Safe and Sound

safe and sound july 3 2016

Safe and Sound

a Steve Rogers fan fic

by avenger-nerd-mom

Steve returns home late from a dangerous mission, glad to be back in Charlie’s bed

Warnings: NSFW, Adult situations, Language, Oral Sex, Fingering, Intercourse, condom use

Word Count: 1647

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 Steve parks his bike across the street, thankful her light is still on despite the late hour.  His ribs ache as he throws his leg over to dismount the cycle.  He cradles his arm to his chest, his limp prominent as he crosses the street.  He nods hello to the night doorman and punches in a passcode to the private elevators of Charlie’s highly secure building.  Steve scoffs at the thought that she just happened to already be living in a building owned by Stark with its advanced safety features.  As soon as Tony met her over the holidays, knowing Steve’s concerns for her safety, he advanced security measures in her building, to the benefit of other residents.

He takes a deep breath and leans against the wall of the paneled wood as the elevator ascends to the eleventh floor.   The pain in his head weakens as the healing process speeds through his body.  Exiting the metal box, the limp is now gone and he stretches his arms in front of him, swinging them back and forth, good as new.  He touches his cheek, the bruise still stinging to the touch, reaching for the key in a lower pocket of the cargo pants on his uniform.  He smiles when it clinks against the compass he’s carried with him since he was a younger man, many years ago.

Tired, beyond exhaustion, the soldier enters his girlfriend’s apartment, quietly sliding off his shoes.  For a split second, he considers grabbing a beer from the fridge, but knows it won’t do any good.   With stealth he walks down the hallway, silently pushing her door open, finding her asleep on her side.  Her book lays open in front of her, her glasses sliding down her nose.  A need surges through him, but he simply removes the glasses, placing them and the book on the nightstand.   He pulls the blanket over her, gently kissing her temple before going down the hall to the second bathroom for a shower.

The heat of the water renews him and the pain through his body subsides.  A quick survey in the mirror shows the bruising from the broken rib is fading and the scratches on his shoulders zigzag across his skin.  He wraps the towel tighter around his tapered torso, shaking the remaining water from his hair.  While brushing his teeth, his eyes land on her collection of creams and lotions that scatter the counter.  He brings the bottle of her favorite perfume to his nose and smiles at the instant flash of memories that fill his mind, most recently their snowball fight in Central Park hours before he was called away on another dangerous mission.  He remembers the sweet promises she had whispered in his ear and his cock stirs at the memory as well.

Returning to her room, Steve lets the towel drop to the floor.  He crawls in bed behind her sleeping form, his chest to her lovely back.  His fingers draw across her shoulder, sketching heart shapes, his mind wandering.  “I love you, Charlotte Mayer,” he whispers against her neck.

“Wuv you too,” she answers groggily, awoken from her slumber.  “Glad you’re home.”

Steve hums his agreement and slides down her body, covering kisses across her back, nibbling at her rounded ass and backs of her legs.  Charlie begins to squirm and moans her approval.  Steve lifts her left leg and crawls between her thighs.  He trails small kisses to the apex of her curvy figure.  Dipping his finger into her flooded well, he swirls around her inner walls and curves his finger to pull out her juices.  He rubs her swollen lips, smearing the sweet wet before pushing his finger in again.  From her curved spooned position, the dark haired beauty can watch the top of his head and sees him pull his finger out slowly, feeling him brush her velvet lining before sucking his finger into his mouth and savoring her taste.

His ocean blue eyes lock on hers as he sucks his finger dry.  The vision of Captain America between her legs preparing to suck her off causes her heart to race.  Her breathing catches as he devilishly winks at her and dives forward with a flick of his tongue against his lip.   His flat tongue does things to her she only dared imagine before and she begins to crave the ache that she knows will come after their lovemaking.  No one has ever loved her like Steve, and no one will ever compare.

His tongue laps at her, pushing at her opening to release more wet.  He washes over her lips, right and left, flicking back down the center of her slit.  Steve groans at her deliciousness, digging his fingertips in to grip her ass in his strong hands, lifting her to his mouth as her hips roll back and forth against his tongue.  Building whimpers escape from the back of her throat as she grinds against his face.  His stiff muscle slides smoothly over her entrance, the tip of his nose dragging across her waiting clit.  Slapping one cheek lightly, Steve encourages her wordlessly to fuck his tongue harder.  He instinctively knows the wetter she is the easier she can take all of his super strength when he plows into her.  He’s never known a woman so eager to take the loving pain he gives.

He gently rests her down onto the plush bedding, wrapping one arm around her thigh, and shifting her leg to rest her foot on his shoulder, opening her up.  While teasing with his tongue, his hand gently strokes the ball of her foot, eliciting a giggle from her.  He smiles over her mound as her head drops back against the pillow before she arches into him again.  With his other hand, he slips his finger in to gently fuck her hole as his lips wrap around her aching clit.

Charlie feels like she is going to explode with the heat of desire ready to consume her body.  She winds her hands around the back of his head, pulling him in to her, listening to his own groans of pleasure at her response to their lovemaking.  She can feel how closely she teeters to the edge, waiting to be tipped.  His caresses continue and he begins to suck harder on her clit.  Slipping another finger into her sopping wet void, the hums Steve makes against her cunt cause her fall.  She fucks his hand, riding out the waves of pleasure that threaten to drown her.  Steve continues his talented assault as she cries out his name with seismic fervor.

Before letting her come down completely, Steve moves his mouth away, wiping his face against the bedding and reaches to the bedside for a condom.  Gliding it on quickly, he moves his body up hers, crushing himself against her soft tits, her nipples hard against his solid chest.  He plays with them, watching the heat in her eyes as he covers them with bites and kisses, leaving her breasts coated in her own juices.  The scruff of four-day old stubble grazes her soft skin as he attaches his mouth to her neck.

“Steve, I can’t wait, hurry and fuck me, babe,” she whines.   Her whole body is on fire with every kiss against her throat.

Supporting himself with one arm by her head on the bed, his free hand gently rubs circles on her hip while lifting her to him as he teases his cock over her entrance.  Whimpers of desire escape her lips as he whispers in her ear, “You make me so hard, doll.  I think you’re ready.”

Her gasp echoes through the room as he sinks inside her, pushing full to the hilt.  “Fuck me, please,” she cries out.

Steve knows she has been primed, and knows she takes pleasure in her pain.  He doesn’t hold back as he enters her again and again, ranging from slow to rapid movements, building her to another orgasm, wanting to feel her convulse around his thickened cock.  He pushes in deeply, his balls hitting against her, creating an erotic sound that fills the room in time with her quiet cries.

The bed begins to creak beneath them and Steve grasps the headboard to keep his weight from her.  His long strokes are exemplified in the painful smile on her face as he watches her from above.  She scratches at his back, clawing at his ass, encouraging, “Come for me, baby, please, fuck me harder.”

Her request sets his release in motion as his thighs and balls tighten, the orgasm rushing through him like a freight train.  The headboard pounds against the wall as it receives the brunt of his thrusts while he attempts to cushion the blows to Charlie’s fragile form.  His growls roar through the room and his eyes reflect an animal lust mirrored in her own when he looks down into her blackened eyes.  Her own orgasm follows shortly and her cries, “I’m coming, I’m coming,” mingle with his in the night.  A few more pushes in and out and Steve slows to match her needs.  He falls to her, not really landing on her and trails kisses from her forehead down the side of her face to meet her waiting lips.  Her musky flavor is still in his mouth and mingles with the coffee on her lips from earlier in the evening, tongues teasing and tasting one another.  “Sweet,” she coos.

Steve slides down, resting his head on her breast.  Brushing his hair back from his sweat covered brow, she marvels at her gentle giant, the superhero who loves her so beautifully.  Her arms wrap around him tightly, holding him close as his body still shakes, his used and limp cock resting against her muscled thigh. Sleep over takes him quickly as he lays in her loving arms; home, safe and sound again.

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