Saturday School

Saturday SchoolSaturday School cover

Teacher Alexis Warner spends Saturday at home…

AU Chris Evans as a student teacher

Warnings: NSFW, Language, Adult Situations, Shower Sex, Oral Sex, Orgasm Denial, Spanking, Punishment, Begging

Word Count: 2177

Alexis adjusts the temperature on the shower, rolling her shoulders under the heat, shaking off the worries from the week and basking in the glow from a good work out. During the last few months, Saturday mornings at the small gym across from her new apartment have been her solace.  She likes to arrive before the rest of the crowd, meeting the cleaning crew on their way out.  The physical trainer she worked with also had a lot to do with her enthusiasm for morning exercise sessions.

She smiles briefly to herself when she hears the key in the lock and a familiar voice calls out.  “I’m in here,” she hollers back. “You’re late.”

“I brought coffee,” the man answers, stepping into the steamy bathroom.

“Mmhmm… You might be forgiven,” Alexis responds sneaking her hand out behind the curtain and grabbing for the cup blindly.  “Where were you?”

“I was up late last night- paper work- and tried to get to the gym on time to meet you there, but they said you’d already left.”

The shower curtain pulls back and Alexis’s student teacher, Chris, is standing before her, in all his chiseled glory.   The tats on his body are so sweet they make her teeth ache.  She wants him, now.  “Get the fuck in here.  I thought I was gonna have to take care of myself,” she teases, pulling him to her as he steps into the tub.

“You don’t have permission to do that,” he growls, roughly taking possession of her mouth as the hot water pours over their skin.  Up close she admires the freckles on his cheeks and the dark eyelashes resting closed as he kisses her.  She trusts him enough to fuck him, but not to kiss him with her eyes closed…  His tongue tastes like his morning coffee as it slides into her mouth. His hands reach behind him to hers, one resting on his hip, the other still holding her coffee.  He pulls back from the kiss, sighing, “Finish it, you’re gonna need your hands free.”

She cocks her eyebrow at him and drinks more of her favorite heated beverage while he adjusts the shower head.  She finishes and bends to place the cup on the floor outside the tub, displaying her delicious ass to him.  “Well, then, I guess we can just start there,” he chuckles.

Alexis pivots on her heels quickly and drops to her knees.  Her eyes slide from his beautiful face, down his tight torso, to the part of his body she craves more than coffee on a Saturday morning.   “No, there’s something else I’ve needed all week,” she says, pulling his beautiful cock towards her mouth.  It practically stands at attention, begging for her lips to caress him.  “May I please?”

He spreads his legs and places his hand on the wall for support, with no need for him to say a word.  Alexis runs her pink tongue up the length of his shaft, before pulling his cock in her mouth as quickly as she can, enjoying the familiar taste of the pre cum on its tip. It is so salty she can’t help but want more, causing her to suck on him harder.  Chris groans loudly when he is engulfed in the warm heat of her mouth.  Although Alexis wants to drag out her teasing, she can feel the heat coursing through him and she knows now is not the moment to take her time.  She sucks him in deeper until he is pressed against the back of her throat.  As her mouth slides off him again, he moans deeply, bucking his hips into her.  He grabs her hair into a ponytail, watching below to see her mouth slide on and off his stiff rod, wet and shiny with her spit.  His moans tell her she was doing her job right.  She can tell Chris is much more turned on than usual, feeling his fingers tensing in her dark hair after only a couple of minutes.

Enjoying the reaction she gets from him, she wraps her manicured fingers around the base of his cock and squeezes him hard enough to make him jerk forward, pulsing in her hand. She begins to stroke him long and fast in the way he taught her he likes.  Her fingers graze his tip, she twists her hand lightly to the side, and squeezes him gently along the shaft.  He begins to moan louder and shifts against the wall to support himself better.  She looks up at him with her dark brown eyes just to see the pleasure on his face.  She smiles, realizing he is a good teacher.  He has shown her exactly what he wants from her and she gives it to him.  Her mouth closes around him again, moving her head up and down along his hard length, reaching her hands to grasp his thighs, holding him back as he begins to fuck her face.

He continues his onslaught, her mouth stretching around him, pushing to the depths of her throat, riding in and out.  She breaths hard through her nose to keep up with his force and just when she thinks she might break and use their safe word, Chris pulls away.

Pulling away makes Alexis desire him more than she had all week.  She wants to taste him again and he is denying her.  She doesn’t complain as he turns the water off and wraps her in a towel.  She waits on her knees, ignoring the pain caused by the hard surface.  She looks up to find him watching her intently. He grabs her under the chin, pulling her up to him, kissing the top of her head.  “Go wait on the bench,” he quietly orders.  She exits the tub, grabbing another towel to dry her hair and momentarily watches him in the mirror as he dries off.  She smiles when he winks at her reflection.

She is thankful for the room renovations she completed shortly before meeting Chris. The bench she placed at the foot of the bed, that she bought to use simply for sitting and putting on her shoes, has proved to be most useful for more fun things as well.  She kneels on the bench, leaning forward to place her upper body across the edge of the bed.  Her ass is in the air, and feels cool after leaving the steamy confines of the bathroom shower. She leaves the towel wrapped around her body, as he gave it to her and did not tell her to remove it.

He enters the room carrying a personal warmth with him.  She can hear him moving around the room, but does not turn to watch him.  Just thinking about how red her ass was the last time she watched him without permission makes her wet.  Today she needs his sex more than she needs his punishment, so she works to be a good girl.

Watching him all week in her classroom has been a challenge for her.  She’s constantly on the edge of an orgasm just being near him and is so fucking wet, by mid-week she had started bringing an extra pair or panties to change at lunch time.  She grins when she remembers the look on his face when he discovered the drenched panties she left in his desk Thursday afternoon.

“What are you grinning at?” he asks, bending to reach the condom package from his jeans pocket.  “You can tell me.”

“My wet underwear in your desk,” she giggles.

He comes to stand behind her, dragging his tight dick, ready for more, across her rounded cheeks high in the air.  “Thanks for the reminder,” he says as he smacks his hand across her ass.  “I did like that surprise,” he chuckles, “but that wasn’t very nice of you.”  He smacks her again, and then rubs her cheek to make sure she’s not in any real pain.  She knows from his vantage point he can see all her secrets and he knows how wet she is for him, how her ass quivers from her spanking. She secretly hopes for more, but doesn’t want to anger him today.

His hands slide over her firm ass, cupping underneath to reach her deep folds, finding her wet, dripping.  He knew she was ready. “You have been good this week, waiting for me.”  His voice shows pride for his favorite student.  She can hear him opening the foil packet, and imagines the beauty of him rolling the thin film over his hard cock.

“It wasn’t nice when you didn’t meet me Wednesday,” she whines.  “I needed you then.”

As soon as the words pass her lips, she knows she slipped up.  He didn’t ask if she had been waiting, or hadn’t prompted her to speak.  He slaps his hand across her ass again, a little more forcefully, “You’ll remember to hold your tongue, pretty girl.”  He chuckles as he sinks his throbbing dick between her wet lips.  “Well, it wasn’t nice of the witch I work for to leave all the paper work for me.  But we can talk about that later.”

He pistons in and out filling her juicy void.  At the end of each stroke, he pulls his cock all the way out, watching as her rim springs back, waiting till it’s tight again to push back in.  He slides in just far enough to cause her slight pain before pulling back out, whimpering and begging him to put his cock back in.  His fucking has no rhythm and she never knows when he will slam back into her, each time a wonderful surprise, his cock seeming to grow from desire with each thrust till she thinks she will cry.   His hands grab at her ass as he pulls her back to him and he reaches forward to pinch her nipples. “I like teasing you, you take it so good,” he says into the quiet of the room, only the slapping of their bodies together making sound.  She can feel the tightening in his balls and prepares herself for his release, “Please,” she whines, “can I come too?”

He pulls out, yanking off the condom and shoots over her lower back, a hot steady stream.  She feels it run down her crack as he massages it into her skin, caressing across her pink asshole, begging to be played with.  With his other hand, he offers her a lick when she looks back to him, disappointment on her face. “Maybe later,” he teases, smiling at the way she licks his fingers clean.

He reaches for the towel that had fallen lose from her body and cleans his mess.  He wraps her in the other towel and tosses her on the bed, lying next to her, playing with her hair, kissing her forehead.  “Such a good girl; such a good student,” he praises.

She watches the rise and fall of his chest and listens to his heartbeat.  The dark hairs on his arms are more prominent in the sunlight that drifts into the room and she lazily runs her fingers along his happy trail.  She sighs.  “Why didn’t you tell me you were a student at the college? That you were studying to be a teacher?”

He flattens her hair across her forehead and kisses her temple.  “I believe on the second time we met, your exact words were ‘I just need a fuck toy, all I need to know is that you are my personal trainer. That’s it.’  And that’s the way you’ve kept it.  I’ve lost track of how many times you rejected my dinner invitations.”

“Damn, I did say that, didn’t I?”

He chuckles, “And then we fucked like crazy in the shower stall at the gym.”

She blushes remembering some of their escapades at the gym and in his car during the last few months.  “You remember that one time the guy walked in? Thank god he didn’t see me; a kid in third hour? That’s his dad. That would make for embarrassing conferences in two weeks.”

“You didn’t want to know anything about me, or tell me anything about you… I was surprised you trusted me enough with your apartment key.”

She props herself up on her elbow to look at him.  “The tile floor was getting too hard on my knees…  But you knew who I was?  So why didn’t you ask for a different placement?  We can’t work together.”

“Yeah, I knew who you were.  You’re in the newspaper every other week, some amazing accomplishment with your students.  When I was told I was getting assigned to work with you, I was thrilled.  Out there, you’re a master teacher, and I want to learn from the best.  In here, in your bed, I’m the Master.”

“Yes, thank you for my lesson today,” she responds passively, wet already beginning to replenish in her sweet hole, wanting him to finish his task.

“Rest.  Saturday School isn’t over,” he growls quietly against her head, lavishing sweet kisses across her temple again.

to be continued…

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


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  1. theycallmebecca May 27, 2016 / 7:00 pm

    wowsa! i did not see that coming… hot plot twist though


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