I am a mother, a wife, a friend, and I work full time with a job outside the home.  Yet I find time each day to sit and write down the visions of my rampant imagination.  It began in the Fall 2015,  influenced by my fan-girl obsessions. I’ve always been easily sucked into various obsessions, but watching Captain America: The Winter Solider was like a whole new game! I was pulled in deep and hope I never get out!  Chris Evans became wonderful muse and motivated me to start writing fan fiction.

       Through friendships I’ve made with my fangirl connections, many opportunities have come my way.  I got to meet Chris Evans and fandom friends in Philly 2016 at Wizard World Con.  I’ve been able to beta and encourage others to write.  I have worked on amazing collaborations with published authors, Lisa Andrew (Girls Weekend) and Devika Fernando (Educating Thalia).  With their encouragement, I am working on my own original fictions now, dreaming of being published one day.

But as long as Chris keeps “talking” to me, I’ll keep writing updates for Emery and Chris stories and any other fan fic ideas that come along!

You can find me at avenger-nerd-mom.tumblr.com

Click here to read about meeting Chris Evans at Wizard World Con

in Philadelphia, June 2016!

A Conversation with Chrissy Metz

my review of having the opportunity to hear plus size actress Chrissy Metz

from This is Us speak at the University of Missouri

Property of avenger-nerd-mom.  If you like these works, I suggest checking out the newly published author, Cass Michaels on Amazon.

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