placing his forehead against hers.

Emery’s quick wit and fangirl jokes can’t contain the first comment that pops into her mind, “Steve, are you so sure of that?  I have awful visions of you being trapped somewhere cold for a long time, waking up in a foreign world?”

A gut busting laugh escapes from deep within Chris and he breaks character for just a moment, pausing to catch his breath, winking at her again, and she joins in his laughter.  He shakes his head and takes a deep breath and she can see him pull back inside Steve.  He reaches down to wipe a scuff mark from his black dress shoes and his hand accidentally brushes against her calf, encased in stockings.  He slowly traces the back of his fingertips up the same path his eyes traveled moments before, stopping to squeeze her knee, leaving his hand to rest there.  Steve’s eyes turn to search hers and he sees they have darkened to lust and her breathing has changed.

“Remember when we were just kids and we would meet on the rooftop at night, just to get a cool breeze?”  He squeezes her knee again and watches her tongue dart out between her lips, flicking back in, applying moisture to the bottom lip only, leaving her mouth open, breathing heavily between her teeth. “Emery, I want…. No, I need to be that way with you again.  Now,” his voice growls low, dripping with desire.

Heaving, Emery whispers, her voice full of lust, “Steve, I need that too.  Please?  You won’t think poorly of me?”

“Emery Thomas, you have always been my girl.  Being Captain America doesn’t change that or how I feel about you…  The serum didn’t change my heart or my thoughts,” he says as he stands tall, pulling her up to him, “only my body.”

Emery can feel his cock pressing against her thigh and she giggles, “Well, Steve, it didn’t seem to change that part of your anatomy.”

“No, ma’am, it didn’t.  I just have the superhero stamina now to use it better,” he growls as he sweeps her up into his arms, carrying her up the steps.


The room is a wreck.  The lamp is knocked off one of the bedside tables and the sheets and blankets are a jumbled mess, tangled around Emery’s petite body as she lays on her belly, lost in sleep.  She looks so beautiful, so peaceful in the dim light shining from the bathroom, her hair bright against the white sheets. The big band music of the 1940s still plays quietly on the stereo.  Chris checked in with her brother and his friend, and knows they are staying at Scott’s place for the night.  The food has been placed in the fridge for another time, although the cheesecake is almost finished.  They’d had a light snack after round two, he smiles to himself, his body thrumming with the joy of multiple releases for the night.  He cringes a bit, seeing the light bruising on her shoulder from his teeth and realizes “Steve” may have been just a little too rough for her.  He sighs deeply, this thought concerning him.

Feeling the dip in the mattress as Chris climbs into bed, Emery rolls on to her back, sleep still in her eyes, “Hey, soldier, that was pretty amazing,” she giggles.

She stretches, arching her back, presenting her breasts to him and he catches her nipple in between his teeth.  He sucks gently, before pulling back, his smooth cheek rubbing against her rounded tit, whispering, “I can do this all day,” ‘Steve’ laughs.

“Mmhmm…  I bet you can!  Wanna try round three?” Emery asks, surprised by her bold behavior, ‘Steve’ pulling forth from her a deeper lust, realizing Chris has probably been holding back some of his own power and strength.  Her mind is too focused on pure sexual need to think about it too much right now, but knows it will need to be addressed later.

She whimpers when his hand comes to her wet pussy, faintly stinging from the poundings she’s received.  “I don’t think you can take much more,” the soldier whispers, taking her nipple back between his teeth, nipping and tugging at her delicate flesh.

“Please, baby, let me try.  I can’t send you back out to the war without knowing I did everything I could for my hero,” she tugs at his blonde hair, so different from Chris’s dark hair.  He unlatches his mouth from her breast, covering her collarbone with kisses, up the side of her neck before capturing her lips with his.

“Emery,” he whispers quietly in her ear and she hears Chris, his faint Boston accent bleeding through.  “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She pulls his face up to hers to be able to look at him and Chris is the only man in the room with her now.   “I know you would never hurt me; you would never make me do anything I wouldn’t want to do, but you can’t hold back from me either.”  He’s been hovering over her, but he rolls to the side, propping his head up on his elbow, pulling the blanket over her, covering the beautiful hills and valleys of her decadent form.

“Babe, you’ve always been very gentle with me,” Emery confides, “but it’s no secret you have a darker, kinky side.  I don’t scour the gossip sites any more, but I’ve read enough over the years.  If I am to be Mrs. Chris Evans one day, I need to be that girl for you.  If I’m gonna be ruined, I wanna be ruined by you, and your friend Steve got me all revved up if you’d like a go now.”

She smiles warmly as he traces lazy eight patterns over her belly, occasionally running his hand down to her thigh and back up again.  “Steve may have been my fantasy, but you are my reality.  You are the only man I want in my bed from now on.  I love you, and only you.  Till the end of the line…”

“Till the end of the line,” Chris repeats the phrase that has become a joke between them, and briefly wonders how many letters can be engraved on the inside of a wedding band for such a tiny hand.  “Are you sure?”

Emery rolls over on top of him, gently guiding her slick over the tip of his cock.  “Let me show you,” she says, staring into his darkened eyes, filled with lust, as she sheaths herself around his manhood, taking him all in. She settles against him, rocking back and forth, a slight hiss escaping her lips from the sting of earlier invasions.  He places his strong hands on her hips, guiding her movements.  Her mouth reaches for his, her tongue sliding across his sweet lips and searching between his teeth, tangling with his tongue.  His moans are music to her ears and she begins to pull up for longer strokes, gliding on and off his thick, solid cock, taking him the way she likes.

Chris brings his knees up, placing his feet flat against the cool sheets, tilting himself against her spot, feeling her tight around him.  He winds his fingers in her hair, a bit too roughly, eliciting a whimper from her, pulling her head back and exposing her neck.  His teeth bite at the soft spot in the crook of her neck, feeling her pulse race before he pushes her up with his thighs, changing her position and bringing her full breasts to his mouth.  His other hand playfully smacks her ass before grabbing at the rounded surface, digging in and kneading her soft tissue as she continues to slide up and down his cock.  Emery’s moans begin to intensify and her pussy swells and clenches around him as she begins to ride her wave of pleasure.  “Fuck, Chris, I’m coming…” she calls out into the night.

“It’s okay, baby,” he mutters, rolling her over, not breaking contact, keeping himself seated deep inside her sweet, wet pocket, feeling himself being coated by her warmth.  He continues his thrusts, pushing into her harder, elevating the cries of pleasure he pushes from her and he joins her, reaching his own powerful climax, calling out her name.  Slowly he continues to roll with her, bringing her back down with him and he collapses on top of her, momentarily crushing her until she taps him on the shoulder, signaling she can’t breathe.  They share a chuckle at this odd ritual they’ve developed whenever he’s on top and he rolls to her side, slowly pulling out as he shrinks for the final time of the evening.

“That’s it, babe,” he chuckles.  “You killed me.  I’m done.”

“Three in a row?  I’m impressed,” she giggles.

“I think your friend Steve would remind you that you had four?” Chris counters.

Emery blushes at the memory of ‘Steve’s’ smooth face against her thighs, lapping at her wet pussy, covering his face with her sweetened juice.  She nods her head in agreement, and taps Chris’s nose, “Only time in my life I will ever be able to say I had two men in one night…  Sleep, I need sleep,” she sees Chris biting back a comment, trying to hide his laughter.  “No. Whatever frat boy comment you want to make now, fucking keep it to yourself, asshole.  Sleep.  We have brunch and two teenagers to deal with tomorrow.”  She raises her head to look at the clock on the side table and seeing it’s well after midnight announces, “I love you, baby.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Chris.”


Author’s Note: The title of this story “At Last” is a reference to a popular love song by the Glenn Miller Band from 1942.

At Last

At last my love has come along My lonely days are over And life is like a song

At last the skies above are blue My heart was wrapped up in clover The night I looked at you

I found a dream that I can speak to A dream that I can call my own I found a thrill to press my cheek to A thrill I have never known

You smiled and then the spell was cast And here we are in heaven For you are mine at last

Copyright ©2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom




by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans receives a visit to his LA home for Valentine’s Day weekend with his girlfriend, Emery Thomas and her brother, Parker

Part 1: Valentine’s Weekend

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count 2202

“Ha! I win! Suck it!” Parker shouts.  The noise of good-natured ribbing drifts up the stairs and Chris smiles at the welcomed intrusion to his solitude.  Even though he decided not to attend this year’s Super Bowl, he held true to his Christmas promise to Emery’s younger brother.  Thanks to President’s Day, Emery and Parker had a much needed three- day weekend available, so Chris eagerly invited them to visit LA.  He knew he would still be busy with reshoots, and might even get called to the set. To keep the younger boy from getting bored, and to keep him entertained so he and Emery could have time alone, Chris suggested Parker bring a friend along.  The two boys are already enjoying the pool table and the gaming station down in the den, while he and Emery spend time tangled on the couch together in the living space off the kitchen, overlooking the valley, resting for a bit before he grills burgers on the back patio by the pool.

“Sounds like they’re having a good time,” Emery smiles warmly.  “That game doesn’t release for a few more weeks!  I can’t believe you got it!  You are their god now!”

“Oh staahp!  You are the only one to worship me this weekend,” Chris smiles at his lovely girlfriend.

“Believe me!  I plan to!  I’ve been spoiled, you coming to visit all the time.  The last two weeks without you was a nightmare!” she giggles.  He hums his agreement.

“I missed you too!  Why do you think I found it necessary to kiss you in every room of the house?” Chris teases.  Emery heatedly smiles at the very vivid memory of the tour Chris recently gave of his LA home.  Out of the corner of his eye he can see the rose blush on her cheeks, showing him just how much she enjoyed the piano in the sunroom on the back of the house, recalling to mind one of their first intimate moments together months ago.  The memory stirs a feeling deep inside him, a tenderness he feels for this tiny powerhouse, and he tugs at her lose red locks.

She leans into his touch, loving his hands in her hair.  She’d never say it to him, but she kinda misses the beard.  As much as it was Steve Rogers that caught her attention, it is Chris himself whom she loves. And her Chris has always had a beard!  “You’re shaved again.  You weren’t in the damn paparazzi photos I saw yesterday?”

He growls quietly, “Can’t a man have a cigarette in peace?  Yea, we filmed again; God, I hate shaving.”

She chuckles, “No privacy if you’re hanging out in a parking lot in LA late at night… You know I hate pap shots, and they usually make me cringe, but damn, they were hot as fuck.  I know I should not find pictures of you smoking sexy, but so help me God, I do.”

He laughs with her, “I look hot smoking… wow. You hate that I socially smoke… Isn’t there something sacrilegious about that statement, babe?”

She giggles, “So much wrong in that statement!  But all the more tempting, I think that’s what it is. The bad boy image reflected in that sweet and innocent sweater. We want it. All. Both sides.”

He pokes her playfully in the side, “Identifying with the whole fandom again?”

“Damn straight…  I will forever be a member of your fan club.”  Emery kisses his palm and the couple sits in a comfortable silence for a while, touching and caressing, enjoying being in the presence of one another again.

“I know you’re tired, but you’re awfully quiet.”  Sometimes he hates that he can read her so well.  “Spill.  You hate it?”

She quietly chuckles as she plays with the curls of hair on his arms, wrapped around her waist, feeling his breath hot and moist on the back of her neck.  “I don’t hate it; it’s very beautiful and sleek.  It just doesn’t look like you live here,” she says tiredly.  “It’s not like your apartment back home in Boston.  I just really don’t see YOU in this space.”

Chris smiles at her honest judgement.  His heart soars when she calls Boston ‘home.’  “Well, I really haven’t had the chance to live here.  I mean, it’s been mine for a while, but after my last failed relationship, I had a decorator come in; got rid of stuff.  Then I spent last winter in Boston, with all the snow, and AOU press.  And nearly 6 months in Georgia.  So you’re right, I really haven’t lived here.”  His hands travel under the waistband of her pants to caress the soft skin on her belly. He chuckles when she giggles at his light touch.

She sighs, trying to understand the need for such a grandiose home if it’s rarely used, for just one man.  She doesn’t like the answer in her mind, thinking this space definitely caters to the needs of a single man in Hollywood.   She shudders to think what the house decor looked like before he had it redecorated.  Emery quickly shoves that idea from her mind, shutting out those thoughts rapidly.  Everything has a sleek, clean look, almost like a hotel, with few personal touches other than his bedroom and the den, full of Patriots and Avengers memorabilia.  The downstairs is definitely suitable for friends to gather for Sunday football parties.  To her, it’s the one space in the house that seems inviting and welcoming.  “So why do you keep it if you’re never here; why not just a nice penthouse somewhere for when you’re in town?”

He shrugs his shoulders, “I don’t know.  It was the first thing I really bought for myself, and did on my own.  And you gotta admit- the view is wicked!”  Chris sweeps his arms out, drawing her attention to look out the large windows that fill the wall of the room.  “Can you work with it?  Could it feel like home to you?” he whispers quietly and he feels the change in her body.

A heated tingle runs through her and she turns her upper body to look at him.   His question has thrown her off guard.   He groans at having to remove his hands from her warmth.  “Are we doing this now?  I just got off the plane, and we haven’t even had dinner yet,” Emery responds quietly.

“You say that like you think it’s going to be a fight,” he defensively states.

“I think it could be two Type A personalities sharing their opinions and it might not go calmly,” she cautions him.

“We worked it all out in an empty parking lot one night but I think I prefer the comfort of my couch this time,” he chuckles.

Emery interrupts. “I do like this couch!” She smiles, taking in the overstuffed gray couch with navy pillows, wide and long enough for his superhero sized figure.

He sighs, taking her left hand in his and tracing over the tops of her fingers.  “You know, one day I plan to have the perfect ring for this finger,” he whispers quietly, chills running through him at finally saying it out loud to her, considering he’d already talked to his mother and brother about it, her father and her five-year-old nephew.  Ok, so maybe it’s not so secret.

Emery settles back against him, dropping her head back onto his shoulder, exposing her neck to him and he kisses along her neck.  He can feel her pulse racing.  She misses the scratchy feel of his beard but she sighs contentedly.  “I know; I think you’ve talked about it to everyone but me.”  He can hear the smile in her voice, although he can’t see her.  “Your mom, Scott, Dawson…  Just so you know, five year olds don’t keep secrets very well,” she chuckles.

“Damn kid, see if we ask him to be in the wedding,” Chris chuckles.  He is pleased to hear she doesn’t know he also talked to her father at Christmas, asking the man’s permission to marry his lovely daughter.

Emery twists her body on the couch so she can face him, tucking her feet up under her.  If they are having this conversation, she wants to be able to see his beautiful face.  Her heart drops.  Shit! I am in my school t-shirt; I do not want him to propose while I am wearing my work clothes

“Relax.  I’m not asking you any time soon,” he laughs again, reading the horrified expression on her face, but knowing it has nothing to do with the idea of a proposal, but the fact she’s been traveling for hours, still in her Friday teaching clothes.  He thinks she looks beautiful now, but he knows she’ll want to look her best when the time to pop the question finally arrives.  “But I need you to know I want to marry you.  I want to have kids with you and grow old with you.  And if you don’t like this house, you need to tell me.”

She traces her finger tips along his exposed jaw, thinking about how to answer his query, forgetting how formidable it looks when he is shaved.  She remembers Joss Whedon’s commentary, and shakes her head thinking ‘it’s so true; he’s the hero.’

“It’s not that I don’t like the house; it just doesn’t seem… Cozy.  It’s too perfect, too Hollywood.  Chris, I really don’t picture us living here; I mean I guess I never even thought of wanting to live here in LA.”

Chris fidgets with the chain on her bracelet, her warm palm against his chest, his head down.  Totally leaving LA probably isn’t an option, but he agrees that LA really isn’t the place to raise a family.  The paparazzi photos from the other night prove that in spades.  “I saw some resumes for Boston schools last time I was home.  Were you gonna tell me?”

Home. He called my tiny house ‘home.’  Her stomach fills with butterflies, realizing for the first time how serious this conversation is becoming.  We’re starting to plan our lives together.  She tries to keep her tone light, ignoring the anticipation rolling through her body.  She chuckles, “Yea, I guessed you saw those.  The desk was a mess when I went looking for stuff later but I love my shelf!”  He nods his thanks to her compliment, remembering how proud he was of putting together that damn shelf.  Chris runs his strong hands over her delicate arms, watching goosebumps form at his touch.  His eyes catch the rise and fall of her breasts, indicating her rapidly beating heart.

“Did you send any of them in?” he inquires, curious as to where this conversation is actually going.

She shakes her head no.  “I decided not to change anything in my life until you make a decision; till you put a ring on it,” she laughs, fighting to keep her tone even.  She hates the way it sounds but she knows it’s true.  He has to be sure about what he wants before she can really think about making changes to her life.

Chris pauses at this.  Emery is so head strong and independent; he can’t imagine her just sitting back to wait for anyone to make such an important decision that could affect her life as well.  “Why are you waiting on me?”

“You would be changing your life more than I would be changing mine, I guess?  Your anxiety is higher, you have a lot to worry about with work and a lot of people who depend on you.  You’ve gotta be willing to give up your playboy lifestyle.  I’m along for the ride?  Sounds shitty, but it’s true.  My clock isn’t ticking yet, and I don’t feel a rush.  But I know I want to be with you; you are the only one I could spend my life with.  Besides, what’s the point of me getting a job in Boston if you’re going to be filming in Atlanta next fall anyway?  I could stay, keep my job, and you’d be just a few hours away.  Savannah could be our home base for a while.  But if we do decide to go to Boston, Carly and Ryan have already told me they could get me a job easily, or I could work at the theatre with your Mom.”

Chris is quiet for a while, surprised many of her ideas have been the same as his.  He tries to put into words the thoughts that have filled his sleep deprived nights.  “Hmmm… Staying in Georgia?  I do film there a lot, and if I’m directing, we could arrange to work there because of the good tax base…  I like that we’d be close to your family, and you wouldn’t have to leave your life behind, just to accommodate mine.”

Happy tears sting at Emery’s eyes.  “Honey, that’s really sweet of you, but I think Boston is eventually home.  I’ve said it before, and I mean it- Boston is like a drug in your veins, and you need it to live.”

Chris is overcome with emotion at the sacrifices she would make for him, leaving her job, leaving her family.  For him.  He leans to her and softly touches his lips to hers.  “Not anymore. I need you,” he whispers against her ripe red lips.  “Home is wherever you are.”

Part Two: At Last

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