Birthday in Boston

Birthday in Boston

By avenger-nerd-mom

Scott Evans gives an OFC a tour of Boston for her birthday

Warnings: Fluff, minor language

Word Count: 2100

The crowded coffee shop provides a bit if solace. You don’t feel so alone. You watch the people stroll passed the window, wondering where they are going and what their life is like. You wonder if you’d feel different if you moved here, if you would feel like part of the energy this city seems to have.

You enjoy your coffee refill and start to look over your notes and your map for the day when a distinctly male Boston voice enters your thoughts. “It’s really crowded in here, do you mind if I join you?”

You look around and realize there are no available tables and you have an empty chair across from you. You look up at the handsome man whose smooth voice still rings in your ears. “For you? Yea, I guess I can make an exception; sure have a seat!”

The gentleman smiles and pulls out the chair, his large form and personality already taking up all the space around you. “You either know who I am or you are flirting. But, sorry, baby girl, you aren’t my type.”

You giggle and just smile, a twinkle in your eye, and as you shake your head back in laughter, you reveal your secret. The sparkling Captain’s Shield necklace sitting between your lovely breasts gives it away.

“Damn, you know me, cuz you love my brother! And here, I thought I was special!”

Scott Evans laughs as you introduce yourself and you do your best to convince him he is special too. “Nope, I don’t buy it. I get burned by too many women, thinking they’ll be my friend, just so they can meet my older brother.” He winks at you and you laugh. “I got news for you all; he’s not that great. He snores, he leaves his dirty socks under the couch, and piles dirty dishes NEXT to the sink.”

You explode with laughter at the jealousy and admiration in Scott’s voice. “If those are his only faults, I think I could learn to live with that.”

“Oh, no, there’s more! But it would take all day to tell you,” he winks at you, conspiratorially. “You have a map of the city, guide notes and definitely NOT a Boston accent. Are you visiting?”

You explain you are playing tourist to get a feel for the city you have always dreamed of living in. You get excited when you tell him you are almost finished with nursing school and your dream would be to work in one of the renowned hospitals in the area. “But really, the trip was a birthday present. I thought it would make me feel more like an adult to be on my own and do something totally by myself, for myself. Instead, I just feel sad and lonely and wish I was back home so I could go out with my friends tonight.”

“It’s your birthday?” He asks, and can’t keep the excitement hidden from his voice. You nod your head yes and his response is immediate. “Well that settles it. A pretty girl like you should not be alone on her birthday. Come on, put your notes away. I’m taking you on a tour of my town!”

He stands up, throwing cash down on the table for a tip while you stuff your papers into your back pack. Warmth fills you and you don’t feel lonely anymore. It may not be a birthday with a Chris Evans, but a day with his charming younger brother, Scott, is the next best thing!


Scott’s tour included many of the sites on your list, as well as some off the beaten path places he wanted to share.  You enjoyed his easy banter and it seemed like he knew someone every place you went.  “Have you ever met a stranger?!” you ask playfully.

“What fun is that?” He laughs.  “I wanna talk to people and know their story.  Like today, cute girl, obviously lonely and contemplating life… I wondered what she was thinking, so I made an excuse to say ‘hi.’  And the only reason it’s not creepy is cause I wasn’t actually hitting on you: I just thought you looked like the type of person I’d like to spend an afternoon with.”

You’ve already settled into a comfort zone with Scott and felt like you’d known him forever.  You wrap your arm through his and lean your head on his shoulder.  “Thanks.  I was feeling pretty down.”

“Glad to cheer you up!  I have one more surprise, if you’ll let me,” his voice fades out, as though he isn’t sure of how you will respond to whatever he has in mind.

You tilt your head back to look at him and his sheepish smile makes you think about all the grief those two boys would have put Miss Lisa through growing up.  “What?  I’m pretty much game for anything.  I have no plans.”

“Really?!” Scott exuberantly shouts. “Oh, my god, wicked!  Ok, so don’t be mad, okay? I know I really don’t know you, but I really hated the idea of you eating alone on your birthday.  So, um, when you were in the restroom earlier, I talked to Mom, and she said to bring you home for dinner!”

You freeze at the thought.  Dinner at the Evans’ house?!  You stopped so abruptly, Scott kept walking and you create a tug on his arm.  It’s almost like he bounces back to you.  “Scott.  No.  You don’t even know me.  I can’t.  It would just be too weird.”

“I do know you.  You chug Vanilla Coke like it’s going out of style. You want to live in Boston so bad you try to mimic my accent. You have a group of friends doing a fitness challenge with you and you’ve logged every mile we walked today.  You love nursing school but the dummies creep you out and when you know you have to use them in class, you have nightmares the night before.  I know you want a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for your birthday treat.”  He grins proudly at the list of facts about you he has gathered in one short afternoon.

You grin slightly annoyed with yourself that you shared so much personal information, but happy Scott cared enough to pay such close attention.  “Come on, you have to say yes.  Mom already made the cake.”

“Oh, shit, Scott!  Are you kidding?  Your mom made me a cake?  I don’t want to say yes, but I kinda can’t say no to that.”

“I know right?  My mom is the best cook in town.  Come on… Say yes.  He won’t be there, if that’s what’s giving you the jitters.  He’s not even in town.  It’s just you, me and maybe Shanna?  Carly and fam have their monthly movie date night at the church. Maybe even Josh, you know who that is, right?”

You shake your head yes, slowly adding your acceptance to his invitation to the nod of your head.  “If Miss Lisa has already gone to all that trouble, I guess I can’t say no!  Ok, Scott Evans, you twisted my arm!”

“Yes!” he shouted, turning you around to head back in the direction to his car.  “Mom will be so excited!  She gets lonely when the table isn’t crammed full of people.”


The light repartee with Scott grows as you drive out of the city into the suburbs.  You watch out the window, enjoying the view, catching glimpses of spring starting to arrive in the city that faced a relatively mild winter this year.  Scott points out various points of interest along the way, including tall tales of escapades he used to get into with his siblings and neighborhood friends.  You notice after a while he very carefully avoids using his older brother’s name.  It’s like he can sense that the mere mention of Chris sends you into cardiac arrest.  You are grateful he doesn’t tease you about your infatuation with his brother.  You have a feeling the situation would be different if he was nearby for Scott to give him grief, but that’s not something you have to worry about since he is out of town.

Scott groans quietly as he pulls the car in front of a large, beautiful home.  “Scott, I thought you said no one would be here.  Why is the driveway full of cars?”  You can’t hide the nervousness in your voice.

“I have no idea, baby girl.  But relax.  It’s everybody I already said would be here, and it looks like Carly and her husband are still here.  Maybe they haven’t left for church yet,” his voice reassures you as he pats your thigh.

You suppress a giggle, “Scott, it’s so not fair you are gay.”

“I hear that a lot,” he laughs, giving your leg a light squeeze before exiting the car.

In the house, introductions are made quickly.  One of Carly’s children was running a fever so the family canceled their monthly date night.  The child had already been put down for bed, but Carly asked later if you would do a quick medical check of the kiddo if he woke up while you were still visiting.  “Finally,” she teases Scott, “you bring home someone useful.”

You feel at home right away and Miss Lisa has been so welcoming.  The chatter around the table flies so quickly you can hardly keep up.  The family carries on as though there isn’t a stranger in their midst, discussing plans for the upcoming holiday weekend and what items need to be purchased at the store for the upcoming week.  Carly and Shanna make sure you are part of the conversation and ask you questions about your hometown and nursing school.  When it’s time to clear the table, Miss Lisa announces, “It’s your birthday!  Sit!  Besides, we’re just clearing the table for now.  The boys know the rules.  They’ll wash up later.”

“Good rule,” you laugh as Scott playfully punches your arm.  “Really, Miss Lisa, that was an amazing dinner.  You didn’t have to go to that much trouble for me; are you sure I can’t help?”

“No, dear, we’ve got it all under control,” the motherly woman grants you a warm smile and the flash of blue in her eyes reminds you of her son.  “Besides, really other than the cake, I was fixing food anyway.”

“Thank you, you’ve made me feel really welcomed.  It’s nice not to be alone.”  She pats your arm tenderly as she carries a stack of dishes into the kitchen.

Scott carries a stack as well, and returns to the dining room table with a cake.  You laugh when you see your name scrawled across the top in vanilla piping.  Scott begins sticking candles in the cake, not bothering to count how many.  You stick your tongue out at him as he teases you about being an “old woman” now and Shanna strikes the match to light the candles.  The lights dim in the room, and the family sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to you and your eyes well with tears.  You blow out the candles and make a wish, just as the front door slams shut.

A familiar voice yells out, “I’m home!  What smells so good?!  I’m starved.”

Your heart stops and you whisper to Scott, “Damn, those are magic candles!”

“I really didn’t know.  I’m sorry,” he says seeing the fear in your eyes.  “You gonna be okay?”

“Birthday cake? Did I miss somebody’s birthday?” Chris asks as he enters the room, seeming to take up all the space and all the air.  He wraps his mother in a warm hug and you hear him whisper, “Missed you, Ma.”

He quickly greets his siblings and brother in law with a quick wave, his eyes sweeping over you quickly and looking back to his mother.  “Collected another stray, have you?”

Winking at you, he listens to his mother as she introduces you as Scott’s new friend and explains that it’s your birthday.  “She’s visiting from out of town, and no one should be alone on their birthday.  You know me, I had to issue the invitation!”

Shaking his head at his mother, he steps towards you, leaning over to give you a birthday hug.  You are instantly smothered by his strong arms and overwhelmed by his masculine scent.  “Hey, baby girl, Happy Birthday!  What did you wish for?!”

Your glowing smile tells him everything he needs to know…

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

4 thoughts on “Birthday in Boston

  1. Kaiti March 18, 2016 / 7:11 am

    I’m never gonna stop reading this, I want you to know. I love it so!!!


  2. Danni May 30, 2019 / 5:10 pm

    I read this and one line made me smile because that’s literally my plan. I’m almost done with nursing school and I actually want to move to Boston to work there. I love this story and I think Scott really would make a great friend in real life too.

    Liked by 1 person

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