Library Seductions

ch 2 library seductions mar 12 2017

Educating Thalia

Chapter 2: Library Seductions

a collaboration by @devikafernando and avenger-nerd-mom

AU fiction

Word count 2548

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, NSFW, Sexual acts in public, fingering, oral sex, power of authority

summary:  Professor Tom Hiddleston and a university student, Thalia Bareo, share an encounter in the library late on a Friday night.

Click here for Chapter 1 “Late Night Reading”

Tom watches from a few feet away how Thalia scans the rows of books on the shelves for the one she needs. Her fingers run over the spines in a soft caress, and damn him if his mind doesn’t wander straight into the gutter again.

She finds her book on the top row and stretches to grab it. Although she is tall, she can’t quite reach it. With a muttered curse, she lifts onto her tippy toes, bracing herself against the shelf with one hand while reaching for the book with her other hand.

The gentleman in him wants to rush over and take it down for her—but the other part of him that he rarely lets out is enjoying the view far too much to intervene.

The move makes her short denim skirt ride up so high that it exposes a good deal of thigh and barely covers her peachy ass.

God, how he loves her luscious legs. They are long and shapely with generous thighs. He wants to grab them, wants to sink his teeth into the tanned flesh. He wants them wrapped around his waist while he fucks her to kingdom come.

It is such a huge turn-on for him that she isn’t self-conscious about her voluptuous body and doesn’t starve herself to death. He loves eating and is never guilty about his pleasures, and she is exactly the same.

His cock twitches at a memory: While working on research at the birthplace of Shakespeare, in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, he once took her out to dinner to a fancy restaurant. The young student had apologized repeatedly for her appearance, saying she hadn’t packed many clothes other than what she’d need at the archeological dig site. He thought she’d looked so fetching in her cream colored sundress, the fabric dotted with tiny flowers in pinks and purples. The dress hung over her curves beautifully and whenever he could catch a glimpse his eyes would wander down over her exposed cleavage, wishing to be lost there, down her curvy legs, hiding his laughter at her little white tennis shoes. She enjoyed a hearty meal, making tiny noises of appreciation at the delicious food that traveled straight to his groin. Jesus, he’d barely survived the dessert when she had moaned softly while indulging in sinfully tasty mousse au chocolat. He had a hell of a time trying to hide his hard-on, and jerked himself off that night to the mental images of her voluptuous figure and that delectably pouty mouth of hers moaning around his cock.

Tom shifts, feeling his pants become uncomfortably tight.

Thalia lowers herself back down, casting him a look over her shoulder that turns from slightly confused and annoyed to teasing when she catches him staring at her ass. The tiniest of satisfied smirks curves her lips before she turns back to flip through the book for the reference she needed.

He swallows convulsively, unable to tame the hunger inside him.

What would she taste like if he gave in to his forbidden desires? Would she be vocal? God, he needs a taste of her so badly.

If he gets her out of his system, surely it will make things easier for him.

Who’s he kidding, she would probably be so addictive that he’d never want to stop.

She seems engrossed in reading. Tom stalks closer, standing behind her, and grasps the hem of her skirt, which hasn’t lowered properly on one side. He tugs it down and leans forward to whisper into her ear.

“You should wear skirts more often, Thalia.”

He feels her freeze, so close that her body’s heat seeps into his although he isn’t touching her.

“Why?” Her voice is slightly breathy. “So that all the frat boys can ogle me? No, thanks.”

His hand goes to her waist of its own volition, gripping it none too gently.


He is startled by his own response, the one word a threatening growl. He doesn’t want her to be ogled by those immature, salivating fools who don’t know how to treat a fantastic woman like her. She is his to look at, to… To what?

She flinches at his tone, and it makes her ass brush against him.

Tom clenches his jaw and loosens his grip, but keeps his hand on her curvy waist. He can’t help himself, he has to lean even closer.

Brushing his lips ever so softly over the shell of her ear, he whispers darkly, “They are not worthy of your attention. They don’t know what the hell to do to please a woman. You need a real man, someone who worships you, who owns you and lets you own him.”

Her pulse is fluttering frantically at her throat, the only part of her body moving as she holds herself still with a white-knuckled grip on the book.

He presses against her lush body and nuzzles her neck, eliciting a shiver. So responsive. Oh yes, she wants this too.

“Wear skirts for yourself. Because you look ravishing in them. Because you have the figure and confidence to pull the look off.”

Tom grabs her elbow and slowly turns her around, which makes their bodies rub against each other in all sorts of torturous ways.

“And wear them for me,” he adds, his tone half-demanding, half-begging. “Because you’re driving me out of my ever-loving mind with those beautiful legs.”

He gazes deeply into her eyes, noticing her dilated pupils. “You make me want to be between them and please you until they tremble so hard you can’t stand anymore.”

Her breath leaves her in a whoosh, and she loses her grip on the book. It thuds to the floor, the dull sound when it hits the carpet seeming loud in the stillness of the half-dark, deserted library.

His eyes never leaving hers, Tom sinks to his knees in front of her. One hand goes to the book, but when her eyes widen at the sight of him kneeling like this, at perfect height for all kinds of naughty things, he changes his plan.

His hands creep up to her thighs, fingers dipping into the waistband to softly tug the T-shirt out and expose a sliver of skin. He leans forward and presses his lips to below her belly button, then flicks his tongue inside it.

Thalia hisses, her hands curling into fists next to her body.

“If you don’t want this, tell me to stop,” he forces out in a hoarse whisper, his head spinning because he can smell her arousal.

She shudders again and closes her eyes for a moment. Her mouth opens, but no sound comes out. Her tongue darts out to wet her lips, and the sight of them all plump and glistening has him suppress a groan. God, she is so ripe and inviting. It’s a miracle he’s been able to resist her for so long.

When she opens her eyes to lock gazes with him and remains silent, he takes that as a signal to go on.

After nuzzling the soft roundness of her belly and giving her a parting nip which elicits a gasp, he moves his attention further south.

His hands travel up her calf, massaging her flesh tenderly, then tickling the sensitive spot behind her knees. He scoots forward a fraction and pushes her legs apart. Sliding up her thighs, he presses into her flesh off and on, feeling how tense she is. He pulls her skirt up along the way but doesn’t expose her panties.

Tom rubs his scruffy cheek against her upper thigh, close to where she wants him but not giving in yet. His fingers slide higher, brushing butterfly-soft against the fabric of her panties.

Damn, she is damp for him. He inhales, her intoxicating scent driving him crazy.

“When’s the last time someone went down on you, my beautiful girl?” he asks softly, brushing his thumbs teasingly over the cotton-covered folds of her cunt.

He lifts his gaze to her flushed face, her lips parted and her eyes gleaming with desire.

“I… I’m not sure. A few months maybe?”

Her voice is husky and soft, and he’d give anything to hear her say his name in that tone, to hear her beg him for more.

“Entirely too long ago. Perhaps it’s my duty to refresh your memories on how a real man pleases a woman, hm?”

“God, yes.”

Her answer is instant yet so low he could barely hear it.

His cock twitches, wanting in on the fun. But he can have his fill later. First, he needs her to come all over his hands and mouth.

He slips his fingers beneath the waistband of her panties.

“These need to go,” he commands.

He pulls them down and she steps out of them with shaky legs, watching with wide eyes as he sniffs the damp fabric before slipping it into his pocket.

Tom removes his glasses next before spreading her legs wider. He presses an open-mouthed kiss to her upper thigh, moving higher and nipping her skin before soothing the spot with the tip of his tongue.

A half-suppressed moan is his reward, hardening his cock even further.

“God, I can’t wait to taste you. I bet you’re delicious,” he rasps.

He nuzzles her thigh, drags his mouth higher for another kiss, so close to her wet heat that his breath fans over it and causes her to tense.

When he licks her from bottom to top, she makes a soft mewling sound.

Hell yes, she’d be a screamer if he got her alone and in his bed, he just knows it.

Her tangy-sweet taste explodes on his tongue, and he dives in deeper with a groan.

With one strong hand on her thigh, he holds her steady while he lets the fingers of his other hand part her folds to grant him better access.

Slowly, slowly, he feasts on her, torturing her and himself with the gentle flicks of his tongue and humming noises coming from low in his chest.

“Yes… right there… Oh, please…”

Her whines spur him on.

He feels her grab a fistful of his hair and pull him to her, bucking her hips for more.

With a tutting sound he draws back slightly, taking in her flushed face. Her head is thrown back, her throat exposed, her eyes squeezed shut.

“No, no, no,” he scolds in the sternest tone he can muster. “No rushing. I’m in control.”

Her eyes flutter open, two deep pools of darkness.

“Please,” she begs again, and it nearly is his undoing.

“Hands behind you on the shelf,” he orders, sliding the hand on her thigh back to grab an ass cheek and keep her in position.

She moves her hands as instructed, holding onto the wood as if her life depends on it. “Yes, sir.”

Tom freezes at her words. He sees her own surprise at what she blurted out, reacting instinctively to his authority.

Fuck, it’s such a turn-on.

“Good girl,” he growls. “Now keep them there and I’ll reward you.”

She nods eagerly, licking her lips again.

“Eyes on me, Thalia. Don’t close them, do you hear me? Watch me. I want you to know that it’s me who’s making you see stars. I want you to remember this every time you sit in one of my lectures and look all prim and proper.”

She whimpers softly again, as though his words are turning her on as much as his caresses.

Lord in heaven, she’s driving him crazy.

Taking a deep breath, he leans in and licks her in earnest, lapping up her juices and reveling in the little sounds she makes.

Tom moves and bends her leg so she can brace a foot against the shelf. Spreading her even wider for his mouth, he takes his time to explore her folds and see what gets the loudest reactions out of her.

When she’s begging him in a breathless litany of pleas and profanities, he finally goes for her clit while sliding two long fingers inside her at the same time.

It doesn’t take long for her to come, keening and bucking and cursing so beautifully that he’s half-afraid he’ll blow his load in his pants.

For a while, all that’s heard is her labored breathing, mingled with his harsh pants. Tom waits for her to open her eyes. When she focuses on him with the most beautiful sated and slightly dazed expression on her flushed face, he grins at her and licks his lips.

With deliberate slowness, he pulls his fingers out of her drenched cunt, causing her to clench around him one last time and moan lowly.

Tom straightens up and lifts his glistening fingers to her mouth.

“So fucking gorgeous,” he growls. “Open up for me, love.”

Thalia obediently parts her lips, and he pushes the two digits inside.

“Clean me up like a good girl,” he orders and feels her shiver.

Holding his gaze, she begins to suck, swirling her tongue around his fingers.

Christ, he’s never seen anything hotter. He wants his cock inside her mouth, but he still isn’t sure how far he can take this.

Hell, he shouldn’t be doing any of this, but it’s as he’s predicted: Now that he’s had a taste of her, he can’t get enough.

Forcing himself to let go of the warm wetness with its tugging motions that shoot straight to his groin, he moves in closer. He needs to be inside her. The urge is so strong it’s an actual physical pain.

“Are you ready for more, darling? Think you can handle a real man?”

He pushes between her spread legs and grinds his bulge against her, making them both gasp.

She arches against him, prying a hand loose from the shelf to fist it in his sweater.

Leaning closer, he licks a bead of sweat from her neck before trailing kisses up to her ear.

“This was only the beginning,” he whispers darkly. “Will you let me have you? I promise I’ll take such good care of you that sex will never be the same for you.”

When he draws back slightly, still rubbing himself against her and wishing they were naked, her eyes are wide and she’s digging her teeth into her lip. She nods.

Tom stops grinding, his heart pounding a mile an hour at the thought of finally doing to her what he’d been dreaming of for so long.

“I need to hear you say it, darling. Yes or no? Will you be mine?”

Her throat works when she’s trying to swallow. “Yes.” It’s a breathy whisper. She clears her throat. “Yes, I will be yours, Professor.”

Fuck, she’s too sexy for her own good.

He closes his eyes for a moment because he’s damn near to losing his last modicum of control and taking her up against the shelf.

“My office,” he grounds out.

With effort, he steps away. While she straightens her clothes and her mussed hair, he adjusts his painfully tight pants and takes deep breaths.

“You’re going to have to walk in front of me, can’t risk being seen like this,” he says with an apologetic grin.

She glances down at the prominent bulge and licks her lips, and he all but loses it.

“Office. Now.”

As before, the stern tone of authority works. She starts walking, still a little dazed and not with the vibrant energy he’s come to associate with her.

Tom keeps a hand at the small of her back and stays behind her while they make it through the empty library and across the dimly lit corridor. With a glance left and right, he reassures himself that they’re all alone. He has no idea how he’d react if they were caught, he’s too far gone for rational thinking.

Click here for Chapter 3 Good Girl

Copyright © 2017 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom and devikafernando

7 thoughts on “Library Seductions

  1. deathbyukmen March 12, 2017 / 4:30 pm

    Educating Thalia
    Library seductions

    Love that you start this chapter out with Thomas’s mind in the gutter, just where all of our minds are! Yes, he is just like us. *mental fist bump* Way to get your audience connected with your character!

    I adore how he describes Thalia [she isn’t self-conscious about her voluptuous body and doesn’t starve herself to death.] yes a real woman! One that many readers can identify with! Can not wait to see how you build on her character, and bring out all of her strengths and flaws. Or opportunities to help her build character!

    Now this: [If he gets her out of his system, surely it will make things easier for him.] oh silly Thomas, once you taste ambrosia, you can not go back to puddings! Silly silly man! [Who’s he kidding, she would probably be so addictive that he’d never want to stop.] and there we have it, a very brilliant man!

    Okay, this right here: [Brushing his lips ever so softly over the shell of her ear, he whispers darkly, “They are not worthy of your attention. They don’t know what the hell to do to please a woman. You need a real man, someone who worships you, who owns you and lets you own him.”] this is just perfection! I mean who in their right mind would not want this whispered into their ear? And the fact that this is coming from a beautiful, strong and sexy Thomas, I can die happy now!

    Then he demonstrates that he is no Fraternity Boy, he proceeds to show her that she is beautiful and desired! You give us the perfect lover, overwhelming the reader with Thomas giving Thalia all of his attention! The smutty smut in this is Intense! I love how he takes control, but ensures she is on board with all of his attention. And the whole, “Yes, Sir” so bloody hot!

    I can not wait to see what happens in e they get back to his office!
    I will be waiting right here for the next chapter, but if it is as erotic as this one, I may need an ice pack to cool myself down!

    Liked by 2 people

    • devikafernando March 13, 2017 / 3:34 am

      I’m not sure a mere ice pack will be enough… *evil wink*
      Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. the-sunshine-in-the-dark December 10, 2018 / 7:58 pm

    I freaking cant. I just started reading this for the first time and o my god. So arousing and hot! I have to put this down and come back before I get to the next part.


    • avenger-nerd-mom December 11, 2018 / 2:52 am

      Awww! Yes! Be prepared for lots of showers, laughter and some tears! Welcome to the journey!


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