The Call- Part 1

The Call Part 1by avenger-nerd-mom
Warnings: None, fluff
Word Count: 1172
This conversation is awkward enough. Who knew talking to a girl, a woman, on the phone, would be so hard? Did he really just let his last name slip? Maybe she didn’t hear him…

“Did you just say “Evans?” Chris? Evans? As in THE Chris Evans?” SHIT! She thinks to herself- I knew that voice was too familiar and sexy… She glances around the room and smirks.

Damn. She heard. “Yes,” he concedes with a sigh.

“Why? Why would YOU be the guy I have been messaging for the last few weeks on a computer dating site?! You can’t find your own girls? This has to be a joke,” she says, angrily. “If this is some sort of hook up thing, you are looking at the wrong girl, cuz I don’t go for that.”

“No! No, it’s nothing like that! I’m tired of meeting random girls in clubs and bars. I’m getting older; I’m ready to settle down… Maybe not married yet, or the white picket fence, but I’m looking for something real,” Chris says, with a sadness in his voice.

“But you don’t even live here! How would that even work? I have a life here, a job, friends and family…” She seems a little overwhelmed, Chris thinks to himself. This wasn’t really how he expected their first true conversation would go. After chatting with her for weeks through the dating site, this was the first time they had actually spoken on the phone. And it wasn’t going the way he planned. “How do I know it’s really you I’ve been talking to? What if your management team has been weeding out the “right girl” for you? Tell me something that only YOU would know if I’ve really been talking to you the last few weeks.”

Chris pauses, and thinks. He does have one question he’s been dying to know, but didn’t want to give anything away too soon. He tries not to have encounters with fans, but he’s talked to this woman for weeks, online, and there is something about her quiet, sweet personality that captivates him. Chris is pretty sure he already knows the answer to this question, but he asks anyway: “You have a dog? Why did you name him West?”

He hears a gasp on the other end of the line. The woman, Emery Thomas, is so glad he can’t see where she is sitting right now. She is sitting in her high school classroom, with Avengers posters and Captain America memorabilia on the walls. Her favorite is a large print out of a screen shot from Age of Ultron, with Captain shouting “Language!” Her crush on Chris Evans is a joke among her students. How does she tell this stranger; this FAMOUS stranger, that she named her dog West because she knew his beloved dog had been named East?

From her end of the line, he hears a small commotion; noise and muffled speaking, as though she is covering the phone. “I’ll have to call you back; I’m needed here,” she says. Saved! She thinks to herself! Not having to admit to a long time crush on her favorite actor, to the man himself, is a relief.

“Will you really? You’re not mad?” Chris asks, worried he’ll never hear from Emery again.

More rustling, and then he hears, “Who ya talking to, Ms. Thomas? Your boyfriend?”

“FML! How do I turn off speaker phone on this thing?” He hears Emery shout.

“Ms. Thomas; LANGUAGE!” says a kids’ voice. “Do you even know what FML means?”

Chris isn’t sure what’s going on where Emery is, but he can’t control the gut busting laugh that escapes his lips. Emery hears it through the phone, and her insides turn to mush. This is actually the sound she dreams about at night. There is something about his laugh that is so real; whenever she hears it in one of his movies or an interview; she knows THAT is Chris, not some role he plays in a film.

“SHIT! Shut up, Stephen. I know, I know.” Chris hears her continue, “Cursing is not a way to show our intellectual being. I tell you that it in class all the time, but sometimes, a lady just needs to curse! Now help me turn off the damn speaker and quit talking or HE will hear you,” Emery sounds more exasperated by the minute. Damn! Why the hell did I put up that “language” poster, she thinks.

“Sure thing, Ms. Thomas, I’ll fix it. But I’m sure your boyfriend knows by now you secretly curse like a sailor.” The student tries to hide his smile at his teacher’s obvious frustration and embarrassment.

More noise seems to come into the room; Chris wishes he knew where she was. “Ms. Thomas has a boyfriend?” he hears a young girl ask.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Chris hears Emery answer as the speaker phone finally clicks off.

“I could be…,” Chris says to Emery as she gets back to the phone.

She scoffs. “Yea, right. Listen a few kids are here and need help for tomorrow’s test. I promise I will call back…. Sweetie, just wait.”

“Oh, so I’m “sweetie” now,” he playfully teases.

“Oh, fu… NO! I was talking to my students! I always call them sweetie, hon, dear…”

“It’s cuz she can’t remember our names,” he hears a voice yell in the background. This conversation has taken a turn, and maybe for the better. He might be able to salvage this, he thinks to himself. He’s figured out where she is…

“You’re a teacher? At the high school south of town, right?”

“Yes, how do you know that?” Emery is trying to keep her voice under control. She doesn’t remember ever sharing that specific piece of information. Sure, the voice is sexy, and that laugh… But really, what are the chances she would join a dating site at the beginning of summer vacation, and get paired up with Chris Evans, Captain America himself?! Sure, everyone knows the superheroes had been filming in Atlanta over the summer and had been spotted out and about. And now he’s filming out on the island… But why would a guy like Chris Evans need a dating website? She teaches math, and can’t even believe those odds… What if this is just some creepy stalker guy, and now he knows where she works?

“You mentioned a football game once… And you’re there now?”

“Yes, now, I really have to go. A few students want extra help before the test tomorrow. They know I stay late most nights; actually I have a regular “crew” that comes in, sometimes just for a safe place to be… I will call you on my drive home. I promise.”

“Ok,” he smiles to himself as the phone line goes dead. “All right, so I know where she is, and I know she’ll be there for awhile,” he says out loud, to his empty trailer on the film location site.

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3 thoughts on “The Call- Part 1

  1. theycallmebecca May 25, 2016 / 9:01 pm

    Ah! Got there finally! And now I’m going to start reading from the beginning! 🙂

    Loving her students right now haha

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  2. devikafernando October 8, 2016 / 8:34 pm

    I LOVE this. Was laughing so hard.

    Liked by 1 person

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