One Too Many

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One Too Many

an Emery and Chris story

by avenger-nerd-mom

Chris and Emery continue their camping weekend, spending time with family, drinking and dancing

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, binge drinking, FLUFF

Part 3 of Memorial Day Weekend

Word Count 2555

Part 1

Part 2

“Holy fuck. What is that noise?  Make it stop,” Emery mumbles as she stirs awake to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Chris carefully hands her the mug and zips the tent closed behind him.  “’I’m not sure, cause I’ve never actually heard one, but I think it’s a woodpecker?”  He kneels down on the pile of pillows, blankets and sleeping bags she has cocooned herself inside.  The crisp morning air has him quickly climbing in next to her, stealing her warmth.  “Damn! You’re cold! What the hell?” she shouts in surprise.

“Shh! You’ll wake the campground!” he chuckles as she takes a sip of the warm drink.  “I was down making your coffee and talking to your uncle; the one that works for the cable company.  He wanted to know you’re okay this morning.”

Emery glares at Chris; she can’t quite make sense of his words. The pounding in her head tells her the answer but she needs to hear it from Chris.  “Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

Chris laughs boisterously. “Oh, this is great!  You don’t remember?”

Emery snuggles next to Chris, placing her cold nose against his warm body, nudging the Saint Christopher’s medallion to get into the crook of his neck.  Her breath comes out in heated puffs against his skin.  “I remember coming back to the bar after deciding the band at the first one was crap.  I ordered their signature drink and Mackinzie, Susan, the cousins and I were dancing, but that’s about it.”

Chris wraps his arms around her to ward off the cold, inhaling the smoky scent of the bonfire trapped in the unruly mass of red curls.  As he kisses the top of her head gently, he whispers, “Babe, you didn’t order just ONE drink.  Let me fill you in on a few details…”


Dan, Emery’s brother-in-law, nods to the waiter as he delivers another bucket filled with beer bottles.  Each man reaches for another, and he chuckles, “How did we get stuck with the purses?”

Chris leans forward and clinks the neck of his bottle with the one Dan has extended to him.  “Could be worse… Our women could have us on the dance floor like poor Reece.”

Dan looks to the lighted dance spot and laughs at Emery’s brother Reece dancing poorly with his very pregnant wife.  Dan shakes his head and sputters in laughter, “Looks like he’s already mastered the dorky dad dance moves. He’ll be fine.”

“Lucky bastard,” Chris chimes in, envious of the happiness of the couple preparing for the birth or their first child.

Over the noise of the bar crowd and the band, a conversation is difficult, but some of the relatives had arrived early enough to scout out a few good tables.  Dan and Chris have a good line of sight for the dance floor but are back far enough they don’t necessarily have to shout at one another.  Chris watches as Dan’s eyes follow the shape of a young beauty walking to the dance floor.  The summer lake bar, even early in the season and cool night air, seems to have a very lax dress code and half the women are strutting around still in bikini tops and tight skirts.  Dan shrugs his shoulders when he catches Chris judging him, but Chris only has eyes for one.

Emery is on the dance floor surrounded by cousins, her red hair glowing under the flash of purple, green and blue lights.  Her hands in the air as she sways in time to the music, her hips rolling from side to side.  Her skin glistens from a sheen of sweat, having proclaimed each song her favorite by this band and dancing to each one.  As though she can feel the heat of his gaze, she spins around and blows him a kiss, grinning wildly at Chris.

Enjoying her freedom and energy from afar, Chris just smiles and waves back.

“Man, she’s got you trapped, doesn’t she?” Dan chuckles.

“It’s the red hair.  There’s something about it,” Chris wonders, taking a long swig from the bottle, flipping his lighter in the other hand and tapping it against his thigh.  “So? Anita was saying it’s difficult to marry into the Thomases?  How did you survive?”

Dan smiles, pointing at the menu to the waitress who has appeared, not even attempting to speak his order over the commotion.  “Ah, that was easy for me.  Divorced parents.  Dad cheated and remarried quickly.  My mom kinda fell apart…  I was just the neighborhood band geek when Anita took me under her wing one summer…  Who knew I’d fall in love with her daughter?  You know I’ve been coming here with this family since I was in eighth grade?  You might find it tougher because your own family is so close.”

Chris simply nods his head, having already come to this conclusion himself.  His mother only conceded to giving up the first long holiday weekend because it coincided with Parker’s high school graduation in two more days.  He and Emery are already busy working out details for the Fourth of July and how to make both families happy.

“Dude, I see the wheels turning.  Don’t strain yourself.  Don’t rush to have kids, but when you do, at least then you get to say ‘fuck it.’ If family wants to see you then, they can come to you.”

“Or I could do like my sister did and we could just move in with one set of the grandparents for extra help?” Chris laughs at the true absurdity of that idea.

“You wanna live with THAT?”

Dan points to the corner of the floor where Anita and Preston have joined the dancing, doing a two-step to the country song the band has switched to playing.  Other dancers have cleared the floor to take a break while members of the Thomas family keep going strong, the younger ones following the lead of their elders. Other aunts and uncles rush to the floor as the young cousins keep up the pace.

“As in-laws go, they don’t seem too bad,” Chris smiles, reaching for Emery and pulling her to his lap as she returns to the table.

Dan looks away to give them some privacy as Emery wiggles against Chris and pushes him back against the chair.  She flips his ball cap around backwards so his face is more visible and easier to reach her target- his plump red lips.  She sits higher in his lap and leans over him, watching his eyes search her face.  Her grin grows when he grabs her thigh and pulls her closer as their lips meet, softly at first.  She can taste the salt of her sweat mingled with his missed drop of beer as her lips brush over his.   She pulls back slowly, licking her lips again before moving back in and wrapping her arms around his neck.  From the corner of her eye, she can see Dan leave the table.

Chris holds her close in his arms but teases his lips away from hers.  With her body loose from her drinks, she quickly melts to him, not caring they are in public.  If anyone at the bar has recognized him, no one seems to care.  He feels hidden in plain sight and enjoys the freedom to just be a man in love, worshiping his woman.  He gently runs his nose from her throat under her chin before settling his mouth against hers again.  He leans forward in the chair, shifting their weight so they are eye to eye, controlling the kiss.  His hands run up her back and across her shoulders as the kiss deepens.  He stops with his hands on both sides of her neck, his fingertips reaching into her hair, tilting her head back gently.  Moving for another kiss, he quickly flashes his tongue between his teeth, wetting his lips, prepping for more pleasure.  They land tenderly but firmly against Emery’s as she leans to his.  His thumbs gently caress her jawline as he slowly pulls back, drawing her lips to his, separating the kiss with a small popping sound shared just between them.

A chill runs down Emery’s spine as she leans in for another kiss, savoring the shared taste of alcohol and cigarette smoke.  Her tongue slowly snakes in his mouth, brushing against his teeth before sliding against his tongue.  She releases a deep moan as she wraps her arms tighter around his neck.

The couple breaks apart slowly when her sister Mackinzie shouts, “Get a room!” as two large pizzas are placed on the table.  The table is rushed by family as everyone drops cash on the table before pulling out a slice and running away again to dance.

Emery orders another drink and happily sits sideways on Chris’s thigh, eating her pizza while he runs his hands over the seam of her jeans on her inner thigh, his hat back in place to keep him hidden from watching eyes.  “I see that look,” she says.  “I’m good.  I’m eating.  I promise, I won’t order another one.”  As if to prove her point, she fills a cup of water from the pitcher on the table, taking a long refreshing drink.

“Uh, huh.  Famous last words,” he says, as she then takes the shot of whatever Mackinzie offered her.  “Just remember, you gotta get up the hill to our tent later.”

Wiping her hands on her napkin first, she grasps his bicep, giving it a good squeeze and says, “Well tough guy, I think you can carry me up if you need to.  You didn’t have any trouble lifting me last night!”

Mackinzie releases a loud wolf call and the girls high-five, taking their drinks and running to the dance floor again at the declaration of “Best song ever!”

Dan chuckles, “What just happened?”

Chris laughs, picking at a remaining piece of pizza.  “I have no idea, but we better hope there are golf-carts left to get them home. I’m too tired from boating to carry her home.  How is it we did nothing all day, but the boat exhausted me?”

“I don’t know, man, it’s a lake mystery,” Dan replies.

The men continue their talk, interrupted occasionally as the women return to the table more frequently for kisses, trying to drag the men to the dance floor with them.  As the night wears on, Chris notices Emery down another shot or two offered by family.  Her little body just can’t take more and he tells her to stop.  Her flippant, “Sure, Captain,” shows his words didn’t sink in.

Moments later, Chris stands from his chair, having lost her in the growing crowd on the dance floor.  The family has taken up the center of the floor, but he can’t see her and worries.  When the tempo of the music changes and the crowd parts, Chris is angered to see some guy moving in behind Emery, grabbing at her hip.  Chris fists his hands at his side and moves forward, Dan stopping him quietly. “Stand down, soldier,” as two of the cousins swoop in and swirl Emery out of the man’s reach.

“You have to trust her,” Dan commands.  “You can’t always be with her, but you have to trust her.”

“It’s not her I don’t trust,” Chris concedes, walking away for another smoke to calm himself down.

He wanders the beach, kicking at the sand the campground shipped in from Florida.  A large metal tub is being used as a bonfire pit and families are enjoying the warmth.  Watching the children run on the hill chasing fireflies, he feels contented, realizing this is part of his life now. He can’t believe he really found his perfect match online.  He chuckles at the push forward he receives when Emery rushes up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist and pushing her face into his back.  “Hey, Evans,” she whispers.  “I love you.”

He lifts his arm and pulls her around to his side, bringing his arm back down and hugging her to him.  “What are you doing?” he chuckles, when she can’t stand still.

“Look,” she says, pointing down to the sand where she has drawn a heart with her toes.

“I love you too, kitten.  I think it’s time I should get you home.”

“MMMmmm.  What are you going to do with me when you get me there?” Her speech, though seductive is slightly slurred.

“I’m gonna undress you-“

“Yummy!  And then what?”

He looks down at her and smiles at the goofy grin on her face.  His body swells with love for this tiny little thing with a huge hold on his heart.

“Wrap you in your PJs and blankets and tuck you in bed,” he replies, pushing her wild hair back from her face.

“Fuck. What’s the fun in that?” she giggles, putting her small hand wrapped around him into the waist of his jeans.   She smiles at his sharp intake of breath.  She feels skilled at knowing she has sexual power over him.  With his back to the lake, no one is behind them and her hand slides lower, caressing across his tight ass, feeling his muscles flex at her light touch.  “Cute butt,” she offers.

Shaking his head, he reaches behind him and pulls her hand from his pants.  “Well, I don’t make a habit of taking advantage of drunk women.  You are going to bed… to sleep.”

“I’m not drunk,” she protests, slightly stumbling on her feet as she follows his lead up the beach.  “And I’m not some random woman in a bar.  I’m your fiancée.”

Chris bites his tongue from laughing at the defiance in her voice.  “Emery.  Babe.  You aren’t thinking clearly.”  He waves down one of the loaded family golf-carts.  Two of the teens who had been playing games in the arcade climb off and make room for Chris and their favorite cousin.  “You can be mad now,” he whispers in her ear, “but you can thank me in the morning.”


“So we didn’t have sex last night?” Emery asks quietly.

“It wasn’t from a lack of you trying for about fifteen minutes before you passed out, but I wasn’t having any of it,” Chris laughs at the rejected look on her face.  “I applaud your efforts, but I stood my ground.  Damn, you made it difficult though.  I really wanted you.”

Reaching between them, Emery can feel evidence against her thigh that his statement is true.  “Do you still want me now?”

Chris laughs with enthusiasm as she rolls on top of him, sitting up and pulling off her sweatshirt, exposing her beautiful rounded breasts.  Cupping one and pulling it to his mouth, he replies, “Always and forever; till the end of the line; you’re mine.”

“MMMmmm,” she moans quietly.  “I think we have time before everyone packs up and heads back home for graduation.”

“Plenty of time,” he mumbles, buried between her swelled pair, “Everyone was more drunk than you!”

“It wouldn’t be a camping weekend if we weren’t all drunk at least once,” she laughs.  “It’s the Thomas way.”

“Why don’t you let me show you how I like to do things the Evans way,” he growls, rolling her over and pinning her down to the sleeping bag with his weight.  She laughs at his strength and tenderness, feeling all the love in the world for this man she’s chosen to spend her life with.

“I’m sure I’ll love it,” she sighs as he slowly pushes into her, her gasps captured in his morning kisses.

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