One Too Many

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One Too Many

an Emery and Chris story

by avenger-nerd-mom

Chris and Emery continue their camping weekend, spending time with family, drinking and dancing

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, binge drinking, FLUFF

Part 3 of Memorial Day Weekend

Word Count 2555

Part 1

Part 2

“Holy fuck. What is that noise?  Make it stop,” Emery mumbles as she stirs awake to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Chris carefully hands her the mug and zips the tent closed behind him.  “’I’m not sure, cause I’ve never actually heard one, but I think it’s a woodpecker?”  He kneels down on the pile of pillows, blankets and sleeping bags she has cocooned herself inside.  The crisp morning air has him quickly climbing in next to her, stealing her warmth.  “Damn! You’re cold! What the hell?” she shouts in surprise.

“Shh! You’ll wake the campground!” he chuckles as she takes a sip of the warm drink.  “I was down making your coffee and talking to your uncle; the one that works for the cable company.  He wanted to know you’re okay this morning.”

Emery glares at Chris; she can’t quite make sense of his words. The pounding in her head tells her the answer but she needs to hear it from Chris.  “Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

Chris laughs boisterously. “Oh, this is great!  You don’t remember?”

Emery snuggles next to Chris, placing her cold nose against his warm body, nudging the Saint Christopher’s medallion to get into the crook of his neck.  Her breath comes out in heated puffs against his skin.  “I remember coming back to the bar after deciding the band at the first one was crap.  I ordered their signature drink and Mackinzie, Susan, the cousins and I were dancing, but that’s about it.”

Chris wraps his arms around her to ward off the cold, inhaling the smoky scent of the bonfire trapped in the unruly mass of red curls.  As he kisses the top of her head gently, he whispers, “Babe, you didn’t order just ONE drink.  Let me fill you in on a few details…”


Dan, Emery’s brother-in-law, nods to the waiter as he delivers another bucket filled with beer bottles.  Each man reaches for another, and he chuckles, “How did we get stuck with the purses?”

Chris leans forward and clinks the neck of his bottle with the one Dan has extended to him.  “Could be worse… Our women could have us on the dance floor like poor Reece.”

Dan looks to the lighted dance spot and laughs at Emery’s brother Reece dancing poorly with his very pregnant wife.  Dan shakes his head and sputters in laughter, “Looks like he’s already mastered the dorky dad dance moves. He’ll be fine.”

“Lucky bastard,” Chris chimes in, envious of the happiness of the couple preparing for the birth or their first child.

Over the noise of the bar crowd and the band, a conversation is difficult, but some of the relatives had arrived early enough to scout out a few good tables.  Dan and Chris have a good line of sight for the dance floor but are back far enough they don’t necessarily have to shout at one another.  Chris watches as Dan’s eyes follow the shape of a young beauty walking to the dance floor.  The summer lake bar, even early in the season and cool night air, seems to have a very lax dress code and half the women are strutting around still in bikini tops and tight skirts.  Dan shrugs his shoulders when he catches Chris judging him, but Chris only has eyes for one.

Emery is on the dance floor surrounded by cousins, her red hair glowing under the flash of purple, green and blue lights.  Her hands in the air as she sways in time to the music, her hips rolling from side to side.  Her skin glistens from a sheen of sweat, having proclaimed each song her favorite by this band and dancing to each one.  As though she can feel the heat of his gaze, she spins around and blows him a kiss, grinning wildly at Chris.

Enjoying her freedom and energy from afar, Chris just smiles and waves back.

“Man, she’s got you trapped, doesn’t she?” Dan chuckles.

“It’s the red hair.  There’s something about it,” Chris wonders, taking a long swig from the bottle, flipping his lighter in the other hand and tapping it against his thigh.  “So? Anita was saying it’s difficult to marry into the Thomases?  How did you survive?”

Dan smiles, pointing at the menu to the waitress who has appeared, not even attempting to speak his order over the commotion.  “Ah, that was easy for me.  Divorced parents.  Dad cheated and remarried quickly.  My mom kinda fell apart…  I was just the neighborhood band geek when Anita took me under her wing one summer…  Who knew I’d fall in love with her daughter?  You know I’ve been coming here with this family since I was in eighth grade?  You might find it tougher because your own family is so close.”

Chris simply nods his head, having already come to this conclusion himself.  His mother only conceded to giving up the first long holiday weekend because it coincided with Parker’s high school graduation in two more days.  He and Emery are already busy working out details for the Fourth of July and how to make both families happy.

“Dude, I see the wheels turning.  Don’t strain yourself.  Don’t rush to have kids, but when you do, at least then you get to say ‘fuck it.’ If family wants to see you then, they can come to you.”

“Or I could do like my sister did and we could just move in with one set of the grandparents for extra help?” Chris laughs at the true absurdity of that idea.

“You wanna live with THAT?”

Dan points to the corner of the floor where Anita and Preston have joined the dancing, doing a two-step to the country song the band has switched to playing.  Other dancers have cleared the floor to take a break while members of the Thomas family keep going strong, the younger ones following the lead of their elders. Other aunts and uncles rush to the floor as the young cousins keep up the pace.

“As in-laws go, they don’t seem too bad,” Chris smiles, reaching for Emery and pulling her to his lap as she returns to the table.

Dan looks away to give them some privacy as Emery wiggles against Chris and pushes him back against the chair.  She flips his ball cap around backwards so his face is more visible and easier to reach her target- his plump red lips.  She sits higher in his lap and leans over him, watching his eyes search her face.  Her grin grows when he grabs her thigh and pulls her closer as their lips meet, softly at first.  She can taste the salt of her sweat mingled with his missed drop of beer as her lips brush over his.   She pulls back slowly, licking her lips again before moving back in and wrapping her arms around his neck.  From the corner of her eye, she can see Dan leave the table.

Chris holds her close in his arms but teases his lips away from hers.  With her body loose from her drinks, she quickly melts to him, not caring they are in public.  If anyone at the bar has recognized him, no one seems to care.  He feels hidden in plain sight and enjoys the freedom to just be a man in love, worshiping his woman.  He gently runs his nose from her throat under her chin before settling his mouth against hers again.  He leans forward in the chair, shifting their weight so they are eye to eye, controlling the kiss.  His hands run up her back and across her shoulders as the kiss deepens.  He stops with his hands on both sides of her neck, his fingertips reaching into her hair, tilting her head back gently.  Moving for another kiss, he quickly flashes his tongue between his teeth, wetting his lips, prepping for more pleasure.  They land tenderly but firmly against Emery’s as she leans to his.  His thumbs gently caress her jawline as he slowly pulls back, drawing her lips to his, separating the kiss with a small popping sound shared just between them.

A chill runs down Emery’s spine as she leans in for another kiss, savoring the shared taste of alcohol and cigarette smoke.  Her tongue slowly snakes in his mouth, brushing against his teeth before sliding against his tongue.  She releases a deep moan as she wraps her arms tighter around his neck.

The couple breaks apart slowly when her sister Mackinzie shouts, “Get a room!” as two large pizzas are placed on the table.  The table is rushed by family as everyone drops cash on the table before pulling out a slice and running away again to dance.

Emery orders another drink and happily sits sideways on Chris’s thigh, eating her pizza while he runs his hands over the seam of her jeans on her inner thigh, his hat back in place to keep him hidden from watching eyes.  “I see that look,” she says.  “I’m good.  I’m eating.  I promise, I won’t order another one.”  As if to prove her point, she fills a cup of water from the pitcher on the table, taking a long refreshing drink.

“Uh, huh.  Famous last words,” he says, as she then takes the shot of whatever Mackinzie offered her.  “Just remember, you gotta get up the hill to our tent later.”

Wiping her hands on her napkin first, she grasps his bicep, giving it a good squeeze and says, “Well tough guy, I think you can carry me up if you need to.  You didn’t have any trouble lifting me last night!”

Mackinzie releases a loud wolf call and the girls high-five, taking their drinks and running to the dance floor again at the declaration of “Best song ever!”

Dan chuckles, “What just happened?”

Chris laughs, picking at a remaining piece of pizza.  “I have no idea, but we better hope there are golf-carts left to get them home. I’m too tired from boating to carry her home.  How is it we did nothing all day, but the boat exhausted me?”

“I don’t know, man, it’s a lake mystery,” Dan replies.

The men continue their talk, interrupted occasionally as the women return to the table more frequently for kisses, trying to drag the men to the dance floor with them.  As the night wears on, Chris notices Emery down another shot or two offered by family.  Her little body just can’t take more and he tells her to stop.  Her flippant, “Sure, Captain,” shows his words didn’t sink in.

Moments later, Chris stands from his chair, having lost her in the growing crowd on the dance floor.  The family has taken up the center of the floor, but he can’t see her and worries.  When the tempo of the music changes and the crowd parts, Chris is angered to see some guy moving in behind Emery, grabbing at her hip.  Chris fists his hands at his side and moves forward, Dan stopping him quietly. “Stand down, soldier,” as two of the cousins swoop in and swirl Emery out of the man’s reach.

“You have to trust her,” Dan commands.  “You can’t always be with her, but you have to trust her.”

“It’s not her I don’t trust,” Chris concedes, walking away for another smoke to calm himself down.

He wanders the beach, kicking at the sand the campground shipped in from Florida.  A large metal tub is being used as a bonfire pit and families are enjoying the warmth.  Watching the children run on the hill chasing fireflies, he feels contented, realizing this is part of his life now. He can’t believe he really found his perfect match online.  He chuckles at the push forward he receives when Emery rushes up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist and pushing her face into his back.  “Hey, Evans,” she whispers.  “I love you.”

He lifts his arm and pulls her around to his side, bringing his arm back down and hugging her to him.  “What are you doing?” he chuckles, when she can’t stand still.

“Look,” she says, pointing down to the sand where she has drawn a heart with her toes.

“I love you too, kitten.  I think it’s time I should get you home.”

“MMMmmm.  What are you going to do with me when you get me there?” Her speech, though seductive is slightly slurred.

“I’m gonna undress you-“

“Yummy!  And then what?”

He looks down at her and smiles at the goofy grin on her face.  His body swells with love for this tiny little thing with a huge hold on his heart.

“Wrap you in your PJs and blankets and tuck you in bed,” he replies, pushing her wild hair back from her face.

“Fuck. What’s the fun in that?” she giggles, putting her small hand wrapped around him into the waist of his jeans.   She smiles at his sharp intake of breath.  She feels skilled at knowing she has sexual power over him.  With his back to the lake, no one is behind them and her hand slides lower, caressing across his tight ass, feeling his muscles flex at her light touch.  “Cute butt,” she offers.

Shaking his head, he reaches behind him and pulls her hand from his pants.  “Well, I don’t make a habit of taking advantage of drunk women.  You are going to bed… to sleep.”

“I’m not drunk,” she protests, slightly stumbling on her feet as she follows his lead up the beach.  “And I’m not some random woman in a bar.  I’m your fiancée.”

Chris bites his tongue from laughing at the defiance in her voice.  “Emery.  Babe.  You aren’t thinking clearly.”  He waves down one of the loaded family golf-carts.  Two of the teens who had been playing games in the arcade climb off and make room for Chris and their favorite cousin.  “You can be mad now,” he whispers in her ear, “but you can thank me in the morning.”


“So we didn’t have sex last night?” Emery asks quietly.

“It wasn’t from a lack of you trying for about fifteen minutes before you passed out, but I wasn’t having any of it,” Chris laughs at the rejected look on her face.  “I applaud your efforts, but I stood my ground.  Damn, you made it difficult though.  I really wanted you.”

Reaching between them, Emery can feel evidence against her thigh that his statement is true.  “Do you still want me now?”

Chris laughs with enthusiasm as she rolls on top of him, sitting up and pulling off her sweatshirt, exposing her beautiful rounded breasts.  Cupping one and pulling it to his mouth, he replies, “Always and forever; till the end of the line; you’re mine.”

“MMMmmm,” she moans quietly.  “I think we have time before everyone packs up and heads back home for graduation.”

“Plenty of time,” he mumbles, buried between her swelled pair, “Everyone was more drunk than you!”

“It wouldn’t be a camping weekend if we weren’t all drunk at least once,” she laughs.  “It’s the Thomas way.”

“Why don’t you let me show you how I like to do things the Evans way,” he growls, rolling her over and pinning her down to the sleeping bag with his weight.  She laughs at his strength and tenderness, feeling all the love in the world for this man she’s chosen to spend her life with.

“I’m sure I’ll love it,” she sighs as he slowly pushes into her, her gasps captured in his morning kisses.

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On the Pontoon

on the pontoon

On the Pontoon

Part 2 of Weekend Hideaway

An Emery & Chris story

By avenger-nerd-mom

Chris and Emery find a little alone time during a large family gathering by sneaking off to check on the boat, down at the boat dock

Warnings: NSFW, Language, Adult Situations, Public Sex, Fingering, Oral Sex, Penetration

Word Count: 3013

Click here for Part One

“Chris, what if someone comes down here to check the boat?”

Chris removes his mouth from her neck, lifting himself up to look around.  “Kitten, there is no one on the boat dock. You already said the family is too busy getting drunk at the bar and listening to the band or back at the house, eating s’mores.” His blue eyes glisten in the light from the dock as he gazes down at her, pressed under him on the floor of her dad’s boat. “I can fuck you hard and fast if it will make you feel better?”

Emery chuckles, shoving the boat bumper away from her head.   “No, no.  I can do this.  Right? I’m an adult.  So why is my tummy jumping and I feel like a nervous school girl?”

Chris laughs when another boat passes through the cove and the bumper rolls back from the movement in the boat slip and hits her in the head again.  “Part of the fun is the excitement of getting caught,” he growls in her ear as he lies back beside her, grasping her hip.  “Relax.  We put the bag of empty beer cans in the path. If anyone comes down the dock, we’ll hear them knock into it.”

His mouth begins to work her over again, covering her neck and shoulders with wet kisses, designed to keep her fire going.  “God, I’ve missed you, kitten.  I need you.  Stay focused on me.  I got you.”

His voice, deep and calming, washes over her, lulling her into a sense of security.  She takes a deep breath, wishing she’d had a little more to drink earlier.   She remembers the bold feeling she had at the Christmas party they went to when she gave him a blowjob in the stairwell. But the idea of getting caught by his friends is totally different than the idea of someone in her family finding them.  She pushes the idea from her mind as he continues to whisper to her.  His words are puffs of warm air against her skin, fighting off the chill of the night air.  She becomes aware with each clutch of his big hand at her hip that he is gathering up the fabric of her maxi dress, exposing her legs to the cold.  She wraps her arms around his neck, cradling him close as his mouth finds the sweet spot just below her ear.  She rubs her hands over his new buzz cut, acquainting herself to the feel, rather ticklish against her palms.  She giggles and repeats the pattern over the top of his head as he begins to nibble her neck.

“Careful, mister. I can’t cover up with a turtleneck on the boat tomorrow,” she laughs.  “Damn you!” She admonishes him when he bites even harder.

“Sorry!  That one may leave a mark,” laughs Chris. “I really was just playing.”

“Uh- huh.  Likely story….”

“Maybe I should bite someplace less visible,” Chris springs quickly to slide down her body, settling between her legs.  He shouts out when his foot hits the swim ladder, creating a metal clanking sound that echoes on the dock and she laughs.

“You’re evil- taking pleasure in my pain…  Just for that, you’re gonna get it,” Chris taunts devilishly as he wraps his arm under her thigh, pulling her to him.  “I promised you’d like this haircut.  And you have to be quiet.  Sound carries across the water, you know.”

“Oh, cuz I’m so loud,” she giggles.

“Oh, honey, I’m gonna make you wanna scream my name.” His velveteen voice rumbles through her body as his hot breath hits against her thigh.  “Thank you for making this easy,” he graciously replies, untying the sides to her bikini bottoms and shoving them quickly into a pocket on his cargo shorts.

The boat rocks again as another moves through the cove, and they bounce in its wake.  Her leg rolls into the side of his face and he takes advantage by placing a slow open mouthed kiss on her inner thigh.  She squirms as he holds her tight.  “This is gonna be fun,” he teases as he looks up at her, triumph on his face.

“Got your energy back, did you?” she baits him, enjoying his caresses, loose enough now to play along.  She silently sends up a prayer that no one finds them.

“Mmmm…” he hums against her leg, tickling gently behind her knee.  He bends her leg up so he can kiss the same spot, knowing it drives her crazy.

“Fuck,” she whispers.  “You don’t play fair.”

Chris continues to move his mouth over the back of her knee, slowing sliding his lips up her inner thigh, nipping with his teeth as he moves along.  “No, baby, I don’t.”

They freeze momentarily when they hear voices and laughter on the dock, but the sound recedes and Chris returns to his task, moving his mouth leisurely from right inner thigh to left, biting and kissing, each a little harder than the next.  He looks up over her, where she has risen on her elbows to watch him, quietly swallowing the sounds she makes.  He winks at her before moving back down to brush his buzzed head against her thighs.

If she thought he was evil before she had no idea of the pleasure the soft bristles of his freshly shaved head would cause on her thighs as he slowly rubs the top of his head over her.  “Damn,” she hisses out, reaching to grasp the back of his neck.  She toys with his ear, gently massaging his earlobe and giggles when his pleasurable moan matches hers, echoing in her ears.

“I missed you, Em,” he whispers, reaching up inside the top of her low-cut dress, grasping her breast in his large, strong hand.  “I missed us,” he sighs.  He continues to tease her with his hand on her breast and his hair on her legs as she slowly begins to writhe beneath him, silently asking for more.  He pinches too hard on purpose, eliciting a squeak from her freshly licked lips glistening in the light of the moon.

Chris changes position, allowing his other hand to find her second pair of wet lips.  He gently runs his middle finger through her slick, smearing it from side to side.  He watches her with his dark lustful eyes as she holds her mouth closed to hold back any sound.  He turns his hand, twisting in and feeling her cunt already pulsing for him.  “I missed your wet pussy too,” he tells her, smiling at the blush he knows his words create on her cheeks.  “It’s so fucking beautiful, and I’m gonna eat it.”

“Shhh…,” she giggles, surprisingly aroused at his words.  He’s slowly been introducing her to things he likes that may push her comfort zone. Up till now, dirty talk hasn’t had an effect on her, but maybe she’s just missed hearing his voice in person rather than over the phone these last few weeks, but she knows this time his intimations have added to her already wet flood.

Twisting his thick finger in, he mimics the movements he plans to use soon.  Her velvet box has been lonely while he’s been away and he can feel how tight she is; how she needs him.  He’s so damned turned on how she waited for him without him even asking or requesting it, not even pleasing herself. He had no idea sweet, innocent women like Emery still existed in this world.  Chris smiles to himself, thinking how he can’t wait to wreck her in the best ways possible and claim him for his own, forever.  His cock hardens at the thought and he shifts slightly.  Making out on the hard floor of the boat isn’t ideal, but it seems to be the only space they could find free from her family.

Gently adding a second finger, Chris slowly stretches her as he thrusts in and out, pulling out her wet.  He moves in, nose first against her clit, holding her tight when she jolts, and laps at the dripping wet.  “You taste so good,” he murmurs against her, licking her again from top to bottom.  Tiny gasps of air escape her lungs as she bites back any noise she wishes to make.

“Fuck, baby,” she whispers, her Southern drawl filled with awe, “your tongue is magic.”

She brings her leg up and places it on the boat seat closest to her, providing her leverage to move with him.  She rocks against him as he fucks her with his tongue, moving to hold his head closer to her.  He moans quietly against her, throbbing against her clit, pushing her closer to the edge. His warm tongue slips between her folds and he slowly drags it up. She shivers and moans into the damp night air. His tongue continues to wash her slowly, over and over, until he finally brings the tip of his tongue to her pink button. She doesn’t know how much more she can take as his mouth wraps around her clit, sucking hard.  Her sharp intake of air doesn’t stop him as continues his assault, flicking his tongue repeatedly over the sensitive spot, and she bites down hard on her palm, while her breathing falters.  She squirms and whimpers but he doesn’t let up.

The boat rocks in the dock again as another boat moves through, carrying more revelers for the party at the lakefront bar.  The sound of music and laughter carries across the cove and smoke from a grill fills the night air. Chris watches her intently, smiling as the boat bumper rolls and hits her in the head again.  Her swollen clit throbs, aching for him, and he doesn’t want her to wait any longer.  Hell, he doesn’t wanna wait any longer.

With his own strength, he powerfully flips her over, grabbing the rounded boat bumper and putting it under her belly, beautifully tilting her ass up in the night air just for him.  He grins at her gasp of surprise, and she reaches back with one hand to grasp his.  “You okay?” he asks quietly.  The squeeze of her hand is the only response he needs and she lets go, reaching for the towel next her to hold tight to as he continues his play.  He rises and crawls between her spread legs, still sitting low so if anyone walked past the boat he couldn’t be seen in the dark.  He messages her tight ass, slowly spreading her cheeks.  “Soon, kitten, you know that, right?”

She’s lost in her heat and moans in pleasure, “Sure, baby, you can fuck my ass, but not tonight,” she giggles.

She holds in more sounds of squeaks and mewlings as he licks her pussy, and revels in the shudder she experiences when his tongue caresses the rim of her ass.  He can’t resist her anymore.  Her instant pleasure at such an intimate touch hit him hard.  He quickly unzips his pants, releasing himself just enough to roll on a condom. Chris places the tip of his hard cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushes in gently, holding back his desire to slam into his love.  Her walls expand around him, making room for his girth, welcoming him home.  Her sounds of pleasure are quieted as she hides her face in the crook of her elbow.  He uses the rounded surface of the boat bumper to roll her on and off his cock as he adds power to his thrusts.

His heavy breathing turns to quiet moans.  She smiles as his penetrations come faster and harder, she quietly moans for him, knowing he wants her noise, the noise she’s kept quiet for so long.  The sound that escapes her is so animalistic to her ears she surprises herself.  Her tits harden as they push into the floor of the boat with each thrust and she feels her pressure building.  She squeaks again at the pleasurable pain of the carpet burn on her chest, and he comes fast and strong to her sounds, pumping into her hard from behind.  Her whole body bounces with his force and her ass slams back onto his cock.

He rides his wave of pleasure, slowing his thrusts, but not letting them die out.  He pulls out and flips her over gently, shoving the boat bumper away.  Bringing her leg up under his arm he pushes into her gently, all the way in, to complete her own release.  He bounces her a few times, scooting her across the floor with his force.  She grabs the base of the captain’s chair and uses it help her to push back against him.  Her eyes gleam in the moonlight and lock on to his.  “Do it.  Make me come,” she whispers.

He pulls out and her hips rise to him before he pushes her back into the floor forcefully as the crest of her orgasm wracks through her body, the heat stinging them both as she comes for the first time in weeks. He pulls in and out, following the movement of her hips, guiding him to give her all she needs.  As her muscle contractions slow against him, he grabs the condom at his base and slowly pulls out, collapsing next to her.  He ties it off and throws it over the side of the boat, to be washed away by morning.

They lay in the dark, a mess of cum and sweat.  He wipes her clean with the towel and cleans himself.  “Still breathing, Miss Emery? Or did I kill you?” he chuckles as he pushes back her curly hair.

“Thoroughly fucked.  Thank you.  I needed that.  Welcome home, baby,” she giggles in response.

With a kiss on her forehead, he replies, “It’s good to be home.”

She sits up and pulls her dress over her head, a hint of the devil in her eyes. “What are you doing?” Chris asks, already knowing the answer as she stands at the back of the boat.  Her body is highlighted in the moonlight and the shadows follow her curves as she gracefully dives in.  He moves over to drop the swim ladder as she jumps out of the water like a mermaid- his own little Ariel, with her pretty red hair.  She pulls up on the ladder, her beautiful breasts exposed and kisses him before splashing him and swimming away.

“You’re a sticky mess too, you should dive in,” she offers.  “Water’s not so bad.”

“It was fucking cold in day light; everyone said it won’t warm up till July,” Chris says, not wanting to jump in the cold, dark water.

“Cleaner than the Boston Harbor,” she teases. “You swam in it before, and you said it was cold?”

“I don’t know about cleaner. I just saw a condom float by,” he jokes as he pulls up the hem of his shirt, removing it in one graceful pull.

“Fuck, you’re sexy,” Emery says with love and admiration. “How’d I get so lucky?”

Watching from the water, her man stands on the swim deck of the boat, his chiseled abs and arms outlined by the moon behind him.  She follows her eyes to the taper of his waist and watches with delight as he unbuttons his jeans and slowly begins to slide them down his hips.

“Whoo! Baby take it-“


“What the fu-? Who left this here?” Preston Thomas, Emery’s father grabs the bag of empty beer cans and sets it aside. “Who’s that? Who’s down on my boat?”

Diving below the water, Emery swims into her uncle’s boat slip, out of sight.  Chris can’t help himself.  “We are, sir,” he calls out.  “It’s your daughter, I tried to stop her, but she insisted on skinny dipping. Can you believe that?”

“Christopher!” she shouts as both men chuckle.

“Son, she’s just like her mother…”


“Sir, I really didn’t need to know that…” Chris replies, blushing in the dark, trying to wipe that visual from his mind.

“You embarrass my baby, I’ll get you right back,” Preston admonishes his future son-in-law.

“Sorry, sir, you’re right.  Sorry, Em,” Chris replies to her smiling face peeking over the edge of the dock, grinning when she winks at him.

Preston checks the locks on the ski cabinet and puts away the dried life vests.  “There’s dry towels in the bench up front, and I think there’s still some beers in the cooler.  We’ll have to get fresh ice in the morning.”  He organizes a few other things, staying far enough back from Emery for the privacy she deserves.  “If you two head up to the bar before the band quits playing, you could probably catch a ride with the family back to the house.”

“Ok, thanks, Dad,” Emery says.  “Can you go now; I’m freezing?”

“’Night, darlin’; Chris,” he says, waving good-bye as he walks away, chuckling, taking the cans for recycling with him.

“Should we go back and have some s’mores?” she asks.

“Why don’t you come up here and we can have ‘s’more’ of somethin’ else?” Chris invites her coyly to join him back in the boat.

Pushing her wet hair back and laughing, Emery giggles. “Mmm… That sounds promising.”

Watching her execute one more dive under, her round ass bobbing up above the surface, Chris stands at the back of the boat with a towel and beer waiting.  She climbs the ladder, wringing the water from her hair.  Chris sits the beer down and holds the towel out of her reach, grabbing to kiss her first.  He quickly wraps her in the dry towel when catcalls are heard from across the cove.  Her teeth are chattering from the cold and he picks her up in his arms, carrying her over to the bench seating where he proceeds to warm her up again. And again.

Part Three: One Too Many

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Weekend Hideaway

weekend hideaway.jpgWeekend Hideaway

Chris joins Emery’s family for a holiday weekend, camping and boating

Warnings: Fluff, Language, discussions of sex

In general- Chris being adorable and trying to impress her family; children are involved

Word Count 3135

In the passing car lights, Emery looks over at Chris and smiles.  He was so exhausted when she picked him up at the airport, she wasn’t surprised he was asleep before they even made it to open road.

In the dark, she reaches over to rub his thigh, saying, “Baby, it’s time to wake up.  We’re almost there.”  A few more shakes of his leg and he slowly rouses from his sleep.

“Fuck, babe.  I’m sorry.  I’m not much company am I?”  His raspy voice fills the car, echoing through her.

“It’s okay.  We’re both tired.  And you’ve had a really long week.”

“Hard.  Man, that family…  I can’t wrap my head around it, ya know?”

Emery pulls into the campground where her family has stayed for over 30 years.  Her parents now have a little cottage in the back area set up for year round residents, and she follows the path to the house.  “I can’t imagine…. My heart goes out to them,” Emery says quietly, looking for a place to park.  “Man, everyone must be here already.”  She squeezes her new truck, a gift from Chris when she was named Teacher of the Year, behind her brother-in-law’s mini-van. Chris climbs down and comes around to her side to help her out.  “You need a step stool, babe.”

“Shut up,” she laughs, punching him in the arm.

West, Emery’s Dalmatian, runs over to greet him, tackling him to the wet ground, having arrived earlier in the day with Emery’s parents.

“West!  Get back here!” Preston Thomas yells into the night air.

“It’s okay, Dad!  She’s with us!”  Emery calls back, laughing when two flashlights coming bobbing towards her.

“Auntie Em! Come on! Hurry!  Momma says we couldn’t make s’mores till you got here!  Hi, Mister Chris!  Dude!” Chris laughs as her little nephew gives him his typical fist bump greeting.

“Hey, man!  You’ve grown since I last saw you!  What?  You got chest hair and a girlfriend now?”  Dawson just laughs and runs away, yelling for everyone to hurry and make s’mores.

He swoops down to pick up Emery’s niece, Dakota, and tosses her lightly in the air.  “Hey, Sweet Pea.  Your brother says we’re having s’mores… You want me to make you one?”

“Uh-hah,” the little girl giggles when he blows a raspberry on her cheek.  “I wuv you, Mista Chis! Your face is skitchy again.”

“Yup, it sure is,” he laughs at her giggles when he rubs his “skitchy” beard against her little cheek.  “I wuv you too, babe,” he laughs as she squirms to go to Emery’s open arms.

West licks at the little girl’s bare feet and she squeals.  “Dakota, where are your shoes?  You shouldn’t be walking around here without them.”

“I dunno. I yost ‘em,” the little girl explains, her speech so endearing to Emery.  “Too many peopuh.”

“Too many people?” Emery asks and the little girl nods her head.  Looking at Chris, she says, “Brace yourself, babe.  This is it.  Everybody is here for opening weekend.”

Chris hates to admit to himself, but he’s feeling a little nervous.  Emery’s already explained the extended family switched their reunion weekend to coincide with her brother Parker’s graduation.  This would be his first chance to meet everyone in her family, and his anxiety is a little high.

“Honey, they’re going to love you,” Emery says, grasping his arm, and reaching up on her tiptoes to kiss him.  Dakota giggles at being stuck between them and Chris kisses her cheek as well, taking Emery’s hand as they walk towards the sound of laughter and music.

Chris didn’t know what to expect, but is shocked by a grouping of nearly thirty people in various positions around a campfire, a cute little house and porch behind them.  “Everyone fits in there?” he whispers to Emery.

She chuckles.  “No, my dad’s siblings each have a cottage too, so we are all spread out.  We’re up the hill in a tent though.”

“Camping, really?” he smiles brightly, his teeth gleaming in the glowing light of the fire as they move closer to the group.

“I told Ma you wouldn’t mind!  Is that okay with you?”

“Ok? It sounds great!”  He pinches her ass, before moving to greet his future mother in law, separating from Emery as he is introduced to new people.  He watches her around the circle as she greets aunts, uncles and cousins, showing off their engagement ring and he catches the sound of her laughter pealing through the night air.  He tries to focus as Anita moves him from person to person.  Finally he’s so overwhelmed, he laughs.  “Enough, Mom!  I can’t anymore!  It’s too much; too many people and in the dark, I won’t see and remember everyone.”

He sees the glistening tears in her eyes and fears he has offended her.  “Oh, no, sweetie!  You did everything just right!  Around here, you gotta stick up for yourself and say your piece!  It’s the Thomas way… but no, these tears are because you called me ‘Mom.’”

He kisses her on the top of her head.  “Takes a special woman to earn that title up against my own mother; you know that, right?”

“I do!  That’s why the tears.  Glad she found you, darlin’.  You needed each other.  Listen, I know this is a crazy group to marry into.  Ease into it.”  She points out a few family members around the fire that would be helpful for Chris settling in, and gives him a few pointers for surviving his first camping weekend with them.  “You look exhausted, boy. Why don’t you two go get ready for bed?”

Emery makes her way around the circle to the pair.  “What’s up? Nanna and Pops already went to bed?”

Anita shakes her head in affirmation.  “Honey, Chris is too tired for all this tonight.  It’s too damp to leave your things in the tent.  Take stuff you need for tonight into the house and leave it on my bed.  Do what you need to do to get ready and then take the lanterns to go up the hill.  The blankets and pillows are in the bag on the couch.”  Emery hugs her mother good night, and she offers one more piece of advice to Chris.  “The coffee pot on the front porch is set.  It’s a rule that the first one up has to start it.  The men are all going to breakfast at seven, and I think they expect you to go. Boat leaves at ten.”

“Yes, ma’am. Seven? I’ll be up. Sweats and a ballcap okay?”

“You’ll fit right in,” she laughs, kissing him on his cheek and sending them on their way.


Emery wraps her blanket tighter as she heads down the hill.  A fog has settled in the valley and it’s a chilly morning.  Her phone died during the night, and she has no idea what time it is.  Chris was gone when she woke up, so she’s guessing he made it up for the breakfast outing with the men.  As she walks passed the firepit, she sees remnants of last night’s feast- empty beer bottles and Hershey bar wrappers.

“Hey, babe,” a familiar voice calls out to her from the porch.  Chris waits for her with a steaming cup of coffee, wrapped in a blanket himself to fend off the cold morning air.  He kisses her gently on the forehead, laughing at her wild morning hair. “Sorry I fell asleep on you last night.  I feel like I’ve gone non-stop since April.”

“I know babe.  You don’t have to apologize to me.  Why are you up so early?  You could’ve slept in,” she says, running her hand across his cheek.  She smiles warmly, seeing her aunt watching them from her porch across the road as they move to settle on the porch swing.

campfire coffee.jpg

“Eh,’ shrugging his shoulders.  “Your mom said the men go to breakfast. I figured it’s a test.  I wanted to be the first one up to start the coffee pot for your mom, and West was whining to go out.  I hope it’s okay I just let her run up the hill?  I wiped her down and cleaned her feet when she came back.”

“Perfect.” Emery laughs when Parker scowls out the door at them.

“Hey man, congrats!  Two more days and you’re a high school graduate!” Chris grins at the young man as he walks across the porch and they shake hands.

Parker just groans as he shuffles to the coffee pot.  After a big gulp of straight black coffee, he perks up a bit.  “Be warned.  Dad is on ‘go’ this morning.  You know how he gets into ‘Clark Griswold’ mode and he wants things perfect? Yea, it’s not even seven am yet….”

Pointing at the front screen door, Emery giggles, “Speak of the devil…  Morning, Dad!  Coffee?”

Walking to the edge of the porch the older gentleman surveys his ‘kingdom’ stretching and announcing, “What a great day to be at the Lake!  Chris, son!  Good morning!  Sleep well?  Emery, you skiing today?”

“No way!  Water is too cold for skiing.  Later this summer, but being lazy on a raft in the cove sure sounds good,” Emery replies.

“Coving it is today, then!  Anything for my baby girl!”

Chris smiles at the exchange, the ease of his new family to settle into conversations that seem to be ones they’ve had time and again.  He inhales the morning air and enjoys the last of his coffee.

“Come on men!  Time for breakfast!” Preston announces as a truck pulls in front of the house to carry them off.


Smiling, Emery watches as Chris settles in at the campfire.  He’s got her father’s old guitar in his hands, strumming a tune she doesn’t recognize.  The younger cousins and her niece and nephew dance in circles around the fire pit, singing made up words to the song he plays.  He looks up and grins at her watching, and moves on to play a more familiar beat.  She realizes he’s taken the time to learn one of her favorites and he quietly sings along.  Her heart swells with love for this man, and a strange feeling settles over her.

This must be like what it feels to really and truly be in love.

She sways in time to the music and startles when her mother comes up behind her.  “He’s a good man, honey.  You’re a lucky lady,” Anita Thomas bestows.  “But he’s even luckier to have you.”

“Thanks, Mom.  I don’t know what I’d do without him,” Emery responds.  “I was just thinking how complete I feel.  I used to feel like something was missing, but I don’t any more.  It’s really nice.”

“It’s this place.  It’s part of you, and now he’s here too.  It’s only right…” Her mother settles into one of the camp chairs, farther back from the fire, from other listening ears.  “He’s been going non-stop for weeks; today was a crazy day of a different kind.  He looked like he was having fun…  Have you two had any time alone together?”

“Mother!” Emery squeals, hoping no one nearby heard them.

“What? A young couple needs time alone.  You’ve been very sweet and kind to one another all day, but you just need to go take care of him!”

“Mother!  Stop it!”

“Your father and I did… You know your sister snuck off too…”

“Ok.  I’m not having this conversation.  This is too much.”  She grabs the beer out of her aunt’s hand as she walks by, taking a long swig.  Her aunt just nods and moves to get another one.  “Mother, you are insane.  There is a line.  You know that right?”

Anita chuckles at her daughter’s embarrassment.  “You’re too uptight, darling daughter.  You can only keep a stallion like him tamed for so long.”

Emery isn’t really shocked by her mother’s banter.  Anita was always the “cool mom.”  Growing up, even her girlfriends would confide things in her mother that they couldn’t share with their own.  But the part bothering her now is the stab in her gut at her mother’s words, voicing her deepest fear.  The older woman is no fool, and knew exactly what she was doing when she said it.

“Fine.  Fine.  I get your point.  But there’s too many damn people around here.  Thomas relatives are crawling out of the wood work,” Emery complains.

“No one is down at the boat docks…” her mother offers.  “Go.  I can keep people busy up here with s’mores and booze. And the younger set is going to the bar.”

Leaning to kiss her mother’s cheek, Emery laughs.  “You really are the best, you know.  Crazy, but awesome.  I love you, Ma.”

While the women were talking, others had joined the nightly circle around the fire.  The guitar had been passed to one of the younger cousins who was leading the circle in a sing along of family favorites.  Chris was chatting with one of the boys who was in awe that his favorite superhero was going to marry into the family.

“Hey, Bobby, I need to steal Chris away for a bit, ok?”  The young cousin looks up at Emery, disappointed, while Emery continues, “Chris, Dad needs us to go down and check on the boat.”

“Oh, I can do that!  I can go help!” the boy inserts, eager to spend more time with Chris.

“Hey bud, I think you’re needed here to collect more sticks for s’mores later.  You’re one of the older kids.  Why don’t you get the flashlights and get the little kids organized to do that?  I’ll be back soon, and we can continue our chat then, ok? But I think it’s ok.  I think the Hydra story is BS,” Chris watches as the young boy beams with pride, high fiving him before he runs off to get the other children in on the hunt.

“Nice work, hon.  You do have a way with kids,” Emery says, pulling Chris up from his seated position.

He throws himself into her, wrapping his arms around her when he throws her off balance.  From the corner of his eye, he can see her older relatives watching them, so he keeps his response chaste as he kisses the top of her head.  He whispers against her hair, “Are we sneaking away from this group?”

“We are!” she whispers back excitedly.

He takes her tiny hand in his as they maneuver through the small groups of family, sitting and sharing stories and drinks, heading towards the road.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” calls out one of her older aunts.

“You’re engaged, honey!  It’s okay to do it now!” shouts another.

“Oh, my God, I hate my family,” Emery laughs and Chris bellows his laughter at her embarrassment.  “Jesus! What is it with people?!”

“Oh, kitten, it’s cute.  They’ve all spent the day telling me tales about you; they love you.  They’re happy for you,” Chris shares, raising her hand to his lips, brushing his beard over the back of her hand before bestowing a delicate kiss on her tender skin.  “And they’ve all made me feel so welcomed.  I don’t know what your mother said or did, but other than a few sharing how sweet it was I went to visit that sick boy this week, no one but the kids have acted like they even know who I am.  That has been wonderful, and more relaxing than you know,” he confides.

Shaking her head, Emery says, “To my knowledge, she didn’t say anything.  I think everyone just wants to respect your privacy.  You’re family.  Thomases protect each other.”

The couple continues their walk towards the waterfront, talking briefly to different people in the campground Emery has known her whole life.  They have a good laugh passing one camp site with a projector screen set up showing Marvel movies in the great outdoors as the Winter Soldier struts across the screen.  “Your strut is better, babe,” Emery says, leaning her head against his strong bicep.

“Thanks,” he chuckles, slowing his pace for her short legs to keep up.  “Where’s the music coming from?” he asks as a familiar tune flows through the night air.

“Must be a band down at the bar,” she replies offhandedly.

“Did your Dad really need help, or was that an excuse?  Wanna get a drink and dance; listen to the band?”

Squeezing his arm tighter, she turns her head to kiss the part of the Taurus tattoo exposed by his tight shirt sleeve.  “Maybe after we check the boat.”

Chris takes a deep breath, inhaling the scent of her shampoo and the damp lakefront air.  He tries to relax but still feels so wound from all he’s done the last few weeks and the rushed trips here and there for work and pleasure.  He has to change his mind set and be present in the now, with her.  “Em, you were killing me today.  You looked so good, sitting in the sun, your little bikini…  I need you.  Soon.”

His voice has a desperate need and it speaks to Emery’s core.  Butterflies float through her stomach as she feels a welling of heat deep inside.  “I need you too, sweetheart.  Come on, walk faster!”

“Are you implying we are sneaking off to the pontoon to make out, cuz I can pick your ass up and throw you over my shoulder?”

“Down, cave man,” she laughs at his apparent need.  “We’ll get there soon enough.”

She groans quietly when she sees several younger cousins fishing down by the docks.  “Hey, guys.  It’s getting dark.  You shouldn’t be on the banks, and you don’t have on life vests-“

“Can you take us to the boat to get some?” one of the kids asks.

“Boys, and girls,” Chris adds, seeing braids on one, “It’s late. Miss Anita wants you to go back to the house and get ready for s’mores.”

“Sure thing, Cap!” one laughs as the other starts cleaning up.

“Damn, that is a super power!” Emery laughs.

“Kids love me, what can I say?”  Chris laughs, grabbing her ass as she takes off down the runway.

She jumps just out of his reach and turns back around, “Do you think that’s because you’re an overgrown boy-child?”

She squeals in delight as he finally picks her up and throws her over his shoulder, smacking her ass. “Can a boy do that?” he asks, laughing when she returns the smack on his back side.  “Do that again!” he chuckles.  “Harder, baby!”

Part Two, On the Pontoon

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I have no idea WHO that is playing the guitar; it’s NOT Chris, but it sure looked like him to me! A camping story has always been in mind for Emery, and this photo just added to the need for music at the campfire.

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Emery Gets Even

Emery Gets Even May 20 2016.jpg

Emery Gets Even

An Emery & Chris story

By avenger-nerd-mom

Emery reacts to Chris’s buzzcut and finally gets her “revenge” for the Rolling Stones photos

Warning: Language, Adult Situations, Smutty Fluff

Word Count: 822 Words

Emery sits at her desk in disbelief.  The students around her are cleaning the room, finishing putting away things for the end of the school year and she can’t believe the message she just received from her friend Jen.  Her red head temper starts to flare as she angrily punches icons on her new phone.

E: You cut your damn hair again!?

She waits for his reply, knowing he’s probably not even awake yet if he was out late, apparently playing golf somewhere. Fuckin’ internet.  She should feel a little guilty about keeping tabs on him this way, but not at the moment she doesn’t.

C: Um, yea. About that.  I’m on vacation and I’m so lazy, babe…

E: You couldn’t give me a heads up?  You couldn’t wait five more days, till after Parker’s graduation?

Chris starts to come around, rising from his slumber.  Shit! He knew he was headed back home to Georgia, but he hadn’t been thinking about having to attend her “little” brother’s high school graduation.

C: Well, it was kinda a drunk dare?

E: Fuck your friends!  Was Scott involved?  I’ll kill him too!  Parker’s graduation!  Meeting my grandparents for the first time?  All the photos?  “What am I gonna tell the grandchildren?”

A scene from an old movie pops into his head… Damn! What’s that movie?

C: I actually understood that reference…

E: Remember when I said I’d get even for the first haircut and the damn sexy Rolling Stones photos?

He smiles to himself, rolling over and plumping the pillow under his pounding head.  Wait? How the fuck does she even know I shaved my head?  He lazily texts back, wondering what she has “planned” for him.

C: Yup. Dish it out babe.  I can take it… Whatchya got for me?


C: Ah, babe. You’re so beautiful!  Purple looks amazing on you.

Several minutes pass, and she doesn’t respond to him.  He knows it’s the last day of school.  He’s already arranged with her favorite Chinese place to deliver her a special lunch.  He’s glad he set that up  earlier in the week, because this headache from one too many late last night and a lack of sleep is killing him.  While he waits for her response, he reaches into the bedside table and pulls out the room service menu.  When she still doesn’t answer, he messages again.

C: That’s it?  That beautiful photo is supposed to frighten me? I thought you were getting even?

He laughs when his phone chimes again, picturing her at her desk, sending him messages and photos.


C: Even more beautiful. I wanna stare at your eyes all day… Someday we better have a daughter with your red hair and our blue eyes

C: Still not scared…

The phone chimes again, and a lovely image fills his screen, taking his breath away.

hello 4

C: Shit. Fuckin amazing.  Whatchya gonna do with that tongue?

E: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Chris feels a stir below as his dick stands at attention, a combination of early morning wood and throbbing with desire for his absent lady.  He brushes himself roughly over the top of the sheets, deciding to taunt her for more.

C: I still don’t feel like you’ve killed me yet with these photos…

As the next image fills the screen he wets his lips, releasing a low whistle of appreciation.  Talk about a bombshell!

emery pin up.jpg

C: Damn, woman. Cap approves! Hell….  Remind me. When’s my flight to Savannah?

E: *smiles* not soon enough. I need you

C: You still at work? Phone sex later?

E: It’ll be late. Bachelorette party tonight for one of the English teachers. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get drunk and shave my head too!

He sighs with regret.  This long distance shit has run its course.  He looks forward to spending lots of time together this summer, being in the same place, relaxing and beginning to build their life as one.

C: You change a thing about that red hair and we got issues….

E: Yea, you remember that next time you cut yours without warning me first, or I’m cutting off other things too… Understood?

Even though she is hundreds of miles away, he instinctively covers his crotch for protection at her words. He chuckles at her efforts to play tough.

C:  Yes ma’am. Loud and clear. Got it.

E: I love you, Evans

C: Love you too, kitten.  Got any more photos?

E:  Ha-ha! I’m sure you’ll do some stupid-ass thing soon enough…. I’ll save the others for when they are needed

She’s probably not wrong…

C: Fuck, I’m a dead man…  So hate the buzzcut?

E:  IDK… I really LOVE the “Gifted” look.

Chris can almost hear her sweet chuckle and Southern drawl ring in his ears.

C: What if I PROMISE you’ll love the way it feels between your thighs?

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

A special thanks to @heather-lynn for encouraging me to “find” Emery!  As soon as I saw the actress Rachel Lefevre, I knew she was the perfect girl! Thanks @heather-lynn for creating the great “couple” photo Emery uses as her screen saver!


Let Them Watch


Let them watch.png

Let Them Watch

By avenger-nerd-mom

*a Chris Evans Fan Fiction*

Chris x OFC (First Person)

Chris Evans and his new girlfriend, a sassy plus sized woman, are spotted out on the town

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, Fat Shaming, Bullying, Self-Esteem issues, Verbal Confrontation

Word Count 2632

Click here for Beautiful Design to see how Chris meets this lovely lady!

Adjusting my skirt, I freeze when the shrill voices and laughter enter the room.  “Did you see the girl he’s with?!  Oh my God; she needs her own zip code.”

A blush creeps over my face.  I know what everyone else in the restaurant looked like.  She can only be talking about me.  Living in Hollywood is a nightmare… I stay hidden in the bathroom stall, hoping they will leave soon and I can make my exit unnoticed.

“Well, she has a pretty face?  Maybe she’s really sweet?” replies another voice.  Her, I like.

“Get off it, a pretty face and nice personality can only get you so far,” chimes in a third woman.

The sound of the water faucet turns on and I can hear the women shuffling through their handbags for lipstick touch ups.

“In heels she’s practically taller than him!  And she really should cover up her arms with a sweater or something.”

“A black and white dress? She looks like Shamu!”

The girls dissolve into a fit of giggles, one of them actually making what I can only guess are supposed to be whale sounds.  Tears sting my eyes but I’ve dealt with women like them my whole life.

“All the gossip sites say he’s into kink… Who knew that’s what they meant!”

“I hear he likes it rough; she’s definitely got more cushion for pushin’!  But a man like that needs a woman like me.  I’d look good on his arm; something to be proud of showing off.”

I take a deep breath and adjust myself again before exiting the stall.  When the door opens I can see my reflection in the mirror as they all freeze.  Tears glisten my eyes as I look straight ahead and wash my hands.  I smooth the top of the tight Liberty Roll in my fair hair and flounce the longer waves over my shoulders, before turning to the one I think mouths off the most.

“Oh, honey, you have no idea how he likes his kink!  He’d break a skinny bitch like you in half!  He needs someone who is ALL woman,” I say, running my hands over my curves before I exit the room.  As I open the door, I look back over my shoulder at the other two staring at the leader, and I can only see her backside.  “And baby, you ain’t got the ass it takes to make a man like him happy.”

On the other side of the closed door, I lean against the hallway wall, taking a deep breath, counting slowly to get control of my tears and anger.  I did not take all that time to get my cat eye makeup perfect to ruin it with tears, I think bitterly to myself.  I don’t want to be standing there when they exit, so I gather my composure quickly and head back to the table.  I don’t want Christopher to see me upset.  He already worries about enough things… I don’t want to add my small bouts of insecurities to that mix.

Crossing the room, I can feel eyes watching me and hear soft giggles and possible comments under people’s breath.  I soften again as I see Christopher’s eyes sparkle in the low light as I move closer to him.  His appreciative stare causes my heart to flutter.  I approach our table and he rises, always a gentleman.  He puts his hand on my waist and kisses my cheek. God, he smells so good.  I reach passed him to pick up my handbag, and choke out the words, “I’d like to go.  I’ll meet you outside.”

“But I just ordered dessert?” Chris says, confused, his hand still on my waist.

I shake my head.  “I’m not hungry.  Can we please just go?”  Tears are threatening to spill from my eyes and from their corners, I can see the three women returning to their table, watching us. Watching me.  I don’t want to give them the satisfaction of seeing that their words hurt.

Chris watches me closely as the waiter approaches our table.  His vision flickers in their direction before I begin to walk away, doing my best to keep my head high and hold my dignity.  Moments later, his large, warm hand is on my lower back, ushering me out the door.  We take a few steps away from the doorway, down the sidewalk when he grabs at my arm, spinning me around.  “Did I do something wrong?  What am I missing?”

The pain on his face is evident.  I gently cup his beard in my hand, and he moves his head in my hand just enough to tickle my palm.  I slowly smile, getting my sense of us back. “Christopher, honey, you didn’t do anything.  It’s just…” From the corner of my eye, I see a photographer move towards us snapping photos.  I nod my head in that general direction and Chris winks to show me he caught on to it also.  “I wanna go home.  Let’s get out of here.”

Chris sighs deeply, taking my hand in his and says, “Whatever you want, sunshine.”

I giggle at his nickname for me- Sunshine.  He says he’s always amazed by my happiness and enthusiasm; that I add light to his day.  If he only knew it was sometimes like a personal pep talk right to my soul…  I let my inner struggles roll off, pulling myself to my full height next to him.  Walking along, I bump into his arm playfully.  “Does it bug you when I wear heels?  I’m almost taller than you!”

He stops walking and I laugh as I turn to him.  “What?”

“Are you fucking kidding with this?” he asks.  “Why wouldn’t I want you to wear heels?!  For the first time in ages I can do this without having to twist and bend down.”  He tugs on the strap of my sundress and pulls me to him, a twinkle in his eye.  He keeps one hand wrapped through the strap of my dress and puts the other in my hair, pulling my lips to his.  “Ignore the fucking cameras,” he whispers as his brush against mine softly and tenderly, teasing me.  He gently opens his mouth, sucking my top lip in between his sweet grip, the tip of his tongue caressing it.  His nose innocently brushes against mine. His antagonizing seduction instantly makes me wet and a groan rumbles in the back of my throat.  The bristles of his beard edge my mouth as he chastely finishes the kiss and backs away, holding me tight as my knees slightly give way, crushed under the power of his mouth.

“Does that answer your question?” he chuckles.  “Wear heels.  Especially later, when this dress is off you,” he challenges quietly, moving again towards the car.

When we reach the car, instead of opening the door for me, he pushes me against it, firmly planting his hand on my ribcage.  “Whatever it is,” Chris whispers in my ear.  “You don’t have to be tough all the time; you can share your hurt with me.  I won’t think less of you and it won’t change the way I feel.”

I sigh deeply, shaking my head at his intuitiveness.  “Christopher, I don’t want to do this here.”  I try to keep stiff, guarded, knowing cameras are lurking in the shadows, but Chris clearly has other things on his mind as his hands roam down my arms.  The goosebumps that form have nothing to do with the cool evening air.

“Fine then.  We won’t talk.  We’ll just make out in front of these photographers.  We’ve got time to kill,” he said before throwing his plump, wet lips against my neck, seeking the spot he knows makes me squirm every time!   Damn! My ticklish spot!

I squeal, attracting attention of the paparazzi.  “Quit that!”  I giggle.  “What are you doing?”

“Waiting on the waiter to bring out my real dessert…”

“Oh, my God! Are you joking?”

“I can’t help it,” Chris laughs, his breath warm against my neck.  “I like all things sweet.” 

“We’re being watched…” I sigh, not really wanting him to stop.

He tilts his head to place a delicate open mouthed kiss on my hummingbird tattoo.  Instinctively my eyes close and my head falls back as his cradles it in one of his large hands, his other roaming down my side.  His distractions nearly clear the tabloid photogs from my mind.  “Let them watch…”

Running his mouth up my neck, his beard scratches my skin as his lips move to mine. Oh, my god, who taught this boy to kiss? She deserves a medal… Up close under the street lights, I can see the devilish gleam in his eyes.  “What are you up to, Christopher?”

“Shh…,” he whispers, closing his mouth over mine with a little more force this time.

Our private bubble bursts at the sound of high pitched giggles and deep laughter.  The photographers seem to step back into the darkness of the night as the group of mean girls and their men walk in front of our car.  My posture instantly locks, anticipating a final retaliation for my bold words in the washroom.

Chris must sense the change in me, asking quietly, his voice vibrating against me, “Babe? Is that it?  Did one of those women say something to you?”

He takes the dessert box from the young waiter who has made his delivery, offering him another tip and nodding his thanks.  He barely takes his eyes off me during the exchange.  His stare makes me want to come clean, to tell him my fears, to wonder aloud if he’s made the wrong choice.  People will always be watching us, for his fame or my size…  Let them watch, he said…  I sigh in frustration.  He’s right.   We sure as hell can’t hide all the time….

“Not to me… I overheard them talking,” I admit, moving aside as Chris reaches around me to finally open the door.

Before helping me in the car, he kisses me tenderly, chuckling quietly and placing the box with his sweet treat in the back.  I watch with desire as he crosses in front of the car under the glow of the parking lights.  His shorter hair mimics a James Dean quality and matches the rockabilly style I often like to wear. His jeans hug at his tapered waist just right and the t-shirt rides up a bit with each stride of his legs, allowing a glimpse at his glorious Adonis belt.  There’s a reason I can’t seem to keep my hands off him.  He is without a doubt; the sexiest man I have ever seen.

Settling in the car, he takes my hand, kissing the back of it gently.  “Sunshine, when you got up from the table, all heads turned to watch you.”  He makes a tsking sound when I scoff at his words.  “Not for the reason you think, babe…. The sway of your hips?  Drives a man crazy…  The front view; the bounce?  The deep cleavage?  A man wants to get lost in there for days.  You’re everything those women aren’t and they were jealous.”

“You sweet man.  I love that you are so blind, but they said everything I think.”

“Then tell yourself to ‘shut up.’  I see an amazing, talented, funny, charismatic business woman, with great taste in fashion and men,” he smiles, pointing at himself.  “Trust me.  I don’t tell stories; I just act them out on screen.  You’ve known me for months.  Do I waste my time on things that aren’t worth it?”

“No…” I answer quietly, consoled by his words, finding additional strength in them.

“I can’t imagine you stayed too quiet after hearing them speak…” he starts, watching as the smile grows on my face.  “What did you do?” he asks warmly.

I giggle, sharing with him the story of my encounter with the mean girls.  Laughing so hard, he hits the steering wheel, beeping the horn and startling a young couple walking to their car.  “You actually said that to her?!  That’s awesome! I bet she learns to keep her mouth shut,” he wheezes out.

I shake my head, “Girls like her never learn.  If God has a sense of humor, she’ll get old and fat one day too….” I pinch the bridge of my nose, thinking about what I said.  “I didn’t mean that.  Everybody is what they are. Size and shape doesn’t change you, or make you better or worse than anyone else. She’d still be bitter, just about something else.”

“See?  That? That’s why you’re my ‘Sunshine.’” Chris winks at me, starting the ignition and slowly backing the car out of the tight space.  “You could let it get you down, but you don’t dwell on it.  Some stupid bitch you’ll never see again shouldn’t have power over you… But you have got to depend on me. I’m strong, baby, you know that. I can bear that weight with you.”

I chuckle at his word choice, watching the passing lights and shoppers along Rodeo Drive.

“Seriously.  I have to get you to see what I see, and my words aren’t getting through that beautiful, thick skull of yours,” Chris says, tapping his finger against the steering wheel.  “I got it!” he shouts in the confined space, laughing when I jump.  “What are you doing this weekend?”

Confused, I turn to look at him, wondering about the giant smile spreading across his face.  “I don’t know?  Why? Whatdya have in mind?”

Chris waves a pedestrian across before advancing at the green light.  “I’m thinking we need to go home to Boston,” his voice trails off, watching me from the corner of his eye.

“What? Boston? Why?” I ask, my speech nearly impaired from this suggestion.  “Christopher, we haven’t been dating that long.  Why would you take me to Boston?”

He turns off the road, taking the more scenic route back to his newly redecorated home, courtesy of me and my design team.  He shrugs his shoulders, waving his hand like an invitation home, to meet his family, is no big deal.  It’s a big fucking deal.  “Some of those pictures from the parking lot will be all over the internet.  I wouldn’t have let them be taken if I didn’t want them.  How often do you see pap shots of me in the press?  Those photos are to show you, and the world, I don’t care what size your dress is.  You are fucking perfect for me.”  He continues to watch the road carefully, slowing as a deer crosses our path. “Look out, Bambi,” he mumbles under his breath.  “Mom will want to meet you; the girl I allowed myself to get photographed with…”

Anxiously, my shaking hands brush my hair to the side and tie it in a low knot, a nervous habit.  “You want me to meet your mom?”

“If words can’t tell you how alluring I think you are, maybe it’s time you meet the three most important women in my life.  You’ll see how beautiful they are to me,” he explains, his voice nearly choked in emotion.  “You’ll know then you are beautiful to me because of you, inside and out.”

Chris’s mom and sisters shaped the man he is; although I haven’t met them yet, I bought frames for all the pictures of them displayed in his home.  The soft spot in our hearts for the handsome man beside me isn’t the only thing we have in common, I think, picturing the lovely women in my mind.  My voice is also strangled with emotion, “Well, then, I guess we’re going to Boston this weekend.”

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Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention.png

An Emery and Chris story

By avenger-nerd-mom

Emery Thomas, fiancé of Chris Evans, struggles with being apart during the press tour, but receives some great work news! Can Chris make it home in time to be there when she needs him?

Warnings: Language, references to excessive drinking and anxiety

Word Count: 4044

And Emery collapses back into her seat behind her desk.  The students watch her with concern, but split into their smaller groups for tutoring time.  She rubs her temples, trying to fend off the building headache.  She looks up when her friend and principal, Katie Harris, steps into the room, giving a weak smile.

“Rachel,” Principal Harris addresses Emery’s favorite student. “Would you run down to the lounge and bring back a soda for Ms. Thomas?  Meet us by the auditorium with it.  The rest of you kids, since you are here, head up to the balcony.  An all call is about to go out, and anyone in the building is going to be asked to meet in the auditorium.”

Emery eyes her friend with curiosity and watches as the kids leave the room.  She motions she will lock up the room and the girls leave their purses and things behind jut as the intercom clicks to life with an announcement for everyone to meet in ten minutes.

“What’s going on?” Emery asks.  She’s tired and doesn’t want to move from this spot.  She wonders if the kids could just wheel her rolling chair out to the car after tutoring tonight so she doesn’t have to walk. She smiles to herself at the image in her head.

Katie leans against the work table admiring the most recent flowers delivered to Emery this week.  “He sends them every week, doesn’t he?” she smiles, gently caressing the fluffy blooms of the lilacs in the bouquet.

Smiling, Emery nods her head yes.  “He knows spring flowers are my favorite.  They just smell so fresh and earthy.”  She rubs at her temple again and asks, “Do I have to go the auditorium? Can’t you just tell me whatever it is and let me conserve some energy?”

“Sorry babe.  It’s not my deal,” Katie replies.  “Mr. Shanes is coming over from the board office with district news.  Are you okay?  You seem out of it,” she asks, worried for her friend.

Emery raises and eyebrow and shakes her head back and forth.  “You want an answer as a friend, or a boss?”

“I’ll take whatever you give me.  Just remember, I’m always your friend first.”  The two women have been friends for years, since Emery served as her student teacher in the same building years ago.

“I’m screwed.  My kids aren’t ready for the state tests this year.  Scores are gonna be crap, because I haven’t been around for them the way they need me and when I am here, my head is wherever Chris is.”  She keeps her voice low, trying not to poke at her headache.  “I don’t know if I can do this.”

Katie sighs deeply, “Em, why didn’t you come to me?  Why didn’t you tell me you felt this way?”

Emery puts her dead down on her desk, tears threatening to spill out as the pounding in her head increases.  “I don’t think I realized I felt this way until just this week.  He was here this weekend.  He had a little over 48 hours free and he came to see me.  That’s so great, and I needed it, needed him, but now I feel selfish because he’s got more press bullshit and he didn’t get to rest.”

“What do you want?” Katie asks of her friend.  “Cause I’ve had an idea or two about next school year that allows you more flexibility, we just haven’t talked yet… Do you want to keep teaching?”

Emery looks up, the tears breaking their hold.  She shakes her head, no.  “For the first time in my life, I have something I want more than teaching.  I want him; I want to be with him, to be where he is.”

Katie moves to pat her friend’s shoulder as the intercom crackles on. “Principal Harris and all faculty and staff, please report to the auditorium,” announces a cold voice over the speaker system.

“Come on girl, let’s go get you that soda.  After the asshat is done with whatever meeting this is about, let’s go get tacos.  And I’ll tell you some of the ideas I’ve had.”

“Did you just call your boss an asshat?” Emery giggles when Katie nods her head. “God, we haven’t had tacos in ages.  Is that still code for nachos and tequila?” She laughs as stands and walks to the door, arm and arm with her friend.

“Oh, honey, so much tequila!  Let’s have a good old-fashioned girls’ night out! Want me to call Tammy?”

“Yea, do that.  Her sorry ass probably could use a drink too.  Did you hear the shit they pulled on her at work last week?”

Emery’s spirits begin to lift as the two women catch up on details of their other friend and walk to the auditorium.


Mr. Shanes, the District Superintendent, take center stage, calling the teachers and a small gathering of students to attention.  Emery isn’t really paying attention as she pops two aspirin and takes a large chug from the soda Rachel brought her.  She snaps to when she hears her name being called and a commotion around her.  The teacher next to her tugs her arm and tells her to stand up.  “What? I wasn’t listening.  What’s going on?”

“Emery, dear, he just announced you as District Teacher of the Year!  Go, get up on stage!”

Emery stands frozen for a moment, looking around the large auditorium.  It’s the students, her kids, in the balcony, cheering and giving each other high-fives that motivates her to move forward.  “We love you Miss Thomas!” They collectively yell.

Her tears return, this time of joy as she ascends the side stairs.  Mr. Shanes welcomes her with a hug, congratulating her.  “Miss Thomas, I want to thank you for your dedication to this school and your students.  It is evident,” he gestures to the balcony where her kids sit, “that they love you.”

Standing by his side, he turns to address the room again.  “Thank you students for your attendance today.  It’s clear this woman has made an impact on you, and that’s what teaching is all about.  In a district with nearly 2600 teachers, you are lucky enough to have the best.  Miss Thomas will be receiving honors at the upcoming teacher appreciation dinner.”  He announces to the group, “Invitations for the dinner will be in your mailboxes tomorrow and students are welcome to attend.  Thank you all for coming this afternoon.  To show my appreciation for all you do, go home early tonight!”

The room erupts in more applause as teachers and staff file out, excited to leave twenty minutes earlier than usual.

Mr. Shanes hands Emery an envelope, telling her information about the dinner is inside.  “Miss Thomas, you are allowed four free guests.  There is a dinner fee for any other guests you wish to bring.  It sure would be nice if that superhero of yours could attend!”

“Yes, sir, I’m sure he’ll want to be here,” Emery smiles, still trying to soak in the news she’s just received. I just hope he’s not too busy.

Emery’s words are a little slurred.  “I think my headache feels better, but I might be too drunk to know.”

Tammy laughs, “Whoo-hoo! We haven’t seen drunk Emery in a long time!  This is when you spill the beans!   So tell us, what’s Captain America like in bed?”

Emery blushes and smiles, hundreds of thoughts flashing through her mind at once, “No, guys, no, I can’t.  That’s… that’s not nice.  He’s my future husband… I can’t.”

Tammy takes another shot of tequila.  “Why not? We talk about my husband all the time.”

“Yea, but none of us might go talk to someone else who might then turn it around for some tabloid story.  No, I have NO complaints, but Chris and bedroom talk is not up for discussion.”

Katie laughs, “Oh, come on! Something?  Do any of our theories hold up?  I mean, all those times we’ve watched the movies you made us watch, you made us fall in love with him too, and now you can’t tell us anything?”

Emery motions to the waiter for another drink.  “London is not his O face.  Neither is the face when he played Frozen Black Jack with Fallon.  It’s more… beautiful.”  She pauses, trying to count the empty shot glasses, beer bottles and empty glasses on the table.  “Shit, did I just say that? Fuck.”

“Does he send dick pics?” Tammy wants to know.

Emery laughs, “Oh, come on, really? Stop!  Besides, allusion is sexier.  Gimme that damn Rolling Stone photo any day!”

“We still have to wait for the movie, can’t you tell us something?” Katie pleads.

“No, I’m not that drunk.  After all the stuff I saw during the first week of press, Marvel doesn’t play around.  I don’t care if the movie is out in other countries, I ain’t tellin’ you nuthin’.”

The other girls continue to tease and joke with Emery, and as the restaurant staff begins to clean up around them, Emery calls her younger brother, Parker.  “Hey, Parker? Whatchya doin’?” she giggles.

“Brent and I are playing video games. You sound weird. What’s up?”

“Um, the designated driver decided to get wasted too… Can you come to the Mexican place on Fordham Road?  You can drive my car back to my place and Brent can take you back home?”

Parker laughs, “It’s late. I got school tomorrow. What’s in it for me?”

“Parker Thomas! Do not be an asshat! Come rescue me!” Emery commands.

“Did you just call me an ‘asshat?’  Nice language, sis… I’m not your superhero… Mom and Dad will flip. IfI get caught, you owe me,” says the younger boy.

“Fine, I owe you, but only if you get caught. Leave a note on the counter, then they can’t totally get mad,” Emery advises, “but try not to wake them up.”

The women actually order another round while they wait for their ride.


When the restaurant door opens, the girls all freeze mid-laugh.  “Oh, shit,” Emery mumbles under her breath.  “Hi, Daddy! What are you doing here?”

Parker rushes in the restaurant, halting behind his father.  “Sorry, Em.  I got caught.”

“Parker, we’re good here.  You and Brent go on over to Emery’s and let out the dog.  We’ll be along shortly,” the older gentleman’s voice is quiet and kind, but his facial expression shows his displeasure at being rousted late at night by his oldest and youngest children.  Parker shrugs at Emery and mouths the word ‘sorry’ before stepping back out under the glow of the bright restaurant lights.

Preston Thomas walks to the table, waving at the remaining wait staff.  He pulls a nacho from the basket, dipping it in the salsa and dousing it with additional hot sauce before saying a word.  “Miss Emery.  Don’t you think you are too old for this nonsense?  And you, Katie Harris? I should have known you were in on this…”

“Hey, Mr. Thomas!  Good to see you again, sir,” Principal Harris giggles.

He rolls his eyes at her and pats her on the shoulder.  “All right ladies. Let’s get out of here… Ricardo, voy a pagar para estas chicas.  ¿Cuánto cuestan?”

The price is called out and Preston pulls a few bills from his wallet, tossing them on the table.  “Quite a collection of empty glasses there, ladies.  Emery, it reminds me of that time I had to rescue you from Tommy Larson’s house when you were seventeen.  Girls, have you ever heard that story?  No? Well, we got a long car ride home for me to tell it.”

“Tommy Larson, the guy with the weird realtor billboards?” Tammy asks, curiously wondering about her friend’s taste in boys back in high school.

“Shut up,” Emery mumbles.  “I don’t feel so good… Any chance I can get a sub tomorrow?”

“No!” Preston and Katie respond in unison.


“Thanks again, Dad,” Emery giggles, reaching on her tip toes to kiss her father good night as he leaves the girls on the porch.  He had delivered Tammy to her home and was pleased Katie was going to stay in Emery’s guest room for the night.  “I’ll call you in the morning, ok?”

“Ok, darlin’,” the man sighs, squeezing his daughter’s shoulder.  “And congratulations again on your honor.  Teacher of the Year!  That is something!  Wait till I tell your mother!”

Emery watches as the distinguished gentlemen gets in the car with her brother and drives away.  Locking the doors and turning out the lights, she checks her phone to see if Chris has called yet.  For the first time in over a week, they are in the same time zone, but he hasn’t returned her messages.

“Hey, I’m in here,” Katie calls from the master bedroom.

Emery laughs, finding her friend already curled up under the blankets in her bed.  “Gee, Katie, make yourself at home.”

“He hasn’t answered you back.  I thought you might be kinda lonesome. You wanna talk about it?”

“No. Because now I have a drunk headache and it’s almost worse… Can it just wait?” Emery quietly asks, climbing into the bed, not even bothering to take off her work clothes.  “Yuck. We smell like Mexican food,” she giggles while reaching to turn out the lamp.

“Does he know you’re struggling with this?”

Emery grasps her forehead, trying to push back the headache.  “Fuck, no,” she responds quietly.  “We had a fight in LA and then all the press and then he left for Singapore and I just don’t feel like we got it back together, ya know?  And I don’t want him worrying about me when he has to be gone.  So I’ve just kinda kept quiet.  It’s not good for me, but his anxiety and stress is so high right now, I can’t do that to him.  I just feel like, maybe if I-“

She was interrupted by the Marvel theme playing on her phone.  “Katie, go to sleep; we’ll talk in the morning.”

Emery climbs out of bed and carries the phone out to the guest bathroom.  She flips on the light as she answers, “Hey, sweetie.  How was your night?”  She tries to downplay the exhaustion in her voice as she quietly takes two more aspirin.

As Chris talks to her about his day and the events scheduled for tomorrow, she stares at her reflection in the mirror.  Drunk Emery isn’t that pretty.  Her eyeliner is smudged, and her mascara has oddly clumped together from crying.  She finds some baby wipes under the counter and begins to remove her make up.  Chris says something about an honor and that makes her mind jump.  “Oh, babe! Sorry!  Sorry to interrupt, but I have news!  We had a special assembly after school, and I was named District Teacher of the Year!”

“Emery!  That’s amazing news!  Why didn’t you tell me?  Oh, my God, babe, I am so proud of you!”

Emery chuckles, “Honey, I’m a little drunk. Katie, Tammy and I have all had a rough week, and we went out.  My Dad had to come rescue us and drive us home.”

Chris laughs.  “Drinking with your boss?  Niiiice…  I’m glad you guys went out.  You had a good time?”

“I did.  I needed that; it was nice to see the girls, get away from something other than just school talk.  They were bugging me about you and wedding details and the inside scoop on life in Hollywood.”

“Sounds like fun.  I wish I could have been there…” Chris stifles a yawn.  “So this award?  Was that it, at school?  That doesn’t sound elaborate enough for such a special honor.”

“Oh, no!  There’s a big dinner later in the month.  All kinds of district employees are honored as well as scholarships presented to students.  It’s a really big deal; I want you to be there with me, if you can.”  Emery crosses her fingers like a small child might.  She knows he was going back to work on another project right after the Civil War press ended.

“Shit, Em, I’m booked till the end of the month; right up to our vacation.  What day?”

Emery makes small talk, telling him more about the assembly, leaving out her tears and headache, as she searches her school bag for the envelope with the information.  She flicks on the living room lamp and sits on the couch next to West, snoring away.  She tells him the date and flinches when he whispers. “Fuck, no.”

“Chris?  This is like the equivalent of the Oscars to me.  I was nominated by other teachers and interviewed and voted on by a district panel.  This is a big deal.”

Chris sighs deeply.  She can see him in her mind, rubbing his hand over his beard, trying to decide what to do or say.  “I know, I know.  I’ll figure it out.  I really can’t that date, but I will figure it out.  Until then, please don’t be upset.   I am so, so happy for you!  You work so hard.  You deserve it.  Those kids are so lucky to have you in class.”

“Thanks, honey.”  She is warmed by his praise, but worries his Hollywood schedule might not be flexible.

“Sweetie? Call my mom tomorrow.  She’s been dying to see you and visit South; to see your parents again.  Invite her; tell her I will make all the arrangements.  That way, if for some reason I can’t make it, at least you have family there besides just your mom and dad, okay? Will you do that?”

“Mmmhmmm.  I like that idea,” Emery agrees.  “Babe, I’m drunk and tired.  I need sleep.  Do you know if any killer photos are gonna be released tomorrow? I’m finding it hard to get through the day with all these pictures that keep appearing.  Like, I think I need to start carrying a change of panties with me, cause each one is hotter than the next!”

“You still mad about the hair?” he chuckles quietly.

“Hmph,” she scoffs. “No, I’m not mad about the hair. It’s sexy as fuck and I can’t wait to get my hands in it.  No, Evans, I’m irritated at this slow burn of photos, a new one here, a new one there… I’m so gonna get you at that game.  You just wait. Between the haircut and Rolling Stone pictures… Be prepared.  I can play just as wicked.”

“Oh, baby, I bet you can. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got for me.”


“Katie, wake up!  We overslept!” Emery shouts, running around her room, trying to get ready for work.

“Em. Em! Stop! I have a hangover.  Shushy!” The dark haired principal throws the pillow over her face to block out the light.  “I’m your boss.  Chill out.  We’re going to breakfast.  We need to talk.  Please hand me my phone and let me get your first few classes covered.”


After taking Katie by her place for a quick shower and a change of clothes, the two women stop for breakfast in a little place they love near the school.  They each order their favorites and continue to wake up in a comfortable silence. But Emery feels like she is waiting for a boom to drop, that Katie might have something to tell her she doesn’t want to hear.

“Katie, you’re killing me.  What is it?”

“First, babe, you gotta tell him how you feel.  If these separations aren’t going to work for you, you two have to figure out something together.”

Emery plays with the rim of her coffee cup.  “I know.  You’re right.  I will.  But face to face.  When he’s had time to rest.  He was so exhausted when I talked to him last night.  It was heartbreaking.  I can’t add stress to him right now.”

“Babe, let me tell you, that’s why I’m divorced now.  Because I thought I had to do everything by myself.  You have to learn to share the burdens.  You can’t do it alone.  And it’s ten times worse cause he’s fucking Captain America and everything you both do will be watched closely.  You have anxiety issues too.  You can’t hide what you feel to spare him.”

“Right again, woman….”

“That’s why I’m the boss.  Which is why we’re here.  This is a business meeting, not just a friendly breakfast,” Katie begins.

“What are you talking about?” Emery inquires.

“Emery, I want to offer you an administration position for next school year, starting in January,” Katie smiles, knowing her friend is slightly confused.

Setting her bacon back down on the edge of her plate, Emery wipes her hands on her napkin.  “Have you lost your mind?  How would being a principal help me?”

Katie signals for coffee refills.  “Not principal.  Mr. Shanes said it himself.  You’re the best we have to offer.   What you do in the classroom, during tutoring? Anyone could do that if they put their heart into like you do.  It comes naturally to you.  Some people need to learn how.  I want you to teach them.  Emery, I want you to become an Instructional Coach, and teach others to teach like you do.”

Emery drops her fork, mid-bite.  “Katie, you know I’ve always wanted to do that!”  Her smile begins to grow.  “That’s not an everyday classroom job; that would free me up to travel with Chris when he needed me, or I needed him…”

Katie smiles, “Exactly.  I was thinking we get you a student teacher for the first quarter.  I hear a few of your former students are looking for placements.  Pick one and train HER to take your job.  You have a student teacher all of first quarter. Second quarter, you take sabbatical. Attend trainings for coaching, plan a wedding, be on set for Infinity War filming.  After Christmas, you come back and put in your weekly hours, doing whatever needs to be done, wherever the district needs you.  You could arrange your own schedule, as long as you put in the hours.”

Emery bubbles with laughter, “Oh, my God, Katie!  That might actually work!  That’s brilliant!”

Joining in the laughter, Katie says, “That’s why they pay me the big bucks.  Talk it over with your fiancé.  I need an answer by next week, but I don’t want to go public with it till after the appreciation banquet.


From the head table at the banquet dinner, Emery scans the room.  She pauses to watch as Miss Lisa charms a group of her students, probably telling tales of Chris as a young student himself.   Her parents and siblings are all chatting with one another and various people from the community they know.  She tries to mask the sadness on her face. Katie Harris, friend and principal, moves into her place in the empty chair beside Emery.  “You okay, babe?”

Emery shakes her head.  “No.  Tell Mr. Shanes to quit stalling.  The emergency landing in Cleveland due to the storms is going to delay him too much.  Everyone is nearly finished with dessert. Let’s just get it over with.”

“You know he tried to move heaven and earth for you?” Katie asks.

“I know he did.  I’m not mad,” she sighs, managing a shaky smile.  “He tries to control a lot of things, but the weather isn’t one of them.”

She checks her phone one last time while Principal Harris rises to introduce her as Teacher of the Year.  Lost in her own thoughts, she joins her friend when Katie clasps her shoulder in affection during her introduction, prompting her to rise and address the room.  Emery hates public speaking.  She falls into her old habit of imaging a room full of students rather than a conference hall full of colleagues in the field of teaching.  As her speech quiets and the standing ovation for her efforts subsides, the lights come back up in the room. Standing against the back wall, Chris applauds her loudly, clasping a bouquet of flowers under his arm, his face beaming with pride.  Even in the noise of the room, she can hear him loud as day as she reads his lips, “Proud of you! Till the end of the line, babe.”

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom




*a Chris Evans ficlet*

By avenger-nerd-mom

15 Minute Writing Challenge

Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Language, Fluff

Word Count: 537

                Fuck! Why does it have to be raining?  I hurry from the office building to my car, trying to balance the box of files and my coffee cup as I struggle to find the right key.  I balance the cup on top of the car, precariously, chanting, “Don’t fall. Don’t fall.”  Just as I hear a loud clap of thunder and the downpour really lets lose, the bottom of the box falls out, spilling papers into the deep puddles.  Slamming my fist against the window in irritation the travel mug topples over, spilling down the front of my blouse, adding a stain to my already soaked clothes.

“Fucking shit!” I yell at the empty parking lot, bending to pick up my papers, angrily throwing them into the back seat.

The sound of footsteps splashing through the water catches my attention.  I look up to a handsome stranger running across the lot, the polka dotted umbrella bouncing over his head.  The tall man and the feminine accessory bring a smile to my face.  “Hey,” he shouts as he moves closer, “Let me help with that.”

“Thanks,” I say, genuinely relieved for an ounce of compassion.

“No problem.  Bad day?” he asks, his voice a low rumble that instantly warms my body, cold from the unexpected spring rain.

“Sure, Captain Obvious.  My plan was to get soaked, spill my coffee and ruin a week’s worth of work.  Oh, and I got dumped yesterday.  So there’s that too.”

“So, really bad day,” he chuckles.

I look up into the bluest, kindest eyes I have ever seen.  My heart flutters.  “Shit.  I’m sorry.  That was rude.”

From his crouched position next to me, he reaches to grab a file beginning to float away.  “No problem.  Sounds like you’ve earned the right to an outburst.”

I shake my head, “Yea, I guess so, but that doesn’t give me the right to be rude.”

“Is it ruined?  All your work?”

I shrug my shoulders.  “I won’t know until it’s dried out.  I can always reprint it.  I’ve got nothing better to do Saturday night,” I scoff.

“Right. Dumped.  That sucks.”

“Eh, he was a dick.  I shoulda left a long time ago.”

He laughs again and I swear he brushes his hand against mine on purpose.  Electricity crackles through my skin, like a live wire in the puddle, shocking me.  “Well, it looks like we got it all.  I saw you through my brother’s apartment window…  You in a rush?  How about we get you dry? Find a clean shirt? A fresh cup of coffee?”

We rise to stand and I shake the water from my pixie cut.  I avoid glancing down, knowing my white blouse is clinging to my body.  GreatI hope the invitation means he likes what he sees.

I look him over in his sweats and hoodie.  Not your average sweats.  Fila.  Too expensive to be unemployed sitting home in the middle of the day.  Nice enough guy to leave his comfortable dry spot to come to my rescue…. “Why would you help me?  I don’t even know you.”

The smile on his face grows showing perfect gleaming white teeth.

Because you don’t even know me… Come on,” he says, reaching for my hand.  “I’m Chris.”

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Beautiful Design

beautiful design.png

Beautiful Design

by avenger-nerd-mom

*a Chris Evans Fan Fiction*

Chris x OFC (First Person)

Chris Evans develops a crush on his interior designer, a sassy plus sized woman with an eye for details

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, Oral Sex, Penetration, fingering, NSFW

Word Count 4727

“How did you know I like soft, fluffy things on my bed?”  Chris’s laughter and sultry tone causes me to jump out of my skin, releasing a squeal of surprise.

“Oh, Christopher! You scared me!” I turn my attention from the decorator pillows I’ve been fluffing on the giant bed, and start to blush, realizing how this must look to him.  The meaning behind his words is not lost on me.  He leans against the doorframe so casually, my heart skips a beat and I can feel my blush deepen.  “I wasn’t expecting you till after the shoot.  What are you doing here?”

He ignores my question, moaning quietly.  Fuck, why must he do that!  “Unf… And you’re already kneeling on my bed?”

“Stop, teasing, please,” my voice pleads with him, reaching to straighten and fluff the rest of the pillows, becoming self-conscious, knowing he is watching me.  He’s been flirting for weeks, but he doesn’t really mean it.  That’s just who he is.  He’s just a flirt.

“Why?” Chris moves across the room, emptying his pockets onto the dresser.  Seeing the expression on my face, he opens the drawer and slides the items off and hides them away.  “What is it going to take to convince you to go out with me?  Why won’t you say yes?”

Pivoting carefully on the bed so to not disrupt the décor, I catch my reflection in the mirror on the wall behind him.  Nearly a size sixteen… That’s why I don’t say yes.   Chris doesn’t really want me he just wants the challenge because I keep turning him down.  Having worked with the household staff for weeks getting ready for this house design photo shoot, I am totally aware “no” isn’t a word he hears often.

As I finish fussing with the blanket at the foot of the bed I realize Chris is watching me closely.  “You haven’t answered my question…” he says quietly.  My heart cries at the sound in his voice.  This flirting is different.  He truly seems hurt by my rejections…

Crawling to the edge, I shake my head, getting ready to climb down from the higher bed he requested.  As I move across the surface, I realize my dress isn’t holding me in and my two best features are slowly popping out over the top of the neckline.  I look up and Chris notices too.  That goddamn smirk of his… “Christopher, isn’t the answer obvious?” I turn again and begin to crawl away from him.  At least the length of my skirt will keep my ass covered until I can get off the ridiculously high bed.  I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing at all the jokes the design team had while creating the room’s main feature.

“Either direction is a good view,” he chuckles, kicking off his shoes.

“Goddamn it,” I mumble under my breath.  “There is no graceful way to get off this bed.”  I spin my legs around to a seated position, preparing to slide off to the floor.

“Then don’t.  Stay on the bed,” Chris says as he steps in front of me.  “You look good there,” he purrs, just as my feet hit the floor and I stand up, nearly bumping into him.

“Damn, you’re tall.  I don’t think I’ve really noticed that before,” Chris says, reaching beside me and straightening the edge of the blanket I kicked.  As he moves past me, I can feel his warmth radiating from his body, and catch the smell that is him- the outdoors, clean, fresh, manly.

I try to side step him, but he blocks my path.  “Christopher, don’t you have something else to do, I have work to finish here.” I put my hand on his arm to push him away and encounter his rock hard bicep.  My fingers linger there and I can’t deny the attraction I feel for him.

“I love that you call me ‘Christopher,’” he says, dropping his eyes to my manicured hand on his arm.  “And I think you’re amazing.  Don’t give me that “low self-esteem” bullshit.  I’ve known you for months.  You are the most vibrant, out-going, carefree person I know.  You’re funny and opinionated and you don’t take any shit… That’s my kind of girl.  Why won’t you go out with me?”

I freeze when the back of his hand caresses the watercolor hummingbird tattoo on my collar bone as he brushes my fair colored hair over my shoulder.  His eyes plead for an answer.  He touched me.  I can’t think.  Quietly, I say the honest truth, the first thing that comes to my mind.  “The funny, fat girl is always great to hang out with until you have to be seen in public with her.”

He leans in and kisses my tat, his lips a bare brush against my skin. I can feel the slight exhale of his warmth breath as he puffs out his next words. “That’s bullshit.  I don’t see you like that.  I need a better reason.”  Goosebumps form across my pale surface as he continues to caress my shoulder, his fingertips running under the strap of my favorite yellow sundress.

Unable to control my breathing, trying to keep steady from the effect he has over me, I choke out the words “I work for you.”

His long nose nuzzles against my neck, his beard trailing behind, ticklish.  “Not any more.  You’re fired.”

Giggling, I grasp the back of his hair and lift his head even to mine.  My stomach turns somersaults.  I don’t want him to stop.  “The camera crew will be here in two hours.”

“Plenty of time,” he answers, diving towards my lips and meeting them with a wanting heat.  Both hands now continue to tug at the straps of my summer attire.  His tongue flits across my plump bottom lip inviting me to open and accept him.  My breathing accelerates and I run my fingers through his hair, holding him tighter to me, knowing it’s a bad idea but feels so good.  His hands run along the sweetheart neckline, dragging his fingers just under the edge of the dress covering my ample chest.  A delicious moan escapes my lips, aching for more of his touch.  “And we can go for round two later,” he growls seductively.

His mouth continues to tease.  Damn, can that boy kiss!  My lips slowly part at his temptations, his lips soft against my own.  His tongue eases in slowly, gently touching my tongue before sliding back out and running across my bottom lip.  A slight chill runs through me and my knees weaken so I tighten my grasp on his arm.  He repeats this move again, venturing his skilled tongue deeper inside, tangling with mine.

His hands snake down the corset style front of my dress, stopping to squeeze under my breasts, grabbing at my ribcage and pulling me into him.  I can feel his erection through the layers of my skirt, pushing warmly against my thigh.  I open my eyes to remind myself this is really happening and he is watching me with his pupils dilated, lost in the black of desire.  He really wants me?  If this is an act, he should win in an Oscar.

A million thoughts cross my mind.  If I go through with this, I don’t want it to change the friendship I’ve developed with this charming man.  I love stopping by with a new find for the design layout and finding him watching Disney movies alone, collapsing in a nearby chair to join his movie marathon.  I love catching him eating fries and a burger, leaning against the counter, exhausted from his day with a cold beer near his hand.  I adore overhearing him on the phone with his niece and nephews.   I love all the little things he does that has captured my attention in the time I have known him. I love the easy banter we have and the way he makes me laugh even when I don’t want to. But damn, I want him bad.  “You can’t fire me.  I have bills to pay and the job isn’t done.”

Winding his large, strong hands around my sides to my back, he grips me tighter.  Again I can feel him, even stiffer than before and he teases, “I can offer you a nice severance package.  You won’t be complaining.”

His kissing becomes more fervent and I match him lick for lick, nipping at his bottom lip.  His hands roam across my back side, gripping and tugging.  I bring both hands up to his forearms, grasping his biceps and running my fingers under the sleeves of his t-shirt.  His lips pull away and drag along my jawline, moving to tickle my ear with his breath.  “I love that you always smell like springtime and lilacs… and Gucci?”

Giggling back, I answer, “You left it on the counter.  I couldn’t resist.”  Tilting my head back elongates my neck to give him more space to play with his lips, his beautiful scratchy beard against my delicate skin. He obliges, running his nose along the exposed flesh, taking my ear lobe between his full lips and playfully biting down.  I can’t stop the moan of pleasure that threatens to escape.  “Ah, fuck,” I confess.  “I’ve always loved that when you hug me goodbye, I go home smelling like you.”

“So you admit, you like me?”  His breath is hot and damp in my ear and my insides melt like lava.  I want this man; I’ve needed him for weeks now, wishing he’d see me as more than his decorator, more than a friend.

He licks his tongue around the outer edge of my ear, sending chills down my spine, tenderly nibbling back down towards my chest.  He places a slow, wet open mouthed kiss on the side of my neck and I grasp at him tighter, wrapping my arms around his neck, playing with the hair touching the collar of his shirt.  “Damn, that feels good,” I sigh. “Christopher, me liking you has never been the issue.”

He scoffs at this, but he doesn’t say anything.  Besides, his lips are too busy slowly biting and kissing around the front of my neck to the other side.  His hands wander down my back, pulling at the curve of my generous hips. His tenacious fingers drift farther down, under the curve of my ass, pinching together the fabric and pulling up the skirt, exposing my legs, gently brushing against my body.  The impact of his desire causes a surge of warmth and wetness to my most intimate spaces.  His kisses are igniting a flame only he can control and I struggle to keep my breathing under control.  Impossible.

My feelings for Christopher have been simmering for weeks, but I wasn’t sure until just now he actually meant any of his flirtations. The bright lights of Hollywood aren’t easy on a girl built like me, but I’m no wallflower.  Sure, he’s Captain America, with biceps to die for, but how do I know he’s strong enough for me. It’s his anxiety, his desire for a private life that’s kept me holding back.  I know the looks I get when I’m out and about.  Add in the additional attention of being on his arm?  I can take it, but I’ve wondered if he can?  Has he even thought about what the press or the fans would say?  On a good day, in my favorite heels, I stand taller than he does.  I’m definitely more than a handful and nothing like the little starlets he is often photographed with…

Pulling back from my neck, Chris’s eyes search my face, placing a hand on my cheek, pushing my red matte lips with his wonderfully curved thumb.  My lips part under their own volition and my tongue teases between them, licking the tip of his appendage as it glides across my ready mouth.  I can feel his other hand splayed across the top of my back, his fingertips finding the zipper of my dress. “Honey, if you don’t want this, you need to stop me now.”

Taking a deep breath, a smile forms on my face and is reflected in his eyes.  “I’m not gonna stop you, but wait one moment…”  Quickly, I run my hands down the front of his black t-shirt, feeling his hard chest and ripples of muscle along the way and grasp the bottom hem.  With a quick tug up, his shirt is removed and his hair is disheveled. How is he so fucking adorable and sexy at the same time?  Winking at him, I grab his hair, winding my hands in it tightly, pulling him back to my mouth.  My tongue explores his sweet cavity much as he did to me moments ago.  I don’t know what he wants but at this point I don’t fucking care.  I just know right now I need him to quell the fire he started.

His hand skates down the zipper, his second hand caressing each inch of skin as it is exposed.  I reach between the two of us and unfasten the buckle on his jeans, pulling the belt slowly from each loop.  Easing open the buttons on the fly, I hear his breath catch and gently caress his happy trail, following to dip my fingers in the waistband of his Calvins.  His skin feels exquisitely soft and he slightly tenses at my touch.  As he pulls the dress over my head, I try to maintain a sense of composure.  It’s now or never; please, Lord, don’t let him be sorry.

I can’t breathe as Chris steps away from the bed.  “Christopher?  What are you thinking?” I ask quietly.  The summer sun filters into the room and there is no hiding.  Feeling so exposed in this moment, I hope he feels the same way I feel about him.  If he truly likes me, cares for me, he’s not going to care what I look like with extra pounds on my large frame. Exhaling, my heart skips a beat.

The grin on his face shows he isn’t having any second thoughts as I stand before him in my pink strapless bra and boycut shorts.  Every inch, every curve is on display for him.  He either needs to take it now, or leave it.  “I’m not one of your stick thin models…  You can’t break me.”

His laughter is true and rocks through his body.  “No, no you aren’t.”  He cocks that famous eyebrow of his at me, grinning like he just won a prize.  He moves towards me, wrapping one arm around my back and grasping my other shoulder and bending to bring the other arm behind my knees and scoops me up off the floor, tossing me onto the bed.  Holy shit!  Landing off- center, I watch as he climbs over the top of me. “You’re beautiful,” hovering above me, he kisses the swell of my breasts, devoting a moment of attention to them before seducing my lips again.  “You have more of everything I like, and I’m just trying to decide where to start with you…”

“What did you decide?”  I tease him, already knowing the answer to the question as he crawls down between my legs, pulling down the lacy pink shorts as he slides off the bed onto his knees.  He scoops his hands under my ass and I gasp as he lifts and pulls me to the edge.  Marry this man.  He can pick you up and move you around like it’s nothing. Giggling, I push it away when he asks what’s so funny.  “Nothing, oh my god, you…”  I’m unable to finish my thought as he lifts my shapely leg and places my foot up unto the edge of the bed and his beard begins to scratch my inner thigh as he moves into place.

His breath is hot against my bare, shaved mound, his face moving side to side.  He taunts and teases me with his beard, leaving stinging marks.  His plump lips kiss their way down my wet slit as he runs a hand up my thigh and drags his finger through the juice, smearing it. I tilt my ass down into the bed, placing myself right where I want him to be, spreading my legs wider for him.  Looking between the V I have created, he is watching me and I can see the warmth and laughter in his darkened eyes.  Such a mischievous one!  I reflect the smile back to him and groan in pleasure when his tongue tickles over my center.  “So wet,” he offers, taking another lap with his wide tongue. “So sweet.”

His long licks paint over me as I rock my hips against his face.  I place my hands at my sides, grasping the thin air.  He moans his satisfaction and adds additional pressure by slowly penetrating me with one of his beautiful fingers, “Oh, Christopher, I like that, please,” I sigh with relief.

His other hand reaches for mine and he twines our fingers together, bringing our hands to rest on my rounded belly, pushing me down to hold me in place from rising off the bed. A true orator, he licks down my side walls slowly and back up the center, as he turns and twists his finger with each extraction.  His tongue teases me as he penetrates deeper with his finger, each time.  My body begins to tense and he slowly changes his motions, not bringing me to my much needed release.  His tongue rudely flicks over my swollen clit, before rising to his feet, wiping his beard on his discarded t-shirt.  I rise up on my elbows, watching as he quickly removes his jeans and his boxer briefs in one swift move.  His lovely cock is already swollen, veins pumping blood through the red tip.  Without hesitation I lick my lips at the thoughts of all he can do to me with that plentiful piece of equipment.

He moves to the dresser, and stops.  “Where? I have no fucking idea where you put stuff?”

I laugh, “Second drawer, either side.”

“Full service decorator.  Love it,” Chris laughs, turning to reach in the drawer.

“Nice ass,” I tell him, enjoying the flex in his Adonis and the way his ass cheek concaves for a brief moment as he bends to look in the drawer.

Upon rising to his full height, his cock also stands at attention as laughter wracks his body again, “Shit! You found these?” He chokes out, placing a pair of metal handcuffs on top of the dresser.

Motioning for him to join me on the bed, I hold out my hand for the condom packet.  “I found shit hidden everywhere.  The drawer on the other side has even more goodies,” I laugh, peeling open the package and climbing up on my knees.

“God, what you must have thought…” Chris laughs, sitting across from me in a similar fashion as close as he can be, moving his right knee between my open legs.  “How did you keep a straight face and watch Disney movies with me?” My tummy brushes against his, tickled by his happy trail as I gently slide the condom over his shaft.  His head falls back and he moans at the touch, lightly jerking in my hand.  His hands are on my hips, tugging and pulling at my flesh as his mouth finds mine again while I snap the protection in place.  Moving to favor attention on my breasts, he quickly releases them from their pink prison.  As they fall to their natural position he can see they are even more than his large superhero hands can hold. Attempting to hold them one handed anyway, he admires them closely and inquires, “Or did it peak your interest?”

Pulling at the hair on his neck when he bites a little too hard on my nipple, “Ease up,” I tell him quietly.  “Nothing I hadn’t seen before.”  I grin and cock my own eyebrow at his look of surprise and interest.  I begin to push into his thigh and he sits back on his heels allowing me to straddle his leg as he begins to nuzzle between my breasts, occasionally pulling my tight buds between his teeth.  Keeping his grabby hands free, he roams them over my body, caressing every inch.  I believe him when he whispers, “You’re so beautiful. I want all of you.”  His hands are under my ass and he somehow lifts me again, bringing my legs from under me and laying me onto my back.  I smile into his eyes, lost in their depths of blue.

“I want to feel you on me,” I tell him.  “Give me all of you, all of your weight.”

He shakes his head and chuckles, “Yea, I don’t hear that often… It’s usually, ‘you’re crushing me, get off.’”

“Big girls don’t break,” I confide in him.  “We’re more fun that way.”

He chuckles, “Why do I feel like you have many things you’ll teach me that I didn’t know before?”

Raising my leg up and pinning my knee to his side under his arm, Chris sinks himself into me.  He isn’t gentle, but there is a consideration to his force.  It’s as if he knows he can be rough, but doesn’t take the liberty yet. He remains above me as he slides in and out as we find our rhythm together. I reach for the pillows bumping me in the head and throw them on the floor.  I really fucking hate decorator pillows. “I hate those things,” he laughs.  I chuckle too, grabbing his tight ass and pulling him closer to me.

“You could have told me that before I bought two hundred dollars’ worth,” I tease.

“Shit,” he curses, shaking his head as I rise up under him, matching his thrusts.  I’m not sure if that was meant for me or the expense of the pillows.

I shift slightly, pulling my leg free from his arm, allowing for deeper penetration from his loaded cock. I run my hands down his sides, smiling when he shivers from my touch.  His eyes are on mine, occasionally looking down between us, watching my breasts rub against his solid chest.  His strength is an added bonus in the bedroom, his weight welcomed by me.  As requested he lays on me, cradling his arms around my face like a cage, holding my hands together above my head as he plows into me.  Each new bounce is more forceful, pushing moans and cries from my lips.  My walls start to tighten as my need to come burns me.  “Chris… Christopher… Oh, honey, I’m coming.”

His additional weight pushes me harder into the bed, a good pain as the orgasm rocks my body, but doesn’t quit finish the job.  “Roll me over?” I ask, knowing his certain proclivity for a rounded female form.  My pussy still clenches, seeking more, knowing he can fulfill its’ need.

He pulls out holding the condom in place as I rollover onto my knees for him.  I know he’s going to laugh at my tat, and he does. “Shit, that’s awesome,” he snickers, grabbing my curvy hips and sliding me onto his cock. My moan echoes through the room, high pitched and repeated as he bounces me on and off his stiff figure.  “So tight,” he groans as he pinches at my flesh, pulling me closer. I love the feel of him inside me, deep and full.  The wet he creates allows him to fuck me effortlessly and I can push against his hard body with the force I crave. He takes the hint and slams into me harder, slapping his solid thighs against my ass, his hands roaming over my expansive back, “So beautiful,” he whispers again.

His driving force brings me to a second climax, riding the pleasure out differently from this angle, my nipples brushing against the soft down comforter.  Fevered cries diminish to quiet whimpers as I continue to take his firm intrusions, his own vocals matching mine and building.  He picks up his pace incredibly fast as he parts my ass cheeks, pulling and tugging on my silky skin.  His determination takes my breath away, “Oh, Christopher, fuck me, come for me,” I chant breathlessly.  My mouth remains open, gasping for air as the tremors of his release rock through my body.

“Oh, fuck, that was so good,” he mumbles as he leans over my back, covering my shoulder blades with butterfly kisses and the occasional touch of his lips.  As the ripple effects die down, he slowly pulls out, knotting the condom and tossing it on his pile of clothes, collapsing on the bed beside me.  I’ve rolled to my side and he throws his arm over me to maintain his connection.

Laying in the afterglow as he struggles to catch his breath, I giggle and grumble, “Shit, this room is a disaster and those photographers will be here soon.”

He rolls on his side to watch me. “Are they photographing you too, or just the house?  Cause you look a little wrecked too.  Why don’t you go freshen up and I can put the room back together? And after the photographers leave, we can go get dinner.”

“Christopher, you don’t have anything to prove to me.  You don’t have to take me to dinner,” I tell him, running my fingers across the “Loyalty” tattoo on his right shoulder.

He shudders at my touch.  “Woman, that’s not for you.  I’m starved.  And we’ll need sustenance for the rest of the evening.”  He leans forward for a gentle kiss and runs his hand over the curve of my hip, sliding his fingers back and caressing the tattoo on my back side.  “The tat?  What’s that about?”

“Pretty much says it all, don’t you think?”

“Yea, but how did YOU get it?” he asks, still rubbing my hip.

“Not many have seen it, just so you know.” I smile fondly, thinking of the four leaf clover on my ass, with the message ‘You got LUCKY!’ written around it in a circle.  I take a deep sigh, “It’s a lot like this one here,” I say as I run my fingers over his Bardsley tattoo, gently caressing the tiny hairs on his torso.  “My roommate in college always said she was gonna have that done, but she never got the chance…”

He picks up my hand, squeezing it and bringing it to his lips, kissing the semicolon tattoo on the inside of my left pinkie.  “I’m sorry for your loss,” he says, lingering on the spot with his lips, the unspoken questions settled on his tongue.

I shrug my shoulders. “Life isn’t always easy.  That’s why I make my living searching for beautiful things to make people happy.”

He sighs deeply, maybe lost in his own thoughts. “Your eye is a gift.  Half this stuff I never would have picked on my own, but it’s all me.  I love it; it’s all perfect. You did a great job…”  Together we lay in the quiet ‘after sex’ bliss, knowing we should be moving and getting ready for the rest of the afternoon.  “Hey, what’s with the wooden box thing under the bed?”

Chuckling, I roll onto my back, pulling the sheet up over me.  My confidence is only so much, and I know lying on my back is not the most flattering view of my breasts.  Looking at him, I wait to see the reaction on his face.  “Well, it didn’t take a genius to know why you wanted a raised bed.  It’s a platform to pull out for shorter… bed guests.”

His laughter explodes and rocks the bed and I laugh along with him.  Moments pass before he can regain himself.  “And the mirror?  So I can see even when I’m behind?  Nice…  You designed me a sex room and I didn’t even know it?”

Climbing out of bed on the other side, I pull the sheet around me and laugh.  “That’s why you can’t fire me.  There are other features to this room only I know about.”

I pick up my clothes and pad barefooted into the bathroom.  Before the door closes, he calls out, “Wait! Did you design this room for YOU too?”

Without a word, I blow him a kiss before closing the door.  “Shit, sneaky girl,” I hear him say as I get ready for a quick shower.

No, but I sure as hell was hoping, and he did not disappoint…

“Hey!” he calls out, yelling through the door.  “And the chaise lounge in the sunroom? Can we try that too?”  Smiling at my reflection, I climb into the steamy shower, eager to get the photography of the house finished and dinner over with, ready to start round two.

Click here for part 2 “Let Them Watch”

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


Sunday Chores

sunday chores 5 1 2016

Sunday Chores

An Emery&Chris Story

By avenger-nerd-mom

Chris had a free weekend before continuing Civil War press in New York. He hides away in Georgia with his best girl, Emery. He’s a little sorry he made such grand promises over the phone while he was away…

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Fluff, Language, Adult Situations, “bribe sex”

Word Count: 2364

Standing at the window, Chris calls over his shoulder.  “You mean the push mower?”

Emery’s voice calls back from one of the upstairs rooms.  “Yes! That’s why it’s in the front yard, waiting for you.”  Gathering the basket of laundry she rolls her eyes as she walks down the steps to meet him.  She sets the basket down and gathers him in her arms.  His laugh lines seem deeper than they did two weeks ago.  Two weeks with Mackie and Stan could have that effect… She squeezes him tight, never wanting to let go.  “I missed you,” she says quietly.

He holds her tight around her little waist and wraps his other large hand through her hair.  “I missed you too.”  He kisses the top of her head, smelling her sweet shampoo, taking back in all the smells that equal home to him now. “Why don’t you just hire the kid across the street?”

She tries to pull back to look him in the eye, but the pressure on her head from his hand is too much. She pokes between his ribs and he lets loose, chuckling.  “Because if you weren’t standing here complaining about it, you could have the job done in less than fifteen minutes, and he charges $40 bucks.  When it’s 100+ degrees in July, then I will pay him.  Until then, suck it up, buttercup.”

His laughter rumbles through her chest. He kisses the tip of her nose and moves to the couch to begin putting on his shoes to go outside.  He knows she isn’t going to let him out of cutting the grass, but he missed teasing her while he was away.  Being apart keeps getting more and more difficult.  “Is this punishment for looking at Lizzie?”

“Hell, honey, I would have looked at Lizzie!” She readjusts the blinds and shakes out the curtains. “How could you not?”

He tightens the laces on his shoes, grinning.  “Your’s are better.”

Emery grabs the bottom of her t-shirt and flashes him quickly.  “Good answer.  You just remember that.”  She steps closer so he can take a quick lick.  He pulls her into his arms and collapses back into the couch, taking her hardened nipple into his mouth as she moves to straddle him. He sucks and pulls at her with his teeth, gripping and pinching her other nipple between his fingers.  “Do you need some more motivation?” she whispers to him.

“Trading sex for a mowed lawn?” he murmurs against her breast, moaning when her hands find their way into his sweatpants.

“Hmm…” she responds, freeing him just enough from the confines of his clothing.  Chris shifts her slightly and releases her breast from his mouth as she shimmies out of her little track shorts and panties and climbs back on his stiff cock, slowly impaling herself, practically purring.  “God, I missed you.”

Chris returns his attentions back to her breasts, moving and shifting as needed while Emery slides her hot, wet pussy up and down his shaft, taking care of both their needs in long, slow strokes. Their understanding of each other’s desires and movements swells in his heart.  Her eyes closed, she is lost in her own bliss and Chris watches the small changes of her body as she pleases herself, using him.  He leans back against the couch, still exhausted from his travels.  He grabs her hips and aids in her grinding as she begins to change her pace, her climax drawing near.  Skin glowing from the beginning of a spring tan, her nipples- ripe and pink, her chest rises and falls with each breath and sweet moans she unknowingly makes.   This woman is mine.  How did I ever get through a day without her?

Emery is lost in thought, needing her man, glad he is home, where he needs to be.  She changes her pace, switching from long strokes, sliding up and down his girth to grinding against him.  She opens her lustful eyes to find a small rim of ocean blue surrounding his dilated pupils as he watches her with the happiest smile on his face.  She falls forward, placing her hands on the back of the couch on either side of his head, shifting herself on his cock so her clit now grinds against him. She leans in to tease him with the promise of a kiss, her mouth just out of reach of his as he begins to push up against her.  His hands slide down her hips to cup her round ass, pulling her down more and bringing her to her end.  Her lips land on his, sucking in his breath as the wave of her desired orgasm crashes around her.  She bites his bottom lip and pleads for more, “It’s not enough,” she whines.

Without pulling out, Chris lifts her in his arms and rolls her back onto the couch, bringing her knee up against the cushions as he dives into her harder, feeling her suck him in deeper, her walls tensing around him. Kneeling between her legs, one foot on the floor, Chris pumps into her with a reserved strength. He needs this as much as she does, but doesn’t want to hurt her.  As her climax builds to a second release her cries echo in the small room and she continues to move her hips with each of his punishing thrusts.  “Ok?” He quietly asks, and she nods her head, a smile crossing her face.  Her fingertips dance across his shoulders and he trembles at her touch.  His body tightens as the wave of his need slams through his body and pushes into her as he falls over the edge.  The release quakes through him as he slowly lets go, kissing her as the tension leaves his body.  He collapses on top of her, knowing the couch will cushion her for a few moments.

“Welcome home,” she whispers, giggling as she rubs his shoulders. “Get off.  You’re killing me.”

He chuckles and slides out, tucking his limp self back into his pants.  He shifts against the back of the couch, grabbing the blanket behind him to wrap her up and clean their mess.  “The grass can wait.  Snuggle.  Nap.  Just you and me,” she whispers, almost incoherently.

Wrapping her to his chest, he can’t think of a better plan for the rest of the day.


After a good nap and a quick lunch, Chris decides it’s time to pick on Emery again.  He puts the plates in the dishwasher, while she wipes down the counter and he asks, “How come you don’t have a riding lawn mower?”

She looks at him like he has lost his mind.  “Have you seen the yard? It’s the size of a postage stamp.  There’s no space to turn it around…”  Her position changes and she takes a firm stance.  “You’re stalling, cause you don’t want to do it.  I know you weren’t born with a damn silver spoon in your mouth, and I’m not gonna let you live that way either, so you better just fuckin’ dislodge it now.  I know you are still tired from the press tour.  But as you said on the phone from London the other night, and I quote: ‘If you fuck me blind and let me sleep for 24 hours straight, I’ll do anything you ask.’

“Well, I can tell from your blurry vision you still can’t see straight, and frankly I have aches and pains in places I didn’t know were possible. The door knob is going to be permanently indented into my back… I’m asking you to cut the grass. When we have kids one day, how can I expect them to learn responsibility and chores, if you grumble and complain and want to throw money at everything?”

Chris stands stunned at the sink.  “Is that your red head temper? Cause, DAMN.”  He pauses and he bites his tongue to keep from unloading on her.  On the few occasions they’ve argued, he’s decided it’s best if one of them can try to keep calm while the other explodes.  It’s probably safer for them both that way. “I’ve just been teasing you.  I’m gonna do the damn job.  I thought you’d be a little more relaxed after the treatment you just received.” He slams the dishwasher shut and punches the buttons to start it.  He takes a deep calming breath, and lets it out slowly.  “It’s not that I don’t want to do the work.  I just thought we’d be doing something together.”

“Don’t back track now.  You are trying to get out of the work, and you’re kinda pissed cause you know I’m right.  Listen, I’m sorry I snapped.  A two hour nap in the middle of the day wasn’t really in the plan and I have a ton of school work too.  And my sister and her husband want to go to dinner tonight before you leave tomorrow for New York.”

“Come here.  You don’t have to do everything on your own, ya know,” he pulls her in to a warm embrace.  He holds her tighter when she tries to move away, still somewhat angry and full of a different fire than on the couch.  “We can hire people to do the shitty jobs we don’t want to do.  If you don’t like to cut the grass, we can get the neighbor kid or a service.  If you like to do it great; if you want me to do it cause it’s a domestic, ‘husband chore,’ you think I should do, say so.  But I think you’re mad cause I have to leave again.”

Emery takes a deep sigh, grasping his shirt and inhaling his scent.  “Maybe that’s it.  Chris, I honestly don’t know.  I mean, I meant the words.  You can’t be spoiled or someday we’ll have kids that will learn that.  And it’s pretty obvious I’ve got that damned independent streak and red-head temper.  So, I don’t know… I don’t know where the anger came from.”

“Ok, then, let’s just forget it.  I’ll go cut the grass.  And then what?”

“You said we could work together.  I’ll finish the laundry while you mow and then we can work together on the front flower beds.

“Are you sure you aren’t mad about the Lizzie thing, cause that sounds like torture…”  Seeing the look she gives him, he quickly changes his tune.  “Oh, I meant fun! It sounds like fun,” he relays, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He kisses her again before breaking their embrace.  He grabs his sunglasses off the shelf, smiling at the new photos she framed from the LA premiere, and moves towards the front door.

As the door opens, Emery calls out, “Do you know how to start the mower?”

“Ha- ha.  Funny. Yes, of course I know how to start the mower!”


Fifteen minutes later, he walks around the back side of the house, where Emery’s sister, Mackinzie, has stopped by for a visit after an afternoon walk. “Hey, Mack, how ya doing?”  He leans to give his future sister-in-law a hug and reaches down to play with her dog.  “I didn’t see you walk up.”

Mackinzie giggles, “You seemed a little busy.”

“Is that Chris?” Emery calls from the kitchen, the porch door open.  “Hey, you’re done?”  She suggests, handing him a cold beer, and rising to kiss him on the cheek.  “Sorry I was bitchy.”

He rubs her shoulders, knowing better than to give a response.  He just winks at her and takes the beer, already hating the heat of Georgia and it’s only late April.  He grins sheepishly. “No, honey. Not done.  I, uh… I can’t get the mower to start.”

Emery explodes in laughter, tapping her sister on the shoulder before dropping a dog treat down for West and her sister’s dog.  “Well, sis, looks like you and Dan are paying the bill tonight. I was right!  He couldn’t do it.”

“Wait, you bet your sister? That’s not fair, that’s a much fancier mower than the kind I had growing up…”

“Excuses, excuses…,” she grins back.  “Forget it.  I’ll do it one night this week.”

“No, no you’ve got too much to do.  I’m paying the neighbor kid.  We’ll arrange for him to use your mower on jobs; it’s nicer, and we can get him to cut the price.  It doesn’t make you less of a woman for letting a man do a job for you.”

“What does it say about you that you couldn’t start the mower?” Mackinzie teases.

“Not a damn thing.  I just work at a different skill.”

“Evans.  That is bullshit. It’s not a gender equality thing, although Mom did raise us to do everything on our own, so we wouldn’t have to do depend on anyone but ourselves…  That’s not why I don’t want to pay the kid.  It can be done quickly and I can save my money for other things,” Emery defends, still allowing him to pull her into is lap when she moves closer.

He kisses her bare shoulder and wraps his arms around her, settling her in comfortably, laughing when she props her feet up on the table.  “Aren’t you the one always complaining about how students work too hard to have money for cars, insurance and dates and never have time for school? So now you can help this kid out.  We’ll prepay him for the summer and maybe he won’t have to work so hard.”

Mackinzie desperately does not want to be in this conversation, “Hey, you know, I think that sounds like a really good compromise… Sis, I think that sounds like a good plan.”

Behind Emery’s back, Chris mouths the words ‘thank you’ to Mackinzie.

“So, sis, where are you taking me to dinner?  That’s not a bad deal, actually… I didn’t have to cut the grass, and I got out of the dinner tab.  Not bad at all… We make a pretty good team, babe,” Chris laughs, reaching to high five his girl.

Cuddling into his chest, savoring the hours till he has to leave for more press in New York, she laughs, “Yea, babe, I guess we do.”

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