Dinner and Dessert

Dinner and Dessert Part 5.JPG

Dinner and Dessert-  Part 5

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans has his first date with Emery Thomas, after meeting through an online dating website.  They share a fun conversation about her crush on Captain America- and some good kisses too!

Warning: None, Fluff

Word Count 3600

Previous Chapter Long Ride Home

            Once inside her apartment, it was like a dam burst.  Everything he has been holding in since the moment he watched her dance in her classroom took control of him. And frankly, thanks to his brother and hearing her definition involving Netflix, all Chris could think about was sex at this moment.  As soon as the front door closes, he spins her around, and pins her back up against the door, kissing her madly.  He finally runs his thumbs across the freckles on her cheeks that are barely visible in the poor lighting of the house entryway.  He runs his fingers through her hair and pulls her closer as she begins to melt into him. She smells like summer and strawberries, and something distinctly feminine.

             The dog jumps at them and this heaven lasts a few minutes before he realizes she is laughing at him under the kisses. “You’re too damn tall.  As sexy as it is to be smashed against the door, I can’t tilt my head back far enough to kiss you properly, which, damn, I really need, and you’re going to break your back if you keep bending down to kiss me,” Emery grins up at him as she runs her hands up and down his sides.  She pulls at the collar of his shirt to pull him in for another kiss, and catches sight of the tattoo on his clavicle.  Damn, she’s done for now, and she can’t resist flicking out with her tongue to lick it!

            Chris shivers at the touch of her hands on his body and groans as her tongue lashes across his tattoo. His knees go weak, but he has to admit, he did feel a crick in his neck.  This woman was seriously petite, maybe barely 5 foot. When he was head to head with her on the front porch, it hadn’t really registered with him she had to have been standing a few steps higher than he was.  “Well, I can solve that problem,” he says as he grabs under her ass to lift her up and wrap her legs around his waist.

             Just then the doorbell rings.  He groans again, with disappointment at the timing.

            “Dinner?” she questioned.

            “Hell. I was hoping for desert first…”

            She nudges him aside and he drops her gently to the floor before she opens the door.  The delivery kid, Kevin, is a friend of her younger brother, and is used to delivering food to her home.  “That’s a lot more food than usual tonight… Dad thought maybe you had a boyfriend over?  Finally?”  Kevin tries to peer into the house.  Chris is hiding behind the door, still grabbing at her ass, so she tries to keep a straight face.  

            “Great.  Even my food friends are hoping I’ll find a man… No, Kevin, there’s no man here.  I just have a lot of work to do this weekend, so I ordered extra to reheat,” she explains, pulling money out of her pocket, and taking the two large bags from the boy.  The last thing she needs is for Kevin to tell her brother she has a date over!

            “No, Dad said it’s already paid for… Hey, are you coming to our game tomorrow?”

            “Game?  Maybe.  Ma was nagging at me about it, and I’ve missed the last two games.  It’s paid for, huh?” she growled, “Fine.  Here’s an extra tip for you then,” she says as she closes the door.

            Chris is now regretting his decision to pay for a few meals in advance.  The look on her face says it all- this is not a woman who wants to be taken care of in the financial sense.  “Chris, I can take care of myself. I don’t need you to pay for stuff.”

            “I can see you don’t NEED me to, but I want to.  And don’t be mad. I already paid up about a month’s worth of eating at the restaurant for you.  You work hard; it sounds like you eat a lot of Chinese food.  Now you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand to eat.  No arguments about it-  it’s already done.”  He could see her begin to soften when she realizes there isn’t really anything she can do about it, and she nods a thank you.  “Now, about this first date you have tomorrow that you told your mom about?  Isn’t this a first date?”

            “Not really.  You showed up unexpected at my work; when we were scheduled for a phone call.  This is still your screening.  I may decide I don’t want to date you,” she says haughtily, as she pushes past him and walks through a living room towards the kitchen.

            “That’s highly unlikely,” he says under his breath after seeing the Avengers blanket and Captain’s shield in pillow form on the couch.

            If she hears him, she ignores him, unbagging the food in the small kitchen area.  She continues to ready the food, and gets silverware while she waits for him to take it all in.  He glances at a few of the photos on the book shelves.  He notices another copy of the photo that was on her desk at school, and a photo that surprises him.  He would definitely be asking her about that later.  He admires the collectors Avengers DVD set box.  He knows that cost a fortune, as he’d had to purchase one for his brother in law.  No Marvel discount for this guy! 

              When Chris reaches the kitchen doorway he freezes, and again, he can’t contain the gut busting laughter that springs from his lips.  She doesn’t have to turn to see, but she is sure it is a laugh so deep that he would have hit his left pec.  That seems to be a natural reflex of his that fascinates the fandom- when he laughs so hard it seems to trigger what is known as the “left boob grab.” 

            “Where did you get that?!” Chris asks incredulously, “And where can I get one?”

            On the wall, next to a giant metal fork and spoon was a giant red poster with white lettering that said, “Keep Calm and Eat Schwarma.”  Emery reaches into the fridge and pulls out two beers and sets them on the table. “I designed it myself and had it made at the copy shop.” 

            She stares at Chris in wonder as he randomly begins to open the cupboards. “What are you looking for?”

            After opening and closing three cabinets, he says, “There they are; I knew they were here somewhere,” and pulls out several plastic plates and cups with the likeness of various superheroes.  “You must hide these when the company comes over?  Now, I’m beginning to see why you are not married….”

            “Hey, I’m hurt!  That’s not fair,” she huffs.  “Just remember, YOU found me on a dating site too, pal, which means you must have some serious flaws also.  And those plates and cups are for when my niece and nephew are here.”

            “Yea, you keep telling yourself that.”  Chris can’t hide the smile she creates on his face.

            “Seriously, my sister and brother in law live just down the street with their two kids.  And listen, if my brother can find a girl who is willing to forgo the traditional wedding dance for a light saber duel?  There is someone out there for everyone….  My someone just happens to be a conglomeration of fictional characters, that all happen to be played by YOU on film…  Sit down and eat before it gets cold.”

            Chris grins at the use of her teacher voice.  They sit down to the table and West quietly nibbles at her food in the corner.  Chris chuckles to see the dog food bowl was sitting on a Captain America place mat.  “There is just too much going on.  Do you have ADD?”

            Emery laughs, “I’ve been teaching long enough to know everyone has some ADD… But I can assure you, except for my office upstairs and the guest room for my niece and nephew, the rest of the house is Marvel free!  It’s not like I have Avenger sheets in my room.”

            Chris laughs again.  “Oh, shit.  I hadn’t even thought of that!  Ok, so…  Let’s clear up one thing… “  He pauses to make sure he has her attention.  “ A few weeks back, when we didn’t talk because you had to be out of town? I guess we did talk after all?”

            Emery knows what he is referring to.  The photo op picture from a few weeks ago… Emery looks back to the shelf in the living room and laughs, “Yea, I guess we did.  SLCC was the most fun!  I’ve never had such a great con experience before; I will definitely go back!” 

            “This is going to sound unbelievable, but I remember you!  I remember telling you it was the most amazing USO show girl outfit I had ever seen.” Chris smiles at the memory.  He remembers this adorable little redhead coming through the line. He’d actually had his eye on her before she even got to the front of the line for her fan photo op; she had her hair done up in a Liberty Roll, and she seemed to teeter in sequined heels with Cap’s shield on them.  She had dropped something while waiting her turn, and when she bent and twisted to pick it up, he realized she had on old-fashioned seamed stalkings, with ruffled stars and stripes bloomers on under her short skirt. When she stood back up, she was nearly popping out of a red, white and blue halter top, and he watched her and her friends laughing as she pulled herself back together.  He had wondered how someone so tiny could pack so many curves.

            “Oh, stop. You said that to all the USO girls!  We had a meeting later,” Emery teases.

            “But I only told one that she definitely would have been the girl that Steve would want to write letters home to.  And I saw you drop something, and you were with a group of friends?” Chris smiles at her as he reaches over to steal a crab Rangoon off her plate.  A spark of recognition passes between the two as Emery realizes Chris is telling her the truth. 

            “And from the second picture, it looks like Seb got to kiss you first?”

            Emery is surprised to detect a hint of jealousy in the man’s voice as she thinks about the other picture on her shelf.  She and a group of friends from college meet up a few times a year for various cons, and it was the first time they had been to Salt Lake City.  The girls knew better than to tease her about her crush on Chris, or it would have sent her anxiety about the photo op and meeting him into over drive.  But after a long weekend and several drinks, when it came time to meet Sebastian Stan, it didn’t take the girls too much to convince Emery to ask the Winter Soldier to sweep her off her feet the way he would with one of his girls from the 1940s.  They all hooted and hollered when Seb twirled her around with a small dance move and dipped her over backwards and actually kissed her!

            “What can I say?  I was drunk?”

            Chris rolls his eyes; he isn’t happy about this, but it was something he’d have to get over. To be honest, it isn’t the first he’s discovered he and Sebastian have been attracted to the same girl.  To change the subject, he asks, “You have a football game to attend tomorrow night?”

            “Yea, my youngest brother is a senior at his school, and it’s his last home game of the season.  Ma wants me there.  So I guess I’m going to his game.”  She can see Chris figuring out the math in his head, “Yes, I have a brother, Parker, who is 13 years younger than I am.  And I already mentioned the other 2 siblings.  I’m the oldest.”

            “And you don’t want to take me to the game?”

            “My family is crazier than I am.  No.  You cannot meet them yet.  I have to make sure I have you fully trapped by my feminine wiles before you meet them, or you might try to get away…”

            “You want to trap me?”

            “I think maybe I do…”  Emery answers with a shy smile.

            Emery tells Chris more about her siblings, and talks about her mom and dad.  Going to Parker’s football games every week are a big family event, and Chris is taken with the idea this girl might be as connected to her family as he is to his own.  He shows her pictures of his niece and nephews, and laments that both Scott and Shanna seem to be having trouble finding the right guy to settle down with.  “Maybe they should try online dating; I hear it works,” Emery says with a laugh.

            Chris rolls his eyes.  “Actually, Scott talked me into it.  I think he was more thinking along the lines of Tinder-type hook ups while I was in a strange city, and I guess, as a fan,” with that, he kind of motions his arm, waving at their surroundings, “you know that happens for me. Often.  Shortly before my birthday, I realized I’m not proud of that anymore.  It’s time to grow up.  I once said if I wasn’t living in the woods by the time I was 25, I would feel like I’d failed at life.  And there is still some truth to that.  It’s a little depressing at my age that I haven’t found the right person; almost all my friends back home are married and having kids.  That’s something I want.  I just didn’t think it would be so difficult.”

            Chris gets up from the table, and grabs two more beers from the fridge.  He continues to talk, openly and with ease, with this amazing woman he just met.  “I want my mom to be proud of the choices I make; I want to have kids close enough in ages to Carly’s kids.  I have so many great memories of playing with cousins growing up, and I want my kids to have that.  It’s time to settle down; find a nice quiet girl, away from the Hollywood spotlight.  But not too quiet, I want someone to speak her mind, to tell me when to knock off my shit, and who isn’t afraid to down a whole container of Cashew chicken, 2 eggrolls and 3 crab Rangoon- in one sitting!  Seriously, you eat Chinese twice a week? You always eat that much?”

            “I like food. And I’ll probably have a bowl of ice cream after I take you back to your car!” Emery sounds a little defiant at his quip about eating.  “I like food; I like cooking and baking, but it’s no fun to do it for just one person.  I’m gonna eat… but I’m also at the gym every morning by 6:15,” she adds sheepishly.

            “Oh, God, no. I am not condemning you for eating.  It was nice to talk and actually EAT with a woman; and I don’t think you need the gym at all,” Chris provides this compliment, as his eyes gaze up and down her body.

            Emery smiles shyly and whispers her thanks as she shifts position in the kitchen chair to  pull  her feet up under her.  She props her elbow up on the table and rests her head against her hand and returns the glance up and down his body, definitely liking what she sees. Their eyes meet and just hold the gaze for a few moments, and the pair sits in silence for awhile.

             “A light saber duel, really?” Chris asks to restart the conversation with a lighter tone, and laughs when he sees Emery nod her head in affirmation of his question.  “And which fictional characters are you in love with?  And do you seek therapy for this?”  Chris teases her with a goofy grin on his face.  He hopes she realizes he really is just giving her a hard time.

            “Well, let’s see, if my therapist and I aren’t discussing my anxiety issues,” she gives him a pointed look, “or my “I care too much about my students” issues, yes, at times we delve into what makes a grown woman have a crush on fictional characters…. And you aren’t going to drop this, so let’s get it out there.  It’s not that I love these fictional characters.  They do put a damper on relationships when you have this ideal of a perfect guy…  But there is no such thing as a perfect score, and we all have flaws, if you look for them,” she grins at her references to his movies.  “It’s not so much the characters themselves…. It’s when I see what are pieces of who I think YOU are shining through the characters you play…  In my mind, you are a lot of Colin Shea and Steve Rogers, Nick- and Jensen.  I love Jensen!”

            “I think we have just created a list of names NOT to give our son… Really, you think Colin and Steve are alike?” Shit! Chris thinks to himself-  Did I just mention kids?!  What is she doing to me?!

            Emery catches his comment about naming “our son” but decides it’s best to ignore it.  Her ovaries can’t handle the thought of that right now.

             “I think Steve isn’t quite the goody- goody he is made out to be.  I know my US history.  He fought in the war, for fucks sake!”  Chris nods his head in agreement.

            “Wait.  Before I can go any further in deciding if I want to get to know you better, you have to answer a few important questions… Stony?”

            “God, no, “She says, almost irritated. “Why do people even think two characters who are so obviously male have any interest in one another…  I don’t get it.  And I hate that the pairing belittles what Tony and Pepper have.  I think they have a great relationship… Well, 12% of the time, it’s shit, but all the other times, it’s awesome.”  Emery smiles at her own joke and continues, “And no to Stucky, also.  Again, why?  I just don’t understand.”

            “Do you think Steve is a virgin?” Chris asks.  He always loves to toss this question out, just to see what people say. 

            “Again, hello, he was in the Army, traveling with USO girls.  And if Peggy Carter didn’t tap that, there was something wrong with her.  I have no doubt in my mind at least once Peggy and Steve found themselves alone… And for the record, Steve was no shy wallflower, either.  Fan fictions that portray him as submissive just annoy the hell out of me.”

            “You’ve thought about this?”  Her comment about fan fic clears up his next question, although he wonders if he should be asking her if she writes any… Or if she will plan to write any in the future, starring the two of them.  This thought makes him blush, and Emery sees the rise of pink on his cheeks. She wishes she could read him as easily as he seems to read her.

            Emery picks up her beer and stares at the bottle.  She licks her lips before taking a long draw, and Chris can’t help but think bad thoughts at the moment; she’s made it perfectly clear she does not plan to have sex tonight, and he’s trying really hard to not think about her in that way, but she has these little mannerisms that just, well, make him hard…  “You’ve thought about it…”

            Chris clears his throat and shakes his head. Is she accusing him of thinking about sex now?  “What?” he asks, ‘Can you repeat that?”

            “I said, “You’ve thought about it.”  You’ve thought about the types of relationships Steve would have had.”

            “Oh, yea, right.  Steve,” he says.  Emery looks right at him and knows at the moment, Chris is not thinking about Steve’s relationships…  Maybe reading him isn’t as difficult as she thought.

            “I think Steve has always known what he wanted.  And since his life changed when he woke up, I think he misses Peggy, but I don’t think he pines away for her.  There is a love there still and always will be,” Chris shares his opinion of his character, which he rarely does.

            Emery quiets herself at this; she’s seen the photos on set of Steve carrying a casket.  She knows what this means for the upcoming movie, and it does make her sad.  Chris can once again sense what she is thinking, and reaches his hand out to hers, lying on the table.  She accepts the gesture and gives his hand a little squeeze as she raises her sad eyes to his.  She continues, “Listen, I know it’s silly, but this conversation is wearing me out.  Can we talk Steggy and Romanogers later?”

            Chris does the eyebrow/head tilt thing again, at the mention of the fandom connection between Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff.  Emery laughs at this, all the while trying to calm the circus performance in her stomach that has started back up.  She realizes there’s an empty beer bottle to her left, and a half empty one in her hand.  And she feels a little bold in her next statement.  “Oh, yea, I definitely think YOU and Steve both have a thing for feisty redheads.”

Next Chapter Alumni Night

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


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    Haha love the comic con thing haha and that he remembers her <3!

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    I love the teasing and all the Cap discussions, just perfect.

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