Mine Tonight

ET ch 27 Mine tonight June 4 2017

Chapter 27

Educating Thalia

Collaboration by @avenger-nerd-mom & @devikafernando


A collaboration involving Professor Hiddleston and Professor Evans- The two are rivals at a posh New England university and have no idea they both have taken interest in the lovely Thalia Bareo. She’s a grad student with interests in language and history; a sassy full-figured Puerto Rican girl from Chicago.  Story updates are posted on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Word count: 4654

Warnings:  Language, Adult Situations, food porn, NSFW, nipple play, oral sex, face fuck, delayed gratification, edging, denied orgasm

Summary:  Chris takes Thalia on a date since their last meeting in public lead to a fight.  This time he intends to make it perfect.

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The next night, Chris can’t believe how beautiful she looks in the wrap style red dress with a simple gold chain at her neck.  The little pendant falls just so in her bountiful cleavage and he can’t wait to take a closer look at it later.  The heels honestly make her the same height as him, and he’s so honored to have her on his arm as the whole place seems to watch them walk to their table.  Her shoulders are back and her head is held high, but with his hand on the small of her back, he can feel her trembling, a total ball of nerves.  Holding her seat out for her, as she sits, he can’t help the small whistle of appreciation that escapes his lips.  “Christopher!  Behave yourself,” she admonishes him, her smile growing by the minute.

Pushing her chair in, he leans down over her shoulder, whispering in her ear.  “So does that dress have one or two ties holding it closed?”

“Stop it!” She blushes as she swats his arm.

Taking the seat closest to her, she eyes him warily.  “I believe it’s proper etiquette to sit across from the lady at dinner so you can admire her.  You’re in the wrong seat, sir.”

She halts her teasing when the waiter comes to take their drink orders.  Chris watches her bite her lip as his hand runs up her thigh, holding back his own laughter when she clamps her legs shut tight.

Pushing his hand away when the waiter leaves, she rises proper again.  “Chris, stop.  I mean,” she shakes her head and blushes.  “Chris.  I really don’t want you to stop, but,” she sighs and scrunches her face up the way she sometimes does when she doesn’t want to say what she needs to say that Chris finds so adorable.

“When you do that, and scrunch your nose and pout out your lips, it’s adorable,” Chris tells her.

Blushing, the pink rose brings out her freckles and he leans back in his seat, placing his hands on the table.  “What did you want to tell me, Niña?

She tilts her head back and pushes her hair from her face.  This is going to be a long night if he can’t stop his thoughts or his hands.  “Babe, I rarely get taken on ‘fancy’ dates like this.”  She gestures to the menu, “I don’t even know what half this stuff is; it’s exciting and makes me feel special.  I want to enjoy it.  I’ve worked in restaurants before.” Her hand rests on his, laying on the table.  “The staff always knows when the woman is getting groped under the table; I don’t want to be that gi- that woman tonight.  Please.”  She licks her lips nervously waiting for his response.

Nodding his head, he takes a drink of water with his free hand.  With his other, he turns it slowly and slides his fingers to entwine with hers.  “I understand; tonight is about you.” Reaching across he tucks her hair behind her ear and says, “Anything you want, just ask.  But I can’t control my thoughts and when I get you home with me tonight, you’re all mine.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she grins.

Scouring the menu, they both make their decisions and laugh at the combination of fruits and vegetables in the salad.  She tears off a small bite of the seasoned garlic bread and her absolute joy is heavenly.  “Carbs,” she whispers.  “Oh, my God…”

“What are talking about?”  Laughing as he dips his bread in the olive oil.  “So we don’t ‘date’ but we eat together a lot.  I’ve seen you eat pizza, pancakes and hamburgers and those-”

“You know, as an adult male, those are really unhealthy food options.  I should feed you better,” she giggles.  “A Puerto Rican girl this size? She can cook!  Arroz con gandules…. Oh, as cold as it’s been I should fix asopao.  No. No, you’re Italian, I should make pastelón!  You’ll never want regular lasagna again.”

Her eyes gleam and dance, her accent growing thick as the foreign words fall from her lips.  “Yes to all of it, whatever you want, considering I have no idea what any of that is, but I love hearing you say it.   Growing up, did your family visit Puerto Rico?”

Thalia tells him her adventures as a child visiting her father’s family and running through the fields of sugarcane with her cousins who still lived on the island. She pauses long enough for the waiter to serve their meals and she turns her questions to him, asking about his travels and journeys as a historian.  Through discussion they even discover at one point they had both been swimming in the caves at Grand Cenote on the Yucatan peninsula within days of one another and had been to many ‘off the map’ historic stops, leaving them to wonder if they had crossed paths years before, when Thalia was still an undergrad.

The conversation flows freely and lightly.  Chris watches in awe as he can see her brain jump from one topic to the next and she shares so many random facts about the places they’ve both seen, things he didn’t even know.  Her skin glows in the candle light on the table and as she relaxes, her posture falls a bit, allowing the front of her dress to gape just enough to provide him with a lovely view.  Occasionally she rubs her leg against his and smiles innocently.  But the damn little lick of her lip lets him know she knows exactly what she’s doing.

When the meal winds down, Chris wipes his mouth on his napkin and lays it next to his plate.  “So Miss Teaching Assistant; what’s my grade?  Did I pass our first date?  You’re not still mad at me like the other night?  I wasn’t sure who to worry more about- you killing me or Jim?”

A quick pink rises up her chest and across her cheeks.  “Sorry about that little display.  Oh, but thank you by the way for the heater; you didn’t have to do that; you never answered my text? And I really hate presents, just so you know.” Tilting her head from side to side, she rubs her lips together.  “I was having a really bad day, but you know about that?  You reported the creep?  I heard about that…”  Her eyes drop briefly and the shade of pink grows darker.  “I spoke in anger, and I said things I didn’t me-”

Putting his hand over hers, “Thalia, you were right.  You’re too amazing to keep hidden away.  I should be taking you out, enjoying things with you.  And I sure as hell hope I’ve never made you feel the way you said.  If I did, I’m so, so sorry, and I will do everything I can to fix it. If I’ve ever made you feel not important or special to me-” Stopping himself he sighs.  He scoffs.  “Wanna hear something funny?  Everyone knew how crazy I was about my wife.   Oh, I know girls took my class just to get a look at me, and there were jokes about trading favors for As, but none of that was true.  Thalia, you are the first woman to catch my eye since my divorce.”  He grasps her hands and moves closer to her, looking into her dark eyes.  “I wanna make sure you hear this… When I make a commitment, I’m there.  I’m all in.  I may have sown a few wild oats after the divorce; I’d been with the same woman since I was twenty- two.  But revenge sex wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and at my age now, I grew tired of it.  I hadn’t been with anyone in nearly five months till you came along.  You are important to me. And too bad, there will be more gifts because I like getting little things for people I care about.  It’s no different than you making me dinner or bringing me breakfast on days we work together.”  He winks at her, removing his glasses and putting them in his coat pocket.  “And if I haven’t said it before, or made you feel it, shame on me.  I’d like to make that up to you tonight, if you’ll let me.”

Her eyes are wide with his confession and he wonders what she thinks. As he’s been talking her mouth has slowly dropped open, breathing as though she can’t get enough air and her hands are warm in his.  “Yes, Chris, I’d like that.  Very much.” Dropping her eyes, she blushes and says quietly, “You’re important to me too.  I like the time we share together.  It’s… different.”

Briefly he wonders if she means ‘different’ as in how the other man in her life treats her,or ‘different’ in general to past experiences.  For a split second, he considers asking her. But this isn’t the time or place and secretly he prides himself on keeping his jealousy to himself.  He has to make himself look good and doesn’t want to tip his hand, and show her how damn envious he really is.  “I like hearing that Thalia… I hope you don’t mind, but I have other plans for us tonight and I’d like-”

“No dessert?  Chris, you can’t take a fat girl to a fancy restaurant like this and not have dessert,” she laughs, tugging on his arm playfully.

“You’re not fat, dammit, and I know you’re saying that now as a joke, but I really wish you wouldn’t.”  His hand brushes against her thigh under the table and he feels her tremble as her breath catches and he moves closer to her.  Sweeping her hair over her shoulder, his fingers drag gently through her long tresses and her tongue flicks out to lick her lips in desire. “I like when you tremble at my touch, Niña.  It shows me you’re mine and you want me.  Every man in this room has their eyes on you; they want you.”  Leaning in the smell of sweet orchids on her skin fills his nose and heightens his senses.  “They are jealous of me and envision things we might do, and wish it was them.  And the women are envious of your beautiful hair and glowing skin.  You look positively radiant tonight darling.  Red is definitely your color.”

Tears rim her eyes and she blinks them away.  “I’m beautiful to you, Chris.  Thank you, but not everyone else sees me that way.”

He wonders again about her other companion and slowly pushes his chair back, signaling to the waiter.  “I’m sure someone does,” his tone hardens for a moment.  To the waiter, he simply hands over his credit card and asks for the rest of their meal to be boxed up.  Another server arrives to carry things away.  “I have a special treat planned for later, Niña.  You’ll get more than one type of sweet treat later, I promise.”

Giggling she shakes her head and pushes her chair back.  Chris rises as she does and she excuses herself to the ladies room.  Eyeing her as she saunters away, he worships the sway of her hips, the form fitting dress showing off every curve.


Driving back into town, holding hands tightly in her lap, she watches the city pass through the window.  Taking his eyes from the road, he views her strong profile and his heart flips.  Turning to him, she winks at catching his gaze.  “Where are we?  I don’t recognize this part of town.”

“I wanted to be away from campus; found a duplex housing unit that had a playground for Avery.”

“Oh,” she whispers quietly.  “So we’re going back to your house?”

Sensing her hesitancy, he provides an out.  “We don’t have to; we can go back to your place… Or we can get a hotel?”

“No. No hotels.”  She fidgets in her seat, looking out the window as she gathers her thoughts.  In her quiet husky tone she admits, “It just feels really… intimate.  That’s your home, with your daughter.  Are you sure?”

Raising their hands to his lips, he turns the car down the dark road and gently kisses the back of her hand.  Sighing happily, he tells her.  “I appreciate your concern, Thalia, but I‘m a grown man.  I wouldn’t bring you here if I didn’t want you to be a part of my life, whatever part of it you want.  Avery’s not here, of course, and to be honest, I haven’t decided yet about you two meeting.  She’d love you, and no one can help but fall in love with her. It’s just-”

“If she’s half as amazing as her dad, I’m sure I would adore her.  Babe, you don’t have to explain it to me.” Her eyes glisten in the dark.  “Kid of divorce.  I get it.  It takes a special person to take on additional baggage.  Some days I feel like just a kid myself…” Her voice changes.  “And no child should be subjected to growing attached to new people who appear in their lives just as suddenly as they leave.  You’ll know when and if it’s right for us to meet…”

In the driveway, he places the car in park.  “Thalia Bareo, I don’t think there’s anything you can’t handle.  You’re so giving and flexible, and you-”

Her giggles stop him and he starts laughing too.  “And you have a very filthy mind, and I adore that.”

Reaching over to her in the dark he wraps his fingers in her thick mass of curls and she doesn’t even wait for him to pull her close.  Their lips collide in the middle, meeting over the damn center console.  Her hands grip his tie and yanks him to her as their mouths open and their tongues caress against one another and she releases a lusty sigh. “Been waiting on you all night to do that; took you long enough,” she teases.

His hands reach into her warm winter coat and he pulls away at the top of her dress, groping at her full breast under the satin and lace.  Loudly she moans against his mouth and his cock stirs.  God, he wants her.  He wastes no time and pushes her back, leaning over the center divide between them to rest against her as he kneads at the tender flesh peeking out of her bra.  Shoving the fabric aside he exposes one of her dark nipples to the cold air and pinches it between his fingers. Greedy, his kisses grow with intensity as he alternates between kissing her deeply and nipping at her swollen lips.  While their mouths reacquaint with one another, Thalia loosens his tie and makes haste with the buttons on his crisp white dress shirt.

Cold from the winter air her hands dart across his skin in feather light touches, running her fingertips through the soft scattering of hair on his chest.  Sliding his mouth down over her jawline, he licks a stripe of wet along her exposed graceful neck before nibbling back up to her ear.  She tilts her head back against the cold glass window and she finds her words again.  “We’re not fourteen and you’re gonna hurt yourself there, big boy,” she teases as her hands slide down to rest on his waist, his hard cock pressing into her belly.  “And it’s cold as hell out here. I’m assuming your bed is warmer?”

Climbing off her, he collapses into his seat.  “I knew I should have asked for the mini-van in the divorce,” he chuckles, squeezing her fingertips.

She simply rolls her eyes.  “I’m a lady, kind sir.  I don’t shag in a vehicle,” she teases with the mocked air of royalty.

“Fine, Princess.  Stay seated, let me help you.  The driveway is slick.”  Looking over to her beautifully aroused body he reaches across and pulls her dress back in place over her exposed breasts.  “Wrap back up.  It’s cold, and I don’t want you getting sick.”

Getting out of the car and watching for ice himself, he mumbles aloud.  “‘I don’t want you getting sick.’  Hell, I’m not her father. That’s just weird, Chris, get it together.”

A sound makes him look at her through the front window and he sees her hiding behind her hand, her eyes wide.  He raises his arms to shrug a silent question and slips on the ice, catching himself on the grill of the car.  “Fuck,” he mutters. “Good going. Throw out your back like on old man before you can even get her in bed, Jesus fuckin’-”

Reaching for her door handle, he laughs when he opens it and she has a small pair of flats sitting in her lap.  “Is that why your purse is so big? You had shoes in there?  Or is it like a closet door to Narnia,” he teases.

Spinning around on her ample bottom, her skirt hikes up, exposing her bare thigh as she swings her feet out to the ground.   His eyes follow along the long stretch of her leg as she quickly removes her heels and replaces them with the flats.  “A Narnia reference, really? I would have gone with Hermione’s handbag myself.”

“Who?” he laughs but loses his attention when she runs her hand down her leg to put on the other slipper.  Damn.  The image of her hands caressing over her dark skin makes him hard.  He’s been holding his thoughts in all evening and now he can allow them to run free. A release of sorts…

“The heels go back on later,” he says gruffly, thankful for the long winter wool coat hiding his growing bulge. “Were you laughing at me?”

Nodding her head vigorously her curls shake rapidly.  “I was! I could hear you talking to yourself, you fool.” She blushes and her smile grins from ear to ear. “Its sweet you worry about me but please, dear God, don’t throw out your back,” she giggles again, hiding behind her hand.

Blushing, he whispers, “Damn. You weren’t supposed to hear all that.”

He holds his arm out to her and she rises carefully, making sure the surface isn’t slick.  Out of the car, he kisses her again, inhaling her warm breath and then blowing it back out to see the bubble of condensation released into the winter night air.  Reaching for the left overs in the back seat, he then holds his arm to her, crooked at the elbow for her to link hers in his.  “If we fall, I’m grabbing for the steaks and you have to fend for yourself,” she tells him and they both nearly fall on the patch of ice when they throw their heads back in laughter.

Walking up the front sidewalk, he’s focused on their steps, so they don’t get hurt. She makes him feel young and vibrant, and he almost wishes they were dressed better for an impromptu snowball fight.  The idea makes him smile, picturing the two of them rolling around in the snow, trying to shove it down each other’s shirts and going inside later for a hot shower to warm up and-

“What the hell!”   He’s startled by the cold against his cheek and neck.

“You squeal like a girl!”  Laughing, she drops his arm and moves quickly ahead, more snow from the bushes in her gloved  hands.  “Chicago, babe.  I know how to pack a snowball.”  She throws it and hits him squarely in the chest.

“Fuck!” He shouts stalking towards her as she grabs the porch rail and moves away from him. “Tomorrow. Tomorrow we will dress for a proper fight, and I will show you how a Boston boy makes snowballs.”

“Boston boys are all talk,” she taunts him brushing the snow from his coat while he unlocks the front door.

Her playful smile tugs at his heart but he doesn’t want to let his guard down now.

The door unlocked, he quickly snakes his free hand around her waist, pulling her close.  “Lucky for you we’re all action too,” he says, kicking the door open and walking her backwards over the threshold.  Closing it against the cold air, he tosses the bag of food on the floor and spins her, pinning her back against the wooden door.

“Oh, really? Next thing you know, you’ll be trying to tell me Fenway’s better than Wrigley,” she taunts, her breathing already labored as he pulls at the buttons on her coat and rocks his body against hers, his mouth devouring her neck.

He bites roughly and she sucks in the air deeply, but no sound is released. Her head falls to the side, silent approval of his force and he bites again, his hands finally inside her coat.  He growls against her skin, “I’m going to forget you said that.  I’m going to make you forget everything tonight. You’re mine tonight, Thalia, do you understand me?”

“All yours, babe.” The smile is evident in her voice.

His lips continue to lick and suck her neck, but he doesn’t leave any marks.  Not yet.  His hands rub firmly over the front of her body and he grabs the lapels of her coat, pulling her close and away from the door.  Quickly he yanks it off of her and then removes his as her hands grasp at his tie- the tie she gave him, and tugs at the other buttons on his shirt. Pulling harder than intended, she gasps when one little disk flies off and her mouth forms a perfectly round “oh.”

“Oh, baby, that’s so beautiful when your mouth does that.” He runs his fingertip across her glossed lips as she pushes his shirt back over his shoulders, and down his arms.  Her tongue teases the rough pad of skin and he dips his finger inside her mouth.  Her eyes instantaneously darken and the heated sound she makes is very primal, hitting Chris in his gut.  Her lips wrap around his finger and her tongue strokes the length.  One hand still claws at his bicep, but the other takes hold of his hand at her mouth.  Gripping his wrist tightly, she slides his hand in and out, a promise of what’s to happen.

Chris can’t take it.  His voice is dark and deep.  “Fuuuck… On your knees.  Do it again.”

Stepping back slightly, he makes room for her, staring in disbelief as she tugs free the ties from her dress and it falls open to reveal a cream colored satin lingerie set with black lace.  The outline of her new tattoo peeks above the lace and he can’t wait to feast his eyes and lips upon the ink stain on her skin.  She shimmies out of the covering and drops to her knees, grabbing for his belt buckle and pulling on it roughly.  “Beautiful, Thalia. Fucking beautiful,” he sighs as her manicured nails tease at his bulge hidden in his dress slacks.

His head drops forward to watch her as she tugs free the belt from his waist.  He shrugs the shirt from his shoulders, pulling it loose from the waist of his pants.  When she she tilts her head  back and their eyes connect he is lost in their chocolate depths.  Dark and husky she asks, “Can I touch you?”

Asking permission.  Fuck, that’s so hot.  He simply grunts in response, at a loss for words.

Slowly her hand slides the zipper down, feathering her fingers along the exposed fabric of his boxer briefs.  Uncontrollably he jumps at the attention and his cock throbs for more of her touch.  He just wants to tell her to hurry up, but she deserves the right to some control as well.  She’s so damn good at it.  His precome seeps through the elastic waistband as her hand reaches in his pants and cups under his balls,the fabric rough against his tight skin. Lifting up from her knees, she brings her mouth to his covered cock and blows warmly across him.

Weakened by the open mouthed kisses she places on the cotton fabric, he clutches his hands at his side, bracing himself not to rush her.  Her breath hot, her nose brushes from his base to the tip.  Tucking her fingers in the waist of his pants, she pulls both garments down tugging over the curve of his toned ass.  As he pops free his hard shaft springs into her face and she instantly takes it into her mouth, pushing his pants down his long legs.  Her lips tease just his head and he falls forward reaching out to the closed door to catch himself. Tantalizingly her tongue swirls around the swollen tip as she taps his leg to step out of the clothing.  Caressing her hands up the backs of his legs she squeezes and pulls his ass cheeks and his heightened breaths fill the air.  “So fucking good, Niña.”

She begins to take skillful measures with her tongue and teeth, skimming over his veiny ridges as she sucks him into her mouth.  His free hand grasps her hair and pulls it tight and she stops, understanding the unspoken command.  Stretched, her mouth still holds him.  The longer he makes her wait he can feel her salivating, her mouth literally watering for him.

“Do you want it?” he asks gruffly, tugging her hair.

Her teeth clamp on him, but not too rough and her muffled sound is affirmative.  Releasing her pressure, he wraps her hair tighter around his hand and grasps the back of her head, holding her still as he begins to face fuck her, reaching the back of her throat and she takes every inch.  Her eyes watering, he slows as her hands slide around the front of his thighs and her thumbs push against his taint. His moans fill the air and his sac tightens.  The caresses of her hands and mouth are just perfect and he’d love nothing more than to shoot his load into her mouth.  Loosening the grip on the back of her head, her hands continue kneading him and slip around to gently hold his balls, rolling them between her fingers. The other hand grasps his shaft, adding a sinful stroking motion to coincide with the sliding of her hot pink lips.

The vision below him is heaven and he’s so close to coming.  His hand wraps over the top of hers and he aids with the pulling and tugging, adding extra force.  The feeling wells up from his toes but he holds back, not wanting the sensation to end.  Tilting her head up her eyes are full of lust as he watches her glide across his cock again.

Thalia pulls off with an echoing smack.  Still stroking him, eyes connected with his, her smile grows wide and devilish.  Her hands still and she rises up to a standing position, confined in the space between him and the door.  She wipes the spit from her lips and flicks her tongue out quickly.

Chris can’t believe it.  She’s carried him to the brink and stopped…  He chuckles and bites his lip, continuing to pump on his own.  Thalia leans her ass against the door, reaching through the pile of clothes for her discarded heels.  She lifts one leg and slides a shoe on as he had requested, then repeats the same with the other, running her hands up her curvy legs, stopping at the top of her thick thighs to adjust her panties.

“I’d stop that if I were you.  I didn’t say you could come yet,” she declares as she walks out from under his arm, the confident clicking of her shoes against the hardwood floors.  His silk tie is in her hand and trailing the floor behind her.  “You promised dessert.  Where’s the kitchen?”

Pure evil.  Pure sass. Pure Thalia.

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et ch 21 Bliss

Chapter 21

Educating Thalia

Collaboration by @avenger-nerd-mom & @devikafernando


A collaboration involving Professor Hiddleston and Professor Evans- The two are rivals at a posh New England university and have no idea they both have taken interest in the lovely Thalia Bareo. She’s a grad student with interests in language and history; a sassy full-figured Puerto Rican girl from Chicago.  Story updates are posted on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Word count: 3178

Warnings:  Language, Adult Situations, fingering, oral sex, fluff

Summary: Chris gets the chance to spend more time with Thalia, discovering he likes more than just her body.

Cover images found on Pinterest

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Over the course of the next few cold winter weeks, Chris realizes Thalia adds light to his dark days.   He learns her schedule and finds spots to accidently run into her on campus, the easiest being quick meets in the school Commons.  Professors meet with students there all the time, so none would be the wiser as to their little rendezvous in plain sight.  His knee casually brushing against her leg or her hand bumping his while she reaches for the pepper, a knowing smile shared between them, always with research spread on the table in front of them.

The limited hours she has working with him each week allow him to see how her captivating mind works and he realizes he has a schoolboy crush on her.  He watches her work with such pride and admiration, but at the same time he can’t wait to get her alone and rip her clothes off and let her have her way with him.  Chris likes the ease of the give and take in their experiences together and observes her growing into herself as a sexual being.  He feels fortunate just to be along for the ride.

Most of their dates consist of him meeting her at the bar, some nights coming in to talk with her by chance, not to arise suspicions from Jim, and often going home alone.  He just enjoys the company of having someone near.  He plays pool with the regulars and for pretense of being a single man, on occasion he flirts innocently with other women who come into the bar.  The dirty little hole in the wall establishment doesn’t often bring in the most savory of characters.  Chris loves watching Thalia adapt to this role, affecting a different personality to fit in rather than to use her education to stand above.

It’s amazing how she holds herself so confidently in both worlds. It’s sexy as sin and he wants to see more of it, in both arenas.

He pauses when he hears her enter the room.  Shaking his head he can’t believe he got caught.  Lost in his thoughts, he hadn’t been paying attention to listen for the water to shut off.  He grimaces as he clutches her sweater in his hand.

“Christopher!”  Thalia giggles, her tone playful and boisterous. “Just what the hell are you doing in my closet?  I mean, really, I have handled all your kinks, but really that would be-”  She stops talking when the sweater hits her in the face and she releases a mock squeal of astonishment.

He doesn’t acknowledge her tease, and says the first thing that comes to his mind.  “God, you’re beautiful,” he admires, his voice dropping to a low rumble, the sound vibrating in his chest.

Clad only in a towel from her shower and another wrapped around her head, her skin glows with a sheen of lotions and oils.  The towel tucks between her ample breasts and creates a natural draw for his eyes.  With her hands on her hip, the terry cloth pulls away slightly, exposing thick thighs with just a hint of space between them.  A space where he’d like to be, he thinks as he falls to his knees in front of her, ready to worship at her altar.

“You’re changing the subject,” she hisses as his hands snake up her legs and the top of his buzz cut head follows their path.  Taking a few steps back, she rests on the end of the bed and he crawls to chase after her, taking up the same spot and spreading her for his feast.

He starts slow and methodically licking a stripe down the sides of each puffy pink lip, enjoying the smooth result of her recent afternoon at the spa.  Nipping and flicking his tongue across the flesh, her arousal begins.  His texts to her all evening already have her on “go” and she rubs at the top of his head, small keening sounds encouraging him to delve deeper.  His hands run up her sides, kneading and caressing over her warm and fragrant skin.  He gropes at her abundant tits while his tongue takes its first leisurely swipe between her folds, eliciting a lusty response from deep within.  “I fuckin’ love your sounds, baby girl, don’t hold any back from me tonight.” Sampling her again, his cock rises to the wanton melodies she creates.  His voice drips with his own desire as he shares his secret wish with her. “I wanna hear them echo in my ears tomorrow when we sit and work with the team in my office.”

“Oh, fuck,” she whispers, pulling back on the nape of his neck and leaning to him for a kiss.  Raising up on his knees he meets her and their lips wrap together.  Their needy kisses flow one after another as he flicks his tongue through her mouth sharing her tangy sweet taste. From one welcoming hole to the next, Chris drops back down and continues his task, making quick work of driving her to a frenzy as she grips his shirt tighter and tighter.  “Lay back, Niña, so I can have more of you,” he growls.

He pushes her to the bed and holds her down tightly with one hand while the other begins to slide in and out of her slick.  Teasing and pulling at her clit with his teeth he brings her to new heights, her sounds growing in volume.  Smearing around the wet, he slips over her taint and smiles at her involuntary jump, bringing to mind beautiful images of what he’d like to do to her.  As his fingers work faster, her breath catches and the noises echo in the cold room.

“Look at me,” she commands of him.  Lifting onto her elbows she cries out to him, her voice raspy and thick.  “Fuck me, baby, make me come.”

His vision holds with the depths of her melted chocolate brown eyes, her hair wet and wild tumbling down over her shoulders.  It’s quite possible she’s never looked more beautiful.  His mouth moves over her cunt, sliding his hands out and bringing both down over her thighs, pushing his thumbs over her taint.  His hold on her free, she thrusts up as his whole mouth latches over her sweet hole, delivering the sweetest of French kisses.  Writhing against him, grabbing the sheets, she comes all over his tongue as he laps it up quickly, not wanting to waste a single drop.  Her cries wither to quiet mewls and he pulls back slowly, washing over her with his tongue and cleaning her well.  Sitting back on his heels he watches with satisfaction as her eyes roll back and she collapses to the bed.  “Damn, I love that.”

Her scent fresh on his fingers, he wipes her succulent juice from his scruffy chin and scrambles up beside her on the bed.  She flops her head to the side and beams at him as he teases her with his fingers. “Rather delectable… Would you like to try?”

Nodding imperceptibly her pupils dilate and her breathing halts.  Her pink tongue flicks over her swollen lips,  gifting them with a dewy shine.  His finger tip follows the same motion spreading her come on them to share before kissing her.  Gathering the last from his beard, he touches his finger to her lip anew. Tentatively she tags him with the tip of her tongue and he pulls down at the entrance of her mouth and pushes inside with his finger.  Closing around him, she sucks him clean, humming at the deed with a silent promise for his later.

chris and thalia


Falling into their Sunday afternoon routine they take up residency on their respective ends of the couch, Thalia needing space to spread out her books.  Today the task at hand seems to be creating note cards for an upcoming presentation.  Chris absently watches her work as she chews on the tip of her pen and twirls her hair.  Smiling, she looks up and his heart fills with joy.  He winks at her and turns his attention back to his computer, several tabs open on shopping sites, searching for just the right something to showcase her beauty and her luscious figure.  Just the thing to stop him in his tracks when he sees her walking across campus so he can think, “Damn, I know what’s under that.”

With a few clicks, his choices are made, and he realizes it was so worth getting caught coming out of her closet.  He shakes his head at his own joke, but he didn’t want to order something that wouldn’t fit, so he had to do a little spy work.  Chuckling inwardly, he opens a browser for the afternoon football game he wants to watch.  A TV.  A TV might need to be another gift for her little space, but she always seems so offended when he suggests it, he hasn’t stepped over that boundary.

He hates feeling like they’re a couple when they really aren’t.  Are they?  He can’t be seen in public with her, can’t take her to the movies, or hold her hand walking across campus.  But he feels like they’re a couple.  He stays at her place once or twice a week; when she studies in his office, she cuddles under his arm on the couch; she sometimes brings fresh fruit to add to his morning yogurt.  Those are ‘couple things,’ right?  Hell, has dating become so complicated, he’s forgotten how, or has he simply fallen back into the role of “caretaker” as he had before he and his wife drifted apart?

Staring at the screen, the game isn’t going as he hoped and his mind wanders.  Is that all a relationship is?  Finding someone you want to take care of and be with, and if the sex is great, added bonus?  In his failed therapy sessions, he never came to a true answer as to why his wife left him for another man, other than “she’s a bitch.”  It always seemed like he was doing everything right- buying her favorite flowers, doing things to help her out, taking care of Avery when she was working, making sure he kept their sex life active when everything else seemed to pull them in other directions.  He still isn’t sure if he did anything wrong, but it’s-

“Earth to Evans?”  Thalia is snapping her fingers in his face.  “Where’d you go, babe?  I lost ya there…”  She rests her arm on his bicep and administers a gentle squeeze.  “Everything okay?”

Closing the computer, he smiles slowly.  “Yeah, just thinking about stuff I gotta do this week.  Hey, do you wanna get outta here for a bit?  We’ve been cooped up too long, and it’s not terribly cold out today.”

Tossing her curly head, she laughs.  “You didn’t hear a word I said, did you?”  Giggling when he sheepishly hangs his head, she tosses a pillow at him.  “Get off your lazy ass.  We are going out.  My neighbor texted. She still hasn’t made her ‘walk of shame’ and she needs to make sure her dog gets a walk.  We’ve got to go find Dory.”

Chris adds resistance to her pulls as she tries to lift him off the couch and she topples into his lap and he dots her face with a few sweet kisses.  He wants to banish away his sad thoughts.  The expression on her face tells him she understands his actions and she rubs gently over the fuzz on his buzzed head.

“Dory?  Um, Isn’t that a better name for a fish?”  Chris asks, leaning his ass against the door and balancing on one foot as he pulls on his shoes and ties the laces.  She hands him his winter coat from the back of the chair and quickly shrugs into hers before he has a chance to help her.  While she’s distracted, looking for her keys, he tugs the pink tail of her scarf from her pocket and hides it behind his back.

“The dog’s name wasn’t originally Dory.  Chelley and I don’t even remember the his original name…  It was just a really damn stupid dog.”  She chuckles, stuffing her hands in her pockets and only pulling out her gloves.  She spins in circles, looking to see if she dropped it on the floor.  “I know that’s horrible to say, but it’s true.”

She freezes with a cute, frustrated look on her face; true consternation and Chris can’t contain his laughter as he dangles the hand-knit scarf out in front of her.  “Come here,” he says quietly.  He takes her hair and sweeps it back, holding it up and out of the way as he drapes the scarf over her shoulders with his other hand.  Hanging loosely down over her breasts, he runs his hands down over her form, hidden under the downy comfort of the winter wear.  Even so, her eyes still close and her head tilts back as he caresses over her full breasts, reaching for the dangling tassels at the bottom of the scarf and wrapping them loosely around her neck, his fingertips grazing across her exposed skin at her throat.

Lifting her head to him, she sighs.  “Only you could make this hideous get up sensual.  I feel like half my life is cold Northern Winter weather and I look like the Michelin man, all round and puffy.  So I dream about moving south; but then I think, no one wants to see me running around in sundresses all the time to compensate for the heat.”

He follows her into the hallway, listening to her ramble about weather and clothes and really all he hears is her damn sexy raspy voice.  He follows her up the stairs to the neighbor’s apartment and informs her, “Me.  I wanna see that.  You in skimpy sundresses, a beach?  What are we doing for Spring Break?”

Unlocking the door, she stares at him incredulously.  “We??  What do you mean ‘what are we doing?’  Christopher Evans, have you lost your damn mind?”

If it hadn’t been for the scratching on the door, Chris would have shown her exactly how much she makes him lose his mind.  The minute she opens the door, Dory pops out, so excited to see people.  The fluffy mutt jumps up on him, paws on his chest, sniffing and hoping to make friends.  “Dory!  Down.  Bad dog.  We don’t jump on people.”

The dog sits down next to her, reacting to her voice as she holds her hand to him to sniff.  “Wanna go for a walk?  Wanna go to the park?”

The dog dips his head, as if to say yes.  “Get your leash,” she commands and the dog runs back inside stopping at a basket by the TV.  “Good boy,” she pats his head, bending for it and attaching it to the dog’s collar.  Closing the door, she says to Chris.  “Well, I don’t know what you plan to do during the week off, but I’m working, studying, and beginning prep for finals.  And I have hours to complete on campus for work study.  Some of us actually work when we work, ya know.”

Exiting the building, she motions to the left and Chris follows her lead, the pup bounding ahead of them as far as the leash will let him.  She hands over the reigns to Chris while she puts on her gloves and he happily keeps it from her.  “Thalia, I didn’t mean it like that.  I mean… I guess.  Shit.  I wanna make plans with you.  I wanna do things with you and not feel like we just hang out at your place.  Do you get some time off?  We could drive out to the beach one day, or for kicks, you come stay at my house a day or two?  Let me take care of you.”

Thalia stops at the corner, waiting for the light to change.  Watching her, the wind blows her hair around her face and her cheeks blossom in the cold wind. Even when the light indicates they can move forward, she stays frozen in her spot.  Dory lurches forward, unsure why Chris won’t move.

“Did I say something wrong?”  he asks tucking the end of the scarf back inside the loop around her neck.  The dog runs a lap around them and they become tangled in the leash.  Not that he plans on going anywhere till Thalia gives her okay….

Eyes glistening with tears, her hand covers her face.  “Oh, my God.  You are literally the most insane, adorable man I’ve ever met…  You just go through life with no plan other than fun, don’t you?”

Shrugging his shoulders he simply says, “There’s nothing wrong with that; less stress that way.  I can’t be doing it all wrong.  I’m a successful professor, a well known historian and a good dad.  And managed to snag a hot, young co-ed…”

Resting her gloved hand on his chest, she pats him sweetly and rises on her tiptoes to kiss the tip of his nose, then slides down, pushing her body against him and pressing her lips to his.  In the cold, their warm air puffs in a cloud between them as their lips gently dance, kisses growing with intensity.  They only break apart when a passing car honks at them and she bows her head, hiding behind some of her curls.

Taking his hand, she leads him across the street.  “Nothing wrong with it at all.  In fact, that’s probably something you need to teach me- how not to work so hard.”  She sighs.  “So.  Staying at your house a few days, huh?  Can we crank up the heat and pretend it’s a fancy vacation destination and play music full of steel drums?”

“And drinks with coconut rum and little umbrellas in them if that’s what you want. Hell, I’ll even get a sandbox and we can pretend it’s the beach.  Anything that will help you relax and enjoy a vacation for a few days, Niña…”

She opens the gate to the little neighborhood dog park and lets Dory off his leash, laughing when he trots over to ‘check in’ with friends.  Chris and Thalia find an empty bench and snuggle side by side to ward off the cold.  “Chris, that’s still weeks away.  I mean are you sure you wanna-”

His lips crash against hers, effectively shutting her up.  Separating with a tug to her lip between his teeth, he teases, “You talk too much.  You’ve already said your stepmother is coming for Valentine’s Day and you can’t see… anyone.  I want to do something ‘date-like.’ With you.  I don’t care if it’s weeks away.”   He slides his hands between her thighs and rests them there to keep them warm, having forgotten his gloves on the table by the door in her apartment.  “And just think of all the nights in between now and then…”  Nibbling on her ear, he whispers some of those ideas to her while Dory runs around the park.

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Educating Thalia

Chapter 16

Collaboration by @avenger-nerd-mom & @devikafernando


A collaboration involving Professor Hiddleston and Professor Evans- The two are rivals at a posh New England university and have no idea they both have taken interest in the lovely Thalia Bareo. She’s a grad student with interests in language and history; a sassy full-figured Puerto Rican girl from Chicago.  Story updates are posted on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Word count: 3040

Warnings:  Language, Adult Situations, NSFW, cunnilingus, fingering, nipple play, intercourse, multiple orgasms

Summary: Chris takes his time to really get to know Thalia’s body, fulfilling a tantalizing promise while losing himself in her.

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He advances on her quickly, flipping her back to the bed and tugging on her shorts and pulling them down her shapely full figured legs, leaving her in nothing but a piece of skimpy blue lace.  Sliding off the end of the bed, he grabs her ankle and draws her down to him, spreading her legs to rest between them.  “I’ve been wanting to bite right here,” he circles his thumb on her inner thigh, “since you sat on the couch with your foot on the table.  Niña, I don’t even think you knew what you were doing, but you had my attention.”  She whimpers and begins to writhe before he even moves between her legs, tickling her with the top of his buzzed hair.  Noticing the wet spot already on her panties, he continues his little game, biting at her thigh and marking her there also.

With his hair so short, she tugs on his ear and pulls his head back to look at him and whines for him to stop teasing. Her eyes are dark with lust and reaching down to him, she removes his glasses and tosses them gently towards her dresser.  “Just do it.  Lick me, finger fuck me, whatever, but put me out of my misery.”

God, how he wants to hear her sultry voice cry out.  “Thalia, I wanna hear you beg for me.  You have to want it.”

Lifting her ass of the bed, she pushes against him.  “I do Chris; I want it.” She huffs when he pulls back.  “I need you to make me come.”

Licking across the lace, he pushes it between her folds and she cries out, “Fuck,” seemingly shocked at her own volume as she covers her mouth with her fist.  The glorious sound echoes in his ears and he longs to hear it again as he swipes his tongue again, sucking back and gathering the wet lace between his lips.  Stretching it away from her pussy, he glides one hand up her thigh, bringing his thumb to her entrance and massaging with the rest of his hand against her pelvic bone.  She pushes towards him and he holds her still with his other hand.  “Not that easy, Thalia.  You have to want it, you have to tell me you want it.”

“Dammit, I need you to fuck me, please.”

With the lace pushed to the side, he looks at her pretty pink sex and sees the throbbing of her walls, begging for him.  Leaning in, he pushes with his thumb as his tongue teases around her tight bundle of nerves and she cries out again, thrashing against the sheets, straining to rise up as he holds her down.  “More,” she whines.

“You taste absolutely sinful,” he praises.  Her hole is tight and he adds another digit to his caresses, fingering her and pulling in and out, simulating the sex act he plans for her later.  Her walls squeeze on him and he knows she won’t last much longer, teasing her with another lash of his tongue across her clit and her whimpers sound pained. He smiles as he licks when she raises her foot to his shoulder, opening herself up more for him as he continues to dive between her legs.

Choking out the words, she says what he longs to hear.  “Chris, I’m yours, make me come, please.”

“Thatta girl, that’s what I want; go for it.”  Pushing another finger in he curls against her g-spot, letting go of his hold on her stomach so she can rise up to grind against him as she comes over his hand, soaking his beard as he laps her clean.  “Shit, shit, shit,” she cries and it reminds him of his own string of expletives at her hands, his undoing.  The little bit he can’t catch runs between her legs and soaks the comforter as he sweeps her up in his arms and cradles her in his lap, wiping his beard on the already stained tank top.  “Niña, honey, that was just One.  Still two more to go.”

Her head drops to his shoulder, her arms tight around his neck.  She whispers against his skin.  “Fuck, I’ll be dead by morning,” she giggles.  “Cause of death: Amazing hot sex.”

“Don’t die yet; I’m not done with you,” he promises.

Her body quakes in his arms and he feels she’s still on the edge.  Lowering his head,  his lips caress the tender spot against her collarbone.

“Chris?  You just picked me up?  Like it was nothing?”  She giggles, still breathy and faint, the rush of air from her lips warm against his neck.  “That might be the fucking sexiest thing a man has ever done for me,” she shares with him.

He nuzzles closer to her body.  Her round, full womanly body appeals to him in a way no other woman has in ages.  He likes her weight, her power.  It’s a fuckin’ turn on.  His free hand glides up her thigh and her legs fall apart, giving him better access.  He massages over her shaved mound. “I’ll remember that,” he chuckles, tilting his head back to look at her.  She’s lovely with her eyes blown wide from her orgasm, tendrils of curls loose from her braid, damp with the sweat of their lovemaking.  “You like me just for my strength.  Fair enough.  I like you for your thick thighs and peach-shaped ass.”

She blushes and shakes her head back in a gasp as his hand reaches his goal, her wet center. Dipping his fingers in her juices, her walls tremble and clench around him, pulling his digits in deeper.  Curling his fingers, his smooth, rhythmic penetrations reach her g-spot and her breaths catch, her body arching into him.

“I hope that’s not the only reason,” she whispers against the top of his head.

Her nipples push against his solid chest and harden as his mouth drops down, kissing the tops of her exposed globes.  Her hand slides down his chest and joins his, flicking over her aching clit.  “Come for me again, Thalia.  Don’t hold back this time,” he quietly tells her.  “When you’re ready, just let go.”

Looking down to their drenched fingers her wet glistens in the low lamp light and he longs to taste her.  He thinks what the hell…  Sliding his fingers out, she whines from the emptiness but continues to rub herself.  His arm around her back reaches further around her side to lift her ravishing breast to him, as he circles her slick fragrant sluice around the dark nipple with his other hand.  Her flesh rises in goosebumps and he takes the chocolate peak into his waiting mouth, sucking her in and clasping his lips around her raised bud. Pulling back and tugging lightly with his teeth her moan delights his ears and he whispers, “Good enough to eat,” as his hand slides back over her ample stomach to find her hole waiting for him.

Sitting in his lap, her ass rocks against his cock and he stiffens under her, waiting for his turn to truly have her.  Not much longer now.

His fingers meet hers and their punishing touches continue to pulsate within her and he feels her body tense.  Turning his hand he pushes his palm against her hand, eliciting a whine from her as her pleasure takes on a painful need to let loose.  His other hand continues to pull at her nipple, pinching and squeezing as her noises rise and she lifts off him to push against their hands.  “Oh, fuck, fuck, I’m coming again,” she pants as her hand pushes harder in circles around her clit and his fingers reach as far as he can to hit against the most sensitive spot  Her come spills over their hands and Chris continues to caress, pulling the orgasm from her as she bucks against him.

“Look at me,” he coaxes reveling in the frantic darkness found in her gleaming eyes. Hers search over his face, as though she wants to know his features and hold them close.  Her mouth falls open as she cries out and he captures her bottom lip, sucking and pulling at the supple flesh, marking her with beard burn, as her whimpers die down.  Stroking his fingers across her gently, she accepts his mouth, placing a full kiss on his lips as her orgasm wanes.

“Two,” he announces pulling his hand from her sopping cunt and picking her up effortlessly as he rises into a standing position.  His needy hands grab and claw at her ass.  Instinctively she wraps her legs around him and he bounces her up high against his chest, returning her back down on his solid cock.

Her quick intake of air shows her surprise and he holds her still, allowing her time to stretch to accommodate his hard pulsing thickness. Taking a few short steps across the room, he sits her atop the dresser and pushes into her again.  Her lips crash against his in a fevered need and she purrs, “Yes, yes, fuck me like this. Please.”

Their bodies align perfectly and the dresser is just the right height.  Pummeling into her he sets a rapid pace, tired of waiting.  He pulls at her ass and teases along the crease, her moans louder and echoing in his ears. He wonders if this beauty might like a little ass play?   She rolls with him and bounces on the wooden surface.  Her teeth sink into the tattoo on his collarbone and he hisses, heightening his senses as her manicured nails dig into his shoulder.  Moving one hand away from her sweet peachy ass, he glides roughly over her dark skin, tugging and pulling.   Lifting the weight of her exposed tit, he pulls in and out of her. Right on the edge, he knows he needs to stop, get a condom, but she feels so damn hot, so tight, he literally can’t pull himself away.

Thalia opens herself more to him by lifting her leg and resting her foot on the edge of the dark furniture piece. “Damn, that’s hot, Niña.”   Extracting himself momentarily, he watches her walls convulse, the prettiest shade of pink and purple he’s ever seen.  Chris can’t take his eyes off her slippery pulsing cunt.  “So pretty,” he whispers and from the corner of his eyes, he sees her smile grow.

Sassy.  Pleased.

Grabbing the chain around his neck, her husky voice fills his head, words that will echo in his wildest dreams for ages, “You gonna stare at it, or finish filling it?”

With her foot wrapped around his trim waist, she taps his ass with it and she pulls him close guiding him in.  With a strength she’s hidden till now, she requests commands, “Fuck me now, Chris.  I need you to finish me.”

The earthy quality to her voice, her moment of dominance brings him back to the moment.  Rocking against her again he sheaths himself deep inside, scooping her up under her ass and carrying her to the bed.  “Do that all day,” she whines.  “Super fuckin’ sexy.”

Placing her on the bed, she keeps her leg up and he pins it to his side as he pounds into her again and again, unapologetically.  His sounds of pleasure mirror hers as they rise to their peak.  Her body clenches around his cock and her volume rises, a series of expletives falling from her sweet lips.  “Three,” he grunts as he pulls out and pumps himself to finish against her writhing hip as she still undulates beneath his weight.

“Three,” she giggles breathlessly holding him in place on top of her.  “Don’t move.  I like your weight.”

Lazily her fingers drape across his back and her body slowly relaxes.  His come rolls over her hip and onto the comforter and he breathes into her neck, whispering his appreciations.

Hours later, he’s not exactly sure when they fell asleep, so soundly, wrapped up around one another.  She must have been awake at some point.  The lamp is off and he can see around the room in the hazy morning light.  The soiled comforter is hanging off the end of the bed and his glasses are on the bedside table next to her phone.  He slides out of the cozy bed and is instantly hit with a wave of cold air.  Running quickly to the bathroom first, he later tiptoes to the living room to adjust the radiator.  It makes a rumbling sound, but it isn’t too promising.  He wraps the blanket from the back of the couch around him and riffles through the kitchen cabinets, settling on a protein bar and a glass of milk.  His feet are freezing on the cold floors as he pads back into the bedroom.

He tries to slip back into the bed without waking her but she stirs, a happy crooked smile on her face.  “Morning, handsome,” she slurs, her voice full of sleep.

Add it to the list of sexiest sounds.  Thalia’s morning voice.

“This place is fuckin’ cold.  You need a heater,” he declares rolling her on top of him for warmth.

She shrieks when he places his cold feet on the back of her calves, eyes flying wide open.

“You are not nice in the morning,” she tells him, snuggling her full boobs against his rock solid chest and settling between his legs.  Her mouth blows out tiny wisps of air against his neck and he warms under her.

Comfortable and relaxed, they lay in silence for awhile.  Chris plays with her curls while she rubs her hands through the light fuzz across his chest.  Eventually she rolls to his side, snuggling next to him.  A perfect fit.

“‘Niña,’ huh?” she teases, the Spanish endearment rolling off her tongue.

He chuckles quietly, tenderly kissing the top of her head.  “It popped in my mind.  For some reason, I remembered that from my language classes. I guess I thought if I actually called you ‘baby girl’ you might hit me.”

Her body rocks with laughter and jostles the bed.  “You’re probably right.”  She laughs some more and the musical sound fills him with joy.

Cuddled in her arms, he quietly tells her, “I’d like to see you again some time, Thalia.  Maybe we could get dinner later this week?   I’m a professor, and you’re a student; we’d have to keep things quiet…”

Her cheeks flush pink and he can see her hesitation, and a moment of… What? Fear? Disbelief? – pass across her face. She chews at her bottom lip, swollen and bruised from hours of use.  It’s like she’s warring with herself…  yet he sees the instant she makes her decision.

“I’ve just had some of the best sex of my life and I would like to see you again,” she admits, her face a deep shade of red at her confession.  “But,”  Thalia sighs, “I’m seeing someone else… We have a bit of an open relationship, and for reasons, we also like to keep things quiet.  If you’re okay with knowing that I’m not always available because of school, work and well,” she sighs, “him, then yes, I’d really like to see you again sometime.”

Chris’s stomach drops, and he says the first thing that comes to his mind, believing honesty is probably the best for her, especially since she was just now truthful with him.  “To be honest, Thalia, I wasn’t expecting that you were seeing someone else.  I’m gonna have to think on it…”

“It’s fine; I understand,” she rolls over to the edge of the bed and sits up, looking around the mess of the room in a daze.

He doesn’t want her to go; doesn’t want his time with her to end.  “You said you had a lot of studying today?  I really didn’t mean to take all your morning time away-”

“Chris. Stop.  You didn’t take anything away from me.  I’m glad you’re still here.” She sighs frustratedly as she pulls the sheet around her, seemingly embarrassed in the morning light.  Standing beside the bed, her wild hair creates a halo in the gray sunshine creeping in the blinds.  She smiles down at him, reaching to caress his beard.  “I would have really hated you; hated myself if you’d left.”  She repeats quietly, “I’m glad you’re still here.”

Picking up his glasses, she hands them to him.  Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he puts them on, laughing.  “You’re beautiful.  You look well fucked over.”  He delights in knowing he caused her undoing.

Looking in the mirror, she tucks the sheet around her, pushing her wayward curls back.  She hides a small smile behind her hand as she thoughtfully runs her lips over the knuckles on her hand.  As if she’s searching for what he sees and she can’t find it, she shakes her head and turns away.  Chris jumps up and is next to her side before she can move.  Fully naked, he stands behind her, caressing her hair over her shoulder and pulling out what remains of the braid.  “Thalia,  I want to taste more of you.  You’re a curvy, delicious woman.  Any man would be a fool not to see that.”  Bringing his hands to her waist, he digs into her fleshy sides, brushing his cock against her ass.  “Right here?  This is perfect for grabbing you tight.  I picture myself holding you here, and sliding you on and off my cock from behind and-”

“Behind?” she giggles, turning to look at him over her exposed shoulder.  “No, sir.  You stay away from there.”

Chuckling, he pushes against her more firmly.  “Oh, really? Sweetheart, you don’t know what you’re missing.  You realize now you’ve challenged me to-”

Reaching over her shoulder, she places her hand against his scruff.  “You realize now you’re talking like a man who wants to stay; wants to see me again?”

His stomach tightens.  She’s right.  She’s too perfect, too beautiful, too damn smart to walk away from…  Whoever his competition is, he’ll make sure he wins.

Turning his face to kiss her palm, he sighs in defeat.  “Yes, you’re right…  I can’t walk away from you.  I need to know you, Thalia, all of you.”

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Copyright © 2017  avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom and devikafernando

Naughty Girl

et ch 5

Educating Thalia: Chapter 5

Collaboration by @devikafernando & @avenger-nerd-mom


@devikafernando and @avenger-nerd-mom are presenting a collaboration together involving Professor Hiddleston and Professor Evans! The two are rivals at a posh New England university and have no idea they both have taken interest in the lovely Thalia Bareo. She’s a grad student with interests in language and history; a sassy full-figured Puerto Rican girl from Chicago

Click here for the novella, Educating Thalia

Word count: 2415

Warnings:  Language, Adult Situations, NSFW, Dom Tom, spanking, oral sex, fingering, edging, denied orgasm

Summary:  Professor Tom calls Thalia into his office to punish her for her behavior in class

Tom paces like a caged tiger in his office, waiting for the endless ten minutes to pass. When he hears a knock on the door, he dashes behind his desk and sits down, telling himself he needs to retain at least a pretense at control.

“Come in.”

Thalia enters, looking not the least bit remorseful.

“Lock the door,” he orders quietly and sees her eyes widen and darken.

She does as told, then walks to his desk and rests a hand on her broad hip.

“You wanted to see me, Tom?”

He grips the desk hard to keep himself from either snarling at her or kissing her senseless. How about both?

It rubs him the wrong way that she calls him Tom in this situation, but it goes with the defiant lift of her chin and hand on her hip. Why is that a turn-on when he should be mad at her?

Tom swallows, but he can barely keep it together.

“Why are you wearing this?” he barks, gesturing harshly towards her skimpy plaid skirt and the rest of her ball-busting outfit.

Thalia opens her eyes wide, long lashes fluttering.

“Um, why do I wear clothes? Would you rather I came to class naked?”

Despite his emotional state, he can’t help chuckle at that, and her answering grin is way too sexy.

“Naked is always better.” He leans forward, long fingers rubbing his jaw. “In fact, if I could have a say in things, I’d lock you up in a luxury suite and have you spend a whole day parading around in front of me in your birthday suit. Now that would be a sight to behold, don’t you think, darling?”

A flush creeps up her neck, and Thalia sucks in a breath.

Pleased that he’s slowly getting the upper hand again, Tom leans back in his chair and crosses his arms. He has ditched the jacket, wearing only a ratty grey V-neck T-shirt, and he sees her gaze admire the way it stretches across his biceps.

He hasn’t told her to sit down, and he isn’t planning to do so any time soon.

“You know what I mean,” he admonished. “Why the hell did you choose this outfit and let all those wankers ogle you? Didn’t I make myself clear that you’re mine?”

His voices drops into a lower register at the last word, practically growling ‘mine’ because she makes him feel so possessive.

He notices the effect those words have on her, but her defiant expression slips only momentarily. She steps closer and plants her hands on the desk, giving him a view of her cleavage that has him choke back a groan.

“I don’t belong to anyone, Tom. Not in that way.”

He hauls in a deep breath through flaring nostrils, her orchid scent hardening his cock even more.

Fixing her in a stern glare through his glasses, he struggles desperately to keep control. There’s a tiny hint of anger in her voice, which makes him wonder whether he’s gone too far.

“I didn’t mean it like that. But you’ve never been a flirt,” he tries to reason with her. “Why now?”

Thalia straightens up and rolls her eyes, and he’s ever so tempted to put her over his lap and spank her for the rude gesture.

“I swear, Professor Hiddleston, sometimes you’re a bit slow to catch on,” she mutters, and he’s out of his chair and by her side in a flash.

Gripping her chin firmly but not painfully, he jerks her head up and leans so close she can feel his breath on her face.

“Careful, young lady. Have you forgotten who’s made you scream so beautifully and come all over the place?”

Her throat works, and her pupils dilate, but she stands her ground.

“I haven’t forgotten a thing,” she says after a moment, and this time her voice is laced with anger and something else he can’t quite put his finger on. Hurt? Disappointment?

“But it seems you’ve chosen to forget I even exist.” The words come out in a rush, almost as if she’d rather keep them in.

She yanks her chin out of his grip and takes a step back, but Tom follows and cages her in against the desk, like a wild cat stalking his prey.

“What do you mean?” he half-growls, knowing full well what she’s talking about but needing her to admit it.

She makes a frustrated sound and folds her arms over her ample bosom.

“I wore this outfit for you today, believe it or not.” She scoffs, but her eyes tell a different story. “Because I couldn’t stand you ignoring me. I wanted to make you see what you could have if you’d just own up to it.”

Tom’s eyebrows rise before he scowls. He grabs her arms and pulls her into him, gratified when she lets him hug her without any resistance.

“Darling, you have no idea how difficult it was to behave like that, to create a distance between us?  Believe me, if I could, I’d be all over you, all the time. I’d make you wish I would ignore you so you could have a moment to breathe. But we can’t. Surely you understand that.”

He tightens his hold on her, content for a moment to simply embrace her and feel her curves against his hardness. Tugging on her braid, he leans her head back a fraction to gaze into her troubled eyes.

“You want me to own up? Really? And that would get us where exactly? Hm?”

After a moment, she lowers her eyes and sighs. “I know, I just…”

“I understand,” he whispers and rubs her back in a soothing caress.

When he steps away and takes her hands in his, she stares at him full of expectations, and the look in her eyes nearly slays him. God, how he wishes things were different between them, although it’s also a thrill to have this forbidden edge to what they’re doing.

“Never doubt that I want you,” he tells her sincerely. “You’re on my mind all the time, and I want to curse you for the power you wield over me.”

He cups her face, pleased when she leans her cheek into his touch. “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind,” he quotes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream—then wishes he didn’t say it because he’s dropped the l-bomb and it’s totally inappropriate for whatever magical connection they’re sharing.

But as so often, Thalia seems to get what he’s trying to convey.

“Then show me how much you want me,” she says, a husky demand that makes his cock twitch.

Tom rubs his thumb over her lower lip and tugs it down a little. He dips it in further, brushes it over her teeth and the tip of her tongue and watches her eyes grow dark and shiny.

“You want me to show you?”

She nods eagerly, then recalls his earlier instructions and pleads, “Yes, please.”

Jesus, this woman is his undoing.

Tom steps back so abruptly she sways towards him before she catches herself.

“Turn around,” he commands, fighting hard to keep the upper hand, although he wants nothing more than to make her his again and become hers in the process.

“Bend over, arms on the desk, ass in the air.”

Thalia shivers but does as he says. Her position makes her look deliciously compromised, the short skirt baring a flash of red panties.

With a start, Tom realizes that the black tights are gone and he’s been much too preoccupied to notice it earlier. A smirk curls his thin lips.

“You really are a naughty girl.” he says softly, watching her shift and squirm a little. “Couldn’t wait to prance into my office and try your hand at seduction, could you? Are you dying to have my hands on your legs? Or maybe my mouth in between them?”

The only answer he gets is a suppressed whimper, so soft that he almost misses it.

He runs the tips of his fingers over her now bare thigh, first on the outside and then on the inside, almost touching her pantyline.

Thalia shivers. He repeats the teasing movement, letting his nails gently rake over her skin this time.

“Answer me. Are you a naughty girl?”

He can hear her breathing harder. For a moment, she remains silent. Then she replies in a half-defiant, half-needy voice, “Yes. I’ve been naughty…sir.”

Licking his lips, Tom takes a step closer.

“And you know what happens to naughty girls, right?”

Another pause. Will his smart Thalia get what he’s waiting for?

“They…they get punished?”

It comes out sounding like a question, but it’s a huge turn-on nevertheless.

“That’s right,” he whispers darkly.

Carefully controlling himself, Tom leans forward and drapes his body over hers. He pushes his hips up against her, rubbing his bulge against her peachy cheeks. Both of them hiss at the tantalizing friction.

He grabs her braid and pulls her head up and back for a kiss that is passionate and demanding. Biting her lip almost hard enough to cause her pain, he withdraws. After gliding his fingers through her hair and over her nape, using his nails again to awaken goose bumps on her sensitive skin, he pushes her head down so it rests on one forearm.

“Stay exactly like this. I don’t want to hear a sound from you, is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispers, her lips pressed against her own arm.

Fuck, how is he supposed to keep his wits around her?

Breathing in deeply a few times, he moves away enough to lift her skirt above her ass. He licks his lips at the sight of the gorgeous globes he grabbed so greedily a few days ago. Softly, he brushes his fingertips over the fire-engine-colored material of her panties, then rubs against the seams so he’s barely touching her naked flesh.

“Not a sound,” he repeats his warning, and he can feel her tense, the muscles in her thighs and butt clenching invitingly.

Lifting his arm, he lands a resounding smack on one ass cheek, causing her to rear up with a startled squeaky gasp.

Tom makes a tutting sound and pushes her back down, gently but firmly.

“Not a single sound, Thalia. This is your punishment for being so naughty and making the lecture hell for me to live through.”

He rubs his hand soothingly over the redness of the slapped cheek, although he hasn’t hit her hard enough to leave finger marks.

Waiting until she looks less tense, he lands a slightly harder blow on the other cheek, and this time he can see her bite her forearm to muffle her sound of unwilling arousal.

Oh yes, she’s taking this well. It makes him consider a true spanking, but he reins in his thoughts before his libido will get the better of him.

“And this is punishment for making me have to endure thoughts of you dressed like this for the rest of the day.”

Before she has time to recover, he lands two quick slaps on each ass cheek, grinding out through clenched teeth, “And these are for making it a plaid skirt and knowing damn fucking well what it would do to me.”

Thalia moans softly when he soothes the sting, and he shushes her before squatting down.

“And this,” he says in a gravelly voice before sucking her inner thigh hard enough to leave a mark, “is to show you how much I want you.”

Without warning, he licks her from behind, his tongue gliding over her damp panties.

Thalia bucks against him but keeps quiet, so he gives her another stroke of his tongue over her lace-clad folds. He uses his hands to spread her thighs before nudging the now drenched fabric aside with two fingers.

Leaning in, he blows air onto her wet pussy, chuckling at her full-body shiver. But he can’t deny himself and her the pleasure any longer.

Tom buries his tongue inside her, licking and probing and thrusting until she’s a writhing mass of muffled desperate sounds and he’s so turned on he feels like exploding.

He lifts a hand to press his finger against her engorged clit, not rubbing or stroking but just adding enough pressure to make her stifled whimpers louder. Gone are all thoughts of keeping her quiet or reprimanding her because he’s lost in her taste and the thrill of the moment. Angling his head, Tom lets his tongue delve in as deep as it can get and fucks her with it until she’s clenching around him.

With an obscenely wet sound, he pulls back and gives her one last thorough lick, leaving her hanging right on the brink of orgasm.

For a moment, Thalia remains like this, and he feasts his eyes on her glistening cunt, contracting desperately on nothing.

“Tom, please,” she whines, raising her head. “Oh God, I’m so close, just… please…”

He stands up and wipes his mouth with the back of a hand, quirking an eyebrow at her pleading expression when she looks at him over her shoulder. He likes it that she’s not really daring to move, although she’s defied his order for silence.

“What’s the matter, darling? Do you need something?” he asks, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Her sound of frustration tempts his resolve, but he steels himself against the urge to please her, knowing that his reward will be glorious later.

“Please, Tom, make me come. I need to… uh, dammit, Tom…”

As if nothing has happened, he brushes her panties into place and tugs her skirt back down, taking extra care to touch her and make matters worse.

“Oh, no, darling, no coming for you just now. You need to be a good girl for me to allow you to climax, and you were far too naughty today.”

He pulls her into a standing position, noticing how weak-kneed and flushed she is. Moving a tendril of hair behind her ear with painful tenderness, he takes her mouth in another passionate kiss so she can taste herself on his tongue.

“Ever heard of delayed gratification, love?” he asks her with a mischievous glint in his blue eyes.

Thalia stares at him, chest heaving. If looks could kill, he’d be dropping dead right about now.

With a chuckle, he smooths his hands over her clothes and yanks on the skirt’s hem so it covers a fraction more of her thighs.

“Now off you go like an obedient little college girl to attend your lectures.”

He turns her around by her shoulders and steers her towards the door. While he leans over to open the lock, he whispers into her ear, “I’ll text you this evening. Be ready at around 8 to go to the address I’m sending you. I promise, I’ll make the waiting worth it, darling.”

Tom steps away from her and opens the door – only to find one of his colleagues, Professor Evans from the history department, standing there with his fist raised to knock.

Thalia lowers her head, half hiding her face as she walks away quickly.

“Remember to have the details ready by tomorrow,” Tom calls after her, hoping to God his voice sounds normal and that the smell of sex between them isn’t evident in the air.

He turns to his colleague Chris and gives him a polite nod.


The professor with his scruffy jaw and close-cropped hair quirks an eyebrow at him and smirks.

“Hiddleston. Found someone to do all the work for you, have ya?”

Tom is used to jibes from him, so he lets it slide.

“Thalia is…a very special student of mine,” he says in as neutral a tone as he can manage. “Now, how may I help you?”

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Copyright © 2017 avenger-nerd-mom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom and devikafernando

Library Seductions

ch 2 library seductions mar 12 2017

Educating Thalia

Chapter 2: Library Seductions

a collaboration by @devikafernando and avenger-nerd-mom

AU fiction

Word count 2548

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, NSFW, Sexual acts in public, fingering, oral sex, power of authority

summary:  Professor Tom Hiddleston and a university student, Thalia Bareo, share an encounter in the library late on a Friday night.

Click here for Chapter 1 “Late Night Reading”

Tom watches from a few feet away how Thalia scans the rows of books on the shelves for the one she needs. Her fingers run over the spines in a soft caress, and damn him if his mind doesn’t wander straight into the gutter again.

She finds her book on the top row and stretches to grab it. Although she is tall, she can’t quite reach it. With a muttered curse, she lifts onto her tippy toes, bracing herself against the shelf with one hand while reaching for the book with her other hand.

The gentleman in him wants to rush over and take it down for her—but the other part of him that he rarely lets out is enjoying the view far too much to intervene.

The move makes her short denim skirt ride up so high that it exposes a good deal of thigh and barely covers her peachy ass.

God, how he loves her luscious legs. They are long and shapely with generous thighs. He wants to grab them, wants to sink his teeth into the tanned flesh. He wants them wrapped around his waist while he fucks her to kingdom come.

It is such a huge turn-on for him that she isn’t self-conscious about her voluptuous body and doesn’t starve herself to death. He loves eating and is never guilty about his pleasures, and she is exactly the same.

His cock twitches at a memory: While working on research at the birthplace of Shakespeare, in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, he once took her out to dinner to a fancy restaurant. The young student had apologized repeatedly for her appearance, saying she hadn’t packed many clothes other than what she’d need at the archeological dig site. He thought she’d looked so fetching in her cream colored sundress, the fabric dotted with tiny flowers in pinks and purples. The dress hung over her curves beautifully and whenever he could catch a glimpse his eyes would wander down over her exposed cleavage, wishing to be lost there, down her curvy legs, hiding his laughter at her little white tennis shoes. She enjoyed a hearty meal, making tiny noises of appreciation at the delicious food that traveled straight to his groin. Jesus, he’d barely survived the dessert when she had moaned softly while indulging in sinfully tasty mousse au chocolat. He had a hell of a time trying to hide his hard-on, and jerked himself off that night to the mental images of her voluptuous figure and that delectably pouty mouth of hers moaning around his cock.

Tom shifts, feeling his pants become uncomfortably tight.

Thalia lowers herself back down, casting him a look over her shoulder that turns from slightly confused and annoyed to teasing when she catches him staring at her ass. The tiniest of satisfied smirks curves her lips before she turns back to flip through the book for the reference she needed.

He swallows convulsively, unable to tame the hunger inside him.

What would she taste like if he gave in to his forbidden desires? Would she be vocal? God, he needs a taste of her so badly.

If he gets her out of his system, surely it will make things easier for him.

Who’s he kidding, she would probably be so addictive that he’d never want to stop.

She seems engrossed in reading. Tom stalks closer, standing behind her, and grasps the hem of her skirt, which hasn’t lowered properly on one side. He tugs it down and leans forward to whisper into her ear.

“You should wear skirts more often, Thalia.”

He feels her freeze, so close that her body’s heat seeps into his although he isn’t touching her.

“Why?” Her voice is slightly breathy. “So that all the frat boys can ogle me? No, thanks.”

His hand goes to her waist of its own volition, gripping it none too gently.


He is startled by his own response, the one word a threatening growl. He doesn’t want her to be ogled by those immature, salivating fools who don’t know how to treat a fantastic woman like her. She is his to look at, to… To what?

She flinches at his tone, and it makes her ass brush against him.

Tom clenches his jaw and loosens his grip, but keeps his hand on her curvy waist. He can’t help himself, he has to lean even closer.

Brushing his lips ever so softly over the shell of her ear, he whispers darkly, “They are not worthy of your attention. They don’t know what the hell to do to please a woman. You need a real man, someone who worships you, who owns you and lets you own him.”

Her pulse is fluttering frantically at her throat, the only part of her body moving as she holds herself still with a white-knuckled grip on the book.

He presses against her lush body and nuzzles her neck, eliciting a shiver. So responsive. Oh yes, she wants this too.

“Wear skirts for yourself. Because you look ravishing in them. Because you have the figure and confidence to pull the look off.”

Tom grabs her elbow and slowly turns her around, which makes their bodies rub against each other in all sorts of torturous ways.

“And wear them for me,” he adds, his tone half-demanding, half-begging. “Because you’re driving me out of my ever-loving mind with those beautiful legs.”

He gazes deeply into her eyes, noticing her dilated pupils. “You make me want to be between them and please you until they tremble so hard you can’t stand anymore.”

Her breath leaves her in a whoosh, and she loses her grip on the book. It thuds to the floor, the dull sound when it hits the carpet seeming loud in the stillness of the half-dark, deserted library.

His eyes never leaving hers, Tom sinks to his knees in front of her. One hand goes to the book, but when her eyes widen at the sight of him kneeling like this, at perfect height for all kinds of naughty things, he changes his plan.

His hands creep up to her thighs, fingers dipping into the waistband to softly tug the T-shirt out and expose a sliver of skin. He leans forward and presses his lips to below her belly button, then flicks his tongue inside it.

Thalia hisses, her hands curling into fists next to her body.

“If you don’t want this, tell me to stop,” he forces out in a hoarse whisper, his head spinning because he can smell her arousal.

She shudders again and closes her eyes for a moment. Her mouth opens, but no sound comes out. Her tongue darts out to wet her lips, and the sight of them all plump and glistening has him suppress a groan. God, she is so ripe and inviting. It’s a miracle he’s been able to resist her for so long.

When she opens her eyes to lock gazes with him and remains silent, he takes that as a signal to go on.

After nuzzling the soft roundness of her belly and giving her a parting nip which elicits a gasp, he moves his attention further south.

His hands travel up her calf, massaging her flesh tenderly, then tickling the sensitive spot behind her knees. He scoots forward a fraction and pushes her legs apart. Sliding up her thighs, he presses into her flesh off and on, feeling how tense she is. He pulls her skirt up along the way but doesn’t expose her panties.

Tom rubs his scruffy cheek against her upper thigh, close to where she wants him but not giving in yet. His fingers slide higher, brushing butterfly-soft against the fabric of her panties.

Damn, she is damp for him. He inhales, her intoxicating scent driving him crazy.

“When’s the last time someone went down on you, my beautiful girl?” he asks softly, brushing his thumbs teasingly over the cotton-covered folds of her cunt.

He lifts his gaze to her flushed face, her lips parted and her eyes gleaming with desire.

“I… I’m not sure. A few months maybe?”

Her voice is husky and soft, and he’d give anything to hear her say his name in that tone, to hear her beg him for more.

“Entirely too long ago. Perhaps it’s my duty to refresh your memories on how a real man pleases a woman, hm?”

“God, yes.”

Her answer is instant yet so low he could barely hear it.

His cock twitches, wanting in on the fun. But he can have his fill later. First, he needs her to come all over his hands and mouth.

He slips his fingers beneath the waistband of her panties.

“These need to go,” he commands.

He pulls them down and she steps out of them with shaky legs, watching with wide eyes as he sniffs the damp fabric before slipping it into his pocket.

Tom removes his glasses next before spreading her legs wider. He presses an open-mouthed kiss to her upper thigh, moving higher and nipping her skin before soothing the spot with the tip of his tongue.

A half-suppressed moan is his reward, hardening his cock even further.

“God, I can’t wait to taste you. I bet you’re delicious,” he rasps.

He nuzzles her thigh, drags his mouth higher for another kiss, so close to her wet heat that his breath fans over it and causes her to tense.

When he licks her from bottom to top, she makes a soft mewling sound.

Hell yes, she’d be a screamer if he got her alone and in his bed, he just knows it.

Her tangy-sweet taste explodes on his tongue, and he dives in deeper with a groan.

With one strong hand on her thigh, he holds her steady while he lets the fingers of his other hand part her folds to grant him better access.

Slowly, slowly, he feasts on her, torturing her and himself with the gentle flicks of his tongue and humming noises coming from low in his chest.

“Yes… right there… Oh, please…”

Her whines spur him on.

He feels her grab a fistful of his hair and pull him to her, bucking her hips for more.

With a tutting sound he draws back slightly, taking in her flushed face. Her head is thrown back, her throat exposed, her eyes squeezed shut.

“No, no, no,” he scolds in the sternest tone he can muster. “No rushing. I’m in control.”

Her eyes flutter open, two deep pools of darkness.

“Please,” she begs again, and it nearly is his undoing.

“Hands behind you on the shelf,” he orders, sliding the hand on her thigh back to grab an ass cheek and keep her in position.

She moves her hands as instructed, holding onto the wood as if her life depends on it. “Yes, sir.”

Tom freezes at her words. He sees her own surprise at what she blurted out, reacting instinctively to his authority.

Fuck, it’s such a turn-on.

“Good girl,” he growls. “Now keep them there and I’ll reward you.”

She nods eagerly, licking her lips again.

“Eyes on me, Thalia. Don’t close them, do you hear me? Watch me. I want you to know that it’s me who’s making you see stars. I want you to remember this every time you sit in one of my lectures and look all prim and proper.”

She whimpers softly again, as though his words are turning her on as much as his caresses.

Lord in heaven, she’s driving him crazy.

Taking a deep breath, he leans in and licks her in earnest, lapping up her juices and reveling in the little sounds she makes.

Tom moves and bends her leg so she can brace a foot against the shelf. Spreading her even wider for his mouth, he takes his time to explore her folds and see what gets the loudest reactions out of her.

When she’s begging him in a breathless litany of pleas and profanities, he finally goes for her clit while sliding two long fingers inside her at the same time.

It doesn’t take long for her to come, keening and bucking and cursing so beautifully that he’s half-afraid he’ll blow his load in his pants.

For a while, all that’s heard is her labored breathing, mingled with his harsh pants. Tom waits for her to open her eyes. When she focuses on him with the most beautiful sated and slightly dazed expression on her flushed face, he grins at her and licks his lips.

With deliberate slowness, he pulls his fingers out of her drenched cunt, causing her to clench around him one last time and moan lowly.

Tom straightens up and lifts his glistening fingers to her mouth.

“So fucking gorgeous,” he growls. “Open up for me, love.”

Thalia obediently parts her lips, and he pushes the two digits inside.

“Clean me up like a good girl,” he orders and feels her shiver.

Holding his gaze, she begins to suck, swirling her tongue around his fingers.

Christ, he’s never seen anything hotter. He wants his cock inside her mouth, but he still isn’t sure how far he can take this.

Hell, he shouldn’t be doing any of this, but it’s as he’s predicted: Now that he’s had a taste of her, he can’t get enough.

Forcing himself to let go of the warm wetness with its tugging motions that shoot straight to his groin, he moves in closer. He needs to be inside her. The urge is so strong it’s an actual physical pain.

“Are you ready for more, darling? Think you can handle a real man?”

He pushes between her spread legs and grinds his bulge against her, making them both gasp.

She arches against him, prying a hand loose from the shelf to fist it in his sweater.

Leaning closer, he licks a bead of sweat from her neck before trailing kisses up to her ear.

“This was only the beginning,” he whispers darkly. “Will you let me have you? I promise I’ll take such good care of you that sex will never be the same for you.”

When he draws back slightly, still rubbing himself against her and wishing they were naked, her eyes are wide and she’s digging her teeth into her lip. She nods.

Tom stops grinding, his heart pounding a mile an hour at the thought of finally doing to her what he’d been dreaming of for so long.

“I need to hear you say it, darling. Yes or no? Will you be mine?”

Her throat works when she’s trying to swallow. “Yes.” It’s a breathy whisper. She clears her throat. “Yes, I will be yours, Professor.”

Fuck, she’s too sexy for her own good.

He closes his eyes for a moment because he’s damn near to losing his last modicum of control and taking her up against the shelf.

“My office,” he grounds out.

With effort, he steps away. While she straightens her clothes and her mussed hair, he adjusts his painfully tight pants and takes deep breaths.

“You’re going to have to walk in front of me, can’t risk being seen like this,” he says with an apologetic grin.

She glances down at the prominent bulge and licks her lips, and he all but loses it.

“Office. Now.”

As before, the stern tone of authority works. She starts walking, still a little dazed and not with the vibrant energy he’s come to associate with her.

Tom keeps a hand at the small of her back and stays behind her while they make it through the empty library and across the dimly lit corridor. With a glance left and right, he reassures himself that they’re all alone. He has no idea how he’d react if they were caught, he’s too far gone for rational thinking.

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Late Night Snack

late night snack march 11 2017.jpg

Late Night Snack

An Emery&Chris story

By avenger-nerd-mom

Emery catches Chris in the kitchen late at night in their Savannah home.  They share a few memories and a late night treat.

Warnings: Language, Fluff, NSFW, fingering, oral sex, pregnant sex

Word count: 1549

March 2019

Chris!  Chris!  Where are you?

Her voice carries through the house and he knows he’s gonna get busted.  He can hear her moving closer, but he doesn’t care.  If he’s gonna get caught at the end of a long work day, so be it.  He continues his chat with his mother, slumped against the cabinet door.  He looks down at the bowl of cereal in his hand, knowing it’s growing mushier by the minute.

His jaw drops when his beautiful wife rounds the corner into the kitchen.  Stunned speechless for a moment, he clears his throat and says, “Uh, Ma, yeah-Ma. Listen.  Listen-I gotta let you go.  Uh- huh; yeah. Everything’s fine; I’ll call you tomorrow… Yup, uh-huh, Ma!  Ok, bye.”

Chuckling, he sheepishly looks up at the glare on Emery’s face.

“What is that?” she asks sharply.

He looks at the bowl of mush.  “It was supposed to be a late night snack, but Ma texted so I called her back and now it’s just a bowl of mess in warm milk.  Too bad the cat’s at home in Boston with Shanna; she’d love this treat.”  Stirring the slop with his spoon, he bites back his laughter.  “So, uh… what’s this fashion statement you got going on?”

Leaning against the fridge, Emery wears nothing but a skimpy pair of underwear, rested under her protruding belly and one of his dress shirts.  The sleeves are rolled up to her elbows and the two buttons are ready to pop open over her full round breasts.  She looks down and tenderly rubs her pregnant belly.  “All of a sudden nothing fits,” she pouts.  “All the good clothes are in Boston.”

“Oh babe, I’m sorry.”  Setting the bowl of cereal next to him, he reaches his hand out to her.  She takes a few steps across the small kitchen, grasping and squeezing his fingers lovingly. “Take the credit card and go shopping with Tammy and Katie tomorrow?  That’s why you wanted to come down to Georgia with me anyway, right?  To see friends and family while I finish the new project?”

Nodding her head side to side, she contemplates the idea.  She tugs her fingers through his longer hair.  “Did you bring me some?”  She taps the side of the cereal box with her toe.

“You know I think it’s disgusting, but yes, Cap is in the cabinet.  I got your four texts.”  He smiles at her craving for peanut butter Captain Crunch.  It’s one of two things she’s eaten and been able to keep down for the last few months.  “I’m just glad it wasn’t another steak.  You keep this up, we might need to go into ranching,” he teases playfully, accepting the glass of water she’s fixed and hands down to him.

“Moooo…”  she giggles.  “Oh, fuck.  I just got this image of you, wearing what you’ve got on right now, riding a horse and roundin’ up cattle.  Shit.  Buy a damn farm.  I need that fangirl fantasy.”

“Oh, you do, do you?”  He runs his hand up her thigh, more full and developed with her pregnancy.  The weight gain looks good on her, but she keeps telling him to quit lying.  But he’s so turned on by his beautiful wife and the changes she’s gone through while carrying their child.  So full of sass still, but somehow softer.  Sexier.  “I’m sorry I woke you.  I was just gonna grab a bite to eat and crawl in bed with you.”  His fingers tease across the elastic band of her panties around her thigh and she shifts her weight to allow him more access to the space between her legs.  She moans quietly.  Head back to look up at her, he can see she is lost in thought, staring out the back window over the sink.

“Whatchya thinking about babe?”  He pushes his fingertip under the elastic, running across the fresh stretch marks on her pale skin.

Emery chuckles quietly.  “Remember one night you were filming and called to take me out to dinner?  The night of our first fight?  When you called, I was sitting right where you are now.  Just like that.  Legs crossed, head back against the counter…”  She looks down and their blue eyes meet.  “Can you believe I was thinking about breaking up with you?  Was thinking it wasn’t worth your crazy schedule and all the cancelled dinners; god, what a stupid mistake that would have been!”

“Kitten, I have always trusted in your intelligence to do the right thing; to make the right choices for us.  Really glad you didn’t dump me that night…”  Sliding his fingers to her sweet spot he can feel the heat coming from her and her scent is overwhelming.  Chris realizes how much he needs her; how much he’s always needed her.  He shudders at the thought she could have walked away all those years ago…

“Me too, Jellybean, me too.”  As his fingertips push aside her panties to tease her, she steps closer to him.  “So, about that late night snack you wanted?”

“Mmm-hm?” he asks, tugging down on the blue lace as she steps out of them and over him to put her pussy right in his face.

“You can eat now,” she laughs, resting her elbows on the counter and straddling over him, her pregnant belly brushing the top of his head.

“That’s my girl,” he growls, licking her from top to bottom.  Her taste is sweeter now, different, better than before.  Pregnancy changed her, changed the two of them.  They’ve grown closer together and are working to enjoy the last two months they have as just a couple before they become parents.

His tongue works over her and he knows she doesn’t take long now.  Chris has loved the benefits of her increased sex drive.  Mark and RDJ had warned him and teased him about it, but he sure as hell hadn’t believed it would be like this. In her position above him, with one hand he teases over her ass, and with the other, he tugs on his belt and frees himself from the confines of his jeans.

“I know what you’re doing,” Emery giggles, her sweet Southern accent a light lilt in the quiet night.  “I can’t see over this damn baby bump, but I am gonna take care of you when you finish me, I promise.”

With his tongue, he slides out of her hole and presses a kiss to her swollen lower lips.  Feeling the goosebumps raise on her flesh he murmurs against her sensitive spot, “Mmm-hm.  I’ve heard that before.”

His tongue dives back in and both hands slide up over her ass, gasping her hips to glide her on and off, his nose pushing against her clit and his beard scraping against the soft flesh between her legs.  Her juice is thicker and soaks him, as he tries to lap it all up.  Her cries bounce off the countertops and he catches her when her knees give way and she comes.  He slows with her and feels the sweat on her body, not realizing himself how hard they had worked for that release.  Slowly withdrawing from her intimate depths, he bathes his tongue over her cautiously collecting all of her succulence, not wanting to waste a single drop. He blows his breath coolly across her lower belly while she grumbles quietly the house is hot.  Pressing his lips to her tummy he whispers, “I’m glad you make her horny now, cause three months from now, you’ll steal all our private time. But I love you anyway!”

Emery giggles and rubs the top of Chris’s head.  “My legs are jelly.  Can you carry me to bed?”

She steps over him and rights herself against the counter.  Sweeping her into his arms, he ignores the pop in his knees.  Covering his face with kisses as they walk through the living room, he chuckles when they reach the bedroom.  The mountain of pillows it requires these days to help her get comfortable for sleep leaves little room for him in this bed.  He loves they kept the little house in Savannah, but he longs to get home to their big bed in Boston.

Resting one knee up on the bed, he lays her down gently.  In the dark, she tells him, “It’s too hot in this damn house, if you wanna finish fucking me, go turn on the air conditioner.”

Bossy little thing; but damn that teacher voice…  Gets him every time.  He doesn’t even admit to her he’s too tired to do it tonight.  He never would have thought she could ever wear him out.  Climbing off the side of the bed, he tells her, “You know, they never say that in the porn.”

“Well if they did, if it was more real, maybe I’d watch it with you more often.  ‘The’ porn?” She giggles. “Go.  I’m serious.  I’ll fuck you, baby, when you get back, but you gotta turn on the air.  It’s too hot in the house.”  He kisses her forehead as she struggles to take off his shirt she’s wearing and he goes out to adjust the thermostat, knowing she’ll be sound asleep by the time he gets back to the bed, after he’s had his cereal.

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Christmas Adventures: Naughty or Nice?

Christmas Adventures.jpg

*a Chris Evans fan fic*

By avenger-nerd-mom

Actor Chris Evans spreads holiday cheer

Warnings: NSFW, language, fingering, oral sex, penetration

This is written as a “choose your own adventure” type story.  The opening to the story is the same for both pieces, but when I reached one point in the story, I saw two possible endings.  And since I couldn’t decide which to use, I wrote both.

Opening Word count: 1859

“Hey pretty girl, wanna sit on Santa’s lap?”

The voice calls out over the din of the room.  The hospital Christmas party.  The little boy balanced on her hip has finally stopped crying, so she sets him down, balancing him on his feet before he toddles away, gripping his candy cane.  Her hands are sticky. Her feet are tired.  She doesn’t want to seem like a grinch, but the days before Christmas in a child’s sick ward are difficult days.  She does not need this crap.  She looks at her watch, seeing she’s well over her step count for the day, and realizing it’s only about twenty minutes before she can clock out.

“Are you on the naughty or nice list?” his voice calls out to her again.

Damn. Where did they hire this creep from?  Another child walks past him, smiling and thanking ‘Santa’ again for her new doll.  The nurse steps closer, but staying out of Santa’s grasp.  “Listen, here fat boy. I’m not interested. And if you-”

She shuts her mouth when she sees the head nurse giving her the evil eye.  “God, I hope you’ve just been creepy to the nurses and not the kids.”

In his incredibly ‘realistic’ costume, his belly laughs.  “I promise, I’m not a sick bastard.  I just have a thing for pretty nurses with dark hair.”

She rolls her eyes, moving to break up a fight between two little boys over a set of Legos.  Santa reaches in the big sack of toys and pulls out a matching set and offers it up to the older boy.  She begins to move away but pauses when the younger boy begins to complain that means the older boy got two presents from Santa.

She watches as Santa kneels down next to the boys and the littlest one, about five rests on his extended knee, pouting.  “Jonathan,” Santa says in a low authoritative voice.  How does he know his name? She wonders.  “Brandon has an older brother that always comes to visit.  What if we let Nurse Janelle keep the basketball here, so when Brandon’s brother visits, you can all play basketball together?”

The little boy chews on his lip for a minute, looking at Santa, Brandon and the dark haired nurse.  “You mean like a present for all of us?” he asks Santa.

Santa ruffles the top of his hair, careful not to bump the IV pole attached to the tubes in the boy’s arm. “For everybody,” he nods.

The little boy wraps his arms around Santa’s neck for a quick hug and calls ‘thank you’ as he runs off to get a cookie.  The older boy hands the ball to Santa, who hands it to the Nurse.

Taking the brightly colored ball, she tucks it under her arm.  “How did you know their names? About Brandon’s brother?”

Adjusting his fake beard, he laughs again.  She tries to ignore the pleasant tone and steps back when he reaches to her.  He drops his arm, defeated he can’t charm her.  “I’m Santa.  It’s my job to know the names of all the kids.  The ones here at the hospital are especially important to me.  And I try to know all their names and wishes…. Just like the nurses.  Nurse Janelle.  And you’re wishing for a Disney trip?”

Who the fuck is this guy?  “My scrubs are covered in Mickey.  That’s not hard to deduce, fat boy,” she pokes him in his foam padded belly, catching sight of her watch again.  She just wants to go home. Take a hot shower. Order pizza. Have a beer.  Be alone for the next three days.  He grabs her jacket sleeve, turning her wrist to see Mickey on the watchband as well.

“Call it a lucky guess?  So what are you doing after work.  I’m guessing you’re off now? You’ve been watching the clock for the last hour.  If you’re not bus-”

“Nurse Janelle! Nurse Janelle!”  Santa steps back when an adorable little blonde runs between them, tugging on the nurse’s jacket.  “It’s time; you’re leaving?”

Janelle squats down to the child’s level.  “Yea, sweetie, but I’ll be back.  You know that.”  While she talks to the girl, she holds her tiny hand, discreetly checking the child’s pulse to make one last note for the day.  “I’ll be back on Saturday, and you can tell me all about your Christmas, ok honey?”

The little girl looks over her shoulder at Santa, smiling.  She steps closer to Janelle and whispers in her ear.  “I asked him for a pony. But it can’t come inside the hospital.  How do you think he’ll do it?”

Janelle giggles at the wisp of breath the little girl creates against her neck.   Moving back, she looks in the innocent bright blue eyes.  The eyes.  Something jumps in her mind.  She shakes her head as though she knows it can’t be right.  Knowing the child’s parents have made plans to take her out of the hospital for a sleigh ride on Christmas Day, she firmly replies, “Santa always works magic.  I’m sure he’s already figured it out.”

She hugs her sweetly before rising tall.  Tugging her scrubs in place, she turns to go quickly before any more of the kids catch her.  “Sure I can’t change your mind?” Santa asks.

Sighing, she huffs, “I’m sure.  Thanks, but no thanks, Santa.”

Making her quick get away,she shuffles down the hall quietly, keeping her head low, just waiting to get to the workroom to clock out, hoping there are still some cookies left that haven’t been touched by children.  She loves her job, but off duty, she does not want kid germs on her food, especially during the cold winter months.  If she’s sick, she could be off the job for days, just to keep the patients from becoming more sick.

The workroom itself is festive with the group getting ready to go on shift, and those getting ready to leave for the night.  Washing up quickly, she takes the cookie and hot chocolate her friend Chani offers her.  Nibbling on the wonderful sweet she moves to the counter to clock out before plopping down on the couch, joining her friend for a quick rest before heading out into the cold night.

“Janelle, girl, come with us.  Honey, you can’t sit at home and mope for the next few days,” Chani prods.  “I’ve got a slinky black dress perfect for you! Hit the town with us.”

“Slinky black dress? I’m all for that.”  His unmistakeable voice fills the space.

Looking up, Janelle can’t believe it.  Santa was played by none other than Chris fuckin’  Evans.  “Sweet Jesus,” she mumbles under her breath as he leans forward to give Chani a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, good-lookin’!  I’ve missed you!  I’m so glad you got to come play Santa,” Chani laughs, letting her hand rest against his chest a moment longer than necessary.  “I see you’ve been staying away from the Christmas cookies this year, ‘Santa.’”

“Gotta stay in shape, ya know.  It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it,” he laughs.  Eyeing the table of sweets, he reaches for the smallest cookie he can find, the sugar cookie kind with a chocolate kiss pushed in the center, and pops it in his mouth before sitting on the coffee table, trapping Janelle’s knees between his legs. He taps her knee purposely with his.

“I’m sure you’d look charming in an LBD, because I’m not wearing it.  You two know each other?” Janelle asks indifferently, taking a plate of goodies one of the other nurses hands to her.  She nibbles on a white chocolate covered pretzel totally ignoring the good looking actor sitting in front of her.

“This handsome fella came by the clinic I used to work at in Chicago once and we’ve been friends ever since.  He was the first person I knew when I came to Boston,” Chani explains, stealing a cookie from Janelle’s plate.  “HE’S the guy I’ve been trying to set you up with for months.  I think you two are perfect for each other.”

“I am NOT the same animal as him,” Janelle replies quickly, almost feeling bad about it when she sees him wince at the comment.

Recovering quickly, Chris rubs his hand over Chani’s knee.  “Aw, honey, thanks.  But I get the feeling she doesn’t want to be set up, even with a great guy like me.  Don’t believe everything you read,” he teases as he winks at Janelle.  “Come go with us; it’ll be fun. I’ll get changed out of this Santa suit-”

Looking him squarely in the eye, Janelle interrupts.  “Take away the suit and you’re still just a millionaire, playboy, philanthropist… I’m. Not. Interested.”

Chris clutches at his heart, pretending to be hurt.  “Oh, that’s a good one, sweetheart, like I’ve never heard that before.”  She can see in his eyes her dig cut just a little bit.

Chani shakes her head, stage whispering, “Girl! What is wrong with you? Chris Evans is asking you to go out with us!  Come on; you have no need to rush home.”

“I don’t know Chani, maybe she has cats to take care of,” Chris dismisses her as he gets up and shakes his arms out of the heavy Santa jacket.  Like the abs in his too-tight tshirt are going to change my mind…

“Oh, that’s original.  No wedding ring, early thirties, so you automatically assume I have cats.  Nice.” He shrugs his shoulders.  “I have a boyfriend; Chani you know I have a boyfriend.”

“That douchebag?” Chani rolls her eyes, setting her plate on the coffee table, waving goodbye to a few of the nurses leaving for the night.  She signals to the girls she plans to meet with later.  “If he’s so great, why have I never met him?”

Janelle hits her head against the back of the couch, accidentally thumping it against the wall.  She screws up her face and rubs at the tender spot.  “I can’t help he lives outta town and it’s easier for me to go visit him.”  She glances to Chris.  “But if you wanna have this discussion again about how unsuitable you think he is as a suitor for me, can we do it in private? After Christmas?”

Sheepishly nodding her head, Chani apologizes.  “Sorry.  That was rude.  I’m sure if you like him, he’s not a total douche.  But leaving you alone at Christmas totally sucks and I really wi-”

Janelle stands up, bumping into Chris, nearly tripping over his feet and he places a hand on her waist to keep her from falling.  She jerks away quickly from his touch.  “Chani.  Enough.  Babes, I love ya.  But I am going home.  To call my boyfriend,” she says pointedly to her friend.  “And to feed my cat,” she addresses to Chris.  “Not that it’s any of your business.”

Stalking to her locker, she quickly grabs her coat and gloves, murmuring her goodbyes and good wishes of a holiday season to her coworkers.  She glares back at Chris before she leaves the room, resisting the urge to flip him off.

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Christmas Adventures: Naughty

Click here for the Opening of the story

Two hours later, she picks her little black bag off the side table, the cat jumping up at the sound of jingling keys.  Fuck this.  I’m going out.  Checking her phone again, she grabs her coat and scarf, and heads down to the lobby to wait for her Uber ride, ready to follow the directions Chani shared with the girls at work earlier in the week.


Greeted at the door of the home lavishly decorated for the holidays, Janelle has no idea where exactly she is, but passes over her coat and takes the ticket claim number she is handed.  Wandering through the holiday revelry, she calls out hello to friends from work, although confused by who all the other people might be.  The house is packed. She makes small talk with friends as she moves through the house, looking for Chani.  Walking into the kitchen, she smiles at the sight of Chani and Chris dancing around the room, manning the blender and mixing drinks.  Stepping up behind the handsome actor, she places her hand on his hip, reaching around him for his glass of Scotch, knocking it back swiftly.  He grabs her wrist, face unseen, turning and pausing when he sees who it is.

“Didn’t expect to see you here!” He shouts over the music, smiling at Chani’s bouncing excitement with the arrival of her friend.  Calling out to the man on the other side of the counter, he yells, “Scott, man!  Turn it down; we’re talking here.”

Scott, whoever he is, looks her up and down, and she puts a hand on her hip defiantly.  She doesn’t need some pretty boy checking her out.  She knows she looks good dressed in all black, jeans and v-neck sweater.  “Nice boots,” he compliments, giving a thumbs up appraisal before reaching over to quiet the music.

Turning her head to Chani, she smiles questioningly, ignoring the heat of Chris’s stare, his eyes obviously curving over her sculpted ass in the designer jeans she had to have last pay day.

“Don’t mind him.  He’s gay- and Chris’s brother.  He likes to critique our clothes. You look fuckin’ hot, baby girl,” she mocks her worship, raising and lowering her arms.  She nods at Chris as he takes the empty glass from Janelle and refills it, handing it back to her.  “What about the boyfriend?” she asks.

Swirling the amber liquid around in her glass, she watches as Chris steps aside for Scott to take over blender duties and moving closer to her. The Santa hat cocked on the side of his head makes her giggle and shake her head.  She takes another long draw from the small tumbler.  Pursing her lips and biting the inside of her cheek, she sighs, “Well, seems he forgot a few weeks back he had a girlfriend.”  Dropping her voice, she looks away from Chani, not wanting to see her look of sympathy.  “I ah… I just wanted to get through the holidays before I started telling people.”

She finishes the rest of the drink, resting the glass on the counter.  “Food, I need food.  All I’ve eaten today were cookies at the hospital.”

“Oh, my god, baby, let us get you something.  That asshole cheated on you?” Chani questions.  “Where is he? I wanna kick his damn head in.”  She guides Janelle into another room, two large tables covered with food.  “Plate?” she demands of Chris, working like a team, friends who’ve known each other well for a long time.  Accepting the plate, she begins to fill it full of real food for her friend.  “I’m sorry you didn’t tell me; I didn’t know.  I wouldn’t have teased you.”

“Honey, it’s okay.  You had no idea.  I didn’t want to bring anyone down.  He was an ass, you were right… I didn’t need to hear ‘I told you so.’” Pointing at the cheeseball and crackers, she motions for Chani to add more to the plate.  Looking around the array of food, the room decorated for the holidays, she pulls herself back into the moment.  “Where the fuck are we anyway?” she laughs.

“Belongs to a millionaire, playboy, philanthropist…” Chris shares modestly, shrugging his shoulders.  “I’m not just a dick that plays Santa for sick kids.”

Rubbing her forehead in embarrassment, “I’m a bitch.  I shouldn’t have said those things today.  What you do for those kids at the hospital, for us nurses?  It’s really amazing.  I’m sorry; it was out of line.”

“No harm done.  I like feisty women,” he chuckles, smacking her on the ass, preparing to walk away.  “And I am kind of a dick.  See ya around, Disney.”

Mouth agape, Janelle watches with confusion as he walks away, his jeans hung low on his hips, the fabric tight on his ass as he moves.  “Chani, what the hell just happened?” she asks, welcoming the plate of food into her outstretched hands and picking up a chilled water bottle.

Chani leads her dark haired friend to a quiet alcove down the hallway.  Resting in the window seat, Chani kicks off her shoes, tucking her feet under when she sits.  “He’s not a bad guy, Janelle.  You just announced your so-called ‘boyfriend’ cheated on you.  He’s giving you space; but he was disappointed after meeting you at the hospital that you didn’t plan to come-” she bursts into laughter and Janelle giggles with her, trying not to choke on her food.  Rocking with laughter, Chani can’t catch her breath, and Janelle just shakes her head.  Waving her hands at her face, Chani calms herself.  “Oh, girl!  That was too funny.  Bad choice of words; I should say he was disappointed you didn’t plan to attend the party… But ya know, he’d also be disappointed if you didn’t come…”

“Chani!  Shush!” Janelle admonishes.  “People will hear you,” she giggles.  “Oh my god though, I so need to get laid.  That’s my Christmas wish.”

The girls high-five and collapse into another fit of giggles.  Their easy camaraderie attracts other friends to them and before long the little quiet alcove has turned into its’ own private party.  One of the girls turns up the playlist on her phone and beers are passed among the friends.  Janelle passes on the drinks, losing herself in the music, dancing from song to song.

Arms raised, snapping to the beat, she dances among her friends, remembering the fun she used to have with them on Friday nights.  Like the Grinch, she feels her heart grow surrounded by their love and support, but it’s the firm hand on her hip that adds a warmth to her she hasn’t truly felt in ages.  Without even looking she knows it’s Chris.  She moves into him with the beat of the music and his strong arms wrap around her waist, pulling her close to him.

Her back melts against his solid chest and she sways a bit more to the music, brushing her ass against his groin, bumping against him with each rhythm change.  His hands roam across her stomach, the soft sweater caressing her skin and awakening inner desires she’s tamped down in an effort to get through the holidays alone.  His breath is hot against her neck as he nuzzles his nose in her hair.  His hands dig into her flesh, pulling up on her sweater, trying to find her skin.  The crowd swells around them and his bold advances are unseen to observers.  His deft fingers skim the soft plane of her belly, tugging at the snap of her jeans, popping it open and grazing his fingertips along the band of her jeans.  Her skin is on fire with his touch and her heart races. Sighing contentedly, she lowers her arm around the back of his neck and grasps the wisps of hair on the nape of his neck.

As the song changes, she spins in his arms, turning to face him and reconnecting their bodies as soon as possible.  “Nice package you got there, Santa,” she teases, looking up into his bright blue eyes, sparkling in the glow of the Christmas lights in the window.

He chuckles, sliding his hands down to cup under her ass cheeks, rising her up on her tiptoes to fit better against his stiffening cock.  “Christmas kink?  Nice.  I can do that…” he purrs.  “What do you want for Christmas, baby girl?”

On her tiptoes, she whispers in his ear, puffs of warm air against his neck, delighting in the slight shiver she feels run through his body at her deliciously sinful wish.  Balancing herself with her hands on his rock hard chest, she turns her head slightly to the left, her lips landing against the soft spot below his ear.  Her mouth slightly open, she quickly flicks her tongue against his warm skin as his grasp tugs upwards on her ass again, his cock harder than before.

Dropping to her flat feet she pulls back and winks at him, surprised to see a small blush of pink to his cheeks.  He blinks quickly, his dark lashes against his pale skin, looking around to see if anyone is watching them.  “Chani was right.  We’ll get along famously,” he laughs, taking her hand in his and leading her through the crowd.


The upstairs of the house is quiet, thanks to friends of his sitting at the top of the steps, keeping people away.  Janelle can’t help but notice one of the guys giving Chris a ‘thumbs up’ as they walk by.  Silently she hopes to herself this isn’t a normal situation, but he’s so Hollywood, how would she know.  She’s a little shocked by her own brazen behavior, but when would she ever get a chance like this again.  Her hand is comfortable in his and his thumb strokes gently over the back of her hand.  Occasionally he looks at her sideways and offers her a smile, putting her at ease. She catches glimpses of his personality as they walk down the hallway, gym shoes on the floor, a ballcap and glasses on a side table, photos of tourist destinations and family line the walls.

Pausing at a doorway, Chris opens the door and swings his arm to invite her in.  “You go first, Disney.”

She giggles at the nickname, brushing past him purposefully as she steps inside.  A Christmas tree takes up a large corner of the room, lighting the dark space and she stops just inside the doorway, not really sure what to do next.  What the fuck am I thinking? She asks herself, her mind swirling.

His hands come to her hip and he moves her to the side, closing the door before stepping in front of her, sliding his hands around to still rest on her hips.

Taking a deep breath, she moves three steps back against the door and he steps with her, drawn like a magnet to her dark eyes gleaming in the Christmas light. Reaching behind her, she turns the lock, a wicked smile forming at the tiny click, keeping the rest of the world out. The pretty nurse leans forward into his space, liking his cocky smile and licking her lips at the last second before kissing him, momentarily drawing his eyes to their glistening wet.

His eyes dart back up to hers  Not wanting to play her game, he tugs her belt loop forcing her  closer to him as his lips land on hers aggressively.   Brushing his beard against her skin, he kisses her roughly, his tongue teasing against her ripe lips. She doesn’t wait long before opening to him and kissing just as fiercely, biting and pulling at his swollen bottom lip in the process.  At the power of her mouth, a soft moan escapes his lips and her own sound mimics his in the quiet room.

Breaking contact, Chris sinks to his knees, gliding his hands down her tight denim clad thighs, smiling up at her from below.  Her head lowers as she looks down on him with a thoughtfully . curious grin.  At the back of her calf, he slowly unzips the heeled boot and pulls it off as she balances against the door.  His hungry look adds to her fueled desires and she can feel her panties get wet, shifting to rub them between her lower lips when he sets her foot to the ground, removing the other boot.

Tossing them both aside, his hands slide back up, creating a  tickle behind her knees, but she holds in her laughter.  This is hunger. This is power. This is different from anything she’s ever done before.  His hands reach up under the hem of her sweater, dipping his thumbs in the waist of her jeans and pulling them slowly down her legs.  He’s gonna draw this out… His breath is warm against her exposed flesh and goosebumps break across her pale skin.  Aiding in helping her to step out of them, he looks up again at the dark haired beauty in her black fuzzy sweater and red lace panties.  “Damn, that’s a beautiful Christmas picture… Red lace, how festive,” he teases.

Rising up on his knees, he reaches around to her hands still resting on the doorknob.  He holds them tightly behind her back, both her small hands in one of his.  She recognizes her smell of sex in the air at the same time he does and his eyes grow dark.  Angling towards the prize, Chris brushes the tip of his nose against the evident wet spot, inhaling deeper.  “You smell delicious and already so wet for me…”

Tilting his head to to the side, he presses his lips to her covered mound.  Boldly, he parts his lips and laps his tongue up and down the saturated silk.  Impulsively he stiffens his tongue and pushes the damp fabric between her folds, intruding against her sensitive clit.  With a sharp gasp, he feels her knees give way so he supports her with his other hand as she falls forward.  Letting her hands free, he smiles when she braces herself on his shoulders.  His hand now freed as well, he slips his fingers under the lace trim, pushing it aside and sliding his tongue through her wet slit.  “Sweet Jesus, yes,” she whispers, digging her nails into his shoulders.

Encouraged by her enthusiastic praise, he continues to lap at her pink walls, her sweet juice dripping to his beard.  From her position she rocks against him, using his tongue to fuck her, listening to her moans rise and fall.  Her sounds of delight change, becoming more high-pitched but still not loud enough to be heard by party-goers downstairs, when he surprises her by plunging two fingers inside her wet cavern.  His thick fingers penetrate deeply, working in tandem with his mouth.  When her pussy begins to pulse, grasping around him, he pulls away from her, not knowing her limitations. Lifting his shirt to wipe the sweet mess from his face, he licks his lips and raising his eyes to hers.  “You taste as good as you smell… You good?” he asks kindly, his own need echoed in his voice.

“Uh, huh,” she replies still weak against him.  “You’re not done; you didn’t finish me… I need more.”

Tugging on the shoulder seams of his shirt, she pulls it over his head as he rises to a standing position, pulling her sweater off her at the same time.  He wraps his arms around her full waist, lifting her off her feet and bringing her up to his eye level, placing his lips on her mouth, his tongue teasing her lower lip.  She stifles a moan, pulling back and wiping her own wet he shared with her from the corner of her mouth.  Wrapping her legs around his waist she begs, “Take me to the bed.”

“I’m all for granting Christmas wishes,” he replies with a devilish grin, turning on his heels and dropping her at the foot of the bed with a bounce.  Kicking off his shoes one at a time, he watches her eyes sweep over his solid chest, taking in his tattoos while he unbuckles his pants.  Shimmying out of them, he reveals maroon colored Calvins straining over his hard bulging cock.  He chuckles when she crab crawls backward on the bed and he chases after her.  Grabbing her ankle, he yanks her down the bed, climbing over top of her.  “Whatdya say I unwrap the rest of my Christmas present?” he challenges.

Still panting with her unmet need she wraps her leg around his thigh and sliding her silky smooth leg up and down his she purrs, “You can open your presents now… I think you’ve been a very good boy.”

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Copyright © 2016 avenger-nerd-mom.  All rights reserved. Intellectual property of avenger-nerd-mom

Happy Anniversary


Happy Anniversary

An Emery & Chris story

*a Chris Evans fan fic*

By avenger-nerd-mom

Chris and Emery spend their anniversary together in a crowded house with family

Warnings: NSFW Language, Adult Situations, Oral Sex, Loving Couple SMUT, anal fingering

Word Count 4377

“Oh, holy hell.  I think my ovaries just exploded.  What are you doing?”

Chris rocks the sweet baby girl in his arms and turns to Emery.  “What does it look like we’re doing?  We’re making breakfast.”

“She said a bad word,” whispers the little girl against Chris’s neck.

Smiling down at her and winking at Emery, he says “You’re right.  She did.  What do you think we should do about it?”

The little girl claps her hands together and giggles, “She should get a spankin’!”

“Hear that, Em?  Later, you should get a spankin’,” He wiggles his eyebrows at Emery and she holds back her laughter.  “No bad words in this kitchen.”

Emery holds her arms out to the the little but she shakes her head and snuggles tighter against Chris’s chest. He chuckles and kisses the top of her head.  “Are you gonna spend the day in my arms?”

“Uh-huh,” the little girl giggles, running her hands over the top of his freshly shaved head.  “It’s skitchy.  Like your face.”

“Ah, honey, I’m glad my face is skitchy again,” he chuckles, rubbing his cheek against the girl’s delicate skin.

Chris flips the pancakes before turning his attention back to Emery.  “Good morning, beautiful…  Hey, sweet pea.  I’m gonna sit you right here for a minute.”  He sits the blonde angel on the counter next to the pancake batter.  “Don’t wiggle; I don’t want you to fall and get hurt, okay?”  He taps her on the nose before pulling Emery tight into his arms.

He quickly licks his lips in anticipation, his eyes lighting up at her quick smile, whispering, “Happy Anniversary, jelly bean,” as their mouths collide.  His plump red lips push over hers, his tongue teasing his way in between hers, flicking against hers, minty fresh. Brushing his nose against hers, he dips his posture lower to greet her easier, pulling her up on her tiptoes at the same time. His hand spans across her tiny cheek as he holds Emery’s face delicately, his other hand tight around her waist.  He releases her mouth and goes in for another.

Her tongue graces the tip of his and it’s like electricity between them.  She wraps her arms around his tapered waist, pushing under the elastic band of his plaid pajama bottoms and squeezes the top of his ass cheeks while Chris deepens the kiss.  She can feel his rising body heat pressing against her belly as her mouth opens wider for his searing kisses.

“Hey! Not in front of my kid! Get a room!”

Emery and Chris jump apart as Emery’s younger sister Mackenzie enters the kitchen.  She doubles over in laughter when her daughter jumps too before exclaiming, “What’s burning?”

“Oh shit,” Chris grumbles, hiding his blush from his future sister-in-law.

“That’s a bad word, Mister Chris.”  She shakes her finger at him, succumbing to a fit of giggles when he playfully bites it.

“Shame, sis.  Not even married yet.  Don’t be groping him like that,” Mackenzie teases.

Throwing out the burnt pancakes, Chris grumbles under his breath, “This isn’t really what I had planned for our anniversary, babe.”

“I know,” Emery shrugs, sweeping her niece Dakota into her arms.  “But it was really sweet of you to rent this house for us all to come to so we could get out of the path of the storm in Savannah.”

“Have you seen the news yet?  Is it bad?”  Mackenzie as she pours herself a cup of coffee and Emery indicates she doesn’t know.  “Hey, man.  You really wanna make pancakes for everyone? Dad said last night he’d just take us all out for breakfast.”

“I didn’t hear that; but I promised this one,” he tilts his head towards the little one reaching out to him, “a Mickey Mouse shaped pancake.  And I always make good on promises to pretty girls.”  He winks at Emery as he steals Dakota back into his arms, telling her to keep her little feet tight to his body so she doesn’t get hurt.

“Did I hear someone say pancakes?” Dawson asks as he bounces into the room.  “Can I have one?”

Chris continues pouring the batter in the hot skillet, balancing the little girl on his hip while his nephew- to- be waits for his mother’s answer.  “Fine, you can each have one, but when Grandpa takes us out for breakfast you only get fruit and yogurt since you already ate, alright?”

“Yes!” The little boy high -fives Chris and proudly shows off his new Captain America tennis shoes, already dressed for the day.  “Aunt Emery said you would take us to the pumpkin patch today, is that right?”

“Yup Little Man, that’s the plan, but not till later, closer to dark, alright?  This resort has a bonfire and hayride later tonight.”

“No ghost stories though, right? I don’t wike scary stuff,” Dakota says.

Chris tickles her belly laughing at her use of the word “wike” just like his niece and nephews although she has no particular trouble with any of her word sounds other than her distinct Southern drawl.  He secretly hopes like hell his children one day sound like their mother and not his Boston brogue.  “No ghost stories.”

As more of the family file through the kitchen to get their morning coffees, plans are made to get breakfast and for everyone to attend the local fall fest after eating.  Emery’s mother Anita offers to clean the mess Chris made while he and Emery get ready for the day. Before he can head to the room for a shower, her father pulls him aside quietly.

“Thank you again Chris for your hospitality.  Living along the coast isn’t always an easy thing.  I’ve been listening to the news and watching TV.  I’m a little worried, and I’m trying to keep everyone busy today.”  The furrowed brow on Preston Thomas’s usually relaxed face shows his worry and concern.  “But I also don’t want everyone under foot.  I’m insisting everyone goes this afternoon, and of course, you and Emery are welcome to join us, but it is your anniversary and I’m trying to get the house empty for a few hours.  I know your plans changed too because of the storm.  Sure is something with them closing Disney, isn’t it?”

“Yes sir it is; I think I read they hadn’t done that for a storm since 2004. You really don’t mind if Emery and I stay back this morning?  I think she wanted to see some of the craft vendors? Maybe we could meet up with everyone later.”

“Son, I think that’s a fine plan.”  The older gentleman’s Southern voice booms through the hallway as the others spill from the kitchen and head to their rooms to get ready for the day.


“Good night you two; I’ve left the front door unlocked since Parker and his girlfriend are still out on the Haunted House tour,” Anita announces.  Her rolled eyes indicate just how she feels about her youngest son’s girlfriend.


“Yup, sounds good,” Emery smiles.  “Good night, Mom.”  She waits till her mother is out of the room before whispering to Chris, “God, I thought they’d never leave.”

“Me either,” he whispers back, chuckling at the grin on her face as she leans in for a kiss, feeling her warmth against him in the darkened room.

Her lips taste sweet, like the wine they’ve shared and he pulls her bottom lip between his sucking it in for a quick nip.  She giggles and twists on the couch, climbing over him and straddling his thigh, pushing him back against the couch.  “Now, Miss Emery.  This behavior isn’t very becoming of a Southern belle.  Just what do you think you’re doing?”

She looks down at him, her hair cascading down to hide the both of them, a mass of wild curls. A flash of pure wickedness glints in her blue eyes as she begins to unbutton his shirt.  “You know, a year ago today, you showed up in my class, ball cap and jeans, big bouquet of flowers, and I thought it was a goddamn joke.”  She smiles brightly, leaning to kiss him, tilting his head back to capture his lips better, a playfulness between them.  “I thought ‘how could it be he found me, my hero on the big screen?’  Every day for a month, I worried you’d get tired of me and leave-”

“You are rather difficult to put up with- ow!” he helps as she twists his nipple.  “That hurt.”

“I’m difficult?”  She asks.  “Oh, honey,” she shakes her head.  “You.  You are the difficult one…. You’ve had too many yes people in your life. I’m the ‘no’ you needed.”  She giggles, thinking of all the times she has had to tell him no.  “But we balance each other.  I know your fans think I’m a Mary Sue, but you needed me. Computer science proved it… Thank god for dating websites.”

She struggles with his belt buckle and he shifts on the couch for ease of access as she finally slides it loose.  Dragging her fingers down his tight abs she revels in his near perfect body, ready to go back to work any day for his last contractual commitments.  Her fingers tease the tiny hairs across his abdomen and a small moan escapes his lips.  She tugs at the button on his jeans and pops it loose, turning her hand, palm to his chest as her perfectly manicured fingernails torment along the waist of his Calvins.

“Mary Sue?” he asks.

“A trope girlfriend, too perfect to be true.” Her reach hits its mark and she wraps her hand around his imposing dick, already straining to be free.

“Oh, kitten, you are so perfect; definitely too good to be true,” he sighs, debating watching her hands or leaning his head back against the couch and just melting into her caresses.  Car lights shine through the window and he curses.  “Shit, Parker’s back! Can we continue this elsewhere?”

In a quick motion Emery pulls off her shirt and tosses it to him.  “I’ll be waiting.  You get them set-” hearing a commotion on the front sidewalk, she freezes.  “Fuck! They’re fighting again.  Quick; let’s get down the hallway before we get sucked into their drama.”

Chris throws her shirt back to her, picking up their glasses and bottle of wine before quickly following her to the hallway, whispering, “If all they do is fight, why is he still with her?”

Turning on the light to their bedroom she laughs.  “Don’t you remember the drama of being right out of high school and being in love?  It’s that age. That’s what they do.”

“It’s gonna fuckin’ wake the whole house,” he complains, placing the wine glasses in her outstretched hands, before locking the door behind them.  “And I’m still a little weirded out having sex with you when your father is in the same house with us.”

Shaking her head and giggling, she places the glasses on the dresser. “Now who’s the eighteen year old boy?  Newsflash: My dad knows we have sex.”

“That doesn’t mean we have to do it when he’s around,” Chris hisses, wincing when the front door of the house slams shut and the arguing continues in the living room of the rented home.

With her hands on her hips Emery just stares at her fiance. “Christopher fuckin’ Evans, are you kidding me right now?”

“What?” His smile taunts her as he prowls towards her.  “You were the one that said you thought we should wait till the wedding; I mean, I can just go take matters into my own hands, so to speak. Do you have a problem with that?”

She chuckles and steps around him as he moves closer.  “You wouldn’t do that tonight! I said after this weekend was over…”

“No. I’m okay, I don’t want your little pledge of chastity to be broken…  This morning was quite good after everyone left.  And I thoroughly cleaned down the kitchen counters while you went for a run…” He licks his lips and smiles at her intake of breath when the cold door brushes up against her back.  His voice is low and rumbles between them and he delights in watching her skin start to flush as her breathing speeds up, turned on by his little game of cat and mouse.  “I mean, you said so yourself, we didn’t have sex last October 8, why should we do it this year?  I believe your exact words were ‘We should never have sex on October 8.’”

Her eyes dilate as he runs his fingertips along the purple lace edging of her bra, goosebumps forming behind the contact.  “That was stupid of me,” she whispers. “Why would you listen to me?”

“I was told I’m always supposed to answer the bride with ‘yes, dear.”  He leans to her, placing his hand on the door to the left of her ear.  Her eyes drop to watch his mouth as he slowly forms his words, teasing her with his pretty pink lips.  Catching the tip of his index finger under the strap of her bra, he pulls it towards him, running his fingers along the satin ribbon to her shoulder and sliding it down her arm. “I seem to recall a year ago tonight trapping you against the whiteboard in your classroom.”  Looking down he sees the rapid rise and fall of her chest.  “And you reacted just like this… and I ached to reach out to touch your freckles.”  He skims his palm up her jaw, his thumb gracing across the freckles on her cheek till his hands tangle in her wild red hair just behind her ear.  “And I wanted to do this…”

Like a magnetic force pulls her away from the door, she crashes into him, his mouth connecting with hers, winding his fingers in her curls.  She sighs beneath him, stretching up on her toes to be closer to him, sliding the unbuttoned shirt from his broad shoulders and pushing it down his arms, squeezing along his impressive biceps while removing the offending article of clothing.  She rubs her leg up against his as their mouths silently continue their dance, greedily lunging for one another.  He grabs under her thigh and holds it to him, pushing her back into the door, pinning her there and pushing his hard cock against her exposed belly.  The door rattles from his thrusts and he spins her around, lifting her off the ground in the process and carrying her to the bed. Gently he tosses her in the middle and smiles as she bounces on the bed.  His concentration is broken briefly as he hears the angry sounds of the younger couple move to the kitchen and when he focuses back on his beautiful fiance she has stripped herself naked. “So we’re having sex on October eighth?”

“Ask me each year; this year we are.”  Giggling she sits  up on her knees with her hands on her hips, her lovely breasts on prominent display in the darkly lit room.  Her eyes shine as she watches him push his Calvins and jeans down his muscular thighs.  He steps out of them quickly and crawls to the center of the bed in front of her.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replies, wrapping his arms around her waist as she scoots closer to straddle his thigh.

“Hi,” she says quietly.  “I was kinda wanting to ride this thigh out in the living room before we were rudely interrupted.”

Shaking his head at her silliness, Chris grabs her hand and places it around his throbbing cock.  “Well, this is where we left off with things…His head drops back as she begins to stroke him and he’s aware of her heat against his muscled leg.  “Shit, Em, you’re so wet.”

Her slick dampens his thigh as she begins to slowly hump him, pulling and tugging on his thick cock as her lips hover above his.  His eyes are heavy lidded and full of want and her mouth surges forward, commandeering his, claiming his lips for her own.  Her eyes remain open in trust, watching as his lush eyelashes flutter against his cheeks.  She savors making him weak, listening to the smacking of their lips as she grinds against his leg.  Her hands caress the veiny ridges of his taut manhood and she wants to remind him that he belongs to her as much as she belongs to him.

Sliding off his leg, her lips release from his with a sweet pop.  She scoots back and lowers herself between his legs, worshiping at his beauty. Her own scent attracts her attention and she drags her tongue across the slick on his leg, kissing and biting along his inner thigh on one side and kneading with her hand on the other, crouched down on her elbows, her ass up in the air.

His hands roam softly but surely over her back, biting back the sounds building within him, knowing there are too many people in the house.  His breath is stilted when her tiny hand reaches around his cock again and she shifts forward accepting him into her mouth, warm and inviting.  Her tongue swirls over the slit, lapping at his pre-cum and she moans in delight.  “Fuck Em, no noises.  You know what that does to me,” he tightly whispers.

She pulls off and grins at him wickedly.  “Shit, no, kitten.”  She plunges her sweet opening down his shaft and hums against him, her body bouncing with her inescapable laughter. “Too many people. And I’m not exactly quiet, come on,” he groans and pleads.

Sliding back and forth on his rod with a renewed passion she continues to make tiny hungry sounds.  He caves and relaxes into it, doing his best to keep himself quiet, biting his lip as his hands caress down her back.  He arches over her, his chest to her back as his hands cup down over her ass.  She’s not playing fair and is quickly driving him to his tipping point as her hands cup his balls while her mouth works him over.  Running his hands over her rounded behind, he reaches between her legs and she is nearly dripping with her own need.  His touches coax from the back of her throat her own sounds of desire, low and primal. Gathering the wet he can, his hands smooth over her puckered asshole and he bites at her hip, sucking and leaving his mark.  She rocks back against his touch, craving it.  Slowly he teases her rim and she rocks back on him, slowly releasing his cock from her mouth as he distracts her with his intimate petting.

“Thank you for letting go,” he chuckles against her exposed side. “If this is our last fuck till the wedding night, I wanna be inside you when I come.”

“Think you can play with my asshole and get anything you want from me, is that it?” she giggles, her face buried into the downy bed comforter.

Moving positions behind her, he chuckles as he runs his hand down her spine, teasing with the other around her tight hole.  He swats at the tight flesh of her ass and grips it in his fingers, pulling back at the divide between her cheeks for a better peak.  Reaching between her legs again, his fingers slide between her folds as he gathers more of her juices.  He smiles at her strong exhale of breath as he drags the wet back over her ass, gently plunging his thumb inside.  She pushes back against him as he chuckles, “Seems to work that way, kitten.”

She shrugs her shoulders and melts into the bed as he slowly and lovingly fondles her virgin space.  As her mewling sounds grow, he is pleased by his kitten and ready for more.  He slowly removes his hand, quickly wiping up on her discarded shirt before grabbing her hips and thrusting deep inside her wanting pussy.  Their foreplay has left her ready for all of him and no time elapses before she begins thrusting back against him, hitting balls deep.  He balances one hand on the bed at her hip and grips her shoulder with the other guiding their lovemaking.  Rising up, her palms flat against the bed, Emery reaches between her legs and begins to play with her clit.  Her fingertips graze his cock as it pounds against her cunt and her touches push them both over the edge.

Chris can feel her velvet walls tightening around him, surges of desire heating them both. She rises up, wrapping her arm around the back of his neck, her back to his heaving chest.  To hold back his desired cries of ecstasy he bites down on her exposed shoulder, her orgasm ripping through her body as she sags against him and with another thrust and quiet grunt his seed pushes into her before he stills.  Their bodies wrapped together, a sheen of sweat, rest on the center of the bed momentarily before he slowly lowers them to lay on their side as one conjoined piece.  Two separate entities made whole when placed together.

Her contented sighs almost seem like purring and he ponders the random selection he had with the nickname ‘kitten’ for her, but how perfect it is in moments like these.  Nibbling below her ear he whispers, “Where do the deep philosophical thoughts come from right after mind blowing sex?”

“No clue,” she sleepily replies, twisting the hair on his arms in her fingertips.  His arms are still wrapped tight around them and she knows soon enough she’ll have to remind him to let up with his heavy superhero hold.  But for now she is perfectly content to be crushed by her future husband’s weight.  “What was it this time Socrates?”

“Something about how we weren’t whole till we found each other… It makes me think of a quote a read once, but damned if my brain can place it right now. Now all I can think is ‘sex, boobs, coming, sleep.’”

Shifting the weight of his arm to rest across her hip, she pulls the bed coverings over them, not even caring they aren’t under the sheets and blankets.  “Real deep thinker you are there, dear. Not unlike a cave man.”

“Hey, I’m evolved,” he chuckles, “I let you come first.”

She swats at his arm.  “Thanks for that… shhh… this cave woman needs sleep too.”

“I love you, future Mrs. Christopher Evans.”

“Sure thing.  I love you too, future Mr. Emery Thomas.”

“I don’t think it works that way,” he chuckles, kissing her neck once again.



Waking to find him facing her, Emery is struck by his beauty.  She reaches to caress his soft beard, knowing it will be gone soon for work commitments, but doesn’t want to wake him.  She inhales his masculine scent, a smell that is distinctly him and one she now knows isn’t found in any bottle or candle.  His form is better than those of the sculpted Greek gods of days gone by.  His body is a thing of beauty and she remembers the fangirl days of searching for every possible image, even the ones a fan never admits to searching for.  But it is his face that holds her heart.  His sweet innocence as he sleeps is one of the true pieces never depicted on film and she relives moments like these when they are apart.  His dark lashes against his pale skin.  The morning sunlight in the window actually showing the blue veins behind his pale eyelids, a testament to his Irish heritage. The laugh lines around his eyes which seem to deepen each day due to his playful nature and easy humor.  The beauty mark on his left cheek.  His red slips swollen and bruised from last night’s collisions. His trimmed beard with hints of red and gray hair.  His perfect jaw line, almost as though it had been chiseled in marble.  She holds back a giggle at the thought that some days it’s the best seat in the house.  She blushes at her random sexual thought as her eyes continue to soak him in…  The little scar on his neck.   The words of wisdom forever stained on his collarbone… He is true Heaven on Earth and he belongs to her.

Barely moving his lips, he whispers, “Are you done memorizing me? Gettin’ kinda creepy.”

Reaching to caress his cheek, she laughs, “Good morning, ass.”

His eyelids flutter open and he raises slightly to kiss her fingertips before they retreat again into her morning space.  “I love you too…  Hey; remember I was waxing poetic again right before we fell asleep?”

“You mean your deep random thoughts after you came?  Yeah; what about it?”  she smiles brightly, waiting to hear his thoughts.

“I remembered the quote, and I want you to know October 8th will always be important.  Ya ready?”

Emery giggles and strokes his beard, curious as to the words of wisdom she’s about to hear.

“Okay, Mark Twain said it.  Something about only having two important days in your life.  The day you’re born and the day you know why.  I knew the minute I saw you, you were gonna change my world. I was born to love you, Emery Rose.”

Tears well in her blue eyes.  Rolling closer to him, she kisses him tenderly before whispering, “Christopher Robert, that may be the sweetest thing you have ever said to me.”

Smiling like a love sick puppy, he asks, “Really?  Cause I really need a good hook for the wedding vows… You told me I had to use my own words.  Can I use Mark Twain’s and add to them?”

She tugs his Saint Christopher’s medallion. “Like I said, you’re an ass.”

“But I’m yours.”

“Yea, I know… Till the end of the line…” She rises from the bed and pulls on his shirt, tugging it down to cover her ass, before peeking out the door into the hallway.  With the coast clear, she darts into the hallway.

Chris’s laughter rings through the lower part of the house when he hears her father’s voice complimenting her in his shirt and her stuttered response.

Included gifs are from the TV show “Under the Dome”

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Perfect Saturday

perfect saturday sept 24 2016 cover.jpg

Perfect Saturday

A Mrs. Evans Story

By avenger-nerd-mom

While the kids are away for the weekend, a future Chris Evans surprises his wife on a lazy Saturday morning

Warnings: Language, Adult Situations, Fluffy smut, Fingering, Oral Sex, Condom Use. NSFW

Word Count: 1446

You wake when you feel the bed shift, but you don’t comment on his exit.  It’s early in the morning; you know he’s not actually going anywhere but the bathroom.  His late night out with the guys answers that for you.  As the water runs you drift in and out of consciousness, the dogs beginning to stir downstairs.  You don’t want to actually rise from sleep mode since the boys are with their aunt today and you want to enjoy a long lay in.

You are surprised when he returns to the bed and pulls the blanket back from your body. Your eyes fly open and connect with his, already dark with lust as he admires your toned body, clad only in royal blue lace underwear.

“This is nice,” he murmurs, as he races his hands over your thighs, roughly gripping your flesh.

“This is from last night, when you said you’d be home in ‘thirty minutes.’” You grumble; still sore you’d fallen asleep alone when you had been all ready for a night of lovemaking.

“Ah, shit, babe.  Sorry.  I guess I was on man time,” he apologizes, batting his eyelashes at you, like he thinks it’s gonna make it all better.

If he keeps moving his hands like that, he’s probably right.  Lifting your ass off the bed one handed, he pulls your underwear off with other and gently settles you back down, crawling between your legs and resting on his knees.

Your eyes can’t focus and you decide to stay half asleep.  It’s too early to be awake on a Saturday and instead you relax against his touch.  His strong hands run over your thighs again and grace across your hips.  His fingers trace over the scar he caused since one of the beautiful boys he made in you was too big to come out on it’s own.  He leans forward and kisses along the lasting mark, whispering, “Beautiful.”

Continuing his explorations, he sits back up and works his grasp over your ribcage, teasing along the sides of your rounded breasts. A quick peek down and you can see your nipples stand at attention, responding to his caress.  You arch slightly off the bed and he chuckles as his hands continue to move north, collecting your hands and raising them above your head, holding them tightly there.  He lays over you, pressing your body to the bed with his weight on you, the most glorious feeling in the world.  His lips take yours and a flash of color fills your sleepy mind; you smile when the minty fresh taste of his mouth causes red, white and blue to swirl in your brain. His colors. Cap’s colors. The toothpaste colors…  Your lips pull back in a silly smile at the thought, breaking the kiss as he gently moves to kiss your cheek before pulling back and kissing the tender flesh at the crook of your elbow, resting by your ear.

His mouth works its way back down your arm and slides over to nip briefly at your aching peak and you arch your body to him again.  “What are you doing?  You hate morning sex?” You ask, your voice gruff from your sleep, the first sounds you’ve made all day.  Your throat feels scratchy and you hope you’re not- stop, focus, sexy husband loving on you…

“This isn’t sex.  This is love making.  I’m loving you,”  he replies as his kisses move down your belly.  His words give you goosebumps and you wonder at his meaning.  “Worshiping you…”

You can’t speak as your next breath is lost when he kisses against your heated mound, wanting him so badly to go down on you, as had been your hope last night.  Instead, his kisses are chaste and light, and he continues down your thighs, raising your leg to kiss the tender spot behind your knee, the spot he knows isn’t sexual, but you find so damn sexy.  Your hands above your head grasp at the air and you wish to reach to him, but you follow his unspoken directive and keep them there.

For the first time, you realize he is naked.  All of his touches have been about you and not trying to get anything in return and your heart swells with love for this wonderful man you had the good fortune to fall in love with and marry.  Keeping your leg raised, he wraps both hands around your calf, massaging deeply where you pulled it earlier in the week.  You moan in delight, and bite your lip at the actual pain his touch creates in the torn tissue.

“Too rough? Sorry,” and he lightens his pressure.

You can feel his eyes drinking you all in, but you don’t open yours.  Your mind is in a haze and just soaking in his love and attention.  He shifts on the bed again, and moves closer to you, tapping the head of his cock against the swollen lips of your throbbing pussy, tight with building desire.  “Want this?” he teases.

“Yes, please.”

He pulls back and says, “Not yet,” surprising you as he plunges two fingers deep inside your wet flow.  “Oh, baby, you’re so hot; so ready.” He wonders aloud, his voice deep with emotion.

His fingers slide in and out, teasing you, loving you, caressing over your taint.  He pulls out the wet and smears it around your outer lips, pushing down with his other hand on your mound, stopping your squirming.  “I think you want this?  Did you miss me this week?”

“You know I did.”

“Good.  I missed you too,” he whispers as he leans forward and pulls your nipple between his teeth.  You buck against him and he chuckles, his breath hot against your chest as he runs his nose over the valley between your beautiful breasts  Tracing the tip of his slightly crooked nose around the other pink bud he pauses before wrapping his tongue around it and sucking it in.

As his thick fingers see to their task, he shifts his body again and climbs up the bed.  When you open your eyes, you smile up at him and shake your head at his stance, his cock within tongue’s reach.  You open wide, not moving your hands, per his preference and he pushes into your warm hole, taking him in.  He sighs in relief and reaches to cup your cheek, running his thumb across your freckles, pumping in and out of your mouth, never giving you more than you can take. Mid stride you clamp your jaw, slightly using your teeth to hold him in place, to savour him as you wrap your tongue along the ridge of the top, caressing across the slit.  You suck in, dragging out the precum and enjoying his sweet taste.

“Not yet, sweetheart,” he chuckles quietly and plucks his cock from between your teeth, rubbing the tight head against your soft pink lips.  “There we go; now your eyes have that dark look.  You want my cock, don’t you?”

Damn him.  “Yes, please.” You smile.

“Still to proud to beg?” he teases, “After all these years?”

“Why should I beg? You know you’ll give it to me… Your cock needs me.”

He climbs over you hovering with a sinister grin on his face.  “Oh, is that right?”  Rubbing his hard cock against your pulsing heat you twist your body at the agony of waiting.

Your eyes dance, a fire in them, knowing the game is about over.  “If you give it to me, I promise I’ll take real good care of it.”  Raising your body under his, his cock slips between your wet folds and he lunges forward, pushing you to the bed.

“That’s a good promise,” he moans, grinding against you, falling into your natural rhythms together.

“Shit,” You hiss.  “Wait; you need to wrap it up!”

You push against his massive chest, knowing it won’t actually budge.  He stills inside you, and your body reacts, opening up and allowing him to sink deeper into your succulent cavern. Traitor.

He drops forward on his elbows and you can feel him settling deeper against you.  His lips skim along the velvety skin of your inner arms before moving to take your mouth in his.  The kiss is so tender and filled with love; perfect.

“Why? Maybe it’s time to make another? You feel so right today and we said we’d try again for a little girl… Do I really have to pull out and get a condom?  Let’s stay in bed all day and make a baby… a little princess, as beautiful as her mother?  That sounds like a perfect Saturday, Mrs. Evans.”

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