Love Notes

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When this scrolled across my dash, I couldn’t resist… Total Fluff!

Emery crawls into Chris’s bed, tired from a long day with his niece and nephews and a few of their neighborhood friends.  She and Shanna supervised a water balloon fight while Carly had a meeting at school.  Chris flew out earlier in the morning for a meeting in LA and is scheduled to be gone less than 48 hours.  Boston still doesn’t feel like home yet, and the Southern girl is feeling a little displaced.

She reaches her hand under the pillow to draw it under her neck and hears a faint crinkle.  Reaching for her phone in the dark, she uses the flashlight to see what it is, and discovers a message Chris left behind.  She can’t stop the instant tears that come to her, and she tries again to call him.

“Hey, baby.  It’s been a crazy day,” his voice comes over the line, soothing her.  “But tell me all about yours; mine was boring.  What did you and the littles get up to today?!”

Emery wipes the tears from her face, pulling the blanket up under her chin, and settles in for one of their late night phone chats….


Author’s Note:  This is actually a GREAT lead-in for tomorrow’s story!

(I sometimes post random things like this on tumblr, but don’t always put them here!  If you want to catch all of Emery and Chris, follow me at!)

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