The Patient

The Patient Cover Art.JPG

The Patient Pt 15

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans helps his girlfriend feel better on her sick day

Warnings: NSFW, masturbation

Word Count 1230

Chris keeps quiet most of the day.  He checks in on Emery to see if she’s feeling any better.  He notes it’s been about 5 hours since she last was sick, and her fever has started to come down.  He’d like to snuggle with her in bed, and read on some scripts for future projects, but she has banned him from the bedroom.  Each time he enters the room, she whines at him to leave so he doesn’t get sick.  She really isn’t a good patient.  The actor putters around the house, doing some odd little things he sees she needs done.  He takes her Dalmation, West, for a long walk around the neighborhood.  He talks to Marc, and confirms he should be on set tomorrow, as long as he doesn’t get sick, and he also checks in with his mother.  They chat for about an hour, trying to tie up some upcoming holiday plans.

By three in the afternoon, Chris is starting to go a little crazy, when Emery emerges from her room.  She’s wrapped in her Avengers blanket, with a Captain America hoodie, and hello kitty fuzzy pajama pants.  With no make-up and a flush to her skin from the fever, she looks so beautiful, but he’s afraid she’d smack him if he said it, so he keeps quiet.

She sees the grin on his face, and asks, “What’s so funny? Never seen a grown woman in hello kitty pants?” she slowly moves over to the couch and snuggles up next to him.  Chris kisses the top of her head and feels her fever is broken, and the clouds have lifted from her green eyes.

“Feeling better?” he asks.  She slowly shakes her head yes, and he hears her stomach growl.  “You hungry?  I bought some soup?”

Again Emery shakes her head yes.  She pulls on the neck of his t-shirt to pull him closer to her.  “You smell so good… I hate being sick,” she whines.  “Thank you for taking care of me.”

“You could use a bath.  Why don’t I go start bath water, and then I’ll get soup ready for you?”  Chris gently commands.


After making sure she is safely in the tub, Chris fixes the soup and brings it in to Emery, who is still in the bathtub.  The steam from the water seems to be bringing her natural color back to her cheeks.  She is still shaky and weak so Chris gently and slowly feeds her the soup, one spoonful at a time.  “I can’t decide if this is extremely romantic or pathetic,” she giggles.

Chris notices the bubbles are starting to dissipate and can see the tops of her perfectly round breasts peeking through the soap suds.  “From where I sit, it’s pretty damn hot,” he laughs.

He starts to feed her another spoonful, and she gently shakes her head no.  Chris turns the water back on to run slowly, to add heat to the water.  He reaches behind him for the cup he brought in to the room and fills it with warm water.  “Just put your head back and let me take care of you…  You are so beautiful,” he says.  Emery smiles warmly at him, and follows his direction.

She tilts her head back as he cups his left hand over her fore head, and gently spills the cup of water over her hair.  He repeats the action a few times, making sure her thick red curls are wet all the way through.  With each raise of the cup back up to her hair, he “accidently” brushes his hand against her breasts, and she begins to pant with desire.  He reaches across to get her favorite shampoo and lathers it up in his hands, before reaching to massage her scalp.  Emery’s breathe catches as a groan escapes from her lips.  “You remembered…” she looks up at him with a knowing smile.

“If a woman tells me her fluff dream is getting her hair washed, I’m going to remember; I’m a good boyfriend like that,” he chuckles.

“Yes, you are,” she confirms, as she leans her head into his hands.  “It doesn’t have to be fluff, though.”

“Nope.  You’re too sick.  This is purely for hygienic purposes.”

“MMMmmmhmm,” she murmurs. Chris continues to massage the soap through her hair as the smell of strawberries fills the room.  He can see the rising flush on Emery’s skin, this one having nothing to do with her fever, her breasts heaving, and he is turned on by the effect he is having on her.  Thank god for sweatpants and lazy days so his hard erection has room to grow instead of straining against his jeans.  Chris can’t contain his smile as he sees her drop her hand between her legs.  He takes the cup and begins to wash the soap from her hair, continuing to brush his hands against her breasts with each dip of the cup into the warm water.  Chris watches as she continues to please herself, her hand moving faster in and out of her hot sex.  She seems lost in her own little fantasy, so he continues taking care of her, while she takes care of herself.  He wrings the water from her hair, and wraps a towel around her head.  Emery leans back against the back of the tub and lazily smiles up at Chris, her hand bringing her closer to the edge.  With her other hand, she grabs his shirt collar, and pulls him to her.  “Kiss me,” she begs.

Chris leans over the tub, grabbing her breast and kissing her fiercely on the mouth.  His thumb caresses and pinches her nipple, pulling and tugging, as he bites at her lower lip.  Emery runs her hand across his chest and pulls him closer, laughing as his shirt gets wet and he loses his balance.  He braces himself again, and continues his exploration of his tongue inside her sweet mouth.  The soft moans escaping from her lips lets him know she’s almost there, so he decides to help.  He reaches down in the warm water, his hand on top of hers as it slides back out.  On her next thrust in with her small, dainty finger, his larger finger joins hers.  She giggles, and looks up at him, “Hi,” she says quietly, and he chuckles along with her.  On the next thrust in, he slides in two of his fingers, using his stronger hand to push their palms against her mound.  Chris holds their hands there, scissoring his fingers inside her, warm and slick, and she begins to break, arching her back up and pushing up, against their hands.  Emery’s green eyes flash open, searching his face, and whispers, “Oh, God, Chris, I’m coming,” before her eyes flutter closed again, as she rides the waves rolling through her body.

Chris kisses her gently this time as she relaxes back down, and cups her cheek in his hand.  She turns her head slightly to kiss his palm, and whispers her thanks.  Emery sighs contentedly as a chill shakes her body.

“Let’s get you out; the water is getting cold.  Feeling better, baby girl?”

“I think that was just the medicine I needed,” she replies with laughter and love in her voice.

Copyright © 2015 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

One thought on “The Patient

  1. theycallmebecca May 26, 2016 / 6:01 pm

    bravo to chris for controlling his urges! haha but good on emery for giving into hers! hope next time she pulls him into the bath tub with her fully dressed!

    Liked by 1 person

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