Remote Control

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Remote Control

by avenger-nerd-mom

Warnings: None, Fluff, Language

Word Count 1688

Author’s Note: Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Last night, Hubs put me through this.  All I could think was “Damn, Chris would so do this to Emery!” And it was that thought that kept me from killing my husband… (April 1, 2016)


“Hey, babe, how was your dinner out with the girls?” Chris asks, reaching out “grabby” hands to Emery as she kicks off her shoes.

She smiles warmly at her man and her dog, curled up on the couch on a Friday night.  She shrugs off her coat and lets it fall to the floor, landing in a heap.  Plopping on the couch next to Chris, she leans into his side, welcoming him with a long, slow kiss.  “I would have cancelled if I’d known you were coming home,” she says, a tiredness seeping through her voice.

“I know you would have, and that’s why I didn’t tell you I was able to come,” he chuckles, tilting her face to cover her forehead in kisses. “It’s all you’ve talked about all week- going out with the girls on Friday!”

Her head drops to his shoulder, and she caresses his arm with her right hand, while he lifts her left hand from her lap, admiring the sparkling bauble he added to her finger just a few weeks ago.  “You still sure you wanna say yes? It’s not too late to change your mind,” he teases.

“Christopher Robert Evans, you cannot get rid of me that easily. Now, why would I change my mind?” she giggles as he raises her hand to his lips, turning it to kiss her palm.

“It’s my turn to pick the movie,” he reminds her.  His body rocks with laughter at her groan.

“Oh, God, what is it this time?” She outwardly growls her complaint.  “Please, no Disney, not to tonight. And not Sharknado again, really!” She pokes him in the side.

He points his phone at the TV, “I’m telling you, it’s a train wreck, I can’t NOT watch it…  OK, look what I learned how to do.  I can click in with my phone to your Roku. We can watch anything on the Internet through your TV.  How about some porn?”

She sighs deeply and lifts her head off his shoulder to glare at him.  “Ok, fine, you’re right. That’s better for watching in the bedroom anyway.  Maybe later?”  He smirks at the look on her face, enjoying teasing her.

She pulls her phone from her pocket, logging back in to the WIFI.  “Babe, whatever you want.  I’m tired.  How is it you can’t figure out my remotes, but you can hook the phone up to the TV?”

“You have three damn remotes. I don’t understand why you won’t let me get the guy from the store to come and hook it all up in one system,” he grumbles.

“I have my system, you have yours… Hey, what’s all that?” she asks.  On the screen, her most recent YouTube searches are visible.  She stifles back a groan at the embarrassment of it all.  “Wait, so anything I search on my computer, you can see?” she asks, somewhat embarrassed.

“Gee, babe, how many times do you watch that Stony music video?” Chris asks, tugging her hair.

“I told you, it’s good editing.  Damn, I wish I could edit stuff, I’d be dangerous.  Shit, that’s a lot of Chris Evans stuff up there.  It looks really stalker-ish when you see it like that!  I just want you to know, I really can’t remember the last time I searched YouTube.  Some of that has to be really old.”

“It says you watched Renner singing about Hawkeye’s super powers three days ago?” he laughs at her.

“Yea, I had a shitty day. That song fucking cracks me up.”

“Mmhmm… I’m keeping an eye on you and Jeremy next week; just remember, I’m the superhero you go home with. And what’s this? Top 20 sexiest shirtless men?”

“What the hell? I’ve never clicked on that?!  Are you gonna pick a movie or not, cause I’m tired- oh, wait! Click on that, that looks good,” She says, squeezing his arm to get his attention.

Chris moans and makes the video start, laying his head back on the couch.  “This ought to be good…”

They watch about four minutes of an eight-minute fan video about the MCU before Emery tells him to turn it off.  “Why? I thought it was pretty good… Some interesting theories. Wrong, but interesting,” he teases her.

“You promised you weren’t going to do that,” she reminds him.  She’s made him promise no spoilers or teasing her about the outcome of Civil War.  She won’t admit to him, but she’s actually dreading seeing the movie with him in the upcoming weeks at the premiere events she is scheduled to attend with him.  She had originally asked for time off in May to attend, but as the schedule came together and the LA premiere was moved to mid-April, she adjusted her schedule as well.  It actually worked out better for her, as she would back just in time for a hard push of review right before state testing begins.  “That editing was horrible, and it made Tony and Steve both look like idiots. No, find something else.”

She plays on her phone, enjoying the new photos from the Esquire shoot that appeared throughout the day.  Chris clicks through YouTube searching for something, “It’s here, I know it is, I started to watch it the other night,” he mumbles under his breath, nodding his head to her when she shows him which photo in the collection is her favorite. “White pants?” he complains. “Seriously ridiculous. Who the fuck wears that?”

She giggles at his response, jumping when he exclaims, “There it is! Oh, honey, you’re going to love this.  It’s about Galileo and his struggles with the church over his scientific findings that the Sun was the center of the Universe.”

She looks up from her phone, where she had been messaging her friend, Jen, who was complaining about being snowed in for the evening, halfway across the nation from her spot in spring-tie Georgia. “Wait. It’s a movie about science?  Is this some kind of April Fool’s Joke?”

“No, it’s not a joke.  I watched part of it the other day, it’s good, you’ll love it,” he says, enthusiastically patting her thigh as he settles in.  “And look! You know who that is? He’s good, right?”

Emery stares at the screen.  It looks like a movie she would have watched on a VCR cart back in elementary school.  “Chris, how old is this movie?”

“It’s from ’75, it’s based on a play.  Why?” he asks, ignoring the scorn in her voice.

“Geez, it just looks like something we would have watched in elementary school,” she says, staring at the screen, trying to figure out who the actor is, but not caring enough to Google it.  She continues to message her friend, casting glances at the movie, just often enough to appease Chris.

“Isn’t this interesting?!” He bubbles with excitement.  “Come on, I know you know him…”

Emery rolls her eyes, and takes a closer look, squinting just a bit at the TV screen before turning her attention back to her phone.  “It’s the dad, the guy from Fiddler on the Roof.” To play along with his excitement, she even sings a few lines of “If I Were a Rich Man.”  He can’t contain the look of contentment on his face as he smiles at her.  “Come on, isn’t this good?”

“Yes, honey.  I love educational movies on a Friday night after a long hard week.”

“Oh, come on, you made me watch that math movie a few weeks ago.”  She ignores his good natured ribbing.  He knows Stand and Deliver is not just a math movie to her, it’s the whole reason why she teaches the way she does, why she works so damn hard to make math real to her students.  “Just watch for a little while, I promise, it’s good.”

“I’m watching,” she says, staring back down at her phone, laughing when he says he’ll make popcorn later.  “And I can’t begin to tell you how much the adjective ‘good’ sells this movie.  It’s just making me quiver with anticipation.”

Chris’s hand slides up her thigh, rubbing at the seam of her jeans feeling the heat between her legs, “No, sweetie, that’s just how you feel about the performance after the movie.”

She leans her head back as his caresses continue, enjoying this part of the movie watching experience.

She looks up at one interlude in the film.  “There’s SINGING?! Chris, what is this shit?”

“Ok, yea, that part is dumb, but the scientific findings of Galileo…”

She hates to do it, but her brain is done.  She smiles and nods as he begins to tell her in a short version of this long film why once again he believes Galileo to be one of the most amazing people who ever existed.  He pauses long enough in his “lecture” for her to hear a joke in the film, and she laughs to show she is paying attention, but shortly after, her eyes close of their own volition, and she awakes later to find the movie is still playing but he is no longer beside her and she is wrapped in a blanket. 

She gets up and turns off the TV, nearly tripping over West, and moves to turn out the light in the kitchen.  She sees that the porch door is open and smiles.  The smell of cigarette smoke stings her nose as she slides up behind him, looking through the telescope she gave him for Christmas.  “Hey, Evans,” she whispers.  “Come on.  Let’s go get some sleep.”  She watches as he puts out his cigarette, carrying the telescope back in the house carefully.  He steps back to the porch, staring at the night sky, pulling her close.  His plump lips move to hers as she quickly wets her lip with her tongue in anticipation of their lips meeting, his tongue chasing hers.  Another thing she won’t admit is she likes the smoky taste in his mouth after he’s been smoking, as much as she hates his bad habit.  He wraps his hand in hers pulling her inside, whispering, “Em, you are the center of my universe.”

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


One thought on “Remote Control

  1. theycallmebecca May 27, 2016 / 2:32 pm

    haha he is such a geek sometimes but so loveable haha


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