Word Travels Fast


Word Travels Fast July 22 2016

Word Travels Fast

A Steve Rogers Fan Fiction

By avenger-nerd-mom

Steve prepares to make a more permanent spot for Charlie in his life

Warnings: Fluff, Language, Adult Situations

Word Count 3763

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After the server takes the dirty plates away, Steve reaches across the table to take Charlie’s hand, “All right, doll, what’s going on?  You’ve been quiet all night, and you hardly touched your food.”

Charlie looks deeply into the blue eyes of her boyfriend.  She sees the love, concern and exhaustion there and her heart aches.  He’s been gone on a mission since the end of January and she’s missed his beautiful face and his warm body in her bed.  She doesn’t want to do this tonight, but she knows his mind won’t let it go.  “Can we just walk home?  I want to be alone with you,” she explains quietly.

He loves that she calls the Tower home, even though he hasn’t been able to convince her to fully move in with him yet.  Steve pulls cash from his wallet, leaving it on the table.  He scratches at the scruff on his chin, and starts to glare at her.  She sits back down and waits for him to pull her chair out for her.  “That’s not a habit you’ll break me of, so you might as well get used it,” Steve says tiredly.

“Yes sir,” she laughs as she gives him a salute.

She adores the old fashioned manners Steve still displays, but she sometimes has to remember to abide by them.  She feels certain gender roles died the day Rosie the Riveter took control of the war efforts, and society never looked back.   Try explaining that to the man frozen for nearly 70 years…

The couple walks out into the cold night air.  The snow banks line the city’s sidewalks and the couple talk and window shop along the way.  Steve shares stories of winters from his youth and Charlie laughs at the childhood tales he weaves of himself and his friend, Bucky.  Turning a corner, a block from the Tower, the sidewalk isn’t cleared.   Steve grasps Charlie’s elbow to keep her from slipping on a patch of ice. In the process, he takes a tumble and they laugh at the resulting wet spot on his ass.

Steve guides her into Tony’s modern building and they greet the night sentry.  Crossing the lobby Steve catches sight of them together in mirror and does his best to erase the furrowed brow on his face, trying to disguise his concern for his uncharacteristically quiet girlfriend.

The lovers step into the private elevator and Steve requests, “JARVIS? Please set up a privacy block and stop the elevator.”

“Yes, Captain.  Will that be all?”  the sentient computer voice clips in its soft British voice.

“Yes, thank you,” Steve replies.  He leans against the paneled wall, bracing himself for whatever it is Charlie needs to say.  “Okay, we’re alone now.  What?  Because you’re kind of scaring me…”

Charlie takes a deep breath, and slowly exhales.  Steve can sense her apprehension and takes her hands in his.  “Baby, unless you’re breaking up with me, whatever is bugging you, I’ll face it with you.”

“Oh, Steve, no!  I’m not dumping you!”  Charlie smiles, “But yes, I suppose we will face it together…  Honey, I was sick while you were gone-”

“Yea, I remember you said you missed work a day or two, but still felt bad.”  The concern on Steve’s beautifully chiseled face is evident.  “Did you see the doctor like I asked you to?  Is everything ok?  If you’re sick, I’ll take care of you.”

Charlie slowly shakes her head ‘yes.’  “Everything’s fine.  I hope you’ll take care of me!  It’s your fault!”  She giggles, a smile finally spreading across her face.  “Steve, I’m pregnant!”

The color drains from Steve’s face momentarily before his cheeks turn a bright shade of pink.  “What? How?”

“How? Really, babe,” she laughs at him.  “Do I have to explain that too?”

A smile flashes across his face as he pulls Charlie to him.   He takes her beautiful visage into his large, capable hands and kisses her gently.  “I mean, how? We always use protection.”

“We didn’t at Christmas and I guess your super serum sperm was no match for my birth control pills.  What the hell DID you tell Santa you wanted?” she teases.

“We didn’t at Christmas?” Steve asks, slowly recalling details of their intimate moments spent together.

“Broken ornaments, knocking over the tree, whipped cream- ring a bell?”

“Oh… That was you?!”  He teases her, looking her over, spinning her slightly and admiring her ass, tugging on the dark hair that hangs down her back.  “Yea, you are my type-”

“Steve, this is serious,” she admonishes, giggling, pushing against his massive chest.  “What are we going to do?”

He pulls her back to him, catching her hand in his and raising it to his lips for a quick kiss.  “Do? Is that even really a question?!  We’re having a baby! That’s what we’re going to do…” Filled with emotion, Steve’s thoughts are on overdrive and fall from his mouth in a jumble.  “How do you feel?  I can’t tell what you are thinking.  You’re being too serious.   Me? I’m happy; I’m shocked and surprised, but I’m so happy, so filled with love for you and our little Christmas gift.”

To prove his point, he picks her up and spins her around, gently setting her down, and putting his hands on her belly.

Tears of joy silently fall down Charlie’s face.  “I’m so thrilled, sweetheart.  I’ve had a few days to let it sink in.” She smiles as relief washes over her and the worry begins to lift from her face.  But her gut tells her she needs to stay strong and somewhat reserved a few moments longer while she bares all to Steve.  “I’ve just been so worried about you and how you would react.”

“Why? Why would you even wonder that?”  Steve is confused by her words and quickly tries to make sense of them.  He sinks back against the wall of the elevator, a little weak-kneed at the news he is trying to absorb.

“Well, although I know you adore kids, and love when Clint and Laura bring the children to visit, you always say that man and his dreams were left in the ice.” Charlie steps to him, placing her hands on his waist, grasping his shirt between her fingers.  “And you always worry that the serum may have changed you, and…”

Steve cuts her off, kissing her to shush her up.  “Shhh…” he whispers.  “Let’s just be joyous now.  Real life can butt in later.”

“One more thing, and you aren’t going to like this one…”  Charlie’s eyes turn serious and she steps back, folding her arms across her chest.

Steve braces himself.  Charlie’s tone is serious and he pays attention to her body language.  “Okay, what else?”

“The world is a different place than it was.  I don’t want to get married yet, or for you to propose just because of a baby.  I’m with you till the end of the line, but I’m not ready for that.  I don’t even want our friends to know.  It’s still really early, and all kinds of things can happen.” Her stance, with a swift move to place her hands on her curvy hips displays how serious she is about this point.

Steve knows there is no arguing with her about this now, but he slowly shakes his head to show he disagrees. “Hmmm… That’s something we’ll talk about later.  One thing at a time, I guess.”

Steve allows the quiet to still between them so she realizes he is listening to her words, although his opinion differs.  If he had his way he’d “put a ring on it,” as they say these days, first thing in the morning!  He reaches for her hands, pulling them away from her hips and stepping towards her.  “Are you done being serious now? Did you get it all out?” he asks tenderly, the timbre of his voice humming through her.

“I think so,” she breathlessly replies as his hands wrap around her waist.

His lush bottom lip hangs open, signaling his intent, as Steve’s blue eyes darken, looking down at her.  His dark lashes brush his cheek gently, blinking as he leans to kiss her.

His lips taste like the sweet wine he had at dinner, slightly cold from the walk in the winter air.  Charlie presses her lips to his, warming them, meeting him. She finally relaxes, having said what she needed to say, and she falls into his kiss, pressing against his solid chest, her hands searching inside his coat to reach around him.  She rakes her fingertips up his back, feeling him shudder against her, slowly scratching back down his covered plane as the kiss deepens.

His tongue slides against her lips and she parts her mouth to let him in, her tongue reaching to tentatively tap his before both retreating.  She swallows and takes a deep breath as his lips hold her top lip gently between his, his nose brushing against hers, before slowly letting go and resting his forehead to hers.

“We should continue this upstairs,” he groans, his warm breath against her face.

Charlie hits the elevator keypad, feeling the steel metal box is worthy of keeping their secret safe for now.  “Whatever you say, Daddy,” she giggles.  The heat in his eyes tells her he likes the new nickname, maybe for all the reasons it implies.  She tucks that thought away for later.

Smiling to herself, she knows Tony will be curious in the morning when he sees it was offline for about 20 minutes.  He’ll be sad to learn it wasn’t as exciting as it was the last time they stopped the elevator but forgot to turn on the privacy block.  She blushes to think that video might still exist and that Tony has probably seen it.


A few days later, the couple has agreed on a few things, although Charlie still holds strong to her idea that she does not want to rush into marriage.  Whenever she catches Steve staring at her wistfully, she speaks clear and firm, “Don’t even think about giving me a ring either.”

Steve has finally been able to convince her to move in with him at the Tower, and they have spent time organizing boxes at her place and deciding what items for her to bring along, keep in storage, or donate to city organizations for the needy.  His apartment in the Tower has enough space for her to keep an office space for her work and crafts, as well as a room for a nursery.

While making breakfast, Steve smiles at the changes coming to his life.  He’ll have to let go of some of the pain he feels that the changes may not come in the traditional order, but he can’t wait to raise this little miracle with Charlie.

He moves to answer the door when he hears a knock.  He chuckles to himself when he looks through the peephole to find Tony standing there with a box of donuts in his hands.  He opens the door for the man who has reluctantly become his friend.  Steve feels a certain level of affection for the man, simply because he was such good friends with his father, Howard, during the war, but Steve knows that Tony would never want to hear that.

“Tony, why the early visit?” Steve and Charlie had a bet as to when Tony would confront them about the elevator shut down.   He wins, because Charlie thought it would be within 48 hours, but it’s been longer.  He’ll have to think on what he wants to claim as his prize for later. He gestures for the dark-haired man to come in and have a seat at the counter.  He pulls out three plates and places them down. Steve points to the coffee pot, and Tony gives him a thumbs up.  Steve moves about, fixing the coffees, and pulls a donut from the box, setting it on the plate, turning his attention back to the bacon he had been cooking.

While Tony puts a chocolate donut on his plate, he replies quietly, “I went out to visit Aunt Peggy yesterday.”

Tony watches closely to see any change in the soldier’s steady demeanor.  He notices the slight pause in his movement, knowing he has struck a nerve.  “I also noticed on the security logs the other morning that your service elevator had some sort of malfunction the other night…  You wanna talk, pal?”

Steve pulls the pan from the hot burner, and turns off the stove top.   Steve had been out to visit Peggy and shared his news with her.  He had waited till the end of the visit, when she had started to drift between the now and the past.  Steve always worries that each visit will be his last, and he wanted Peggy to know he was happy, but not necessarily remember it, knowing she sometimes still lives in their collective past.  He told her about the news Charlie had shared with him in the elevator.  He wipes his hands on the dishtowel and turns to his friend.  “She told you?” he says quietly.

“Yea.  She did.  At first I thought it was just some crazy fantasy she was telling me from her youth.  One of the dreams she had but gave up long ago when you became a Capsicle.”  Steve cringes at this nickname, and Tony shrugs a silent apology and continues.  “But the details were different, and she talked about how, God, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but how handsome you looked in your ‘tight,’” Tony pauses to make air quotes, to show the words are not his own, “jeans and your cowboy boots, and I knew it wasn’t a fantasy or a make believe memory.  She was pretty lucid yesterday…  So, you and Charlie, huh?  I did not see that coming.”

Steve chuckles with melancholy at the reference to the phrase their fallen friend used often.  He just shakes his head yes, and the smile grows on his face.  “Yea, Tony.  I’m going to be a dad.”

Tony raises his coffee cup and says, “Congratulations, Cap.  That’s amazing.”  Tony holds his enthusiasm in check, owing to the calm Steve is keeping, but the excitement Tony has about the thought of a baby in the Tower bubbles under the surface.


Steve looks to the bedroom door.  Charlie is still sleeping, and he doesn’t want her to hear him.  “Thanks, Tony.  But is it really?  I mean, yes, it’s amazing, and I love that woman with all my heart. But I am scared shitless.”  Leaning against the counter, it appears that the weight of his thoughts are crushing him down.  “What if my DNA is all messed up from the serum?  What if our baby is like that baby in that cartoon, the one about superheroes and the baby that bursts into flames?”

“I think only our pal, Johnny Storm, has to worry about that-“ Tony interrupts.

Steve looks at his friend crossly, “Or what if the serum doesn’t hold through the DNA and all the maladies from my youth are passed on to the baby?  That’s scary, and I just don’t know how to handle this.”

Tony sees his friend watching the door to the other room.  “You haven’t talked to her about this?  She doesn’t know you’re scared?”

“She hinted she already knows, but we’ve had so many things to talk about, it’s been low on my list of priorities.  She doesn’t want to get married either, at least not now.”

“Shit, man, does she even know you?”  Tony chuckles.  “You’re king of doing the right thing.  She has to know you’ll rush out to buy a ring.”

“I haven’t had a lot of experience being around pregnant women, but I know Charlie.  If she says no, it’s no.  And I won’t be able to change her mind till she is ready.”

He steps over to the fridge, and reaches behind the cookie jar and pulls down a small recipe box.  He pauses before he shows it to his friend, and again looks to see that the door to the bedroom is still closed.  He sets the box on the counter, and opens it without a word.  His friend peers down, and sees a tiny ring of white gold, in a delicate Edwardian design. Tony marvels that the markings almost look like the eagle found on the SHIELD insignia.  Tony estimates the round solitaire diamond to be about half a carat, and quickly realizes the significance of such a simple ring.  Tony lowers his voice, and says, “It’s your mother’s?  She’s going to love it!”

charlie's ring

“You think so?  Everything old is new again, and she loves classic styles.  It means a lot that the SSR kept all my storage items and passed them on to SHIELD.  It’s like I was meant to give it to a dark-haired beauty…” Steve smiles wistfully.  His super soldier ears pick up movement in the other room, and he quickly replaces the box to its hiding spot as the bedroom door opens.

“Is that bacon?  It stinks,” Charlie says, sleepily.

Tony looks at Steve’s girlfriend with new eyes.  He smiles to see she is wearing what is obviously the top that matches the bottoms Steve is wearing with his gray t-shirt.  And when she reaches up to push the hair out of her eyes, he sneaks a peek at the cute boycut underpants she wears.  She puts on her glasses and sees Tony smiling at her.  She growls at him, and he chuckles.  “I brought donuts?”

“Oh, well, then you’re forgiven.  Word travels fast, huh?”

“Aunt Peg,” Tony explains.  “Congratulations, beautiful!  I’m so excited for you both!”

Rubbing her face, still trying to wake up, Charlie smiles to Tony nodding her acknowledgement before addressing her handsome man.  “Steve, babe, can you put up the bacon please?  It really smells bad.”

She reaches for a donut, and takes a sip of Tony’s coffee.  Tony continues to grin at her, as Steve steps out to the hallway to dispose of the bacon down the trash chute.

“I heard.  How’d you get him to fess up his fears to you?”  Charlie asks, knowing Steve’s deeper feelings for the man sitting across from her.  Despite the age difference created by 70 years in ice, had Steve and Howard followed life’s normal path, Steve feels he would have been Tony’s godfather, and Steve holds Tony in high esteem.

“I don’t know, darling. But it will all be okay,” Tony pats her hand and pushes the donut box towards her for a second one. “How much did you hear?” he asks, worried she might have discovered Steve is secretly hiding an engagement ring in his kitchen.

She grabs a napkin from the basket at the end of the counter and wipes a chocolate smudge from the marble top.  “Just babies bursting into flames or having asthma; why? Did I miss anything good?” she teases.

Tony hides his relief, “No, that about covers it.  Wait till I tell Storm that!  Oh, honey!  I’m really happy for you both!  A baby? In the Tower? Can you believe it?”

Taking another bite of the sinfully good pastry, Charlie’s smile cannot be contained as the two lean across the table conspiratorially.

Steve comes back in and smiles at the two of them sitting at the counter, talking quietly together.  He pours a glass of milk and pushes it across the counter to Charlie, before placing a kiss on the top of her head.  She gives him a quick peck on the lips, turning her nose up at the milk and takes another sip of Tony’s coffee.

Tony smirks at her silent defiance of Steve’s will. “Charlie, I understand you want to keep things quiet a while, but I think you both need to go talk to Bruce.  He’s a doctor.  He’s gone over the old files, and he has more knowledge about the serum than anyone. He would know what tests to run, and what to look for.  I think it could alleviate some stress for both of you,” Tony suggests.

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Charlie acquiesces, “On one condition. Steve, you gotta let me have my morning coffee.  Without it, I’ll hurt someone, and that could be bad mixed with pregnancy hormones.  And besides, if it wasn’t for my morning visits to the coffee shop, we never would have met.  This baby comes from coffee.  It’s already in her blood.”

“Her, is it?” Steve asks playfully, as Tony just hands over his coffee cup to the beautiful pregnant woman.

“Call it a mother’s intuition,” she smiles hopefully.

Watching the two love birds, Tony silently prays things work out for them.  Loving a superhero isn’t easy.  He should know.  He clears his throat, as the two move closer to one another, almost forgetting he’s present.  “Well, if it’s okay with you two, why don’t you both get dressed, or don’t.  Charlie, I think you look quite lovely just the way you are,” he wiggles his eyebrow at her lasciviously and she giggles.  Steve steps in front of her protectively to block Tony’s view and Tony flips him off.  “I’ll go give Bruce a heads up, so he can have old files on the serum ready?”

Steve nods his approval, “Yes, Tony, but don’t tell anyone else.  I know you are horrible with secrets, and you like to tease, but this is serious stuff.”

“Can I tell Pepper?”

Steve and Charlie exchange a look.  She has always felt an instant friendship with the classy blonde woman who exerts so much control over Tony.  She knows that if Pepper is in on the secret, she will better be able to keep Tony in line.  Charlie shakes her head, “Yes, of course.  We can’t ask you to keep secrets from Pepper.”

Tony stands to leave, and steps forward to kiss the top of Charlie’s head.  “I’m happy for you, kid.  You’re going to be a great mom.  And this one here?” He motions his head towards Steve, “You’ll have to make an honest man of him some day.  You can’t keep defiling him in elevators and under the Christmas tree, and not marry the guy.”

He chuckles from the looks on their faces, grabs the last chocolate donut and leaves.


a special thanks to my friend, Kaiti, for being my beta for my Steve and Charlie stories!

Author’s Note: December 2016  I have several rough drafts for upcoming installments of this story.  I’ll keep you updated with it’s progress!

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


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