an Emery & Chris story

by avenger-nerd-mom

While Chris is out of town, his fiancé, Emery, and his brother, Scott Evans, share an unlikely bonding experience

Warnings: FLUFF, Language, Adult Situations

Word Count 1095

Emery opens and closes the golden oak cupboards, trying to keep the noise down.  When she can’t find what she is looking for, she stares around Mama Lisa’s kitchen, wondering where the hell the woman keeps her aspirin.  She sets that thought aside as the first cup of coffee is ready and she takes the warm mug in her hands, leaning against the counter for additional support.

She smiles at the Disney mug and relives memories of the two trips she and Chris made with family to the parks.  The warm coffee is like serum that settles her soul for the moment and she shuffles to the table.  She checks her phone, not wanting to bother Chris and wake him up in LA at this ungodly hour, but she doesn’t know what else to do.

Smiling at the sound of dog tags clanging against one another, she reaches down and picks up Lisa’s little fluffy dog, letting it burrow in her lap.  She catches up on some reading and checks her flight information for the math conference she is scheduled to attend next week.

“It’s bright.  What the fuck?”  Scott mumbles.  “Why is it bright in here?” His grumpy voice echoes in the quiet room.   He flips off the light switch, not seeing his future sister in law at the table.

“Hey!” she quietly protests.

“Shit, sis, didn’t know you were in here.”  The lights flick back on, bathing the room in a soft glow.  “Oh, Em!  It’s you!  What are you doing up?”

Tears well in Emery’s eyes.  The pain she feels hurts so bad.  “I’m not feeling too good.  Scott, where does your mom keep aspirin?”

She watches as Scott drags himself to the drawer by the sink.  He fumbles in the drawer for a minute and empties two pills into his hand from a metal tin.  No wonder I couldn’t find them!  He passes the fridge and gets a water bottle and carries it to the table, grabbing a box of cereal off the counter island on his way.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” she inquires, noticing the similarities in Scott’s morning movements to that of his older brother.

He gently hands her the pills and holds his hand to her forehead.  “I smelled coffee.”  He places his finger under her chin and tilts her head back in the light.  “You look like shit.  What’s wrong?”

Scott plops in the chair next to her and props his feet up on the seat to the other side of him.  He digs in the cereal box, pulling a handful out and simply eats the cereal dry.  She shakes her head.  “That’s disgusting.  Does your mother know you do that?”

He looks down at the colorful cereal that fell from his hand and landed in his lap and onto the floor before digging his hand back in the box.  “Chris does it too; you’ve never caught him?” he chuckles at the shocked look on her face.  “You dying? What’s wrong?”

Emery lays her head down on the beautiful oak table cradling her tummy and the dog in her arms.  “Not dying.  I just need a cave for a few days…”

“A cave? I don’t get it,” he confusedly asks, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“My period, Scott.  My period came early and I wasn’t prepared for it,” she sighs, her cheeks as red as her hair from embarrassment at discussing this issue with her future brother-in-law.  Especially since he isn’t known for keeping secrets.

He’s quiet for a few moments, considering what to do or say.  He pats the top of her head gently and says, “Well, that’s good right?  At least it’s not late?”

Chuckling, Emery lifts her head and says, “Yes, I guess that’s one way to look at things.  I guess all the stress and travel the last few weeks has my body messed up.  I’m not prepared for it.  And it kinda puts a damper on things when Chris gets in tonight.”

Scott starts to make a smart ass remark, but the look on her face stops him cold.  “It’s not like this is news to him.  It happens every month, right?”

Emery shakes her head.  “Well, yea, actually, somehow Chris has managed to be gone every time; we’ve never been in the same place together when I’m broken.”

“Oh, honey, then you need to milk that for all it’s worth!  Cramps are shit, right? Get him to rub your back and run to the store for every craving!”

“I think you have that confused with pregnancy,” she giggles.  “Period cravings aren’t that bad,” Emery explains.

“He doesn’t know that! Everybody is different,” Scott replies.  “You so need to use this to your advantage.”

Emery giggles at his excitement.  The phrase high maintenance comes to mind. “Scott, this isn’t something I go around talking about.  I don’t want the whole house to know, but I need to ask a favor,” Emery confides.

“Sure thing, Georgia peach!  Whatever you want, I’m at your service today,” Scott grins.

Emery’s spirits lift.  Bonding with Scott over her period?  She shakes her head.  “Can you take me to the store so I can get some things I need?” she requests sweetly.

“Of course!” he replies, jumping up with added energy.  “And we can get breakfast and I’ll take you to my favorite spa.  We’ll make a day of it!”

Laughing, Emery rolls her eyes.  “This isn’t like some Judy Blume teenage novel.  It’s not a big deal.  I just wanna be comfortable.”

Scott pulls her up gently from the chair, forgetting the sleeping dog was in her lap.  “Sorry, little one,” he says as the dog yaps its’ displeasure at tumbling to the floor.  He watches as it gobbles up the spilled cereal, shrugging his shoulders to Emery as if to say ‘clean now.’  “You’re in good hands.  I’ll pamper you all day and Chris can take over when he gets in from his meeting in tonight.”

Emery nods her head, “Are jeans and a t-shirt okay for the day? I’m not feeling up to much else.”

“Whatever you want, babe.  You’re so fresh, you don’t even need make up!  Can you be in the driveway in 10 minutes?”

The pair discuss their plans quietly as they walk the stairs back to their respective rooms to get ready for their adventure together.

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

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