Happy New Year’s Eve, Steve

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Happy New Year’s Eve, Steve

by avenger-nerd-mom

Steve Rogers and his girlfriend, Charlie Mayer, ring in the New Year right

Warnings: NSFW, oral sex, fingering

Word Count: 1830

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Charlie is curled up on the couch next to Steve.  It is nearing midnight, and she whispers in his ear that she wants to go back to his apartment and celebrate alone.  “But, honey, it’s tradition.   I know it’s silly, but watching the ball drop at midnight is something I did as a kid.  It amazes me this tradition still exists.  This year, I want to watch with you.”

“Alright fine,” she quietly huffs.

Steve kisses the top of her head, loving the smell of her apple shampoo.  He reaches across with his right hand and tugs on one of her curls.  “I promise, baby doll, I’ll be worth your wait,” he teases.

Charlie knows she’s had more than enough to drink, and feels bold.  She wants what she wants.  And she wants Steve.  Soon.  She twists her body on the couch and rises up on her knees to face him. She hovers above his beautiful face, putting her hands on the back of the couch on either side of his head.  He drops his head back to rest on the back of the leather seat and smiles up at the lovely vision. Her dark curls cascade down around them and he can see the defined muscles in her arms.  She moves her knee over his leg, straddling his thigh.

“Baby, we’re in public,” he breathes out with a hiss.

She looks up and sees Natasha at the bar, giving her a thumbs up, and Clint excuses himself awkwardly from the other end of the couch.  Tony’s annual New Year’s Eve party is in full swing, and the gang is all together, along with about a hundred other people they collectively know and trust.

She leans forward, dipping her arm so Steve can peer down her gold sequined dress.  She whispers with hot, wet breath into his ear, “How about instead of watching the ball drop, we find a quiet place where I can suck yours?”

Instinctively, Steve’s hand comes up and grabs the back of her thigh, no longer caring others are present. He snaps the top of the garter he feels with his thick fingers as she pushes away from him.

Across the room, Tony says to Rhodey, “Did you see that?!  Dear God, she was wearing garters.  No wonder Steve hides in his apartment all the time lately.  Who knew Cap could still get it up at his age?”

“I think this finally puts the whole virgin question to rest,” Rhodey replies as they watch Steve follow Charlie from the room.

“Damn, I need a cold shower.  Where’s Pepper?”  Tony says, as he excuses himself from his friend.


Charlie walks up the stairs, with Steve trailing behind her.  With each step, he grabs at her ass, making her laugh.  “Where are we going?” he asks, his voice dripping with hunger and need she created.

“I have no idea.  There has to be some place private with a view of the city.”

She stops on the landing, and looks down on all of the party goers. Some of them are watching them, knowingly, almost envious of the heat between them.  She pulls Steve to her and kisses him with desire.  “They say what you do in the first hour of the New Year, you will be doing all year long.  I want to be fucking you.”

She smiles as she feels Steve’s cock stirring against her thigh, and his hands slide in the cut out of her open back dress.  He kneads at her spine with his strong hands, and growls quietly with lust.

Noiselessly, Pepper walks past them and says, “Here, take this.  You’ll find what you’re looking for,” handing off a key card and post- it to Charlie before she descends the stairs.

As Steve pulls back on her hair, exposing her graceful neck and beginning to bite gently along her jaw, Charlie calls out her thanks to her friend, and takes a look at the note.

She hands it to Steve, and pulls away from him as they both share a laugh.

“No one uses the 46th floor. The room on the northeast corner of the building is available and all privacy blocks have already been set.  Have fun!   Love,Pepper.”

When the couple reach the space Pepper described to them, they find an unused room, glowing from a decorated Christmas tree still sitting in the corner.  Steve is astounded by the view.  Seeing his city from so high, covered in lights, is always such a breath taking experience.

Tonight this sensation is heightened by the view of his lovely lady leaning against the window, looking down on the revelers below.  He heatedly walks to her, pushing her against the glass, bringing her hands up above her head.  Charlie drops her head back to rest on his chest and his lips roughly find her neck.  He holds her hands together with one of his and uses the other to push her dark hair out of the way, over her other shoulder.  Then he begins to caress over her gold sequined dress.  He tells her, his voice full of lust and desire, “You smell so good; like apples and vanilla. Later, I’m gonna see if you taste as good as you smell.”

Charlie groans with delight.  Steve’s beautiful full lips on her, searching her core is a favorite.  Her body begins to respond warmly as his hand continues to run down her side, stopping to grip her waist.  His mouth works its magic along her neck and her knees begin to buckle.  She leans into the cold, hard glass, looking out on the city.  He kneads forcefully with his skillful fingers at her hip, gathering up her dress.  He reaches down between her thighs, and finds her wet and open.  “Oh, baby doll, that is a nice surprise!” he rumbles in her ear.  He is surprised to discover Charlie isn’t wearing panties.  “Have you been like this all night?”

She turns her mouth to him and stretches up to reach his neck.  She nips at him with her teeth before he pulls away.  “Only for about the last hour.  Thor fixed my last drink.  Bad, bad idea…”

Steve chuckles at this.  It’s a wonder the poor girl can still stand.  “I don’t know about that; it seems to be working out in my favor.”

“Are you going to keep holding me so tight, or can I touch you?” Charlie whines.

Steve ignores her and pushes her hands against the glass, silently signaling he wants her to leave them up, before letting go of her wrists.  The released hand slides down across her cheek, over her neck, gently grasping her jaw and turning her mouth to his.  He licks his lips before capturing her pretty mouth.

Charlie moans at his onslaught, loving the taste of the Asgardian mead that clings to his tongue.  She can feel his lips curve to a smug smile at her reaction.  She tries to catch his bottom lip, but he keeps pulling away from her, teasing her.  Instead, he captures hers, tugging and pulling it between his teeth, flicking his tongue across the tender flesh.

He smiles again, seeing the goosebumps form above the neckline of her dress.  He attacks her with his lips, teeth and tongue, using his hand to hold her sweet face in place.  Steve loves the little moans and whines she makes and his need grows from this.  As always, he knows he has to ready her completely with foreplay for her to be ready for his super serum stamina.  Steve is so pleased with how willingly she accepts his ministrations and prepares for him.  His heart aches from the love and joy she brings to his life.

While invading Charlie’s mouth, his other hand forges ahead, caressing over the top of her thigh, tugging on the garter belt.  He reaches between her thighs and she instinctively moves her legs apart for Steve to better reach her inner folds.  He drags his finger back and forth over her wet lower lips.  He can sense that the rough fabric of her dress is adding to her stimulation, and she pushes back against him.  She’s already dripping, and he roughly pushes into her sweet hole. He catches her with his legs when her knees collapse.  “Steve, please,” she moans.

He chuckles and whispers, “Not yet.”

“You’re so mean,” Charlie laughs at him.

She can see the lights of the city below them and watches their reflection in the glass.  She can see little marks forming along her neck, from the repeated bitings she’s received, and watches Steve’s hand disappear under the edge of her dress.  His eyes connect with hers in their reflection and she sees the look of triumph cross his face as he slips in another finger, sinking deep inside her. He pumps in and out slowly, then rough, then slow again, his mouth biting at the back of her neck now.  His other hand grasps her breast and pinches over her dress.

The super soldier feels the change start to pulse through her body and he pulls away from her.

“Steve!” she whimpers.  “Don’t stop!”

He yanks the dress over her head and drops to his knees, twirling her around and pushing her back against the window.   Steve burrows his tongue into the spot recently vacated by his fingers and rapidly laps up her juice, fucking her with his mouth. Her cries and mewling increases as she pulls at his hair.

She looks down to her favorite sight.  Captain America on his knees, just for her.  His hands grab her ass and guide her closer to him.   Just a few quick flicks with his skilled muscle and she breaks, coming on his tongue, filling his mouth. Steve moans against her, his vibrations completing her.  He slows, gently bathing her with his tongue now, as she slowly floats back to reality.

She yanks his hair and pulls him back, “Cap, you cheated.  I was going to take care of you.”

“Baby, look,” he gently pulls her down to the floor next to him and wraps his arms and legs around her as he can feel the chill of her skin, having been against the cold window for so long.  He toys with her hair as they watch the ball from Times Square start to fall.

“Happy New Year, doll.  You still have the hour you were talking about to take care of me.  I just knew I wanted to end the year with a bang, and start it with another.”

“Job well done then, Captain.”  Charlie turns in his lap and begins to unbutton his shirt.  Before her lips pounce on his again, she laughs, “Happy New Year, Steve!”

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Copyright © 2015 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Eve, Steve

  1. devikafernando June 30, 2016 / 5:07 pm

    *fans self aggressively* One year of banging Cap? Hell yeah! 😉

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  2. Lavenia Donnelly December 19, 2016 / 1:37 am

    I have been examinating out some of your posts and i must say pretty good stuff. I will surely bookmark your blog.

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