Time Off

Part 16 Time off

Time Off

by avenger-nerd-mom

Emery Thomas, the girlfriend of actor Chris Evans, meets with a friend and shares details about her new relationship. Part 16 of the “Georgia On My Mind” series

Warnings: None, Fluff

Word Count 1450

Previous Chapter “The Patient” Part 15

Emery walks through the office, stopping to get a soda, and sees the door to Principal Harris’s office is open.  She taps the door, and asks, “Got a minute?”

The principal motions to the younger teacher to come in and have a seat, “What can I do for you, Ms. Thomas?”

Emery closes the door behind her and says, “You can cut the formalities, Katie, no one else is around.”

“Good, I was getting ready to reach in to my secret stash of chocolate,” Katie Harris replies, reaching into the back of the bottom desk drawer.  “Want one?”

Emery takes the chocolate bar her friend and mentor hands to her.  The women have been friends since Emery did her student teaching under Katie’s guidance back in college.  For years, the two worked side by side, and now Katie runs one of the largest high schools in the area.

“So, how’s Captain Cutie?” Katie asks with a giggle.

Katie was surprised to recently learn her friend was in a secret relationship with the actor Chris Evans.  She was so glad at this turn of events, since she was the person who encouraged Emery to sign up for online dating last summer.  She really couldn’t have chosen a better match for her friend than Captain America himself!

Emery laughs.  “Well, that’s what I needed to talk to you about.  Do you want to be my friend or my boss first?”

“MMmmm… I don’t know.  Which will get you to spilling details fastest?”

“Really, it goes hand in hand.  I need time off.”

“Like, how much time?  Like, running away over the holidays to elope and you’re never coming back?”  Katie asks, actually being serious.

“No!  No.  Well… that sounds heavenly.  Don’t even let the press know he’s dating and just show up somewhere with a ring?  That’s not a bad… Wait.  It’s a horrible idea.  We couldn’t do that to our families.  And we’ve only been dating a few weeks.  That’s insane.  You are a horrible friend.  Don’t put thoughts like that in my head.  No. We aren’t even talking marriage.”

“Are you talking babies?  Or at least practicing to make them?” Katie asks with a smirk, wiggling her eyebrows at her friend.

“Katie!  Shhh! Someone will hear you… Seriously?  You have to ask?” Emery responds.

“That’s a fat no.  Girl, there is something wrong with you if you and Captain Cutie are not getting it on.  I saw him. Early in the morning.  With bed head.  Trying to save your sorry ass when you were sick.  Most romantic thing I ever saw.  So damn hot,” Katie says, lost in the memory of her brief encounter recently with Chris when he delivered a sub lesson plan to the school for Emery.  Emery tosses the candy wrapper at her polished friend.

“We’ve been over this.  I told you when you convinced me to sign up for that website that I was done with flings; I knew when I met him I was going to lose my heart, but I also knew Chris wouldn’t be in town long.”

“How long have you been actually dating, since you didn’t bother to tell me, your best friend, the minute it happened?”

“I don’t know.  In person, since mid-October?  It’s not even Thanksgiving,” Emery replies.

Katie looks at the datebook on her desk.  “About 5 weeks.  And nothing?”

Emery blushes, “Well, not NOTHING, but nothing to make babies.  Sorry to disappoint you.  And moving on…  I need time off.  We’re still trying to figure everything out, and how this will work since I have a full time job, where I am needed every day, and he splits his time between LA, Boston and where ever he is working.  He’s invited me to Disney.”

“That’s like a big deal for him, isn’t it?” Katie asks, remembering  interviews on Youtube Emery has made her watch over the years of Chris.

“Yea, it is, and it will be the first time I meet his family, since there’s no other time to meet them before.  It’s a little anxiety inducing.”  She pauses to take a deep breath, and shakes it from her mind.  “They go the whole week we have finals, right before Christmas.”

“You want that whole week off?!”  Katie exclaims.

Emery shakes her head, “No, I told him I can’t do that.  My kids need me here for the review days, and I have to play the piano for the choir concert.  I won’t shirk my responsibilities. But I wondered if I could skip the staff meetings on Wednesday, and take off Thursday and Friday?  I could fly out Wednesday night and have a long weekend.  I know we aren’t supposed to ask for days off before a vacation, but I don’t want to just “cough, cough” call in sick either.  Can you help me do the right thing?”

“Are you saying there’s a conference in Florida that week you wish to attend?”  Katie inquires.

Emery gives her friend a puzzled look.  “A conference? What are you talking about?”

Katie grins mischievously at her friend, “Well, as your boss, I can’t give you days off, but I can arrange for you to attend a conference.”  Katie pulls up a link on her computer and types and clicks for a moment.  “Look here, there’s a math seminar on higher order thinking in Florida on the dates you’ve asked about.”

Emery starts to see where Katie is going with this.  She shares a devilish smile with her mentor.  “We’ve attended conferences together before.  Would this one be like the one we went to in Memphis?”

“It would be exactly like the one we went to in Memphis,” Katie explains.

They went to Memphis a few years back.  The school paid for them to have a sub if they would pay all the travel and conference fees.  They attended three workshops and spent the rest of the three day weekend sightseeing and listening to music on Beale Street.

“I would love to go to a conference in Florida,” Emery responds.

“Then you are going.  You make all your own private arrangements, and I will arrange the sub.  But that’s all I can do.  You need anything else?

Emery pulls out her date book, “I’m gonna need the day after the SuperBowl, the day after the Oscars, and the whole week of May 6 off.”


Emery laughs.  “I guess this will be the crazy life of dating a movie star.  I promised him those days.  And be prepared.  He’s my prom date this year, so that could be crazy…”

“Planning 5 months out from now?  That’s a good sign…” Katie is so happy for her friend.  She deserves someone who really loves her.

“Well, I can always change plans later if I need to, but I thought you deserved a heads up,” Emery is honest with Katie.

“Do I need to start looking for a new teacher for next fall?  You would be hard to replace, Ms. Thomas.”

Emery blushes at the compliment, and plays with the stapler on the edge of the desk.  “No, Katie.  I’m not planning on leaving here, and Chris has made no indication yet that I should expect to move or be engaged or anything like that.  Right now, we’re just happy together.”

Katie notices the drop in her friend’s tone.  “Thanksgiving didn’t work out?”

“No.  We both just have too many other things going on.  Which reminds me, I will be getting sick mid-day next Thursday, and it will last a few days.  I’m going to Atlanta for the last day of his filming, and to say goodbye before he goes home for the holidays.”

“Honey, I don’t think you can really call in sick for a broken heart,” Katie says to her dear friend.

“Just remember, it’s all your fault, when I’m sad and miserable because Chris is gone.  You signed me up for online dating.”

“Ah, but Katie Evans has a nice ring to it for your first born daughter!”

“Shut up!” Emery laughs as she exits the office to get ready to head back to class.  She wonders again about the possibility of a red headed little girl, with her father’s beautiful blue eyes and long lashes.  STOP!  She laughs to herself.  I can’t think that if I’m going to get through two more hours of school.

Copyright © 2015 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

One thought on “Time Off

  1. theycallmebecca May 26, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    haha i love kaite! she’s a freaking hoot!!!!

    also… this paragraph of her loudly denying everything that is already (very clearly) going through her head

    “No! No. Well… that sounds heavenly. Don’t even let the press know he’s dating and just show up somewhere with a ring? That’s not a bad… Wait. It’s a horrible idea. We couldn’t do that to our families. And we’ve only been dating a few weeks. That’s insane. You are a horrible friend. Don’t put thoughts like that in my head. No. We aren’t even talking marriage.”

    Liked by 1 person

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