Naughty or Nice?

Part 20 Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice? Pt 20

Actor Chris Evans and his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, enjoy a night out in Boston, at a friend’s nightclub for an annual holiday gathering of his friends. Part 20 of the “Georgia On My Mind” Series.

Warnings: NSFW, oral sex

Word Count: 2030

Previous chapter “Late Night Visit- Part 19

The pounding music and effects of the alcohol beat against his body while Chris quietly observes his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, dancing across the room.  A smile crosses his face as one of his friends leans in to tell him something.  Chris can’t hear over the music, and just nods his head.  He’s mesmerized by watching this woman of his.  It seems like every day he grows to love her more and learns something new he didn’t know the day before.  Tonight he’s learning his quiet little math teacher has the dance moves of a stripper.

He watches as her body moves in perfect time to the music.  Scott is with her on the dance floor, and they are laughing and having a good time.  He can hold in his jealousy for the time being because at least it’s his gay brother she’s grinding against, and not one of his friends.  Those bastards have been hitting on her all night!

Well, for a first impression meeting his friends, wearing skimpy little shorts will sure get their attention.  Her attire for the Fifth Annual Naughty or Nice party at the club has him wanting to wrap her in the robe she wears and hide her from the eyes of his friends.  She looks so fucking amazing with her hair in a messy bun, a plaid bathrobe hanging open and a blue lacy bra- his favorite- flannel pj shorts covered with snowflakes, and fuzzy purple slippers on her tiny little feet.  Every curve shows, and bounces along with her to the rhythm of the music.  Her toned legs, graceful, like a dancer, and sweat glistening on her chest and stomach…

He’s had a constant hard on for the last two hours.

But he’s never seen her more relaxed or confident and he takes pleasure in seeing her like this.  Despite his jealous streak, there’s a sick little turn on knowing that other men in the room want her and can’t have her.  That it’s his bed she will be going home to later tonight.  Chris continues to watch her move on the floor, and feels happy that she is having fun and likes his friends.  Almost as if she can read his thoughts, her head turns his way, and she smiles at him across the floor, but keeps on dancing.

Tonight is just what he needed to take his mind off all the shit that happened while they were in Florida.  With all the nonsense of computer hackers and stalker fans, he is grateful photos of the two of them together did not appear online.  He likes keeping her all to himself, protected and isolated from his crazy life.

Emery can see Chris watching her.  She sees the worry lines around his eyes, and knows he can’t stop thinking about the last few days.  He’s still trying to clean up that mess behind the scenes.  And she is worried for him, and sad that his fans would act that way to hurt him and the people he cares about.

Chris sits back most of the evening catching up with old friends, and lets her get to know them at her own pace.  She’s had fun on the dance floor with Scott and Tara but the music pulsing through her body has her hot and ready.  She’s had too much to drink, and Scott teases her for the Southern accent that makes a strong appearance in her drunken state.

The sight of Chris tonight is just downright sinful.  No one should make Santa pants look that good.  And fuck; he’s wearing suspenders too!  She smiles when she thinks about the tiff they had earlier in the day, because she wanted him bare-chested in the Santa pants.  The idea of his tattoos on such public display had immediately made her hungry.   Emery had finally relented to his wearing a shirt, as long as it was what she calls “fuck me plaid” and she  wouldn’t allow him to button it up.  But it’s been so hot in the damn club, he lost the shirt about an hour ago.

Seeing him under the flashing lights of the club is just too much.  He’s talking to a friend, mindlessly playing with his own chest hair on his stomach.  Emery realizes she wants to be doing just that herself and motions for him to join her on the dance floor.

Chris downs the rest of his beer and grabs his shirt from the back of the chair.  He makes his way across the dance floor towards Emery, talking to people he knows along the way.  When he reaches her, he silently takes her by the arm, and removes her from the dance floor.  “Come on, let’s find someplace quiet,” he growls in her ear.

Emery is immediately turned on by his touch and the sound of his voice.  The last two hours of loud music, dancing and drinking has been like foreplay to her.  She can’t remember the last time she felt so free and alive.  She follows him down the hallway and they stop at a door that says “Employees Only.”  He fumbles with some keys in the dark, but eventually opens the door.  She raises her eyebrow to question him, but he doesn’t answer her.

They step inside to a shadowy stairwell, and when the door closes behind them, the noise of the crowd and music effectively stops.  The quiet and dark, and the smell of Chris next to her, takes her breath away.  Her ears ring from the silence, and she stumbles, a little tipsy from too much to drink.

Chris wraps his arms around Emery and pulls her to him.  His mouth meets hers as she opens for the sweet invasion of his tongue.  He can taste the peppermint on her lips from the drinks she had earlier and his mouth smiles against hers.  He slides one arm inside her robe, and cups under her breast.  Their mouths tangle with one another, each French kiss chasing one after another.  His hand on her back holds her tight, and she pushes her body against his.  He can feel his hard cock against her thigh and he quietly moans in frustration.

Emery’s head is spinning from the intensity of his kisses and her brain is jumbled from the alcohol.  She wants Chris to know what she feels, but can’t find the words.  Her breath is lost, and she is panting with each kiss and the touch of his hand on her breast, pinching and squeezing through the lacy fabric.  With his back against the wall, Chris is able to lower his body to hers.  She can feel the velvety texture of the Santa pants against her stomach, as she feels him growing hard, pushing against her.  Her hands travel from around his neck, one reaching around to send feathery light touches down his side and the other to stroke across his chest and to play with the soft hairs on his lower abs.

She releases her mouth from his rosy red bottom lip and kisses along his beard, following her lips to her favorite tattoo on his clavicle.  His hands grasp at her hips, and pull her to him.  She begins to sway to the music still playing in her head.  The velvet brushes against her warm flesh, adding to her fire growing inside.  She lightly pulls away from him to slightly bend over.  Her mouth slides down his chest stopping at his other tattoo along the way.  She gently kisses the ink that honors his friend, and continues to nibble down the trail of hair on his chest to the waistband of his pants.

Emery takes Chris’s shirt and throws it to the floor, lowering to her knees, and Chris inhales deeply at the sight.  He’s torn between taking what she’s offering here and now, so hot and animalistic, and moving her to a more secure location, to protect their privacy.  As her hands grab at him over the fabric, and he can feel the dampness of her breath, he whispers in a strained voice, “Oh, honey. I was taking you up to the office?”

She looks up at him with hunger and wanton need etched on her face.  “Won’t take that long,” she brags as she deftly pulls him out the Santa pants and silly reindeer boxers she gave him.  He grows harder at her touch, and twitches in her hands as she admires his natural gift, licking her lips.

She slowly pulls him into her mouth, flattening her tongue on the underneath of his shaft.  Her beautiful lips barely touch him as her head bobs up and down his length.  She is slow and torturous.  Chris can feel every nerve ending come to life as one of her hands scratches his thigh through the red velvet material and the other slowly pumps him, stretching and gently twisting his skin.

Emery pulls off slowly and flexes her jaw.  “You are so beautiful,” she says quietly, and he knows this compliment is meant just for the part of him she is admiring now.  “When it’s time, I want you to paint me here,” she says, looking up to his bright blue eyes, as she runs her hands over her lace clad breasts, pausing to squeeze one of her lovely plump mounds.

This is another side of Emery Chris has never seen.  It’s so fucking hot, but cute and sweet at the same time. He shakes his head at the contrast of the two ideas. He loves knowing that he is the only man that has brought out this brazen behavior in her; that it’s something special she’s reserved just for him.

“Okay,” he hisses as she places her lips around his head once more.  She picks up the pace wetting every inch of his cock with her hot, wet mouth.

Each time she reaches the tip she does this delicious little swirl with her tongue and Chris goes weak in the knees, sliding down the wall just a little bit more. As her mouth continues to glide up and down on his hard rod, he roughly winds his hands in her hair, and growls out for her not to stop.

Chris can feel the moment closing in as he starts to tighten up, warming through his body as his brain shuts off.  He pulls back on her hair, and Emery takes the hint.  She pops her mouth off with a wet smack, but continues pumping her hands.  She smiles up at him, her eyes dilated from lust, as Chris shoots all over her beautiful chest.  She giggles as it drips down the valley between her breasts, covered in the blue lace he loves.  Chris pulls her up to him, reaching down to grab his shirt.  He puts it between them, mopping up any drips, as he holds her close to him, tremors still shaking his body.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” she whispers as she snuggles into his expansive chest.

“That was quite the present.  I should get you drunk more often,” he chuckles into her ear, nibbling along her pink flesh there.

“Well, it’s not fair Santa always delivers presents.  I thought he should get one too,” she laughs.

“I think that was delivered and received,” he growls.  “Should we go home now? We’re staying at my place tonight, not the house.”

“Good, cuz I wanted to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him everything I want for Christmas.”  Emery’s Southern drawl is in full swing, and Chris finds it absolutely adorable.

As he tweaks her nipple, and nuzzles her neck, he rumbles, “Naughty girls sit on Santa’s face.”

She pulls away from him and laughs.  “Oh, God, we have been hanging out with Scott too long!  That was horrible… But I wike it.  Let’s go!”

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  1. theycallmebecca May 26, 2016 / 6:41 pm

    hahaha ok seriously… i need to see chris dressed in santa pants, suspenders and bare chested like immediately…. i think there is a gif along those lines but he is wearing dress pants and on the phone… but still…. it works for me! love it!

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