Schooled Observations

PT 2 Schooled Observations

Schooled Observations

By avenger-nerd-mom

AU: Chris Evans is a student teacher in a MS science classroom

Warnings: Fluff, Language

Word Count: 897

Sitting at her desk, Alexis Warner observes her new student teacher.  He’s only shadowed her classes four days, but the ease of interaction he has with the students is impressive.  The impressionable students of James Buchanan Middle School took to him rather quickly.  The girls all have crushes on him and the boys envy his athletic physique.

She can’t deny the appeal.  Thanks to a relaxed dress code at the school for the faculty and staff, he’s been in jeans all week. Unf… Can he fill out a pair of jeans!  She shakes that thought from her mind.  She grins at the memory of the schmedium shirts he’s worn all week, surprised this morning by his button down and tie.  No one’s arms should look that good with the sleeves rolled and cuffed! The color brings out the sky blue depths in his eye and her mind drifts to uses for the tie.

Focus   Focus    Focus

Feeling the heat of her gaze, the student teacher, Chris Evans, raises his eyes to meet hers, smirking when she looks away quickly.  He watches as she crosses her shapely legs and turns in her swivel chair to address the group of students closest to her.

He returns his attention to the student he is helping, and moves to assist the next student.  His confidence flags for a brief moment when the principal enters the room, remaining at the back of the class for an informal site visit.  He wishes to make a good impression on the man with the hopes of being hired for the science position open next fall.  He’d like the opportunity to work under Miss Warner and participate in taking student groups to state and national science competitions.

Not really the only way I’d like to be under her- he thinks to himself.

The buzzer on the screen sounds an alarm and Alexis announces its time to turn in the assignment, finished or not.  Some of the students groan. Rising from her seat, she reminds the class, “No.  Don’t do that.  I’ve been reminding you all week of our test next Tuesday. This chapter 3 review was to get you ready.  Some of you haven’t studied and it showed in your work today,” she playfully pulls on the arm of the closest student.  “STUDY!  You have no one to blame but yourself.  So test Tuesday. Also, if anyone is needing extra research for science fair, you can meet me at the public library at two o’clock, Sunday afternoon.”

Calling out, a student asks, “Mr. Evans, will you be there to help too?”

He looks to Miss Warner for guidance and can’t ignore her steely glance.  “For science fair? For you guys?  Of course I’ll be there!”

A small round of applause erupts and girls giggle and whisper, making plans to visit the library after all.  Chris and a class helper collect the assignment papers as Alexis tosses out last minute review questions in the remaining moments before the bell rings.

As students file out when dismissed, they call out weekend good-byes to the two science teachers.  Chris waits at the door, collecting last minute papers and hi-fiving the kids on their exit.  “Have a great weekend!  See you Monday!”

Preparing for the next class, Alexis makes eye contact with the principal as he steps forward to address the student teacher.  She realizes the first part of their chat is meant to be private, so she continues about her own task.  “Mr. Evans!” the principal calls, “I’ve been hearing good things about you!  You are all I hear the kids talk about at lunch!  And I understand you plan to start helping with track practice?”

“Yes, sir,” Chris replies, moving to pass a stack of student papers to Alexis and grabbing some books from her hands to place on the desks closest to him.  She nods her thanks, but stays out of the conversation.

“So, Mr. Evans, is Miss Warner showing you the ropes?  Helping you out?”

Nervously, wanting to make a good impression on the gentleman who has the ability to give him a job for the fall, Chris answers truthfully. “Definitely showing me the ropes, sir,” he replies, nodding his head yes. “You weren’t kidding when you said she was the best teacher.”

Mr. Vishure raises his voice, pulling the master teacher into the conversation.  “Alexis, by the end of next week, Mr. Evans should be teaching two or three class hours a day…  Are you ready to give up control?”

Alexis freezes slightly at his comment and Chris answers instead.  “Mr. Vishure, I don’t think Miss Warner is the type to give up control easily, but I’ll know when to take over if needed.”

Alexis sees the heat flash in his eyes and catches his double entendre.  She nervously clears her throat, trying to ignore the instant pooling of hot wetness in her lace panties.

“Mr. Vishure, I can assure you, I’ll teach Mr. Evans everything he needs to know,” she responds, matching his same cocky attitude. She doesn’t want this man in her classroom, but if this is the game he wants to play, so be it.  It is evident the principal did not catch on to the final word play, and Alexis goes back to ignoring the younger man as the final group of students begin to enter the room on a Friday afternoon.

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom



2 thoughts on “Schooled Observations

  1. theycallmebecca May 27, 2016 / 6:50 pm

    let the games begin hahaah

    p.s. i was going to try and just ‘like’ these stories but things spring into my head and i have to comment hahaaha


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