Christmas Confessions

Part 21 Christmas Confessions

Christmas Confessions Pt 21

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans and Emery Thomas spend Christmas together.  The last few hours have been a blur.  Christmas morning presents with the Evans family in Boston.  A quick plane flight South and now Chris and Emery are at her parents’ home to finish the holidays. Part 21 of the “Georgia On My Mind” series

Warnings: None, Fluff.

Word Count 1432

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The Thomas family is gathered together around the fireplace.  The kids are playing with their new toys under the tree.  Discarded wrapping paper and bows are everywhere.  Emery is curled up on Chris’s lap, with her feet hanging over the edge of the chair.  He nuzzles his nose against the back of her neck, and whispers, “I’m exhausted.”

She chuckles and lays her head back on the seat cushion behind them.  Her whole neck is exposed and all he wants to do is run his tongue across her warm flesh.  “That’s not fair.  Everyone is watching us,” he whispers.  She laughs, but picks her head up.

Susan, her sister in law, breaks the sleepy silence.  “Hey, wait!  There should be one more present.  A long flat box; does anyone see it?”

No one bothers to move from their spot, but Chris sees a box peeking out from under the couch by the tree and lazily points to it.  Emery’s nephew grabs it and reads the label to see it’s for his Uncle Reese.  Everyone laughs at the Star Wars wrapping paper.  Susan leans forward with her elbows on her knees to watch as her husband sits down to open the last present.  He opens the card first, and his mother yells at him, “You know the rule- you have to read it out loud!”

Reece pulls out the card, and reads, “Merry Christmas, Baby!  I wasn’t sure which one you would need, so I made one of each!”

He turns to his wife, and asks, “You made me a present?”

Susan smiles and nods her head.  Reece lifts the lid of the box, and looks at the contents quietly for a moment.  He looks at his wife, eyes filling with tears, and quietly asks, “Really?”

“Really!”  She exclaims, tears of joy running down her face.

“What’s in the box?!” Emery asks, half sure she already knows the answer.

Reece pulls two t-shirts out of the box, and holds them up for his family to see.  Both feature a Darth Vadar mask, and one says “Luke, I am your father” and the other, “Leia, I am your father.”

The family gathers around to share in the joy of the news.  Another grandbaby for the family to love!  Chris pats Reece on the back and congratulates his new friend, and Susan giggles when he picks her up and swings her around.  “Congratulations!  I think you’ll be a great mom!”

“Wait!” Anita, Emery’s mother, raises her voice to be heard over the noise.  “Are those really the names of my future grandchildren?!”


When the excitement of the evening wears down, and the grandkids have been tucked into bed, the family sits around and quietly talks, sharing memories of Christmases past and asking Chris and Emery about the Disney trip and their visit with his family.  The women enjoy looking at the photo album Chris ordered of photos he had been collecting on his phone for weeks.  Late in the evening, Chris realizes Emery has fallen asleep next to him, so he slides out from under her, and excuses himself from the room.

He stops in the kitchen and picks up a few things to help her mother out, and puts the leftovers one of the kids left out back into the fridge.  Chris grabs a beer and is surprised by how “at home” he feels on Christmas, even though he is far from his own family.

He heads out onto the back porch of Emery’s parents’ home and calls his own mother.  They talk briefly and he thanks her again for making Emery feel so loved and welcomed at their family Christmas the day before.  Lisa reminds him she was just doing her job as a good mom, and he laughs.

He hangs up the phone, thinking how this Christmas has been so different, so much more important to him than other Christmases.  Emery.  It’s all because of her.  In just a short time, she has added so much joy and hope to his life.  She’s everything he didn’t know he needed.

A tap on the window pane jogs him from his thoughts.  ‘Mind if I join you?”  Preston Thomas, Emery’s father, asks.

Chris moves quickly to put out his cigarette, but Preston stops him.

“No, no, son, it’s all right.  You’ve had a stressful week.  You’ve earned it.  Hell, I haven’t had one in 20 years.   If my wife wouldn’t kill me, I’d have one with you.  Holidays can be tough when you’re trying to keep the women happy, and then you had all that extra crap to deal with these last few days,” he says as he pats the younger man on the shoulder before sitting at the table on the patio.

Chris hasn’t really had the chance to get to know her father, and he uses this quiet time to talk to the man.  The two men sit and converse on the porch in the cool night air for over an hour, finding they have many things in common.  Preston even plans to schedule a golf game for them later in the week.

“Thank you, Chris, for being so generous in your gifts to my kids.  Even if your Pats don’t make it to the Super Bowl, Parker will enjoy going to the game with you.  And the “marrieds” will love the ski trip for New Years.  And Anita and I look forward to using the movie passes for the drive in, and the weekend in Atlanta.  Really, that was kind of you to do all that…”

“It was no trouble, sir.  Emery adores you all, and it’s important for me to get to know you.  Family is very important to me,” Chris replies.

The older man waits.  He can feel that Chris wants to say more, and is searching for the words.  He watches Chris tug on his lower lip as he thinks it through.  He has come to like and respect his daughter’s new boyfriend in just a short period of time, and is so happy she found someone who understands her; who puts up with her quirks.

“Sir?  Emery is very special to me…” Chris begins.  God, he feels like a nervous high school kid…  “I’ve never met anyone before like her.  You and Miss Anita should be proud of the daughter you’ve raised.  She’s so determined, and sure of herself.  She doesn’t back down.  I like that- it kinda matches her fiery red hair,” and both men laugh. “She’s also very proud and strong in her commitments and has old-fashioned values.  That’s something that speaks very highly of you, and your wife.”

“Thank you, Chris, we’re very proud of all our kids,” Preston responds.

“Preston, I really don’t know how to say this, or if I should…  Part of me feels like if I say it, and she finds out, she’ll kill me, and tell me she makes her own damn decisions.  But the other part of me says she is such a traditionalist she’ll be broken hearted if I don’t say anything…” Chris pauses to take a sigh.

This isn’t coming out the way he thought it would, and it isn’t really something he had planned to say, but he didn’t know when he might have this chance again.

“I guess, sir, what I’m trying to say is, I’m not really asking for your permission to marry your daughter, but I want you to know that one day, I will ask her.  And if she says yes, I will be the happiest, luckiest man on Earth.”

The older man’s eyes well with tears.  He didn’t know in this day and age, young men still thought to ask permission to marry, and he is touched.  “And she would be lucky to have you…  But you’re right, if she knew we had this talk, she’d probably kick both our asses, so we’ll keep this conversation just between us for now.  And you know she’s the one?”

“Even when I’m not here I have Georgia on my mind; always wondering where she is, what she’s doing, how she feels.  Emery is definitely the one.  All because of online dating.”

The completes the “Georgia on My Mind” series.  Click here for more fun and romance with Emery and Chris.

Copyright © 2015 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

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  1. theycallmebecca May 26, 2016 / 6:45 pm

    awwwwwwwww that’s sweet of chris!

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  2. devikafernando December 23, 2016 / 4:09 am

    *sniffles* Love it, so sweet.


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