Vacation Surprises

vacation surprises.png

Vacation Surprises

By avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans and his girlfriend, Emery Thomas, take a vacation get away for Spring Break

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count 3305

“Honey, you need to relax. This is my vacation. I refuse to get up at the crack of dawn each day.  Come on, you’re stressing me out,” Emery laughs, watching the numbers descend on the elevator panel, trying to hide a yawn.  “I need this break.  It’s supposed to help me get through state testing and all the end of the school year crap.  And you are supposed to relax before the publicity tour starts.”

“I know, I know!” He laughs.  “I’m just too excited!”  Chris tugs on her arm, pulling her out of the elevator, giving in to his inner seven-year old mentality.  “It’s Disney!”


Emery finally convinces Chris on the third day of their trip that everything doesn’t need to be so rushed.  He pouts about it, but allows her to sleep in while he finishes up phone calls for a new project.  As he is sitting at the desk in the suite, an idea pops into his head and he decides to run out for a bit, leaving a note on the pillow beside her.  He pauses to watch her sleep, saying a silent prayer, thankful he found her and that she has brought so much joy to his life.  He kisses her gently and leaves the room quietly.


Emery freezes momentarily when she steps out of the bedroom. Chris is reading at the table, his glasses perched on his nose, facing the window overlooking the lagoon.   The table is laid out with her breakfast favorites, waffles and fruit.  The bouquet of spring flowers in the center of the table fills the room with an earthy scent.  “What’s all this?” she asks, as she comes up beside him, tugging her fingers through the hair on his neck, kissing the top of his head, taking in his manly smell.

“I remembered you like a big breakfast and a later lunch when you’re on vacation; I thought I’d surprise you.” Chris lays his tablet down, pulling her into his lap.  “So, let’s see? Who are you today?”  His eyes sweep over her Disney inspired clothing choice; taking in her blue sundress with a white collar, yellow Converse sneakers, and the red bow in her hair.  Emery knows adults aren’t allowed to cosplay on the properties, so she takes her Disney inspired outfits very seriously. Chris chuckles at the telling piece.  “Snow White, are those apple earrings I see?”

Emery takes an apple from the fruit basket and hands it to her love.  “One bite and all your dreams will come true,” quoting one of her favorite Disney movies.

He takes the apple from her hand, biting the back of her neck instead.  Her laughter echoes in his ears and his heart soars.  “We’re in no hurry today,” he says as he picks her up, rising from the chair and carrying her back into the bedroom.  “What was that about dreams coming true?” he asks, closing the door behind him.


After emerging from their bedroom, the couple spends most of the afternoon at Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland.  Emery enjoys watching the child-like wonder in her boyfriend’s eyes. Due to the paparazzi style fan photos that surfaced at Christmas, she knew he was keeping a close watch on their surroundings.  A few fans had asked for photos with him, and he agreed, but asked them to wait a few days before posting them.  Emery watches on her social media sites, but had not seen any news of their whereabouts, so both were in a relaxed state, totally public, but feeling off the grid.  Sarah was the cast member that was assigned to work with them during their stay, and she and Emery hit it off really well, often joining forces against him, teasing him for his child-like behavior.

fantasy land.png

“Enough already!  Three times on Peter Pan today is all I can take!” Sarah chides him as the small group makes their way towards Liberty Square.  While Chris gets a funnel cake to share with Emery, Sarah is stopped by two cast members with their Photo Pass cameras, and the three park employees stand and chat.

“Hey… you two!” Sarah stops herself before calling out Chris’s name on the crowded sidewalk.  “These are my friends, Erin and Mark,” gesturing to the park employees.  “Erin is training Mark with some photography techniques, and they were wondering if you two might like to help for just a little bit?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Chris looks at Emery, and shaking Erin and Mark’s hands, he asks, “What do you need from us?”

The friendly cast member, Erin, smiles and laughs, “Well, Mr. Evans, you’re kinda like a Disney Prince, I mean Marvel is owned by Disney, and we need to work on some natural lighting and angles for getting Cinderella’s Castle in the shots.  So I thought who better to pose for us than you!  Do you mind?”

Emery smiles her approval at Chris, biting back a giggle at the “Disney prince” comment and the couple agree to help.  They follow the team down a path to a grassy area, Erin explaining this spot is sometimes used for special events and ceremonies and isn’t available often to the general public.  Chris and Emery follow the directions given to them by the photographers and Emery makes small talk while they work, asking about their job experiences at Disney.  Later, when the photographers are changing out lenses, Sarah walks towards the couple, sharing some history of the grounds and the Castle itself.

Extending her professional courtesies, Sarah asks, “Have you been to the Wishing Well on the other side of the Castle?”

Emery bubbles, “Oh my, yes! It’s one of my favorite spots, ever since I was a little girl!  We stopped their yesterday on our way to Tomorrowland, right before we met up with you!”

Sarah laughs at her enthusiasm.  “What about you, Chris? Did you make a wish?

“I did, although I’m still waiting to see if it comes true.”

“Sarah, he threw in a handful of coins.  He was such a little kid!”  Emery laughs.  “I think he wished for too many things!”

The photographer walks back over to the small group. Erin addresses the attractive couple.  “Okay, we’re almost done!  Can I get you two to stand over here for a few more minutes?”

“Of course,” Chris answers politely, “What do you need us to do?”  He places his hand on Emery’s lower back, guiding her to the location Erin has pointed them towards.

“Oh, you know, make our job easy!” She grins, “Talk, laugh, relax, imagine we aren’t here.  Oh! and pretend like you’re in love.”

“Ugh, Erin, have you met this guy?” Emery laughs, “That’s really hard work; I don’t think my acting skills are that good.”

“Shut up,” Chris says, playfully pulling her to the spot Erin pointed out to them.  “It’s not an act, you know.  I adore you.”

“I know you do, babe.  I just like to see the look on your face when I insult you.  It’s this hurt, little puppy dog look, and you scrunch up your nose, like Nick Vaughn, and it’s so damn cute.”

“Well, thanks.”  He rubs his lips together in a familiar gesture. “I’m glad you think my heart ache is adorable.”

Emery’s eyes glow and sparkle with love and adoration, and she enjoys their easy teasing.  “You know what else is cute?  THAT.  When you rub your lips together, and then kind of scratch your bottom lip with your moustache.”  He does it again and she quickly kisses him to prove her point.

Emery reaches up to push his hair back into place and she pauses to scratch at his beard, cleverly using the hand away from the camera.  He reaches for her hand, and kisses her palm before taking her hand in his.  Her hands feel so small and fragile inside his larger hand.  “You know, I was serious.  I did make a wish in the well yesterday.”

“I know!  You did!  You threw in like a million coins! Do I even want to know what all was on your list?”  She teases, winking at him.

“It was all the same wish.  I just wanted to do everything I could to make sure it comes true.”

She laughs at him, and he lifts a strand of hair that has blown out of place and places it back behind the red bow in her hair.  “Emery, you make me laugh.  Every day, even when we aren’t together, and you’re just a phone call away.  I love that about you.  From the first time I saw you dancing in your classroom, I knew you would change my life.”

“Evans? What are you doing?” Emery’s thoughts start to spin in her beautiful little brain.  Her stomach fills with butterflies; her heart pounds.

“Talking, telling you what I love about you.  Mark and Erin said to relax and be natural.  I’m the most relaxed when I am with you.”  Chris steps to Emery and puts his hand on her cheek, leaning down to softly kiss her rose red lips.  His lips linger there, pulling away slowly, causing her heart to race.  He presses his forehead to hers.  “I love that you anchor me, that you give me balance.”

Chris moves back, lifting under her chin to raise her green eyes to his.  She is mesmerized by the deep ocean blue of the eyes she loves to see every day. “I love that you care about your students, and your world revolves around West; I love that you’re close to your family, and you stepped right into mine.  I love that you give of yourself with your time and your heart.”  Emery’s heart flips feeling the slight tremor in his hand.  The catch in his voice causes her eyes to drop to his lips, watching the words form as he shakily breathes them out.   “All of it, all of it makes you special.  All of it makes you perfect for me.  That wish I made? I need you to help me make it come true…”

Chris steps back and gets down on one knee.  Emery’s left hand flies to cover her mouth, shaking nervously as her eyes fill with tears of joy.  As he pulls the little blue box from his pocket, she quietly whispers, “I love you.”

He smiles, his body visibly shaking from nerves and excitement.  “Emery Rose Thomas, will you make my wish come true?  Will you marry me and make me happy every day of my life?”

“Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!”  She quickly wipes away a tear that escaped it’s hold.  “You really have to ask?”  She pulls him up to standing, “Oh, my God! Yes!”  She throws her arms around his neck and he picks her up off the ground, her tiny feet swinging in the air.  He sets her back down and slips the ring on her finger.  A perfect fit.

As the couple kisses to seal their future together, a crowd in the distance cheers.  Chris wipes away his own tears and taps her on the shoulder, turning her to look behind where they’ve been standing.  On the bridge entering into Cinderella’s Castle, waving and cheering are all the members of both their families.  “Chris? Oh, my God, Chris? They’re all here too?  How? How did you do it?”

“I’ll explain it all later, I think Mark and Erin have a few more photos to take, right? Sarah?”

“Right here, Chris, exactly like you asked for,” she smiles, handing a giant box to each of them.

“What? Where did these come from?” Emery asks, not sure if her tender heart can take any more surprises.

“Disney.  It’s a magical place!  Don’t ask questions,” Chris says, winking at her, so pleased that he was able to pull off the biggest surprise of his life.  “Open yours first.”

“You planned this too?” she asks, taking a moment to admire her ring.

the ring.png

She opens the box, and pulls out a pair of mouse ears stitched with the words “Just Engaged” and the date.  “Wow!  This is too cute!  What does yours say?” She asks placing her ears on her head, as he pulls his out, embroidered with the phrase, “She said YES!”

“Oh, honey, you are just too adorable!”  She helps him adjust his ears, Erin capturing the special moments on film while Mark positions her to stand to Chris’s right with their backs to the camera.  Looking up at the Castle, Erin has Chris tilt his head so it’s resting against Emery’s and her mouse ears, the Castle and their families in the background of the photo, smiling and waving and holding a sign that says ‘Congratulations!’

“Let me just get a few more photos, and then we’ll get the rest of the family down here, okay? And here’s the best part!  You don’t even have to smile for these; it’s just the back of your heads and hats!”

“Oh, Erin! I don’t think I could stop smiling now if you paid me!” Emery laughs and Chris joins in.  He sees his mom watching from across the pond and gives her a thumbs up before blowing her a kiss.

“The photographers? That was staged?” she asks quietly.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replies.  “I thought you’d want it captured forever…  Were you surprised?”

Raising his hand to her lips, she kisses his thick fingers, the hands she knows as well as her own.  “Oh, honey, I had no idea!  I was NOT expecting this…  I love you so much.  That was an amazing wish…”  She chuckles.  “I still can’t catch my breath.  I’m a little speechless.”

Erin steps to the couple and asks Emery to turn in his arms, and to drape her hands around his neck so the ring shows, along with the message on the back of his hat.  Erin begins to step out of the frame and Chris stops her.  “Wait!  Can you take a few of these with my phone?”

Emery looks up and Chris gets lost in her eyes, so full of promise and love.  “I think they’ve take a million photos; you really need some on your phone too?”

“Close your eyes,” he quietly whispers in her ear, “Picture it.  Can you see it?  I think that is the perfect way to tell the world we’re engaged, don’t you?”

“NO! I mean, yes, but today?  NO!  Let’s keep this quiet for a few days.  If we post this today, we will have no peace for the rest of the week.  You’re right though, I can imagine this shot and it’s almost perfect.”

“Almost?” Chris asks.  She sees him smile upon hearing the playful tone in her voice, her Southern drawl prominent in her emotions and excitement of the moment.

She reaches up on her tiptoes to place a kiss on his lips, her hand with her new ring playing with his hair.  “Now, it’s perfect.”  She groans quietly and he deepens the kiss.

“Enough, enough!  Get a room!”  The couple pulls apart when Scott’s voice enters their bubble.

The park photographers continue to snap their photos as the parents and siblings greet the couple and share their congratulations and well wishes.  The younger children enjoy running around in the grassy area, while the women take a closer look at the ring.  “Oh, darlin’, it’s just beautiful,” her mother, Anita exclaims.

“Did he tell you about the ring yet?” Lisa Evans happily asks her future daughter in law, her arm wrapped around Emery’s waist in a warm hug.

Emery shakes her head no, and Lisa calls Chris to her side.  She hugs her son tightly.  “Well, son, you got me!  I had no idea a proposal and a new daughter was in store when you invited us all down for the weekend.”  She chuckles at the look of pride and love on her oldest boy’s face.  “You need to tell her about the ring.”

“Oh yea, here, babe, take it off for a minute and have a look.”  Chris helps her slide it off her finger, and explains to Emery it’s actually two pieces.  “The simple band of stones belonged to my grandmother, and this one I picked out just for you.”  He points to the inscription in the band with the raised stone.  ‘Till the end.’  The actual wedding band will have the rest of the phrase, babe.  You like them?”

“Oh, honey, your grandmother’s ring?” Tears return to her eyes, threatening to spill over.  “This is so beautiful.”  She turns to the other woman who also holds the title of “mom” in her heart, and says, “Momma Lisa, thank you so much!”

“Oh, sweetheart, if I didn’t think you deserved it, I wouldn’t have given it to him to offer it.  You are just what he needs in his life.  I couldn’t have picked a better match.  Welcome to the family,” she envelopes the young woman in another tight hug.  “Beautiful, just beautiful.”  Lisa turns to her oldest son.  “You did good, baby boy.  You treat her right, and you don’t let your fears or Hollywood get between you and you’ll be good.”

Chris’s father and stepmother step forward and greet the couple to share in their good news.  After a few minutes alone, Lisa gestures kindly to her ex-husband that Preston, Emery’s father is waiting patiently to talk to the couple, his own eyes brimming with tears.  Always “daddy’s little girl,” Emery falls into her father’s warm embrace.  “Congratulations, baby girl!  You picked a good one.  A real superhero to take care of you and protect you…”  the older gentleman whispers in her ear, his Southern lilt music to her ears.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she quietly responds.  “You gonna walk me down the aisle?”

“Aww, sweetheart, I wouldn’t miss that for the world,” he chuckles, catching Chris’s eye.  “Son, welcome to the family.  You pulled off quite the surprise here. Nicely done,” he drawls, shaking the man’s hand with a firm grip.

“Thank you, sir,” Chris replies.  “I told you once I’d be the happiest man on Earth if she said yes…”

The photographers begin to round up the family members for a more staged family photo to commemorate the day.  Emery and Chris take center stage and parents and siblings, nieces and nephews crowd around them.  Replaying the events in her mind, Emery asks, “Wait! What? What did that mean? What you just said to my dad?”

Kissing her on the check, Chris blushes.  “Well, Little Miss Independent Southern Belle, you promise not to kick my ass?”

Emery chuckles and pulls him in close for a kiss, while the family cheers again and more photos are taken.  “I make no such promises, sir.”

Chris chuckles, bowing his forehead to hers and shares with her that he actually asked her father for her hand in marriage months ago, on Christmas Day.  More tears threaten to run down her cheeks as the news sinks in that Chris has loved her so deeply for so long.

“Christopher Robert Evans, you amaze me every day. I will be so honored to be your wife…  This is more than I ever dreamed of; I love you so much,” she whispers.  “I promise you, I’ll only kick your ass when you need it, and I will love you more each day. Till the end of the line…”

“Forever? You promise?”  She nods her head yes in response as the photographers take the last photo. He whispers to her, nuzzling her ear with his nose, “Hey, a Disney prince deserves to live happily ever after…”

happily ever after.png

Author’s Note: All images were found on Pinterest.

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

4 thoughts on “Vacation Surprises

  1. theycallmebecca May 27, 2016 / 2:27 pm

    OMG!! My jaw seriously dropped when I realized he was going to propose and at Disneyland!!!! GIRL!! 🙂 love that he staged everything with the photo shoot too hahahahah

    Liked by 1 person

  2. avenger-nerd-mom May 27, 2016 / 2:29 pm

    I waited a long time to be ready to share that chapter. Disney? It had to be done!


  3. Allie S December 21, 2018 / 11:17 pm

    “Chris did you make a wish?” Ah shit he’s proposing here goes and her ass ain’t gonna realize. Like if I fucked that man even once, I’d think every burp was a lead-in for a proposal and this woman is clueless. Kills me. Unfair.

    Liked by 1 person

    • avenger-nerd-mom December 22, 2018 / 2:46 am

      She was kinda clueless about it, wasn’t she?

      I LOVE seeing your comments! Thank you


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