Girls Weekend

Pt 1 Girls Weekend Collab


Updated: January 2018. Scroll down for sneak peek and story links.

Chicago: When two best friends are on a mini-getaway, they find themselves with the man they’ve been publicly fantasizing about. It’s not long before their secret of publishing fanfic is revealed with a twist. Recognizing they both have very distinctive needs, two different sides of Chris come into play as he takes it upon himself to keep them happy and fulfilled individually, while catering to his own needs.

This writing collaboration from fan fic authors @thewife101 and @avenger-nerd-mom features a romance between three characters, with suitable warnings at the beginning of each chapter.  Take head, the writing is as hot as the chapter covers the girls created!  NSFW

Click here for a prequel to the novella, an additional one shot called Chris’s shower

Read below for a sneak peak to the novella, Girls Weekend!

For a better part of the afternoon, the laughter from their table catches the attention of others in the restaurant.  Shopping bags fill the inside of the booth as the two women talk and share stories for hours.  Observers would be surprised to discover the women had just met for the first time, yesterday.  They’ve been talking for months online and on their phones.  Their connection is obvious from the shirts the red-headed woman Michaela, had made for them.  She was wearing a t-shirt that read, “Mentally Dating Chris Evans,” and the other woman, Erica, with her dark-haired curls hidden under her ball cap was wearing a similar shirt that read, “If Found, Please Return to Chris Evans.”

The two women connected through twitter when Michaela’s secret crush on actor Chris Evans got the better of her during a boring day at work while searching for more information.  Neither woman remembers now how they even started talking, but both are so glad they did!  At the encouragement of Erica, Michaela has developed a writing talent, and feels free in sharing her stories publicly.  Okay, under a pen name on Tumblr, but still in a public forum.  Michaela has always been a little closed off and restrained in her emotions and thoughts about sex, but thanks to Erica, she has become much more open about things, willing to talk things out with her new friend.

Michaela is having the time of her life, and is glad they finally agreed to meet in person, to celebrate her forty-second birthday, which she celebrated several weeks before, along with her recently finalized divorce. The bastard always said she was cold in bed, so she wants to change her ways, and make sure that isn’t true.  Her weight loss, new crush on said celebrity, and new friends seem to awaken something in her that hadn’t been there before.

Their friendship had been contained to their phones and computers, due to the fact Erica lives in Michigan and Michaela is from Ohio.  Yet, when Erica had mentioned she needed to get away from her husband for a while due to struggles with their separation, Michaela immediately jumped on the idea that a Girls Weekend was in order.  Before long, plans had been made for them to finally meet face to face in Chicago for a long four- day weekend, due to its’ central location for the two.  Neither woman can control her excitement, and revel in talking and laughing together.

Both women have decided it is no holds barred, no rules and no diets for the weekend.  Nothing they want to say will be filtered or censored, no topic will be left uncovered.  Michaela can already feel her body relaxing and enjoys the effect her new friend has on her whole outlook on life, and Erica has also noticed how stress-free Michaela has become as the hours pass by while having a blast getting to know her new friend on a different level.

When the waiter asks them about dessert options, Michaela doesn’t think twice to order cheesecake – a large slice – and chocolate sauce on the side, before asking for the bill.  “My treat,” she pointed to Erica, “You can get dinner tonight.”

The waiter smiles at the two lovely ladies, “No worries, someone has already taken care of it for you and asked me to give you… this.”

Since Michaela had asked for the bill, he hands her the folded up slip of paper, while Erica watches with surprise and curiosity.  Michaela opens the note as the waiter walked away.  As she reads, her jaw drops and she gasps.

“What? Oh my God! What is it?!” Erica exclaims.

Michaela hands the paper across the table to her, and stood up to look around the restaurant.

Erica reads the note out loud.  “Have fun, ladies!  Love, CRE. CRE? Who the fuck is CR… Oh my God it has to be a joke, right?” Erica whispers.

“I don’t know. God, I hope not!  My vision is horrible in this lighting.  Help me look!” She twists her body up onto the bench seat and peers over the booth.

They both spy him in the back corner at the same time.  Erica sinks back down to her seat in shock, and Michaela waves a discrete hello.  He had to have walked right by them to get to his table.  God only knows what he might have overheard them say.

Christopher Robert Evans waves back and rises from his seat. Michaela crashes back down at the table and gleefully exclaims to Erica, “I think he’s walking over here!”

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