Read Between the Lines

read between the lines

Read Between the Lines

a Chris Evans fan fic

by avenger-nerd-mom

Chris prepares breakfast for some special house guests

Warnings: Language, Fluff, Fangirl overload

Word Count 663

Chris checks in on the girls and smiles at the sight before him.  It reminds him of Christmas morning, the two snuggled in bed, clutching their brand new books, passed out from the excitement.  He takes his phone from his pocket and clicks the camera button quickly to capture the moment.

One lump stirs, and she opens an eye to squint at him.

“Hey beautiful,” he teases.

“Hey. Thanks again,” her voice gravelly and unused in the mid-morning hour.

“Anytime… So, did you have fun?” he asks, entering the room. Seating himself on the armrest of the chair closest to the bed, he smiles again at his house guest.

“So much fun!”  She rubs the sleep from her eyes, sitting up, not ashamed of the Civil War t-shirt she wore to bed.  She’s careful not to wake her sleeping friend. “I think we stayed up reading till nearly four,” she whispers.

“You are both insane,” he grins widely, shaking his head. “But damn, that Bellatrix cosplay was hot!” He sees the black wig on the floor and reaches to pick it up, laying it over the back of the chair.  “You didn’t look so bad yourself,” he compliments her as her cheeks turn a bright pink flush.

She giggles. “Ah, merci,” she replies, referring to her own cosplay as one of the girls from Beauxbatons.

The other sleeping form stirs, her bright red hair matted around her face.  “Morning,” she mumbles.  “What time is it?”

“Time to get up.  The beauty team will be here in about an hour to get you two ready for the red carpet tonight. I’ll have breakfast finished in about 20 minutes,” he informs them.  He rises from his spot, kissing them each on the forehead, eliciting a giggle from both.

Upon his exit from the room, the fangirling begins.  “Oh, my fucking God! I still can’t believe I’m in Chris Evans’ house and he just woke me up and is making me breakfast!”

The red head pulls the blankets back, sitting up and sliding out of bed. She giggles at her friend’s excitement.  “Yea, it is pretty amazing,  isn’t it?”

The rhetorical question remains unanswered as the girls move around, taking great care of their new Harry Potter books.

“Oh, Jen!” Emery exclaims. “I’m so glad you could come visit for the weekend.  I’m really glad I didn’t have to go alone to the midnight sale; it was more fun with you by my side.”

“Well, when you sent the invitation by owl post and asked me to be bridesmaid, and to visit for the weekend, how could I say no?”

Emery smiles at her dear friend, “I’m just glad you said ‘yes;’ who knows?” She shrugs her shoulders.  “Maybe if I’d never found your stories, I wouldn’t have fallen so hard for him. So I guess I owe you a thanks.”

Jen gathers her clothes to take into the guest washroom.  “Well, I wasn’t writing him for you.  I wanted him for myself!” She laughs, a rich sound that fills the room.  “But I guess if he had to choose a fangirl, you would be one of the most deserving ones.  I really am happy for you, but damn. Now that I’ve seen you two together, how much he loves you- I gotta find a new Muse.” She laughs wryly.  “Who else is scheduled to be at this awards show?”

“No fuckin clue,” Emery smiles, standing at the doorway.  “I just know my baby deserves the win.”

His manly voice echoes through the house.  “Get a move on ladies! Food’s almost ready!”

Jen smiles.  “You wake up to that voice every day?  Damn.  What the hell are you gonna do with that thing, if he wins a giant surfboard?”

Emery throws her head back, her joy mirroring one of his laughs. “Make the goofball carry it back through the airport!  It’ll be perfect for a little surprise I have planned for him as a wedding present!”

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom



3 thoughts on “Read Between the Lines

  1. devikafernando August 1, 2016 / 4:35 pm

    Aw, I’m smiling so widely it hurts. 😀 And Harry Potter too, as the icing on the Chris cake! And my Jen!

    Liked by 1 person

      • devikafernando August 1, 2016 / 5:22 pm

        Let’s make her Our Jen then! And she is the best indeed. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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