Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

A Steggy Fan Fic

by avenger-nerd-mom

One Shot

Word count: 2880

Warnings: fluff, language, hints at fluffy smut, life at Stark Tower

Author’s Note: Set approx. in 2024, after Endgame. Everything that happened, happened. But then some things were undone and changed. There’s been some time travel. Nat and Tony are here. I don’t know how. Deal with it. It’s my story. The Avengers deserve to be together and happy.

This story was inspired by an ad I saw. It screamed STEGGY to me. The link is provided at the end of the story.


Steve looks up from his morning paper and smiles at Nat, blindly stumbling to the coffee pot. “Eggs and bacon are in the oven, still warm,” he kindly offers.

“You’re really the best roommate I’ve ever had, you know that, right?” She cracks a half-smile.

He shifts in his seat. “Why does it sound like you’re getting rid of me?”

Nat fusses at the counter, not quite awake. “Not yet. Not today.” She stretches her arm, rubbing her shoulder. “Can I just drink it from the pot? Do I have to pour a cup?”

Rising from his seat, he chuckles. The tall blond moves around the counter, just as sore and achy. He gently pushes her aside and reaches up into the cabinet for a large mug. “Other people might want some.” He pours all of the hot liquid into the cup and starts a new pot, winking at her.

“Their loss. They should be up early if they want any.” She takes a deep inhaling breath, savoring the aroma.

He turns her around, leaning her against him and begins to rub her shoulder. “Early, Nat? It’s after noon.”

The redhead hisses when he digs his thumb into a sore spot. “Rogers, I don’t even know what time zone we’re in. Literally. What year is it?”

“Everything is back to the new normal, according to Tony, whatever that means.”

“Oh, well, that clears it up.” They both laugh and he kisses the top of her head before she pulls away, her stomach growling. “Where is he, anyway?”

“SHIELD business. Said it had to be taken care of with the new director, right away. He left early this morning.” 

Setting her plate of eggs down at the counter, Nat climbs up on a barstool. Reaching for the salt and pepper, she tilts her head, watching him closely. “You’re beaming with pride. Since ‘the new director’ just rolled out of your bed, why didn’t they meet here?”

“Well, since the new director, Maggie, is Peggy’s distant “cousin” or whatever story Tony concocted, and they’re conducting an interview with Secretary Ross. She has to prove who she is- tell about her former life in the UK- so they needed to meet downtown.”

“She didn’t tell you the details?” Nat stares, dumbfounded.

Steve shakes his head. “Like I said, ‘SHIELD business.’ I’m just the brawn. I fight the battles.” Clearly agitated, he straightens up the items on the counter. “You’ve said yourself, it’s easier not to get too many people involved in your lies. Until the dust clears, Maggie Carter lives her own life, as far as the public knows.”

“Time travel’s a bitch.” Slowly chewing her food, she swallows. “Maybe you both should have stayed in the past.”

He slumps forward. “You know I couldn’t do that either. I missed you all too much, and she needed that surgery. That mission went wrong because I was there. I was messing up that timeline.” His eyes mist over. “I’d already lost her once… Dr. Cho was the only one I could trust to save her. And coming back allowed Bruce and Clint to save you, so-” His voice fades away and he looks out the windows, lost in thought.

Nat licks her lip, his emotions obviously making her uncomfortable, bringing up nightmares she’s not ready to deal with either. Changing the mood, she asks, “So when are you going to make an honest woman of her?” She nods to Tony as he quietly enters the kitchen, leaving a small package next to the fridge.

“We’re in no rush,” Steve smiles. “We’ve waited over 75 years and then some. I don’t think she’s in any hurry to give up her independence. We’ve already lived a life once. She quite likes the modern world.”

“God, you sound just like her. Classic and pious.” Tony pours a cup of coffee, leaving it black. “How did I never notice that before?”

Steve chuckles. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” He bows his head. “How’d the meeting go?”

“Good ole Thunderbolt Ross better get used to having his ass handed to him on a silver platter every time, because Maggie seems to have intimate knowledge of SHIELD information from way back when.” Tony undoes his tie and can’t hide his proud grin. “Maggie will be a force to be reckoned with, just like her ‘Aunt’ Peg was, I’m sure.” He winks. “The team wants to bring in Dr. Everett Ross to question her, do some psych evaluations. I’m not sure of all the details. Hill is keeping me posted. And I know Pepper has her apartment set up to look a little more lived in. Thor was a master at reading those IKEA instructions.”

Natalia laughs, practically sneaking across the room to the fridge. “Why even bother? She’s here all the time anyway.”

“I know.” Tony’s face sours. “The furniture bill always increases when a superhero gets laid around here. I had to buy his room a new bed last month. I don’t need to know what my godmother is up to. Retile your own bathroom wall, you filthy animal.”

Steve blushes. “Can we please not talk about Peggy like this-”

“We do it with everyone else-” Nat interjects. “Initiation rights.”

“Peggy isn’t everyone.” Steve’s tone ends the conversation as he exits the kitchen.

“And that’s why you need to marry her!” Nat shouts down the hallway.

She smiles at Tony and picks up the package, twisting it in her hands. “So this is it?”

Tony smiles. “Yup. Exactly like you said. It’s perfect. If he ever talks to you again.”

Raising on her tiptoes, she gives her gruff adversary a kiss on the cheek. “He never stays mad at me long.”


Walking out on the overlook high above the city, Nat smiles at the figure rested in the old chair rescued from a junk shop and the rickety oak table holding a beer, sweltering in the sun. Shade from another point on the tower casts over the spot as he looks up and down at the work in front of him. She quietly sneaks up behind him, smiling at the likeness of Morgan Stark coming to life on the page.

“See? Everyone thinks if they want to find you, they should look in the gym. But only I know your real hiding spot.”

Steve sighs, putting down his pencil and closing his sketchbook. His lip lifts to half a smile, knowing he can’t stay mad at the little red powerhouse. “If you tell anyone, just remember, I know some of your deepest secrets.”

“Don’t worry.” She holds out the tiny package. “I come in peace.”

He tilts his head, weighing his options. Nothing is ever free with Nat.

“Oh come on! I was walking home through the park this afternoon and there was a farmer’s market.” She brings the box back towards her body and unties the ribbon, opening the box. “It’s a star-spangled bath soap. I thought it would be funny.” She pulls the patriotic soap from the box. “You two deserve a quiet night in. We were gone on the mission over a week, or a month, or whatever, I still can’t figure out time travel science, and Peg-Maggie’s been adapting to life here, and technology, and Uber and Clint and Tony. I mean, that alone deserves a bubble bath. And I know you don’t bruise as easily as I do, but a long hot soak just sounds amazing.”

Steve raises his eyebrow, still judging her gift. “So why did you get one for us and not one for you and Buck?”

She can’t hide her blush, turning as red as her hair. “Uh, we, uh…”

He smiles, taking the soap from her hand and looking it over. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Maybe you should go get another bath bomb for yourself. Maybe one without so much glitter.”

She bites in a smile, dipping her head. “You think I should?”

“Definitely, Nat. Buck would like a bubble bath. He needs a bubble bath if you get what I’m sayin’. Hell, make Tony buy three new beds just for you next month, okay?” He pats her on the shoulder, giving it a tender squeeze.

She giggles, a sound rare from her lips. “Maybe I will get one, a bath bomb. Not as fancy as that one. But when I saw it, I just knew Captain America and his girl needed it.”

“Okay, Red, whatever that means,” Steve chuckles, already rewrapping the soap delicately and placing it back in the box.


Steve leads his lovely date right past their new bed. Peggy is too distracted by his kisses to notice until his hands leave her body. “What do you think you’re doing, soldier?” she asks, grabbing for his hand, placing it back on her hip.

He kicks the door open with his heel and steps back, pulling her into the steamy bathroom. His hand slides around her hip, finding the zipper at the back of her skirt. “Still the height of fashion, doesn’t matter the decade, huh, Peg?”

“That’s Maggie. Director Maggie Carter. You better get used to it, before you blow my cover.”

“I can think of things we can blow,” he whispers in her ear as he lowers the zipper.

“Steve!” she squeals, the sound echoing through the room. 

His laughter rumbles against her chest, turning to a grumble. “A satin slip, Pe-Maggie. No one wears those anymore.”

She tugs his shirt up, running her nails over his washboard abs, the steam clinging the fabric to him. “That’s what Pepper said but I felt naked without it.”

“That’s the point,” he whispers along her neck, biting and nibbling, pushing her skirt and slip down, over the curve of her ass till it falls to her ankles. His hands caress over her bare skin. “Ah, what’s this?” He turns her slightly, giving her a tap on her bare ass.

“A thong? Is that right?” Peggy wiggles a bit, uncomfortably. “I hate it.”

Steve growls appreciatively. “Dear God in heaven, learn to love it. It looks so good on you.”

“Steve Rogers! I’m not in this time to be something you ogle.” She steps back, pushing against his chest, her eyes turning dark. “You brought me here, and I had no choice, being as how I was unconscious and half- dead.” She begins to unbutton her silk blouse. “Everything is different. And undergarments these days are not designed for girls like me. There’s nothing actually holding me up. I have no support.”

Her shirt falls open and Steve begins to pant. He whispers, “Oh, I support you.”

Maggie’s matching lace and satin panty set are barely held together with thin ribbons crossing over her hips and chest. She’s spilling over the top of the lace cups, straining to hold in her curvy shape. She grins when Steve whistles, stepping closer. Holding up a finger, she stops him. “Now you. Show me what the modern world has done for men’s underwear.”

Chuckling, he pulls off his t-shirt, tossing it onto her pile of clothes. “We don’t wear undershirts anymore, Mags- can I call you that?” 

She giggles and nods her approval. She sucks in her breath. “Still as beautiful as the day you stepped out of that contraption Howard built.” Maggie brushes her brightly painted fingertip over her lip. “How is that even possible?”

She watches as he quickly pops open each button on the fly of his jeans and slides out of the worn denim. “How is that fair?” She shouts. “Boxers? Not a damn thing has changed. Bollocks!” 

Laughing, he scoops her into his arms, quietly commanding F.R.I.D.A.Y. to raise the water temperature before stepping over into the tub. “You talk too much, Carter.” Sitting down, he rests her in his lap, closing his lips against hers, letting the jets of water pulse against the aching muscles in his back. The interface is always a step ahead, knowing he needed it, most likely from access to the mission records. He blocks it from his mind and his lips curl back into a smile when the lights dim. “Okay, F.R.I.D.A.Y. Whatever surveillance you’ve got turned on, that’s enough.”

“Talking computers that sound human. I still can’t get over that. Over breakfast this morning, Tony was telling me all about his original system, JARVIS. You know, when he was a young boy, Edwin and his wife, Ana, and I would go and have lunch with Howard and Maria on Sundays. He would have been about the age Morgan is now-” As Maggie chatters away, Steve deftly relieves her of her undergarments.

Taking her proud, square chin in his hand, Steve draws her face closer. “As much as I love knowing everything I missed, I don’t want to talk about SHIELD, Howard, or computers right now, do you?” His hand traces across her jawline and draws a line down her chest, reaching down in the water, caressing over her soft belly and reaching lower.

Reaching his desired target, Maggie gasps. “Oh! What should we talk about then?” She purrs.

Steve chuckles as her hand tugs at the waistband of his boxers and teases them down. “Grab that little box in the corner. I have a present for you.”

“I’d rather grab something else,” she pouts, “but wet clothing is proving to be troublesome.”

He laughs again, water splashing over the side of the tub as he shifts his body. “You get the box, and I’ll get out of these. Meet back here in three seconds.”

They both lean away and she laughs when he throws his wet boxers against the wall with a splat, watching them slide down to land by the water faucets. Maggie opens the box, peeling back the tissue paper, just staring at the star in her hand. 

Steve runs his hand over his forehead, forgetting she still has much to learn. “Drop it.” It begins to fizz and bubble and the smell of apples begins to fill the room. “It’s called a bath bomb. Wanda and Shuri love them.”

“So they’re for young girls? It has glitter, Steve.” Maggie doesn’t sound that impressed with her gift.

Rolling over in the water, Steve advances on Maggie, pressing her against the side of the tub. “Again with the talking. Lips are good for other things you know.”

“Why don’t you remind me?” She teases, grabbing the back of his head, and pulling him closer to her mouth. “It’s been so long…”

The bubbles swirl in blue and red around them as they kiss and caress in the steamy water. Steve settles between Maggie’s legs, enjoying the tub built for two- another convenience of the modern world. As their kisses deepen and Maggie shifts, lifting her leg to pull him closer, something in the tub bounces against his arm. Maggie reaches for the disintegrating bomb and crumbles it in her fingers, surprised to discover a hidden case in the middle.

“What’s this?”

Steve shakes his head, continuing to nuzzle her neck. 

“There’s a note inside. Come on, what did you do, Steve?” Maggie gently pushes him back and sits up in the water, rivulets running down her shoulders between her breasts, the peaks still hidden under the red and blue bubbles filling the tub. Maggie reaches out to dry her hands on one of the towels on the back ledge of the tub.

Steve didn’t do anything, but he’s beginning to wonder what Nat did. He holds his breath while Maggie opens the little plastic shell. Carefully she opens the paper, while he watches as something falls into her other hand. Her eyes dart to his and back to the paper. She reads breathlessly, “You’ve always been my girl. Please marry me, Director Margaret Peggy Carter.” 

Tears are in his eyes. So simple, not how he ever imagined proposing at all. But if left to his own devices, he’d probably have dragged his feet for ages.

“Oh, Steve, do you mean it? I really want to hear you say it, if you mean it,” Maggie pleads, dropping the paper on the towel behind her, holding out the ring to him in her other hand.

The ring had been in the center of the soap. A platinum band showcasing a diamond in the center, with a ruby on one side and a sapphire on the other. What else would the future Mrs. Captain America wear?

Swallowing hard, Steve drops back on his knees, taking the ring from her outstretched hand. “Peggy Carter, I’ve loved you from the first day I met you. You saw me, the real me, the little kid from Brooklyn and you believed in him. I always knew we could do anything we put our minds to. Now’s our chance to do it all again, and I couldn’t ask or hope for a better woman by my side. Maggie Carter, I know I’m about 75 years late, but will you marry me?”

“Of course, Steve Rogers. You’re the only dance partner I’ve ever wanted.”

Her eyes well with tears as he slides the ring on her finger and he pulls her into his lap again, covering her face with tiny kisses and whispering words of happiness.

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