A Fine Art

A Fine Art Part 7.JPG

A Fine Art- Part 7

by avenger-nerd-mom

Part Seven of the “Georgia On My Mind Series”

Actor Chris Evans and his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, relive old high school memories and make new ones during Alumni Night at her old high school

Warnings: NSFW, Oral Sex

Word Count: 3180

previous chapter Alumni Night

The pair roams the halls; the doors to the auditorium stage are locked. Emery shows Chris photos of old school plays, even two she played small roles in, both musicals.  They follow the sound of music through the halls, and see members of the marching band coming in and starting to put away their instruments.  They come to a short hallway, lined with doors, and she tells him to start checking the doors, until one opens.  Halfway down the hall, one of the doors is unlocked, and Chris calls out to her.  She practically skips to meet him at the door, and he grins at her youthful appearance and the way her cheerleader skirt flounces with each move.

“This is where the smart kids came to make out. We could even get away with it during the school day,” she tells him as she pulls him inside.  She uses her phone as a flashlight, and sets it a top the piano in the room. He closes the door behind them, and realizes there is a lock on the door, so he pushes it in with his thumb.

“What is this place?” he asks.

Emery sits down to the piano and plays a few chords.  “Practice rooms.” She reaches up to some sheets of music sitting next to her phone, and looks over the chords on the paper.  She recognizes the song as something she sang years ago in show choir, the date on the copy indicating the group was singing it again this year.

“Whenever we were getting ready for a show or contest, we were assigned practice times during the day, as part of our grade.  We could come in if we had study hall and ready our performances.  There were times I would be here from six in the morning, to ten at night! And most of that time, I was actually working on music!  Sometimes, I’d come to skip class, work on other school work, and yes, a time or two, I even made out in these rooms.”

Chris comes up to her, and puts his hands in her hair, watching her get lost in memories from school, endearing herself to him even more.  Her high school life sounded a lot like what his had been, minus what seemed to be school approved make out rooms.

Chris leans back and his ass brushes against the piano keys, playing some random notes.  “Dammit!” she huffs. “I wanted to do my impersonation of Julia Roberts for you.”  They both laugh at this reference to the movie Pretty Woman, and she grabs his hip, dragging him closer to her, causing more random piano keys to clink.

Chris finds himself trapped between her, sitting on the piano bench, and the piano itself.  He sees in the dark light that her green eyes have taken on a hunger that he hasn’t seen from her before.  She puts her hands on the waistband of his jeans, and rubs her thumbs in circles under his sweatshirt, on his tight stomach.   The way she is looking up at him makes his breath stop now, and his hands start to wind in her hair with a tighter grip as he leans in to her, forehead to forehead.

“Are you sure?” Chris asks, and smiles when all she can do is nod her head yes, like the idea of speech has totally left her at this point in time. His mind races with the realization of what she is suggesting; here, of all places… Although he has thought about what her mouth would feel like wrapped around his cock from the moment he met her, he resolves quickly to himself to make sure her needs are taken care of first.  He’s waited this long; he can wait awhile longer.  He doesn’t want to look like a greedy asshole.  “There are kids in the hallways, bringing in instruments?”

She lifts up his shirt slightly and leans forward to place a delicate kiss on his stomach. “It’s not my fault they didn’t have someone at the door, keeping strangers out of the building… and the rooms are soundproof.”

At her comment of consent, Chris grabs her by the forearms and pulls her up for a crushing kiss.  He backs into the piano again and more clinking from the keyboard can be heard, but this time they are too caught up in the passion building around them to think about how funny it is.

Chris pulls her tighter against his body; he loves how protective and powerful he feels against Emery’s small body.  Their mouths are locked together in deep, searching kisses.  Her hands snake up between them and find the zipper of his sweatshirt, sliding it down and reaching her hands inside to slowly drag her fingertips over his chest in his tight blue t-shirt.  Her left hand reaches up and grabs behind his neck, pulling him down to her to kiss him better.  She reaches up a little higher, and flicks the hat off his head to grab at his hair on the nape of his neck.  Their kisses deepen, making it nearly impossible to breath.

Occasional plinks of the keyboard can be heard, as Chris has lowered himself to sit on it and he straddles with Emery between his legs, somewhat bent over so he can be closer to her.  He kicks out with his foot to push the piano bench further back to give him more space.  He can’t think straight; all he knows right now is Emery.  Despite his desire to just rip her clothes off and throw her down onto her blanket on the floor, he forces himself to go slowly.  There is still a fear in the back of his brain that she will change her mind.

“Don’t think so loudly,” she whispers as she pulls back from his lips and begins to bite and nibble along his jaw line.  The beard, that glorious beard, tickles at her nose.  Emery uses her lips and the tip of her tongue to nibble and caress with her mouth down the side of his neck, and tugs at his t-shirt collar, pulling it away to see the Tolle quote tattoo on his collarbone.

He moans at the pleasure of her mouth on him, and grins to himself, as he knows she adores this tattoo, and knows Emery could get lost there for quite a while.  Chris tilts his head back and continues to twist his fingers in her fiery red hair, glowing in the light from the phone.  He groans again, and she bites down just a little too hard, and he knows he will see that mark in the morning.  On a few occasions recently, he’s spent a little more time in the makeup chair than usual.  It seems as though hickeys are harder to hide than tats!  As Emery uses her tongue to lavish kisses to the scrolled words there, she bites and tugs at his skin.  “This is what I want, Evans; I’m not changing my mind, or running away,” she whispers, “and as long as you keep massaging at my ass like that, I sure as hell am not going to stop you.”

There is still noise and commotion in the hallway, and Chris worries they will be discovered in the practice room.  He really doesn’t want the paparazzi to discover he’s dating a local girl, just because some kids find them making out at the high school during the state playoffs.  He whispers, “Who’s the exhibitionist now?”

Emery continues to nibble along his collarbone and answers, “I believe we are behind a closed, locked door, down a dark hallway. We are two consenting adults, and no one can see in the window.  No one knows we are here.  Now shut up and kiss me, dammit!”

This was the last encouragement Chris needs.  He pushes her back, away from him, and sweeps her off her feet, to sit her on top of the piano. Emery’s eyes widen in surprise, and the blanket falls off her shoulders and rests under her ass, covering the top of the piano. When had she kicked off her shoes, Chris wonders to himself?  Her toes clink against the keyboard, and he raises her feet for a moment to place the cover down over the keys, and gently sets her feet back down. Noting the look of pleasure on Emery’s face at having his large hands on her tiny feet, Chris vows to remember to give her a foot massage another time.

He stands between her knees and now they are nearly eye level to one another.  His eyes search her face for a moment, and he sees in her eyes love and desire and that’s all he needs to see to know that she is truly ready for him.  He takes her face in his hands, and runs his thumb across her freckles, as he loves to do.  It’s something he wants to do forever.

Emery can’t catch her breath.  Every touch Chris delivers to her body ignites her even more.  His large hands on her face hold her close as their kisses intensify.  She isn’t surprised he decided to take charge, but she had been so looking forward to sucking him off, to relieve the pressure and anxiety of being at the crowded game and with her family.  He continues to caress her neck with his hands and now his lips, and the groan that she releases is proof she’s okay with his change to her plan.

His hands slide across her shoulders, rubbing and massaging, with building pressure as his mouth returns to hers.  She feels herself becoming wet again and warms at his touch.  Chris’s hands continue to slide down, over her breasts, squeezing and kneading through the fabric of the cheer sweater.  Her back arches to push her breasts closer to him, following his touch.  Chris drops his right hand down, slowly skimming over her taut stomach, to her legs, and picks up his exploration of her thighs as he had done earlier in the evening.  He caresses the length of her short but muscular thighs and thrills at watching her breath catch, as he gently tickles behind her knees.  “Damn you,” she laughs at him.  “You know that’s not fair.”

“Hey, I paid attention to everything you seem to like during our make out sessions. Every time you moaned, giggled, or got goosebumps… I memorized almost every inch of you… Now I want to know all of you.”  The sultry sound of his voice, whispered in the darkness, and his strong hands on her breasts and thighs, his mouth on her neck…  She was going to die in this room, with Chris Evans controlling her every move, but she would die happy.  She grabs his chin, and pulls him back up to her mouth, kissing him with fire and love, as his hands caress over her mound.  Emery knows the heat he will find there, and aches for him to touch her.

“Touch me,” she whispers to him.

Chris shakes his head no, and sits down on the piano bench, his hands on her waist and thighs.  He leans in, between her legs and trails gentle kisses and soft little bites up her thighs.  He knows he is dragging this out, but he wants to watch her beg.

Emery squirms at the touch of his beard against her skin.  This is a new, unfamiliar sensation to her, and it is bringing her closer to the edge than she thought possible and he isn’t even truly touching her yet. Chris continues to drag out this erotic torture, causing her to begin to push against him. He tightens his grip on her waist, holding her in place.  He continues to place soft kisses on her, and using his hands, he gently pushes the fabric of the cheer bloomers aside.  Emery is really, really glad she decided to wear her old uniform. Chris slowly slides one finger into her hot, wet center, the heat almost unbearable, her scent surrounding him.  Her breath catches again and she gasps.

“Breathe…” he whispers. “You’re so wet, so beautiful.”

Emery moans and stills at the sight below her, of Chris between her legs, such a serious, determined look on his face.  She caresses the back of his neck.  He continues to caress her delicate folds as he smiles up at her.  Their eyes lock and hold, her pupils dark and dilated from heat and desire.  He continues to caress her, starring into her eyes, slowly pumping his finger, in and out, exploring a little deeper each time, adding a second…  Chris knows she can’t take much more.  Her eyes flutter closed and she drops her head back.

“Chris, please,” Emery pleads.  “I want to feel your mouth…” Her chest heaves as she pants with need.  She lifts her bottom up and begins to tug at her clothes.  Chris is surprised, but obliges and reaches up to help her remove the blue cheer bloomers.  “The skirt stays on,” he says.

“Yes, sir,” she chuckles.

He laughs too.  He whispers, his mouth still against her thighs, hot against her skin, “This is not what I was expecting tonight.”

“You complaining?  We can stop,” Emery giggles.

“Honey, you are so strung out right now…. You really want me to stop?”  His voice is so silky, she feels herself flood with more wet, just from the sound alone.

“Fuck, no. Finish me. Soon.”

There it was; the teacher voice.  He’d been jacking off for weeks, imagining Emery giving him sexual commands in her teacher voice.  Yet, Chris isn’t always the type to do exactly as the teacher says; isn’t always great at following directions…

He continues to place soft kisses on her thighs, brushing his beard against her, trying not to rub her legs raw.  Each touch sends shockwaves through her body, pushing her closer to release. Emery begins to squirm more under his hold, and he can no longer hold back; he needs to taste her.  He looks up at her and smiles at her dazed expression, and watches her as he slowly strokes her with the tip of his tongue.  Her breathing increases and becomes louder to his ears as she places one of her small, delicate feet on his shoulder, shifting closer to his mouth.  Using just the flat of his tongue, he continues to bathe her over and over, his moans of pleasure mimicking hers.  She tastes so good, so sweet, he feels he is practically drowning in her.  “Chris… please,” Emery pleads, as she arches back, and he plunges in when he hears her beg.  Her release is ready and she comes so sweetly, her body gently rocking against his face, riding wave after wave of pleasure.

Chris continues to caress her gently, licking her clean, helping her to come back down. Emery starts laughing, “Oh. My. God.  That… That was so amazing.”  His dick twitches; he wants his turn now but he knows the timing is off.  “Oh, my God, Chris, really, that was so different, so beautiful, thank you.”

Emery opens her eyes to see him watching her, his bright blue eyes, sparkling, telling her what he hasn’t yet said with words.  She smiles as he wipes her juice from his beard and licks his fingers.  “You ass.”

“I knew that would irritate you,” he smirks, as he wipes his face on the blanket and wraps it around her to clean up.

“So you did it anyway,” she said, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Don’t be so reserved.  You taste amazing; you’ll just have to get used to it.  If I’m going to have such a sweet dessert, I don’t want to waste any of it,” Chris tells her, cocking his head and lifting his eyebrow in the way he has learned she can’t resist.

Emery stares him down for a moment, and sighs contentedly.  She takes a deep breath, as though fortifying her resolve, and grabs his hand, bringing it to her mouth.  His eyes widen in surprise, now taking on a look of hunger of his own, as she places his hand to her lips, licking from his palm, up to his finger tip, just as if she was licking his cock.  Chris goes weak at the knees and falls back into her, still sitting atop the piano.  She wraps her legs around him, pulling him closer, as she takes the tip of his finger into her mouth, tasting herself, and begins to suck down.  “God, Emery…” he murmurs while he begins to nuzzle and bite at her neck.

There is a crackle and pop as the intercom jolts them from their reverie, both jumping as though they have been caught, the mood broken. Chris sadly pulls his hand from Emery’s grasp, but he continues to nuzzle her neck as she kisses the top of his head. “Fourth quarter will be starting soon.  All band students report back to the field.  All Alumni that snuck into the building need to exit as well.  I repeat; everyone out of the building and back to the field.  This is your favorite band instructor, signing off.”

Chris can’t hold back a gut busting left boob grab laugh.  “Guess we got caught?”

“I don’t think so. I know the guy; if he knew I was here, he’d have been ass enough to actually call me out by name, but let’s go out the back way, just to be safe.  You don’t want to be seen by all the students heading back to the game.”  They gather the blanket and backpack and Chris puts his hat back on.  He flings Emery’s bloomers back to her, but she pulls on a pair of sweatpants she grabs from the bottom of the bag instead.  “You came prepared?  You had this planned?”

“Well not THIS, exactly, but the pants were in the bag in case I got cold.  You just managed to find other ways to keep me warm,” she teases him and reaches up to kiss his swollen red lips.  She grabs his bottom lip between her teeth and bites down playfully.

“Not now, woman,” he admonishes her.

They exit the room, and lock the door behind them.  As they head down the steps and out a side exit, Emery sees two of her former classmates leaving the building with their spouses.  The women nod to one another, but no words are exchanged.  It is like a mental high five, but something they each know they won’t acknowledge to one another the next time they run into each other at the grocery store. Chris’s laughter barks loudly in the night when he realizes he and Emery weren’t the only ones on campus that night who wanted to recreate old high school fantasies.

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

4 thoughts on “A Fine Art

  1. theycallmebecca May 26, 2016 / 11:15 am

    HAHAHAHAHA that is so freaking hilarious! Coitus interruptus and all that 🙂

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  2. devikafernando November 17, 2016 / 4:56 pm

    I LOVE this, it’s such a visual, sensual scene!


  3. Allie S December 18, 2018 / 4:03 am

    I feel like I just got eaten out. Someone bring me a wash cloth or a cigarette 😂😂😂

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    • avenger-nerd-mom December 18, 2018 / 2:52 am

      A new Emery reader?! Prepare for showers after reading! That’s my girl! I make sure she’s taken care of VERY WELL


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