Morning Fix


Morning Fix

*a Chris Evans ficlet*

by avenger-nerd-mom

Warnings: None, Fluff

Word Count 672

“Excuse me, miss?” the cute guy on the sidewalk gets my attention.

My heart skips a beat when I see it’s the same guy I’ve flirted with at the convenience store on the corner nearly every day for the last two weeks since I moved to the neighborhood.  He always has something funny to say as he reaches over my arm for a straw or a napkin as we try to beat the rush hour crowd.

“What’s up, cutie?” It’s the most playful thing I can think of but sounds awkward to my ears and I instantly wish I could take it back.  “I’m running late.”

He blushes and tries to hide a little grin, the smile reaching to his bright blue eyes.  He steps away from the store front window and hands me the 32 ounce Styrofoam cup I crave each morning.

“I noticed,” he says with a crooked grin.  “I thought I could help you out?”

I pause for a moment, looking at him,  holding the soda I desperately want, and the door to the store. I hear my mother’s childhood advice about not taking candy from strangers ring in my ears.  She never said anything about sodas… and I need it like a druggie needs crack.

“It’s like you fix it? A combination of the two mixed together?”

I look into his beautiful face.  He’s too beautiful to be a serial killer and right now he wants to give me what I need.  I blush at thoughts of wanting to give him something in return.

His head dips bashfully as I reach to take the offered cup, as if he could read my mind.  I take a long sip from the straw, the icy cold burning my throat as it goes down. My eyes closing as I intake its calming powers over me.  I blink them open and he has stepped closer on the busy sidewalk, protecting me from passersby. “Thank you,” I sigh, taking another sip.

“Which way are you walking?” he asks,  taking a sip of his coffee with a hint of hazelnut creamer and the two sugars I see him add when he thinks I’m not watching.

“Up and then over to South?”

“Mind if I walk with you this morning?” he asks, a boyish charm and an energetic bounce present in his mannerisms as he prepares to move.

I giggle at his easy movements.  “Sure, I guess. It’s not out of the way for your destination?” I ask, curious about him and his schedule, knowing I see him here in the mornings for his coffee,  but not when I get my fix on the evening walk home.  Not that I have an addiction or anything…

We walk to the corner, clutching our cups to our chests to avoid getting them jostled from our hands in the advancing crowd.

He looks down at me as we wait for the light, a playful gleam in his eye.  He winks at me and replies, “Wherever you are going is my destination today.  Their coffee is crap. I’ve only been stopping in each morning to try to get you to talk to me.”

The light changes and the crowd pushes forward.  I’m stunned by his words, momentarily frozen.  Like a pebble in a stream, the crowd parts around me. Realizing I’m not by his side, he turns and holds out his free hand,  “Come on! You don’t wanna be late!”

I take a few long strides to catch up.  Safely reaching the other side, there is a pause in the crowd and I stop to take another drink of the cool drink.  No one’s ever paid attention to the way I mix my soda… I shake the cup, giving it a slight swirl in my hand before taking another sip. “I think I can be late today.  What’s your name?”

He holds his hand to me, this time for an introductory handshake and I take it. His large hand covers mine, warm and soft.  “I’m Chris.”


Material is an original creation by avenger-nerd-mom, July 2016

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