Merry Christmas, Steve

Merry Christmas Steve

Merry Christmas, Steve

by avenger-nerd-mom

Steve Rogers enjoys unwrapping his Christmas gift.

Warning: NSFW, adult situations, multiple orgasms, oral

Word count 2150

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“Bring the can of whipped cream too,” Charlie shouts over the sound of Christmas music.

“And what, Miss Charlotte, do you plan to do with that?!” Steve asks as he balances the tray with mugs of hot cocoa and Christmas cookies they baked yesterday. He carries it into the living room and sets it on the coffee table, near where Charlie is sitting by the tree.

“Well, don’t you just have a dirty mind!  It’s for my cocoa!  What do YOU want to do with it?” the pretty brunette asks, her voice full of laughter.

“Oh, I can think of some fun things I’d like to try,” he cocks his eyebrow at her and smiles devilishly.

“Why, Captain Rogers, I do believe you are being awfully forward this evening!”

She laughs as he plows into her, pushing her onto the ground, quickly planting his lips on her neck.  He runs his tongue along the sweetheart neckline of her red party dress, dipping his tongue between the valley of her rounded breasts.  He’s been dying to do that all evening.  He smiles as her pulse quickens and she reaches between them to pull at the buttons of his shirt.  He lifts his weight off of her, rolling onto his back and lifting her on top of him.  The ornaments on the tree jingle as she bumps into the lowest branches.

Steve begins to paw at the back of her dress.  “Hey, Super Soldier, don’t rip the dress this time,” Charlie teases him.

“Oh, no,” he growls in her ear.  “Not this dress.  This dress is too perfect.  Really, doll, you looked so amazing tonight.”

For the annual Stark Christmas party, Charlotte Mayer looked like she stepped out of a wet dream Steve had as a younger man, over 70 years before.  The bright red ‘40s styled dress hugged every curve of his girlfriend’s luscious body, and she had curves in all the right places, just as a woman should.  Steve didn’t see the fascination modern society had with stick thin girls.  He wanted his girl round and stacked.

Steve had been delighted during the sit down dinner to discover that his dark haired beauty was wearing old fashioned stockings with a garter belt.  He had been even more pleased that she let him play with her wet folds under the table during dessert, tugging at the garters.  He loved the attention to detail she gave to her style of clothing and her wish to please his tastes.

As he looks up at his girl, lying on top of him, he smiles at the way she spills out of her dress, her breasts smashed against him.  God bless grandmas who saved their favorite fashions and the vintage stores in Greenwich Village that now sell them.

Charlie pushes up on Steve’s rock hard chest, effectively pushing her lower body against his and she smiles.  “Hold up, soldier, I’m not there yet.”

She winces as her head bumps the tree branch again.

“What’s wrong, doll face?” Steve asks with his voice full of concern.

“I now know why every woman in old movies looked bitchy.  These hair pins were created by Satan, and there must be like 50 stuck in my head,” Charlie complains.  “They’re giving me a headache.”

Steve swiftly sits up, pulling her to a kneeling position, facing the lights on the tree.  “Here, let me help,” he says, as he slowly unzips her dress, kissing her exposed flesh with each movement, down her spine as the zipper goes lower and lower.  He grins as she shivers at his touch and goose bumps cover her milky white skin.

“How does removing my dress help?” Charlie inquires.  Although Steve can’t see her face, he knows she is smiling.

“It doesn’t.  That part is just for me; it creates a lovely visual,” he explains as he taps her bottom.  She rises up on her knees so he can gently pull the dress over her head.

Steve lets out a low, appreciative whistle, “Baby, you look fantastic!”

In the light of the Christmas tree, on her knees with her back to him, Charlie is a vision straight from a WWII pin-up poster.  Steve uses his artist’s eye to quickly take in every detail so he can sketch it later.  The back of her bra strap; the garter belt low on her hips; the curve of her ass hidden under the black lace panties; her tight thighs sheathed in sheer nylon.  His dick twitches and strains against his pants and he rubs his hand over himself a few times to alleviate the pressure.

She sits back down on her heels and he moves closer to her, pulling off his own shirt. He picks her up, setting her between his legs and leaning her back against his chest.  She quietly hums her approval at feeling her skin finally touching his.  Charlie’s head falls back, exposing her long, graceful neck.  Steve begins planting kisses along her jaw line, remembering to be gentle so his bites don’t bruise her so badly this time, and he slowly starts pulling the pins from her hair.

With each gentle tug, a curl escapes, and he twists her beautiful locks in his fingers.  Charlie sighs contentedly and massages her finger tips into Steve’s thighs on either side of her, using more force than required for the average man.  She can feel Steve growing hard as his still-clothed cock pushes against her lower back.

The pile of hairpins continues to grow and Steve is lovingly removing each one.  When he was a young man, traveling with the show girls, touching their well-coifed hair was a no-no, because they’d spent so much time to painstakingly create their curls and pin them in place.  Playing with Charlie’s hair is one of his favorite intimacies they share.  The fall of each curl as he releases it from its hair pin trap adds to his excitement.

Steve reaches around to cup under one of Charlie’s large, perfectly round breasts.  His large hand slides under the lace and pulls and tugs at her hardened nipple.  He pinches it lightly and laughs when he hears her moan, “Fuck, that feels so good…”

With the last of the hair pins removed, Steve begins to run his fingers through her curls, gently shaking them out.  He gathers her hair in his hands and pulls it to his face, smelling the strong scent of apples from the shampoos she uses.  He inhales deeply and drops her hair, watching it fall around her shoulders and cascade down her back.

Steve pushes Charlie away from him. “Lie down on your stomach,” he gently commands.  While she moves into position he removes the last of his formal wear from the party, only keeping on his boxers.  He smiles down at the ones she gave him covered with Christmas bulbs.

He straddles her back, not putting pressure on her, and begins to massage her back and shoulders.  He can feel the tension leave her body as his strong hands work their magic.  His hands move up her back, forceful and steady, then across the tops of her shoulders, trailing back down her sides with light, feathery touches.  On his second pass over, he unhooks her bra, and smoothly pushes it to the side.

Steve moves down to rest on the back of her thighs, and advances to massage her lower back, pulling up on her hips.  He grins to himself as he hears her breathing get louder, signaling she’s ready.  His thick fingers slide over her wonderfully curved ass and dip under the fabric, reaching into her hot, wet center.  She bucks at his touch, and his ministrations progress, pushing in slowly and deeply, spreading her slick.

Steve lifts up and flips Charlie over onto her back.  Her eyes are filled with lust at the sight before her, Captain America in all his glory.  Broad shoulders, amazing abs, strapping arms… She moans delightfully at the view and strokes her fingers down his chest to his tapered waist, reaching for the band of his boxers.

He quickly pulls away from her reach and dives between her legs.  He finds the black lace covering her mound is already soaked from her wetness.  He places his mouth at her sweet box and pulls the wet material into his mouth, sucking and lapping his tongue over the dampened fibers.

Charlie grabs at his hair and whispers, “Stop teasing me, dammit.”

She can feel his hot breath as he chuckles against her thigh, slowly kissing down her leg to the clasp of the garter.  He tugs with his teeth and it pops loose.  He slowly unrolls the nylon from her leg, brushing his long eyelashes over her flesh as each new area of skin is exposed.  Her moans and writhing add fuel to his desire.

Once the hosiery is removed, he takes her foot into his hands and begins to maddeningly caress her tender skin.  “Oh, my god, yes,” she breathily sighs.

Steve repeats the process with her other leg.  He delights in driving her crazy, knowing he is already pushing her to the edge.  His extended and torturous foreplay better prepares her for his power and need, enhanced long ago by the serum.

Steve tugs at the garter and panties at her waist with more force than intended and the fabric rips.  She just laughs when he shrugs his shoulders.

He sits back to admire her naked form. Even without his artist’s eye, her beauty could not be denied by any man.  She belongs to him and he intends to remind her of that, by taking possession of her.  He quickly removes his boxers and positions himself above her.  She raises her legs and plants her feet firmly on the floor, tilting up to provide him easier entry.

Steve pushes into her, straight to her core and she cries out.  He thrusts into her again and again.  Right as he feels Charlie reaching her peak, he lifts her and casts them over again so she is on top.  With his hands guiding her hips, she continues to slide up and down, impaling herself on his stiff rod.

Charlie braces her hands on the corded muscles of his forearms and grinds down against him.  She knows she’ll feel sore tomorrow, but knows the pleasure tonight is worth the pain in the morning.

The handsome soldier can sense the change in her as she comes closer to her release, tightening around his shaft.  He looks down the length of his body and watches her slide up and down, hiding him inside her delicious, wet hole.  Her beautiful full breasts sway back and forth and drag across his chest, adding to his sensory pleasure.  He grabs one of her pink buds between his teeth and remembers to gently bite down.  Steve pulls it between his lips and reaches up to grasp her breast, kneading it between his fingers.  His sucking is exactly what she needs and she lets him know, “Oh, god, Steve, I’m coming. I’m coming.  Don’t stop. More.”

Steve loves this directive and pulls down on her ass to bring her in closer, biting even harder on her nipple as she grinds against him to her completion.

Before she can fully come down from her high, he flips them once again.  His arm hits the branches of the Christmas tree and they both chuckle at the sound of ornaments hitting against each other and crashing to the ground.

Steve’s eyes lock on to Charlie’s as he continues his rapturous assault, pounding into her, pausing every few strokes to grind against her already sensitive clit.  As she swells to her second orgasm, he follows hers with his own release.

Steve continues to pump as her muscles contract around him, pulling every drop from him before he collapses by her side in a spent heap.

Charlie snuggles against him and basks in the glow.  When her brain can finally form words again, she teases Steve, “We knocked over the Christmas tree…”

“Again,” he interrupts.

“How many ornaments do you think we broke this time?” she wonders aloud.

“At this rate, there won’t be any left when Pepper comes to put it away,” Steve responds unapologetically.

Charlie sits up to stretch out her sore muscles, and Steve silently cringes when he sees the small bruises already forming on her back.  “Maybe I should bring the mattress in here for Round Two?” he suggests, caressing her back as he moves to stand.

“Don’t forget the whipped cream!” she calls out as he exits the room.

“I like the way you think,” he laughs as he pauses in the doorway in all his naked splendor.

“Merry Christmas, Steve,” Charlie giggles.

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Copyright © 2015 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

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