Boston’s Best

Pt Boston's Best

Boston’s Best

Part 2 of “A Date to Remember”

By avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans meets with an OFC/Reader who wins a radio contest for a date with him, but plans change because of winter weather

Warnings: Fluff Word Count: 1380

A special thanks to @ek823, who inspired this with her #FantasyFriday submission on @tsfrce

Click here for Part 1 “The Winner is…”

Chris once again maneuvers the conversation back to you as he leads you to his car.  You gently glide in past him and once you are settled, he closes the door for you.  You pull off your leather gloves quickly and lean over to open the driver’s side door for him.  He nods his thanks as he climbs in, readjusting the air vents and his seat.  “Sorry, a little too warm, I guess,” as he watches you pull off your gloves.  He laughs at the static in your hair when you pull off your bright red knitted hat.  You mumble, and he laughs more as it sticks to your coat. “Here, let me help,” he says as he reaches over to smooth your hair back into place.  He runs his fingers through your hair gently, and follows through to the ends, accidently brushing his fingertips against your cheek.  You jump from his cold touch, and giggle, “Damn, your hands are cold!” Even the slightest touch from him warms you inside.

“Lost my gloves at the airport,” he explains as he moves the car to pull away from the curb.

“I’d offer you mine, but I don’t think they’d fit,” you laugh as you hold your small hands up.  He chuckles with you, and you begin asking questions about some of the sights and buildings you pass.  “The city really is pretty all lit up at night.”

“If you’re in town all weekend, you really should go down and see it from the Harbor tomorrow,” he shares.  “It’s one of my favorite spots.”

You bite your lip to hide your smile from the image of him at the Harbor that you’ve seen over and over again.  You fight back the urge to giggle, but can’t help but say, “It’d be awfully cold for skinny dipping this time of year.”

Chris looks at you as he makes a right hand turn at the light, and his laughter echoes in the car.  “Yea, I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.”  He goes into telling some stories about events behind the scenes and shares a few tales involving his friends Anna and Chris.  You’re really surprised he opened up like that, so you are grateful you let your fangirl shine for a moment.

Your phone beeps a few times, and you politely ask, “Do you mind if I check it?  I have a relative who has been really sick….”  When he nods his head yes, you notice he watches you from the corner of his eyes.  You read the text message, relieved it’s from the contest people, and not your mother.  The message is to inform you that Chris will take you back to the hotel after dinner, and someone from the group will be checking in at 11 pm to make sure you have returned safely to the hotel. You chuckle at the underlying message- don’t hook up with Captain America.

“I take it that wasn’t about your family?” he inquires, a sweet smile on his face.  When he blinks, you can see by the lights on the dashboard his eyelashes against his cheeks, the dark shadows under his eyes from hard days at work.

“No.  Everything’s fine; it was just the contest people, with just a few reminders.”

The clock on the dash says it’s almost seven; time for your dinner reservations.  The scenery outside the window has changed, and appears to be more suburban.  The conversation now seems to flow a little more freely, and Chris is asking you questions about your job, friends and family.  You toss a few questions back, but he seems to want to steer clear of himself, so you let him.  You remind yourself this is just a publicity stunt, and he doesn’t have to give up and share anything personal.  His questions are polite and it is interesting to discover you share a few things in common.  Your stomach tightens when you realize he has turned down a purely residential street, and he slows the car in front of a house.  “Chris?” you hesitantly ask.

He puts the car in park and shifts in his seat.  “I promised you the best Italian food in Boston.  Nothing’s better than ‘Mama Lisa’s kitchen!’  The weather changed my plans and I didn’t get in last night.  I really miss everyone, and I could use a home cooked meal.”  He sighs and runs the back of his thumb down from his nose to his Cupid’s Bow, pausing his thumb on his lip.  His red, kissable plump lips.

The words are out of your mouth before you think: “It’s so cute when you do that!”  As the words hang in the air, you close your eyes in embarrassment and crash your head back against the seat.  You chuckle and say, “I said it out loud. Oh, God, I’m so sorry!”  You turn your head to face him, and he is biting back a laugh.  “I’ve been trying to be cool all night and not fangirl, but you keep doing and saying these things and I can’t help it…  And now you’re inviting me in to have dinner with your family?”

“I bring home friends all the time, I promise, it won’t be weird.  You don’t seem like the crazy stalker type, and I’ve enjoyed talking with you.  If it’s weird for you, we can go grab a burger, and go sit in the hotel lobby and talk some more.”

You notice a flicker of lights and turn towards the house.  A figure is standing in the doorway flashing the porch lights off and on.  It reminds you of when you were in high school, and your dad would flash the lights if he thought you’d been sitting in a car with a boy too long.  And realization dawns on you…  “Oh, my God, Chris!  Someone thinks we’ve been sitting here too long!”

Your laughter joins his as he releases one of his signature left boob grab laughs, rocking through his whole body and hitting his knee.  As he catches is breath, climbing out of the car, he says, “You are too funny!  I haven’t laughed like that in weeks.”

Well, you don’t think that’s true.  If he’s been on set with reshoots, there is bound to be laughter every day, but you aren’t going to argue with the handsome man who thinks you are funny.  You put your gloves back on before exiting the car when he opens the door for you.  As you walk towards the house, he has his hand on your lower back again, and you hear the “whoop whoop” of the car door locking signal.  This small gesture helps ground you back to reality.  You take a deep breath and pull yourself tall with confidence.  And in the next moment, you slip on a patch of ice on the walkway, Chris catching you before you can fall.  He rights you quickly and reaches low to brush the snow off your knees.  Your heart is racing from the near miss, and you hope no one is watching from the window.  “Are you okay? You look a little shaken up,” he offers with concern.

You slowly nod, yes, you’re okay.  You have a loss for words as his strong hands are gripping your arms, to keep you from falling again.  You just want to stand in the porch light and stare into his eyes forever.  You turn slowly and you both begin to walk towards the house again.  When you reach the door, it flies open and Chris’s brother, Scott, greets him with a warm hug and pat on the back.  “Welcome home, bro!  We’ve missed you around here.”

You see the look pass between the two boys as Scott looks you over.  While Chris takes your coat, before he can even introduce you, Scott yells over his shoulder, “Guess what? Chris brought home another girl!”  He winks at you as he starts to walk away, and yells at no one in particular, “This one’s even prettier than the last one!”

Part 3 Open Book

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

6 thoughts on “Boston’s Best

  1. Mrs. Kent April 4, 2016 / 7:15 pm

    This is so, so good. My best friend and I can’t get enough! You’ve captured his spirit and painted a picture of (a much more put-together version of) how I think a set up like this would go.

    Brilliant! I can’t wait for the next part!

    Liked by 1 person

    • avenger-nerd-mom April 5, 2016 / 1:03 am

      Thank you so much, Mrs. Kent! Part 3 will be up soon! Keep reading!


  2. theycallmebecca May 27, 2016 / 7:19 pm

    oooo those evans brothers! first chris (why the hell do i keep writing ‘kiss’?1?!) making her think they were going to a restaurant but really taking her to his mommas and then scott…. oh that boy is looking for a beating from his big bro hahaah


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