Best Present Ever

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Best Present Ever

An Emery&Chris Story

*a Chris Evans fan fic*

By avenger-nerd-mom

Chris has a break from set in Atlanta and goes to visit Emery, weeks before the wedding

Warnings: language, fluff, competitive nature

Word Count 716

“Dammit, Emery!  Are you that horny?  That’s your fault; you said no sex till the wedding and I intend to make you suffer…  What the hell?” Chris laughs at her third attempt to get him to go to bed, poking her in the ribs.  “Yes, I’m exhausted but I’m fine to cuddle on the couch. What’s the rush?” Complaining, he burrows his face tighter against her boob as they snuggle on the couch.  “I just got here,” he whines.

She wraps her arm around his shoulder, hugging her tired superhero to her little body.  The fall air has a chill in the house, but not enough to start the heater.  He works as her natural furnace, heating her up just by being next to him.  “I just really missed you and I’m excited you’re here… And well, we got our first wedding present in the mail this week.”  She reaches for the remote on the couch beside her and clicks the TV off for the night.  “When I called to personally say thanks, our friend said to go ahead and open it early.  But I can only show you in the bedroom.”

“Damn, what kind of kinky friends do we have?” he murmurs, his voice full of sleep and she can hear the slight wheeze in his chest from his cold he suffered from earlier in the week. With her sabbatical from work, she had been able to join him in the little apartment in Atlanta the studio had rented for them.  He healed quickly and was back on set in no time thanks to her hot soup and tender care.  She would be the first to admit she was enjoying the time off to do what she wanted, and it was nice not to feel stressed with wedding preparations and training for her new job position which would begin in January.

Emery chuckles at his comment about their friends, brushing back his hair, shorter for working on the set.  Her fingers freeze for a moment as they brush against his naked jaw, still not used to him back in stealth mode.  “The best kind.  The kind that really understand us…”

“Ok, now I’m curious,  cause everyone knows I have a wild side, but you still appear to be about as goody two-shoes as they come…  Can I have five more minutes here, snuggled up next to you on the couch? Then I’ll go see this kinky-ass gift we got?”

“I promise, you’ll love it.”

When his soft puffs of air turn to gentle sounds of sleep, she kisses the top of his head and leans her head back against the couch, pulling his favorite Pats blanket over them both and drifts off to sleep herself.


In the early morning hours, fully rested he wakes and remembers she had something she wanted to show him in the bedroom.  He gently picks up her sleeping form and carries her into the bedroom.  In the low light glow from the bathroom, he can’t really tell what he’s seeing, so he kicks the door wide open for more light.

He begins to laugh and the rumble through his body shakes her against him and she wakens, his attention focused on the bed.  There’s only one explanation for such a gift.  “Hayley?”

Emery giggles.  “Yea; who else?  She said your love of games and competitive nature should carry into the bedroom as well.”


Sitting her on the bench at the end of the bed, he pulls off his his boots one at a time, laughing.  “I swear, that may be the best wedding present I’ve ever seen!” His eyes grow dark as Emery removes her sweater and tugs her t-shirt over her head, revealing a pale pink lace bra.  “So I guess naked bed Twister is on?”

“Oh, honey, it’s so on right now!” she giggles, turning to crawl up the bed to reach for the spinner board on the nightstand as he yanks her yoga pants off her ass, playfully smacking her butt.

“But if we’re naked, even if we are on your self-imposed sex ban, are there really any losers to this game?” Chuckling at her cutthroat glare while he slides his sweatpants down his muscular legs, he answers his own question.  “Baby, this is such a win-win!”

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


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