A Little Gift

a little gift.PNG

A Little Gift

An Emery and Chris ficlet

By avenger-nerd-mom

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 554

Settling in for the flight, Emery just wants to take a nap.  The last few days at the Evans’ household in Boston wasn’t really a peaceful, relaxing vacation.  Everyone was on the go, shuttling the kids to summer activities and the general craziness of a large family.  The noise and atmosphere was nothing new to Emery, coming from a large family herself.  While in Boston, Chris’s best friend, Tara, had offered them a tour of local venues for weddings, and the three had made a day of it; Scott and her husband meeting up with them for a later dinner.  Something was always going on.

With all the running around, and she didn’t do any of the prep work she needed to prepare for the conference she was on her way to attend.  Resting in the seat next to her is her former student and newly appointed predecessor, Gracie Davidson.  Gracie was babbling excitedly about a recent study she read about flipped classrooms, and Emery was doing her best to stay focused.  “Gracie, honey. I’m so glad you are excited about teaching with me in the Fall.  I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I’m in vacation mode,” Emery laughs.  “Can we just not talk about school right now?”

“Sure Miss Thom- Emery.  Emery.  It’s so strange we’re colleagues now.  That’s gonna take some getting used to,” the young woman shares.  Emery nods her head in agreement.  “So. Not talking about school right now.  How goes the wedding planning?  I still can’t believe you landed Captain America; that’s unreal.”

Emery laughs, reaching down in her school bag to pull out her headphones and her fingers instead brush up against paper.  “Yea, it is a little unreal.  Sometimes I still can’t believe it myself,” She grins at the younger woman just ready to start her career.  “We start wedding planning next week, when we meet up again in Savannah.  But I think we’ve found the perfect spot near Boston, if Chris can get it booked while I’m away.” She tries to look down, but can’t see in the cramped space of the small plane, so she simply pulls the paper out of the way.

Trying again to keep up with Gracie’s enthusiastic chatter, she is surprised to see it’s not paper.  It’s a small wrapped gift.  Looking at it quizzically, Emery reaches down again for her pink headphones, but they aren’t where she always keeps them.  She realizes the shiny package has two odd bumps, just like her headphones.

“What’s that?” Gracie asks, gesturing to the gift.

“No clue,” Emery replies tearing into the paper.  Her hands land on a small piece of textured linen, and when she flips it over, she laughs at the message printed on the little bag that now house her missing pink headphones:

silly gift

Gracie laughs, “He got you there! He does have incredibly long eyelashes!  Why are lashes like that wasted on boys?”

Looking out the window, hiding her tears from her younger traveling companion, clutching the little note she also found in the bag, Emery simply says, “So that girls like us fall in love with them.”

Author’s Note: When I saw this in the store the other day, it just reminded me of someone!

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

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