On the Pontoon

on the pontoon

On the Pontoon

Part 2 of Weekend Hideaway

An Emery & Chris story

By avenger-nerd-mom

Chris and Emery find a little alone time during a large family gathering by sneaking off to check on the boat, down at the boat dock

Warnings: NSFW, Language, Adult Situations, Public Sex, Fingering, Oral Sex, Penetration

Word Count: 3013

Click here for Part One

“Chris, what if someone comes down here to check the boat?”

Chris removes his mouth from her neck, lifting himself up to look around.  “Kitten, there is no one on the boat dock. You already said the family is too busy getting drunk at the bar and listening to the band or back at the house, eating s’mores.” His blue eyes glisten in the light from the dock as he gazes down at her, pressed under him on the floor of her dad’s boat. “I can fuck you hard and fast if it will make you feel better?”

Emery chuckles, shoving the boat bumper away from her head.   “No, no.  I can do this.  Right? I’m an adult.  So why is my tummy jumping and I feel like a nervous school girl?”

Chris laughs when another boat passes through the cove and the bumper rolls back from the movement in the boat slip and hits her in the head again.  “Part of the fun is the excitement of getting caught,” he growls in her ear as he lies back beside her, grasping her hip.  “Relax.  We put the bag of empty beer cans in the path. If anyone comes down the dock, we’ll hear them knock into it.”

His mouth begins to work her over again, covering her neck and shoulders with wet kisses, designed to keep her fire going.  “God, I’ve missed you, kitten.  I need you.  Stay focused on me.  I got you.”

His voice, deep and calming, washes over her, lulling her into a sense of security.  She takes a deep breath, wishing she’d had a little more to drink earlier.   She remembers the bold feeling she had at the Christmas party they went to when she gave him a blowjob in the stairwell. But the idea of getting caught by his friends is totally different than the idea of someone in her family finding them.  She pushes the idea from her mind as he continues to whisper to her.  His words are puffs of warm air against her skin, fighting off the chill of the night air.  She becomes aware with each clutch of his big hand at her hip that he is gathering up the fabric of her maxi dress, exposing her legs to the cold.  She wraps her arms around his neck, cradling him close as his mouth finds the sweet spot just below her ear.  She rubs her hands over his new buzz cut, acquainting herself to the feel, rather ticklish against her palms.  She giggles and repeats the pattern over the top of his head as he begins to nibble her neck.

“Careful, mister. I can’t cover up with a turtleneck on the boat tomorrow,” she laughs.  “Damn you!” She admonishes him when he bites even harder.

“Sorry!  That one may leave a mark,” laughs Chris. “I really was just playing.”

“Uh- huh.  Likely story….”

“Maybe I should bite someplace less visible,” Chris springs quickly to slide down her body, settling between her legs.  He shouts out when his foot hits the swim ladder, creating a metal clanking sound that echoes on the dock and she laughs.

“You’re evil- taking pleasure in my pain…  Just for that, you’re gonna get it,” Chris taunts devilishly as he wraps his arm under her thigh, pulling her to him.  “I promised you’d like this haircut.  And you have to be quiet.  Sound carries across the water, you know.”

“Oh, cuz I’m so loud,” she giggles.

“Oh, honey, I’m gonna make you wanna scream my name.” His velveteen voice rumbles through her body as his hot breath hits against her thigh.  “Thank you for making this easy,” he graciously replies, untying the sides to her bikini bottoms and shoving them quickly into a pocket on his cargo shorts.

The boat rocks again as another moves through the cove, and they bounce in its wake.  Her leg rolls into the side of his face and he takes advantage by placing a slow open mouthed kiss on her inner thigh.  She squirms as he holds her tight.  “This is gonna be fun,” he teases as he looks up at her, triumph on his face.

“Got your energy back, did you?” she baits him, enjoying his caresses, loose enough now to play along.  She silently sends up a prayer that no one finds them.

“Mmmm…” he hums against her leg, tickling gently behind her knee.  He bends her leg up so he can kiss the same spot, knowing it drives her crazy.

“Fuck,” she whispers.  “You don’t play fair.”

Chris continues to move his mouth over the back of her knee, slowing sliding his lips up her inner thigh, nipping with his teeth as he moves along.  “No, baby, I don’t.”

They freeze momentarily when they hear voices and laughter on the dock, but the sound recedes and Chris returns to his task, moving his mouth leisurely from right inner thigh to left, biting and kissing, each a little harder than the next.  He looks up over her, where she has risen on her elbows to watch him, quietly swallowing the sounds she makes.  He winks at her before moving back down to brush his buzzed head against her thighs.

If she thought he was evil before she had no idea of the pleasure the soft bristles of his freshly shaved head would cause on her thighs as he slowly rubs the top of his head over her.  “Damn,” she hisses out, reaching to grasp the back of his neck.  She toys with his ear, gently massaging his earlobe and giggles when his pleasurable moan matches hers, echoing in her ears.

“I missed you, Em,” he whispers, reaching up inside the top of her low-cut dress, grasping her breast in his large, strong hand.  “I missed us,” he sighs.  He continues to tease her with his hand on her breast and his hair on her legs as she slowly begins to writhe beneath him, silently asking for more.  He pinches too hard on purpose, eliciting a squeak from her freshly licked lips glistening in the light of the moon.

Chris changes position, allowing his other hand to find her second pair of wet lips.  He gently runs his middle finger through her slick, smearing it from side to side.  He watches her with his dark lustful eyes as she holds her mouth closed to hold back any sound.  He turns his hand, twisting in and feeling her cunt already pulsing for him.  “I missed your wet pussy too,” he tells her, smiling at the blush he knows his words create on her cheeks.  “It’s so fucking beautiful, and I’m gonna eat it.”

“Shhh…,” she giggles, surprisingly aroused at his words.  He’s slowly been introducing her to things he likes that may push her comfort zone. Up till now, dirty talk hasn’t had an effect on her, but maybe she’s just missed hearing his voice in person rather than over the phone these last few weeks, but she knows this time his intimations have added to her already wet flood.

Twisting his thick finger in, he mimics the movements he plans to use soon.  Her velvet box has been lonely while he’s been away and he can feel how tight she is; how she needs him.  He’s so damned turned on how she waited for him without him even asking or requesting it, not even pleasing herself. He had no idea sweet, innocent women like Emery still existed in this world.  Chris smiles to himself, thinking how he can’t wait to wreck her in the best ways possible and claim him for his own, forever.  His cock hardens at the thought and he shifts slightly.  Making out on the hard floor of the boat isn’t ideal, but it seems to be the only space they could find free from her family.

Gently adding a second finger, Chris slowly stretches her as he thrusts in and out, pulling out her wet.  He moves in, nose first against her clit, holding her tight when she jolts, and laps at the dripping wet.  “You taste so good,” he murmurs against her, licking her again from top to bottom.  Tiny gasps of air escape her lungs as she bites back any noise she wishes to make.

“Fuck, baby,” she whispers, her Southern drawl filled with awe, “your tongue is magic.”

She brings her leg up and places it on the boat seat closest to her, providing her leverage to move with him.  She rocks against him as he fucks her with his tongue, moving to hold his head closer to her.  He moans quietly against her, throbbing against her clit, pushing her closer to the edge. His warm tongue slips between her folds and he slowly drags it up. She shivers and moans into the damp night air. His tongue continues to wash her slowly, over and over, until he finally brings the tip of his tongue to her pink button. She doesn’t know how much more she can take as his mouth wraps around her clit, sucking hard.  Her sharp intake of air doesn’t stop him as continues his assault, flicking his tongue repeatedly over the sensitive spot, and she bites down hard on her palm, while her breathing falters.  She squirms and whimpers but he doesn’t let up.

The boat rocks in the dock again as another boat moves through, carrying more revelers for the party at the lakefront bar.  The sound of music and laughter carries across the cove and smoke from a grill fills the night air. Chris watches her intently, smiling as the boat bumper rolls and hits her in the head again.  Her swollen clit throbs, aching for him, and he doesn’t want her to wait any longer.  Hell, he doesn’t wanna wait any longer.

With his own strength, he powerfully flips her over, grabbing the rounded boat bumper and putting it under her belly, beautifully tilting her ass up in the night air just for him.  He grins at her gasp of surprise, and she reaches back with one hand to grasp his.  “You okay?” he asks quietly.  The squeeze of her hand is the only response he needs and she lets go, reaching for the towel next her to hold tight to as he continues his play.  He rises and crawls between her spread legs, still sitting low so if anyone walked past the boat he couldn’t be seen in the dark.  He messages her tight ass, slowly spreading her cheeks.  “Soon, kitten, you know that, right?”

She’s lost in her heat and moans in pleasure, “Sure, baby, you can fuck my ass, but not tonight,” she giggles.

She holds in more sounds of squeaks and mewlings as he licks her pussy, and revels in the shudder she experiences when his tongue caresses the rim of her ass.  He can’t resist her anymore.  Her instant pleasure at such an intimate touch hit him hard.  He quickly unzips his pants, releasing himself just enough to roll on a condom. Chris places the tip of his hard cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushes in gently, holding back his desire to slam into his love.  Her walls expand around him, making room for his girth, welcoming him home.  Her sounds of pleasure are quieted as she hides her face in the crook of her elbow.  He uses the rounded surface of the boat bumper to roll her on and off his cock as he adds power to his thrusts.

His heavy breathing turns to quiet moans.  She smiles as his penetrations come faster and harder, she quietly moans for him, knowing he wants her noise, the noise she’s kept quiet for so long.  The sound that escapes her is so animalistic to her ears she surprises herself.  Her tits harden as they push into the floor of the boat with each thrust and she feels her pressure building.  She squeaks again at the pleasurable pain of the carpet burn on her chest, and he comes fast and strong to her sounds, pumping into her hard from behind.  Her whole body bounces with his force and her ass slams back onto his cock.

He rides his wave of pleasure, slowing his thrusts, but not letting them die out.  He pulls out and flips her over gently, shoving the boat bumper away.  Bringing her leg up under his arm he pushes into her gently, all the way in, to complete her own release.  He bounces her a few times, scooting her across the floor with his force.  She grabs the base of the captain’s chair and uses it help her to push back against him.  Her eyes gleam in the moonlight and lock on to his.  “Do it.  Make me come,” she whispers.

He pulls out and her hips rise to him before he pushes her back into the floor forcefully as the crest of her orgasm wracks through her body, the heat stinging them both as she comes for the first time in weeks. He pulls in and out, following the movement of her hips, guiding him to give her all she needs.  As her muscle contractions slow against him, he grabs the condom at his base and slowly pulls out, collapsing next to her.  He ties it off and throws it over the side of the boat, to be washed away by morning.

They lay in the dark, a mess of cum and sweat.  He wipes her clean with the towel and cleans himself.  “Still breathing, Miss Emery? Or did I kill you?” he chuckles as he pushes back her curly hair.

“Thoroughly fucked.  Thank you.  I needed that.  Welcome home, baby,” she giggles in response.

With a kiss on her forehead, he replies, “It’s good to be home.”

She sits up and pulls her dress over her head, a hint of the devil in her eyes. “What are you doing?” Chris asks, already knowing the answer as she stands at the back of the boat.  Her body is highlighted in the moonlight and the shadows follow her curves as she gracefully dives in.  He moves over to drop the swim ladder as she jumps out of the water like a mermaid- his own little Ariel, with her pretty red hair.  She pulls up on the ladder, her beautiful breasts exposed and kisses him before splashing him and swimming away.

“You’re a sticky mess too, you should dive in,” she offers.  “Water’s not so bad.”

“It was fucking cold in day light; everyone said it won’t warm up till July,” Chris says, not wanting to jump in the cold, dark water.

“Cleaner than the Boston Harbor,” she teases. “You swam in it before, and you said it was cold?”

“I don’t know about cleaner. I just saw a condom float by,” he jokes as he pulls up the hem of his shirt, removing it in one graceful pull.

“Fuck, you’re sexy,” Emery says with love and admiration. “How’d I get so lucky?”

Watching from the water, her man stands on the swim deck of the boat, his chiseled abs and arms outlined by the moon behind him.  She follows her eyes to the taper of his waist and watches with delight as he unbuttons his jeans and slowly begins to slide them down his hips.

“Whoo! Baby take it-“


“What the fu-? Who left this here?” Preston Thomas, Emery’s father grabs the bag of empty beer cans and sets it aside. “Who’s that? Who’s down on my boat?”

Diving below the water, Emery swims into her uncle’s boat slip, out of sight.  Chris can’t help himself.  “We are, sir,” he calls out.  “It’s your daughter, I tried to stop her, but she insisted on skinny dipping. Can you believe that?”

“Christopher!” she shouts as both men chuckle.

“Son, she’s just like her mother…”


“Sir, I really didn’t need to know that…” Chris replies, blushing in the dark, trying to wipe that visual from his mind.

“You embarrass my baby, I’ll get you right back,” Preston admonishes his future son-in-law.

“Sorry, sir, you’re right.  Sorry, Em,” Chris replies to her smiling face peeking over the edge of the dock, grinning when she winks at him.

Preston checks the locks on the ski cabinet and puts away the dried life vests.  “There’s dry towels in the bench up front, and I think there’s still some beers in the cooler.  We’ll have to get fresh ice in the morning.”  He organizes a few other things, staying far enough back from Emery for the privacy she deserves.  “If you two head up to the bar before the band quits playing, you could probably catch a ride with the family back to the house.”

“Ok, thanks, Dad,” Emery says.  “Can you go now; I’m freezing?”

“’Night, darlin’; Chris,” he says, waving good-bye as he walks away, chuckling, taking the cans for recycling with him.

“Should we go back and have some s’mores?” she asks.

“Why don’t you come up here and we can have ‘s’more’ of somethin’ else?” Chris invites her coyly to join him back in the boat.

Pushing her wet hair back and laughing, Emery giggles. “Mmm… That sounds promising.”

Watching her execute one more dive under, her round ass bobbing up above the surface, Chris stands at the back of the boat with a towel and beer waiting.  She climbs the ladder, wringing the water from her hair.  Chris sits the beer down and holds the towel out of her reach, grabbing to kiss her first.  He quickly wraps her in the dry towel when catcalls are heard from across the cove.  Her teeth are chattering from the cold and he picks her up in his arms, carrying her over to the bench seating where he proceeds to warm her up again. And again.

Part Three: One Too Many

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

4 thoughts on “On the Pontoon

  1. theycallmebecca May 28, 2016 / 4:45 am

    Hahaha fun morning read 🙂 though with a name like “on the pontoon” I’m disappointed he didn’t motor boat her at least once hahaha (country music joke…)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. devikafernando November 1, 2016 / 5:07 pm

    Fffff…. so damn hot! And super awesome!


  3. deathbyukmen March 10, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    On the Pontoon

    Nothing like starting this chapter out with a bang. . . [ “I can fuck you hard and fast if it will make you feel better?”]. Oh, yes please. . . Where is the line for this ride?!

    Your smut in this is to die for, so freak’n HOT!

    The whole skinny dipping scene, so funny! Chris pushing the blame on Emery! Then Emery’s dad, saying she is just like her mother! This was really cute!

    So loving these two together, their playfulness and witty banter are just perfect! Can not wait to see what you have up your sleeve for these two!

    Liked by 1 person

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