Late Night Visit

Late Night Visit Title Page

Late Night Visit Pt 19

by avenger-nerd-mom

Chris and his girlfriend, Emery, enjoy Thanksgiving Weekend together

Warning- NSFW, language, oral sex, adult situations

Word Count 2373 words

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Chris chuckles when he hears the tap at the door.  She doesn’t wait for his answer and enters the room quietly.  The moment she enters, the air seems sucked from the room; time stands still.  Chris has never seen her look so beautiful.  Standing in a silk robe in front of him, when all he’s seen her wear before at bedtime are tanks or t-shirts, and those damn hello kitty pajama pants, her red curls wildly swirl around her small, delicate face.  She leans against the back of the door, and quietly locks it.  She puts her fingers to her lips, signaling to him to make no sound, and the robe hitches up, exposing her tight, tanned thighs.  Her green eyes sparkle with intensity in the light from the bedside lamp.  She slowly brings her hand down from her pink, swollen lips caressing herself down her neck, across her lovely, full breasts and reaches for the tie on the front of the robe.  Chris reaches over and puts his glasses and book on the table; she has his attention, and he isn’t laughing now.

Chris shifts on the bed, climbing up onto his knees, preparing to meet her when she reaches the bed.  She unties the robe as her tiny feet pad across the floor to his bed.  Chris’s breath hitches as the robe falls open, and she is completely exposed to him.  It’s not that he’s never seen her naked before, but he’s never seen her like THIS before.  His eyes take in every inch of her, her perfectly round breasts, full hips, curves in all the right places, and her bare pussy.  His dick twitches in his workout shorts, aching to be free.  He sees her watching him, staring at his shorts, as a smile ghosts quickly across her face and disappears again.  He feels like he’s the mouse, and a little sex kitten has come to play.  His eyes darken and fill with lust; her desire and need grows from seeing the effect she is having on him, adding to her self confidence.  She begins to take off the robe, and he quietly growls, “Leave it on.”

She stops at the foot of the bed, putting one knee up on the navy blue blanket.  Her voice is husky and low when she tells him, “It’s cute that you think you have control right now, or that you even think this is about you.”  Chris’s eyes open wide and he gives her a cocky grin, but keeps quiet.  She removes the robe from her shoulders and lets it drop to the floor under her.  She continues to climb up on the bed, crawling towards him, once again reminding Chris of a cat, stalking its prey.  A chill rolls down his spine, causing his dick to twitch again and he bites back a smile.  Chris’s heart swells knowing she wants to take charge of this moment.

She crawls up in front of him, rising up to push her body against his; she straddles his strong thigh and he can feel she is already hot and slick.  He quickly licks his lips, her eyes watching his tongue dart across his plump lips, and her mouth attacks his, her eyes flashing with fire.  Their kisses intensify, as their tongues chase one another, dipping in and out of each other’s mouths.   Other than her mouth on his, and one hand resting on his waist to balance herself, she has made no other move to touch him so Chris follows her lead, and keeps his hands to himself, although his fingers ache to touch her, to pull her even closer.

Her mouth kisses along his jaw, right under the line of his beard and her hands skim along the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up over his head, removing her lips from their assault for just a brief moment.  Chris’s mind and heart are racing.  He is so incredibly turned on by her need and desire.  He knows it has been so long since either one of them has had sex with anyone, and he’s let her set the pace this far into the relationship; he needs to let her do this her way.  He has a sneaky suspicion it could be slow and drawn out, nearly painful for him, but so fucking worth it.  His thoughts stop as she begins to slowly grind against his thigh and her mouth begins to trail across his shoulder to the Tolle quote.  Her tongue lashes out and licks along the scrolled words, as she loves to do, and she tugs at the waistband of his shorts.  “These need to go,” she tells him.

She kneels on the bed to admire Chris’s full form as he gracefully pulls off the shorts and sits back down on the bed, mimicking her sitting position.  His lovely cock springs free, and her breath deepens. Chris again holds back a laugh when he sees her eyes betray her for just a split second as her bravado wanes for just a moment at the sight of his engorged member.  Her eyes rise up to meet his, admiring his tattoos and his expansive chest along the way, and he gives her an encouraging glance.  She holds her gaze for a moment, and he sees her bravado resume.  “Chris, I need to suck you, I want you in my mouth,” she says quietly as she leans forward, and taps his thigh, to move over and make room for her between his legs.  As her lips and her tiny hand wraps around him, Chris leans his head back in ecstasy.  Her mouth is so hot and wet, and she slowly moves up and down on his shaft.  He knows he is too big for her to handle, but God bless her for trying, he thinks to himself.  After a few minutes, she becomes more relaxed and her movements become more coordinated.  His soft moans let her know she is taking care of exactly what he needs.  “Can I touch you?” he asks, and she hums against him, adding pleasure to what he’s already receiving.

Chris looks down at her, and seeing her slide on and off his cock, just makes him want to take charge, but when he sees that her tiny hand can’t even wrap all the way around him, he steadies himself, and holds his resolve.  He rubs his hands gently across her back and his eyes glance across the room for a brief moment.  “Shit,” he laughs out loud, and she hums a question against his cock as she continues sucking him and pulling him close.  “I forgot the room was redecorated; there’s a mirror across from the bed now; and I can see all of you.  You look so fucking hot sucking my cock.”  Not to mention the way her ample round ass is on display in their reflection…

She laughs against him as she pops her mouth off the top of his sensitive head, and wiggles her ass back and forth, almost as if she read his mind, but then again, she knows him so well.  She pauses and rubs her jaw as she nibbles down the length of his shaft, and back up the other side, before taking him back into her mouth.  She falls back into a gentle rhythm, rocking up and down on his cock, and she relishes the feel of her nipples growing hard as she rubs herself against the sheets with each movement, while Chris begins to paw greedily at her ass.  She didn’t think it was possible, but she can feel him growing bigger from the added excitement of watching her in the mirror.  Just as she thinks she can’t take much more of this, that her jaw might actually break, Chris wraps his hands around her waist, leaning over her and kissing down her back, dipping his fingers inside her.  She actually stops breathing, and slides her mouth off his cock. “Shit, Chris, I need to fuck you now.”

He knows she is ready and he moves to lay her down.  “No, I’m still in charge; move it,” she says as she pushes him off of her and she climbs on top of him.  She straddles above him, holding herself up.  “Are you dying yet?  Ready to just take over and pound the hell out of me?” She teases as she kisses and bites at his lips.

“I was under the impression that wasn’t an option,” he growls.

“Ah, not yet.  I’d like to have my way with you first,” she whispers in his ear, and bites at his neck.  No hickeys this time or there will be some explaining to do at the breakfast table in the morning.  She positions herself above his cock, and slowly eases on, sliding against his tip and spreading around her slick.  They both let out the same moan of pleasure and she quietly laughs.  “Shh, before you wake someone up,” she admonishes him.

“I’ll just tell them you attacked me,” he says as he grabs her hips and pushes her down on him.  He laughs gently in her ear when she whispers “oh, shit.”

Her mind is lost, and she can no longer keep up the playful banter.  Chris fills her so fully, completing her in a way she’s never felt before. She pulls her knees up higher on either side of him and tilts her hips to rock against him, and enjoys the gentle way Chris controls her hips as she rolls up and down with him, feeling her desire grow.  Her eyes look up to see him looking down on her.  Even with her small height, she fits just right against him, like a puzzle piece, like she was made just for him, Chris thinks to himself.  He is completely surprised to see her rise up to sit on top of him as she continues the rocking motion, up and down on his cock.  His heart is so full of love and lust for this tiny, amazing woman.  She watches his face, and sees love and happiness there, but he can’t take his eyes off the sight of her sliding down on him, almost as if she is swallowing him up.  His hands reach up to cup her full breasts and to brush over her taut pink nipples.  He gently begins to pinch and squeeze, resulting in a low hiss being released from her lips.  She falls forward and whispers in his ear, “If we weren’t at your family’s house, I wouldn’t be able to hold back the sounds I want to be making right now.”

Just the thought alone pushes him up into her with a driving thrust; and as if to prove her point she bites down on his chest, as if to hold back a scream.  She changes her position slightly and whispers “Do that again, and again,” she laughs.  His arms wrap around her tight, one putting pressure on the small of her back, pushing her gently closer to him as he thrusts into her, and the other wraps in her hair.  She continues to bite at his chest, and she can feel her walls starting to constrict around Chris’s beautiful cock.  “Oh, God, Chris, I’m coming, I’m coming…”  She continues to push against him, almost pulling him in deeper, and he pushes down harder on the small of her back.  He can feel wave after wave, washing over his cock as she comes.  Even as he can feel her coming down from her high, she continues to squeeze him in, and slowly continues her rocking.   “Faster,” he whispers, and she picks up her speed, long and fast strokes, sliding up and down, until she can feel him tighten and his release pulse inside of her.  “That was so beautiful, baby,” she whispers to him, as she covers his face and beard with gentle, sweet kisses.

The couple stays awake for awhile longer, basking in the warmth of their love making.  Chris is afraid she will feel sore tomorrow, but she tells him it will be worth the pain and with repeated practice, she’ll be able to take all of his size and girth.  “Glad to know this wasn’t a onetime thing; if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong bed,” he laughs at her, paraphrasing what she’s said to him repeatedly over the last few weeks.  They fall asleep in each other’s arms, but he awakes a few hours later to find her punching his arm, “Your giant superhero arm is crushing me.  God, you’re so difficult to wake up.”  He slowly registers what she’s said, and moves his arm.

“Well, that’s what a good fucking does.  It makes me want to hibernate, and never wake up,” he quietly laughs as he sleepily nuzzles her ear.

“What’s your excuse every other day of the week?”

“Hopefully, there is good fucking every day of the week,” he says as he playfully slaps her ass.  “Don’t you need to sneak back to your bed now that you’ve soiled your reputation in this one?”

“Evans, what would be the point?  You are a wonderful actor, but in your personal life, you are so bad at hiding your emotions.  You won’t be able to wipe off that “we just had sex” look on your face for days.  Scott will know within 15 seconds of you setting foot in that kitchen.  Thank goodness your mom likes me, because I’m sure part of the grand tale, which you won’t be able to keep to yourself, will be how I made you wait over six long, horny weeks and then took advantage of you in your childhood bedroom after a long day of Black Friday shopping!”

He chuckles at her true assessment of him, and kisses her on the nose before flipping over on his side, then reaches behind him so he can pull her close to him, effectively making the beautiful, petite woman the big spoon, to avoid crushing her in his sleep.

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Copyright © 2015 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


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  1. theycallmebecca May 26, 2016 / 6:35 pm

    Chris reaches over and puts his glasses and book on the table

    oh hell yes! girl you know how to set up a scene right!!! and the sexy was yummy too!!

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