Late Night Snack

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Late Night Snack

An Emery&Chris story

By avenger-nerd-mom

Emery catches Chris in the kitchen late at night in their Savannah home.  They share a few memories and a late night treat.

Warnings: Language, Fluff, NSFW, fingering, oral sex, pregnant sex

Word count: 1549

March 2019

Chris!  Chris!  Where are you?

Her voice carries through the house and he knows he’s gonna get busted.  He can hear her moving closer, but he doesn’t care.  If he’s gonna get caught at the end of a long work day, so be it.  He continues his chat with his mother, slumped against the cabinet door.  He looks down at the bowl of cereal in his hand, knowing it’s growing mushier by the minute.

His jaw drops when his beautiful wife rounds the corner into the kitchen.  Stunned speechless for a moment, he clears his throat and says, “Uh, Ma, yeah-Ma. Listen.  Listen-I gotta let you go.  Uh- huh; yeah. Everything’s fine; I’ll call you tomorrow… Yup, uh-huh, Ma!  Ok, bye.”

Chuckling, he sheepishly looks up at the glare on Emery’s face.

“What is that?” she asks sharply.

He looks at the bowl of mush.  “It was supposed to be a late night snack, but Ma texted so I called her back and now it’s just a bowl of mess in warm milk.  Too bad the cat’s at home in Boston with Shanna; she’d love this treat.”  Stirring the slop with his spoon, he bites back his laughter.  “So, uh… what’s this fashion statement you got going on?”

Leaning against the fridge, Emery wears nothing but a skimpy pair of underwear, rested under her protruding belly and one of his dress shirts.  The sleeves are rolled up to her elbows and the two buttons are ready to pop open over her full round breasts.  She looks down and tenderly rubs her pregnant belly.  “All of a sudden nothing fits,” she pouts.  “All the good clothes are in Boston.”

“Oh babe, I’m sorry.”  Setting the bowl of cereal next to him, he reaches his hand out to her.  She takes a few steps across the small kitchen, grasping and squeezing his fingers lovingly. “Take the credit card and go shopping with Tammy and Katie tomorrow?  That’s why you wanted to come down to Georgia with me anyway, right?  To see friends and family while I finish the new project?”

Nodding her head side to side, she contemplates the idea.  She tugs her fingers through his longer hair.  “Did you bring me some?”  She taps the side of the cereal box with her toe.

“You know I think it’s disgusting, but yes, Cap is in the cabinet.  I got your four texts.”  He smiles at her craving for peanut butter Captain Crunch.  It’s one of two things she’s eaten and been able to keep down for the last few months.  “I’m just glad it wasn’t another steak.  You keep this up, we might need to go into ranching,” he teases playfully, accepting the glass of water she’s fixed and hands down to him.

“Moooo…”  she giggles.  “Oh, fuck.  I just got this image of you, wearing what you’ve got on right now, riding a horse and roundin’ up cattle.  Shit.  Buy a damn farm.  I need that fangirl fantasy.”

“Oh, you do, do you?”  He runs his hand up her thigh, more full and developed with her pregnancy.  The weight gain looks good on her, but she keeps telling him to quit lying.  But he’s so turned on by his beautiful wife and the changes she’s gone through while carrying their child.  So full of sass still, but somehow softer.  Sexier.  “I’m sorry I woke you.  I was just gonna grab a bite to eat and crawl in bed with you.”  His fingers tease across the elastic band of her panties around her thigh and she shifts her weight to allow him more access to the space between her legs.  She moans quietly.  Head back to look up at her, he can see she is lost in thought, staring out the back window over the sink.

“Whatchya thinking about babe?”  He pushes his fingertip under the elastic, running across the fresh stretch marks on her pale skin.

Emery chuckles quietly.  “Remember one night you were filming and called to take me out to dinner?  The night of our first fight?  When you called, I was sitting right where you are now.  Just like that.  Legs crossed, head back against the counter…”  She looks down and their blue eyes meet.  “Can you believe I was thinking about breaking up with you?  Was thinking it wasn’t worth your crazy schedule and all the cancelled dinners; god, what a stupid mistake that would have been!”

“Kitten, I have always trusted in your intelligence to do the right thing; to make the right choices for us.  Really glad you didn’t dump me that night…”  Sliding his fingers to her sweet spot he can feel the heat coming from her and her scent is overwhelming.  Chris realizes how much he needs her; how much he’s always needed her.  He shudders at the thought she could have walked away all those years ago…

“Me too, Jellybean, me too.”  As his fingertips push aside her panties to tease her, she steps closer to him.  “So, about that late night snack you wanted?”

“Mmm-hm?” he asks, tugging down on the blue lace as she steps out of them and over him to put her pussy right in his face.

“You can eat now,” she laughs, resting her elbows on the counter and straddling over him, her pregnant belly brushing the top of his head.

“That’s my girl,” he growls, licking her from top to bottom.  Her taste is sweeter now, different, better than before.  Pregnancy changed her, changed the two of them.  They’ve grown closer together and are working to enjoy the last two months they have as just a couple before they become parents.

His tongue works over her and he knows she doesn’t take long now.  Chris has loved the benefits of her increased sex drive.  Mark and RDJ had warned him and teased him about it, but he sure as hell hadn’t believed it would be like this. In her position above him, with one hand he teases over her ass, and with the other, he tugs on his belt and frees himself from the confines of his jeans.

“I know what you’re doing,” Emery giggles, her sweet Southern accent a light lilt in the quiet night.  “I can’t see over this damn baby bump, but I am gonna take care of you when you finish me, I promise.”

With his tongue, he slides out of her hole and presses a kiss to her swollen lower lips.  Feeling the goosebumps raise on her flesh he murmurs against her sensitive spot, “Mmm-hm.  I’ve heard that before.”

His tongue dives back in and both hands slide up over her ass, gasping her hips to glide her on and off, his nose pushing against her clit and his beard scraping against the soft flesh between her legs.  Her juice is thicker and soaks him, as he tries to lap it all up.  Her cries bounce off the countertops and he catches her when her knees give way and she comes.  He slows with her and feels the sweat on her body, not realizing himself how hard they had worked for that release.  Slowly withdrawing from her intimate depths, he bathes his tongue over her cautiously collecting all of her succulence, not wanting to waste a single drop. He blows his breath coolly across her lower belly while she grumbles quietly the house is hot.  Pressing his lips to her tummy he whispers, “I’m glad you make her horny now, cause three months from now, you’ll steal all our private time. But I love you anyway!”

Emery giggles and rubs the top of Chris’s head.  “My legs are jelly.  Can you carry me to bed?”

She steps over him and rights herself against the counter.  Sweeping her into his arms, he ignores the pop in his knees.  Covering his face with kisses as they walk through the living room, he chuckles when they reach the bedroom.  The mountain of pillows it requires these days to help her get comfortable for sleep leaves little room for him in this bed.  He loves they kept the little house in Savannah, but he longs to get home to their big bed in Boston.

Resting one knee up on the bed, he lays her down gently.  In the dark, she tells him, “It’s too hot in this damn house, if you wanna finish fucking me, go turn on the air conditioner.”

Bossy little thing; but damn that teacher voice…  Gets him every time.  He doesn’t even admit to her he’s too tired to do it tonight.  He never would have thought she could ever wear him out.  Climbing off the side of the bed, he tells her, “You know, they never say that in the porn.”

“Well if they did, if it was more real, maybe I’d watch it with you more often.  ‘The’ porn?” She giggles. “Go.  I’m serious.  I’ll fuck you, baby, when you get back, but you gotta turn on the air.  It’s too hot in the house.”  He kisses her forehead as she struggles to take off his shirt she’s wearing and he goes out to adjust the thermostat, knowing she’ll be sound asleep by the time he gets back to the bed, after he’s had his cereal.

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In Sickness and In Health


In Sickness and In Health

A Mrs. Evans story

*a Chris Evans fan fic*

By avenger-nerd-mom

A future Chris Evans takes care of his sick wife

Warnings: Language, Fluff

Word count: 1201

This Mrs. Evans story is told from Chris’s point of view, a change from other stories in the series.


Standing in the door way, he watches her stumble across the room, her sleep mask still down over her eyes.  He can see the flush on her skin.  A fever rising that has nothing to do with him. “Just where do you think you’re going?”

She literally jumps before her hand flies up to pull off the mask and she wheezes, “Jesus fuckin’-” cough, cough, cough- “Christ!  Chris!  You scared me!” -cough, cough, cough- “What are you doing here?” She holds her hands to her chest and clears her throat, obviously in pain.

“What do you think I’m doing?  Get back in bed.  I came home to take care of my wife.”  He crosses the room and sits tentatively on the end of the bed.  Setting the paper sack in his hand next to him, he grabs her arm and gently pulls her to him.

She rolls her eyes at him.  “Fuck that.  I’m dying.  I’m not having sex with you,” she laughs between coughs.

“Jesus, is that all I am to you, a fuck toy?”  He smiles.  “I don’t wanna have sex with you.  You smell like Vicks and throat spray.”  He wraps his hands around her and caresses the back of her thighs, resting his face against her belly.  He tries not to inhale too deeply because his statement was no lie.  But he can’t keep his hands off her in her tight tank top and short shorts that barely hold in her ass cheeks.  He’s missed her.  He’s missed this.

She bends and kisses the top of his head, tugging on the long straggly ends on the nape of his neck.  “Seriously,” she whispers trying to catch her breath.  “I wasn’t expecting you for another two weeks.  Why are you here?”

“I turned it over to Mackie.  There’s a reason I have an assistant director I can depend on.  When I heard in your voice last night how sick you really were, I made arrangements to get home as quick as possible.  I’ve been transferring planes for the last 8 hours.  I stocked up on supplies; here, sit.”  He turns her around slowly and spreads his legs so she can rest on his thigh.  Wrapping one arm around her to hold her in place, he forages through the bag on the bed, showing her things he brought.  “I just called it in; the doc said since the kids were sick last week, you probably had it now too, so here’s a Z-pak.”  He tosses it on the bed.  “The cough drops you like; more throat spray; more Vicks.”  With each item, he just throws it on the bed behind him.  “Aspirin, gum, condoms,” he wiggles his eyebrow at her, “and the piece de résistance,” Chris mocks with a french accent, “mashed potatoes.”

Her eyes well with tears.  “You did all this for me?” She takes the small styrofoam container from his hands.

“I did.  I even remembered to bring a spork.”  He pulls the plastic wrapped serving spoon from his back pocket.  He hands it to her, but she doesn’t open it yet.

“Won’t that cut back production on the movie; cost you more money?”  Her voice is choked as she fights back her tears and tries to hold in another coughing fit.

“Fuck the movie.  It’s just a job.  You’re what’s important; you and the kids.  You know that.”  His hands sweep across her face and tucks back her unruly hair before wiping away the tears.  “We’re a team.  This doesn’t work if you’re sick.  You keep it all spinning when I’m away.  I gotta take care of you, so you can take care of everything else.”

She can’t hold her tears in any longer and wraps her arms around his neck, finally letting loose all her stress and frustrations in the tears she cries.  “Oh, babe, I’m so glad you’re home.  I love you so much.  I didn’t know I needed this,” she whispers, coughing again, her breath warm on his neck.

He rubs her back, giving the occasional pat, “It’s okay, baby, I’m here now.  Everything’s gonna be good; let it all out.”

She cries for another moment or two before the coughing overtakes her.  She pulls back and hands him the food and runs to the bathroom.  He chuckles when he hears her blowing her nose.  “Ugh,” she whines.  “I look like shit.  I haven’t seen you in three weeks and this is what you get.” Her voice echoes against the tiles and she shuffles back into the bedroom, falling face first on the bed.  Lifting her head she eyes the clock on the nightstand.  “Oh, shit,” she sneezes loud enough to wake the dead.  And again.  And again before laughing.  “Ah, fuck, I’m a mess.  Honey, can you go get the kids?”

Chris pushes all the items from the store onto the floor and crawls up on his knees beside her and begins to massage her back.  Pushing his palms into her he rotates down her spine in small circular patterns and she quietly moans her approval.  “You still aren’t getting any…  the kids, Chris, someone has to get the kids from school?  And Princess has da-”

Leaning forward, he kisses the back of her thigh gently.  “Shhh… I already took care of that too.”  His hands continue their masterful work and he slowly feels the tension leaving her body.  “Your mom is  getting the kids and they’re all going to stay at that hotel with the indoor waterpark.  Uncle Scott and your sister and kids are going to join them tomorrow to keep everyone entertained until you get better.”

She lifts her weary head to look at him, her eyes slightly hazed from a fever.  “You’re fuckin’ amazing.  You think of everything…  I’m still not having sex with you.”

He chuckles.  “Maybe when you feel better I can stay an extra day or two, and you can thank me appropriately then.”  His hands knead down her thighs and she involuntarily parts her legs for him.  He smiles and shakes his head.  “‘Cause I think you need it as badly as I do.”  His hand slides under her and he pushes against her hot covered mound.  She sighs happily and he smiles to himself.

“Besides, the idea of the numbness caused by the throat spray in your mouth on my cock actually terrifies me.  No thank you; stay away from me.”  His hands brush between her thighs and goosebumps form on her heated flesh.

She softly chuckles and shakes her head.  “Words I never thought I’d hear you say…  Thank you honey; knowing you dropped everything for me means so much.”

“You’re my girl; my world.  I gotta take care of you.  The rest of it would all fall to shit without you.”

He continues rubbing her back and massaging her legs and feet until her quiet wheezes turn to soft snores.  He kisses her cheek tenderly and exits the room thinking on the chores he should begin to make her transition back to health easier.  He decides to start with the pile of laundry outside the boys’ room.  Anything he can do to make his wife happy…  That’s his number one job.

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