Pt 5 Chaperones


Pt 5 “Student Teacher”

by avenger-nerd-mom

AU Chris Evans finishes his term as a student teacher in the science classroom with Alexis Warner as his mentor.  Together they have to chaperone the end of the year dance.

Warnings: NSFW, language, adult situations, oral sex, fingering, penetration

Word Count 3620

Chris leans against the stage, chatting with students walking by.  He compliments the girls on their dresses and tells the boys how sharp they look in their suits and ties. The last day for the students has culminated with a celebratory formal for the eighth grade students and everyone looks their best. His eyes scan the room biting back his laughter at the principal dancing with his wife and the Student Council president challenging one of the English teachers to a dance off competition.

His eyes finally land on the vision he has been searching for, Miss Alexis Warner, his mentor and… friend.

Miss Susie, one the school cooks, hands him a piece of cake.  “Mr. Evans, you make this place look good!” the older woman giggles.  “I sure am going to miss seeing your handsome face at lunch during meetings next week.”

He takes a bite of the decadent chocolate cake and chuckles, “Oh, Miss Susie, I may have to stop by just to get lunch.  Your cooking is too good to pass up!”

His gaze falls back to Alexis as he continues to eat the cake.  “Listen here, young man, let me tell you, that’s another sweet thing that’s too good to pass up!  I see the way you look at her; that you bring her coffee every day.  Come Monday morning, you’re not her student teacher any more.  As the world’s leading authority on waiting too long, DON’T.”  Chris catches her wistful grimace as she looks to Mr.Larry, the custodian, dancing with his new bride.  Chris’s heart breaks for her, seeing the softer side to the hardened woman he has grown to care for during his time at the school.  “It wouldn’t kill you to ask her to dance.”

The plump woman gives him an extra squeeze when she hugs him good-bye. Chris chuckles as he watches her walk away, following his eyes across the gym floor to Alexis.  She and a group of girls from class are dancing and laughing to the nauseating beat of a boy band song.  The beguiling science teacher smiles when she looks up to see him watching her.

She looks stunning in her red dress, her dark hair piled on her head.  The skirt swirls around her as she dances and even from far away he can see the laughter in her eyes.  Chris crosses the room to dispose of his trash, holding back his own laughter when he sees her bite her lip instinctively as he licks some frosting from his thumb.

As if on cue, the music turns slow and the girls giggle when Chris enters their circle, asking their favorite teacher to dance.  The preteens move away and Chris blushes when he hears one young lady comment under her breath about the appearance of his ass.

“Are you blushing?” Alexis teases.  “She’s not wrong; it really is nice!”

“Thirteen-year-old girls should not be looking at my ass,” Chris comments, pulling her in close, placing his hand on the small of her back and lightly holding her warm hand in his larger one.

“Then don’t always stand with your hands in your pockets,” she giggles.  “It pulls them too tight.  Damn, I think maybe I’ll miss that most… There, I said it. I liked having you in my classroom, Mr. Evans. It was nice getting to work with you.  Blah, blah, blah.  Happy now?”

He spins her in time to the music throwing his head back in laughter.  “You make me happy,” he growls quietly in her ear, pleased to make her blush.  “I’m glad you’re wearing the earrings.  I like how they match the sparkle in your eyes.”

Alexis murmurs her thanks, sighing happily and trying to ignore the butterflies in her stomach.

Students circle around them, many mimicking the traditional dance style Chris and Alexis are modeling.

“You look so beautiful,” she whispers to him, afraid to meet his gaze.  She doesn’t want to feel for him the way she does.  He meets the needs she has for now.  She doesn’t want another man in her life, just one in her bed.  But she has to admit, he is slowly wearing down her defenses.  His cock, warm and stiff, against her thigh at the moment isn’t helping her wandering thoughts.

As the music winds down, switching to a faster tempo, he pulls her tight for a brief moment, whispering into her ear, “Meet me in the classroom in ten minutes.” He sees her nod and catches the flash in her eyes.

She returns to her look-out duty, shuffling kids out of the hallway and back to the dance floor, bribing the boys to eat the rest of the cake.  When the computer teacher returns to the dark corner as well, Alexis excuses herself from her post, saying that she is needed to help pack up the left-over food for Monday’s teacher lunch.

In the hallway, when she runs into the home ec teacher, actually needing her help with packing up the food. Alexis gives her the excuse that she can’t because she is supposed to help at the photo booth in the Commons. She bypasses anyone else who might need her assistance and heads towards the science hallway.

When she reaches the darkened tunnel, she sees a light glowing from one of the other classrooms.  Her heels clack down the hall, and the dark hallway hides her smile as Chris steps out from the room.  He’s removed his dress coat and rolled up his shirt sleeves, and his movie star good looks take her breath away. He looks at the time on his phone and chuckles.  “I was hoping you’d be late.”

“Oh, no Mr. Evans, I always try to be punctual when I’m heading to class,” she teases.  “I wouldn’t want to be in any trouble.”

“No, no you wouldn’t,” he growls as he pulls her into the empty classroom.  He closes the door behind them, flipping the lock quickly.  His lips claim hers in a series of fierce kisses as he spins her and waltzes her over to the empty desk.  When the back of her legs hit the desk, he picks her up and sets her down.

He reaches under the layers of her skirt to find she is wearing panties.

She had been in trouble earlier in the week, arguing with him about his request that she not wear underwear this evening.  As he drops to inspect the silk covering her wet pussy, he hides his smile under her dress.  He knew she’d wear them, even after promising she wouldn’t.  A middle school dance is no place to be without underwear, but he demanded it of her knowing she’d stand her ground.  She’s such a good girl and loves to please him so he rarely has the opportunity to punish her as part of their play.  Chris delights in creating impossible tasks for her, knowing the punishment is just as much a reward for them both. And he knows she’ll love what he has in mind for tonight.

Alexis brings her legs together, keeping Chris from his explorations under her skirt as his bearded cheeks try to find their way up her legs.  “Yes, darling?” he asks, a clipped tone.

“I can speak freely?” Two taps on her thigh indicate his answer is yes, as he pulls out from under her skirt, resting back on his haunches. He eyes her warily, already knowing what she’s going to say.

“Chris, today was your last day here, but this is where I work; I still have work days next week. I can’t do this.  And it’s creepy. This isn’t even my classroom!”

“You’re right,” Chris says quietly.  “It’s not your room.  It’s mine.”

Alexis stares at him in shock.  “You got the job?”

He can’t hold in his smile, nodding his head yes.  “I have just as much to lose here if we get caught.  We won’t get caught. Now, if you don’t mind I’d like a celebratory fucking.  Why do you think I spent all afternoon helping the old man move his stuff outta this place?  I’m thinking we need to christen this desk.”

“You’re sure the door is locked?” she asks, her voice hitching with excitement.

Looking over his shoulder to be sure and then around the room, he replies, “Door is locked and the shades are drawn.”

Lifting her skirt, she opens her legs for him, and he shifts forward on his knees.  She giggles as he loosens his tie, “That could be used later,” she reminds him.

“Don’t tempt me, woman,” he mutters from under her layered skirts.

Alexis places her hands behind her, leaning back, relaxing as her fitness instructor turned student teacher takes care of her needs.

Working together the last eight weeks has been a long and tortuous adventure as they have kept their affair secret from the people they work with. Chris has done an outstanding job in his role as a science teacher, leading student teams to place at the state level in the science fair. Alexis can’t be happier he will be in his earned place and join part of the science department next fall at James Buchanan Middle School.

Chris slides his hands up her thighs, teasing her with kisses and nibbles, reaching to grasp her satin panties and pulls them off as she raises her ass from the desk.  His bites become rough, and he grinds his beard against her tender skin.  He pockets the soft satin, inhaling her scent as he moves closer.  As his mouth and beard continue their attack on her thighs, inching closer to her sweet spot between her legs he removes her heels, placing her feet on his shoulders.

The new placement causes a shift in her body and his mouth makes contact with her sweet lips before he intended, but he takes advantage of the given situation.  He covers her, his breath hot and warm as his tongue dives in, lapping at her wet center.  The groan he releases in gratification of their contact echoes through the quiet room.  As he licks up one side and down the other, his attention with his strong oral muscle causes Alexis to slowly writhe on the desk.  He reaches from under her dress to hold her in place and she releases a whine, attempting to not struggle against him.

His mouth seeks her pink button swollen and ripe with need.  He begins to suck, pulling from her a stream of steady whimpers.  When he feels she is ready, he plunges two fingers into her hole, filling her as she builds to a climax. Chris continues his sucking motion and slides his fingers in and out, with a little twist each time as she rises to her peak.  When he feels her at the precipice, he releases his mouth from her tender spot and returns to caress her with his tongue as his fingers continue their task.

The combined sensation of his tongue and his fingers bring her to a powerful climax.  She can feel herself stretching her as her walls squeeze around him.  She releases a quiet cry before holding her breath, afraid of making any noise that would draw attention to them.  Balancing with one hand, she grabs the back of his head, guiding him to continue his task.  His hands penetrate her deep, lapping at her cum with his tongue, pushing her closer to a second release.  She can’t handle the intensity and releases his hair from her grip, falling back onto the desk, whining his name.  His thrusts mimic the sex she desires and his gentle fucking gives way to a rougher touch.  She can’t catch her breath when he grips her tender clit in his mouth again, sucking her as though he will never let go.  Her body quakes and she’s unable to keep still under his forceful hand on her stomach. Her second orgasm rips through her body, momentarily blinding her and removing her from an earthly plane.

Chris’s fingers slow their plunder as her breathing returns to a steady normal pace.  He slides her off the stodgy old piece of furniture, standing her in front of him and balances her wobbly legs.

Holding her steady with one hand, with the other he caresses his fingertip along her jaw.  He flicks her dangling earring and reaching behind, to pull her hair from her clip.  Her chestnut colored hair falls in waves around her shoulders, just the way he likes it.  “Lovely dear, you look lovely. You are such a good girl for me, but we aren’t finished.”

Tangling his fingers in her hair, he roughly grasps the back of her neck.  His mouth dives to her plump lips, capturing her sweet whimper.  His hands cover the bodice of her dress, squeezing her breast, pulling down and exposing her nipple.

He dips his mouth lower to tease her with his perfect teeth.  When she begins to pant with need, her rosy bud taut under his caress, he covers her back up and returns his mouth to hers.  He kisses her until he is dizzy himself, ready for more.

His hands roam down her arms, taking her hands in his.  He twirls her in time to the faint music drifting through the air ducts from the ongoing dance in the gymnasium.  He sways with her to the beat, his chest pressed against her back.  Darkly he whispers in her ear, “But you know you also have been a very bad girl.   You wore panties tonight, even after you promised you wouldn’t.”  His tone sends a chill up Alexis’s spine.  She knows she’s in for it and bites her lip to hide her smile.  “Maybe that’s it… Maybe you want to be punished?  This is an interesting change…”

Forcefully, he pushes Alexis over the desk and she willingly bends to cater his wish.  He’s been teasing her with this fantasy for weeks and she would have been disappointed if he had failed to act on it. 

Her pulsing cunt aches, needing him to fill her again, so she leaves her hands placed on the desk in front of her where he left them.

Her knees shake already weakened from her finger fucking.  His calloused hands reaches under her skirt again and they grasp her ass cheeks, firmly pushing and pulling apart at the soft tissue.  She releases a quiet sigh.

“You have a great ass,” his voice thick with emotion and need.  She shivers at the timbre that enters her body and whines her disproval when he removes his hands.   She jolts at the smack of his hand on her rounded bottom, making her wet again and waiting for him.

At the sound of the metal click of his belt buckle, she closes her eyes and imagines the view as he drops his pants.  In her mind she can picture his beauty as he pulls himself out just enough to complete their union.  Her sweet hole involuntarily contracts and her juice pools, waiting for his cock to push into her.

He quickly slides on a condom he produces from his pocket and with no pretense, he enters her from behind with such force the desk skitters across the floor.  Chris pulls out and pushes into her again and again, the rough fabric of his dress slacks scratching the back of her legs.  Alexis savors the feel of his hands gathering her hair and pulling her up to arch her back. As his force accelerates Alexis reaches across the desk gripping her fingers over the edge.  His moans of desperation break her concentration as he whispers words of encouragement to her. Being pushed into the desk, she feels light headed and the sensation creates a need; she wants to be his and wants to be used by him.  Her slick coats his cock making each thrust easier on re-entry.  His sounds begin to match hers and this increases her desire to please him.  Her orgasm builds for another quick release.

Sensing the inevitable conclusion, Chris whispers into the dark, “Come for me, ride my cock.”  His sweet words give her the permission she wants as she pushes back into him, bouncing on his thick member with each push.  The pain she feels with each thrust is delicious and only adds to her pleasure as her man gives her own heart’s desire.  She feels her hip bruising from the beating she takes against the desk and revels in the hurt.  His fingertips dig into the firm flesh as he slides in and out. “Uhf, so fuckin’ tight,” he moans.

She muffles her cries into her shoulder, coming hard and squeezing him with each pull.

Chris doesn’t let up, pushing her harder, with longer strokes, the desk creaking underneath them.  Her tight walls palpitate as she finishes her high and his begins.  As he uses her, his moans and groans quietly fill the room. Her velvet lining flexes around him forcing his member to tighten before its release.  Heat travels through his bones as the sensation builds. His head falls back as he grasps her hips for a final thrust forcing their bodies together for his well-deserved orgasm.

He collapses on top of her, slowly syncing his breath to hers.   “Fuck, that was amazing. Good old- fashioned sturdy desk…  Gotta get one for home,” she giggles.


As the last of the chairs are put away, all signs of a formal dinner and dance are gone and the faculty and staff are once again simply standing in a gym.  Small groups mill around sharing summer plans and making arrangements for the next work week’s carry-in lunches.

News has spread among the group that Chris has been hired as a new faculty member for the following school year and he receives congratulations and well wishes.  Mr. Vishure, the school principal, asks if he has any big plans for the summer.  Chris makes eye contact with Alexis, and answers, “Sir, my only plans now are to convince that one to grab a burger with me since I’m no longer her student.”

Alexis chokes from his bold move and catches the encouraging wink from her friend Rebecca.  She looks at Mr. Vishure, who shrugs his shoulders and she mimics the older gentleman’s movement.  “Sure, why the hell not, I’ll get a burger with you.  I mean, Mrs. Vishure, you chaperoned on this same dance floor twenty years ago, didn’t you?  Maybe this event is lucky.”

“Oh, very lucky,” she answers as she nods.  The women closest to the principal’s wife hide their laughter at her comment under her breath, “Oh, we did more than dance when we chaperoned these things!”

Chris and Alexis both avoid looking at their boss as they exit the gym together holding in their own chuckles until they’re out of the room.  “Congratulations, baby.  I’m glad we’ll be working together,” Alexis says as she takes his arm.

“You know, if I ever became principal, you’d have to work under me.”  Chris he purrs into her ear, pulling her closer to his side.  Seeing the look on her face, he stops her thoughts before she can put them into words.  “I know you… No smart comments from you, or else you don’t get after school detention.”


This concludes the mini-series “Student Teacher.”  A special thanks to @mumbles411 for suggesting the (fantastic) idea of a particular use of a standard piece of furniture.  Happy birthday, lady!

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


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  1. theycallmebecca May 27, 2016 / 7:07 pm

    you sure do like your secret sexual rendezvous in class rooms 😉 great end to the story though 🙂


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