Strength to Say Goodbye

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Strength to Say Goodbye

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans is finished filming and he and his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, enjoy a few last days together before he goes home for Thanksgiving.  Part 17 of the “Georgia On My Mind” Series

WARNINGS: NSFW, oral sex, adult situations, language

Word Count 2300

“God, Evans, how can you accumulate so much shit in such a short period of time?  You’ve only been here since the last weekend in September!”  Emery fusses on her actor boyfriend, Chris Evans, for the mess in his set trailer.  She’s already spent the last hour boxing up items to be shipped back to Boston, and it seems like they will never get finished.

Chris just shrugs his shoulders and keeps throwing things in the box.  He moves to the bathroom and starts emptying cabinets in there.  “So what time do we need to go?  What’s this big surprise you have planned?”

Emery is crawling around on the floor, pulling socks, papers and pens from under the couch.  Her response is muffled.  “If I tell you, it won’t be a surprise.  But let’s go soon!  I’m starving, and we can take it to go, like a picnic.”

Chris sticks his head out the door, and laughs when he sees her on the floor with her cute ass sticking up in the air.  He lets out a low whistle, and she wiggles her butt at him.  He walks over, and plops on the couch, pulling her up into his lap.  A dust bunny has tangled in her hair, and he pulls it out.

“You are a slob,” she tells him.  “An overgrown frat boy!  Just look at you in your sweats and ball cap.  And you need a trim,” she says as she runs her fingers over his beard.

Chris takes her face in his large hands, and pulls her to him, effectively shutting her up with a kiss.  The kiss starts sweet and tender, but quickly grows with desire, as Chris can feel the heat of Emery sitting in his lap.  Gotta love a woman in tight leggings, he thinks to himself, just as she begins to grind against him.  He lets out a quiet groan.  He secretly hopes tonight will be the night she decides to break her vow of abstinence.  He wants to know this woman completely, in every way possible.  He knows the chemistry between them will be so fucking amazing.

Yet, he hates the idea they would just start the fire, and it would be put out when he leaves for Boston Saturday night, and he won’t see her again until mid- December.  He can feel her heart pounding against his chest as she moves in closer to him, dragging her hands under the hem of his t-shirt.  “Emery?” he growls at her.

“Yeah, yeah.  I know.  We gotta go.  But I’m not done with you,” she laughs as she climbs off his lap.  “You’ll have to finish packing tomorrow; let’s go.  I’m starving!”


Chris follows the directions Emery programmed into her GPS system.  They grab some food and drive through the city, to the outskirts of town.  Chris laughs boisterously when he pulls up in front of an old-fashioned drive in movie theatre.  “I thought it would be fun,” Emery says, “But we can always go do something else if you want.”

“No, oh, my god!  A drive in sounds amazing!  I didn’t know these still existed!” Chris exclaims.

“We drive out here with Dad a few times a year for different events.  There aren’t many left in the US anymore.  That’s why I borrowed Reece’s truck to come to Atlanta!  I thought we could snuggle under blankets in the back and enjoy the show!”

Chris shakes his head in awe.  This probably is the most romantic date he’s ever had a woman plan for him.  He’d mentioned a few times he’d recently finished the book series on his tablet reader.  He’s so happy she remembered he wanted to watch it, and that they are able to see it together.  The actress in the movie is so badass in the film, but such a goofball in real life.  He loves when they run into each other at different Hollywood events, and, thankfully, they have never been paired up together in the gossip tabloids.  And of course, Hemsworth’s brother is also in the film, so while they wait in the long car line for tickets, Chris shares funny stories of encounters he has had with the stars of the film.

After getting their tickets and snacks- Emery couldn’t resist the smell of the popcorn- Chris backs the truck into the spot he was directed to use.   She adjusts the radio to the correct setting, and he piles up blankets and pillows in the truck bed that she brought from home.  He smiles when he realizes she always seems prepared for anything!  There is a chill in the air, and Emery is glad she thought ahead to bring her extra large sleeping bag and a ski cap to keep her head warm.  The previews start and the couple settle in to watch the show.

Chris pulls Emery close to his side to keep her warm.  She fits next to him so perfectly and rolls into his chest.  She takes a deep breath, pulling in his scent.  She’s going to miss him so much when he returns home.  Tears start to fill her eyes and she pushes the thought to the back of her mind.

Chris can feel her body tense, and feels the wet tears drop onto his shirt.  A lump forms in his throat, but he can’t address her pain without acknowledging his own.  He’s promised himself not to pull her down with him in their remaining hours together, so he simply pulls her even tighter.  But he can feel his depression building, and they haven’t even said their goodbyes yet.  After a few minutes, she reaches up and taps his cheek, gasping, “Too tight; can’t breathe!”

He chuckles and his warm breath tickles her ear.  A slight chill tremors through her body but not because she’s cold.  Emery shifts her position, slightly moving her arm further down his chest.  Her fingers search under all the blankets until she finds the hem of his shirt.  She can feel Chris’s heartbeat increase as she rakes her finger tips across the trail of hair leading under the waistband of his sweats.  “Mmm,” he hums into her ear, “that feels so nice.”

The couple continues to watch the movie, caressing one another in the dark, cold night.  Chris always runs hot and shoves some of the blankets away from him.  He can hear Emery’s breathing start to change.  “Hey, don’t go to sleep,” he whispers to her.

“It’s too hot, and it’s making me sleepy.  I need air.”  She shoves all the blankets to the side and wiggles out of the sleeping bag. “I’m going to go walk around a few minutes and wake back up.”

Chris helps her climb down from the truck and watches her wander off into the darkness, before turning his attention back to the movie.


Emery uses the cold air to help her get her thoughts together.  She knows Chris is expecting sex tonight, as a going away present, but she just can’t break her own heart in that way.  Knowing it will be nearly a month before she will see him again just seems cruel.  Not that making the poor man wait for her to catch up hasn’t been cruel either.  But it just doesn’t feel like tonight is the night.

She thinks back over the last few weeks, and replays a few of their steamy sexual encounters in her mind.  She grins when she hears her mother’s voice in her head, “You can be sexy without having sex.”  She didn’t think her mother quite meant it the way she and her sister, Mackinzie, had twisted it over the years, but Mom was right.   She nearly slaps herself in the forehead of the realization of just what Christopher needs!


Chris didn’t even hear her come back to the truck, until he felt it shake as she climbed over the side.  She crawled to him and laughed at the cocoon he had made in her absence.  It was almost like a nest, just for the two of them.  Emery leaned over him and kissed his beautiful pouty lips, and he starts to speak.  “Shhh…” she says.  “Just watch the movie.”

She sits next to him, and admires the outline of his body in the darkness.  With his right arm behind his head, and his right leg bent up, he looks so peaceful and relaxed.  She notices he had taken off his shoes, so she does the same.  The beautiful red head can feel his eyes watching her, and her heart rate slowly picks up speed.  When she doesn’t say anything, or move for a matter of minutes, he turns his attention back to the events on the large screen.

He moves his left hand and places it on her knee and she picks up his large hand and begins to massage his palm, using both her tiny hands.  She uses her thumbs to massage little circles across his palm.  As she begins to massage up his pinky finger, slowly putting pressure on each joint, she feels the tension relax in his body.  After massaging back down his finger, she massages his palm again and repeats the process with each of his fingers.  By the time she reaches his index finger, he quietly hisses out, ‘Fuck, that feels good.”

His relaxed breathing puts her at ease, and when she finishes massaging his hand, she rubs up his arm, slowly to his shoulder.  He is so relaxed by this point, he doesn’t even squirm or get ticklish as she trickles her fingertips down the left side of his chest, stopping when she reaches the waist band of his sweats.

Chris’s eyes drop from the big screen to watch her in front of him.  He moves his left hand from where she has left it and places it on the small of her back, rubbing small circles, encouraging her to continue her ministrations to his body.  She continues to squeeze and massage along his waist, dipping her fingers under the hem of his shirt to feel his warm skin.  Emery knows he is watching her, but she ignores him.  She tucks her curls behind her ears so he can see her face better, and she gives a sly smile.

She slowly glides her hand under the waistband of his pants.  Feeling a little bolder now, she cups her hand over his warm cock, straining against his boxer briefs.  She raises her eyebrow slightly when she feels him twitch under her touch.  Chris makes a deep sigh, and slowly breathes out the word, “Shit.”  And then he quietly chuckles.

Now that she knows she has his attention, she becomes intent on her task.  Her eyes seek out his as she continues to palm him, still having no skin to skin contact.  She watches as he smiles lazily at her, the whole movie totally forgotten.  His eyes are low, watching where her hand disappears into his pants, and his lashes lay against his checks.  Fuck, that is the sexiest damn thing ever, she thinks to herself.  All this man in front of her and it’s his damn eyelashes that turn her into a wet mess!

Emery reaches behind her for a blanket and throws it over Chris’s legs, her other hand never leaving his warmth.  She lays down next to him on her belly and tugs at the waist of his pants.  “Shit, Emery, seriously?” Chris asks and she bites his hip as a response.

He shakes his head in disbelief and lightly lifts his hips so she can pull his clothing down just enough so his cock can spring free.  He pulls the blanket up to create a tent over her, and his head falls back onto the pile of pillows as his beautiful, amazing girlfriend takes his giant dick into her dainty mouth.

Emery flicks her tongue over his tip, tasting the salty wetness she finds there.  He grows hard as she sucks on him and pulls him into her mouth.  Her lips curl into a smile when sees that her petite hand doesn’t even reach around him.  Her mouth can’t take in much of his length, although from the sounds he makes, he doesn’t seem to mind.

Emery pulls back, concentrating on the sensitive head, as she sucks and flicks her tongue across the top.  She slides her hand, gently up and down his shaft, adding strength with each pump.  Chris’s hands wind tightly in her hair, holding her close to him.  She licks down his beautiful rod, and nibbles with her teeth back up the veiny underside of his length, stopping with her tongue just under the head.   She pushes her tongue against this spot and quickly moves her mouth up to take his tip back into her mouth, continuing to suck and pull him in, bobbing her head.

Chris reaches down with his right hand, grabs himself, and begins to pump.  She hums her approval against his head and together they bring him closer to the edge.  She swirls her tongue around the tip and uses her saliva to pump her mouth with him.  She can feel his body tense at his release and moves her mouth slightly, as he comes over his lower abdomen.  She flicks her tongue out for just a little taste, and bites down on his hip, intending to leave her mark.  He lazily laughs at her as she emerges from under the blanket, looking so pleased and satisfied with herself.

Fuck, he thinks, how I am going to have the strength to leave her behind?

Copyright © 2015 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

2 thoughts on “Strength to Say Goodbye

  1. theycallmebecca May 26, 2016 / 6:17 pm

    ok so in that chat you just said ‘just a tip’ and it’s completely off topic based on this story, but considering what emery just did and the whole collen in what’s your number talking about just putting in the tip hahahaahahahaha

    way to go emery!!!

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