His Apology

his apology

His Apology

Actor Chris Evans has to make things right with his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, after sharing their secret

Warnings: NSFW

Word Count: 2950

Part 1 of this three part series “Double Trouble

Part 2 of this three part series “Con Confessions

Chris walks calmly off the stage, but picks up his pace after disappearing from the public eye. “Where is she?” he asks Josh, his voice showing his nervousness.

“She headed to the green room area right after the moderator shut it down.  Scott followed her a minute or two later.”

“How did she seem?” he asked quietly, not wanting to attract attention to himself.

Josh paused, “I think you did the right thing, man, and since she’s a fangirl, that was as good a format as any to open up to your fans….  But I couldn’t get a read on her.  Emery avoided eye contact with me.”

“Oh, so that’s bad,” Chris says, as his friend pats him on the shoulder. He turns to walk off to go face the music.


When he enters the waiting area, he sees other stars waiting for panels and photo ops, signing autographs and checking their phones.  Chris waves at a few and hears a few calls out to him of “Congratulations!” as he crosses the room.  In the far corner that had been set up as the Marvel camp, he can see Emery talking quietly to Scott.  He looks at his watch, knowing his first obligation is to his girlfriend, but he has appearances to make in less than 20 minutes.

He stops moving when she sees him.  He can’t help but smile and shake his head in a strangely proud and disbelieving way.  He wasn’t lying when he told the crowd she looked adorable in cosplay.  She’d shown him weeks ago the outfit she wanted to recreate from Pinterest, but he hadn’t seen the finished project till this morning- the Winter Soldier meets Elsa.  Her costume was perfect, right down to the silver arm, and the blonde wig with the famous braid.

“You.  Get over here.”

Not sexy teacher voice.  You’re in trouble teacher voice.  Chris’s eyes shift to his brother, Scott, who shrugs his shoulders, stepping back to give them privacy.  Chris can sense eyes on them and hopes she doesn’t make a scene, as he sees a flash of anger cross her eyes.

They both take three steps towards each other.  Emery inhales his scent, knowing every woman today will be breathing in her man.  She feels a quick surge of jealousy pulse through her body.  She punches his arm, but not too hard, knowing she’d only hurt herself on his rock hard bicep.  “What the fuck were you thinking?!” she angrily whispers.

Chris chuckles and grabs her wrist and pulls her close.  Before she can speak, he captures her mouth with his, carefully tugging on her wig, grasping at the collar of her costume.  He’s only seen her really mad once, and that was in Orlando, over the hacking issue.  This is the first time Emery has ever been angry with him, and it’s so damn sexy.  She’s like a five foot tall ball of piss and fire.  She resists his kiss for a moment, but starts to push back with a force of her own.  From across the room, a familiar voice calls, “You get her, Chris!” followed by a long bellowing cat call.

They separate when Josh interrupts, “Chris, you’ve got less than fifteen minutes. Sorry, man.  But you’ll have to fix this mess you made later.  And in case you two missed it, that was William Shatner cat-calling you!”

Chris lifts his middle finger to his friend, who guffaws and walks away, but continues to stare in Emery’s green eyes.  “You have to go to work,” she says.

“Not until you say something,” he responds.

Emery takes a deep sigh.  She knew their time living privately was coming to close with the start of the awards season and different appearances he had asked to her make with him.  They were both really surprised their secret hadn’t been revealed while they vacationed in Disney, or even the ski resort over the New Year.  But being brought to the fans attention so publicly, without even discussing it first, leaves her feeling a little violated… but loved all at the same time.  “I really haven’t decided what I want to say.  My initial thought is that it’s the most bone-headed, stupidest, sweetest, most amazing thing I have ever heard!”

“So, you aren’t mad?”  He grinned, glad to see he’d totally squirmed out of an argument without even trying.

Emery growls at the smirk on his face.  “Evans, I don’t fucking know.  I wanna think about it some more.  I’m totally pissed you didn’t talk to me about it.  But you were also so swept up in your emotions, you couldn’t help but bubble.  About me.  In front of hundreds of people in that room, and those watching at home.  It’s really sweet,” she pushes him away when he tries to kiss her again.  “Dammit, you can’t fix everything with a raise of your eyebrow or a kiss to shut me up….”  A quiet anger seethes just below the surface and Chris takes a step back.  She takes a deep sigh, “But, I guess that’s better than some paparazzi discovering us and getting plastered all over TMZ.”

Anthony Mackie has been watching the exchange from a few tables away.  He calls out, “Hey, man, I’m glad you’re not dead.  But we gotta get going.”  He waves at Emery, and gives her a crooked grin.  She nods her head to him, but can’t bring herself to respond.

Scott steps forward and says, “Hey, bro, I’ll stay here with her.  I got this.  We’re good.  You better go.”

Chris turns his attention back to Emery, squeezing her hand.  “We’ll talk about this later?”

“Asshole.”  She laughs and rubs his beard before adjusting the chain on his St. Christopher’s medallion.  “There is nothing to talk about.  You put it out there.  The fans will either accept it or they won’t.  And I need to notify friends and family to be a little more careful in what they say or do for the next week or since my name isn’t attached to you yet.  At least you didn’t say my name!  I know you got swept up in the moment, and said everything out of love, but you kinda took away my choice…”

His heart drops.  He fucked up, and he can’t take it back.  It’s been nearly 30 minutes now.  It’s halfway around the world, thanks to twitter and tumblr.  “Are we still meeting at lunch?  What are you and Stephanie doing this morning?”

“Evans, man!  We gotta go,” Anthony reminds him.  Chris motions him to go on without him.

“Well, we won’t meet you for lunch.  I want to enjoy the rest of the con, and right now I have an invisible target on my back, so you and I can’t get food together today,” she grasps his chin and turns his face to hers when his spirit drops, “but we’ll meet you here and bring you lunch.  We’re just walking the floor and going to panels, trying to keep to myself.”

Chris pulls her close.  “I’m sorry.  I wasn’t thinking.  I just wanted the room to love you like I do,” and he kisses her gently.  “I just felt the need to say it,” he chuckles.

“Fuck.  And deep down, that’s why I know I can’t be mad…  You acted stupid because of love.  Now go, before you get in trouble.  Don’t make the fans wait.  It sucks.  No kissing fans.  I’ll be checking tumblr.  I’ll know.”  She laughs at the look on his face and watches him walk away.

Halfway across the room, he turns to her and rubs his eyebrow.  He laughs when she flips him off.


Because Chris was late to start his appearances while trying to take care of Emery, through a series of texts over the day, he had to cancel his lunch with the two girls and he made up the time to his fans then.  They were all full of such kind words and expressed their happiness for him, several people leaving gifts for Emery as well.  He’s exhausted when his work day finally ends but knows the day is far from over.


“Am I still in trouble?” he asks when he enters the room.  The lights are dimmed, but on in the kitchen area.  The coffee table is covered with shopping bags and he sees two light sabers laying on the couch.  He grins warmly, thinking how they had promised to get those for her brother for the nursery his wife plans to set up.  “I’m really sorry about having to miss lunch too.”

Emery waits for Chris to step around the corner, wanting to answer him when he sees her.  “Oh, honey,” her voice dripping with lust and Southern sweetness, “You are in so much trouble.”

She smiles when she sees his breath increase and his nostrils flare.  “Nice shield,” he says, his voice dropping to a growl.

“I thought you might like it…” she says, sitting at the table in the kitchenette, her tiny feet peeking out under the shield, hiding her small frame.  “About today?  I have just one thing to say….”

“Just one?” Chris asks, as he removes his sweater, taking his phone from his pocket and lying it on the counter.

“Hmmh… yup.  Just one,” she responds, holding up her index finger and resting it against her lip, while dropping the shield to the floor with a metal clang.  Her toned, naked body is revealed.  She slowly spreads her legs, exposing her pink sex, already glistening with wet.  She slowly licks her finger, watching his eyes grow dark.  She trails her fingers lightly over her sensitive skin, stopping to pinch her nipple, as she says, “That water bottle got more action than you’re going to get for a while.”

She grins lazily as she sees Chris’s pulse quicken as he watches her trace her fingers along her inner thigh, teasing right up to her entrance.  He groans and she can see his cock twitch against his tight gray jeans.  He’s mesmerized by her and he smiles.  She bites her lip and leans back against the chair, placing one leg over the arm rest.  Emery watches him stand before her, his hands fisting at his sides.  Slowly she dips a finger into her wetness, dragging up and down over her silky folds.

A moan escapes her mouth as her eyes still watch him.   He’s so beautiful and she can’t believe he’s all hers.  The man she dreamed of for years…  The veins in his arms become more prominent with each grasp of his hand.  She thrills at the tightening of his jaw and is emboldened by the effect she has over him.

She continues sliding her finger up and down watching him visibly pant as she pulls her lips apart with her other hand, allowing him a better view.  She bites back a smile at the way his rod strains against his zipper, aching to be let loose.

“Sweetheart?”  She asks.

“Hmmmh…” he mumbles watching her closely.  Her own breath hitches as her fingertip glides over her taint and his eyes grow wide.

“You have to wait longer…  I might not even let you come tonight.”  He chuckles at her words, testing him.  “But you can get undressed.”

While she talks, she begins to slide her fingers in a figure eight, gently brushing across her clit.  He removes his clothes quickly, as though it’s been ages since she’s met his needs, although in reality it was just this morning.  His rock hard body is just breathtaking.  He’s been back into Marvel mode, working out and eating right, getting ready to start reshoots for Civil War.  Emery can’t believe this beautiful man  belongs to her.  She bites her lip again, holding back her anticipation, wanting to tease him and keep him on edge.  Chris waits and she motions him to come closer.

While she is seated, his throbbing dick, so beautiful and thick, is right at her mouth and she tugs him to her.  He jumps when her dainty hand wraps around him and her hot opening pulls him in and surrounds him as he releases a hiss.  Chris braces his hand on the back of the chair, looking down at her and brushing her bright red hair back from her face.  She can feel his frustration at waiting and looks up to his dark lust-filled eyes.  He’s watching her suck his cock, as she bucks against her own palm.  Emery slides in a second finger with her thumb against her clit.  She moans as she starts to feel the pleasant tightening in her stomach.  Her mouth moves faster in her excitement and his breath becomes shallow. They can both smell her sex in the air.

Chris laughs, “No, you don’t.”

For the second time today, he grabs her wrist, pulling her hand away from her impending climax, and she whines her complaint against his full member deep in her throat.  She reaches around behind, slapping his ass and grabbing his tight butt cheek, bringing him even further into her mouth.  She slides down as far as she can on his shaft, still twitching and squirming from her own delayed gratification.  Emery pulls up hard, brushing her teeth along his cock, popping off the top as she grunts, “Bedroom.”

Her extended play has given Chris time to think and he has another idea in store.  He’s been punished enough, but now it’s time for his apology.  He picks her up from the chair and sets her on the table, pushing her back gently.

“Babe?” She asks quietly, but with a look of hope and anticipation on her face.

He chuckles and taps the end of her nose.  “Not our house; not our table.  We’ll have breakfast in bed.”

“Mhmm… uh-oh,” she moans out as he props one of her tiny feet up on the arm rest of the chair, her other leg barely touching the floor.

He grasps her calf, leaning over her for a kiss as he pushes into her.  She gasps at her tight hole expanding to accept him, filling her full. He slides in again, deeper, gliding his hand down to fondle her beautiful pale breasts.  “You’re so beautiful,” he whispers into her ear, nibbling her soft flesh.  She giggles when his cold medallion hits her chest and his beard tickles her neck.  “I’m sorry.”

“I love you,” she whispers back, grabbing his ass, digging in her fingernails.

He flinches at her touch, pumping in and out again.  He pauses, pulling all the way out, brushing his dick across her opening, teasing her now.  “You’re not mad?”

“Shut up and fuck me,” she laughs as he pushes back into her again, rocking against her, pulling both her knees up, as she digs her fingernails into his back, biting at the Tolle quote on his collarbone.  Her body starts to hum with pleasure, finding her release.

He continues to buck against her, both getting a little nervous when the table creaks, just as he spills inside her.

Chris looks down at Emery, his face full of love.  She reaches up to caress his beard, and giggles when his medallion hits her in the nose.  She flips it over his shoulder, and says, “Hey, Tumblr King, you told the whole world today about me?  You sure about that?”

He slowly pulls out, reaching down to grab his white Henley shirt to mop up their collective mess.  “I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life.”

He laughs when Emery rolls to her side on the table.  He pauses for a moment to freeze that image in his mind, his beautiful, funny, amazing girlfriend, curled on her side, naked on a kitchen table.  She takes a deep breath and says sadly, “It’s not just us now, it’s us and the rest of the world.  It’s not a secret.”

Chris steps into the bedroom and removes the blanket from the bed and brings it to her.  He covers her gently, before going to the fridge.  She likes watching his ass move as he walks away from her.   She smiles as she massages her jaw, sore from her oral workout.  She jumps when he comes back to the table and touches the cold beer bottle against her foot.

He bends down and pulls some Mardi Gras beads from his pants pocket and tosses them to her.  “You’ve earned those,” he chuckles.   “It’s not diamonds, but jewelry of any kind says “I’m sorry.”

“No, but these could be fun later,” she winks at him devilishly.  He pulls the chair up closer to the table and they share the beer.

“The table was fun, don’t you think?  We could get an extra one and keep it down in your junk room?”  he teases.

“I don’t know what porn you watch when we aren’t together, but you aren’t building a sex room in my basement,” she says, throwing the bottle cap at him.

He chuckles after taking a long draw from the bottle.  “You know, I’ve never said this to you, but I think your “teacher voice,” telling me what to do is damn sexy.  It’s really hot.  I could get used to you telling me what to do… Especially in the bedroom.”

She releases laughter from deep inside, shaking her head.  “I was gone 4 days.  What the hell were you reading and watching? God!  And seriously!  Do you even realize what you are doing with your hands to that beer bottle right now?!  Honey, you did that today.  It’s all over the internet.”

Chris stops to focus on what he’s doing.  He freezes.  “Shit.  It was between my legs too, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, fuck,” he laughs when she nods.  “But other than my damn Italian hands waving around, was I better at hiding my nerves?”

“Yes, babe, you did great.  I don’t think they’ll sit you on stage with Jeremy again.  You two with your side chat reminded me of my students,” she giggles as she takes the bottle and takes a sip.

Chris takes a big sigh, nodding in agreement with her, and changes the subject.  “Well, now that it’s out there, can I convince you to fly to LA with me in the morning?  Be my date at the Golden Globes?” he asks plaintively.

She shifts on the table to be closer to him, and the movement causes it to creak again.  They both freeze for just a moment before Chris releases a gut busting laugh.  She touches his pouty bottom lip gently, “We’ve been through this.  It was a last minute decision by your team.  I already missed those two days before Christmas, and of the four days we had this week, I skipped one to attend a convention.  I can’t miss any more school for a while.  Remember, I have an important job too you know.”

“I hate when you’re right…”

“Get used to it, I’m right a lot.  It’s because I’m logical, whereas you are emotional,” she explains.  “A Hufflepuff and a Gryffindor, what a mess!”

“Oh, God, I don’t even really know what that means!  Do I have to read the books again?” he complains.

“Jesus,yes!  You can’t just know the movies.  You can borrow my books; I’ll send them to you for reshoots,” she laughs.

“God, you are such a total nerd girl!  Babe, I really am sorry,” Chris apologizes again.  “So I confess to the world I have a new girlfriend I met on a dating site and then I show up to the red carpet alone.  Everyone is gonna think you dumped me!  What should I say in red carpet interviews? What would you like me to say about you?”

The couple chat for some time deciding what secrets and information Chris can share while being interviewed on the red carpet well into the night, eventually finishing the beer and moving into the bedroom.  “Yea, I can remember all that.  Now, what were you saying about those beads?” Chris asks before diving his head between Emery’s legs…

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