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ET ch 23 ride home may 21 2017

Chapter 23

Educating Thalia

Collaboration by @avenger-nerd-mom &  @devikafernando


A collaboration involving Professor Hiddleston and Professor Evans- The two are rivals at a posh New England university and have no idea they both have taken interest in the lovely Thalia Bareo. She’s a grad student with interests in language and history; a sassy full-figured Puerto Rican girl from Chicago.  Story updates are posted on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Word count: 4446

Warnings:  Language, Adult Situations, NSFW,  Dom Tom, spanking, safe words, aftercare, fingering, intercourse, car sex, condoms, food porn, real life discussions

Summary: Thalia pushes back on some of Tom’s ‘training’ and challenges him.

Author’s Note: Photo cover images found on Pinterest.  Yes. I’m fully aware that is Dean Winchester’s back!  Search “couple making out in back seat” and a thousand versions of that photo pop up!

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Pulling up in front of the dark apartment complex, Tom doesn’t like the look of the overhanging shrubs near the gate.  Placing the car in park, he looks at the girl in the passenger seat and over his shoulder at her roommate and with his gentleman’s air says, “Come on, ladies.  I’ll walk you up.  I don’t feel right sending you alone.”

As they climb out of the car, he looks back to Thalia and growls quietly, “Be in the front seat when I return.”

Smiling innocently, she kicks her bag to the side and nods her head, pushing her wayward curls behind her ear.

A few minutes later, he walks down the sidewalk to the car, seeing her still in the back seat, her head rested back and eyes closed.  He lets out a little chuckle and shakes his head at her stubborn sense of freedom, a puff of air in front of him in the cold night.  Pulling himself together, he takes on the role he likes to play with her as he opens the door.  “You didn’t follow directions,” he plainly states in a low voice.  Climbing into his seat, he buckles up and waits for her response.  His eyes watch her in the rearview mirror as she slowly raises her head.

The defiant look he loves so much shines in her dark eyes and she bites her bottom lip, holding back a smile.  “I figured if I was already in trouble, I may as well make it worth it.”

He flicks the item hanging in front of him.  “And are these your panties hanging from my rearview mirror?”

She calmly mimics the lilt to his voice with her own raspy latino rhythm, smokier from the alcohol in her system.  “Is this a fuck blanket in your backseat?”

“A what?”  Tom asks, guessing at her meaning, watching along the deserted street carefully before maneuvering into the driving lane.

Her eyes dance with fire.  “Where I come from, there’s only one reason to keep a blanket in the back seat…”

Harshly Tom replies, “Yes.  I learned a lot about where you come from tonight and-”

She interrupts him, “Listen, you can dress me up and take me to fancy hotels but I’m still the girl that could change the oil in this car in 15 minutes flat and talk baseball in the shop with the other guys at the same time.”

“Ah.  I see.  The two sides of Thalia… well, right now, I think your backside should be over my lap.  You deserve a spanking for your behavior and attitude tonight.”

“Then do it,” she taunts.

“You think I won’t?”  His question is met with silence as she rests her head back again and the drive continues.

His brain rolls with images of spanking her and the pink panties catching in the passing street lights has him make a right turn at the next traffic stop. Turning on the radio, sounds of a lonely Hank Williams tune fills the car and he sees her sly grin in the rearview mirror as she quietly sings along.

When the car finally comes to a stop, she lazily lifts her head and rubs her eyes.  “Where are we?” she curiously asks.

Tom doesn’t reply to her question.  He gets out of the car and shakes out of his thick winter coat and removes his belt, placing both in the driver’s seat before opening the door to the back.  His eyes are dark as he crawls in the seat beside the curly haired imp and her own grow wide.  She curls her lips over her teeth and bites down, a spot of fear on her face, but he knows she is safe and she is playing her role.

“Did you have a question for me, darling?”  Tom asks, his fingers grasping the edge of the blanket he keeps in the car in case of winter emergencies.  It’s wrapped loosely around her waist and with a quick tug it falls open to reveal herself naked from the waist down.  She shivers as his long fingers caress across the top of her leg and he squeezes her thigh tightly.

A small sigh escapes her lips before she asks again, “Where are we?  It’s really dark and secluded.”

With a low moan of his his own, his fingertips knead into her flesh, tugging and pulling as his lips find the side of her exposed neck.  His late night scruff scrapes across her skin before he takes a bite at her collarbone.  His eyes fall to her hands, grasping the edge of the seat tightly.  “It’s okay, love, we’re at the lot for the hiking trail.  No one will be out here this time of night.  Be as loud as you want, wake the sleeping forest creatures.”

Biting back a giggle, she asks, “I’m allowed to make noise, sir?”

“All you want sweetheart,” he asks, biting at her again and leaving a small mark.

His mark.  His heart pounds wildly as she relaxes into him, spreading her legs wider.  He chuckles, “No.  No.  That’s a reward, darling, and you’ve been a bad girl.”

With a flip of his arm around her waist, he lays her over his lap, her full rounded ass exposed to the moonlight coming through the window.  With a quick smack, her skin bounces back and turns red in moments, a gush of air released from her lungs as she grasps his ankle.  “Fuck,” she whispers.

With another swipe of his hand, he rules, “No swearing, darling, it’s not very lady-like.  The stories you told tonight?  Someone needs to teach you to be a lady.”

His cock stiffens between them, the weight of her body against him, and he longs to be inside her as he swats her ass again and again. She takes her punishment silently, but her grip on his legs tightens. The tanned globes of her ass radiate heat from his touch, her curls falling down around her face as she starts to shake her head.

“Chocolate, Tom, chocolate.”

The sound echoes in the car and his hand freezes in mid-air.  He spins her around and cradles her in his lap, pushing her hair back so he can see her eyes.  “Are you alright, darling?  Did I hurt you?”

She huffs slightly, “Yea my ass hurts… Geez.  No.”  She sighs resting against his chest.  “I guess that’s just not a kink for me.  It reminds me too much of mi abuela and how she would paddle me with a wooden spoon when I got in trouble.  You probably can’t imagine this, but I got in trouble a lot.  She said I had a sassy mouth.”  She smiles at his feigned shock.  “I’m okay.  I’m fine.  Really.  It’s just not turning me on.”

Thalia looks up into his eyes, softer now, and cups her hand against his cheek.  “I’m okay.” She rubs her thumb against his cheek to erase his lines of worry.

“Thalia, are you sure?”  His hand tenderly brushes over the raw flesh.  “There’s still some snow on the ground; we could ice your bum?”

She giggles, her eyes glistening with tears.  “You are the sweetest man.  Really, I’m okay.  I can still feel my ass cheeks.  They’re not numb, and I like the light touches you’re doing now.”

As one song on the radio changes to the next, he holds her tight, his worry lessening.  Her fingers loosen against his collar and she slowly begins to unbutton his shirt, pressing kisses along his chest with each area of exposed skin.

“Tom?  I really need you tonight.  Your brain is whirring.  I can almost hear it.  Whatever thoughts you have, just focus on me.”

He sighs and slides down the seat more, his legs cramped in the small space.  “I think I’ve outgrown the size for making out in a backseat.”

“I know I have, but we can have fun trying,” she laughs.  “I um… I probably could use your fingers first to get me ready?”

The blush on her cheeks is beautiful in the moonlight and Tom lifts her up, kissing her tenderly before setting her back down against the door of the car.  “Slow and gentle, my Thalia, and if I hurt you, you tell me.  I’m so, so proud of you for using our safe word and telling me your feelings.”

Tugging the soft blue sweater over her head, she laughs, “Isn’t that why we have it, silly?”

Tom smiles down at her, crawling between her legs, one knee on the bench seat and the other resting on the floorboard.  Lifting her chin he kisses her sweetly, tasting the alcohol on her lips.  Always in the way, he removes his glasses and tosses them into the pile in the front seat.  Sliding his hand down from her face, he cups under her covered breast, running his thumb over the lace, raising her nipple to its peak.  Bringing his scruffy kisses down across her chin and neck, he drags his beard over her chest and latches his mouth over the lace, pulling it in between his teeth before clamping down on the sweet peak.  Flicking his tongue over the bud, the lace gets wet and moves easily with the force of his mouth.

Her hands run over his chest and tug at the waist of his pants while he brings his other hand to push the lace out of the way and expose her tit.  “Stop, stop stop.  Do you know how much it costs to get a good bra to hold these things up?  You’ll stretch the lace.”  She leans forward and quickly undoes the hooks, a look of sweet relief on her face as her breasts fall free and he pulls the delicate fabric from her arms.

“Blue? And pink panties?”

“Yea, I need to do laundry tomorrow.  Nothing matches,” she giggles as she falls back against the door of the car, pulling him on top of her.

He loves her playful side as much as he adores her bending to his will.  It really is like two sides of the same person, each as sweet and sexy.  His mouth finds itself tonguing the chocolate colored bud again as his hand dips into her wet.  Soaked already, he quickly pulls her to the edge, encouraging her noises and cries.  He so rarely gets to enjoy her sexual melodies as they often are in his office or hotel rooms, hiding from prying eyes and ears.

Her whimpers rise to a crescendo, echoing in the car, as she rides out his fingering. Eager to climb on his lap, she pushes against him.  Falling against the seat, he hauls her on top as she reaches between them to free his cock.  “Wait, shit.”  She sits on her heels as he pulls off his socks and shoes and wiggles out of his pants.  Supporting herself on the back of the car seat, she reaches into her bag and removes a condom from a little zipper pouch, throwing it back down on the floor.  Holding the foil packet in between her fingers, her expression softens and her mood changes, waiting for his approval.

Sitting up, Tom wraps his hands tightly in her hair, whispering, “Sometimes bad girls are so good, darling.”

Open mouthed, his nose crashes against hers, nibbling at her upper lip and the side of her mouth, even gently biting her cheek before his lips finally collapse against hers, a desperate need for their kisses, a salve to fix the pain in his chest.   He worries about the spankings, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Her kisses are just as fiery, tugging at his lip while her hands stroke him up and down, readying his cock for her as it swells in her grasp.  Her touches change, alternating from tight to slack, dragging her fingertips from base to tip.  With a clumsy twist on the backseat of the car, he slides her onto her back and kneels between her legs again, taking the condom from her and rolling it down his shaft.  “Come for me again, darling.  Spill all over my cock.”

With a strong push, he enters her quickly, surrounded by her sweet wetness, ready just for him.  She exhales sharply and brings her leg over his back as he thrusts in and out of her.  In the back of his mind he knows things have been too rushed between them lately, and it’s time for another getaway weekend, but taking his time here in his car doesn’t seem reasonable.  Her nails scratch at his back and she hisses as her sore ass rubs against the soft leather seat.  “Sir, please don’t make me wait; I can’t.”

Shifting his weight, he supports one hand on the window above her and the other on the seat.  Pushing in to the hilt, he grinds down on top of her and plunges in and out again, his own sounds following hers.  Each time he hits her sweetest spot her cries grow louder before she whispers his name.  Tightening around him she comes, milking from him a release of his own as he drops his head against her chest, whimpering obscenities into the night air.  She stills under him and he slowly pulls out, picking her up to sit her in his lap and wrapping the blanket around their bodies.

“See?  A fuck blanket,” she laughs, pushing his sweaty curls from his forehead.

In blissful silence, the rain begins again and beats against the window as he covers her face with tiny kisses and she whispers words of sweet happiness to him.  The radio announcer states the time, and Tom is drawn back to reality, remembering he has to catch the train to the city early in the morning for the school trip.  Holding her a bit longer in his arms, he lightly kisses the top of her head.  “Darling, it’s time to go.  I have that trip in a few hours.”

She sighs and his heart tightens.  “Just a few minutes more.  I feel like you’re always rushing away from me; we really won’t have time this week.  We’ve got all those meetings and I’m out of town with my step-mom when she visits for her convention.  Alone on Valentine’s Day sucks, you know.”

Squeezing her close, he wraps his arms tighter around her as she plays with the wispy hairs on his chest.  “If I didn’t have my meeting with the Chancellor that day to discuss funding for our next trip, I’d be by your side in a heartbeat, darling.”  He sighs, the wild curls in her hair tickling his nose.

Thalia shifts from his grasp, leaning over the console and sticking her rounded behind in his face while she reaches for her underwear.  He moves forward and gingerly kisses the redness on her ass.  Blowing cool air between his lips he continues to caress over her soft skin.  Sighing she wiggles, whispering, “Damn, that feels good.”

Turning to face him for one last kiss, they both begin to dress, handing each other found items on the floor of the car.  She starts to giggle a bit as she pulls on her sweater.  “Tom.  I’m hungry.  Still.  I only ate a few wings and a few of your fries.  Can we swing through some fast food?”

Exiting the car, Tom laughs, shaking his head.  “Get in the front seat this time.  We’ll go get burgers.”

Driving off in search of burgers in the early morning hours, Thalia refreshes Tom’s memory on details of the itinerary for the student trip.  He makes small talk with her about plans for the visit with her step-mother and asks questions about their relationship.  In the flashing of the streetlights, she tugs on his arm and winds her fingers through his, resting their hands on the console separating them.  Giving her hand a warm squeeze, he encourages her discussion of a tattoo in honor of her deceased friend.

“It’s something Stacey’s always wanted to do, and is too chicken to do alone, so she suggested it.  I’m still not sure, but I guess I have a few days to figure it out,” she laughs, pointing ahead to a fast food place with its lights still on.

Turning at the intersection the car drifts lightly on the rain soaked road but Tom holds steady.  “Not sure on the design or if you want one?”

The conversation pauses as they place and wait for their order, Thalia shaking her head that she doesn’t want ketchup.

“Amy- my friend that died last summer?  She was an amazing artist.  I’ve always loved the natural beauty and smell of orchids.” Tom hands her the food from the service window, placing their drinks in the cupholder.  “Her project for her senior portfolio in high school was a beautiful watercolor of a branch of pink orchids she designed for me.  It’s the painting above the mantel in my apartment?”  Drawing the milkshake up through the straw, she scrolls through her phone and shows the image to Tom.  “I’ve always known that’s what I would want, and I have the money saved.”  She giggles, raising her eyebrows.  “Part of me thinks it’s a frivolous use of my hard earned money.  And I’m afraid of needles and don’t like pain. ”

“That could be a problem, darling,” he chuckles, exiting the parking lot.  “I don’t speak from experience, but I think that’s how the process is done.”

“Smart ass,” she whispers between their laughter.

The pair decide it’s late and cold, so Tom will take her back to her apartment and her neighbor can help retrieve the car later in the day.  It’s a Saturday, so she won’t need to worry about getting to campus early.

Clutching the bag of warm food in her lap, Thalia turns in the seat and smiles at Tom as he pulls up in front of her building.  “I had fun.  It was almost like a real date,” she giggles.  “I’m kind of jealous I can’t go on the trip tomorrow; I’d love to see that performance.”

Pulling on her curls, Tom grins, “Well, I’ll see if I can get us tickets during Spring Break.  All those office hours you signed up to work are simply ridiculous.  Campus will be dead while everyone is out having fun and there’s little Thalia slaving away at her books and purchase orders for the next semester.  Take a break, darling.”  Cupping her cheek tenderly, he leans in for a chaste kiss.  “You work too hard.”

“I know, I know.”  She peers down into the bag and pulls out a few fries, offering some to him, but he declines.  “So, um, all that stuff tonight?”

“Yes, love,” he says, turning off the ignition, a curious expression gracing his chiseled features.  He has a feeling this is another of their heart felt chats and he’ll be sleeping on the train to the city in the morning.  “You can tell me anything, you know that.”

Unwrapping the burger and pulling it apart, she tosses the pickles to the side.  He tentatively reaches for one and she nods.  She sighs.  “Stacey had me in all kinds of kids’ fitness classes and diet groups.  She worried about my weight.  I’m not really proud of all the things I did as a kid, and I had some pretty big self-esteem issues.  My mother leaving Dad and I was a big thing to overcome, and I was always searching for something.”  She looks out the window at a passing car, avoiding Tom’s gaze.  “I’m not that girl any more. I’ve grown up.  I make adult, womanly decisions.  They still might not always be the best ones, and sometimes I don’t think things through first.” She tilts her head to the side with a small shake of her head. “But they aren’t simply for the sake of having someone pay attention to me… I just wanted to say that.  I have to remind myself sometimes, and I thought it would be good for you to hear it too.”

Tom’s hand caresses down her arm, rubbing over the back of her hand.  “You don’t have to explain anything to me, darling.  You don’t owe me anything.”

She chuckles wryly.  “Yea, actually I do.  I’ve always kinda been this tough thing, taking care of myself.  Dad kinda raised me that way- ‘Seas independiente.’  Being on campus really helped me figure out who I wanted to be.  I still remember walking into your class that first time I saw you…”  She blushes and pauses in her thoughts.  “You took my breath away; not for your handsome good looks, but just for your passion; your obvious enjoyment of life.  I wasn’t even planning to be a language studies major- I was history, all in.  But you… Tom, you’ve really shaped the choices I’ve made in my schooling and career.”  Stopping again, she nibbles on the burger growing cold in her hands and Tom’s eyes brim with tears.  “Oh, don’t get sappy on me.  I can’t handle that,” she chuckles, her voice choked as well.  “We get too caught up in our own head spaces and I forget to tell you you’re important to me.  With you, it’s nice not to have to think…”  Thoughtfully, the dark haired beauty pauses again.  “I appreciate all you’ve shown me; all you’ve given me.”

Tom rests his head against the seat, watching her, not knowing what to say.  As if she reads his thoughts, she caresses his cheek and the whiff of onions on her hands is unmistakable.  He takes her wrist and kisses her palm.  “Thank you, darling.  And I most likely don’t say it enough either.  It’s not a very British thing to do.  We often sit on our feelings, but you remind me that’s a very uptight way to live.”

“We’re good together,” she simply states, the smile reaching her eyes.

“That we are, darling, that we are.”  Returning her smile he takes the remaining pickle from the paper wrapper.

In his heart, he knows she needs more from him, but Thalia’s chipped away at his hard surface.  As the cliche goes, she’s made him a better man.  He’s offered his recommendation to several museums overseas when they call to inquire about her resume.  His heart breaks every time he sings her praise, as he knows he can’t hold her back.  The quiet country music fills the car and the mood lightens while she teases him about his choice of music and the pair talk a bit longer on lighter subjects.

“By the way,” she giggles.  “Made a new friend tonight, did you?”  She purses her lips, a spot of jealousy in her eyes.  “I was too afraid to reach under the table and tease along the seam of your pants for fear my fingers might brush against hers.”  Shuddering at the thought, she watches his own reaction.

Groaning, he runs his own hand nervously along said seam.  “Apparently the math department is very forward, and they’re all okay with it.”

“Right?  They all acted like it was no big deal.  Ugh, who would want him? So crude, and his cheap polyester ties.”  Rolling her eyes, she chews on the last french fry.  “I mean, if you’re going to have an affair with a professor, go for the ones with nice silk ties.”

His laughter fills the car and she smiles at her joke.  “Count that as a kink,” she smiles.

“Good to know,” he replies.  “Another one for our list.”  His hand caresses her thigh, stopping with a light squeeze before resting warmly on her leg.

“You can come up,” Thalia offers shyly.  “You don’t have to go home tonight.”

The grip on his heart tightens, as it always does when she invites him to stay..  As much as he wants to say yes, he also knows he needs to be ready for the school trip.  “No, darling.  I can’t.  There’s a good possibility if I walked through that door, I would never want to leave your bed ever again.”  He offers that truth to her, caressing against the soft skin of the open neckline on her sweater.  “I still have a few things to keep up with at home to make the morning train.  I’ll probably nap all the way to the city.”

Reaching in the back seat, Thalia turns to hide her disappointment.  Picking up her purse, she pulls the blanket through the gap between the seats.  “Take this.  Snuggle with it on the train,” she giggles, clearing the air.  “That could cause sweet dreams.”

Leaning over the console for a goodnight kiss, he whispers, “More like erotic dreams I don’t need to have in public with twenty or so students, you wicked girl.”

As if to prove how hard he finds it to resist temptation when it comes to her, Tom takes his time with the goodnight kiss.

He nips at Thalia’s bottom lip to make her part hers, then flicks the tip of his tongue over them. Every time she tries to deepen the kiss, he draws back a fraction, grazing his teeth over the glistening flesh or simply hovering close and breathing her in. When he finally slants his mouth over hers and slides his tongue in as deep as it can get, they both moan heatedly into the kiss. Tongue strokes against tongue, and their mouths part only to meet again and again.

After what feels like an eternity, Tom withdraws with a last lick and a soft groan, leaving Thalia blinking and out of breath.

Once she’s shaken off the new bout of intense longing, she folds the blanket and lays it in her lap, running her fingers over the lumps to smooth it out.  “Good night, Tom.  Have fun tomorrow.  Thank you for a wonderful evening.  Sometimes things turn out amazing when you go against the plan.  I’m glad I didn’t sit alone in the library studying.”

“Me too, darling.  Come on.  I’ll carry your things and walk you in.”

She giggles and shakes her head.  “Don’t be so British.  That’s ridiculous.  It’s my building and it’s five steps away from the car.  Totally safe here.”

Before he can argue, she opens the car door and hops out, closing it with a bang.  In the rain, she runs around the front of the car, and taps the driver’s side window.  Tom quickly rolls it down, accepting her wet kisses before she bounces away.  He waits as she unlocks the building door and disappears inside.  Watching for oncoming traffic before he drives away, he hopes his car forever smells like his sweet hothouse orchid.

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Copyright © 2017  avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom and devikafernando

Perfect Saturday

perfect saturday sept 24 2016 cover.jpg

Perfect Saturday

A Mrs. Evans Story

By avenger-nerd-mom

While the kids are away for the weekend, a future Chris Evans surprises his wife on a lazy Saturday morning

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, Fluffy smut, Fingering, Oral Sex, Condom Use. NSFW

Word Count: 1446

You wake when you feel the bed shift, but you don’t comment on his exit.  It’s early in the morning; you know he’s not actually going anywhere but the bathroom.  His late night out with the guys answers that for you.  As the water runs you drift in and out of consciousness, the dogs beginning to stir downstairs.  You don’t want to actually rise from sleep mode since the boys are with their aunt today and you want to enjoy a long lay in.

You are surprised when he returns to the bed and pulls the blanket back from your body. Your eyes fly open and connect with his, already dark with lust as he admires your toned body, clad only in royal blue lace underwear.

“This is nice,” he murmurs, as he races his hands over your thighs, roughly gripping your flesh.

“This is from last night, when you said you’d be home in ‘thirty minutes.’” You grumble; still sore you’d fallen asleep alone when you had been all ready for a night of lovemaking.

“Ah, shit, babe.  Sorry.  I guess I was on man time,” he apologizes, batting his eyelashes at you, like he thinks it’s gonna make it all better.

If he keeps moving his hands like that, he’s probably right.  Lifting your ass off the bed one handed, he pulls your underwear off with other and gently settles you back down, crawling between your legs and resting on his knees.

Your eyes can’t focus and you decide to stay half asleep.  It’s too early to be awake on a Saturday and instead you relax against his touch.  His strong hands run over your thighs again and grace across your hips.  His fingers trace over the scar he caused since one of the beautiful boys he made in you was too big to come out on it’s own.  He leans forward and kisses along the lasting mark, whispering, “Beautiful.”

Continuing his explorations, he sits back up and works his grasp over your ribcage, teasing along the sides of your rounded breasts. A quick peek down and you can see your nipples stand at attention, responding to his caress.  You arch slightly off the bed and he chuckles as his hands continue to move north, collecting your hands and raising them above your head, holding them tightly there.  He lays over you, pressing your body to the bed with his weight on you, the most glorious feeling in the world.  His lips take yours and a flash of color fills your sleepy mind; you smile when the minty fresh taste of his mouth causes red, white and blue to swirl in your brain. His colors. Cap’s colors. The toothpaste colors…  Your lips pull back in a silly smile at the thought, breaking the kiss as he gently moves to kiss your cheek before pulling back and kissing the tender flesh at the crook of your elbow, resting by your ear.

His mouth works its way back down your arm and slides over to nip briefly at your aching peak and you arch your body to him again.  “What are you doing?  You hate morning sex?” You ask, your voice gruff from your sleep, the first sounds you’ve made all day.  Your throat feels scratchy and you hope you’re not- stop, focus, sexy husband loving on you…

“This isn’t sex.  This is love making.  I’m loving you,”  he replies as his kisses move down your belly.  His words give you goosebumps and you wonder at his meaning.  “Worshiping you…”

You can’t speak as your next breath is lost when he kisses against your heated mound, wanting him so badly to go down on you, as had been your hope last night.  Instead, his kisses are chaste and light, and he continues down your thighs, raising your leg to kiss the tender spot behind your knee, the spot he knows isn’t sexual, but you find so damn sexy.  Your hands above your head grasp at the air and you wish to reach to him, but you follow his unspoken directive and keep them there.

For the first time, you realize he is naked.  All of his touches have been about you and not trying to get anything in return and your heart swells with love for this wonderful man you had the good fortune to fall in love with and marry.  Keeping your leg raised, he wraps both hands around your calf, massaging deeply where you pulled it earlier in the week.  You moan in delight, and bite your lip at the actual pain his touch creates in the torn tissue.

“Too rough? Sorry,” and he lightens his pressure.

You can feel his eyes drinking you all in, but you don’t open yours.  Your mind is in a haze and just soaking in his love and attention.  He shifts on the bed again, and moves closer to you, tapping the head of his cock against the swollen lips of your throbbing pussy, tight with building desire.  “Want this?” he teases.

“Yes, please.”

He pulls back and says, “Not yet,” surprising you as he plunges two fingers deep inside your wet flow.  “Oh, baby, you’re so hot; so ready.” He wonders aloud, his voice deep with emotion.

His fingers slide in and out, teasing you, loving you, caressing over your taint.  He pulls out the wet and smears it around your outer lips, pushing down with his other hand on your mound, stopping your squirming.  “I think you want this?  Did you miss me this week?”

“You know I did.”

“Good.  I missed you too,” he whispers as he leans forward and pulls your nipple between his teeth.  You buck against him and he chuckles, his breath hot against your chest as he runs his nose over the valley between your beautiful breasts  Tracing the tip of his slightly crooked nose around the other pink bud he pauses before wrapping his tongue around it and sucking it in.

As his thick fingers see to their task, he shifts his body again and climbs up the bed.  When you open your eyes, you smile up at him and shake your head at his stance, his cock within tongue’s reach.  You open wide, not moving your hands, per his preference and he pushes into your warm hole, taking him in.  He sighs in relief and reaches to cup your cheek, running his thumb across your freckles, pumping in and out of your mouth, never giving you more than you can take. Mid stride you clamp your jaw, slightly using your teeth to hold him in place, to savour him as you wrap your tongue along the ridge of the top, caressing across the slit.  You suck in, dragging out the precum and enjoying his sweet taste.

“Not yet, sweetheart,” he chuckles quietly and plucks his cock from between your teeth, rubbing the tight head against your soft pink lips.  “There we go; now your eyes have that dark look.  You want my cock, don’t you?”

Damn him.  “Yes, please.” You smile.

“Still to proud to beg?” he teases, “After all these years?”

“Why should I beg? You know you’ll give it to me… Your cock needs me.”

He climbs over you hovering with a sinister grin on his face.  “Oh, is that right?”  Rubbing his hard cock against your pulsing heat you twist your body at the agony of waiting.

Your eyes dance, a fire in them, knowing the game is about over.  “If you give it to me, I promise I’ll take real good care of it.”  Raising your body under his, his cock slips between your wet folds and he lunges forward, pushing you to the bed.

“That’s a good promise,” he moans, grinding against you, falling into your natural rhythms together.

“Shit,” You hiss.  “Wait; you need to wrap it up!”

You push against his massive chest, knowing it won’t actually budge.  He stills inside you, and your body reacts, opening up and allowing him to sink deeper into your succulent cavern. Traitor.

He drops forward on his elbows and you can feel him settling deeper against you.  His lips skim along the velvety skin of your inner arms before moving to take your mouth in his.  The kiss is so tender and filled with love; perfect.

“Why? Maybe it’s time to make another? You feel so right today and we said we’d try again for a little girl… Do I really have to pull out and get a condom?  Let’s stay in bed all day and make a baby… a little princess, as beautiful as her mother?  That sounds like a perfect Saturday, Mrs. Evans.”

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Local Attractions

like magic 2 local attractions July 28 2016.jpg

Local Attractions

*A Chris Evans fan fic*

By avenger-nerd-mom

While on a quick weekend getaway, Chris meets a local girl

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, Rough sex, forced oral sex, penetration, condoms

Word Count: 1186

She almost wishes he’d slow down and let up a bit in order for her to enjoy and savor their sexual escapades a bit more. Everything just seems to be moving so fast, and I wanna remember it all, she thinks as her tits bounce with each thrust he delivers.

On the edge of his hotel bed, one ass cheek practically hanging off, one leg dangling to the floor, the other caught in the crook of his arm , Chris increases his invasions into her welcoming hole. Sounds of their sex fill the air and neither are too concerned if the neighbors will hear them.  It’s early evening and most of the guests are still sight-seeing or out to dinner.

Just as quickly as he charges into her, he pulls out, shifting his position and sticks his covered cock in her face.  “I want you to take it,” he growls, but she also hears the underlying request, as though she has the power to choose.  Who would say no to Captain America?

She wraps her lips around his thick piece, tasting herself on him, a smile forming at the flavored condom they’d joked about purchasing.  The damn thing even smells like strawberries…In disbelief, she shakes her head back and forth, moving him from side to side and adding a gentle hum for his benefit.

“Fuck, that’s nice,” Chris offers seductively as he grips her hair holding her still as he strikes in and out for his own pleasure before letting her free to lick him like a lollipop again.  Pulling him in as deeply as she can she hears his gasp, and reaches to massage his Adonis, running her fingers up through the faint hairs on his lower abs.

Pulling out with a pop, he enjoys the “oh” shape her mouth creates and leans to kiss her harshly, staking a claim before aligning with her center again for penetration.  He pulls in and out, stretching her walls, feeling her velvet grip him tight.  Leaning over her, he takes one of her pretty tits in his mouth, sucking and teasing with his teeth across her nipple, eliciting a gasp of shock from deep in her throat.  His little game continues, teasing her just to the edge before pulling back and rebuilding her need again.

Tiring of his stance, he pistons inside with the force to push her higher up on the bed, bunching the sheets under her as she moves, so he can hover above her.  “I want you to come now,” he orders, looking in her eyes with a giving smile as he sinks deep inside, holding still momentarily for the final expansion she needs to accommodate his size.

Over her, he pulls out slowly, long strokes pushing back in quickly.  “Shit, I like that,” she admits breathlessly, so he continues his skilled movements, a master at work.  Within moments the waves are felt between them as she begins to come.  “I need more,” she whines and he willingly snakes his hand between them and finds her clit, teasing it as the shockwaves grow larger and her sounds, “Oh, Oh, hmmm, just like that,” fill the room.

His cock swells as the feeling rushes through his thighs, adding to the vigor he delivers into her as he comes, filling the vending machine condom with his seed.  “Just like that,” he repeats, chuckling when she grabs his ass, holding him still.

“Don’t move,” she giggles, a visible quake washing over her body as she tells him what to do.  He kisses her forehead, damp with sweat from their summer games. Another wave rolls through her, and she releases him, allowing him to fall to her side.

Face first, head in the down-filled pillow, he throws his arm across her chest, massaging his thumb over her hip.  “That was… unbelievable. Fuckin’ unforgettable,” she sighs.

He turns his face to her, watching as she stares up at the ceiling fan, listening to the children down at the pool, sounds of ice falling into the machine nearby.  A smile grows on his face and she turns to grin at him, a slight blush on her tanned cheeks.  They lay in silence, both not knowing what to say.

The silence is broken moments later when her phone rings.   “Your side, I think,” he says as he gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom to clean up and give her privacy.  He leaves the door open, curiosity getting the better of him once again.

“Hey, baby girl. Yea, I won’t be able to make it tonight after all… Remember the joke this morning about the ‘man of my dreams?’ I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow… Shit, I can’t really talk.  I’m in his hotel room… At the gas station,” she replies. Chris can see her shaking her head, but stretching out like a queen on his bed, proud of herself.  “Yea, I know, right after I talked to you… Right. A GDT,” she giggles.  “I don’t know. If he asks me to stay, I might… Always safe… Ok. Talk to you tomorrow…”

Chris steps back into the room, carrying a hot wet wash cloth for her and a towel, biting back a laugh as she pinches her fingers open and closed, rolling her eyes as she mimics the talking of her friend.  He begins washing over her sticky mound with the cloth.  “Mmmhmm… Yea… Fuck I gotta go.  I promise, first thing tomorrow. Luv ya! Bye!”

She tosses the phone back down on the floor, lifting her hips into his hand as he gently wipes her down, then pats her dry with the second towel.  “What’s a GDT?” he asks.  “Or do I not wanna know?”

She runs her fingertips down his arms, and looks back to him with challenge in her eyes. “That’s a local term we use for God Damn Tourists, like you. A GDT,” she laughs, eying his beautiful naked physique as he stands next to the bed, her eyes slowly moving from tat to tat. Memorizing his beauty.

He chuckles at the acronym.  “So was it ‘like magic?’” he asks, bending to pick something off the floor and she laughs when her Captain America shirt hits her in the face.

She tosses it back to him.  “Everything I dreamed it would be and more.  In fact, where’s the grape one?  I wanna try it next,” she taunts, teasing him about the selection of flavored condoms he got in the vending machine at the gas station where they met earlier that morning.

He steps over to the little table by the window, adjusting the curtain again to ensure no one can see in as they walk by the second floor room overlooking the pool.  “Please don’t think I’m an ass… Take this as a compliment that the sex is so good, I can’t remember a thing,” he chuckles, embarrassment written all over his face.  “But, uh, what’s your name again?”

She throws her head back in laughter as she spins around to sit up on her knees, motioning for him to join her.  “Well, Chris,” indicating she definitely remembers who he is.  “They call me Becca.”

*can be read as a stand alone, but this story is truly a follow-up piece to “Like Magic“*

Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom