Perfect Saturday

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Perfect Saturday

A Mrs. Evans Story

By avenger-nerd-mom

While the kids are away for the weekend, a future Chris Evans surprises his wife on a lazy Saturday morning

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, Fluffy smut, Fingering, Oral Sex, Condom Use. NSFW

Word Count: 1446

You wake when you feel the bed shift, but you don’t comment on his exit.  It’s early in the morning; you know he’s not actually going anywhere but the bathroom.  His late night out with the guys answers that for you.  As the water runs you drift in and out of consciousness, the dogs beginning to stir downstairs.  You don’t want to actually rise from sleep mode since the boys are with their aunt today and you want to enjoy a long lay in.

You are surprised when he returns to the bed and pulls the blanket back from your body. Your eyes fly open and connect with his, already dark with lust as he admires your toned body, clad only in royal blue lace underwear.

“This is nice,” he murmurs, as he races his hands over your thighs, roughly gripping your flesh.

“This is from last night, when you said you’d be home in ‘thirty minutes.’” You grumble; still sore you’d fallen asleep alone when you had been all ready for a night of lovemaking.

“Ah, shit, babe.  Sorry.  I guess I was on man time,” he apologizes, batting his eyelashes at you, like he thinks it’s gonna make it all better.

If he keeps moving his hands like that, he’s probably right.  Lifting your ass off the bed one handed, he pulls your underwear off with other and gently settles you back down, crawling between your legs and resting on his knees.

Your eyes can’t focus and you decide to stay half asleep.  It’s too early to be awake on a Saturday and instead you relax against his touch.  His strong hands run over your thighs again and grace across your hips.  His fingers trace over the scar he caused since one of the beautiful boys he made in you was too big to come out on it’s own.  He leans forward and kisses along the lasting mark, whispering, “Beautiful.”

Continuing his explorations, he sits back up and works his grasp over your ribcage, teasing along the sides of your rounded breasts. A quick peek down and you can see your nipples stand at attention, responding to his caress.  You arch slightly off the bed and he chuckles as his hands continue to move north, collecting your hands and raising them above your head, holding them tightly there.  He lays over you, pressing your body to the bed with his weight on you, the most glorious feeling in the world.  His lips take yours and a flash of color fills your sleepy mind; you smile when the minty fresh taste of his mouth causes red, white and blue to swirl in your brain. His colors. Cap’s colors. The toothpaste colors…  Your lips pull back in a silly smile at the thought, breaking the kiss as he gently moves to kiss your cheek before pulling back and kissing the tender flesh at the crook of your elbow, resting by your ear.

His mouth works its way back down your arm and slides over to nip briefly at your aching peak and you arch your body to him again.  “What are you doing?  You hate morning sex?” You ask, your voice gruff from your sleep, the first sounds you’ve made all day.  Your throat feels scratchy and you hope you’re not- stop, focus, sexy husband loving on you…

“This isn’t sex.  This is love making.  I’m loving you,”  he replies as his kisses move down your belly.  His words give you goosebumps and you wonder at his meaning.  “Worshiping you…”

You can’t speak as your next breath is lost when he kisses against your heated mound, wanting him so badly to go down on you, as had been your hope last night.  Instead, his kisses are chaste and light, and he continues down your thighs, raising your leg to kiss the tender spot behind your knee, the spot he knows isn’t sexual, but you find so damn sexy.  Your hands above your head grasp at the air and you wish to reach to him, but you follow his unspoken directive and keep them there.

For the first time, you realize he is naked.  All of his touches have been about you and not trying to get anything in return and your heart swells with love for this wonderful man you had the good fortune to fall in love with and marry.  Keeping your leg raised, he wraps both hands around your calf, massaging deeply where you pulled it earlier in the week.  You moan in delight, and bite your lip at the actual pain his touch creates in the torn tissue.

“Too rough? Sorry,” and he lightens his pressure.

You can feel his eyes drinking you all in, but you don’t open yours.  Your mind is in a haze and just soaking in his love and attention.  He shifts on the bed again, and moves closer to you, tapping the head of his cock against the swollen lips of your throbbing pussy, tight with building desire.  “Want this?” he teases.

“Yes, please.”

He pulls back and says, “Not yet,” surprising you as he plunges two fingers deep inside your wet flow.  “Oh, baby, you’re so hot; so ready.” He wonders aloud, his voice deep with emotion.

His fingers slide in and out, teasing you, loving you, caressing over your taint.  He pulls out the wet and smears it around your outer lips, pushing down with his other hand on your mound, stopping your squirming.  “I think you want this?  Did you miss me this week?”

“You know I did.”

“Good.  I missed you too,” he whispers as he leans forward and pulls your nipple between his teeth.  You buck against him and he chuckles, his breath hot against your chest as he runs his nose over the valley between your beautiful breasts  Tracing the tip of his slightly crooked nose around the other pink bud he pauses before wrapping his tongue around it and sucking it in.

As his thick fingers see to their task, he shifts his body again and climbs up the bed.  When you open your eyes, you smile up at him and shake your head at his stance, his cock within tongue’s reach.  You open wide, not moving your hands, per his preference and he pushes into your warm hole, taking him in.  He sighs in relief and reaches to cup your cheek, running his thumb across your freckles, pumping in and out of your mouth, never giving you more than you can take. Mid stride you clamp your jaw, slightly using your teeth to hold him in place, to savour him as you wrap your tongue along the ridge of the top, caressing across the slit.  You suck in, dragging out the precum and enjoying his sweet taste.

“Not yet, sweetheart,” he chuckles quietly and plucks his cock from between your teeth, rubbing the tight head against your soft pink lips.  “There we go; now your eyes have that dark look.  You want my cock, don’t you?”

Damn him.  “Yes, please.” You smile.

“Still to proud to beg?” he teases, “After all these years?”

“Why should I beg? You know you’ll give it to me… Your cock needs me.”

He climbs over you hovering with a sinister grin on his face.  “Oh, is that right?”  Rubbing his hard cock against your pulsing heat you twist your body at the agony of waiting.

Your eyes dance, a fire in them, knowing the game is about over.  “If you give it to me, I promise I’ll take real good care of it.”  Raising your body under his, his cock slips between your wet folds and he lunges forward, pushing you to the bed.

“That’s a good promise,” he moans, grinding against you, falling into your natural rhythms together.

“Shit,” You hiss.  “Wait; you need to wrap it up!”

You push against his massive chest, knowing it won’t actually budge.  He stills inside you, and your body reacts, opening up and allowing him to sink deeper into your succulent cavern. Traitor.

He drops forward on his elbows and you can feel him settling deeper against you.  His lips skim along the velvety skin of your inner arms before moving to take your mouth in his.  The kiss is so tender and filled with love; perfect.

“Why? Maybe it’s time to make another? You feel so right today and we said we’d try again for a little girl… Do I really have to pull out and get a condom?  Let’s stay in bed all day and make a baby… a little princess, as beautiful as her mother?  That sounds like a perfect Saturday, Mrs. Evans.”

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

2 thoughts on “Perfect Saturday

  1. devikafernando September 24, 2016 / 6:00 pm

    This is… all kinds of torture. Sweet and steamy rolled into one. You know what, I’ll re-read this and savour it again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • avenger-nerd-mom September 25, 2016 / 3:54 am

      Devika Fernando you read this as many times as you want! I don’t mind! Smiles


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