A Little Gift

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A Little Gift

An Emery and Chris ficlet

By avenger-nerd-mom

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 554

Settling in for the flight, Emery just wants to take a nap.  The last few days at the Evans’ household in Boston wasn’t really a peaceful, relaxing vacation.  Everyone was on the go, shuttling the kids to summer activities and the general craziness of a large family.  The noise and atmosphere was nothing new to Emery, coming from a large family herself.  While in Boston, Chris’s best friend, Tara, had offered them a tour of local venues for weddings, and the three had made a day of it; Scott and her husband meeting up with them for a later dinner.  Something was always going on.

With all the running around, and she didn’t do any of the prep work she needed to prepare for the conference she was on her way to attend.  Resting in the seat next to her is her former student and newly appointed predecessor, Gracie Davidson.  Gracie was babbling excitedly about a recent study she read about flipped classrooms, and Emery was doing her best to stay focused.  “Gracie, honey. I’m so glad you are excited about teaching with me in the Fall.  I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I’m in vacation mode,” Emery laughs.  “Can we just not talk about school right now?”

“Sure Miss Thom- Emery.  Emery.  It’s so strange we’re colleagues now.  That’s gonna take some getting used to,” the young woman shares.  Emery nods her head in agreement.  “So. Not talking about school right now.  How goes the wedding planning?  I still can’t believe you landed Captain America; that’s unreal.”

Emery laughs, reaching down in her school bag to pull out her headphones and her fingers instead brush up against paper.  “Yea, it is a little unreal.  Sometimes I still can’t believe it myself,” She grins at the younger woman just ready to start her career.  “We start wedding planning next week, when we meet up again in Savannah.  But I think we’ve found the perfect spot near Boston, if Chris can get it booked while I’m away.” She tries to look down, but can’t see in the cramped space of the small plane, so she simply pulls the paper out of the way.

Trying again to keep up with Gracie’s enthusiastic chatter, she is surprised to see it’s not paper.  It’s a small wrapped gift.  Looking at it quizzically, Emery reaches down again for her pink headphones, but they aren’t where she always keeps them.  She realizes the shiny package has two odd bumps, just like her headphones.

“What’s that?” Gracie asks, gesturing to the gift.

“No clue,” Emery replies tearing into the paper.  Her hands land on a small piece of textured linen, and when she flips it over, she laughs at the message printed on the little bag that now house her missing pink headphones:

silly gift

Gracie laughs, “He got you there! He does have incredibly long eyelashes!  Why are lashes like that wasted on boys?”

Looking out the window, hiding her tears from her younger traveling companion, clutching the little note she also found in the bag, Emery simply says, “So that girls like us fall in love with them.”

Author’s Note: When I saw this in the store the other day, it just reminded me of someone!

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

What’s His Number?

what's his number June 23 2016

What’s His Number?

a Steve Rogers fan fiction

by avenger-nerd-mom

Nat walks in on Girls Night at the Tower with Charlie, Pepper, Jane, Darcy and Maria

Warning: Language, Adult Situations, Discussions of sex, Drinking, Anxiety

Word Count: 1643


Link here for Story One: Finding Warmth

Author’s Note: I’m not exactly sure what Wanda’s super power is? I know she can move things with telekinesis and has the power to make people see things?   I’m extending this belief as my personal head cannon that she can read thoughts and sometimes see images in the minds of others as well…



Nat enters the common room of the Tower and wishes quickly she could make a hasty retreat, but she’s already been spotted.  “Nat’s here!” Jane giggles loudly.  “WHOOOO! Party!” a chorus of female voices shout.

She smiles and shakes her head, grabbing a bottle of chilled vodka from the wine fridge before sitting in a chair on the outer edge of the circle of women collected in the room.  “What kinda hen party is this?” she asks with a grin.  Damn Steve for making me play nice, she thinks to herself.

“We’re just killing time till the cocks get back,” Jane announces with flourish, high-fiving Darcy, who is rested near her feet on the floor.

“What?” Nat asks Charlie, curled up on the end of the couch closest to her.

Charlie takes the bowl of popcorn as Wanda passes it to her, “Somebody in Rhodey’s department is getting married. The boys are all at a bachelor party, so we’re having a little fun of our own,” she answers in a stage whisper, slightly tipsy.

“Speaking of cocks, the good part is getting ready to come on,” Pepper laughs, pointing at the large screen.

Nat is a little taken aback by Pepper’s youthful appearance with her hair loose and no make-up, wearing one of Tony’s Guns N Roses t-shirts and sweats.  Seeing the straight-forward business woman so relaxed causes Nat to take a deep breath and settle in.  If Pepper can do this, I can do it too, she thinks to herself.  She takes a long pull straight from the bottle, feeling the sting of the icy cold liquid as it goes down.

All the women turn their attention to the TV, shushing one another, giggling as they try to cover Wanda’s eyes.  “You’re too young for this!” Jane shouts.

“What are we watching?” Nat asks to no one in particular, but no one answers her.

“I’ve seen the movie before,” Wanda laughs, pushing everyone’s hands away from her with her mystical powers.

“No fair!” Pepper laughs, throwing popcorn at the young girl.

“That tingles,” Darcy giggles.  “Do it again!”  Wanda gently kicks her in the back of the head and Darcy dissolves into a fit of laughter.

“Shhh…. It’s the best part,” Pepper admonishes the women.  Nat smiles at Pepper’s youthful actions and turns her attention to the TV, wondering what is so damn important.

The women all are transfixed by the image on the screen, the handsome actor slowly stripping and tossing around a basketball.  “Damn, I need to learn to play basketball,” Jane giggles with a sigh.

Nat whistles out, “Holy fuck!” and the girls giggle at her response.

“Is it just me, or does that actor look a lot like Steve?” Maria asks, biting the tip of her manicured nail, her sinful thoughts openly displayed on her face.

The women turn to look at Charlie and she shrugs her shoulders.  “Ah, Steve’s better looking,” she laughs, biting her lip and hiding her blush behind a pillow.

“Ooooww!” Darcy cat calls loudly, her voice echoing through the large cavernous room.  “Hell yea, he is!  I shoulda hit that when I had the chance.”

“Darcy!” Jane shouts as Pepper hits the young woman with a pillow, “You can’t say shit like that out loud.”

Wanda laughs, “Why not? Every woman in this room was thinking it.”

“Hey, again, not fair!  You can’t use your gifts against us,” Pepper joins in the laughter.

Wanda tosses her hair back and says lightly, “Well, it’s not like I want to be in your minds, but everyone practically screamed it at me.”  She giggles and slightly blushes, shaking her head to try to wipe away the images her friends inadvertently sent her.

“Oh, God.  I don’t want to be here for this,” Nat says, getting up to leave.  Wanda catches her eye with a sly grin and Natasha uses every ounce of her spy training to close her thoughts from releasing more images to the young girl.  What Wanda has already seen from her mind is probably enough to scar the girl for life.

“No, stay.  You can’t leave me here,” Charlie says, grabbing the red-head’s arm.  “They’re about to turn vicious and you’re the one I trust to back me up.”

Nat is stunned by the contact and Charlie’s words. Her first instinct is to jerk her arm away but she takes a deep breath and instead gently pats the top of Charlie’s hand.  “What do you mean, ‘vicious?’”

Charlie motions for her to sit back down and Nat complies, reluctantly.

“I’m new, fresh meat. Now’s the time in the ‘hen party’ as you called it when they’re going to pounce and ask me all kinds of questions I don’t want to answer.  That’s what girls do,” Charlie explains.  She smiles warmly at Nat, knowing Steve wants her to draw the woman into their superhero sisterhood.

Nat closes her eyes and opens them slowly.  “Why the hell would you do that to one another?”

While Jane pauses the movie, also aware of what Charlie is doing, Darcy pats the table top and motions for Nat to rest her feet there, “Just don’t knock over my beer,” she advises.  “Cause that’s how we learn things about ourselves, one another, and secrets about our men.”

“You just don’t tell everything,” adds Pepper.

“Yea, please don’t,” Nat groans.  “I don’t need to know about Tony in the way I think you all are implying.”

Charlie laughs, “Apparently we can’t think it either, cause Wanda knows more than she’s letting on. Isn’t that right, babe?”

Wanda covers her face in a blush.  “I really don’t mean to be intrusive.  It’s all coming at me so fast, unless I see a thought, I don’t know who thinks what, if that makes anyone feel better.”

“It doesn’t,” Nat laughs.  “It’s creepy as shit.”

“Oh my God!  It’s perfect!  Wanda! You can be like the bullshit detector and call out the liars,” Darcy claps her hands gleefully.

“NO!” the women shout.

Darcy huffs.  “Fine, whatever, but that was gonna be an awesome game of Never Have I Ever…. So.  Charlie.  Steve? He’s got more game than we think, doesn’t he? He’s not all ‘yes ma’am,’ ‘whatever you say, ma’am,’ am I right? I studied my 1940s war history.  I know some of the guys have bets he’s still a virgin, but he’s not, is he?”

Charlie tries to hold back her giggles. “Wait a minute!  You’re gonna jump over the easy questions and go straight for the kill?”

“Yes!” Jane, Darcy and Maria reply in unison.

With a gleam in her eye, Maria adds, “You forget.  Some of us are trained assassins.”

Laughing, Charlie takes a nervous sip of her wine, swirling the crimson liquid around in the glass.

“Come on, give us something,” Pepper pleads.  “He’s so damn good looking, but in all the time I’ve known him, he’s never brought a girlfriend home.”

“Well, Mom,” Charlie looks pointedly at Pepper, “I think it’s pretty safe to say you just never knew.

“He’s brought women here before, Pepper,” Nat confirms quietly.

Pepper cocks her eyebrow at Nat, the question left unspoken.

“Or he’s left here with them,” adds Maria, quickly looking away from the group, back to the TV.

“Shit. No way,” says Darcy. “How did I miss my chance?”

Charlie taps Darcy on the shoulder. “It’s ok, hun.” She smiles at the younger woman.  She tilts her head to the side, taking in Natasha and Maria, both women having just confirmed answers to questions Steve has been avoiding.  “Some friendships can survive the sex if it doesn’t work out and some are just too important to mess up by adding in sex.”

Darcy blushes.  “Damn. You’re just saying that to make me feel better, but thanks.  Ok, so we have confirmation Steve isn’t like a hundred-year-old virgin? What’s his number?”

“Dammit, Darcy! Cut it out!” Jane scolds her co-worker and friend.

“What?! We’re all friends.  We should be able to share personal shit and not be embarrassed.”

Nat chokes on her drink, straight from the bottle.  “Fuck, no.  I still don’t wanna know about Tony in the bedroom.”

The group laughs.  Jane sighs deeply, willing to take the jump, feeling she and Charlie are in somewhat similar situations.  “Charlie?” she inquires, her tone soothing. “He’s not your average mortal man.  I can sympathize with that.  Ah… us girls have noticed you sometimes have bruises.  Is, um, everything okay?”

Charlie’s eyes widen.  “Oh, my God!  You know Steve would never hurt me, right?  I mean, you said it yourself, he’s not your average man.  So, yea.  No.  It’s all good,” she chuckles, blushing but needing to set things straight.  “It’s not like-” she sighs deeply, embarrassed, and shakes her head.  “Steve is always very gentle and considerate.  It’s not like we mean to be rough, it just kinda happens that way.”

Nat sees Steve’s girl struggling with her answers, wanting everyone to know she’s okay, but not wanting to betray Steve or their relationship in any way.  She feels oddly protective of the woman Steve has claimed as his.  Acting on instinct, her quick thinking exclaims, “Oh, shit!  I think I’ve seen this movie.  Isn’t the guy’s bare ass in the next scene?  Cause, uh, I’d rather see that than hear about Steve. That’s almost creepier than hearing about Tony.”

Cluing in to Nat’s dismissive tone, Darcy laughs, “Ok. Fine. What do you guys think about Clint? They’ve got lots of kids.  His aim must never miss.”

The girls boo and hiss at her joke and Jane turns the movie back on.  Nat watches the easy camaraderie of the women and she feels Charlie’s eyes on her.  She turns to the dark haired woman, who whispers ‘thank you’ before turning her attention back to the attractive actor, who happens to look a lot like Steve.

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Finding Warmth

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Finding Warmth

a Steve Rogers fan fiction

by avenger-nerd-mom

Steve Rogers recounts his meeting with Charlotte Mayer and the first few months of their relationship together

Warnings: FLUFF, adult situations, language, jealousy

Word Count 3079

Watching her sleep, her dark curls hide her angelic face as her arm lays gracefully over her belly.  He sits quietly in the chair just watching her, so grateful to be home again.  He’s missed so much time away on missions.  He hopes it will be a while before he is needed again.  Attempting to stay awake, to watch over her, he thinks back to how they met, a lazy smile on his hardened face.



Steve looks up from his sketch pad as the group of women approach his table.  He rises slightly from his chair, but sits back down quickly.  His old-fashioned manners are sometimes hard to let go of in this new world.

“Excuse me,” one of the ladies says, “we’ve seen you here before? We just had to say hi!  Our friend is too shy to come and talk to you, but Charlie thinks you’re really cute.”

Steve smiles at the three women who have stopped to talk to him.  “Oh, ladies, thank you.  But tell your friend, Charlie, although I’m flattered, I’m not interested in men, sorry.”

One of the ladies laughs, “Oh, no, Mr. Rogers!  That’s our friend, Charlie!”  The ladies part from their circle around his table, and point across the coffee shop.

Steve’s eyes follow their gaze, and he sees a lovely young woman sitting at the tall table.  All he sees are chocolate brown curls, cascading down, as the woman is sitting with her hands over her face, laughing and hiding from the embarrassment her friends have caused her.  His eyes continue to sweep down and he takes in her long legs.  If he wasn’t in mixed company, he would have let out a low wolf-whistle.  He can’t remember the last time he saw such a nice set of gams.  She drops her hands and he sees eyes the deepest color of blue.  She waves at him shyly.



Several weeks later, Steve enters the common area of the Avengers tower, whistling a tune under his breath, and throws his bag down on the couch.  He flops down next to it, and leans forward to grab the TV remote.  Before he can even reach it, it is snatched from his grasp by Natasha, who seems to appear from nowhere.   “You’re awfully happy these days, Steve.  I haven’t seen you around much.  What have you been up to?”

If Steve didn’t know better, he’d almost think that was a tone of jealousy in the red-headed spy’s voice.  After a failed attempt at a relationship, the two had settled back into an easy friendship.  Steve feels a strong bond with the woman who always stands by his side.  “Not everyone got exciting missions to run off with Coulson and his new team.  I’ve just been here, getting ready for the holidays, following up on leads about Bucky; nothing special.”

“Nothing special, huh?  I think the red lipstick stain on your shirt collar says otherwise…”

She throws the TV remote at him, and leaves the room in a huff.

Steve pushes his head back on the couch in frustration.  He does not need Nat digging around into his personal life.  He takes a deep sigh, and knows he really has no control over that.

“Captain Rogers,” JARVIS interrupts his thoughts.  “Although Ms. Romanoff has tried to jam the signals and search phone records, the phone you have used for personal contacts is not appearing on the tower servers.  No connection to Miss Charlotte Mayer can be made by these means.  Your secret is safe with me.”

“Thank you, JARVIS.”

Wanda steps from the shadows and settles on the couch next to Steve.  “Give her time.  She knows you’re seeing someone.  She’ll come around to the idea soon enough.”

Steve hands the young girl the remote, giving her choice of their Netflix marathon for the evening.  “You didn’t tell anyone did you?”

Her dark eyes search her friend’s face.  Her quiet accent brings a musical lilt to her words of comfort.  “You’re like my older brother.  I would never betray your trust.  You should know that by now.”

Steve pats her leg, “Thanks, ‘sis.’ I appreciate it.  Don’t let Nat try to get under your skin, nagging at you for information.”

Wanda laughs at his brotherly protection.  “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that! Nat would never admit it, but she’s just a little bit afraid of me.”

Steve joins in her laughter, shaking his head at the confidence of his newest confidant, wondering what insipid show she will choose to distract them with this time.


A few days later, Steve meets Charlie for their morning cup of coffee before she has to get to work.  He sees that one of her friend’s is leaving and waves to her on her way out the door.  Steve kisses Charlie on the cheek before sitting down at their favorite spot.  They share a little small talk, but he quickly senses her body language change and sees her eyes growing wide, just before he feels a hand on his shoulder.

“Steve!  What are you doing here?!  Oh, my goodness, darling!  I haven’t seen you in ages!”  The red headed spy throws her arms around Steve as if they were long lost lovers. To add insult, she kisses him on the lips quickly, and looks at the other woman, “Oh, pardon my manners!  Steve and I are old friends!  And you are…?”

The question trails off as Natasha glares at the young woman with dark curly hair.

“Jeez, Natasha.  Just don’t…” Steve complains.

“I know who you are…,” Steve’s girlfriend smiles sweetly, not caving under Natasha’s glare.  “I’m Charlie.  It’s nice to meet you, Natasha.  Steve talks about you all the time!”  Charlie extends her hand to the other woman, her voice friendly, but her kindness is ignored.

“Really?  Because he never talks about you,” Natasha responds curtly.

Charlie simply grins.  “Steve, why don’t you go get your coffee, and bring me a refill to go.  I don’t want to be late to work.  Please, babe?”

Steve may have been frozen on ice for 70 years, but he knows when to avoid a catfight.  That much hasn’t changed!  And frankly, he doesn’t want to be around to watch these two steadfast women have it out with one another.  “Are you sure?” he looks at Charlie, conveying that she doesn’t know what she’s really asking.  She nods her head firmly, effectively dismissing him.

“Play nice,” he whispers to Natasha, before going to join the long line of customers.

The crowd in the little shop has hit its morning peak, and he can’t see the table over the crowd of tourists and shoppers who have come in.  Several minutes later, when he returns to the table with morning snacks and a coffee for himself and each of the women, he is pleasantly surprised to find them talking and laughing like old friends.  He just looks at Charlie, questioningly, and she shakes her head and smiles.

“Oh, Charlie, it was so nice getting to meet you!  I really hope you can come to dinner!  I have a debriefing, so I really have to go.  Thanks for the coffee, Steve.  I’ll see you at the Tower later?”

With a kiss on the cheek for Steve, Natasha grabs her buzzing phone from the table and coffee from his hand and leaves.  Steve sits there, stunned.  Natasha isn’t one for ‘girl talk’ and she just made nice with Charlie.  It has him a little curious.  Nat’s awkward exchange with Charlie has the handsome soldier wondering what the red headed spy is plotting.  Bitterly, he’s also irritated by her intrusion into his personal life, a piece that is solely his since awakening from the ice.

“What just happened?”  He asks, incredulously.

Charlie laughs at the puzzlement on his face.  “I’m not sure.  I think I just got invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the Tower by Natasha?”

Steve chuckles, “Well damn, I guess I’ll have to find my own date then.  I was planning to ask you tonight, but looks like Nat beat me to it.”

“Well, I’d much rather be your date…  Which is the plan- she was afraid you wouldn’t ask me, and apparently the team is worried about you because they know you’ve been keeping secrets.”


“Problem solved.  I went to the coffee shop he always visits….  I was right…  That’s where he’s been meeting her…  Yea. Nice of you to text me the whole damn time.  Like my buzzing phone didn’t make her uncomfortable… Meh, she seems like a nice girl… Really wholesome and squeaky clean…” Although she played nice, at Steve’s request, Nat’s voice shows she isn’t too sure how she feels about this new development with one of ‘her boys.’

“Yes, Tony, I told her about the dinner.  She said she’d love to attend.  No, of course he isn’t happy with me for butting in; you know he likes his privacy.  But it’s done.  She’ll be there. And we’ll all get a chance to meet her,” Natasha explains over the phone.

Before hanging up, she tosses an aside.  “And she mentioned knowing Wanda.  Wanda’s known about her for weeks.”


“NAT!  NAT!” Steve enters the common living space, having already been to her quarters, failing to find her.  “JARVIS! Where the hell is she?”

The fridge door closes and Nat steps calmly into Steve’s wrath.  “Looking for me?”

“What the hell was that?”  His jaw flexes, showing his restrained anger.

Nat sighs deeply, setting the carton of eggs on the counter.  “Scrambled or fried?” she asks.  “What was what?  At the coffee shop you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb; you know what I’m talking about.  Why did you come find Charlie?” Steve asks.

Nat pulls a large bowl from the cabinet and begins cracking eggs.  “You get scrambled.  Why?  Because you didn’t tell me…  You’re the one person I’m always honest with, besides Clint, and you didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend?”

Steve’s anger dies when he sees the hurt in his friend’s eyes.  Nat always hides behind her armor of confidence; he sometimes forgets she has feelings too.   He drops his fist to the counter.  “Shit, Nat, I wasn’t really keeping it a secret-“

“Wanda knew; that hurt.”

Sighing, Steve leans to pull the larger skillet from the drawer by his hip, placing it on the island stove top.  “She reads minds, for Christ’s sake!  I didn’t actually tell her anything; she just knew.  Nat, hey, Nat?  Look at me,” Steve waits till he has her attention, placing his hand on her arm, resting on the counter.  Nat’s eyes shine brightly under the lights, still lit with a silent fire.  “Hey, you’re right.  We’re partners.  We’re a team.  I should have told you.  Charlie’s really important to me.  I’m crazy about her, to be honest, and it’s such a new feeling for me, I’m still trying to process it all.”

“She seems really sweet.  I can see why you like her, and I was only with her a few minutes,” Nat replies, trying to mask the slightest ounce of jealousy in her voice.

Steve steps away and gets some cheese from the fridge.  “This world we live in isn’t safe.  I wasn’t keeping our relationship a secret from you or anyone else for any reason other than to keep her safe.  She’s just the girl next door; the beautiful girl who caught my eye in the coffee shop.  She can’t shoot arrows, or drop kick some villain like a bad ass.  She can’t be part of my life here; the more she knows, the more at risk she could be.”  He tosses the cheese into the mix as Nat begins to stir the contents of the bowl, working together as a solid team, wordlessly knowing what needs to be done to finish the task.   “Charlie is my safe place.  It’s like finding warmth for the first time in seventy years.”

Natasha pinches the bridge of her nose.  Her voice drops, and she replies apologetically.  “Steve, I’m sorry.  I wasn’t thinking.  I was mad because I knew you were keeping a secret, and I kicked into ‘spy mode.’  I was just curious to know who was making you so happy.”

Steve laughs, “You mean you acted like a girl and got jealous?”

She laughs with him, bumping his hip as she adds the egg mix to the heated skillet.  “Shut the fuck up; I did not act like a girl!”

The easy friends sit and chat over a late breakfast as Steve answers Nat’s questions about his relationship with Charlie.
“Nat, it’s really important to me that you try to get along with her.”

“I’ve never really had a girl ‘friend’ before, Steve, but I can try.  I’ll just pretend it’s spy training; a new challenge for me,” she laughs as she steals the last bite of his toast from his plate.


Steve smiles to himself while he finishing up the coffee.   Charlie’s calm demeanor instantly set everyone at ease at Tony’s annual Thanksgiving dinner.  It was nice for him to finally show off his best girl to his friends.  He was grateful to Pepper for giving him cooking lessons, and he loved surprising Charlie with the noodles she said her grandmother used to always make for the holiday. She was a vision of loveliness in her navy pants, cream colored silk blouse and forties inspired hair-do.  Steve appreciates the little efforts she makes to honor his lost time, and the patience she has with teaching him about modern life.   He is still reminiscing about the dinner, when the kettle starts to whistle.

He fixes two mugs, one black and one with two sugars and a splash of French Vanilla creamer. He places them on the tray with slices of pumpkin bread he baked the day before, using an old recipe of his mother’s he remembered.  It didn’t seem like Thanksgiving without it.  He sends a silent prayer up to the heavens, thinking of his mother.

The super soldier is happy for the first time in a long time.  A true happiness, a warmth he can feel in his bones.  The handsome blonde carries the holiday goodies into the living room, and freezes at the doorway. Steve is surprised to see Charlie sitting on the floor, staring up at the un-decorated Christmas tree Pepper had delivered earlier in the day.  His heightened senses signal to him that she is crying.  He silently sets the tray on the table, and walks quietly behind her.  “Hey doll, are you okay?” he quietly asks.

“Oh, Steve,” she says, reaching for his hand. “I just miss my dad so much this time of year, you know?”

As soon as she realizes what she’s said, she gasps.  “Steve!  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean it like that.  Of course you understand…  I’m just kind of a mess right now.”

Without letting go of her warm hand, Steve reaches over and grabs a tissue from the shelf, and passes it to her.  He sits down behind her, wrapping his arms and legs around her, holding her tight.  “I understand.  It is hard; do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really. It was just the lights on the tree.”  Charlie squirms a bit in his grasp and he loosens his hold enough to allow her to turn her upper body to him so he can look at her beautiful face.   “It reminded me of how when I was little, we would sit for hours under the Christmas tree and talk and laugh and he would tell me stories about Christmases when he was a kid and when he and mom first got married.”

“It’s harder this year because your mom is in Paris with her new husband?” he asks.

“Yea, a little bit.  I mean, I’m here with you.  And that makes me so happy; more than I can even put into words.  And I love your crazy friends, and they obviously adore you. Especially Maria…” she pokes him in the ribs, and he bashfully bows his head.  “I gotta watch for her.  You have a type.  Dark haired beauties, huh?”  She smiles at his blush.

“Only you now, doll.  You’re my girl.”  His lips crush to hers, taking her for his own.  Steve backs off after a moment, slowly pulling from her sweet grasp.  He tilts his forehead to hers.  He takes a deep sigh.  “Sorry, not trying to change the subject… You were talking about your family?”

Charlie moves her head back to search his face.  Licking her lips and then slowly pulling her bottom lip between her teeth, she smiles.   “Nah, I think you did a good job changing the subject.”  She pulls from him and begins to rise to her feet.  She reaches her hand out to him.  “You’re family too.  Let’s go talk quietly about you… maybe some sweet whispers in your ear?”

Steve takes her hand and uses his other to push himself up off the floor.  She takes a quick sip of the now cooled coffee and he kisses the top of her head.  “Not just sweet but naughty too?  And how quiet does it have to be?  You know this floor of the Tower is soundproof.”  His lips brush across her silky hair.

Charlie sets the cup down, pulling his hand, moving towards the bedroom.  “Hmmm,” she teases.  “You want a little noise? Can you make me scream?”

“Oh, you know I can do that,” Steve chuckles, picking her up and tossing him over his shoulder and playfully smacking her rounded ass.  “Is that what you want tonight, baby doll?”

Charlie shrieks with laughter, claiming, “Oh, yea.  It’s definitely what I want.”


Author’s Note: In my collection of Steve stories, I will be ignoring certain aspects of the MCU.  JARVIS still exists, and Vision doesn’t.  Civil War never happened, although certain elements of the Civil War plot will be brought forward.  I began writing this story in December 2015, but then Girls Weekend happened!  I lost sight of Steve and Charlie, but they have always been in the back of my mind.  I’m happy to have time now to return to their story.

A special thanks to @virtualgirlfriendsan and @marvelmom for helping to guide this story and helping me to find Nat’s voice.

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom




an Emery & Chris story

by avenger-nerd-mom

While Chris is out of town, his fiancé, Emery, and his brother, Scott Evans, share an unlikely bonding experience

Warnings: FLUFF, Language, Adult Situations

Word Count 1095

Emery opens and closes the golden oak cupboards, trying to keep the noise down.  When she can’t find what she is looking for, she stares around Mama Lisa’s kitchen, wondering where the hell the woman keeps her aspirin.  She sets that thought aside as the first cup of coffee is ready and she takes the warm mug in her hands, leaning against the counter for additional support.

She smiles at the Disney mug and relives memories of the two trips she and Chris made with family to the parks.  The warm coffee is like serum that settles her soul for the moment and she shuffles to the table.  She checks her phone, not wanting to bother Chris and wake him up in LA at this ungodly hour, but she doesn’t know what else to do.

Smiling at the sound of dog tags clanging against one another, she reaches down and picks up Lisa’s little fluffy dog, letting it burrow in her lap.  She catches up on some reading and checks her flight information for the math conference she is scheduled to attend next week.

“It’s bright.  What the fuck?”  Scott mumbles.  “Why is it bright in here?” His grumpy voice echoes in the quiet room.   He flips off the light switch, not seeing his future sister in law at the table.

“Hey!” she quietly protests.

“Shit, sis, didn’t know you were in here.”  The lights flick back on, bathing the room in a soft glow.  “Oh, Em!  It’s you!  What are you doing up?”

Tears well in Emery’s eyes.  The pain she feels hurts so bad.  “I’m not feeling too good.  Scott, where does your mom keep aspirin?”

She watches as Scott drags himself to the drawer by the sink.  He fumbles in the drawer for a minute and empties two pills into his hand from a metal tin.  No wonder I couldn’t find them!  He passes the fridge and gets a water bottle and carries it to the table, grabbing a box of cereal off the counter island on his way.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” she inquires, noticing the similarities in Scott’s morning movements to that of his older brother.

He gently hands her the pills and holds his hand to her forehead.  “I smelled coffee.”  He places his finger under her chin and tilts her head back in the light.  “You look like shit.  What’s wrong?”

Scott plops in the chair next to her and props his feet up on the seat to the other side of him.  He digs in the cereal box, pulling a handful out and simply eats the cereal dry.  She shakes her head.  “That’s disgusting.  Does your mother know you do that?”

He looks down at the colorful cereal that fell from his hand and landed in his lap and onto the floor before digging his hand back in the box.  “Chris does it too; you’ve never caught him?” he chuckles at the shocked look on her face.  “You dying? What’s wrong?”

Emery lays her head down on the beautiful oak table cradling her tummy and the dog in her arms.  “Not dying.  I just need a cave for a few days…”

“A cave? I don’t get it,” he confusedly asks, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“My period, Scott.  My period came early and I wasn’t prepared for it,” she sighs, her cheeks as red as her hair from embarrassment at discussing this issue with her future brother-in-law.  Especially since he isn’t known for keeping secrets.

He’s quiet for a few moments, considering what to do or say.  He pats the top of her head gently and says, “Well, that’s good right?  At least it’s not late?”

Chuckling, Emery lifts her head and says, “Yes, I guess that’s one way to look at things.  I guess all the stress and travel the last few weeks has my body messed up.  I’m not prepared for it.  And it kinda puts a damper on things when Chris gets in tonight.”

Scott starts to make a smart ass remark, but the look on her face stops him cold.  “It’s not like this is news to him.  It happens every month, right?”

Emery shakes her head.  “Well, yea, actually, somehow Chris has managed to be gone every time; we’ve never been in the same place together when I’m broken.”

“Oh, honey, then you need to milk that for all it’s worth!  Cramps are shit, right? Get him to rub your back and run to the store for every craving!”

“I think you have that confused with pregnancy,” she giggles.  “Period cravings aren’t that bad,” Emery explains.

“He doesn’t know that! Everybody is different,” Scott replies.  “You so need to use this to your advantage.”

Emery giggles at his excitement.  The phrase high maintenance comes to mind. “Scott, this isn’t something I go around talking about.  I don’t want the whole house to know, but I need to ask a favor,” Emery confides.

“Sure thing, Georgia peach!  Whatever you want, I’m at your service today,” Scott grins.

Emery’s spirits lift.  Bonding with Scott over her period?  She shakes her head.  “Can you take me to the store so I can get some things I need?” she requests sweetly.

“Of course!” he replies, jumping up with added energy.  “And we can get breakfast and I’ll take you to my favorite spa.  We’ll make a day of it!”

Laughing, Emery rolls her eyes.  “This isn’t like some Judy Blume teenage novel.  It’s not a big deal.  I just wanna be comfortable.”

Scott pulls her up gently from the chair, forgetting the sleeping dog was in her lap.  “Sorry, little one,” he says as the dog yaps its’ displeasure at tumbling to the floor.  He watches as it gobbles up the spilled cereal, shrugging his shoulders to Emery as if to say ‘clean now.’  “You’re in good hands.  I’ll pamper you all day and Chris can take over when he gets in from his meeting in tonight.”

Emery nods her head, “Are jeans and a t-shirt okay for the day? I’m not feeling up to much else.”

“Whatever you want, babe.  You’re so fresh, you don’t even need make up!  Can you be in the driveway in 10 minutes?”

The pair discuss their plans quietly as they walk the stairs back to their respective rooms to get ready for their adventure together.

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Love Notes

i want you note.jpg

When this scrolled across my dash, I couldn’t resist… Total Fluff!

Emery crawls into Chris’s bed, tired from a long day with his niece and nephews and a few of their neighborhood friends.  She and Shanna supervised a water balloon fight while Carly had a meeting at school.  Chris flew out earlier in the morning for a meeting in LA and is scheduled to be gone less than 48 hours.  Boston still doesn’t feel like home yet, and the Southern girl is feeling a little displaced.

She reaches her hand under the pillow to draw it under her neck and hears a faint crinkle.  Reaching for her phone in the dark, she uses the flashlight to see what it is, and discovers a message Chris left behind.  She can’t stop the instant tears that come to her, and she tries again to call him.

“Hey, baby.  It’s been a crazy day,” his voice comes over the line, soothing her.  “But tell me all about yours; mine was boring.  What did you and the littles get up to today?!”

Emery wipes the tears from her face, pulling the blanket up under her chin, and settles in for one of their late night phone chats….


Author’s Note:  This is actually a GREAT lead-in for tomorrow’s story!

(I sometimes post random things like this on tumblr, but don’t always put them here!  If you want to catch all of Emery and Chris, follow me at avenger-nerd-mom.tumblr.com!)

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Cookies cover.jpg


an Emery and Chris story

by avenger-nerd-mom

Chris and Emery enjoy a sweet escape from the Philly Con

Warnings: NSFW, Fluffy Smut, Language, Adult Situations, food play, restraints

Word Count: 2459

“Babe, you need real food; Come on,” Emery laughs, trying to tug him past the first counter as they enter Reading Terminal Market.

Chris plants his feet firmly in the aisle, and points at his mouth, “Cookie,” he growls.  “Me want cookie.”

Emery laughs at his childish reference.  “Stop it before someone sees you!  Fangirls are crawling all over this place.  Burger.  Me want burger.”

He points to the glass counter.  “Look at that!  It’s an instant sugar rush.  I need it, I might pass out.”  He pretends to collapse against her.  “I swear I’ll stomp my feet and throw a fit…”

“Fine,” she smiles, knowing she can’t really deny him any of his wishes.  “I guess you earned it.  That was a long ass day.  Fuck, babe, I can’t believe how crowded-“

“Cookies.  Now.  Let my brain rest.”

He bounds to the counter, practically pressing his face to the glass and drooling.

She stands behind him pressing her face into his back, peeking around and pointing at the cookies she wants.

When it’s all said and done, the clerk hands over two boxes full of cookies and a small bag.  Answering the unasked question, Chris explains, “They’re so good, kitten, you’ll see.  You’ll be glad I got so many.  Here, try this one.”

He reaches in the bag pulling out the cinnamon walnut raisin cookie she wanted.  He hands it to her and extracts a chocolate chip macadamia nut one for himself.

“Sweetheart, I really don’t-“

“Eat the cookie, Em. I’m cranky and it’s been a long day.  I could eat this whole box and still want cheesesteaks later.”

She takes the cookie in exasperation.  Her stomach is growling and she wants real food.  She bites into it, planning to save the rest for later.  But the sublime flavor instantly changes her mind. “Oh my God, this cookie is so good,” she moans.  She pauses as she chews to savor the cinnamon, taking another bite.  “It’s so amazing.  You gotta try a bite.”

Emery breaks him off a piece and places it in his open waiting mouth.  Her thumb drags across his lip, awakening a need in both of them, despite their exhaustion after a long day in the convention hall.

He groans suggestively as they start walking towards other vendor areas.  “That is good!”

Emery takes another bite.  “I know, right?  This cookie is so good…  I wanna have sex with this cookie,” she giggles.

His laugh isn’t as jubilant as it would normally be, the exhaustion taking over his body.  He places his hand on her arm, stopping her walk.  “What do you have in mind?” he asks seductively, cocking his eyebrow at her.

“Evans, you dumb ass, it’s just an expression,” Emery laughs.

“Nope.  It’s not.   Whatdya say we take these cookies and go back to the room?” Chris goads her into getting what he wants.  “We can order in pizza- a cheese steak one if that’s what you want- and tomorrow night?  Tomorrow night when we get to Boston I’ll take you for a juicy cheeseburger and fries, just like you want.”

A playfulness flashes through his eyes and lands squarely in her sex, instantly causing her to want this man more than she wants food.  Emery closes her eyes, dropping her head back as she relishes another piece of the cookie.  She feels him brush up against her, pushing her into an empty food counter as the terminal begins to clear out for the night.  He whispers in her ear, “While we walk, you think about how you plan to use that cookie, okay, sweetheart?”

She playfully shrieks when he nibbles her neck and then licks it.  “Sorry, you had some chocolate there,” he laughs, cradling her neck in his hand as they exit the market.


Leaning against the wall, he whistles at her as she exits the convenience store with a thirty-two-ounce soda in her hand.  “Any ideas yet, beautiful?”

Emery playfully swats his arms.  “Evans, you are incorrigible!  First things, first.  Shower.  All those women brushing up against you today…”
“I liked it,” he snickers, laughing when she flips him off behind her back as she continues to walk on.  He increases the length of his strides and easily catches up to her, tilting his head down so the cosplay Loki headed towards them won’t recognize him.

“You’re an ass sometimes; you know that, right?”  She takes his hand in hers.  “Why do I put up with you?”

“Because you think I’m devilishly handsome, kind, sweet… and I lick you right where you need to be licked.”  Chris laughs boisterously at the blush on her cheeks as they enter the hotel through a side service entrance, grabbing at her ass as she steps inside.


A lazy smile crosses her face as she exits the bathroom, toweling her hair dry.  Chris is asleep on the bed, in a position that looks as he just fell there, sprawled out on his stomach with one arm at his side and the other curved around his head.  His long lashes lay against his cheeks, adding to his boyish charm.  Barely covered by the sheet that has pulled to the side, his beautifully sculpted ass calls to Emery with the strong desire to bite it.  She giggles as she steps forward, grabbing a few items from the top of the dresser before crawling up on the bed next to him.

She sighs, thinking about the experience of a fangirl.  Nine months ago, she had the opportunity to meet this talented man in Salt Lake City in a photo op setting.  Emery remembers the excitement of simply being next to him and the wonderful dreams he’d inspired and starred in during the weeks after the con, before they met. She still has to pinch herself sometimes to believe he’s real and hers.  She begins to twist her hair between her fingers, braiding it loosely.  Her engagement ring flashes in the gleam of the bedside lamp and her mind fills with memories they’ve built together and how her life has changed at his hands.

Emery can’t fault the women today for their pushiness, their dreams of wanting to be by his side.  The news of their engagement was met well in the fandom, but she knows for many it won’t seem real till photos of their wedding splash the Internet.  She’s been attending cons with her family since she was a young girl but she’d never experienced any of the craziness she saw today.  Somewhere along the line of command, the ball had been dropped.  Too many tickets were sold for ops, scheduling conflicts, rumors flying everywhere.  She had been excited to fangirl herself over the cast of Back to the Future, and stay behind the scenes with her new Marvel pals.  She shakes her head at the teasing she and Hayley put Chris through today, giggling at the secret games behind the red curtains.

“Just remember you’re mine,” she whispers.  “Don’t let any other USO showgirls turn your head.”

His sleep now is well-deserved but her need for him is stronger.  She glides her fingertips over his tight calf muscle, tracing the outline of his tat with his siblings’ initials.  He keeps teasing her about getting a tattoo, just for the two of them, but she isn’t sure.  Nothing comes to her mind that symbolizes them in such a manner that needs to be more permanent than the ring on her finger.  Emery traces the pattern again, twirling her fingers in his soft hairs.  His leg twitches under her touch and he kicks back with his foot.  She giggles when it makes contact with her thigh, probably harder than he intended.  She applies more pressure with her hands, turning her teasing into massage.  On contact, he moans seductively, stirring from his slumber.  He snuggles deeper into the pillow and a faint smile graces his rosy red lips.

Kneeling beside him, Emery continues to massages his calves, kneading the muscles with her thumbs.  She slowly works her way up his thighs, letting her hands roam between his legs, inching towards his tender sac, resting under him.  She laughs when he giggles.  “That tickles,” he whines.

“Evans, you fuckin’ meatball,” Emery replies, her Southern drawl wrapped around his favorite Boston expression.  Her hands continue their massage, cupping his ass. Rising up on her knees, she leans forward and bites his ass as he squirms at her touch.  “Awake yet?”

He pulls another pillow over his head.  “No.  Have your way with me; I’m too tired.”

Emery swats his ass, laughing.  “Fine.  Be that way.”

She climbs over, straddling him, resting on his rounded ass cheeks.  Pulling at his tapered hips, she rocks forward, pushing her hot pussy against him.  “MMmmm,” he moans quietly.  He lifts his head to look over his shoulder when he hears the crinkle from the bag of cookies.

Naked and lovely, Emery is sitting on him, her perfect breasts pushed between her arms as she takes a bite of the cookie and winks at him.   His eyes catch a stripe of red at her feet.   He smiles and lays his head back down, hugging the pillow under his chest.   “Oh, hell, I can’t wait to see what you plan to do with that…”

She throws her head back and laughs out loud.  “God, you’re starting to sound like me,” Chris teases.

“Hey, I’m just making up shit as I go along,” she chuckles.  “But who could resist a variation of the red belt?” She shifts her weight, brushing her tits across his back, leaning to whisper in his ear.  “I’m sure I’ll think of something.”

She smiles at the goosebumps forming across his broad shoulders and the sigh he makes.  Emery feels a surge of confidence at the reaction he displays for her.  She sits back, grinding herself against his ass, feeling herself wet against him.  She locks her hands together, running her thumbs down his spine and pressing down hard with her fingertips as she travels down his back.  When she reaches his waist, she feathers her fingertips along his sides, repeating the technique a few times.  “That feels good, baby.  My back hurts from standing there all day.”

“I know, babe, I’ll make it all better,” she whispers.  She continues her loving caress, smiling when he brings his arm behind him to rest against her thigh.

Emery breaks the cookie into tiny pieces and lines them up along his spine, including the natural dip were Chris’s form caves in to allow for the curve of his ass.  She watches as the muscles across his back ripple with each touch as she listens to his even breaths.  He lets go of her leg and scratches his hip, and two pieces of the sinfully good cookie falls to the bed.  “Quit wiggling,” she scolds.

He laughs, “Yes, ma’am.  You’re in charge.”

Her eyes grow large, feeling emboldened by his words.  Chris is always encouraging her to let go; be free and give in to her deepest desires.  Her fangirl fantasies leap at the thought: the red belt of sex.  Slightly trembling, she reaches behind her for the belt, slowly dragging it along his legs as she brings it to her.

“Shit, Em,” he whispers, a catch in his breath. She lovingly turns the hybrid over in her hands, not really caring what happened to the original.  Anything before is his business, his forever is hers now.

Chris’s little red head takes a deep breath, settling the pounding in her heart and attempting to control the convulsions she feels between her legs.  “I think,” she says quietly, her voice shaking, “maybe I need to make sure you stay still?”

Chris clears his throat, but says nothing.

She slides off his bottom and crawls up beside him, grasping his wrist and moving his arm above his head on the bed, crossing it with the other one already rested there.  He raises his head to watch her, a soothing smile on his face, his eyes full of wonder.  She turns away shyly, blushing as he whispers, his voice full of emotion, “Emery Thomas, I love you.”

She wraps the belt around his wrists, weaving it around and pulling the end through the metal loop.  She gives it a tug and runs her manicured fingers under the edging of the fabric to make sure it’s not too tight.  Not that he would care.  “Damn right you do, Evans.  Remember that.”

She places one hand on his neck, squeezing, tilting his chin back with the other hand and forcefully claims his lips.  She catches his moan in her mouth, tangling her tongue with his, a tantalizing reminder of the chocolate kisses he shared with her earlier.  Her mouth pulls away from his, nipping his plump bottom lip before releasing it with a bounce.

“I love you too,” Emery whispers.  “Consider this an early birthday present.”

Chuckling, he whispers, “It’s my most favorite ever.”

Rising up, she runs her hands from his bound wrists around his sculpted arms to his broad shoulders, and back down his sides as she moves in place to straddle him again.

Emery leans forward for an open mouthed kiss against his pale skin, big enough to surround the cookie piece.  Her lips create a suction on Chris’s sensitive skin and her tongue teases around the cookie before flicking it into her mouth.  She chews slowly, exaggerating the delicious moans she makes.  His body shakes with laughter and a few cookie pieces roll to the side from their straight line.  “Evans, quit laughing, or I’m done; this is ridiculous.”

“It’s fuckin’ sexy,” he replies quietly.  “It’s sexy and silly; everything I love about you.”

She rolls her eyes, knowing he can’t see her.  She leans forward running her nose along his back towards the next bite, drawing her tongue around the cookie piece.  She kisses him again, enveloping the sweet cookie between her wet lips.  Touching her tongue to his slightly salty skin, she sucks the cookie into her mouth, pulling away with a light smacking sound.  “Sooo good,” she moans quietly as she chews the cinnamon treat.

Her kisses and nibbles continue up his back as she slowly slides up his body, dragging her full tits across his hard muscles.  Although she knows her weight has no bearing, she keeps him pinned to the bed, so the cookie pieces can’t fall.   She finishes her path, laying on top of his back, dripping wet and wanting him.  She quietly whispers in his ear, “Now can I have something else that’s sweet?”

Still bound, Chris rolls to the right, knocking her off and quickly flipping over her.  “I thought you were never gonna finish that damn cookie.”


Author’s Note: This story actually developed between a group of fangirls while eating cookies in Reading Market Terminal.  I swear it was the most sinful cookie to ever touch my lips.  As soon as I mumbled “I wanna have sex with this cookie,” the story ideas flew! @virtualgirlfriendsan said it had to be an Emery story!  But her “Mansi” stories are so amazing!  I knew silly, sexy and playful was definitely a Mansi and Chris story too.  In an alternate universe, Mansi and Emery would be best friends!  It only seemed right for us to both create “Cookies.”

Click here to read “Cookies” by @virtualgirlfriendsan.  You can find more of her work at @tellmeamarvelousstory

Posted on June 13, 2016 as a birthday present to Chris and his fandom

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Gas Money

gas money cover june 12 2016.jpg

Gas Money

a Mrs. Evans story

by avenger-nerd-mom

A future Chris and his wife prepare for another active day in the Evans’ household

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, fluff, NSFW, hand job

Word Count 1389

“Hey, babe! Did you get the cash from the bank yesterday?” you call to him from the bathroom.

“Yea, what are you doing today?” Chris calls back, his voice raspy and damn sexy in the early morning.  “You told me, but I forgot.”

“I have to drive out to the food pantry.  I volunteer today and then it’s my turn to carpool Princess and her friends to dance class.  I have to be back in town by 3:15 to pick them up at school.”

You step through the bathroom door continuing to rub lotion into your cuticles, wondering when you last had a manicure.  Giving up stardom to be a wife and a mom just seemed like a better deal all those years ago.  A few small movie roles, a few television pilots, but Mrs. Evans/SuperMom is your favorite role these days.  The morning light flashes on your wedding ring, drawing attention to your aging hands.  “If I have time, I may go get my nails done.  I haven’t done that in ages,” you admit, wiggling your fingers at him, still reclined in bed, glasses propped up on his nose and a script resting on his sculpted chest as he reads.

You smile when he whistles at you.  “Nice ass, baby.  I’m a lucky man,” he says, his voice dripping with pride.

“You just remember that, Mister,” you reply, putting in your favorite earrings- the ones he gave you for your first Valentine’s Day together. “What have you got planned?” you ask.

His smile shows he’s up to something and his blue eyes hold a devilish charm.  “I’m gonna get the kids to school and then I’m meeting Mackie for 18 holes.”

“Hmmm…  How many drinks will that be?”  You ask, rummaging through the dresser for your favorite pair of jeans.

“Too many,” he guffaws.

“We haven’t had them over for dinner in a while.  Invite his family for a BBQ on Saturday?”

“Whatever you say, boss…  You look beautiful…  don’t go.  That’s why your mom is visiting.  She wants to get the kids ready for school.”

You giggle.  “Honey, you know your daughter will not go anywhere without an Elsa braid and she won’t let anyone else but me do it.  Raincheck?”

“Hell.  Why did I ever let her watch that old movie?  How did she get so spoiled?”  He laughs, watching you shimmy the jeans over your thick thighs, hopping lightly to pull them over your rounded hips.

Dripping with sarcasm, your voice battles back. “Hmmm… I have no idea who dotes on her every whim…”

“She’s just like her mother.  A spoiled brat,” he chuckles, rolling to place his glasses and script on the bedside table.  As he stretches you admire the way his muscles ripple across his back; the taper of his waist.

“Oh really?  Just for that, I’m NOT staying here to play with you, I’m going to help Mom.  You know the boys will be wound up for their swim lessons after school.  She’s getting to old for all that noise and nonsense.”

As you start to leave for the door, Chris calls out to you, “Hey, Mrs. Evans?  Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Rolling your eyes, you walk back to the bed and give him a quick kiss, knowing he’s going to pull you on top of him.  He does and you giggle, settling in by his side.  “I know you always build 10 minutes extra in the morning schedule.  Stay here.  Besides, I thought you needed cash for the gas station?”

He throws back the sheet and a $50 bill is sticking out of the waistband of his black Calvins.

“God, that’s why money is so dirty,” you laugh.

“Eww,” he groans in disgust.

“You know honey, you don’t have to pay me,” you drop your voice, running your nails under the waist of his pants, as his pulse quickens, “I’d play with you for free.”

“Aw, fuck,” he hisses out as you reach down his pants and grasp his firm cock. “Damn your hands are cold.”

“Let me warm them up,” you suggest, tenderly caressing his balls, rolling them gently between your fingers as he toys with your hair.  His sweet moan of delight fills your ears as you help him prepare for his day in the most loving way possible.

You glide your hands up over his soft skin, running your fingertips gently over the veiny ridges that grace his cock.   He twitches and jerks under your dainty caress.  You extract your hand from his warmth and pull down on the waistband allowing him freedom.  With loving care, you wiggle down the bed, resting your head at the start of his V.  Age has only made this man more beautiful to you and you respect his desire to stay in shape.  You wrap your fingertips around his shaft, tugging up and smile to yourself at his sharp inhale as he winds his fingers in your hair.  You pull him towards you and delicately kiss the tip of his head, wrapping your tongue around him for just a brief moment and collecting the sweet drop of precum he expels.

“Shit, only ten minutes?” he complains gruffly.

His voice adds to your building desire and your pussy squeezes repeatedly.  You slide your denim clad leg over his, each movement pushing the seam of your tight jeans between your folds.  His free hand cups under your ass and caresses between your legs.

You flick your tongue across his slit and return your hands to their task.  “I tried to wake you up for a shower, but you wouldn’t have it.”  Your left arm is somewhat trapped under you, but you position that hand to continue massaging his sac while your other hand grasps around his girth.  Teasing him with light strokes, you use the roll of his own skin to guide you up and down.  You sigh contently as he expands and grows stiff under your manipulation.  Slowly, you build to your natural pace; a rhythm you’ve known for years.  The strokes are exactly what he needs, pulling up slowly, just under his tip and twisting to push back down hard against his base.  The repeated tugs are his undoing and you can hear the smack of his lips as they part and release a quiet moan.

As he starts to buck beside you, you turn your head slightly and kiss the protruding vein on his Adonis, applying pressure with your tongue before adding your teeth.  Branding him with your mark for the day as he comes in your hands, spilling his seed across his chest, before halting his rise in the comfort of your warm bed together.

You roll back and smile at your work, licking your finger for a drop of his sweetness.  “Goood morning!” he chuckles, wrapping the sheet over his mess and pulling you up to his mouth.  “You’re worth every penny,” he teases as he kisses your plump, needy lips.

You both groan at the knock on the door, but smile at the innocent little voice asking to have her hair fixed.  “Mommy will be out in a minute, sweetie.  Go tell the boys to be ready!”

You kiss your charming husband again, his beard showing more gray these days, scratching against your cheek.  Your tongue lingers inside his mouth and pulls out with a flick of your tongue against his teeth.  “Well, Mr. Evans, once again, you’ve made us late!  You have five minutes to get ready, get the kids in the car, and head to school.”

As you rise from the bed, Chris squeezes your hip. “I love you, Mrs. Evans. There’s another $50 in the top drawer. I’ll take the girls to dance, you go get your nails done.  Your hands were so good to me I think they deserve special treatment.”  He takes your hand, kissing the palm.  “For that, I’ll give you gas money any day!”

Grabbing the money from the bed, you bounce to the dresser, announcing, “I still would have done it for free.”

He pulls on his jeans, laughing.  “And that’s how you earned the title ‘Mrs. Evans.’”

You roll your eyes at him and playfully toss him a t-shirt as you exit the room, yelling at the kids to get moving.  “Hurry up, gang, Daddy made us late. Again!”

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Avenger-Nerd-Mom meets Chris Evans

(Update September 2017- For personal reasons I have decided to pull the images from this post.  Just imagine cute, adorable fan photos of Chris and I both wearing plaid!)

The long lines didn’t bother me.  I knew who was on the other side of that red curtain at the end of the line, and who was by my side while I waited.  I’d been dreaming about meeting both for months and the time had finally arrived.  @thewife101cevans and I were finally in the same place together and we were waiting to see Chris.  It was like I’d known the woman by my side my whole life.  It would surprise others to see us together to realize we just met face to face the night before.  I was so excited we were going to share this epic moment together, and just a little giddy that Chris had appeared that morning in plaid, a personal favorite of mine and a certain saucy red-headed character I write.

Such a favorite in fact, @thewife and I were both in plaid for our photo op too!

We spent the time chatting, messaging friends and people watching. Her nerves were evident so I was trying to keep mine at bay.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her my heart was pounding and I was beginning to think I couldn’t do this.  The man who haunts my dreams in the best of ways was just within reach.  There were so many dreams and expectations, but I knew as the line began to move faster our hopes for the cute posed photo we’d planned out was slowly slipping out of our reach.  I still had our prop in my hand, another plan quickly forming in my mind.  I was determined to give him the item I’d saved for weeks, knowing gifts in photo ops really aren’t allowed.

We stepped behind the closed red curtain and I saw his smiling face, already looking tired. We quickly set our bags on the table and we were pushed forward for our turn in front of the camera.  Things were moving so fast, like a movie speeding forward.  Chris simply stepped aside from Hayley to make room for @thewife and I in between them.  Smiling, I looked into his blue eyes and said, “Oh, no, honey, I wanna be on your other side,” and he simply laughed and opened his arm to pull me next to him.  I moved my arm around behind him and felt the well-worn plaid of one of my favorite Evans’ shirts beneath my shaky hand. Soft and warm, just like the man beside me….

And it was over.  I didn’t even realize the camera clicked.  As the next fans began to move forward for their picture, I offered Chris our prop- a bag of Starburst jelly beans.  He enthusiastically thanked me and as he took the bag from me, my hand ran along his palm to the tips of his fingers. As a fangirl, a writer of smut, I’d like to say there was an instant spark, but there wasn’t.  It was warm and friendly, and his hands were soft.  He thanked me again, and looked me in the eye with his beautiful baby blues.  It happened in a split second and I stepped aside.

I thanked Hayley and told her she looked beautiful and her sweet accent replied, “Thank you.”

It all happened so fast.  Maybe even less than two minutes!  I stepped to my bag, checking that @thewife had hers.  She was so dazed; she had forgotten it on the table.  I grabbed it for her and we made our exit, collapsing in each other’s arms, only to find Tom Hiddleston walking right in front of us!  I squealed, thinking I needed to get a picture for @mistressjenbradlee and friends back home, but I couldn’t get to my phone fast enough.

In the blink of an eye, another moment had passed.  I was determined to try to make more time for my second opportunity to meet Chris.

Yup. I’m a lucky bitch who had more than one opportunity to see those beautiful blue eyes again!

As a fairly new writer in the Evans fandom, some wonderful readers have been by my side from the beginning.  I had the wonderful opportunity to get to meet several of them over the weekend, and have bonded with them over the last few months.  One girl I’m lucky enough to call “friend” is @virtualgirlfriendsan, who contacted me after falling for #TeamErica, but I didn’t hold that against her.

When she was talking about making the visit to Philly, I encouraged her to go, and she made me promise if I went, that I would join in her photo op.  At the time, I laughed off her offer, but said yes, knowing it wasn’t in my finances to go.  I knew I would bow out gracefully later.  But plans changed, and on Sunday, I found us waiting in line together with @thewife and @master-of-duct-tape.  Can I say I fangirled too?  These two amazing writers influenced me to start writing and I found myself in awe throughout the weekend.

The line passed quickly simply because we were together.  We saw Tom Hiddleston again and I was able to snap some photos.  We admired the cosplay of others and continued to bounce story ideas off one another during our wait.  As the line advanced towards the red curtains, once again things were speeding forward.  I reminded @virtualgirlfriendsan she had something important she wanted to share with Chris and told her to make time to take a second to say it, or she’d always regret it.

The young girl working at the curtain was so cute and just as excited to be close to Chris as we were!  It seemed like such a long wait to be rushed at the crucial moment, but again we were pushed forward and I watched as @thewife spoke to Chris. My heart cheered for her, knowing how nervous she was to speak to her idol. She gave him a small gift, and I watched him take a second look at it.  A huge smile crossed his face that reached his eyes as she walked away before he placed it on a chair.

From the corner of my eye, I saw @virtualgirlfriendsan slip under Chris’s arm as I sandwiched between Chris and Hayley. After the photo was taken, I turned to Chris and asked if he enjoyed the jelly beans, and he said excitedly, “Oh my god, yes! Thank you!” and it felt genuine and pure, and it added to his sincerity when Hayley jumped in with her beautiful British accent, “Are you kidding? I watched him eat the whole bag!” And they both laughed.  She thanked me for waiting and hugged my shoulder.

I found out later while I was talking with Hayley, @virtualgirlfriendsan had gathered up her bravado to speak to Chris and share with him her story.  But that’s her tale, not mine…

Outside the curtain, the four of us hugged and squealed our excitement! The other girls went to pick up our photos as I ran off to a third photo op with another friend.  Like I said, lucky bitch.

@lillianfromaccounting had also asked me ages ago to be in her op with her.  She just said she felt like it was very important for me to meet Chris.  I can’t really argue with that!  “Emery needs it,” she had teased.  And again, I never really thought I’d be waiting in line with her, holding her young son, waiting to meet Chris, Anthony and Seb.  As I murmured to the little baby about waiting to see Cap, the Winter Soldier and Falcon, he would smile and coo every time I said, “Falcon.”  It seems only fitting that later, Anthony couldn’t wait to get his hands on the little guy!

Our wait was filled with small talk about our children and families and catching glimpses of Chris Hemsworth through the red curtain where he was also meeting with fans.  @mistressjenbradlee was a few lines over, waiting to meet with Hayley Atwell and we were also in contact with @jennygirl2014, who looked AMAZING in her blue Cap’s shield sundress!

After our extremely long wait, @lillianfromaccounting and I were disappointed to see the boys were sitting; there went our plans for our cute op!  After Anthony stole the baby from mom’s arms, saying repeatedly, “Gimme dat baby!,” Chris waved us over to stand behind them, practically rolling his eyes at the worker, after the con volunteer had said no to my request.  The photo was snapped so quickly, we later discovered my eyes were closed. While @lillianfromaccounting spoke with Anthony, I quickly thanked Seb and Chris, relishing the feel of Chris’s blue jacket under my fingertips.  I spoke to Anthony, but his eyes stunned me and I don’t even remember what I said.  DAMN. He is a good looking man!

When we went through the line a second time, Anthony teased and said, “You were just here!” When I laughed and said my, “My eyes were closed,” he laughed too and said, “Gimme dat baby again!  I love me some babies!”

Before leaving the second time, I made sure to capture Seb’s attention and he smiled warmly when I thanked him for being there in Philly.  I squeezed Chris’s shoulder (who could resist!) and thanked him, and Anthony told us to “take good care of that baby!” as we left the photo op room.

And with another blink of an eye, it was over…

It all happened so fast, each meeting with Chris.  Did it live up to my expectations?  Well, I write fan fiction; I was probably hoping for a little more of a connection.  I was so captured by his blue eyes, I didn’t even sneak a look at the beard, where I had hoped to glimpse some gray mixed with red.  I didn’t get to thank him for my amazing new friends, and because he was sitting in the final photo op, I didn’t get to ask for hug, which had been my plan on our final meeting together.

But he was wearing plaid.  And the red belt.  And I spent the whole weekend with new friends, talking about our favorite man and story plots, so on a whole, I have no complaints and no regrets.  Meeting Chris Evans was one of my dreams come true!  And I got to share it with my favorite tumblr and twitter girls!


A special thanks to @moncun for going out of her way to meet me and making me feel like a celebrity and to @angelus80 for a crazy ride to the airport!  @angelus80, you are definitely my kind of “people!”

And a very special thanks to @there-are-no-strangers.  You added to our trip in a big way and your kindness and generosity knows no bounds!  Thank you for all your support and all you did for this crew!  We appreciate it so much!

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Diamonds and Pearls

diamonds and pearls.jpg

Diamonds and Pearls

A Chris Evans fan fiction

A written collaboration with avenger-nerd-mom and marvelmom

Chris sings in the shower…

Warnings: NSFW, Language, Adult Situations, Masturbation

Inspired by Chris singing and @virtualgirlfriendsan

Word Count 470

The tune runs through his head and he hums along as the hot water pours over every inch of his beautiful body.

He continues singing as he soaps his chiseled abs, the suds sticking in the curls of the hair on his chest, and his hands slowly run over his pecs.  He closes his eyes and tilts his head back letting the water run down his chest as his hand moves down his V.  He becomes lost in his thoughts of you and forgets the words to the song as he begins a gentle tug.

Leaning against the gray slate wall for support, clenching his raised hand into a fist against the cool tile, his soapy hand travels down his hardening shaft.  He drops his head, letting the water wash over his back.  He moans as his fingers curl and his hand begins to move over the swollen vein in his cock.  He thinks of you as his grasp tightens. He smiles as he imagines your hot wet mouth wrapped tightly around him as he begins to pump faster.

His pace slows as a wave of cool air hits his back when the glass doors open.  His shoulders relax as your warm body presses up against him.

Chris trembles against you as you run your fingertips up his bulging arms, your lips nipping at his neck until they reach his ear.  Whispering seductively, he hears, “Don’t stop baby, I want to watch you come.”

He moans with desire as you brush your lush tits across his back, reaching around his tapered hip to place your hand over his to guide him to his release.  Running the fingers on your free hand down his back, you slip them between his ass cheeks.  He spreads his legs slightly, sighing when you begin to stroke the area behind his balls.

In the steam of the shower, you can see your reflections in the mirror and savor the image before you.  “Mmmm, Christopher, you look so good stroking your cock,” you purr.  A sweet whimper escapes his lips.  “I love that I can’t even get my hand around you; that when you’re inside me, you fill me full,” you whisper in his ear, nibbling at the soft spot along his neck, continuing to apply pressure with each stroke.  “Come for me, Christopher.”

The noises of his sexual release bounce off the tile walls.  Your hand becomes slick with his seed and water.  As the throbbing diminishes, he leans forward to rest his forehead on his arm.  Your arms circle his heaving chest and you plant soft kisses on his back, waiting for his breathing to steady.

He turns to you smiling, water dripping from his plump bottom lip and he begins to sing again, “If I could, I would give you the world…”