Alumni Night

Alumni Night Part 6.JPG

Alumni Night- Part 6

by avenger-nerd-mom

Part 6 of the “Georgia On My Mind” Series

Actor Chris Evans and his new girlfriend, Emery Thomas, return to her former high school to watch her brother play football in the state playoff games; after 4 weeks, he finally meets her family

Warnings: Fluff, but starting to steam up *wink, wink

Word Count 3701

            “Hurry up, you’re making us late!  What the hell are you doing?”  Emery Thomas shouts at the closed door.  She putters around for a few minutes, making sure everything looks like she actually tries to keep up with house work.  For the third time this week, she mentally kicks herself for inviting her family over to the house after her brother’s football game.  She throws the pillows back onto the couch, and picks up his ball cap off the table.  She hears the door open, and turns to face her boyfriend.  Ah, Emery just loves saying that- boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend!

              “Are you fucking kidding me?” Emery shakes her head in disbelief as Chris Evans, Captain America himself, comes out of the bathroom in her tiny apartment.  His face is covered in blue and white paint, including most of his beard.  “I can’t believe I’m dating a sport nut!  How the hell did this happen to me?”

            “I told you if I went to your brother’s game, I would find a way to disguise myself.  This is what we do in Boston.” He grabs the ball cap out of her hands and puts it on his head.  “It’s cool Parker’s team is in the state play-offs, and you said you had to go because it’s alumni night at your old school.  Of course, I’m going with you!  And bonus- I get to meet your family!  After nearly 4 weeks, I’m tired of you hiding me, like you are ashamed or something.”  He jabs at her playfully as he walks past her, but there is an honest tone to what he says.  Four weeks.  And he’s been seeing her every time his filming schedule will allow.  He never thought he could fall so hard, so fast.  Who would have thought online dating would really work?!

“It’s not you I am ashamed of… My family is certifiable.  I did NOT fall far from the tree, and you already realize I have a fucking screw or two loose.   This is going to be a long night,” Emery says with an exasperated smile.  “You have no idea what you are getting into.”

“Oh, come on, they can’t be that bad…But, baby, I realized the first night I was here, that’s more than a screw or two you have loose…” He smiles to himself as once again he is overwhelmed by the amount of Avenger fan… crap… she has in her little house.  How he chose a diehard Captain America fan online when she never once posted anything about her obsession on her dating profile still amazes him. 

 “You’re yelling at me about being late; don’t you need to get dressed?  Why are you all wrapped up in that blanket?”  Chris looks around for his car keys, and checks his phone for the exact time.

With his back to her, Emery takes a deep breath and she summons the courage to reveal a whole new side of herself to Chris that he hasn’t seen before.  She has been anticipating this moment all week as she has planned this out, because she knows he is going to lose his shit.  That’s part of the fun of new romance- there are still so many things about her he hasn’t learned yet, and tonight is a fun reveal of one of those things!  She drops the blanket to the floor, and waits with a smile on her face for him to turn back around.

“Damn!”  All of the air was sucked from the room as Chris sees Emery standing in front of him in a very tight cheerleader uniform.  Although it had long sleeves and a turtle neck, it was cut off at the midriff and had a short pleated skirt.  It left very little to the imagination… Chris realizes he is definitely aroused, and makes no effort to hide it.  He smiles at her and gives a tug on the front of his jeans.  She tries to hide a giggle.  He really hopes this is a sign he could get lucky tonight.    “Um, dear, I was not aware this was a costume event?  New cosplay you are trying out?”

“Nope!  You’re not going to believe it, but I was a cheerleader in school!  You like it?”  she asks, as she does a little twirl.

“There are no words…” Chris steps to her and pulls her close for a tight embrace.  He bends to kiss her as his hands reach up under the skirt to squeeze her ass. She groans at his touch, but pushes away from him, reminding him he is covered in face paint and pulls back.  She flounces past him, and tugs his arm, “Come on!  We’re going to be late.”

“You are wearing that, and you expect me to go meet your parents?  You are a cruel, evil woman,” Chris announces as he picks the blanket up off the floor, and follows her out to the car.

“That’s what the captain of the football team used to say too!” Emery grins devilishly.  She leans against the side of his rental car, waiting for him to catch up.  Mama Lisa taught him well, and she has learned by now if she tries to enter the car before he can open the door for her, he will just complain that she was no manners, so she waits patiently.  She laughs as she watches him on the darkness of the porch adjust his tightened jeans.  She can’t deny the sense of pride she feels for knowing she has the same effect on him that he has on her.  She’s already wet, just from the way he looks at her.

 But not the look he’s giving her now-  now Chris is  glaring at her as walks over to the car, grumbling about how this isn’t funny, and grown men shouldn’t have to wait for gratification, and just in general, cursing her.  “Captain of the football team probably got more action than I do,” he grumbles, all the while knowing that would not have been true of her high school days.  She just laughs at him again, and when he reaches her door, she grabs the school sweatshirt she gave him, and pulls him down for a kiss on the neck.  No way is she getting paint all over her face.  And she lingered there on his neck, just a moment longer than usual, and her hand drifted over the front of his pants as she turned to get into the car.

“Fuck,” Chris whispers to himself as he closes the door, and walks around to the driver’s side.  He learned on the night of their first date, that if he wants to arrive in one piece to a destination, he really should do the driving.  The town was small enough to not need GPS, and since Emery had lived here her whole life, she could give him directions to the school and the stadium.

“So it’s alumni night, your brother’s team is in the state play-offs, and the thought of your old high school boyfriend- the captain of the high school football team, no less- has you hot and bothered?” he grumbles as he gets in the car. 

“No.  You do,” Emery answers, with a twinkle in her eye.

Chris realizes there is something different about her personality this evening.  He is glad he had convinced her to take a day off from her school, where she teaches math, to go visit the spa the ladies on the film crew had been talking about.  Her skin was glowing, and she had a youthful vitality this evening; even more so than usual.  This youthful playfulness fueled his desire for her even more.  Chris was really hoping their “get to know you” phase was almost over, or at least that she would be ready to take things to the next step soon… 

A grown man can only wait for so long, he dryly thought to himself.  But he understood her reservations.  How such a lovely, smart woman could get involved in a string of failed relationships is beyond him.  A few cheaters, a drunk, and a man who had kept his wife a secret for weeks had taken a toll on her view of relationships, and men.  When Emery told Chris within their first three dates that she was done with meaningless sex and jumping into things too fast; that she would not be falling into bed with anyone else until she knew it was right and she was ready, he had vowed to them both that he would respect that.  Since she’d made several comments prior that she “wasn’t that kind of girl,” he was just relieved to know she wasn’t a thirty-one year old virgin!  For the time being, he had been pleased with some innocent make out sessions, especially the afternoon she came to visit him on set, and they spent the afternoon in his trailer.  But at times, she was still a little jumpy when he touched her, like she didn’t trust him to let her set the pace.  Which she probably shouldn’t trust him, cuz, damn, he was ready for more!

He was being a horrible boyfriend right now.  She was telling stories about high school memories, and he could only pay attention to the way she had one foot propped up on the dash.  Normally, he would quote Steve Rogers, and remind her the car was borrowed, and to take her foot down, and she would laugh, but tonight, that leg up, with that short cheer skirt, was allowing him access to her in a way she really hadn’t given to him before.  He wondered if she was slowly trying to kill him, or if she truly had no idea how suggestive her posture was at the moment.  As he drove, following her directions, he placed his right hand on her thigh, and even above the sound of the music, he could hear the catch in her breath.  When Emery didn’t move his hand, or say anything, he just let it linger there. 

He asked her questions about her days as a cheerleader, and it seemed she mostly joined the squad for the opportunity to dance and perform, not that she was truly interested in sports.  She shares that drama and math team had been more her speed.  He always has to grin to himself when they talk about what they were like in high school.  They seem like they would have made a good pairing even back then, but he had to admit to himself, back then he would have been too chicken shit to even hold a girls hand in a car, let alone let his hands caress up and down her thigh, as his hand was doing now.

Emery is in pure heaven.  She is trying desperately not to let on how much Chris’s hand on her thigh is getting to her.  Emery can see the corner of his mouth twitch, as he is trying not to smile; he can be such an ass!  He knows exactly what he’s doing to her! 

Emery’s heart melts just a little when she thinks about how patient Chris has been with her.   It really was unfair to ask such a playboy to hold out on sex until she was ready, but since her last few relationships had gone so wrong, when she’d signed on for the online dating, she’d promised herself she was going to wait until she was damn well ready to move on to the next step.  Most men she’d been paired up with hadn’t even bothered to call for a second date when she refused sex on the first one!  And then she gets matched up with Chris Evans?!  The man is a walking advertisement for hot sex; just thinking about the game of telephone on the Jimmy Kimmel show last spring makes her need to take a cold shower! 

Chris’s fingers begin to knead into her thigh a little more deeply than before.  Without thinking, “Shit!” slips out of her mouth; her head falls back and her eyes close.  She takes a deep breath and just decides to enjoy it.  She already knows where this night will lead…


When the couple arrives to the game, Emery quickly leads them over to the spot where she knows her family will be sitting.  Her heart races quickly; it’s been so long since she has introduced anyone to her family, and this wasn’t just anyone- this is Chris frickin’ Evans.  The introductions were made quickly, and they both had already agreed for the duration of the game, he was just “Chris,” and the family wouldn’t truly be introduced to him until they met back at her house after the game. 

The crowd was so excited for the state playoff game that it didn’t seem to faze her parents or siblings that they hadn’t caught his last name.  Her brother, Reece, was very impressed with the face paint, and begs his wife Susan to let him try that sometime.  Her niece, Dakota, adored him almost immediately and laughs when he picks her up to set on his shoulders because she can’t see the game.  Chris quickly settles in with the group, laughing and cheering along with the family.  The setting didn’t really lend itself for talking, and first quarter seems to pass quickly.  The game isn’t the part of the evening Emery is worried about, she is more worried about the impression her family will make on Chris, back at her house, later.

            People from the community stop by to say hello and share well wishes for a good outcome with the game, knowing Parker, her younger brother, was a star player on the team.  Thanks to the blue and white face paint, no one recognizes Chris, and for this, Emery is relieved.  She is hoping to keep their relationship private just awhile longer.  She is grateful her students keep it secret that Chris likes to visit and hang out with them at tutoring when he isn’t working on the set. Paparazzi photographers had started to descend on their small Southern city, and she knew it was only a matter of time before word got out Chris was seeing a local woman. 

            Emery still hasn’t decided how she really feels about this.  As she has gotten to know the man better over the last few weeks, he has quickly just become Chris, the guy she has fallen in love with, not Chris, the actor…  Even with Captain America memorabilia surrounding her all day long, she sometimes forgets she is dating the man who brought the role to life!

As the second quarter of the game begins to wind down, the weather takes on a fall chill.  Chris had remembered to bring the blanket that Emery had been wrapped in earlier in the evening, and when the two sit down on the bleachers to continue watching the game, he wraps her in it again now.  The noise of the crowd is deafening, and they whisper back and forth to one another.  He teases her for her enthusiasm for her brother’s team, and compliments her for the cheers she remembers all these years later. 

The crowd is invested in the game, and under the cover of the blanket, Chris once again finds his hand on Emery’s thigh; he feels her stiffen at his touch, but she looks over to him with a reassuring smile, giving him permission to continue, even spreading her legs apart slightly.  His hands continue his search from earlier and he notices the rise and fall of her breasts as her breathing and her heart rate quickens.  She whispers to him, “You ass.  I should have known you were into exhibitionism…” but she doesn’t stop him, so he continues… 

He caresses the soft skin of her inner thighs, slowly, moving his hand, up to her center.  His hands cup the warmth he finds there.  From the corner of his eye, he can see her jaw twitch, as she tries to maintain her focus on the game.  Chris really can’t believe she is letting him continue his explorations with her family in the rows in front and behind them. He uses his index finger to gently rub the soft, warm flesh where it meets against the cheerleader bloomers she is wearing. He can’t help but laugh aloud when he thinks that at his age, he’s fingering a cheerleader at a high school football game, with her parents standing less than 6 feet away. 

Emery leans forward to ask him what’s funny, and he continues his caresses and says, “I’ll tell you later; you probably won’t think it’s as funny as I do,” and he laughs again.

 Her sister, Mackinzie, is in the row behind them and bends down to whisper something in Emery’s ear, and he can’t hear what the woman says, but Emery reaches back and smacks her sister in the gut. He figures they’ve been caught, and as much as he is enjoying himself, he doesn’t want to embarrass Emery or make her feel uncomfortable.  He stops and pulls away his hand.  She grabs it and gives it a squeeze.  He leans in and whispers, “Tell your mother we’re getting food, and visiting with your high school friends, and we will see the family back at the house.  Meet me under the bleachers in 10 minutes.”  He grabs the backpack they brought, kisses the top of her head- face paint be damned- and leaves, waving to her father and mother as he steps out of the row.


More than 10 minutes have passed by the time she gets down to the bleachers.  Each time she runs into an old friend, she has a hard time getting away.  She would say, “I’m supposed to be meeting my boyfriend,” then she was asked a million questions about who he was, and how they met.  She hates to be rude, but she quit talking to people and just waves as people shout hello when she walks past.  Chris is waiting by the fence gate, face paint removed, hat pulled down tight, rather than under the bleachers.  “What’s the matter, Jake Wyler? Change your mind?” she asks with a jab at his ribs.

“Ha-ha, very funny…  Um, under the bleachers doesn’t have quite the appeal as it did when I was a teenager.  It was disgusting under there,” he said, shaking his head, sadly, at the loss of a childhood fantasy.

“It’s ok.  Around here, we always made out behind the Ag Building anyway,” she says, as she pulls him towards the parking lot.

Chris does a left boob grab laugh.  God, she lives for those moments.  His laughter really is like sunshine and kittens all rolled into one!  This makes her laugh with him.  “In the city, we didn’t have an Ag Building.”

“And that’s why Southern girls have always held a special charm for you Yankee boys,” she responds.

He laughs again, pulling her to him and kissing her wildly. A couple of teenagers walking by call out “Get a room!” and run off laughing.  “God, have I become part of an “old” couple that grosses out the younger generation?”

“I think you have… but I know a place a little more private than the Ag Building.”

“Oh, really, and where did you and the captain of the football team make out?” he asks, still slightly annoyed by the thought of anything she may have done in her youth, over 14 years ago.

“Get over it, Evans.” Emery secretly likes his little jealous streak.  “He was such a dick.  We went out nearly two weeks, and he dumped me when I wouldn’t put out.  He dated the biggest slut in school about a week after dumping me, and she got pregnant within three months,” she was leading him through the high school campus to a larger building across the quad, where he could see students entering and exiting.  “Small town; only three things to do: Drink. Fuck. Nerd out- drama, band, math, you name it.  I learned the nerds had more fun, drinking was usually involved; fucking too, but that wasn’t in my cards for high school.”

Chris laughed, “Wasn’t in my cards either, but it really wasn’t from a lack of trying!”  She punches him in the gut and laughs with him.

Emery’s eyes take on an added glint of mirth.  “Well, except for that one time at band camp…”

Chris laughs at Emery’s movie reference.  She is always doing that, and he loves that she knows and references older, cheesy movies all the time.  Emery loves the way his eyes crinkle when he laughs, and enjoys making him laugh often.  When he realizes she isn’t just referencing a movie, he asks, incredulously, “Really?”

Emery just shrugs her shoulders, “Oh, like you never had sex at drama camp?”

Chris blushes, and says “Yea, don’t ever let my mother hear you say that…” as another group of students walk up behind them.

Emery bumps his massive shoulder, and smiles warmly at him.  She gestures in front of her.  “This building was my home; this is where I learned about life; made friends; learned about the person I wanted to be and who I didn’t want to be- I didn’t want to be one of the dumb girls, getting knocked up, living in that trailer park where you were filming last week.” He cringes at this assessment of one of the recent film sets; but a huge smile crosses his face, as she points up to the building, and he can see “Fine Arts Building” painted in big letters on the mural facing the campus quad.  “This is where I became the person I am today,” she says, as she grabs his hand and pulls him inside the door.

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


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