Fairy Tale Endings

Fairy Tale Endings

Fairy Tale Endings

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans and his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, enjoy their first night out publicly as a couple in LA, attending parties after the Oscars.

Warnings: NSFW, limo sex, oral sex, adult situations, language, fluff

Word Count: 4753

Click here for Part 1 “Oscar Sunday 2016”

“Just a little dessert?

Emery chuckles.  “You and your sweet tooth, no! Besides if you were really talking about sweets, you’d be all over that bowl of candy.”

“Nope, I’m not talking about candy,” Chris says as his hands roam under her dress, over her thighs. “Please…”

“Ugh, Evans, no,” she giggles, clamping her legs shut, caging his hands between them. “Do I need to spell it out for you?”

“Yes, I’m just a simple man.  Explain it to me.”

“You just wanna hear me talk dirty,” Emery laughs, blushing.

“Hell, yeah, I do!” His eyes flash, knowing she feels self-conscious, but he loves challenging her, pulling her to try new things; to step out of her comfort zone. The smirk on his face says it all, and he hopes she’s just tipsy enough from the last party to take the bait.

Blushing, she shakes her head at him, knowing exactly what he’s doing.  She falters for a moment and thinks about how to phrase her rejection of his wishes to sound promising and seductive for later in the evening.  Although it’s already near eleven and she’s damn exhausted, Emery pulls herself up to her full height, gathering her courage and her words.  Leaning into him seductively, she strums her fingertips along his strong thighs, teasing along the zipper of his tuxedo pants.  She moves into his space, bringing her lips to his, teasing him with kisses.  Catching and tugging his lips and pulling away as he tries to get more.

She shakes her head, no.  “Damn. It’s this beard, this fucking sexy beard.  You can’t have dessert yet, and it’s all your fault.”  She brings her fingers up his broad chest, running along the buttons of his crisp white dress shirt.  “I’m so wet just thinking about how wonderful your mouth would be, how you would lavish me with long strokes, just like I like,” she pauses and closes her eyes, lost in a thought, a low moan sounds, trapped in the back of her throat.  Chris feels a stirring in his pants, hoping to get her to make more sounds like that before the night is over.  “How I would drip onto this beautiful beard, and you would be covered in me, the scent trapped there… For the rest of the night, you’d know, you’d savor the smell, the taste…” She reaches down between them, palming his straining cock though his tuxedo pants. “You’d grow hard, searching the room for a quiet corner to whisk me away to…”

“Fuck, Em,” he groans, pulling her closer, “that doesn’t sound too bad…”

“Mmhmm, yea, it sounds like heaven,” she agrees, as she gives him a squeeze, “But anyone else you came into contact with would smell it too.”  Emery pulls back away from him, readjusting his tie.  Effectively cutting him off from any fun right now.

“Uff, shit… You’re such a tease.”

“You asked for it,” she giggles.

“You don’t want to be known as the slutty girl I took to the Oscars?”

“Hell, no, Evans,” she chuckles.  “Well, not this year anyway,” she says with a gleam in her eyes.

Chris pulls her back to him.  He holds her cheek with his strong head, and looks deep into her eyes, “I can’t change your mind?”  He begins to bite and tease along her jawline, tiny nibbles until he reaches her neck, where he sufficiently licks along her pulse, seeing the reaction he is having on her.

“NO,” Emery says, using her non-sexy teacher voice, her breath catching.  “I don’t care how sexy you look in that suit porn. You aren’t getting your way yet.”

“Damn,” he chuckles as the car comes to a stop. “Suit porn?”

“It’s a thing,” she laughs at him, pretending like he doesn’t know.

Smiling, he knows she’s interested in his game, but wants to make a good impression on his friends and associates. Chris can’t blame her for that. Frustrated, he adjusts himself in his pants as she reapplies her lip gloss.  Moments later, the car door opens and they gracefully exit the car to a round of flashing lights from photographers and press as they arrive at another Oscar after party.


“I’m starving,” Chris whispers in her ear.  How she managed to find another teacher to talk to in the room of directors, actors, and other Hollywood elite, he’ll never know.  “Let’s go get some real food?”

Emery says her goodbyes to the woman she was speaking with, the wife of a foreign film director, and she turns her attention to Chris. It’s written on his face that he’s tired and a little drunk.  Food would be good.  Her eyes sparkle as she tosses out an idea she’s actually had for weeks, “I read once it was kinda tradition to eat at In & Out after the Oscars.  Can we do that?”

Chuckling, he replies, “Honey, I said ‘real food’ but a burger and fries after midnight?  Sure Cinderella, whatever you want.”

“A milkshake too?”  She squeals with delight, obviously having found her second wind, when he nods his head yes.  “Hey, babe, can you put this in your pocket, it doesn’t fit in my little clutch?”

She hands him her panties and walks towards the door.  Chris stands frozen, and looks over to see Ruffalo watching their exchange and his dark-haired friend gives him a thumbs up.  She turns and pauses, waiting for him to catch up and they exit the party, arm and arm.


The couple spent more time at In & Out than planned, based on the number of business acquaintances Chris encountered inside, all celebrating or commiserating, depending on their awards night situation.  Once again, Emery made herself at home among his crowd, and fit right in.  As they walk to the car, she looks at her surroundings and realizes she knows where they were.  “Do I need to up my game? We’re not far from the house right?”

“You are correct,” he offers the answer, “but we can drive around for a while.  We have the car all night,” he says noticing her tired expression.  “Oh, baby, don’t be sleepy.  The night’s just starting,” he purrs into her ear, his voice dripping velvet.

Henry, Chris’s friend and driver, opens the door and Emery hands him a sack of food and a milkshake.  She kisses the older gentleman on the cheek and thanks him.  She crawls into the car, having lost some of her grace as the night wears on.  “Mr. Chris, that one’s a keeper.  Don’t let her get away.”

“Oh, no sir, I don’t plan to,” Chris smiles.  “We all set?”  He climbs in the car, waiting for the man’s answer to his query.

“Yes, sir.  Gassed up and ready to drive,” Henry responds, closing the door for Chris.

He slides in next to his beautiful girl and looks at her with hope and desire. Emery yawns and rubs her face, “Don’t you worry about me, I don’t make promises I can’t keep.”

She sees his backpack has been placed on to the side bench in the car, and eyes him questioningly.  “Just stuff I thought we might want,” he answers.

“Hmmm.  For someone who was never a boy scout, you sure are always prepared… How long of a drive?”

“All night… I plan to get you out of that dress too.  We have no place else we have to be.”

“Oh, really?” she smiles as she sinks down to the floor of the limo to remove his shoes and socks. “So I can have you totally naked, right here?” she asks, running her hands along his thighs, up to his waist.  A guttural growl releases from his lips in response to her question and actions.

She slowly unbuttons and unzips his suit pants.  Reaching inside, Emery caresses and teases along the seam of the colorful boxer briefs she’d asked him to wear.  She tugs his pants down and he lifts his hips, the garment catching under the curve of his ass as the limo hits a bump in the road.  She giggles, quickly sliding the expensive fabric off his body, pulling his underwear down too, gently dragging her manicured nails down the sides of his legs as she pulls his clothing off.  He groans again and removes his tie, beginning to unbutton his shirt. She reaches up and places her hands on his, stopping him, holding his hands in hers as she takes his beautiful cock in her mouth. Emery lavishes the tip, swirling her tongue around, before sliding down on his shaft.  Her lips ease into a smile as she slides back up, building in confidence at her oral skills when he whispers, “Fuck, yea, just like that.”

She pulls off with a pop, licking her lips, running her tongue along his veins before pulling him back into her hot, wet mouth.  Emery wraps her tiny fingers tight around his base, stroking up as she pulls him deeper into her mouth, eliciting moans of pleasure from deep inside his body.  Reaching his hands inside the back of her dress, he runs his fingers down the sides of her breasts, hearing her breath catch at his caress.

“Your ass looks so fucking sexy in that dress.” Chris says moving his hands low to start hiking and pulling her dress up to her hips.

She hums around him, pulling off and he curses. “Uh, uh, uh.  Not yet,” she says, gifting him with kisses up and down the length of his shaft, and gently pulling his sac between her teeth, sucking and pulling, massaging him gently with her other hand. His head falls back against the seat and he takes a deep, relaxing breath.  He spreads his legs wider, allowing her more space to move as she nuzzles him with her nose before returning her kisses back up the length of his dick, once again wrapping her mouth over his head, using her tongue to sample and savor his pre-cum.   She hums her appreciation as he digs his hands in her hair releasing a few curls from their hairpins, beginning to guide her gently up and down his slick stick, adjusting her tempo for his needs, lifting his hips to be closer to her.  “God, your mouth feels so good.”

She slides her mouth off, much to his frustration, whispering, “Something else feels better.”  She watches his eyes fill with lust as she unzips her dress and slides it down from her body, revealing her complete nakedness to him. She reaches to remove her shoes, but he shakes his head no. Emery smiles seductively as she nestles back down between his legs, pushing her breasts against his cock while she runs her hands over his solid chest, unbuttoning his shirt and delivering kisses to his torso as each inch of uncovered skin is revealed.  He groans and tightens his legs around her, holding her close, while she delivers hot breathy kisses along his treasure trail.  She flicks her tongue across his tip one last time before climbing up on to his lap.

She straddles him, her golden heels resting against his thighs, sliding onto his erect shaft, her walls wrapping around him.  She sinks into heaven and sighs, knowing she is home.  Chris is all she needs.  And she will be everything for him.  Her mind drifts as his hands grasp her hips, guiding her up and down.  When he needs sweet and respectable on the Red Carpet and with business associates, she can be that for him.  When he needs wild and horny in a limo she can be that too.  She moans and whispers her desire and approval as she rides him, feeling him reach deep inside her with each thrust. “I love the way you fuck me,” she whispers, pulling him away from the car seat, wrapping her arms around his back.  His low primal sounds touch her soul, opening her up for her release.  She catches his mouth, kissing hard and sloppy. He shifts his body, driving his cock even deeper inside.  Her cries signal he’s launched her over the edge, his fingertips digging into the soft flesh of her pretty round ass as she comes, spiraling out of control. She breaks the kiss, rising up on him so he can latch on to her breast, as he continues to pull her in, grinding her against him, hoping for a second release. He bucks into her, wild with his own need to come as she drags her fingernails across his shoulders, whispering words of encouragement, “Fuck me, babe, come for me, I’m almost there.”

His fist pounds her hip and he fulfills her request.  She comes a second time riding his climax out with him, pressed together, staring in his dark eyes, his pupils nearly shading out all the blue.  Chris whispers her name, pivoting his hips slowing until he stills, throbbing deep inside, wrapped in their lovemaking. He pulls her body tight to his, and stays trapped deep inside her sweet box.


Emery must have drifted off to sleep; she wakes when the car stops, to find herself wrapped in a blanket, with her head in Chris’s lap.  Staring out the window, he plays with her hair and smiles when he sees she’s awake.  He’s wearing his underwear again and there’s a half-drunk glass of scotch on the side tray.  She wonders how long she was asleep.  An intercom buzzes.  Chris pushes the button, and Emery hears the driver’s voice.  “Mr. Chris, we’ve reached our destination.”

“Thanks, Henry, just put the bags on the porch.”

“Bags? What bags?”

“You’ll see!”

Chris produces sweat pants and t-shirts from the back pack for both of them to dress before exiting the car. It’s a beautiful starry night, no city lights interfere with their view.  Emery can see they are standing in front of a cabin in the middle of nowhere. “Where are we?” she asks, excitedly.

“I just needed to get away, and since your flight back isn’t until Wednesday afternoon, we have two days here, totally away from the real world, just the two of us.  Our first real vacation together.”

Emery claps her hands together in glee and throws her arms around his neck, “Oh, God, I love you! You know that, right?”

Chris throws his head back with laughter, glad to see she is pleased with his surprise.

The driver, Henry, coughs to attain their attention.  “Pardon me?  Mr. Chris, the fridge is stocked, the grill has propane, and the firewood is cut.  Do you need me to carry in the bags?”

Chris shakes his head no. Henry continues, “The rental car arrives tomorrow around one in the afternoon.  Unless you need anything else, I’m going to head back to the city.”

“No, Henry, we’re good here.”  Emery walks around the driveway, looking out into the valley below the house.  She smiles when she sees Chris pull cash out of his wallet to give Henry a large tip for his assistance for the last several hours.  She blushes to think the gentleman knows about their backseat escapades.

“Good evening, Miss Thomas!” the gentleman calls out to her.  He prepares to climb back into the car, “You looked so lovely; I hope you enjoyed your night!”

“Oh, Henry, it was perfect!” She effervesces.  “It was so good to see you again! Thank you for taking good care of us tonight.”

She waves good-bye to the older man as he drives away, leaving her alone with her superhero for two whole days.  The morning is well past two, and she can’t move another step.  “Too tired, carry me,” she playfully whines to Chris.

“Climb up, monkey,” he teases as he bends down for her to jump on his back.  He carries her in the house and sets her on the stairs before going back to the porch to get their bags.

“You surprise me! This is beautiful,” she says between yawning.  “This looks like a place you’d live in!  But I’m too tired to look around.”

Chris leans against the wood railing, exhaustion on his face as well.  “Me too, babe.  Let’s explore in the morning.”

“You’ve never been here before?” Emery asks and he says no, talking quietly to her as he carries her upstairs, cradled in his strong arms. He tosses the little red-head on the bed, leaving her to prepare for sleep. While he is puttering downstairs checking things and locking the doors, she removes the last of the pins from her hair and washes her face.  She’s already naked and in bed when he returns and just like Colin Shea, he drops the dress and tux on the floor.  “See, honey, we were right! They do look good on the floor!”

Seeing her naked shoulders peeking out from the sheets, he quickly undresses and crawls into bed next to her.  He does a quick check of his personal phone.  He finds messages from both their mothers telling them how adorable they looked, and her mother finally sent the pageant photos he’d texted her about yesterday.  “Oh, my god! You DID have a giant bubble gum pink ball gown!  I knew it!”

They share a laugh and she vows to get even by asking his mother to watch all his old school plays on video the next time they are home in Boston.  Another text from her mother includes a link to a youtube clip of her performance talent.  Chris can’t contain his gut busting laugh of his girlfriend in her early teen years, baton twirling.  To shut him up she decides to show him her favorite new talent as she crawls on top of him, sliding her wet down over him, changing his laughter to moans of pleasure.


Emery awakes with sleepy eyes and a scratchy voice as the sun spills across the room of the cabin.  She has no idea what time they went to sleep or what time it is now.  She feels around in her mouth, along her teeth and it feels like fur is growing there.  She knows she drank too much last night.  She escapes the warmth of the bed to brush her teeth and crawls back into bed with her computer.  She’s surprised its nearly lunch time!

Chris says sleepily, “You’re thinking too loudly,” not rolling over to look at her, still hiding under his pillow.   “It woke me up,” he teases. “What’s wrong?”

“I wanna check my computer.  I’m dying to see pictures from last night!  If I was home, I’d be scouring the net, looking for any image of you-“

“You’re such a fangirl…” Chris rolls over to look at her.

Emery sticks her tongue out at him and giggles, cause it’s true.

“Babe, you know not to do that with your tongue unless you plan to use it.” She playfully taps his leg, flipping him off instead.  “I kinda like that invitation better…  So what’s the problem? The cabin has wi-fi.  The user code is right there on the dresser. I saw it last night.”

“I know.  I’m afraid to look.”

“Afraid to look?  Why?”

“Fangirls can be mean.  What if they tear me apart?  I’m not cut out for this, I’m just a math teacher from Georgia.  This wasn’t in my scope; it wasn’t my plan to fall in love with a famous actor.”

“Maybe that guy from your mom’s church is still available?”

She chuckles, pulling the blanket up around her, shaking her head in disgust.  “Nope, you’re pretty much stuck with me.  I just didn’t know the man of my dreams would actually BE the man of my dreams.”

Chris laughs but tries not to make her feel foolish.  It was too long of a night for him to think about what to say to make her feel better, and he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing.   “So don’t look. I’m sure my mom will send us the best pictures later anyway.  If it really bothers you, wait a few days, till things die back down.  Did you check your phone this morning?”

“Yea, but when do I have time to read 100+ text messages?”

“We’re stuck here till we get a car, we’ve got all morning.”

Emery begins to scroll through phone.  She sees that most are friends and students telling her how good she looked on television last night.  One of the messages is from her good friend, Jen.  “Oh, my word!  I can call Jen.  She’ll know what’s going on, she’s probably on top of it.”

“Can I go back to sleep then?” Chris asks tiredly.  She leans down to kiss his temple, as the phone begins to dial her friend at the push of a button.

“Hey woman,” Emery announces when her friend answers the phone.

With no pretense at formalities, Jen begins to gush before even returning the hello, “So beautiful!  OMG that dress!  I wanna steal it and have a character wear it in my next story!”  She laughs. “Hi!  How are you, girl? You are amazing!”

Emery laughs at her friend’s enthusiasm.  Jen is a writer friend she met online and although Emery doesn’t write herself, they became good friends about a year ago.  “So, am I hated?  Be brutal.  Let me guess, ‘ugh, she’s not pretty, she has a small ass and red hair, what does he see in her?’ That kind of shit, right?”

Jen laughs, her joy infectious and Emery begins to cheer up just talking to her friend.  “No, no I think the cute Southern accent and the fact he was sober and laughing on the Red Carpet killed it.  You could see he was having a good time, showing you off.  People love you!  I mean, there’s our usual negative nellys, trying to get the gossip- like who are, where did you come from, but everything else has been really positive.  Everyone is commenting about how happy he looked, how relaxed he was. They wanna know about YOU.  I mean, if you hadn’t told our group of friends, I’d be dying to know too.  All the fandom knows is what he said in NOLA and the little snippets from last night.”

“But, girl, enough about that!  How are you?  I mean, it’s gotta be weird right!  Talking to Reece and Leo.  What a head rush right?”

“Oh, my God!  It was so hard not to freak out.  I just kept thinking in my head- imagine Parent Conferences, imagine parent conferences.”

Jen laughs at her ridiculous friend.  “You’re an idiot!”

“Hey, it worked. You know I freak meeting new people. It helped to keep me calm.  If I just imagined they were new parents I was meeting, it kept me relaxed.”

“Whatever.  It must have worked… You looked like a natural, like you’d been doing it your whole life,” Jen says, offering support and praise.

“Oh, only if he was holding my hand or arm.  The minute he let go, I felt like a was drowning, like I’d get swept away in the craziness,” Emery admits for the first time.  Chris places his hand on her hip, giving a light squeeze, indicating he is listening to their conversation.  Their chatter is keeping him awake, and he rolls over onto his back, reaching for his cell phone to check his new messages.

Jen shouts into the phone.  “Yes, oh my God!  That’s the best photo! That’s the one everyone is talking about!  It’s so beautiful, really, Em, it’s so much love, I can’t even believe it! You are such a lucky girl…  I mean besides dating the whole movie star thing, he really loves you!  You can see it!  That’s luck!”

“What photo?”

“The kiss? It was perfect, like he didn’t even care every camera on the planet was aimed at him,” Jen says, assuming Emery knows what she’s talking about.

“What picture?  I haven’t turned on my computer yet.”

Jen sighs, exasperated with her friend.  “Log in, and look!  They’re all great.  But this one photo?  It looks like you two had stopped somewhere along the carpet and he’s standing behind you with his arms around you?  I don’t think it was really a scheduled photo stop?  There’s this great picture of him kissing your bare shoulder, your head is turned, like you were talking to him, and it is so fucking hot.  Like I want that from a man so bad, from your man, but you got to him first.”

Emery’s face lights up.  She squeals!  “There’s a picture of that? Holy fuck that was in, like, a quiet spot along the carpet. We did just stop to catch our breath.  I didn’t even know there were cameras around.”  She pauses, thinking about that moment when he was telling her he couldn’t control himself any longer, he had to kiss her freckles.  “That’s like my favorite memory of last night… Someone got that picture?”

Chris taps her leg and she looks down at his hand.  Holding his phone, she can see the photo her friend just described, happy tears brimming her eyes. “OMG.  That is my favorite fucking thing.!  And it’s captured forever.  Oh, bless them!”

Jen laughs at her enthusiasm, “Yea, I don’t think you’ll say that too much about the paps, but that’s a good one.  I fell asleep dreaming about it.  That, and the thought of a hot limo ride later? I plan to write all day.  Please, please tell me there was a hot limo ride later?”

Emery continues to stare at Chris’s phone, “What? Yea, no, don’t make me star in your fan fiction fantasies,” she giggles.  “I live it now.”

“Lucky bitch,” Jen giggles.  “If you weren’t my friend, I’d hate you.  But you’ve inspired my stories before and didn’t seem to mind?  Why is this any different?”

A pink blush creeps along Emery’s face, down into her t-shirt as she remembers the story she once inspired Jen to write.

Chris watches with curiosity, wondering what her friend said to make her react that way.  He catches her eye, raising his eyebrow and the shade grows darker.  He guffaws loudly at her embarrassment, shaking the bed with his laughter.

“Oh, god!” He hears her friend through the phone. “Is that him? Are you two in bed? I’m going to die, shit, Emery, warn a woman!”

“Good morning, friend Jen,” he shouts, his voice full of laughter.  “Yes, I ravaged her all night long.  Write about it!  It was amazing!”

Laughing at him and the fangirl noises Jen exaggeratedly makes, Emery pushes him off the bed with a thud.  She knows he played into it, because she doesn’t have the strength to move him.   “Yes, that would be my boyfriend, the comedian.  He’s an ass in the mornings.  But he’s mine.  Listen, babe, I gotta go.  You know I love you, right?”

Chris stays on the floor, his elbows propped up on the bed with his phone in his hands, scrolling through his trusted web sources, pleased with the things he sees.  Mostly press and paparazzi photos. The women chat a few more minutes as they say their good byes and make plans to talk together again soon. They talk about watching a movie, and Chris wonders how that works, since they live halfway across the country from one another.

She hangs up, and falls back on to the bed, happy.  She turns to his smiling face.  “What are we doing today? Can we just stay here in bed all day?”

He climbs back into the bed, covering them both with a blanket, and pulls her computer up on his chest.  “That sounds like a plan. I thought maybe later, we could go hiking? And since you can’t stay for the screening of Gifted later this week, Marc gave me a personal copy; he wants you to see it so we can watch it today.”

“Really, just us?  Oh, god!  That sounds perfect!”

Chris brushes her hair from her face and kisses her lips gently.  She rolls into him, and he wraps his arm around her.  “But right now I want you to log in, babe. Everything I see is amazing; really positive.  People love you.  But all that really matters is that I do.”

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

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  1. theycallmebecca May 27, 2016 / 2:16 pm

    “Hey, babe, can you put this in your pocket, it doesn’t fit in my little clutch?”

    She hands him her panties and walks towards the door.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I am so proud of Emery right now!!

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