Killing Time

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Killing Time

An Emery&Chris story

*a Chris Evans fan fic*

By avenger-nerd-mom

Thanks to car trouble, Emery and Chris have some time to kill

Warnings: None, Fluff

Word Count 866

This story is written as a thank you to MCUlove for her amazing talents!  She surprised me this weekend with this beautiful edit of Emery and Chris and this scene popped into my head.

Please note this is a Flash Forward!

September 2018

“Well, aren’t you going to say something?” he huffs as removes his sunglasses, wiping away smudges from the lenses.

Shrugging her shoulders, she smiles and leans against the side of the car.  “What good is that gonna do?  Really no point to get upset, jelly bean.”

“Jelly bean? Don’t talk about food; I’m starving,” Chris complains, slamming the hood of car down and wiping his hands against his pants legs.

She watches as he silently throws his little fit, stomping his feet against the tire as he walks to her.  She reaches in the window and grabs her travel bag, extracting one of his protein bars and tossing it to him.

He clumsily catches it, irritation still written all over his face.  “Fuck, babe.  I’m really sorry.”

“Chris. Knock it off. It’s not your fuckin’ fault the rental car broke down.  You said the service will be here in about two hours; we can still get back to Vegas in time for Scott’s birthday party tonight.  It’s not a big deal.”  Rubbing his back, she soothes his nerves, taking a nibble of the treat when he offers her a bite.  “We’ve had a nice drive today.  It’s exactly what I wanted when I said ‘let’s get away for awhile.’”

Chris brushes back her curls, moving his body to lean against hers smashing her against the side of the car.  “You aren’t just saying that to make me feel better are you?”

“Now, why would I do that?” she giggles, wiping a drop of melted chocolate from his lip and sucking it from her thumb.

“Because that’s what you do.  You always know just what to say and make me feel better, and you are always so calm in any crisis.”

“We do have a lot of little mishaps, don’t we?” she giggles, wrapping her arms around his waist.  “Just last month, the water pipes broke in the Boston house, you lost your luggage coming back from Singapore and the hurricane messed up my conference in Orlando.”

Pouting, he smiles wearily.  “I’m still mad we had to cancel Disney, ya know,” leaning in to kiss her forehead.

“I know.  It’s rescheduled for October.  We’ll go then and do the Mickey party; I promise…”

The smile on his face could light up the whole world and her heart soars.  “Oh, sweetheart, I don’t think I could hear anything that could make me happier than that! That’s almost better than Disney at Christmas; you know that right?”

She giggles as he covers her face in kisses.  “I figured…. It’s the same weekend as the anniversary of our first date, but I invited Carly and Ryan to bring the kids; I hope that’s okay?”

“Perfect; you always think of everything.”  He removes his jacket and lays it over the open window.  “Aren’t you hot in that jacket?”

“Yeah, but I think I better keep it on,” Emery says matter of factly.  “I didn’t plan for this and I don’t have sunscreen.  I don’t wanna get burned.”

Chris nods his head to show his understanding.  “So, babe, two hours to kill… And don’t take this personally, but it is too damn hot to use the time to fool around.”  He pushes off of her and raises his thin tank top to wipe the sweat from his brow.  She grabs his belt loop and pulls him back close.  He chuckles and shakes his head ‘no,’ but she steals a quick kiss anyway, dragging her fingertips over his exposed belly.

“None taken babe. And no offense, but the heat zaps me. Can’t say I’m too interested,” she giggles, ducking away from the playful swipe he makes to hit her arm.  She steps around to the back of the car and hops up to sit on the trunk, the metal hot on her tiny little hands.

Looking at his watch, he sees some time has passed. “An hour and forty-five minutes.  What can we do for all that time if we aren’t using it as sexy time?”

“Sexy time? Really Chris,” she teases, shaking her head.  “Well, there’s a deck of cards in the bag.  Or we could talk.”

He groans.  “Talk?  We talk all the time.  Who wants to do that?  Talking to my wife is icky.”

He throws his head back in laughter when she sticks out her tongue and flips him off.  “Come here,” she motions her finger in a taunting tease, taking his hand and moving him to stand between her legs.  She tightens her knees against his tapered waist and takes a nervous breath and raises her blue eyes to his.

“What, kitten?”  He reads the change in her mood.  “What should we talk about? We’ve got time on our hands.  I’m not going anywhere.”

She lovingly rubs her hands across his scruff, over the top of his freshly shaved head, as if she is memorizing every feature.  For a moment his heart drops, as if she is about to share bad news.  She kisses his lips gently and draws back to look him in the eyes.  Sighing again, she sits up tall as a beautiful smile graces her face.  “Maybe, Mr. Evans, we should start picking out baby names…”

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


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