Part 10 Jealousy

Jealousy-part 10

Actor Chris Evans is confronted by his girlfriend about his jealous streak and a missing photo.

Previous Chapter “Busted” Part 9

Warnings: None, Fluff

Word Count 1200

After walking the last family member out, Emery turns to survey the damage.  Luckily, her family stayed to help with clean-up, so there wasn’t much to do.  She could hear Chris in the kitchen, adding the beer bottles to the recycle bins.  Her heart warms at the domesticity of it all- they had their first dinner together with her family, and now, he’s helping with clean up. As she walks over to join him, her eyes land on the entertainment center, and she is reminded of something she needs to ask him.

“Hey, Evans?” She waits till she has attention and he turns to look at her.  Her eyes soak it all in for a moment.  The way his hair falls across his fore head and his blue eyes tired from a long week of filming.  She kinda likes this skinny, tanned version of Chris.  He seems more real to her than big and buff Captain America.  His role on the big screen may have been what first appealed to her, but this is the man she loves. Her heart breaks knowing he’ll be done filming, and leaving in two weeks.  “What happened to my photo op pic with Sebastian from SLCC?  Susan noticed earlier it wasn’t on the shelf?”

Emery has fond memories of her weekend in Salt Lake City with a group of girlfriends.  As soon as they heard cast members from the Captain America movies were going to be in attendance, they had all rearranged their schedules to meet up to attend.  She had indulged herself with photo ops with both Chris and Sebastian Stan.  The photo of her and Chris together was a typical photo op picture, slightly awkward, with his hand around her waist, both saluting the camera.  She looked quite sexy in her USO showgirl cosplay, with her fiery red hair twisted up in a Liberty Roll.

But the photo with Sebastian was much more playful, as her friends had convinced her to ask him to treat her as he would one of his 1940s “dames.” Sebastian had spun her around in a quick little two step dance move and dipped her back, kissing her full on the lips as the camera clicked.  That was the photo; definitely a keeper!

And as any Marvel fan who had spent a fortune for a lifetime opportunity, Emery had both photos on display in her living room, probably ranking her on a “crazy” list right up there next to “cat lady.”  Despite her crush on Captain America, she had been too shy to really talk to Chris during her photo op.  She was trying to respect what she knew about his anxiety towards crowds, and had really been surprised he’d even agreed to do photo ops.

At the time of the convention, neither realized the other was the person they had been messaging through an online dating site since early September.  She had blushed during her photo op when Chris had told her he liked her costume, and that she seemed like the kind of girl Steve Rogers would write home to.  She had thanked him for his compliment and commented that she was looking forward to the panel discussion, and that had been the end of their meeting.

What he didn’t know about her other photo op experience was that Sebastian Stan had actually flirted with her.  After the kiss, Sebastian had whispered in her ear, telling her where he would be later in the evening, and asked her and her friends to join him and his friends for a night on the town.  Although, flattered, she had kept this to herself, not even telling her friends, and she hadn’t bothered to take him up on his invitation.

Chris turns away from her to pick up some trash that had fallen under the table, a blush creeping down his face.  “Well, you know when I dusted and vacuumed the other day since your staff meeting ran long?  I knew you were worried about your family coming over?”

“Yes,” she says, exasperatedly. Sometimes talking to him was like talking to one of her students!  Get to the point, she thinks to herself.

He sheepishly stands before her and says, “It fell off the shelf, and the glass broke.  I just haven’t replaced the frame yet.”  He rocks back on his heels, just like a little boy having been caught doing something wrong.  It reminds her of the time her nephew broke her favorite coffee mug and tried to hide it.

“Chris?  This doesn’t have anything to do with that little streak of Italian jealousy that runs through your veins, does it?”  She asks, encouraging him to be honest with her.

He chuckles.  “Are you suggesting I broke it on purpose?”

“Well, no not really, but you didn’t tell me, and you obviously hid the evidence.”

Chris closes the gap between them.  He pulls Emery to him, in a tight embrace, his mouth crushing hers.  “I just want to be the only superhero you kiss,” he whispers as he nuzzles his beard against her neck.

“Evans, you can’t just kiss me, and make me weak at the knees and think I’m going to let it go,” Emery admonishes him.

“Yes, I’m jealous.  It’s stupid.  I know.  That day, you may have been a random encounter with a fan, but now you are mine,” and to prove his point, he pulls her in closer and grabs her ass.  “And I also know Seb spent that whole night at the club, waiting for a hot little red head to show up.  I’ve replayed the description he gave of the girl in my mind, over and over, and I know he was talking about you.  So, yes, I’m jealous.”

Emery is surprised by this; she figured Seb made a habit of flirting with random girls, and had believed there would have been a large gathering of fans he had invited to the party.  She is slightly flattered to know that wasn’t the case, but it doesn’t change anything.  She still wasn’t the type of girl who would show up for what was destined to be a booty call, handsome famous Romanian actor or not!

“Oh, honey, you silly, silly man!  If I’d had any interest in Seb, don’t you think I would have shown up that night?!  I didn’t go.  I didn’t tell my girlfriends, or they’d have made me go under the guise of “separation from Chris by two degrees.”  No, I went back to the hotel, sat in the hot tub till I was all pruny and went upstairs to plan lessons for the next week.  I lead such an exciting existence, you know,” she chuckles.  “I’m cut out for Steve Rogers, not Bucky Barnes….  Now, if Seb had included in his invite you would have been there?  Hell, yes, I probably would have shown up!”

“And what would you have done to show me you were interested?” Chris growls in her ear.

“Well, why don’t you let me show you,” she replies, as she grabs his hand and leads him toward her bedroom.

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One thought on “Jealousy

  1. theycallmebecca May 26, 2016 / 5:17 pm

    liar liar pants on fire hangin.. oh wait… got distracted there haha love that chris is jealous over 1 kiss with seb even though he [as in chris] as been with emery for a few weeks and mackin’ on her since like day one!

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