Emery Gets Even

Emery Gets Even May 20 2016.jpg

Emery Gets Even

An Emery & Chris story

By avenger-nerd-mom

Emery reacts to Chris’s buzzcut and finally gets her “revenge” for the Rolling Stones photos

Warning: Language, Adult Situations, Smutty Fluff

Word Count: 822 Words

Emery sits at her desk in disbelief.  The students around her are cleaning the room, finishing putting away things for the end of the school year and she can’t believe the message she just received from her friend Jen.  Her red head temper starts to flare as she angrily punches icons on her new phone.

E: You cut your damn hair again!?

She waits for his reply, knowing he’s probably not even awake yet if he was out late, apparently playing golf somewhere. Fuckin’ internet.  She should feel a little guilty about keeping tabs on him this way, but not at the moment she doesn’t.

C: Um, yea. About that.  I’m on vacation and I’m so lazy, babe…

E: You couldn’t give me a heads up?  You couldn’t wait five more days, till after Parker’s graduation?

Chris starts to come around, rising from his slumber.  Shit! He knew he was headed back home to Georgia, but he hadn’t been thinking about having to attend her “little” brother’s high school graduation.

C: Well, it was kinda a drunk dare?

E: Fuck your friends!  Was Scott involved?  I’ll kill him too!  Parker’s graduation!  Meeting my grandparents for the first time?  All the photos?  “What am I gonna tell the grandchildren?”

A scene from an old movie pops into his head… Damn! What’s that movie?

C: I actually understood that reference…

E: Remember when I said I’d get even for the first haircut and the damn sexy Rolling Stones photos?

He smiles to himself, rolling over and plumping the pillow under his pounding head.  Wait? How the fuck does she even know I shaved my head?  He lazily texts back, wondering what she has “planned” for him.

C: Yup. Dish it out babe.  I can take it… Whatchya got for me?


C: Ah, babe. You’re so beautiful!  Purple looks amazing on you.

Several minutes pass, and she doesn’t respond to him.  He knows it’s the last day of school.  He’s already arranged with her favorite Chinese place to deliver her a special lunch.  He’s glad he set that up  earlier in the week, because this headache from one too many late last night and a lack of sleep is killing him.  While he waits for her response, he reaches into the bedside table and pulls out the room service menu.  When she still doesn’t answer, he messages again.

C: That’s it?  That beautiful photo is supposed to frighten me? I thought you were getting even?

He laughs when his phone chimes again, picturing her at her desk, sending him messages and photos.


C: Even more beautiful. I wanna stare at your eyes all day… Someday we better have a daughter with your red hair and our blue eyes

C: Still not scared…

The phone chimes again, and a lovely image fills his screen, taking his breath away.

hello 4

C: Shit. Fuckin amazing.  Whatchya gonna do with that tongue?

E: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Chris feels a stir below as his dick stands at attention, a combination of early morning wood and throbbing with desire for his absent lady.  He brushes himself roughly over the top of the sheets, deciding to taunt her for more.

C: I still don’t feel like you’ve killed me yet with these photos…

As the next image fills the screen he wets his lips, releasing a low whistle of appreciation.  Talk about a bombshell!

emery pin up.jpg

C: Damn, woman. Cap approves! Hell….  Remind me. When’s my flight to Savannah?

E: *smiles* not soon enough. I need you

C: You still at work? Phone sex later?

E: It’ll be late. Bachelorette party tonight for one of the English teachers. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get drunk and shave my head too!

He sighs with regret.  This long distance shit has run its course.  He looks forward to spending lots of time together this summer, being in the same place, relaxing and beginning to build their life as one.

C: You change a thing about that red hair and we got issues….

E: Yea, you remember that next time you cut yours without warning me first, or I’m cutting off other things too… Understood?

Even though she is hundreds of miles away, he instinctively covers his crotch for protection at her words. He chuckles at her efforts to play tough.

C:  Yes ma’am. Loud and clear. Got it.

E: I love you, Evans

C: Love you too, kitten.  Got any more photos?

E:  Ha-ha! I’m sure you’ll do some stupid-ass thing soon enough…. I’ll save the others for when they are needed

She’s probably not wrong…

C: Fuck, I’m a dead man…  So hate the buzzcut?

E:  IDK… I really LOVE the “Gifted” look.

Chris can almost hear her sweet chuckle and Southern drawl ring in his ears.

C: What if I PROMISE you’ll love the way it feels between your thighs?

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

A special thanks to @heather-lynn for encouraging me to “find” Emery!  As soon as I saw the actress Rachel Lefevre, I knew she was the perfect girl! Thanks @heather-lynn for creating the great “couple” photo Emery uses as her screen saver!



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