Original Fiction

I’ve been working on some original fiction pieces aside from my fan fictions.  I will not be posting whole stories here or on tumblr, but I plan to share bits and pieces as I make progress.  No famous personalities and quirks to fall back on, no face claims… these hurting souls are all mine.

Best Knight

This drabble was inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest.  In the short story, Brandon spends a rainy Saturday with his daughter, Bailey, while they wait for Mom to return from yoga class.

Warning: Fluff, divorced/blended families, parenting
Word Count: 1361


WIP: Coffee Shop pt 1

By avenger-nerd-mom

Original Fictional Characters

Veronica’s summer isn’t shaping up to be what she had in mind…

Word count: 2294

Warnings: Language, None

WIP: Coffee Shop PT 2

by avenger-nerd-mom

Veronica Connors has her hands full taking care of her sick mother…

Warnings: Language, sick parent, caretaker role

Word Count: 2330