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Warnings: Fluff, with a reference to smut

Reference to anal sex, anal plugs, masturbation

Word count 1750

Actor Chris Evans catches his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, in an embarrassing situation,  and she shares a surprising thought with him

Inspired by “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” by theWife101. Link leads to NSFW story

Chris Evans loves when he has free time to travel to Georgia to visit his girlfriend, Emery Thomas.  He misses her so much when they have to be apart.  As much as he loves time off from filming, and Boston in winter, it hasn’t been the same this year without her.  With her teaching schedule, she can’t get away from work easily, so every few weeks he flies south to visit her for a few days.  This most recent visit was a surprise at the last minute, and she’s had a lot of work to do to get ready for Parent Conferences.

While Emery grades papers and works on forms for state documentation, Chris has kept busy, playing with her dog, West, reading scripts and completing odd little jobs around the house.  He did learn that cleaning gutters is a shit mess of a job, and next time, he’ll hire someone else to do it!  The lovely red headed woman laughed at him and told him that’s what his big movie star salary was for, so he wouldn’t have to do things like that.   He’s glad she’s let go of her financial independence some and allows him now to take care of some of those things for her.

Chris is upstairs working, and smiles when he can hear her singing downstairs.  Her favorite song is playing and he knows she is probably dancing too.  It brings back memories of the first day he met her, when she was dancing and laughing, while leading her after school tutoring group.  When he hears her sing the line about how boys like a little more booty to hold at night, he steps out of her office and yells down the stairs, “Damn right we do!”

“Good thing I got a nice one!” She yells back.

Yes, she does, he thinks to himself, chuckling as he steps back into her office to survey his work.  She’d been saying for weeks she wanted another bookshelf.  Since she agreed to moving most of her Captain America fan stuff out of the living room, he had surprised her on his last visit by purchasing the large IKEA shelf she wanted.   It was the right size for her keepsakes, school books and photo albums.

He starts to pick up the extra screws and cleans up his mess.  He’s really proud of the damn shelf, even if it is from a kit.  He sits down at her desk, and leans forward on his elbows to check the messages on his phone.  While he waits for her slow internet to catch up, some papers on her desk catch his attention.  Chris doesn’t want her to think he was snooping around, but the job applications for various schools in the Boston area are hard to miss.

His heart leaps into his throat as he looks over the forms.  They’ve never talked about what the future really holds.  Emery hasn’t pushed him to make any decisions or plans.  Other than a few shared events on their respective calendars, including the week of premieres and Marvel events when Civil War is released in May, they haven’t discussed anything past a vacation in July.  That kind of makes her the best girlfriend ever!  She hasn’t asked him to change, or put pressure on him to always physically be there for her.  She understands the pressures of his job in way that no one has ever understood before.  And he adores that about her…

Chris also knows some of that stems from her wish to still be independent too.  Emery is not the kind of woman who will cater to a man’s every need, and she won’t put up with bullshit.  She is very steadfast in her beliefs and believes in always setting a high moral standard for those around her.  Which is why he finds it adorable when she curses like a sailor! For barely 5 foot tall, she can be a scary little witch when she wants to be.  It’s the teacher voice, at times terrifying, but so sexy when she gives her commands.

If anything, he has changed for her.  No other woman would have been able to convince him to remain abstinent for two months when they first started dating.  Thank God that didn’t last too long, Chris chuckles to himself, as he thinks back to her first visit to Boston, and how Black Friday ended with them both in bed together.

But Chris now holds in his hands proof that she would change her whole life for him, if that’s what he asked.  She loves her job here, and has grown up in this community.  Just like his family back in Boston, Emery is tied to her family, and they gather together weekly for dinners and game nights.  Seeing these papers fill him with a hope he didn’t even know he’d been looking for…

He gathers the papers from the desk, and leaves the room, taking one last admiring look at the shelf he built.  He jogs down the stairs, and starts to speak before he even enters the living room, “Hey, honey, what are these…?”

The question lingers in the air as he enters the room.  Although sitting on the couch, surrounded by papers and books, where he last saw her, Emery jumps as though she’s been caught.  She has the most guilty look on her face.  Her cheeks are flushed and her eyes have a lazy sex look about them.  He sees she is trying to hide her tablet.  “What are you doing?” he asks.

“Oh, my god, Chris!  Fuck! You scared the shit out of me,” she says, out of breath, still clutching the tablet to her chest.

“Is everything ok?” he asks, as he moves papers aside and makes room on the couch. He tucks a fallen red curl behind her ear, and notices her skin is warm to his touch.  “You’re not sick again, are you?”

Emery smiles of the memory from last fall when she was sick and Chris stayed home to take care of her.  “No, no, I’m fine.  Really.  In fact, I’m really, really good,” she chuckles and smirks at him, raising her eyebrow.

“What? What are you looking at?”  Chris reaches to take the tablet from her, but she won’t hand it over.

“Chris, no.  It’s embarrassing,” she softly whines.

“It can’t be any more embarrassing than those hello kitty pajamas,” he laughs at her, as he rubs his hand across the fuzzy fabric on her thigh.  He’d never admit it to her, but he loves those pants.

She takes another sharp intake of breath at the touch of his hand on her body.  Without realizing it, she lets out a quiet moan.

“Emery?”  Chris whispers quietly, “Were you looking at porn?”

“Well,” she laughs nervously.  “Sort of…”

She turns the tablet so he can see what she was looking at.  His eyes grow large when he sees an image of a silver butt plug with a large diamond.  His cock jumps to life before he can even process what he’s seeing.  He looks at her, and she’s smiling at him coyly, a blush creeping down her neck, barely able to catch her breath.  He quickly looks back at the image and realizes it’s the cover for a fan fiction story.  About him.  And anal sex.  And a blush creeps over his face too, as his cock continues to strain at his pants. And he can’t catch his breath, or find words.  Emery giggles at their shared embarrassment.

“I sometimes read fan fic when you are away,” Emery quietly admits to Chris.  “Winter nights are lonely without you here…  Some of these women write amazing things!  This author is one of my favorites, and somehow I missed this story when it first circulated a few weeks ago.”

“Oh, my god, Emery,” Chris shakes his head in stunned disbelief.  He’s read some fan fiction before, and he does recognize the handle of this author.  Yea, he thinks to himself, she does write some amazing kink…

“Were you…?”  Chris trails of his question to Emery as she sees her blush return.  She’s so cute when she’s nervous.

“No!  No, I was just reading,” she chuckles.  God, she can’t believe she got caught and now they are about to have this conversation.  She wishes there was time for a shot of whiskey for this one, she thinks dryly to herself.

“And this story…” he inquires, an unasked question hanging in the air.

Emery takes a deep breath and gathers her courage.  “It’s really good.  Amazingly good… So fucking good, you should read it…”

“Ok, so I can read it. Later,” Chris waits because he can feel more coming from Emery’s confessional.

She takes another deep breath, and says, “Well, ever since that damn game of telephone on Kimmel, it’s something I’ve fantasized about trying… But every time I ever dream about it, it’s always been you.  You are always in that fantasy…,” she admits as her voice tapers off.  “I could never see myself trying that with anyone but you.”

Chris’s heart and cock both jump at the same time.  An image pops into his head, of her up on her knees, displayed just for him, her ample round ass, waiting…  Without even realizing it, his hands have twisted tightly in her fiery red hair, his heart racing, and he quietly asks, “Are you saying this is something you want to try?  Just for me?”

Emery smiles shyly at him, “Well, I was thinking more- just for us, but yes, I think it’s something I’d like to try.”

Chris notices the flash of lust that crosses her face and he can’t deny his feeling of excitement either. It’s true; it is something he does enjoy, but not all women are open and accepting of the idea.  Chris has never pushed his sexual tastes on anyone who may not be receptive to the concept of anal sex.  He always hoped to share this experience with Emery, after all, he plans to marry her one day, but he never dreamed she would suggest it herself!

He leans in to whisper in her ear, and says with a low growl, “I guess it’s a good thing the bookshelf isn’t the only present I have been saving for you.”

Copyright © 2015 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


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  1. theycallmebecca May 26, 2016 / 7:22 pm

    hahahaahah i love that he caught her reading fanfic hahhaa

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