Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans is impatiently waiting for his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, to meet him at Wizard Con in New Orleans; and they met an old friend… Who causes trouble for Chris!

Warnings: None, Fluff

Word Count 1560

This is in the collection of Emery & Chris stories.  To find out how the couple met read “Georgia on My Mind.”

Chris is a little on edge.  He knows Emery’s plane should have already landed and she should be contacting him soon.  His assistant, Josh, has his phone and is watching for her call.  Between each photo op meet with a fan, Chris looks over to see if she has called, but the weary assistant just shakes his head, “no.”

Josh and Chris have been friends since high school, even living with the Evans family for a while.  Josh has never seen his friend so twisted up over a woman before.  He had the chance to get to know the red headed beauty on their recent Disney trip, and it’s easy to see why Chris has fallen head over heels for the petite math teacher from Georgia.

Josh feels quite protective of Emery.  Right before the Disney trip, Chris contacted the people he works with, to let them know he was in a new relationship.  He hoped to keep things quiet as long as possible, but he knew taking his girlfriend to Disney would be a publicity risk.  Fortunately, even with sightings of “Captain America” in the theme parks, it was believed the young woman in the photos was a friend of Scott’s, or possibly a nanny for Chris’s niece and nephews.  So far the actor and teacher had not been linked together on social media or in the press.  Josh is hoping to keep it that way for as long as possible.

With the awards season coming into full swing, Chris’s team knows the time for keeping the relationship a secret is almost over, and they are already wondering how this would spin for the actor.  Would fans accept his new woman, because she was basically one of the them? Or would they tear her apart on every blog page and seek to destroy Chris’s happiness?

Chris quietly thanks another fan for coming to see him, and smiles as she tells him how his fears helped her learn to address her own anxiety.  It’s a story he hears a lot and each time, he is so grateful he made the decision to publicly address his anxiety issues. He’s only human, and despite playing a superhero on the screen, Chris still has to find his balance in situations like these.  If someone else can learn from what he’s learned, that’s great.

Josh notices he is starting to grow a little more agitated with each photo op.  Chris is trying not to be rude, but it’s obvious he is worried about Emery.  The assistant gets the attention of the photographer and halts the process.  He walks over to Chris, offering him a bottled water.

“Where the hell is she?” Chris asks with quiet concern in his husky voice.

“I don’t know, man, I’ve tried calling her, but it’s going straight to her voicemail.”

“Remind me the next time we travel alone to insist on arranging to pick her up at the airport,” Chris says.

Josh smiles at this.  “Evans, she’s too damn independent for that.  That shit won’t fly with her, if you start to insist on things.  You might want to be in control of things, but she does too.  She’s deep rooted, man, and you start to boss her around, she’ll dig in her heels and be just as stubborn as you.”

Chris takes a deep sigh.  He knows his friend is right.  Emery’s independent streak runs about as deep as his jealous one, and she doesn’t want to let go of her freedom yet.

“How much longer?” he asks, resigning himself to the wait.

“About 40 more minutes… just five or six more people.  Take a deep breath.  You got this.”

Josh takes the water bottle from his friend, and grins at the damn cardigan he chose to wear.  When left on his own, his friend goes from one fashion extreme to the other.  If it’s not sweats and t-shirt, or Gucci suits, it’s what’s known as the “hot dad” look.  He laughs when he thinks about the posts he’ll see when he does a check later on twitter or tumblr.

Chris smiles at the camera crew and signals the convention staff to get things going again.  He watches as the next fan steps forward.

After four more fan encounters, the staffer announces the next is the last for the night.  She says this fan has requested a photo with “nerdy Steve” and has props for Chris to wear.  Chris can see in the shadows a fan dressed as “nerdy Nat” and signals he’s up for it.  Last photo op?  He knows this person has waited forever and deserves his attention, just as much as the first person in line.  He just wants to get out of here and track down Emery, but he slows himself, not to rush with this fan.

Chris chuckles when the staffer hands him the glasses and a WWII vet ball cap.  He puts it on, and waits for the staffer to send her over.  Josh calls out to him, and he turns his back to the fan for just a moment.

“Nerdy Nat” steps forward, at the direction of the photographer, and she taps Chris on the shoulder- those big, broad, muscular shoulders and says, “Kiss me.”

Chris freezes and smiles.  He’d know that voice anywhere!  Teacher voice.  Just hearing her makes all his stress melt away and he feels a tightening in his pants just from the sound. He decides to play along and quickly puts on a straight face, and gets into character.  “What?” he asks, not yet turning around.

Emery senses he knows it’s her, but is happy he’s willing to let her have her fan fun.  When he turns to look at her, she can’t hide the grin on her face.  She teases, her Southern drawl music to his ears, “Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable.”

“Yes, they do,” he answers quietly, waiting to see who will cave on this charade first, because he won’t be able to stay in character as Steve long once his lips touch hers.  He’s been without those lips for almost 5 days, and he needs them!

Chris responds awkwardly, just as Steve would, when Emery moves in for her “nerdy Nat” kiss.  She turns her head slightly, giving him a devilish grin, when she sees him quickly lick his kissable lips first.   Josh is watching from the side, shaking his head, and signals the staff to keep taking pictures.  “Take a few extra photos.  We’re friends with her.”

Although it’s only been a few days since they said good bye after their holiday ski trip, it feels like forever as Emery melts into Chris’s solid, strong arms.  Nerdy Steve and Nat kisses give way to Chris taking possession of her mouth.  She ignores the clicks of the camera as her lips open to his and his tongue flicks inside quickly and darts back out.  She matches him, kiss for kiss, only slowing to grab at his bottom lip with her teeth when a polished British voice calls out, “Okay, okay.  We get it.  You two missed each other. God, I need a cold shower.”

Emery pulls back and Chris laughs at the look on her face and he asks, “You uncomfortable?”

“Fuck you,” Emery laughs quietly, visibly nervous about meeting another of Chris’s friends.

“Take a deep breath, babe.  You can fangirl later,” he whispers to Emery.

Chris introduces Hayley Atwell to Emery.  Before the camera crew shuts down for the night, he requests a few photos of the three of the together; “my best girls,” he calls them, including one where he’s in the middle with his arms tightly around each woman, and they are kissing him on the cheek.

“Gee, Evans, you really know how to break the internet, don’t you?  Word gets out about these photos, and the blogs will be full of fan fiction by Sunday morning,” Hayley chides him, watching the blush creep down his neck.

Emery joins in and says, “That’s the kind of reading I prefer on Sunday over a morning paper!”  Hayley laughs and gives her a high-five.

“Oh, God.  You two are gonna be like that?  No, Hayley, I just want you to like Emery.  You can’t be best friends.”

“Shut up, Evans.  You said I could fangirl later?  Well, this is it.  Every girl wants to be friends with Hayley!  Let me have my moment!”  Emery laughs.

He shakes his head in disbelief as the two women walk off, arm in arm.  He looks at his assistant.  “What the fuck just happened?”

“I don’t know, but you better catch up with them before they add Renner to it…  I’ll check in with you at 7:30am.  Be ready.  And sober,” Josh reminds him.

“New Orleans?  Emery, Hayley and Renner?  And Mackie too?   Not likely…  No, you better come to the door with an Army tank to get me out of bed.  It’s going to be a long night,” Chris laughs, leaving to catch up with his girls.

For the next story in this series click to “Con Confessions

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


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  1. theycallmebecca May 26, 2016 / 6:53 pm

    HAYLEY!!!! hahah i love that chick!

    anyway love the surprise appearance or the sneaky appearance? haha good ol’ emery!

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