By avenger-nerd-mom

Chris x Reader

Chris meets a friend at the theatre in Phoenix for the surprise screening of Civil War

Warnings: Fluff, NSFW, fingering, exhibitionism, orgasm denial

Word Count: 1908

Author Note: I was not there, I do not know anyone who was there. If this is your Insta photo, congrats to you! NO SPOILERS HERE

“How can you go to the movies and not get popcorn?”

You know that voice.  That voice calls you on the phone three times a day and haunts your dreams.  You smile to yourself but don’t look at him, not wanting to draw attention to the two of you in the amped up theater.  Your hometown was miraculously chosen for the first surprise screening of “Captain America: Civil War.”  Not such a miracle now that he slides in next to you in the dark room, lifting the arm rest to snuggle you close.

“So, Phoenix, huh?” you whisper, leaning around to kiss his full lips illuminated by the action on the screen.  “You didn’t have anything to do with this, did you?”

“Not a thing! Honest!” he says, keeping his voice low.  “My mother doesn’t even know where I am right now,” he chuckles.  “But I was texting you when they finally told us, which is why, since you had a rough week, I suggested you go see a movie.”

“SSHHH!!” comes a voice from behind them.

You lean in close to whisper in his ear, purposely blowing your warm breath across his skin. “You picked me out in the crowd pretty quick…. I got your picture.  And what would you have done if I wasn’t here?”

Chris winds his fingers in your hair, pulling you close for another kiss.  “You’re the prettiest girl in the room.”  You can taste the lingering drink he obviously had earlier and the salt from the popcorn.  As you pull back from the kiss, the movement on the big screen catches your attention for a moment.  You lick the drop of butter from his lip, savoring it as if you’d eaten the kernels yourself.  You can feel his eyes watching you as you watch the movie and he smiles when you gasp at the action, chuckling when you whisper “Shit!” along with half the theater.  You both chuckle when someone else in the audience hollers out, “Ah, hell no!”

Chris shoves more popcorn in his mouth, reaching to pop a few pieces in yours as well.  “Didn’t even consider it; you always do what I ask,” he says slyly.

“Oh honey,” you pat his thigh, “you just think I do.”

The next corn kernels are tossed at you, hitting you in the face, and a few land down your shirt.  “Here, let me get those for you,” he leers in the dark.  Leaning your head back in the seat, you bite back your laughter as he slowly snakes his strong hand down your neck, reaching down your v-neck t-shirt to retrieve the lost popcorn. 

He slowly pulls it from your cleavage and you watch him from the corner of your eye, trying to keep some focus on the movie.  He flicks the offending pieces on the floor and reaches back in to make sure he removed it all. Confident the golden popped snack is out of the way; he slides his fingers under the lacy edge of your bra.  You suck in your breath between your teeth, pulling your attention from the images of Bucky kicking everyone’s ass to scan the theater to make sure no one is watching the two of you.  Your focus lands on Chris who is watching you intently.

“Nice costume change,” you giggle as he works his hand over your full breast.  Now it’s his turn to roll his eyes, looking down at the Arizona Cardinals hoodie he is currently wearing.  You quickly remove the Cardinals ball cap and return it to his head, backwards so you don’t keep hitting the bill when you lean to whisper to him.

“I think I’m gonna be sick,” he leans to whisper in your ear.  “I didn’t know where we were going, and when I told my handler you were here, she wouldn’t let me back in the theatre in the clothes I had on.  Said someone would recognize me…  She didn’t know about us, so this was her revenge when she ran to the store across the street to get me something to wear.”

He distracts you from your laughter by pinching your nipple and you bite back a vocal response, instead lifting your body up into his hand, letting him know you missed him and need him.

“Sit back and enjoy the movie, babe. You’re in safe hands,” he murmurs into your neck, nuzzling the soft spot behind your ear with his nose.  Fortunately, the sinful sound you make is hidden from others by an explosion on the screen.  His strong hand forms a firm grip supporting your heavy breast. He rolls the sensitive bud between his fingers while he squeezes and massages your flesh. 

Goosebumps collect on your arm in the cold air of the theater and you know he is watching you.  Your tongue darts out and moistens your lips.  A tingle runs up your spine and your other breast aches, wanting to be manhandled by this man, this god among men.  Unfortunately, your anguish can’t be relieved due to the constraints of the theatre seats.  He’ll just have to bestow attention to the other breast later.

As the drama unfolds in front of you in its’ cinematic glory you find your thoughts torn between what Chris is doing to you, and how Steve Rogers on the big screen makes you feel.  Halfway through the movie, you mutter, “Why did you do this to me? I am not emotionally ready!”

He moves in front of you so all you can see his face.  You can see he is tired from a long week of press and when he closes his eyes you brush your fingertips across his long lashes. His hand slides down your tummy and over your covered mound.  “God, I love yoga pants,” he whispers as he feels your heat emanating through the fabric. He pushes against you intently, but the clothing has no give. He trickles his fingers back up to the waistband of your bands, teasing your belly button for a moment before sliding his hand between your soft skin and the offending material.

“Are you trying to distract me?” you ask in hushed tones, unable to see the screen.

He nods his head yes.  “You won’t wike this part. I’m protecting your fragile heart,” he offers as his finger skims across your wet slit.  He hums his approval quietly as you close your eyes, not even bothering to try to focus on the movie any more. He lazily runs his fingers up and down teasing your lips, causing a familiar ache.  You smile, hoping he can stay with you tonight to ease the pain instead of another night of phone sex.  You touch your forehead to his, struggling to catch your breath as he dips into your sweet well. The quiet pleasurable noise he makes at finding you wet rings in your ears as you block out the sound of the story unfolding on the screen.  You focus on his touch and try to match your breath to his.

He slides his finger in and out slowly, pushing a little deeper each time. You need him so badly, desire to be held in his arms and to be loved all night long.  Although you are nowhere near the edge, you can feel your walls constrict around him, pulsing and tightening with each gentle manipulation.  “Not here, honey,” he concedes slowly pulling his fingers out, resting his palm over your mound, still throbbing with need.  He smiles at the look of disappointment on your face. “You’d like it in public? Maybe another place then…” He pulls his hand out slowly, readjusting the hem of your shirt, rubbing tender circles over your toned belly.

“No, I would not like it in public,” you quietly hiss.  You discretely hand him a napkin, giggling when he takes a quick lick of your juice from his fingers as he turns back to his seat properly.  You bite your lip, turned on by his predatory behavior.  The movement draws his attention away from your lustful eyes to your full mouth, begging to be used. He kisses your lips softly, teasing you with his tongue, feeling his beard bristle against your upper lip.  In hot breath he whispers, “I have to get out of here before someone sees me… I don’t fly back til the morning… Keys to your car?”

Fishing them out of your purse, you hand them to him. “You can’t stay and watch it with me?” quietly running your nose along his neck.

He shivers at your touch, obviously turned on just as much as you are.  He shakes his head no, “I’ve already stayed too long.  I’ll see you in a bit.”  He kisses the top of your head, leaving you in heat to watch the rest of the movie alone.

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

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