Dinner for Two

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Chapter 8 – Dinner for Two

Educating Thalia

a collaboration by @devikafernando and @avenger-nerd-mom

AU fiction

A collaboration involving Professor Hiddleston and Professor Evans- The two are rivals at a posh New England university and have no idea they both have taken interest in the lovely Thalia Bareo. She’s a grad student with interests in language and history; a sassy full-figured Puerto Rican girl from Chicago

Word count 5336

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, food porn, images of Tom dancing, NSFW, masturbation, nipple play, discussion of consent and BDSM

summary:  Tom continues pampering Thalia after the bath, pulling out all the stops. Dinner and dancing lead to intimate talks and another sexual awakening for Thalia.

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For auditory inspiration, listen to Vente Pa’ Ca by Ricky Martin

Thalia executes a mock salute at Tom’s insistence that she wear only her lingerie to dinner, which makes him lift a brow. She stifles a giggle, and her embarrassment is adorable. He takes her panties and kneels on the rug, tapping her leg.

She watches with unveiled interest as he slides her underwear up after she’s stepped in, dressing her with the same gentle firmness and erotic undercurrent with which he usually undresses her. He places butterfly kisses all over her thick thighs and then one right on her now covered center, making her suck in a breath. Then he grabs her bra and moves her this way and that to put it on, licking his lips at the way the cloth pushes her luscious breasts up so the globes are practically begging for attention. He rubs his cheek over them, nuzzling the place where he could happily spend a small lifetime.

A resolute knock at the room door makes them jump apart like frightened horses.

“Room service.”

Tom holds up a finger, grinning widely at the thought of food and at the face she’s likely to make when she sees all the delicacies he’s ordered.

“Stay right here, darling. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

In record speed, he pulls his trousers back on and quickly shrugs his white dress shirt on over his still damp skin. The fit is snug, but at least he’s covered. He hurries off towards the door after closing the bathroom door behind him.

With a skip in his step, he lets the trolley-wielding waiter in to arrange all the dishes on the coffee table.

“Thank you ever so much.” With a smile and a generous tip, Tom sends the efficient man away and surveys his feast.

He walks to the bathroom and opens the door, bowing with a flourish and sweeping his hand for her to pass.

“Milady, dinner is served,” he says in a nasal, deferential tone, which causes another fit of giggles.

“I don’t feel very ladylike in this,” she protests, gesturing to her set of bra and panties and eyeing the white fluffy bathrobe on the back of the door longingly.

Tom entwines his fingers with hers and pulls her to the table.

“Nonsense, love, you’re downright regal with that scrumptious body. Now give me that defiant lift of your chin that you’re so good at, and I’ll be your fawning servant all throughout dinner.”

Thalia shakes her head, but he can see her smile, and there’s a gleam in her eyes that makes her even more beautiful to him.

She stops mid-step when she’s close enough to see the table, her free hand rising to her gaping mouth.

“Oh my god, Tom, did you order the whole buffet or something?”

With a sheepish grin, he pulls her on. “I might have, in a way. I wasn’t sure what you’d like and I wanted it to be a real treat, so I had them bring a bit of basically everything on the menu.”

Pulling her hand out of his grip, she fixes him in a serious stare.

“Honestly, you shouldn’t have done that. It must be costing you a fortune. And you’ve already paid for the room, and…”

Tom steps up and places his long fingers over her mouth, silencing her protest.

“I’ll have none of that talk, Miss Bareo,” he says, using the stern, deep voice that makes her comply most of the time.

“What kind of a cheapskate would I be if I gave you a half-boiled date?” He narrows his eyes at her when her lips open against his palm.  “Not. A. Word. I’m perfectly capable of spending a bit of money on the woman who drives me crazy, and I won’t have you ruin my moment. I promised you some pampering, and this dinner is part of it. If you mention money one more time, I swear I’ll make good on that threat and give you a real spanking.”

He leans even closer, watching her pupils dilate in a mix of fear and arousal. “Or I might just tie your hands behind your back with my tie and have my merry way with you.”

Her breath whooshes out, warm against his hand. He pulls it away and gives her a devilish smirk.

“Now, are we having dinner or not? You’ll need all the sustenance you can get, believe me.”

Flushing beet-red and mumbling something in barely audible Spanish, Thalia all but flees his presence.

With a chuckle, he watches her ogle the spread of five-star food, ranging from small bites of seafood and cold meats to exotic salads and lovingly arranged cuisine from all over the world.

Sitting in the chair, he motions to the seat opposite him.

Thalia doesn’t have to be asked twice. The sight and smell of the food seems to destroy her last reserve and she tucks in with as much gusto as him.

For the next few minutes, she eats heartily, allowing him to feed her with a tasty morsel off and on. She’s making all those delighted noises again that travel straight to his groin, so Tom slows down a little and begins asking her questions about her life in Chicago and family in Puerto Rico. Once she warms to the topic, she’s unstoppable. Gesticulating with her free hand, she shares insights into her past that he’ll treasure forever.

He realizes he’s entirely too used to the sound of his own voice. Whenever he’s not lecturing, he’s discussing something or other with the people around him. It’s oddly freeing to do the listening for once, especially as Thalia has such a wealth of interesting knowledge to share. He’s torn between wanting to close his eyes and imagine what she’s conjuring, picturing her as a young girl full of spunk, much more carefree than now, and between wanting to stare at her so he won’t miss a thing.

He’s half-forgotten to eat because he’s noticed something fascinating: The more she immerses herself in her stories, the more pronounced her Latina accents becomes. It’s always there when she speaks, in the way she draws out vowels sometimes or will roll an r when she’s emotional, but being in her company regularly has sort of desensitized his ears to it. Right now, she slips into the lilting cadence and rapid rhythm of it as if diving underwater. It’s so sexy it should be illegal, and part of him has the weird urge to eavesdrop on her having a Spanish conversation with someone.

Before they know it, they have devoured most of the delicacies and polished off another glass of wine each.

Tom sits back with an exaggerated groan and pats his belly.

“I’m so full I’m going to burst.”

Thalia reaches over automatically, her fingers gliding over the hard ridges and indents of his abs.

“Liar. I can’t detect any bulging stomach at all.”

Delighted that she’s touching him – which happens much too rarely yet for his liking – he captures her hand in his. Slowly, he pushes it lower so her fingers graze over his pants.

“That’s because the bulge you’re looking for is quite a bit lower down,” he murmurs, one brow quirked suggestively.

There it is again, her lovely, freckle-speckled blush. But she doesn’t draw her hand away. When he places it over his cock which is half erect from listening to her talking so sexily, she strokes him lightly through the material.

Tom hums in appreciation and pulls her in for a kiss, tasting a myriad of food on her tongue when it tangles with his.

He leans back, shifting so that her fingers aren’t touching him so intimately anymore. Making a mental note to himself to encourage her to touch, explore and have her fill of him some time soon, he tries to keep his cool because they haven’t even made it to dessert yet.

“You know, I’m surprised you haven’t criticized me for another humongous dating mistake I’ve made,” he teases, mischief dancing in his blue eyes.

She frowns. “What mistake?”

He feigns shock, happy when she laughs at his scandalous expression.

“Why, what’s a date without dancing?” he asks, leaping from his chair and tugging her up with him.

“Dancing?” She looks at him as though he’s suddenly grown horns.

“Here? Now? But…but…” she splutters, “We don’t even have music, and…”

Tom holds up a finger. He leaves her standing there, watching him in a daze as he flits around the room and grabs his iPhone. Within a minute, Latin music is playing. Thalia’s eyes widen even more as the first words of Ricky Martin’s Vente Pa’ Ca can be heard. She shakes her head at him, a slow grin spreading.
He clicks his finger and shimmies to the almost hypnotic beat, advancing towards her with his hands outstretched.

“Come on, darling, dance with me.” Searching for the half-forgotten words of Spanish from his high-school days, he coaxes her with “baila conmigo” in a low, inviting tone that promises much more than just a dance.

“You’re unbelievable,” he hears her say more to herself than him, but her feet are already carrying her closer.
“I’d never have guessed the prim and proper British professor listens to music like this,” she confesses, and he throws his head back to laugh.

“What, are you doubting my dancing skills? It’s all in the hips, darling. Hips don’t lie.”

Tom grasps her hands and pulls her closer, moving to the beat and grinding his hips against her to prove his point.

The next song is a bit slower, so he shifts to embrace her and hold her close, one hand on the small of her back, the other holding hers. They sway and gyrate, and twice he takes command to make her twirl on his arm. His hand moves lower until he can dip his fingers beneath her panties and fondle her ass while he presses closer and feels her full tits strain against him.

At the end of the third song, he dips her low and leans over her to kiss her.

The kiss goes on and on, and they both resurface breathless.

Taking a step back although he doesn’t want to break their connection, Tom kisses the top of her head.

“Ready for dessert yet?”

She nods, her breath coming out in ragged pants that fuel his desire. God, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to control himself around her. It’s like his body needs to have her, any and every way he can, all the time. But he doesn’t want to overwhelm her.

Pampering and seducing, Hiddleston, not shagging like rabbits, he reminds himself.

Grabbing the tray laden with decadent dessert, he walks over to the king-size bed. He places the tray down carefully, plonks himself down across from it with crossed legs, and crooks a finger at Thalia.

“Come over here, love, let your man feed you some treats that are almost as sweet and sinful as you taste when you come all over his tongue.”

He can see her shiver when she joins him on the bed. After some consideration, he picks out a tiny fruit tart and holds it out.

The sight of her mouth closing on the berries and cream is something he won’t forget soon, as is her low moan of appreciation.

“Did you know that the strawberry has been considered a potent aphrodisiac ever since the times of Ancient Rome?” he asks, licking his fingertips and choosing a tiny glass with caramel pudding next.

“I did, actually.” She grins at him, smugly lifting her eyebrows.

Tom grins back. “Why am I not surprised?” In a more serious tone, he adds, “It’s such a huge turn on how smart you are. Don’t let anyone ever dumb you down because they’re scared of your wit or jealous of your intelligence. If a man can’t handle the sharpness of your brain, then he isn’t worth the softness of your body.”

Thalia blinks at him, and something glitters in her eyes. “You say the loveliest things,” she whispers.

“And I mean them.”

They stare at each other for a moment. To lighten the mood, Tom dips a long finger into the creamy pudding and holds it in front of her face.

He doesn’t even have to prompt her; she darts out her tongue to lick the sweet treat from his digit, completely surprising him when she adds a none too gentle bite at the end.

“That’s my girl,” he praises her softly, his voice a low purr. He chooses a small triangle of gateau and takes her hand. This time, he dips her finger in it before leaning forward and sucking it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it.

The rest of the dessert is devoured in the same manner. They share some more sensual kisses in between, but Tom makes sure to keep the pace slow and steady.

Finally, they’re done with dessert. He draws back from a nut-and-chocolate-flavored kiss, nips her chin and licks a wet stripe across her throat.

For now, he wants to keep her in a state of arousal but let it simmer beneath the surface for a little while longer before they act upon it.

He leans back and settles himself on the bed more comfortably, pushing the dinner tray to the side. Thalia takes that as a sign to be more at ease. She crosses her legs, and it pleases him that she’s now a little less self-conscious about only wearing her set of matching bra and panties.

“Tom, can I ask you something?”

“Anything, darling. Ask and ye shall receive.” He smiles, wondering what it is she might want to know.

“Why did you come to America? I heard you had a pretty nice post at Cambridge. You don’t seem to know anyone here… I mean, not that I’d know that, but…there’s no family or anyone here to connect you to the place, is there?”

He shifts, not exactly eager to discuss this. He’s been a family man for most of his life, but once his sisters got settled in their marriages and his friends moved all over the world, they’ve all lost touch a little. And he’s discovered that being a loner isn’t so bad either.

“I left England because I got into a spot of bother at campus,” he admits.

A worried look crosses Thalia’s face, and he realizes how his words could be misinterpreted.

“No, no, no, nothing like that. I didn’t get into trouble with women, if that’s what you think.” He sits up and gesticulates to make her understand, because it’s important to him that she sees how special she is. “I don’t make a habit of having affairs with students, believe me. This with you…it’s one of a kind, and I can’t even really explain it.”

She looks relieved, one hand playing idly with her hair.

With a sigh, he spills the beans. “Actually, there was this pompous duke whose good-for-nothing son was in my class. You know the type, those insufferable spoiled brats who are born with a silver spoon and think the rest of the world was made to bow to their every wish and lick their shiny loafers.”

They share a chuckle, but the memory throws a shadow over his mood. “He was a horrible student, probably because he never bothered with any homework. But his father was none too pleased with the low grades. Instead of telling his offspring to get his bloody ass into gear and study, he stormed into my office, simpering glorified secretary in tow, and demanded that I make an exception and give his boy a better grade.”

Anger tightens his jaw, a muscle ticking. “He had the cheek to offer me money when I refused.”

He glances at Thalia, who’s staring at him wide-eyed. “I may have become a bit loud after that.” Shrugging and grinning sheepishly, he admits, “Lost my temper because his behavior summed up so much of what I think is wrong in this world of class and privilege. To cut the long story short, he had me expelled and my name dragged through mud, though there wasn’t really anything bad to spread about me.”

“Oh, Tom, I’m so sorry, that’s so damn unfair!” Thalia reaches out and squeezes his hand, and it makes him way too happy that she’s taking his side.

With another shrug, he tries to let the past rest. “I guess I got what I deserved. It was foolish of me to think I could change what has been festering away in the English society for centuries.”

He leans away and drinks the rest of his water, licking his lips and noticing her gaze drop to them.

“Anyway, a friend of mine who was working here and held the same position I’m holding now wanted to be transferred to Canada as he’d fallen in love with a Canadian woman. Remember Professor Harelson? He suggested I should leave all the fuss behind and start anew. I was a bit worried they wouldn’t accept me, but the Dean had a hearty laugh at the story and urged me to accept. So…here I am.”

He spread his arms wide, and they smiled at each other.

“I love that about you Americans,” he added. “You’re not strung up on any of that hoity-toity stuff. Although I have to say I’ll never get over the way you lot are butchering the English language and haven’t got the faintest idea about the art of making a cup of tea.”

Thalia laughed and rolled her eyes. She playfully punched his arm. “Oh my god, you’re such a snob. Next you’ll be expecting me to curtsy and bless everyone who crosses my path after saying sorry for at least three things I didn’t even do.”

Tom snatches her hand and brings it to his mouth, scraping his teeth across her knuckles and then her palm.

“If you roll your eyes at me one more time, young lady, you’ll get a real spanking, I warn you.”

She yanks her fingers out of his grip. Despite her blush, he can sense her grow worried again. She gnaws on her lower lip, making him itch to do the same before placing love bites all over her delectable body.

“Darling, what’s the matter? You can always tell me if something bothers you.”

She lowers her gaze, one finger tracing invisible patterns on the sheet. Her fidgeting has him intrigued and waiting with bated breath to know what she has to say.

“Are you… do you… I mean, um… Are you one of those men?”

He quirks a brow at her and places his hand on hers to still the nervous movement. “One of which type of men, darling? There are so many of us,” he laughs, trying to put her at ease. “Thalia, talk to me, I’ve told you how important it is for what we’re sharing.”

After drawing in a fortifying breath, she nervously forces the words out in a rush. “Are you into the whole BDSM thing? One of those men who need to dominate women and cause them pain to get it off?”

The slight quiver of fear in her voice unsettles him, but he also has a hell of a time keeping a straight face because it all strikes him as so funny too.

He lifts her chin with his free hand until she meets his gaze.

“Have I shown any trouble with getting it off so far?”

She blushes a deeper shade of crimson and shakes her head.

“And did I hurt you when we were together?”

“No.” This time, she looks surer of herself.

“There’s your answer then.”

Tom leans in for a slow and heated kiss, making love to her mouth until tension has left her body and she moans for more.

“I do like being in control,” he clarifies softly. “But no, I’m not ‘into the whole BDSM thing’, as you so nicely put it. I tried it out once though.”

It’s his turn to blush and break eye contact, but he needs her to hear this. “It was…an interesting experience, let’s say it like that. An eye opener. I tried out both, being a dom and being a sub. And neither was really my cup of tea.”

He looks at her again, noticing her surprise. “While I do enjoy some milder aspects of it, I will never do anything to cause you pain. And I’ll never force you to do anything you don’t want, though I might test your limits a bit off and on. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes,” she says immediately, her voice husky as if the thought arouses her more.

He wants her, so fiercely he’s burning up from the inside. But he needs to make something clear first.

“Thalia, what you said about BDSM…”

She notices his serious tone and starts fidgeting again. “Yes?”

“It may seem like that because of a certain bestselling book and the media, but BDSM isn’t about pain. And it certainly isn’t about getting off on someone else feeling uncomfortable. Quite the opposite, actually.”

Confusion knits her brows. “What do you mean? All that hitting and tying someone up and denying them pleasure…”

With a sigh that shows his frustration with himself and general misconceptions more than with her, Tom runs a hand through his hair.

“It’s…complicated. Ultimately, a dom may challenge his sub and dare her to try out new experiences or even test her pain threshold, but at the core of it is his wish to give her unimaginable pleasure. And a true dom will always respect his sub’s wishes. If she says no, then that means no.”

He wonders how he can really get through to her. She’s listening intently, worrying her bottom lip with her teeth.

“Coercion isn’t part of it, Thalia. Whatever is done when two people play a game, whether it’s tame roleplaying or hardcore BDSM, is done on mutual agreement. And a real dom will always take care of his sub afterwards.”

He lifts her chin to look into her eyes. “Do you understand what I mean?”

“I…I think I do, yes. It’s fascinating in a way, but it’s always also kind of scared me,” she admits.

Giving her a tender smile, he says, “Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re in the wrong hands or simply rely on what the public portrays wrongly.”

Leaning forward, he adds in an urgent, low tone, “This is why I have asked you before to voice your consent, to say ‘yes’ instead of nodding. I want you to know what will happen, even if you might not have experienced it before and cannot truly ‘know’ in the sense of the word. And I promise, I’m never going to do anything that would hurt you or that you do not agree to.”

She swallows, the frown slowly easing. “O-okay. Thank you for explaining it to me, Professor. You’re a good teacher.” Her lids flutter half-closed as she gives him a shy but alluring look from beneath them. “I think I enjoy handing over control to you when we…when we are together.”

Tom can’t help himself, he needs to steal another kiss. He lowers his hand to unsnap her bra, and gropes and caresses her plump globes. His thumb brushes over her hardening nipples, eliciting soft whimpers. His mouth follows the path of his fingers, making her quiver.

“A tiny bit of pain can work wonders, you know,” he murmurs against her skin before clamping his teeth around one beaded tip and tugging once.


Thalia arches into him, and he chuckles, treating the other nipple to the same mix of pleasure and pain.

“I see you get my point.”

Shifting, he pushes her onto her back and lies down beside her, propping himself up on one arm. His other hand continues to tease her breasts.

“I take it you’ve never tried anything even remotely BDSM?” he asks, already knowing the answer.

She shakes her head, lids fluttering as she struggles to keep her eyes open while he strokes and tweaks expertly. Tom leans in and licks the shell of her ear. He dips his tongue in, making her squeak. When he bites the lobe, the startled sound turns into a drawn-out moan.

“Do you ever pleasure yourself, darling?”

Her embarrassed giggle morphs into a whimper when he bites down at the sensitive spot where her neck meets her shoulder, soothing his tongue over it repeatedly.


“Good girl. Do you have any toys?”

He feels her freeze against him. One hand comes up to shield her flushed face, but he moves it away.

“No hiding, Thalia,” he scolds her gently. “You never have to be embarrassed with me, do you understand?”

Her voice is breathy when she finally replies. “Yes. I… I have a vibrator. B-but I don’t use it often.”

Fuck, thinking of her with her toy is going to be enough to get him through his lonely nights. He’d give a fortune to see her like that. Will she maybe even let him use it on her in the future?

Tom doesn’t hold back his groan. Her confession has his thoughts running wild and he wants her to see how desirable she is to him. He continues to lavish attention on her body, kissing a nipple and sucking it into his mouth. He pauses and looks up at her beneath hooded lids.

“Do you ever think of me when you pleasure yourself?”

Her teeth dig into her lip in that gesture he finds so arousing. She nods once, sucking in a breath when he nips her pebbled bud again.

“God, darling, that’s so hot,” he growls.

Instead of moving lower and giving her what her shifting, bucking hips beg for, he withdraws and stretches back out by her side.

Leaning close but stopping short of her mouth, he whispers roughly, “I want you to do it now. Touch yourself for me. Make yourself come while I watch and listen.”

Thalia whimpers again, but he can see the uncertainty in her dark eyes.

“I’ve never done that before,” she says, “with anyone watching.”

He slicks his tongue over her parted lips. “There’s a first time for everything. And I have a feeling a lot of them are going to be with me. Let me teach you how wonderful sex can be. You deserve it.”

After a passionate kiss to quell her doubts, Tom leans down and removes her panties, planting gentle bites along her legs as he draws them off. He pushes her thighs apart and gives her one long lick that has her curse and writhe.

“Come on, darling,” he coaxes. “Do it to please me. Didn’t you want to be oh so naughty this morning when you taunted me in that outfit? Now’s your chance to let your naughty side out to play.”

Tentatively, she moves a hand to her breast and toys with a chocolate-colored nipple, and it’s enough to make him rock hard.

“That’s my good girl. If it helps, close your eyes and tell yourself it’s me who’s touching you.”

She does just that, and gradually her touches become bolder.

While one hand fondles her breast, the other travels down to her glistening cunt. She runs a finger through her folds, making him ache to do the same. Collecting some of her wetness, she rubs slow circles around her clit, dipping down and up, swirling her fingers faster.

Her moans mix with his.

“There you go, darling. You can’t imagine how beautiful you are like this. Come all over your hand while I watch you being so deliciously naughty.”

When she mewls and slips a finger inside, gyrating her ample hips, Tom can’t resist anymore. He chucks his pants quickly and takes himself into his hand, stroking his cock in sync with her movements. Her eyes fly open at the sound and her moans grow louder. As if hypnotized, her gaze stays on him fisting his length while she brings herself closer and closer to the edge.

“Ah…fuck, you’re so sexy,” he groans, quickening his pace.

Thalia spreads her legs wider and rubs her clit with one hand while using her other hand to finger-fuck herself. It’s all he can do to not spill his seed immediately.

Cursing and grinding his teeth, Tom waits for her to reach her peak first. When she does so with desperate keening, he squeezes harder and faster, leans over and shoots all over her thigh.

Before she has a chance to become shy again or come down from her high, he brushes away one hand and replaces the finger on her clit with his tongue. He inserts a digit into her slick heat alongside hers, and the new sensation of both of them touching her so intimately makes her shout.

Thrashing and gasping his name, she comes a second time, drenching their joined hands.

It takes him a while to catch his breath, and he’s sure the sight of her pleasuring herself and coming so beautifully will be emblazoned on his mind for the rest of his life.

Jesus fucking Christ, how incredibly hot.

Weakly, he drags himself off the bed and staggers into the bathroom to clean up. He returns with a warm washcloth to wipe their come from Thalia’s body and press a few gentle kisses onto her exposed skin.

Silently, he disposes of the wet cloth and climbs back into bed next to her.

“Sleep now, darling.” He moves with her in his arms so he can spoon her and keep her close, and she sighs softly. When he nudges a long leg in between her thighs and slings an arm around her, she grabs his hand and entwines their fingers.

“I could get used to this,” Tom thinks to himself, feeling so blissed out he doesn’t want to move for ages.

“Me too,” comes the soft whisper, and he realizes with a start that he’s said the words out loud.

Shit. Not the wisest thing to do, because they both know this will be difficult. He doesn’t want to ruin the mood, but there’s no way he can just let it hang like this.


“Mhm?” comes her sleepy reply.

Tom shifts, which only makes her snuggle closer into his embrace.

“I…I’m not sure how often we can manage an escape like this. We… it’s important for both of us that we don’t get caught, and…”

Dammit, he’s fucking this up royally.

She gives his fingers a squeeze, and her tone is a little more alert when she replies, “I know, Tom. I’m no small child dreaming up fairy tales.”

That hurts. With a sigh, he nuzzles her neck, breathing in the scents of her shampoo and their sexual activity.

“I wish I could give you a fairytale, my warrior princess,” he whispers, and in that moment, he means it with all his heart. But he knows that harsh reality will catch up with them soon enough, so he forces the next words out.

“We should probably, um, see other people off and on, just to throw people off, you know.”

He can feel her tense and automatically brushes his thumb over her hand soothingly.

“See? As in date?” she asks, and he can’t read the emotion lurking in her voice.

Nodding against her hair, he explains reluctantly, “Just a date here and there, so it looks less suspicious when we’re together so much for various fake reasons.”

“Yeah, would probably make sense.”

Tom leans up a little to make out her expression, but she’s half-hidden behind her wild mane of hair and he can only see that she’s closed her eyes.

Deciding to let the matter rest, he briefly disentangles his fingers so he can pull the sheet over their naked bodies.

“Sleep now,” he commands softly again, and after a few moments, her breathing evens out.

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Diamonds and Pearls

diamonds and pearls.jpg

Diamonds and Pearls

A Chris Evans fan fiction

A written collaboration with avenger-nerd-mom and marvelmom

Chris sings in the shower…

Warnings: NSFW, Language, Adult Situations, Masturbation

Inspired by Chris singing and @virtualgirlfriendsan

Word Count 470

The tune runs through his head and he hums along as the hot water pours over every inch of his beautiful body.

He continues singing as he soaps his chiseled abs, the suds sticking in the curls of the hair on his chest, and his hands slowly run over his pecs.  He closes his eyes and tilts his head back letting the water run down his chest as his hand moves down his V.  He becomes lost in his thoughts of you and forgets the words to the song as he begins a gentle tug.

Leaning against the gray slate wall for support, clenching his raised hand into a fist against the cool tile, his soapy hand travels down his hardening shaft.  He drops his head, letting the water wash over his back.  He moans as his fingers curl and his hand begins to move over the swollen vein in his cock.  He thinks of you as his grasp tightens. He smiles as he imagines your hot wet mouth wrapped tightly around him as he begins to pump faster.

His pace slows as a wave of cool air hits his back when the glass doors open.  His shoulders relax as your warm body presses up against him.

Chris trembles against you as you run your fingertips up his bulging arms, your lips nipping at his neck until they reach his ear.  Whispering seductively, he hears, “Don’t stop baby, I want to watch you come.”

He moans with desire as you brush your lush tits across his back, reaching around his tapered hip to place your hand over his to guide him to his release.  Running the fingers on your free hand down his back, you slip them between his ass cheeks.  He spreads his legs slightly, sighing when you begin to stroke the area behind his balls.

In the steam of the shower, you can see your reflections in the mirror and savor the image before you.  “Mmmm, Christopher, you look so good stroking your cock,” you purr.  A sweet whimper escapes his lips.  “I love that I can’t even get my hand around you; that when you’re inside me, you fill me full,” you whisper in his ear, nibbling at the soft spot along his neck, continuing to apply pressure with each stroke.  “Come for me, Christopher.”

The noises of his sexual release bounce off the tile walls.  Your hand becomes slick with his seed and water.  As the throbbing diminishes, he leans forward to rest his forehead on his arm.  Your arms circle his heaving chest and you plant soft kisses on his back, waiting for his breathing to steady.

He turns to you smiling, water dripping from his plump bottom lip and he begins to sing again, “If I could, I would give you the world…”

The Patient

The Patient Cover Art.JPG

The Patient Pt 15

by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans helps his girlfriend feel better on her sick day

Warnings: NSFW, masturbation

Word Count 1230

Chris keeps quiet most of the day.  He checks in on Emery to see if she’s feeling any better.  He notes it’s been about 5 hours since she last was sick, and her fever has started to come down.  He’d like to snuggle with her in bed, and read on some scripts for future projects, but she has banned him from the bedroom.  Each time he enters the room, she whines at him to leave so he doesn’t get sick.  She really isn’t a good patient.  The actor putters around the house, doing some odd little things he sees she needs done.  He takes her Dalmation, West, for a long walk around the neighborhood.  He talks to Marc, and confirms he should be on set tomorrow, as long as he doesn’t get sick, and he also checks in with his mother.  They chat for about an hour, trying to tie up some upcoming holiday plans.

By three in the afternoon, Chris is starting to go a little crazy, when Emery emerges from her room.  She’s wrapped in her Avengers blanket, with a Captain America hoodie, and hello kitty fuzzy pajama pants.  With no make-up and a flush to her skin from the fever, she looks so beautiful, but he’s afraid she’d smack him if he said it, so he keeps quiet.

She sees the grin on his face, and asks, “What’s so funny? Never seen a grown woman in hello kitty pants?” she slowly moves over to the couch and snuggles up next to him.  Chris kisses the top of her head and feels her fever is broken, and the clouds have lifted from her green eyes.

“Feeling better?” he asks.  She slowly shakes her head yes, and he hears her stomach growl.  “You hungry?  I bought some soup?”

Again Emery shakes her head yes.  She pulls on the neck of his t-shirt to pull him closer to her.  “You smell so good… I hate being sick,” she whines.  “Thank you for taking care of me.”

“You could use a bath.  Why don’t I go start bath water, and then I’ll get soup ready for you?”  Chris gently commands.


After making sure she is safely in the tub, Chris fixes the soup and brings it in to Emery, who is still in the bathtub.  The steam from the water seems to be bringing her natural color back to her cheeks.  She is still shaky and weak so Chris gently and slowly feeds her the soup, one spoonful at a time.  “I can’t decide if this is extremely romantic or pathetic,” she giggles.

Chris notices the bubbles are starting to dissipate and can see the tops of her perfectly round breasts peeking through the soap suds.  “From where I sit, it’s pretty damn hot,” he laughs.

He starts to feed her another spoonful, and she gently shakes her head no.  Chris turns the water back on to run slowly, to add heat to the water.  He reaches behind him for the cup he brought in to the room and fills it with warm water.  “Just put your head back and let me take care of you…  You are so beautiful,” he says.  Emery smiles warmly at him, and follows his direction.

She tilts her head back as he cups his left hand over her fore head, and gently spills the cup of water over her hair.  He repeats the action a few times, making sure her thick red curls are wet all the way through.  With each raise of the cup back up to her hair, he “accidently” brushes his hand against her breasts, and she begins to pant with desire.  He reaches across to get her favorite shampoo and lathers it up in his hands, before reaching to massage her scalp.  Emery’s breathe catches as a groan escapes from her lips.  “You remembered…” she looks up at him with a knowing smile.

“If a woman tells me her fluff dream is getting her hair washed, I’m going to remember; I’m a good boyfriend like that,” he chuckles.

“Yes, you are,” she confirms, as she leans her head into his hands.  “It doesn’t have to be fluff, though.”

“Nope.  You’re too sick.  This is purely for hygienic purposes.”

“MMMmmmhmm,” she murmurs. Chris continues to massage the soap through her hair as the smell of strawberries fills the room.  He can see the rising flush on Emery’s skin, this one having nothing to do with her fever, her breasts heaving, and he is turned on by the effect he is having on her.  Thank god for sweatpants and lazy days so his hard erection has room to grow instead of straining against his jeans.  Chris can’t contain his smile as he sees her drop her hand between her legs.  He takes the cup and begins to wash the soap from her hair, continuing to brush his hands against her breasts with each dip of the cup into the warm water.  Chris watches as she continues to please herself, her hand moving faster in and out of her hot sex.  She seems lost in her own little fantasy, so he continues taking care of her, while she takes care of herself.  He wrings the water from her hair, and wraps a towel around her head.  Emery leans back against the back of the tub and lazily smiles up at Chris, her hand bringing her closer to the edge.  With her other hand, she grabs his shirt collar, and pulls him to her.  “Kiss me,” she begs.

Chris leans over the tub, grabbing her breast and kissing her fiercely on the mouth.  His thumb caresses and pinches her nipple, pulling and tugging, as he bites at her lower lip.  Emery runs her hand across his chest and pulls him closer, laughing as his shirt gets wet and he loses his balance.  He braces himself again, and continues his exploration of his tongue inside her sweet mouth.  The soft moans escaping from her lips lets him know she’s almost there, so he decides to help.  He reaches down in the warm water, his hand on top of hers as it slides back out.  On her next thrust in with her small, dainty finger, his larger finger joins hers.  She giggles, and looks up at him, “Hi,” she says quietly, and he chuckles along with her.  On the next thrust in, he slides in two of his fingers, using his stronger hand to push their palms against her mound.  Chris holds their hands there, scissoring his fingers inside her, warm and slick, and she begins to break, arching her back up and pushing up, against their hands.  Emery’s green eyes flash open, searching his face, and whispers, “Oh, God, Chris, I’m coming,” before her eyes flutter closed again, as she rides the waves rolling through her body.

Chris kisses her gently this time as she relaxes back down, and cups her cheek in his hand.  She turns her head slightly to kiss his palm, and whispers her thanks.  Emery sighs contentedly as a chill shakes her body.

“Let’s get you out; the water is getting cold.  Feeling better, baby girl?”

“I think that was just the medicine I needed,” she replies with laughter and love in her voice.

Copyright © 2015 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom


Part 8 Quiet....JPG


by avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans relaxes after an eventful evening with his girlfriend, Emery Thomas.  He takes quiet time alone before her family arrives for dinner.

Warnings: SMUT, masturbation

Word Count: 940

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The ride back to the house is quiet.  They both are lost in their own thoughts, but Chris is so happy to see the lazy, spent smile on Emery’s face.  Listening to the end of the game on the radio, Emery knows they still have about an hour before her family will arrive to her house.  She calls the pizza place and arranges to have several pizzas delivered within the hour. 

Chris parks the car in her driveway.  He walks around to the passenger side and opens the door for Emery.  “I’m still a puddle.  I can’t move,” she laughs.  He reaches into the car, and lifts her out.  He gently sets her down on the ground.  Emery reaches up on her tiptoes, pulls him down for a kiss, and reaches her hand under his sweatshirt, caressing at the hair on his tight stomach.  Less passionate than the kisses earlier, but just as powerful, Chris pulls back from the kiss, and kisses the tip of her nose.  “If you want me to make a decent impression on your family, in less than an hour, you can’t do that now.”

Emery chuckles at him as she walks away to check on her dog, West, “Got it.  No tent raising for the next few hours…”

Chris is waiting for her on the front porch; she sits down next to him and he takes her tiny hands in to his, his thumbs rubbing circles on the backs of her hand.  Emery sighs contentedly and shifts, leaning closer to him.   “I love you, Evans.  I don’t know what happens next, but I want you.  I need you to know that.”

Chris lets out a breath he didn’t even realize he had been holding in.  “Why tonight; why there?”

Emery shakes her head, like she’s been wondering the same thing.  “I guess, I just was thinking how wonderful you are.  How patient you’ve been with me…  I’m not stupid, or naïve.  I know it’s a lot to ask of you, to wait.  And you have, and you haven’t pushed me.  You let things progress naturally, and it just makes me love you more.  I love you.  I’ll say it a million times.”

Chris has heard those words before, from many women, but for the first time, he feels them.  Her words wash over him, making him feel complete in a way he’s not felt before.  Chris leans against Emery, whispering in her ear, “I love you, too; in a way I’ve never known.”

Emery turns to look in Chris’s eyes, and sees the truth in his words.  “I was thinking of who we are, and who we were then; lots of high school memories tonight.  I loved high school, and have happy memories, but I never had a high school sweetheart.  I never found the right guy.  I guess I wanted to make up for lost time; you know, a better high school memory than getting dumped at prom, right?”

She nudges his shoulder, and smiles at him.  “So now we can both talk about this amazing time in high school and no one has to know it was 15 years after we graduated,” Emery laughs, and Chris laughs with her.  “Say it again.”

Her teacher voice.  God, if she ever figures out what her teacher voice does to him, he is so done for, Chris thinks to himself.

“I. Love. You.” Chris puts his hand behind her neck and pulls her in for a gentle, sweet kiss.  His insides are still mush from the events of the last few hours, and he knows he’s being a hopeless romantic, but he can’t help but think this kiss is so different from any he’s ever felt, so full of hope and promise.  He fights the urge to say this out loud.  There’s so much he wants to say, but knowing her family will arrive soon, it isn’t really the time or place.  They both seem to realize this at the same moment, as she pushes back from him.  She leans her head into his chest, and he continues to caress the back of her neck.  She quietly whispers, “Go.”

 Chris goes in the house to take a shower, and removes the last remnants of the blue and white face paint.  He leans against the shower wall, as the hot water pours over his body, thinking back to the events of the last few hours.  He wasn’t surprised to discover the petite, lovely woman had been hiding a wild streak behind her tame exterior. 

The quiet ones usually do, he muses to himself.  Thinking back to the noises she made and the way her body so beautifully responded to him, he begins to stroke himself slowly.  His cock gets hard as he circles his thumb over his tip, using the shower soap to add to the ease with which he can slide his hand up and down his long, swollen dick.  Chris wraps his hand around his shaft and begins to pump faster as he imagines sliding in and out of her.  A groan escapes from his lips as he thinks about thrusting into her, and memories of her, warm and wet, push him over the edge; his orgasm providing a release for the tension in his body.  He continues to lean into the shower wall, knowing this relief will have to do until after her family leaves for the night.  He was so surprised by her behavior and her declaration of love.

 He can’t wait to see what other surprises she might have planned for him.

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